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REVIEWS OF Apple Haywood Mall IN South Carolina

mommy c

Totally impressed..i was in & out n an hr with a cracked screen. Def make an apt to b safe

Nathan Allison

Everyone is very friendly and more than willing to help you if they can. I would recommend making an appointment before going down their it will cut the waiting time way down.

Dalton Elliott

Excellent experience! I needed to replace my aging 2011 MacBook Air and Steve was immensely helpful. He walked me through all of the new models and their pros and cons. Steve thoroughly answered all of my questions and applied zero pressure. Walked out with a suitable replacement and could not be happier.

D Brown

Just not impressed

John K

This is the mall where you can see all colors of iPhone XR

Jamie Gross

Busy, but staff was very helpful and quick.

Scott Bonham

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ALL BUYER’S BEWARE!!’ After we waiting at watch counter for over 30 minutes a representative by the name of STEVE approached us and asked what did we need . This employee had a bad attitude from the very beginning. I shared with him that I wanted to look at the men’s apple watches he then said well here they are and said that the display counter was a mess and started talking about how the watches were not properly displayed and then he started talking to a lady who also was wearing a apple shirt about how someone had gotten the watches all out of order and he slammed them around . I asked him could he please stay focused on us as we needed some help ! He told us good luck on finding some help and walked off! I looked over at the woman who was standing across from us in disbelief and I asked her who was the manager. She said I am the manager. I asked her what are you going to to about that employee, as she witnessed the whole event! She said I will deal with him later. I asked what their names was and she said it was Steve & Veronica. Well Veronica if you read this review and Steve is still employed, just know his actions today deserve for him to be terminated. No customer should have to experience that type of behavior anywhere . So if you read your reviews, just know we are sharing this story with everyone we know and we will be contacting your boss as well ...From the looks of what we witnessed today at this store and reading the other reviews, corporate needs to make some changes ASAP!!!

Roger Livingston

Wait is very long, then won't admit there's a problem with phone. They claim applications running in the background were responsible for a 90% charged battery to drain in less than an hour. Every iPhone6 we've owned has had battery problems - at least Samsung admits when they have a problem a recall/replace the phones.

Nate Dixon

Very helpful staff. They were also up-front about the cost of each item and seemed desirous of helping find the right fit for everything we were looking for.


Not a Apple product guy, but the clean store layout always attracts my attention. Good marketing tactic

Patricia Parton

It is a little confusing at 1st, you have to sign in with one of the sales associates that have IPad in their hand. Then when it's your turn, with in a few minutes, they find you. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. All and all excellent visit.

Berm Grizzly

Tyler (Advisor in store) was very helpful, and was a prime example of a true team player! Brandon ... or Chris? (Team leader) though I’m terrible with names it would be a dishonor to leave him out. I had a small issue with my return but they as expected were quick to work on my issue. Thanks guys.

Susanne Cash

Not that it matters, as they are the only Apple Store besides going to Atlanta, but I will strive never to buy anything from here. I’ve spoken with Apple on the phone and always received wonderful help. And Gregory at this store tried very much to help us, but the supervisor Barron acting like a complete authoritarian and spoke to my husband & me, both educators, as if we were stupid people deserving a scolding. I left without a battery for my phone which Apple had admitted was defective, without a new phone, and with a feeling of defeat & disgust.

Kayle Dunn

This is what I got for $1500. I bought the best IPad it has never worked right. I have 50 plus hours into tech support. I have been in to the store 3 times. The first time they told me it was defective. THATS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR 2 MONTHS!!! You have to come back next week when we can get one in. YOU DONT HAVE ONE? ISNT THIS AN APPLE STORE??? I go back and they give me a refurbished piece of junk that someone else turned in as defective. This one just has a different problem. WOULD THESE STRIPES BOTHER YOU!!! That’s why it does before it randomly shuts off. Yesterday I had an appointment for 4:15 to exchange it again, so I make the 2 hour round trip for the 3rd time. WHEN I GET THERE THEY ARE CLOSED!!! THE MALL IS OPEN, IT SATURDAY AFTERNOON!!! I called Apple, their solution....schedule another appointment and they will exchange it for another refurbished one that someone turned in as defective. True story, I don’t believe it myself. This has to be a nightmare and I will wake up soon.

Invader Nahdir Productions

Best mall

Andy Garcia

Samsung is better.

Majid Deldar

As a customer, I experience the following at the store: - Rudeness of the manager and lack of respect towards customers. - Discrimination among customers. - Long and tedious waiting although I had an appointment. When I had such a horrible experience, I called AppleCare so they can assist me. I was on the phone and a Senior Advisor from AppleCare wanted to speak with the manager and shockingly, even she refused to speak with her upper level management via my phone. I had visited Apple store in different states and locations. This one the worst one ever. Next time, I would drive much longer to avoid such a terrible store.

Eleanor McMakin

Great employees, it’s usually a bit crowded but that’s too be expected. When you walk in there is usually someone standing around waiting to greet you and ask if you have any questions and will help direct you to where you need to go. They are very helpful and efficient. I’ve gone in to purchase a phone and set it up in store and will be out in 30mins or less. I love how they also generally have someone back in the storage room to grab the phone/watch/accessories/etc while the person helping you is there with you the whole time and doesn’t have to leave you and grab the item. They take the payment and everything right there. Even if thy are packed to the brim it usually doesn’t take long because of how it is run.

Wendy Lloyd

Big beautiful mall!! I have to come here again! Very nice elegant restaurants inside too

K'maron Sanders

Way to long of a wait even if u have an appointment

Jessica Holmes-Adams

I was as irate as a customer could be when I walked into the store, but I left happy. Chris and his team did a great job at retaining a client. Thank you!

Ken Addis

Saved the day and repaired my wife’s phone at no charge. Busy location but everyone was very helpful.

John Hoyt

Meh. Typical Apple store experience. Crowded with snooty people everywhere who think they are better than everyone else. Spend too much time, for high priced product that is no more feature packed than the competition. If I wasn't locked into Apple for one silly application, I'd ditch them in a heart beat.

Toya Sanders

They unlocked my sons iPhone 6

Mai Moh

Every time I go I feel comfortable and have a good costumer service.

stephanie anderson

Love my store

Buddy Montana

We drive from Spartanburg to Greenville just to visit the Haywood Mall. There's literally something for everyone here. You can spend hours just browsing from store to store. And customers drive from all over the Upstate because there's an Apple store here. There's high end dining out budget friendly dining. Something for every taste. I definitely recommend visiting this mall if you're visiting Greenville.

Jennifer Wilkes

Knowed there stuff. Fast and very helpful.

No Trxps

Only apple store I liked

Jeremy Lockett

Pretty good store but always busy, and most of the time they don’t have what you need in stock so you have to order in online

Marsha Linder

You guys are always so quick to sell a product but slow to help when something goes wrong. I called today for an appointment at the “Genius Bar” and was told I could make an appointment 6 days from now. Terrible tech support.

Shila Rembert

Everytime i visit this location it had been a terrible experience. The wrongdoings is dry, it takes minutes to get seated even though there never really that crowded. The staff is always I debates on whip is going to seat you and provide you service and there constantly yakking smoke breakssup you end up jabbing two to three servers during your visit. I visited this location on three separate occasions sparsely and I just cannot.

Rina Walk

Friendly knowledgeable service. Fair prices. Clean, fully stocked store. And a military and student discount is available.

Nikki Wiley

Service was horrible waitress rude and even though you could see my date of birth on my id the server went above and beyond to get a manager to approve to serve me bc my id was bent. And the manager denied me any drinks and I am in my 30s. Last time I will eat here

Emily D

It takes an ungodly amount of time to get a sales associate on the phone at this location! It is 1 in the afternoon on a Thursday and I’ve been waiting on hold for someone to answer for 15 minutes. I love Apple but they need to work on getting someone who can man the phones there.

Jo-Ann Grandinetti

Confusing site - need user friendly store information before venturing into the secret Apple store world. no clear links that give usable detail. Example a link or info on HOW to make an appointment. This store perpetuated the Apple Mystique “for insiders only.” Give some common practical information to assist consumers in navigating the mysterious Apple world.

Matt Davies

The fast paced race to be the most advanced human with technology begins here!!! And keeps coming back here because u must continue to be the most advanced human with technology. No!

Danielle Usnomal

Great after christmas sales! Just one thing. Give us shopping carts for all our bags. We might buy more

John Knight

My Macbook Pro had issues with the butterfly keyboard and a swollen battery. They diagnosed the issue and let me know what they would do to fix it. Ended up taking less than a day which was awesome. Everyone there is super polite and friendly and knowledgeable. My Macbook Pro feels brand new again, thanks everyone at the Apple Store at Haywood Mall!

Emily Please

Very crowded. Once we found someone to get name on list, everything went quickly.

Angela Gibson

Excellent service! We made an appointment, were seen promptly after arriving, and the technician that helped us was very kind and knowledgeable.

Savannah Morris

I went to these people for help. And their customers service was an insult to apple. I love apple and their products but the customer service I had here makes me think twice about continuing to use them. You have a store full of staff playing on their devices. And not busy. But yet you turn away a paying customer. Not smart. I’ve been to several apple stores in Charlotte and Las Vegas and the customer service was impeccable but not here.

Zachary Orr

I went in to purchase a new battery and charger for my MacBook. Having had my computer since 2011 it was time to do so. I was put in a 2+ hour waiting list and told to come back when I received a text. I received my text and reentered the store around 2 hours and 5 minutes later. The gentleman at the Genius Bar took my serial number from my computer and immediately his head dropped. They don't make parts for my computer anymore. This meant they didn't have my battery and I sat around for 2 hours for nothing. I expressed my frustration politely and he understood and apologized so I was willing to still by the charger. A lady came around to finish up the sale and I thought that would be the end of my interaction with the male associate. Just as I was about to enter my pin he came up and had her void the sale and told me, "this one's on us. I'm really sorry for wasting your time." In a world with countless options, that customer service is how you keep customers coming back. He didn't have to do that as I was more than willing to pay for it, but he did. I'll be going back to that store when I upgrade this 2011 dinosaur, no question about it.

MIchael Simmons

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff even though I'm an Android user. Wife's phone replaced - no hassles.

Alex Alexov

The Apple Store is a very clean and very up beat place. The staff are wonderful asking for it to give you assistance at a moments notice Checking out is done simple and fast at any of their employees. The Genius Bar is also there to help out with any technical problems that may occur in the employees bring this place to life.

Nina Cannon

Natalie was awsome. Took alot of time to help me. She knows her product. Ill be back.

ibanez222jls .

We go here for several reasons.. lol... We frequent the food places and the stores.. The place is always clean and is fine for us.... I've done reviews on several of the places that we frequent inside this Mall but the facility itself is nice and we've never had any problems.... We Recommend....

Tree Bies

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and professional. Considering all customers today the 45 minute wait wasn't too bad and well worth it.

Doris Black

Taylor was exceptional! She was very knowledgeable and patient. I will definitely do business here again!

Tom Wadler

They know what they’re doing, especially if you don’t mind a zoo atmosphere.

Lavelle Adams

Make an appointment, ijs, smh. Why is this the only one?!

Chase Rill

Helpful staff. Clean store. Bought my wife an iPad and we were finished with purchase and setup within 15 minutes

Anthony Raynor

The products are first quality. The store is always busy, they do have quite helpful staff. They carry the full range of Apple products. This includes repair services. Apple products are quite overpriced for what they are.

Ricky Hecker

Excellent customer service


Great people

Michael S

Awesome store and service,,,, although I think we need more stores in area based on how busy this one is for service,,,,great staff ,,,thank you!

Cameron Owens

All the apple products in one place

Jerry Lamb

Clean beautiful mall with good number of various stores and no rifraf there there waa security helps make you feel safer

danny keen

This was my first iPhone. I was blown away at how busy they were in the store. The workers were real helpful and they took the time to help us setup the phone. Very pleased with my decision.

Gary Hogeboom

Go there if you want to feel dumb and get a free lecture on what you don’t know about technology and what you need to purchase to make your life better,

Walter Munroe

My computer crashed and decided to investigate an Apple. My computer skills are very limited and have only used Windows. Last Saturday, I visited the Apple Store in Greenville, SC. I decided to purchase the MacBook Pro. I was impressed with the product, support, Apple Care, classes, technical assistance, etc. I enrolled in two classes for the following Monday. I was so impressed, today, with the instructors and how much I learned. After the class, I met with an incredible person, Lorne. He assisted me with some additional purchases, I realized were, not only necessary, but beneficial. Lorne, really understood my questions and concerns. He, patiently, made sure that I understood and was comfortable going forward. He offered several suggestions for additional support and offered to set up a follow up phone call, after attempting to perform tasks once I got home. Thank you, Lorne! You really helped me. I’m so appreciative for your kindness, patience, and the additional effort you provided while I was with you. Apple is fortunate to have an associate that is not only knowledgeable, but cares!!!!

Kris Harrison

This store is the best! Should be an example for all how to treat customers. I’ve purchased just about every Apple product from them and even 3 of the iPads. My experience has always been excellent working with them. From check in all the way through pick up from the Genius Bar, the employees and management are top notch. Keep up the good work!

Eddie Grace

2 hour wait on a weekday morning. Got a text that my appointment was ready. Got there and guess what? I had to keep waiting at the "Genius Bar" which based on the wait alone nothing is genius around here as two associates were helping one person while myself and a lady were sitting there waiting for help. Finally got someone to help me who nice and helpful. If the wait was not crazy I would give 5 stars but for that reason I gave them 3 stars.

Brandy Anders

I honestly went in expecting the worse! It was great service yes I had to wait 3 hours for a repair but I went to eat and shop while I was waiting! No biggie! :)

Sameer Sangvikar

Really nice store. Busy on weekends. If you have appointment or need someone for help, will be available within 10 minutes. Wide range of apple products from macbook to I phone accessories.

Debora Stephens

Great place even with appointment have to wait a while

Jason Ridlehoover

Extremely friendly staff!

Faisal chaka

Very busy location and have all kind new collections with good price

Griselda Diaz

Should have went to Verizon never had any issues registering a product they sold me for warranty for A screen protector. After they sell it at the store they NO LONGER CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT

Kason James

I was in and out in 20 minutes to get my iPad repaired which they replaced it for me!!

Jules C.

Both employees that helped us were very helpful. Clean store, happy atmosphere.

Les Smith

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Gaudencio Montoya

Great people's !

Adam Schiraldi

The art and Procreate classes are top notch.

elizabeth madden

Food was good roasted potatoes was too hard and that strawberry lemonade oh my Lord it was so good

Bruce Walter

way too busy for a small town. great place but wait line is too long

Jonathan Burdette

I've wasted more time in this store than I care to think about. Spent a small fortune to be treated like I stole something. I've yet to get my apple watch unlocked. I was actually told to just "kabash" the watch by the manager on duty.

Stephanie Hampton

Over the top helpful really busy but worth the wait

Jon Gentry

I giving this store one star- and I gave even been there. You have to wonder just how bad Apple products are when I can’t get an appointment until Sunday at 4:35pm ( it’s Monday today, btw) and for a guy who’s traveling for work so moving every few days. It makes me think Apple is sort of a joke with crappy devices. I only own an iPhone thank goodness, everything else I own is Windows.


I was having trouble with my X and thought I was going to have to get a new phone. They replaced the screen which is $300 for free and, this store is very busy but they are very nice and my experience was good.


Horrible. Needs to be shut down. We need a new store with new employees and supervisors.

Leslie Lara

Always fun to come in here checking out all the new items is fun and the kids enjoy playing with the pads for a bit and never have had a bad customer service here

Gene Brooks

Great store. Great staff. They need to have more choices in accessories.

Ruslan Lirskiy

My IPhone 7 Plus was having issues with the speaker, you couldn’t hear anything on calls and some other features. I came in to their store near their closing time and it also happened to be very busy night for the Genius Bar but someone came to us right away to direct us to a specialist who could run diagnostics and give us some options. We were told right away that the issue wasn’t fixable because it was a hardware issue and we needed a replacement phone. They told us an estimate on the replacement phone which we were happy to pay because it was already a good deal. And once we said that we wanted to go ahead and replace it, they let us know that the replacement would cost less than half of the original estimate that was already a very good price. And the customer service was AMAZING! The customer service representative (genius at Genius Bar) that was assigned to us was named Chris. And when I tell you that I could not ask for a better customer service rep than Chris, I mean it. He was very knowledgeable and intelligent. He efficiently lead us through the process of choosing the replacement phone and transferring everything to the new phone. I don’t know what they are paying Chris but he needs a raise haha. I had an incredibly easy and great experience with this Apple store.

Kady J. Emerson

I am very disappointed in apple right now. I got my screen fixed earlier today and as soon as I got it I could not get back into my iPhone. My mom and I waited for along time to get someone to help us but they did not know what to do. They kept leaving us and did not really help us at all. So at this point I have lost everything on my phone. I have very important stuff like my contacts, pictures, and any apps I did have on my phone. In fact now I can not text or call my boss about when I am working. Also my mom pays for me to have to have extra icloud storage , which is ninety nine cent an month. I can not even get to that.They were so packed they did not want to stay to help me with my phone. They made me late to my orthodontists appointment and did not even help me. I wish I could say something nice about apple right now but i am really not impressed with them. I have always loved iphones but now I am not so sure about it after today. All I have now is a fixed screen while my phone does not work and can not even use my watch for my phone now. Thank you, Apple!

Chase Schofield

I couldn’t get any help in this store , even after asking for the manager . As the manager and knowing my situation didn’t help me , but when I called Apple customer service they solved my problem . Thanks to corporate Apple .. because I would of given up on Apple , instead I gave up on this store and will never go back . Even had them mail my product instead of picking it up locally from you guys

D Trung

This store is not recommended to everyone. They just want to help someone who looks rich to serve, so they discriminated!

Sabrina Bell

They was helpful but the wait was too long

Christine Gomez

I have to say being an apple customer has always been a please up until today. I called my carrier Verizon about an issue I have been having for the last 2 days in which my device would go into searching mode and no service for 2 - 3 hours at a time. I am a Verizon employee so I am aware of the troubleshooting techniques and attempted those prior to calling in. I was advised there was a recall on the device impacting the service. I was advised that I should call apple and make an appointment as they are replacing these devices. I was transferred to Apple from Verizon and advised that I had a few options from going to a vendor, apple store or by mail. Unfortunately she told me the earliest appointment was Nov 1st however and since I have 2 small children I advised I couldnt be without a phone that long. She stated I could walk in but wouldn't be guaranteed an appointment but they would do their best. I asked her if there was any cost and advised of the cracked home key ( a terrible creation as they made the 7 model's button out of glass and 2 days after having my device with a case and temper glass broke after one drop). She advised me that it was still covered. I asked her if it would cost me anything and she said not if I visited the Apple Store. She stated vendors could charge for the replacement recall. I took time out of my morning during the launch to drive to the apple store in the haywood mall. The gentlemen at the door was nice and advised me of and hour wait which I thought was great! After waiting an hour I was able to see a genuis employee who checked my device and confirmed my defect, however advised me of a $149 charge. He also mentioned that my phone could just die and not come back on. I advised the employee that no one told me of a charge and $149 didn't make sense to pay when the only reason my phone doesn't work is because its faulty. He advised he couldnt do amything about it. I asked to speak with a manager and he brought of the senior manager a woman who advised she couldnt do anything either. I explained I was never advised of the fee and I asked the agent. The SM asked the rep are their notes and she said the agent didnt leave any notes. I advised her that I was looking to upgrade but I had to wait until Verizon lifted the band for employees to purchase and couldnt risk not being in contact with my kids. She again advised their was nothing she could do. I left stuck having to decide to pay for a device that I could trade in for $100 under the current condition when Verizon lifts the band. I called apple customer service to file a complaint because I waisted 3 hours of my morning on information I inquired about before heading down to the store. Honestly I have several iphones and apple products and don't understand why Apple doesn't value their customers. I never frequent the apple store nor do I ask for exceptions on matters. I would have hoped working for a Vendor of Apples that and exception could have been considered due to my relation as an employee of Verizon but it was not. Honestly I might start thinking of another OS system for me and my family in the future. The google echo system is really coming along with their technology nowadays.

Carlos David

Convenient place, food court, variety of stores

Adel Victor Elbaradei

Great place , great service

Danny Dayberry

@Apple Genius Bar in the Haywood Mall in Greenville, SC. I bought a new iPhone X 9.5 months ago from Att&t. The phone’s software and Face ID has had its issues off and on, but recently it began to malfunction, opening apps and doing things on its on. I had to drive an hour to the nearest Apple Store to repair/replace my phone under the warranty agreement. I can understand and expect a reasonable wait for walk-in repairs, but waiting 5 hours for a warranty repair or replacement is downright outrageous and completely avoidable. I was initially quoted a 3 hour wait for an appointment to speak with an advisor and discuss my option then afterwards told I’d have to wait another hour for the repairs. After 4 hours, I was informed that my phone had to have the screen replaced for a second time and that it would take just a few minutes to calibrate. I was then told that they would just replace my phone. I waited nearly 20 minutes just to be handed my old phone after being promised a new device. Now I have an hour drive back home in the middle of rush hour as the sun is going down. I’d rather just drop my device off and receive an approximate time to return to pick it up with a text alert or a courtesy call if the repair is complete ahead of schedule. For a company as large as Apple, they could spend a little more on customer satisfaction for sure. I will never return to the Haywood Mall Apple Genius Bar ever again.

Dragonkiller S527

Great deals and really good products

Zakari Phoenixx Duran

If you're into or looking for a new Apple Product or Case/Accessory, you'll find it here. They have the latest Apple Devices on display for consumers to try out/test. The staff is knowledge and professional. The store is well lit, organized, and looks Modern. If you need an apple device repaired you best make an appointment or you'll wait. ~ An Android User

Naty hernandez

Its nice even tho i dont buy nothing because its too expensive but im thinking of buy the Iphone XR max :3

Mike Williams

It's a hopping place. See friends. Starbucks has a line out the door.

ha zu

If I can give this store “Zero” I will definitely do that. The staff who work here are very friendliness and they treat their customers very badly!. So, don’t waste your time go and buy HP, Dell ,or something else!

Jamie McClendon

Have been on hold for almost an hour about an online order to pickup at this store. Love Apple but can you get someone to take a minute to answer the phone?

Teresa Smith

Walking abt everything from Sears, Belks, Dillards, Lids, Lady's Locker, Jewelry, Sephora...has most everythi ng you would like in a mall...cleanliness not so good, bathrooms are most time nasty, on a busy day, parking is a chore, esp around the food court parking lot...It does have a play area for kids, Easter Bunny there for kids pictures...Hope you have a good time with talking or friends here...Sitting areas available too ...The SmithClan

Anna Marie Sparks

Was wanting info on a Mac computer Adam was helpful.


Just bought a MacBook here today and they were nothing but helpful. I ordered the computer online and I needed it quick because my old computer died. I left as soon as I ordered it and in 15 minutes the order was ready for me. Even though I didn't have to have help setting it up they made sure that i was helped! Will be doing business here again very soon!

Tom Matlock

Recently purchased an Apple Watch via the Apple Store app on my iPhone, with in store pick up. Emailed status tracking was prompt and helpful. Order was waiting on me when I got there and I was not treated any differently than if I would have purchased in store (which I’ve done numerous times before). I was able to get in and out in good time. After having my Watch a few days, I decided it just wasn’t for me. I mean, I liked it, but not for what I paid. I repackaged the watch, walked in, and they accepted it back with no questions and no haggle. I’ll definitely see them again in the future.

Brett Barnhill

Okay so I want to start off my saying I usually don't write reviews. But in this case I felt like I should and this has nothing to do with Apple. I was sent to this store by Apple support and was told that they would be able to take care of me. When I got there everything started off great, then the time came to take care of my issue. They did not want to help at all, said there was noting that they could do. At this point I asked to talk to a manager. It took maybe 10 seconds till he came out. He did not ask what my issue was or how he could help. Just said that they could not help me and that was it. I got back on the phone with Apple they did not understand why the store could not help and worked with me to find another solution. Apple support went above and beyond to take care of me, so again nothing against Apple here. They were more than willing to help me. But the staff at this store location did not want anything to do with me and did not want to help at all. Customer support at the Haywood mall locations is some of the worst I have ever seen. If you have the option to go anywhere else I suggest you go there.

Joshua Rush

Not happy with the service. They replaced my phone with a “new” phone, but the camera stopped working the day I got it. Went back to fix it a few weeks later, and they rejected me at the door because I didn’t have an appointment. Not a happy Apple customer.

David Beaudreau

Very nice, didn't wait long.

Ms. Sabrina Fletcher, LMT

Super busy always! Customer serviced started out well then diminished. I went in bringing my old pc with me hoping for a data transfer since I was purchasing a new iMac spending over $1500, they used to do this, now they charge an additional $99. I had questions since I was transitioning to apple from windows and after the first 15 mins of questioning and placing the iMac I chose, my customer service rep told me she would place me in the que again, that she was running late on a break-not the correct answer! I’m spending a substantial amount of money here and if you don’t have tome for me-find someone NOW who can! She also took scans of the pc to enter them in the system before finally typing the upc code in because “ excuse me, I apologize, I’m dyslexic.” Why do you work at Apple??? I received my pc 4 days later with a failed data xfer($refunded) and the packaging of the screen protection was balled up inside-fail. The okd Apple would take care to deliver products with the utmost care and professionalism.

Coen Hasenkamp

Even Walmart has a better pickup in store experience.

Bill Thompson

Always fun to check out the latest gadgets, but expect a crowd and make an appointment.

Justin Glauber

The only thing they are genius's of is getting more money out of you. Had an appointment at 1pm and I've waited for over an hour and still haven't spoken to anyone aside from being checked in.

David Davis

If you are paying cash at this store, be careful!! I bought two iPhone 7 Pluses and payed in twenty dollar bills. I knew that I had 72 bills. They counted and couldn’t agree if I had $1,440 or $1,420. Then a female manager approached and quickly counted the money and said that there was $1,340. She immediately put the money in the cash register and walked away. I told the sales representative that I wanted to recount myself. She said that I couldn’t do that since the manger had already put the money in the register. I then asked to speak to the manager, who somehow had managed to keep the cash in her hand. She said she recounted it in approximately 5 seconds and realized that there was indeed $1,440. She came out a few seconds later with two fifties, and didn’t apologize. A very bad manager who it appears tried to take $100. So be careful when you go and double count your money before you hand it to them.

Manuel Martinez

Really good service nice and helpful people on this place

Rusty Greer

I had a wonderful experience.

Joe Depalmer

Slowly losing our family as a customer. Advertise water resistant but now they say over time not water resistant. Give me a break

Stokes Music Studios

6 Months on the Apple Product and loving it! Thanks Apple! The Music Place

RxpKxd Sweaty

I went in @ about 2:30 because my beta update would not start my phone. I basically was a walk in! They told me to come back in an hour. I came back 7 I was immediately seen. Johann helped me! He is a very sweet, funny guy. I love his personality. He understood me on ALL levels. I listened in on the next Apple Employees convo as she told someone how to back up their phone. I didn't know how, so I ear hustled & the directions seemed fairly easy. Thanks Sandy for letting me ear hustle. I witnessed Jay help an older guy out who had a hard time hearing. I spent about an hour plus in the store. No ones fault but mine. The genius bar was fairly busy for a Friday. Johan assisted me & another customer at the same time. I'd say that, that is GREAT service. I do not have apple care, but Johan convinced me that I needed it. Once I upgrade my phone, I WILL invest into Apple Care. Thanks Johan & Apple for great service.

Dávid Albert

Helpful staff, nice people

Kelly Bedminster

Very fast amd friendly

Tammy Flores

I purchased my phone at this store and it was a wonderful experience. However I went in today for a repair issue. Chad assisted me, he was extremely nice but he made some changes to my phone said he backed up my message but he didn’t. I left the store unaware. I discovered it while walking out of the mall. I went back in to the store, I spoke to a couple of different employees and was directed to the tech manager Gavin (I believe), when I explained the situation, he responded, “sorry Chad is new”. Didn’t offer any assistance at all. After 2 more hours on the phone with Apple support, I was able to get some resolve but my messages can’t be restored. Hate to complain but that response blew me away. I love Apple products and I’m sad that this experience was so bad.

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