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445 Putnam Pike #6, Greenville, RI 02828, United States

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Where is Apple Valley Mall?

REVIEWS OF Apple Valley Mall IN Rhode Island

Jon Greenwood

Not really a "mall" anymore, but a great place to spend an afternoon.

Darledj Gala

Nice place

Paul Dzurec

It's a little cruddy Rhode Island strip mall.

Wilfred Brunelle

Very good

Carmel Currier

Nice place. My first time to visit there. Will return again.

JoJo N Tiny

Very convenient

Magnum Pi

not much of anything a few shops and fast food. oh yeah McDonald's, tj max....AAA,DMV, very helpful chelos,KFC.....

Kevin Potter

too much traffic on the roads

Timothy Schofield

Friendly helpful staff knowledgeable great service and prices quality service.

Sean McCarty1375

Nice quiet mall and easy-going place..never over crowded. .parking is tough though. .you can lose your car if you don't remember where you parked..other than that it's a nice place to shop

Valarie stone

I love the Ultra beauty store there!

William Lynch

McDonald's...COS PHARMACY...And many other good stores here. On Route 44 , The Putnam Smithfield , Rhode Island.

jake giroux

Has a good diversity of businesses in the plaza

Paul Hutchinson

A standard strip mall with some empty storefronts

bill campbell

Lot of empty spots where stores once were

Jacqlyn Andolfo

Love shopping at TJ Maxx great selection!

Kris Laverdure Corleone

Little Gym is a great place for kids. My Grands LOVE Ms. Alana.

Kham Inthirath

Great mix of stores and restaurants. I was visiting from out of town and was able to run work and personal errands all in this plaza. Be careful, tons of cars and people walking all over the place, can be a mad house.

Joe Grant

Great old smitty

Diane Derobbio

Its sall but ok

Debra Kenney

This is Smithfield neighborhood Mall it has everything you need TJ Maxx -CVS- food- Dental- gym- all businesses one would need including seafood and fast-food if one prefers....

Sarah W


Sabrina Desrosiers

Loya of traffic but a lot of great stores !

Jennifer Brodeur

Lots of stores but often very crowded... Parking is a bit stressful too... I LOVE to shop but if the situation is uncomfortable due to the traffic back-up due to the suckish parking, it takes the "fun" out of the shopping trip! However, the array of stores is versatile, and the only Barnes and Noble books within a 40 mile radius is located here... BONUS! it's a bit far for me, about 45 minutes from my house, but worth the trip for Barnes and Noble or the Five Below located in the same plaza!

Chloe Tucker

Run of the mill strip mall with a variety of businesses.

Amy Landry

Love shopping here.


Easy access

Alexander Brown 3rd

Chelo's is a great way to relax and enjoy dinner :)

Donna Desjardins

Good selection of stores

Vincent Costello

Same fresh chicken and great service week after week.


Nice little place with quite a few stores, love TJ Max and Subway. Also, Bank RI is right there too, along with BOA debit card withdrawals so it makes it easier

Shraddha Gupta

One of the beautiful open Malls near Providence/Smithfield

Annette Gagne

Compact...easy parking!

Anthony Aquilante

Been around for a Long time..must be doing something right.

Kayla Arsenault

Always liked apple valley and that little strip of stores and restuarants

Rebecca Beauchamp

Not a mall. Has tjmaxx and food. That's about it. I go for the ATM only...

Lisa Marshall

Good place to eat

A Wilcox

One of my favorite places to go.

Sarah Ross

Wow, I had it at 5 stars til today. The way I got treated for their messing up. The manager and employee rolling their eyes at me and wouldn't help me for 5 mins.

Robbie R

If you want a 10 piece they tell you they don't have enough chicken! Your KFC, you make chicken. I go to the one in Johnston they are great...what ever you want is not a problem!

Aaron Whalen

I bought m&ms from the CVS in this plaza. So that was an A+ visit.

Debe D'Alessio

Great place. Good variety of stories

John Gniadek

Good mall. Rumford pet center is my main stop there.

paulette pike

TJMAX CVS Petsmart

Bob Whirlow

Nice assortment of shops

Augusto Cruz

No I dont

Roy Connors

Go tbere quiyr ogtem anpiy once daily or more .Nice place to shop .

Angela Thomson

It's fine for a local spot

Arelis Abreu

This place is amazing for shopping.

Don Iannuccilli

I took my wife to Affordable Dentures. A very friendly staff that understand the needs of a person with PTSD. I would highly recommend it the doctor is incredible nice woman

Ernest Billings

I think it is a great selection of stores! I give it three stars because of the mall having only one entrance. It is a huge bottleneck. The main road leading into it is a zoo.

Kathryn McNulty

Apple Valley has a large TJ Maxx with great inventory. On the other end of the mall is Chelo's: a g good casual restaurant with a big menu. In the summer, there is nothing better than Chelo's banana berry pie.

Greg Costa

Great stores.

Joseph MacNeil

Apple valley jeans boots with the fur the wholle club looking at her she hotnthe floor next thing i know shorty got low low low low

Angel St.pierre

really nice mall to go to lots of different stores all clean bathrooms are nice stop are usually friendly it's hard to write a whole Plaza but I would definitely say a 4

debra k

Kentucky fried Chicken is not like it used to be I do not like it anymore I do not buy it anymore

Judith Johnson

Not really a mall anymore but an awesome place to shop, eat, gas up and grab a movie.

Cara S

It's not all it's cracked up to be. Mediocre.

Lynn Caldwell

I love HoHo's Chinese restaurant, they have the best Sticky Wings in the state, the only place that had better wings was Ming Garden in downtown Providence, but they closed many years ago. I have been going to HoHo's since I was a kid and it was at the old location in Johnston best St Anthony's. Great place!

Karen Valletta

Only 1 entrance/exit to the entire shopping center. Terrible place to be during the holidays. Traffic can tie up for hours. Otherwise, nice place to shop.

Kevin Callei

Great place

MJ Ismail

Good shopping place and highly recommend.

Christopher Hooper

Nice place.... wish it were bigger

Santina Bisignano

Shopping at T.J. Max is always fun.

Carolyn Prew

Everything you need just in walking distance. Cvs..McDonald's.... Tjmaxx. Rumford pets. Subways. Card smart. Dentel. AAA. Chellos. Gym. Adults and kids......what more Kentucky fried chicken tocobell. Banking. Its all there

Susan Fitzpatrick

AAA visit. Anita very helpfull.

Daniel Bythrow

This mall has come back in a small way. Still small


It's a mall. Enough said.

Cheryl Machado

Not much here, but at least a few good places are left. Well lit, decent parking.

John McGowan

Lots of options and Chelo's too.! Handy and quick. ATMs too.

Alex Montanez

Has what i need and love tj max

Brendan Fernandes

Yeah.. drunk. Can't talk.. lmfao!

Frank Palin

Not what it was 20 years ago. Retail is slowly dying.

Greg DeCristofaro

Parking is tough but there are a lot of good stores in here.

that girl

Pretty run down

Lisa Esser

great place to shop!

Anthony Capuano, Jr.


Glenn Olson

Easy parking, Easy shopping. I always go to AAA to get vehicles registered. Never a long wait.

Brenda Pastor

Good Mall has a little of everything here.

Cathy Mitchell

Small decent shopping center with AAA, TJ Max, CVS, McDonalds and Chello's restaurant.

Paula Medeiros

Good variety of stores with easy accessibility.

Alix Braverman

Got some Taco Bell after delivering some parts down the street by Greystone Ave. Service was quick and friendly, food was bomb. Good things.

Podcastrophe with Justin Draven

The stores are close and rarely closed

Vaidyanathan Krishnamoorthy

Good selection of beer with some nice food menu. Appetizers like potato skins and clam cakes are great. Sit at the bar ot at tables. Has TVs all around for entertainment. Service is quick and friendly.


Very convenient and packed with a great mix of businesses. There are several restaurants and retail stores.

Matt Kerwin

Not really much to it...wouldn't call it a mall at all.

Chester Thatcher

Nice place to go shopping.

Dan Martineau

Great little shopping mall

Robert Fagnant

Nice mall, safe, and great businesses and places to eat!

Patricia Fortier

Could use an upgrade on the exterior. Convienent

T Feeney

Still a good place to shop

John Sadler

Nothing to praise, nothing to scoff.. just your average mall. Parking is annoying at times.

Bruce Balemian

Nice selection of stores and eateries

Camille M

Good shopping with lots of free parking.

Samantha Private

This Mall may be small but it has a great bunch of stores: TJ Max, CVS, McDonald's, Such a Bagel, Card/gift store, Chelos, Supercuts, KFC and Taco Bell. Great place to shop and eat.

Tc Stewart

The parking lot is dangerous but all the shops are great every store is like family

Nemesis Guitars

Pleanty of parking. Great stores

Daniel Boudreau

Little bit of everything in this one plaza

Richard Dominick

Great variety of stores. I always find what I'm looking for

Tinamarie Tripp

Nothing really to talk bout nothing really good over there lots of good stores left yrs ago

alan bagian

Dead mall plaza

Siren F

I love the combo KFC/Taco Bell here!

Gail Aylward

Chelos restaurant was.clean, the food was good, the server knowledgeable and polite.

Jim Torres

Good stores, lots of food options plenty of parking, easy access.

Jon Moretti

Tj max, CVS, planet fitness, chelos, KFC, and other stores I can't think of right now, nice area with plenty of parking

Tyais MacTavish

Plenty of parking and lots of different shops including Rumford Pets, AAA branch, Chelo's and more.

Puddin Tane

Its a Nice little mall with a lot of store in the area

Jeannette Eddinger

Clean and very peaceful

Carla Penn

TJ Maxx has some good finds.

Ronald Muoio

Best McDonalds in R.I. If you like eggwhite delite this is the place to go, ask for no meat and could you please add a little more eggwhite instead! They are the only one who makes them fresh to order! Can't wait to have breakfast there each day Sandwich Crafted By Chef Joe!!!

Patty Shipman

Great shopping, many stores

Stefanie Baron

Lots of good food in this area, two different gyms, store, Triple A, and more. Very busy area close to 295 and many other shopping areas.

frank deluca

Not many popular stores. Bank of America is there though.

Sarah Emmons

Went to AAA to do some DMV stuff. Better than going to the DMV in Cranston and probably spending most of your day there.

William Hanewich

Easy in easy out. Cleanish. Has all the basics you need.

Claudette Moore

Love to stop there when I'm in Warwick

Louise Bragdon

Love this farm stand

Kristen Mayo-Machado

Nice little gem in Smithfield. The voted best clam chowder and fritters call this plaza home, inside of Chelos. You can eat then work off the calories at Planet Fitness or indulge your pets apatite at Rumfords. Need new clothes because you ate too much? TJMAXX is your place. Kids hungry? Visit Ronald McDonald. Have a headache? Check out CVS. Apple Valley Mall...great place!

Joseph Vigliotti

Although the movie theater that initially drew people from all over is long gone, Apple Valley Mall still retains enough variety in its storefronts that allows its continued existence. CVS, TJ Maxx, Subway, McDonald's, Chelo's, and a Cardsmart, as well as a KFC/Taco Bell on the fringes of the property are just a few examples. The mall occupies a significant chunk of land on Putnam Pike (Rte.44), and a thin sliver of the beginnings of Cedar Swamp Rd.(Rte.5) of what is known as "downtown" Greenville. Minutes from I-295 and a plethora of other shopping malls, Apple Valley Mall continues to be a popular destination for many natives.

Angela Erhard

Easy in and out. There is a lot packed into one space. Restaurants, a cafe, AAA, Supercuts, retail stores and a pet store and Gym as well as a jewelry store and other businesses. Convenient.

Sarah Renzi

Love to shop there

Hailey Ploettner

Love the apple valley mall been coming here as a kid!

Isaac Lama

clean and nice, taco bell\kfc people are extremely nice and friendly.

Gary Pickard

We really only go there for the Papa Gino's which is awesome there!

Cheryl Stevens

Shoppong here is good. Lots of hreat places.

Dianne Mello

Few places to shop, CVS McDonald's pet store in the strep there was also a restaurant Chili's a bagel place a nail place pretty decent and a couple banks

Ocean State Drifters inc

Best thing here is KFC/taco bell combo

Rich B

Only bad part about shopping here is getting in and out.

Gabumon Girl

Not as many shops as there used to be

Mike V

There are several restaurant business there and around the area. Also food stores and retail stores. Pleasant area to visit.

Miss Meka

Good deals at T J max. They have a lot of good restaurants.

Steven R

Odd feeling ...sort of surreal dreams..quiet,limited shopping,the bowling alley is great fun for all..

adam Halpern

Nice all-around Mall lots of shop

Cindy Hawkins

All kinds of great stores !!!

Lisa M Celio

I visit Chelos at least a couple times a week . The half price apps are a great deal . Food is always hot and fresh .

David Ross

Conveniently located. Great hospitality.

Svren Rez

It is kfc and tacobell wahats not to love

Raymond Nunez

Small but quaint place to shop



Ed Lafontaine

Tough getting around, traffic Patten exits onto 44 to few

Joe DiGiovanni IV

Just a shell of what It used to be...

Anthony C

What's there to explain? One visit says it all. Which is what it offers. Great stores which offer the value of your dollar. A few quality eating places . There is ample free parking. Easy in, easy out access. Although in that location. it can get congested. Depends on the time of day. It is worth the trip. This place is one of my comfort spots away from the house.I like doing my shopping here. Then getting a coffee afterward. Who knows maybe meet that someone over a glass of wine. What a way to spend a day.

Robert Silva

Such a Bagel is a good stop here.

James Oconnor

I went to Ocean state hearing here a convent place for it . full-service hearing aid place nice people here

Debra Duquette

Lots of shops in one place. Taco Bell and KFC in one store, McDonalds, Chelos, Subway, gym, CVS, a Matress Store, and that's just what I can name off the top of my head!

melissa evans-ogle

Small strip mall couple of stores not bad

Paul Chacon

Small but nice mall

teresa colombo

Great appetizers, love the union soup.

Tim Woodie

I’d like to start by saying: DO NOT COME HERE THINKING ITS QUICKER THAN THE DMV! The process here needs to be revamped. Checked in with the front receptionist who reviewed all my paperwork and told me I was all set and they’ll call my name shortly. 45 minutes later my name gets called, and they tell me my paperwork is incorrect and to get back in line. Had I known my paperwork was incorrect I wouldn’t have taken time out of my day to sit and wait. I would have corrected it and returned back. At this rate I see no point in having a AAA membership as this wouldn’t have happened at the DMV. Please don’t waste your time coming here thinking it will be quicker. It won’t be.

Dawn Roux

Good shopping plaza, easy to access. Good food options.

Dee Schobel

Nice places to shop.

Amer Alsamman

Went to TJ Max. Nice area. Typical for RI style shopping plaza

Richard Church

I like this older and dated strip mall because it has AAA! And there is a pet supplies store along with a few fast food stores. Convenient to get in and out of with many entrances and exits.

cathrine collins

Like to go here with my daughter

Bob VonHeyn

Wide variety of stores.

Joanna Ravello

I love the TJ Maxx in this plaza.

Michael Ferrario

Stopped by AAA to pay for service for 2019

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