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Where is CoolSprings Galleria?

REVIEWS OF CoolSprings Galleria IN Tennessee

Bobby Gibson

Decent mall. Good food options.


very clean, good security, lots of the best stores, tons of restaurants and entertainment!

Keith Barton

Lots of stores with excellent selections

Roy Kline

Beautiful mall with a great variety of stores. Kids, teens, adults. A little something for everyone. Great sales at the big name stores. A fun play area for kids. A food court with a good variety.

Donna Bartlett

There was a nice array of shops, the children loved the little play area, parking was not a problem and there was a Cheesecake Factory there.

Tammy Ashworth

Great place to shop for anything

Debra Mccord

Wish had few more electric scooters to use, I tire easily and date most of yrip

lizzy Q

Nice Mall, but most stores are pricey.

Weimar Giovanni Machado Arroyave

Nice. You can find all you need

Frank T

Fantastic mall interior with a dour exterior. Good shopping with lots of variety. Some fine coffee shops! The parking is all around it and the entrances are spread out. I'd recommend coming in through one of the big stores to catch the escalators.

William Kimball

I've shopped at this location for over 20 years this is the first time I walked through and was not attacked by kiosk operators. There are approachable and kind. I gladly support the Cool Springs Galleria Mall and Shop there rather than purchase online even though it may Cost Less.


Huge! Has an extensive variety of shops and all the staff I came in contact with were helpful, polite, and interacted with mall guests.

Alex Gomez

Really love it. The mall is a great place to spend time.

Jennifer Sellers

I dont like malls. But, if i have to go to one, it's going to be Cool Springs.

Donna Wells-Osborne

Cool Springs Galleria has the best of both worlds. They have an actual mall, numerous small strip malls along with stand alone businesses. I have two complaints though, they are too big and the traffic to get there from Nashville. You could literally have to drive for a few miles to get from one point to the opposite end yet still all be considered the same Cool Springs Galleria. The traffic from Nashville to the first mall exit ramp is a torturous drive no matter what time of day you do it.

Virginia Favia

Great sales last Sat. Had a great time.

Valarie Rogers

Very stuffy environment but decent overall shopping experience, great variety of stores.

Aimée Grimes

I love this mall! Big, but not overwhelming, and it's so clean! There is an excellent choice of stores as well. Can't wait to go back.

Daniel Burstiner

Decent size indoor mall with a nice variety of stores with a few large anchors. A food court and a nice mix of kiosks scattered throughout the mall. Weekdays it's pretty empty if you want to avoid crowds like I do. Plenty of free parking.

Mr Donald Hill.

Nice clean and big. Plenty of Stores.

Aaron Brown

I live visiting the mall in Cool Springs.

Rahul Chawla

Nice mall with a lot of options to shop from, has many restaurants around with great food options.

Kevin Haynor

Yuck the mall, the things I do for my kid


Love the mall but worry a bit more for safety in recent years. Lots of groups of rsther sketchy people walking around. Would feel better with extra (visible) security around.

Jacob Webb

Lots of stores. Had a decent time there

Brenda Sohmer

Lots of top quality stores and good food court.


I love this place , it’s a very modern mall with tons of different stores and one of the few that has an actual Apple store.

David Adams

The Galleria is a really nice mall, didn't see any vacant storefronts and the food court is awesome

Brandy Durbin

Nice mall. Well maintained. Good variety

Hannah Howard

I love to shop here. From the Apple

Eric Ketterer

Decent B+ mall with decent food options and low vacancy.

Gary Sisk

Sbarro pizza good job

Gerri Butts

Accomplished what I intended to purchase.

Anna Johnson

Found some great clearance sales! Food court was clean and food was good too. Dillards asscoiates could have been a little more helpful with my friends return issue. Other than that it was a good experience.

Amelia Gilmore

ABSOLUTELY love this mall ... The


Has very good shops and a family friendly environment. Has a great food court as well.

Craig Elliott

Best time is during week with less people

Charlotte Forrester

Great place to shop. Variety of stores. Something for everyone!

Nash Carr

Great shopping experience. There's tons of places to go here and there's also great places to eat. My wife and I come here regularly.

Tabitha Moore

Nice mall, clean restrooms

Georgy Porgie

Dismal I just consider it mostly for women not men

Jamie Brimm

Over all very nice. But could definitely use more restrooms!!

Gary Barker

If you haven't been here recently, they finally renovated the food court and added a walkway through the center. Gone are the days of feeling like you're in a third world market getting badgered to patronize. The visual refresh was much needed and much appreciated. Bonus tip for Starbucks and Chick-fil-A lunch seekers in the Cool Springs area... You'll wait 1/3 of the time here and it's right around the corner. Parking can be a little tough sometimes though.

Wura Jane Akinsanya

This mall has a good combination of stores. Easily accessible and good parking always

Marybeth Yadevia Sheridan

So much fun with so many choices to shop. One of my favorite food stop just opened up “California Pizza Kitchen ”. You absolutely must try their salads

David Campbell

Quite possibly the nicest mall in Nashville. There is very little you cannot find here.

Lakshmi Chandrakanth Kasireddy

Good place to hang out and shopping

Caylie Cardinal

Tons of stores. Family oriented. Cant go wrong here.

Doug Leonard

Great place to shop

Jessica Taylor

The staff here is the friendliest staff I have ever encountered at an Apple store. We ended up having to be there past closing and not only did we no my feel rushed or as an inconvenience, but they were happily giving us tips on our up coming Disney World trip. Not to mention they were great with our tired kids!

Sarah Ulderich

This mall is so open and spacious. It takes a second to understand the map, but once you get it, it isn't hard to navigate anywhere. There were plenty of restaurants available to eat in at the food court, and there were restaurants available with gluten free options (yay!). There is also a lot of natural light in the mall due to the ceiling windows. Things here cost more than normal, but the prices are not unreasonable. Definitely would not mind coming back here.

Matt Chamberlin

Decent selection on shops. Very clean. Parking is good. Food there is good. No major complaints.

Randy Birmingham

Great place!! Very nice!

ljf4256 .

Good shopping mall. Typical stores and food court. What makes this stand out is the little kids play area in the middle of the lower level. It’s a great place to let your child run freely in a contained area for a few minutes. My only criticism would be that there should be an age or height limit on the children. Some older, maybe over 6 year olds were in there unattended and running wild. They hit and tormented the young toddlers who needed to be there. Otherwise, good place for the family.

KS Almond

This is a really nice mall with a good variety of stores.

Glen Buckingham

So wonderful to go to a mall.brings back fun memories.

Kathy Robson

Too crowded, Parking is crazy!!! Drive around a while to find decent parking!

Anna Sudberry

This is my favorite mall in Middle Tennessee. Clean, massive, and a TON of shops! A great mix of designer and affordable shops with a great layout. I prefer it to Green Hills because it’s bigger and has a Chick fil A. :)

Danna Simmons

Loved this mall. Lots of stores to choose from .

Jess Donnell

I like opry Mills better. Maybe Im special bit passed by apple and tried to go back to it.and never found it.

Taylor Dobbins

I love this mall!! There are so many stores, and food options. It stays busy, and always clean. There's plenty of parking, however; like any mall, holiday shopping here is quite a task. I suggest going on weekdays and make sure you're gone by 3:30pm to avoid all the traffic during this time of year.

Casanddra Mayweather

CoolSprings Galleria This mall is amazing , its has really good stores. Also good pricing.

milton havis

This place is easy to navigate in and out!!!

Bobby Millsap

Way too pricey for me nice selection

Frank Cich

Looked just like any other mall. Just went there to rest.

Winter W

Wide variety of stores and enough options for food. Parking is so easy to find here, even on weekends. I always have good shopping experience here.


Very large mall. You will find every store and brand you can think of there.

Charles Kildgore

This place is awesome and now has glamping cabins made from the old kids cabins from the 1940s. Easy access from 1-24 Monteagle exit only 8 miles. 16 miles from Sewanee 19 miles from Stone door and only 3 miles from Fiery Gizzard. All that next to Grundy Lakes State Park in a secure and quiet area in the quaint town of Tracy City.

Eric Orola

Ok okay place to shop and eat.

Nate A

Good selection of stores!

Chris Frazier

A cool mall to go stroll around in.

Michael Randolph

Great mall! They have almost everything you could want. They recently added a California Pizza Kitchen with a nice bar area in front inside of the mall. There's elevator inside as well as multiple escalators so anyone can enjoy every level.

Stacy Brown

This is a great mall with great array of stores.

Anna Gonzalez

The perfect place to shop

Sandie Yarborough

Pretty great mall! You feel expensive when you go in lol.

Angela Woods

Belk was really organized and sales were awesome

D Tucker

The best mall in Middle Tennessee

C. Morgan Norris

This is a very nice mall with great shops and restaurants. Good for the whole family!

Christian Mahers

Haven't been here in quite a while, but it is still awesome as always. Lots of stores to choose from and the food court is pretty darn nice. One thing I did notice is how clean the mall was A+ in my book.


Busy mall with a lot of shops. Decent food court.

Terri Mayfield

A high end shopping center, mall. Very nice, clean and well taken care of. A lot of walking is required due to lay out of the buildings design but quality of stores worth the walk. Employees seem to be knowledgeable and enjoy their work. Some going beyond their positions to please the customers...

Jonathan Sitzman

Large, spacious indoor mall with a good selection of stores and food. Similar to Green Hills mall, not quite as upscale (but close), with FAR less traffic. Has two Sephora stores - one is inside the JC Penny's.

Randal Swindle

CoolsSprings has a little bit of everything. Convenient shopping t it's best.

Luke H

Nice mall. Food court is awesome. Police officer let me know I could not record but he was nice about it which I’m totally fine with

She'An Gilliam

Good time with family and friends. Truly like the selection of stores!

Kathy Scott

Nice mall. Feel safe, my kind of shops.

Wes Ratcliff

Brewhouse is awesome!

Arriana Young

Thiws is a really nice Mall. Nashville has a lot of great shopping otions and I think this mall, Opry Mills, and Green Hills are 100% the top 3 malls in Nashville. The only thing I think could be better at this mall is the food court. The food court is not bad however, there could be more resturants but there is a lot of food around the mall from the cheesckae factory to chick-fil-a. The mall is very clean and well maintained. I would recommend this mall to anyone.

Rosita Rogers

Great place to shop. There's a lot of stores to choose from and great places to eat!

Jonathon Owens

Very clean, always a great place to visit.


The accommodations for elderly and disabled individuals is commendable! Thank you for thinking of them. We were able to shop longer than we expected.

Robert Pugh

Just another mall...nothing notable and same retailers as other larger malls. Always clean. Watch out for the kiosk operators in the open areas... very aggressive and rude!

Jody May

Good mall. The food court area is newly renovated. Similar to Green Hills but I like Galleria better...generally less crowded and much easier to find parking.


Nice not dead shopping mall outside of Nashville in the burbs. Has just about everything I need in a brick n mortar mall.

Roger Chaffee

The workers are very nice and helpful

Ric Domenico

Best mall in Nashville!

Stacy Leeson

The Galleria at Cool Springs is an excellent shopping experience. Though they don’t have many of the store we like to shop, they do have a wide variety. I would recommend shopping at the Cool Springs Galleria!

Josh Van Dop

Clean and fast. Chick-fil-a was great.

mikayla berry

Absolutely love dos bros it’s just like chipotle but better! Always went when I was at utc and realized there is one here when I came back for the summer. The people working are super nice and the food is just like how I remember it.

Deckie G

Its a mall, they are all the same really, this place was nice and bright and open, .with some beautiful Christmas Decorations, not too crowded which was great, considering it's so close to Christmas. I would come here again, if I lived here, but we were just here for the weekend

Cynthia Krawczyk

Clean room and nice breakfast.

bernadine Archuleta

Very nice clean mall there is a new restaurant that we ate at the food was so fresh yummy.

Katherine Lawrence

It was very nice not to many people and the traffic wasn't bad enjoyed hang with my bestie kisha

William Souser

Well designed mall with the major brand stores. Went late on a Thursday afternoon. Not crowded.

makayla mccorkle

Nice shopping mall, lots of stores and variety

Vince O

Nice, clean mall. Like most malls, some empty stores, and stores like H&M have moved in.

Rob Kingrey

Best mall in Nashvile Metro/Franklin area. Massive selection of stores and surrounding areas with even more retail and restaurants. As aNashville local, this is the "go to" mall. Always crowded but traffic flows pretty well. Parking is plentiful but you may have to park far away.

Kevin Rogers

Great mall to shop the food court is awesome and the mall had everything

Janet Edwards

Beautiful scenery. A nice place for tourist to shop, and a wide variety of upper end stores to shop. Sales are great in some stores like Dillard's , Macys, and JC Pennys.

Candice Evans

The best mall and area. All the stores you need.

Debbie Cornett

We went on a slow day to walk for exercise in the mall. It was great. Not crowded, lots of sales, cool stores, lots of restaurant choices. I'm not a huge shopper but will definitely go back.

Jennifer Morgan

I’ve been going to this mall for 16 years. Super easy to get to. The new shops are great. Daughter loves the American girl store. Great restaurants in and around the mall.

Johnathan Stewart

This mall is big and amazing. Lots of great finds in this mall.

Cameron Smith

The mall is getting old. Not bad. Not great either. Get what you need and get going.

Wes Geuther

Better than green hills

Ineke' Allen

I needed some retail therapy & I enjoyed the layout/food and it was great exercise as well

Terry Shrader

This is the best mall in Tennessee. It is expansive and can meet most of your shopping and dining needs. Go there. You won't regret it.

Jessica my life

Seems like all my kids favorite clothes stores are going out of business. Other than that really don't see the point, except The cheesecake factory which seems to always have a 40-50 minute wait time.

Gerald Davis

I st time in the mall to buy a iPad and the place was beautiful

david lavery

Very clean well-lit a lot of parking spots

J Travis

This is NOT rivergate!! But nor is it Green hills. This mall is still a good medium between the two where shoppers can get stuff they want, not pay too much, and not feel scared to shop.

Melanee Melia

Great mall with all the necessities. Food court could use more seating.

Amanda Casey

The mall is so beautiful and big especially if you come from a small town like me. Great places to see in here.

anil gupta

Most lovely place for shopping.

a G

Fun to hang out and people watch, of course other than shopping

Andrea Mercer

If you want or need something you will find it in this area. Traffic can be heavy and a GPS is necessary to find your way around. The Galleria is nice and always relatively busy. The big stores are Dillard's, Belk, Macy's, and JP Pennny. You will also find Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma, The Childrens place, Gragans jewelry, Sephora, American Girl, Kings Bowling and lots more. The food court has mamy options and you will find restaurants like California Pizza company, Cheesecake factory, Chick-fil-A, its hardbto chose. I find myself driving to cool Springs past 2 other shopping areas because of the variety I can find in this area. If its cold or hot and for sure raining, I would much rather be inside the Cool Springs Galleria.

Gregg Dietz

Large mall with good selection of stores

Jeff Sumpter

Clean mall and thank you for church donating time at Christmas to wrap gifts for free. Very kind gesture was very surprised to see this service inside the mall. Thank you to Rolling Hills Community Church for your time helping a terrible wrapper of presents. Greatly appreciate this service. Mall is too notch love the food court.

Magnus Simonarson

Quick trip. Easy parking.

siva sankar

Most fabulous shopping stop.

Teri Trapani

Ample parking, close to Miller's Ale house

A.L. Cody

The mall is very nice, has several stores and food selections. It is also in a great location.

Adrian Bryce

Decent mall. Typical fare. No surprises here.

Dobby Beach

It's a mall. If you can get it here instead of going all the way to opry Mills- awesome- because you can actually park here. They keep the place clean and orderly. Occupancy is good. Check the website for store listings. Food court is okay too. Honestly though- malls are so 90s, and buying online is so much more convenient and efficient. I don't see malls lasting much longer in general

Jamie Musgrave

I’m almost shopping here on my day off. I love the department stores those have some good deal when season off.

em k

Love this place.. maybe it's a changing world but indoor malls are a great thing and this one is no exception.. truly hope this place will thrive and stay open.. will do my best to support it any way i can..

CJae Chambers

Had a blast with my Farmington IL Girls....

malavika mathad

Huge mall and has all the stores you need.

Debbie Adams

Clean, well lit. Had a nice time shopping and eating.

Ekta Tripathi

This is a good place to visit with kids and for shopping. Lot of shops and option. Also it has a kids area where my son enjoy a lot.

Donna Stovall

Excellent mall. Very upscale shops. Nice area in Brentwood

Eric Hale

Good 2 story mall with lots of shops and to our great happiness a Red Robin. Did not get a lot of time there but we will definitely be going back.

penny mcgee

Hughes mall every shop you can think off loved it


Mall has several stores w/ anchors - Dillards, Macys, Belk, and JC Penneys. For me, a little confusing getting to and in the mall. Once there, be prepared to walk. There's an up & downstairs level but they do have an elevator & escalator. Didn't try the food court but looked like they had a variety of choices. Wished they had more marquees to show you where everything is, but my son used his phone to locate stores we wanted to go to. Nice & clean and plenty of restrooms. Then of course, I had to figure how to get to interstate.

Josh Johnson

Beautiful mall with tons of great shopping and eats. I've spent A LOT of time in A LOT of malls and this one is by far the one I would suggest if you're in the greater Nashville area.

Patrick Keifert

Needed a quick fix on eyeglasses and found it at Fast Fix. They did a great job quickly.

Angie Daniel

This is a fantastic mall! Every store imaginable! Very clean, just really nice!

c w

Great place to shop!

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