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REVIEWS OF Hamilton Place IN Tennessee

Tyler Robertson

Very nice and large shopping mall. Large food court and several restaurants surrounding the mall.

Andrea Swafford

Love going to Hamilton Place Mall when I get a chance and all their selection of stores. Just don’t ever eat Chinese food in the mall. Rude as hell and rasict unless your Chinese or Japanese. Other than that, They pretty much have everything you need. Also love the great selection of the food court. However I have to say I did not have a good experience the other day. I got some Chinese food at one of the restaurants in the mall. While the food was good, the customer service was sorry as hell. It looked like it was owned by mostly Japanese or Asian people, and they could not hardly speak a word of English, kept giving me these hateful stares. Never knew when my order was done, cause they put everybody’s plates out and make them. Whenever I would try to ask, the worker would just keep saying no no no. Word of advice: if you come to America and open a business. Learn to speak our language and quit being so damn rude cause you are in our country.

Jonathan Grosh

Wish I lived closer. Similar to Mall of GA in Atlanta. Wide variety of stores to explore. Good size food court complimented with restaurants in the mall, on the property, and just off property. The strip malls surrounding ensure that whatever you may be looking for, you will probably be able to find it at the mall, or it's outskirt stores.

Hoyt Callahan

Enjoy the food court, not crazy about the rest of mall

Tim Mears

Love shopping here.

Connie Bond

Great people an service with a smile an good looking also!!

Keith Nitsch

Parking lot is dirty, once you get inside it gets a lot cleaner. Plenty of shops and places to eat. Nice place to walk during the rain or during the winter when it's cold outside.

Bill Chandler

Great shopping experience.

Derrick Rogers

Nicely laid out shopping mall with a lot of places for massages relaxation. Plenty of restaurants surrounding the mall as well as entertaining options like escape rooms. Great way 2 spend some time before checking in to your hotel or to just do a little shopping.

Angel Nash

Busy place, hard to find parking. Lots of great sales going on!!! Build-a-bear has an awesome promotion of " pay your birthday age" for a bear! I took my granddaughter and daughter for their birthdays and only paid $7 for my daughter and $3 for my granddaughter, granted they added sound and music to their bears that cost $5more, but was well worth it!! They even got to make their birthcerticates to go with them for an added touch!!! I love Build-a-bear, I think all kids should get to go here, adds special memories and a bear to go with it!!!!

be you jamila

Great mall lots of the best stores

Kendra Woodard

Despise all malls but for the kids sake i entertained it in tn lol

Alec Henson

It's usually clean, and has shops. Considering modern malls tend to be closing or struggling it's already doing good. The bad: their urinals don't flush, but they definitely smell. Surely there is better tech for saving water and avoiding the stench.

insert name here

Had a great time with my partner, lots of people here.

Todd Hunt

One of the best malls I have ever been too! Clean, Fun, can't wait to go back!

Queen Kee

Besides the fire alarm going off its a great place to go shop and eat.

Steven Davis

Jason deli was super good. Employee were wonderful and the food was too. Very fresh salads and many choices of toppings.

Carrie Rhodes

The mall on a Saturday... should say it all. However employees were outside tending to trash, on top of keeping tables clean and ready to fill for customers. Bathroom, the ladies for sure, was clean, stocked, and In proper order even with the huge volume of people at the mall and being in the area of the Oasis ( I am old, it will always be the oasis to me) part of the mall. Where we locals know it is extremely crowded in the dining area ALWAYS. Bringing me to Oasis over all. All the places we picked were fast and most prices are fair. Restaurants ranging from having a dollar menu to those places you love so much you just give them your card as long as you get that amazing chicken, sandwich, pizza, ect...They can have it kinda goodness!!! The benches are spaced well throughout the mall for the men like my husband... A wife and two daughters, you better find a seat and get comfortable. Plenty of security on staff and officers stationed outside. As for parking, parking is parking at a mall. You win some you lose some.

M. Winter

Moving on up. They're fixing this place up. Soon it'll be like the fancy malls in Nashville.

Ricky M.

Great selection of shops. Wish there was more healthy variety of food in food court.

wanda davis

Delicious.... Betty's Napoleon was the perfect end to a wonderful meal!

Chester Greene

I went to the UPS store to return a couple packages. I went very well and quick.

Leslie Cantrell

Great selection of stores, very clean.


Nice place. A few Pokestops

Apple Chcole

Bought my baby boy some shoes from journey at a good price

Julie Brown

Work at the subwzy in tnis place for 7 yrs love it and misx my customers

Carla Pic

Not good place to go. Most stores are gone

Big man

Pretty good mall. I've found some nice stuff here over the years

Sandy Clark

Very nice place with huge rooms. The pool is kinda small but the property and rooms are clean and very well maintained.

K Lorello

Always enjoyable inside. There are some crazy drivers on the inside ring. Watch out for those. Parking spaces are always available. Its growing still and a Cheesecake Factory is underway. Good shopping!

Truman Hall

Really nice mall, great variety. Bathrooms are scarce and hidden, though

Ryan Ottman

Still alot of good stores here.

donald sharpe

I hate going to this place. Horrible traffic, and the crime keeps ticking up and up and up...

Gene Lewis

Extremely large two story shopping center Mall, all kinds of things to do and see many types of food options inside the Mall or surrounding it, plenty of parking, well lighted for the nighttime shopper and handicap accessible. Like movies well they got you covered with a huge selection of current movies to select from.

BigCannon Entertainment

Nice mall clean with plenty of variety. Food court was clean and well maintained. Restroom facilities were also clean very well kept.

Jennifer Wallin

Very crowded with understaffed security and cashier. Unclean

Ann Ledford

There's a lot of shops and just about anything you want here!

James LaFever

The best mall I know in the area lol. I mean I love the Atlanta Mall but for a city like Chattanooga it's more than I was expecting! My only surprise was the fact that the area hasn't grown more in my 15 year absence. It's like you hit the pause button.

Chia kia

A lot of activities, and service is beyond adequate

Alexis Adams

You wouldn't be able to tell there was a mall decline based on this one. Couldn't locate Earthbound but there was a White Barn Candle Co & many other faves. It was packed on a Saturday night. There was an announcement for all unaccompanied minors to leave @ 830PM which probably cuts out a lot of issues. Can't wait to come back when it's not so close to closing.

Kaley Sheree

Missing some important popular stores, but a great mall!

Zax Mix

Great place. Beat mall around hands down. The double decker!!

Richard Canipe

great place to shop and bring your family and friends here!

Brandy Wilson

Shop here all the time!! Fun and family incitement & environment.

Micheal Laymance

Big Mall for east TN. A lot of stores like most other Mall's. Has two levels of shopping & doesn't have indoor parking. But good place. If you like all those vindors in the Mall this one will be for you a lot of them selling all kinds of stuff. Couple of good places to eat in the food court. Wish they had more outdoor stores in Hamilton Place.

Kenny Killer

I found all my favorite stores in one place

carrerennis roblox

Went here for clothes from Dillards and we got the best customer service I have ever seen!

Diane Rich

Hate shopping at the mall. Only go when it's the only place to get a particular item. Parking is s nightmare especially with the seemingly endless construction

Casey Graham

Good stores to shop at good security decent parking

Crystal Callista

I've been visiting this mall since I was about twelve years old. And it's only gotten better over time. As Northgate wanted and loses all its shops, Hamilton Place is thriving and bustling! Also a great place to walk if you're into that!!

Zachary Burkett

Best Santa Claus ever! Reviewed just for him and the team of elves because they do a fantastic job. Mall is a mall, seemed cleanish and well maintained but the mall experience outcome is largely dependent on other patrons.

Joy Newman

Noticed a lot of good deals very large mall - but don't like going there b/c of the crime I've heard about there

Krystin Gentry

Lots of shopping! Great place to visit

Jeremy Withrow

They have some of the best food around

Tina Cheatham

Wonderful mall. So many stores.

Lisa Dunn

It's a shopping mall. We enjoyed a nice meal with some windrow shopping and a stop at a play area.

jimmy cargile

Great place to shop for all your needs

Jayalakshmi rao.s

We visited Hamilton Place to see the movie -The Lion King with grand children and had great time in movie theater .it is maintaibed with all facilities - very Comfortable and Ajustable Seats for all age groups , foodstalls ,carparking and restrooms maintained neat and clean we had wonderfuk tine with famiky enjoyed tge movie at Regal Hamilton Place.

Debra Hewitt

Love all the new businesses going up.

Ted Pittman

the food court is a great place to eat when each of you like different things and I wanted Chinese and she wanted something else

Elise Smith

Love their committment to organic produce.

Eric Robinson

Mall security is a joke! Some jerks took our GB Pockit stroller from the kids play area while our kids were playing. The stroller was parked directly in front of a camera and mall security couldn't review the camera footage because they don't know how! The security guy said there's nothing he could do but we should call back later in the week when there's someone who can look at the cameras. Fantastic. To whoever took my kids stroller, you are scum.

connie bond

This mall is awesome,,not 2big N very clean an accommodating,,thank u

Harriet McNeal

It is good to go in the morning time


Relatively massive Mall. Good large stores. Has H&M. There is a cheesecake factory right outside. Less is not more and the more choice of products in stores and the more stores, the more potential for purchases. Hamilton Place has plenty stores and good selection.

Ian Legend

Quite a nice mall few miles outside of Cleveland

Lin Eagle Horse

This place has nice various shops. Food court is really good & friendly staff to boot lol. I recommend this place for shopping lovers all around.

Otis Fury

Love this mall has all the best stores and great food court!

Arthur Johnson

Cheddar's excellent.

Arunprasad Chandrasekaran

Great mall for the city of Chattanooga and it has all leading brands. Mall also have Children play area and definitely kids will have great time.

Sixfalls From TN

Great mall. Lots of places to shop and eat. Plus a theater.


It's a mall. Go spend that hard earned cash and maybe check out some dimes doing the same.


ITS GREAT!its has so many stores,restaurants,and i believe they building a arcade currently.

Matthew Mucciolo

Good mall with plenty of variety for shopping. Has all of the typical brand name stores. Very good food court and good department stores to choose from. Parking is always easy, I try to stay away during the holidays because it can get pretty crazy.

Derrion Chapman

A very good place to go to get some clothes and hang out with your friends

Madelyn Mathers

Great variety of shops and kiosks. Handicapped accessibility.

Alma Morris

The mall has a wide variety of stores and restaurants. It is well-maintained and clean inside.

Nathan Keal

This mall was great had all the stores you need. I ended up coming here twice in a row. Got shoes my fiance got her eyebrows done and we hot some good food and then watched a movie!

T Man

Nice mall. Typical Mall food court. Good selection of businesses on exterior of the mall.

marshall cunningham

Plenty of options for what ever you might find yourself searching for. Staff is all eager to help and kind. Bathrooms are clean and also big.

Bert Rognsvoog

This is decent location with a great variety of stores to choose from. We will definitely be going back.


This review is for the new Cajun Oasis located in the food court since they weren't on Google at the time of this review, by far the best place to eat in the mall. The steak is absolutely delicious, give it a try!

Amanda Smothers

I'm afraid to even come here anymore my son who is 6 almost got shot 2x in the last yr with there gang violence!

Mercedes Shackelford

Love it big lots of stores wish was closer

Rachel Shelton

A great mall especially the food court.


Lots of options and seemed pretty clean. Wonderful deals on massages with no appointment needed.

Duane Adams

It was great we ate at old Chicago restaurant my family and I we had a great time can't wait to do it again.

Don Don

CBL continues to run a great mall with new stores & venues!

Randy Lusebrink

Pretty decent mall. Seems to be well kept. They have a little play center for kids, so we always make an effort to stop by. Downside is that it is always packed, and some parents don't do a good job of monitoring their children or checking to see if their even too big to be allowed in.

Sara Skjelstad

Rooms were good and clean. Very quiet. But there is no breakfast at this place and I found the description about enjoying healthy choices for breakfast and Starbucks coffee misleading.

William Dobbs

Is close and convenient to my location, my kids enjoy shopping there.

Kimberly Johnson

I HAVE TO give 5 STARS since I've ALWAYS LOVED shopping at Hamilton Place & I'd probably have an AWESOME job opportunity there IF I lived closer!!!!!!

Hether McGovern

Very friendly and great service

Christopher Young

My favorite mall is the best way to say it. Big nice and tons of stores. Remember where you park because its easy to lose your car

laurel jade

This is one of the best malls I've ever been to. The only downside are the little brats screaming.

J. Maintz

Nice mall, good variety of shops, neat & clean.

Todd Rarick

Last of the great indoor malls. The shops are plentiful and large enough it takes a bit to see everything. Good to see retail is still alive and well and the world on online retailers taking over.

Gary Kleisley

Great mall for gifts and getting out for the day.

Deborah Smith

Bought a new Kennmore washer and dryer at Sears! Patrick waited on us and he is just wonderful! He has a great personality and don't sweat you when you are looking. He was able to answer all my questions!! We are very satisfied customers!

Fyre Pixie

Love going here even if it is to just walk around and window shop.

Jay Fin

Mall is generally clean and well kept. There is construction which is an eye sore, but it says it should be finished by early 2020. I was going to buy a shirt from a kiosk where you can customize your shirts.

JoEllen Kirkland

Always find everything I need nice store friendly employees


This Mall is Very Nice & Clean! We stop here when we are in Chattanooga! Most people working in the stores are nice & helpful, but like everywhere else, you have those that are there for a paycheck & could care less about the customers! It is a Huge place compared to our local Mall where we live! Worth the ride & you get a good workout if you go through the whole thing, both floors!

Jerome Stapleton

First time here and that entire location not just inside is full of stores. Awesome place to visit.

Letitia Martinelli

Carrabba's ladies restroom. Would expect with a somewhat classy restaurant- the restroom would look nice as well. Terrible service at Carrabba's and food was the worst I have ever tasted at a Carrabba's. Last time I will visit the Chattanooga Carrabba's. If I could give zero stars I would.

Robert Ross

Great mall! Lots of fun and stores to choose from.

sandra Caraballo

Great sale in summer clothes at jcpemney almost 70 or80 off for regular price

Raul Radriquez

Lots of shopping and hotels. Great restaurants in the area, Red Robin was really, really good.

Beautiful LadyD

I love this Mall.... i visit while passing thru

Mark Barber

It's always been a decent mall no complaints!

Tina Linder

Very nice large mall. Escalators and Elevators are placed conveniently. Could use more security visible though. I would never visit alone.

Robert Callow

Great stores and a very clean welcoming place to shop and visit with friends

Juanita Crider

Always a pleasant experience can always find the products you need and selection is awesome because of the variations of retailers depending on where you go the service varies

Gina StPhard

The personnel are very nice and accommodating, however the rooms need some touch ups and renovations.

melvin carson

Shopping experience like no other ! Anything you need.

Isbill Tech Services

The mall has 2 floors full of food and shops. These pics are the main entrance of the mall. As you walk in it is a straight walk into the food court. From there you can go left or right or take the steps/elevator to the top floor. Also I would like to point out that all though there are lots of place to eat, the Chinese Food is non existent anymore. Besides that it’s a great mall and shopping center. Most all people here are generally friendly as other shoppers and merchants. However, let me say this: the folks at SimplyMac are rude though.

Dhale Mariano

So many stores to shop in, lots of good food in the food court and many places for your children to play.

Julie Taylor

Wonderful place !! I think Hamilton Place Mall has just about anything anyone could want. It is especially busy this time of year and traffic can be a BEAST. If anyone is going to Hamilton Place this time of year be sure you bring an extra bag of patients because the traffic can make you lose the little bit of patients you already have. Everyone please slow down and let's look out for our neighbors we all want to have a great holiday. Be careful !

Susan Anderson

Saturday is busy at the mall, but no waiting at the registers today. A good experience.

jeremy bouchat

This place is bloody massive. Loads and loads of parking, it's rediculous. I've never seem so much parking. I'll only popped in to two shops but there did seems to be loads of choice. The people I talked to in the shops I went to were nice and helpful.

La Vonia Green

Many shopping plazas and restaurants to choice from to make our outings fun exciting.

Holly Simms

Good variety of shops and a nice little kids play area

Rae Horton

Always a great place to shop and finding a great sale is a definite bonus!

Saif Mamani

One of the best shopping malls out there

jack armstrong

Food court was was to pricey went to charley steakery they wenting to charge me around $18.00 for a sandwich and F.F and a drink... that is crazy .... :( :(

Steve Nantz

In a time when many indoor malls are failing and stores going by the wayside, this one seems to thrive. Enjoy each trip down here.

babyy. kaelaa

My father and I went to get lunch and get new shoes. We had a variety of cultures of foods to choose from, and the one we chose was still delicious. When we finished eating we went to Finish Line and the staff was very friendly and helpful. When we wanted a shoe to try on they brought it to us immediately. We had a great experience, and went home extremely satisfied. Great job!!

Randy Byrd

Watch your back. Has been a lot of criminal activity there. Look up previous news

Dusty Smith

My heart belongs here.

Blue Moc

A great place to shop and eat. They have it all

iloveyoubcGlovesyou. kaeljr

Great, TJ MAX rarely disappoint. JC Penney, the sweet young lady who waited on me for the return were efficient and respectful.

Brianna Yates

Much shops to browse around here and a mixed variety! Spacious. If you're visiting from out of town, this is a place to stop by, walk around and spend some time.

Blake Bucherman

Amazing food, most comfortable place I’ve been to. Environment is great.

Leslie Halling

Malls are dying nationwide. I go to this mall for JCPENNEY-only. I worked at JCPENNEY in another city while in college. It was a great experience "back then." I go to JCPENNEY at Hamilton Place Mall for my hair. My stylist is fantastic for clients like me; with naturally curly hair...which most people do not understand how to cut, color, nor style. Hamilton Place Mall is currently under construction in some zones. I find the outside of the mall, as with most malls, to be outdated. Dave and Busters (Chuck-E-Cheese For Adults) is going in, presently. I lived in Dallas, so this mall seems small and outdated to me as a casual observer. The strip malls which surround Hamilton Place Mall seem to be doing bigger business. I remain underwhelmed; since most of my shopping needs are achieved through Amazon. However, if super-giant malls are overwhelming, you might feel okay when shopping at Hamilton Place Mall. It has the usual and expected stores, and if you prefer to touch items you purchase or try them on rather than ordering from a one inch square picture from online...this mall is for you. I just think malls might have to re-invent themselves to stay alive! It is actually kind of sad to see them all disappear!!! Leslie Halling

Amanda Doucet

Love coming here to shop. The husband, not so much lol

tyler hicks

The best place to go for a one stop shopping experience. If you can't find it here your not going to.

Inky Fritts

Clean, good service. Overall good!

Jeremy Mcdonalds

Shop all the time here, always love the environment. Wish they had more stores

Kevin Eugene Gann

Wonderful family atmospher. Be ready to do some shopping

Virginia Miller

Very Nice, they are very nice places to stay at, :-)

Brittany Wade

Everyone is always happy and will do anything to point u in the right direction. Love this mall

Paul Mathern

We love coming here and walking around

Denise Rosa

The busiest I've ever seen.

Fred Kaempf

This place is dieing. It is very depressing to go there.

betty blake

I love shopping at Hamilton place mall at Victoria secret and JCPENNEY" Bath and Body Works" Awesome..

Melverline Frazier

Bare minerals shop is great. Great staff, very helpful

Megan Neves

This is a really great mall that has retained its relevance despite its age. It has a great variety of stores, a good food court, and it isn’t humongous.

Marla P. Woolley

The mall is great no doubt about that. You just have to look around good before you buy something because things are pretty expensive at a lot of stores in the mall. That being said it is a beautiful place. They keep it nice and clean. Most staff are nice and helpful.

Misty Pelletier

I love this shopping mall! Even though it is enormous, there are directories everywhere and each store I shopped at has nice employees.


Favorite shopping center! Not too big and not so small you have to shop outside of the mall. We usually do all our shopping here and eat locally at the olive garden or at one of tue other many restraunts around.

Kay Kay

My child loves the playground lol plus we can sit and take a rest from shopping and let her unwind too

Mike Tate

Clean and well kept. Great variety of shopping options.

vandia stephens

Good mall always enjoy my time there when I'm back home in Chattanooga

Brenda Blair

Great stores to shop at! Easy parking there also .

4u2nv me

Great mall/shopping centers. Many restaurants around it. Great food choices. Many stores to shop in.

andrew sooter

It's like any other mall. Was surprised to see the diversity of cuisine in the food court. They have fresh sushi in there.

Clynn Ratcliff

Best way to get steps in while shopping.

Daniel F. James

We like going here. They have a ton of places to shop. They have a food court with a huge variety of places to eat.

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