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Where is Tanger Outlets Hershey?

REVIEWS OF Tanger Outlets Hershey IN Pennsylvania

Kim Warner

Love this location. Close to Hershey and the surroundings are very nice and the shops are great and well laid out.

Brandon McLean

Great variety of shops for all family members. There is not a food court so you have to leave to get food but other then that it's great. Just about every place has constant sales which makes normally extremely expensive items very reasonable. During peak tourist season it does get packed.

Steve Gayman

Very nice shopping area close Hersheypark. They have a nice assortment of stores.

Queen Griffin



Not very many stores to choose from and prices seemed higher than other outlets I've shopped.

F. Ahmed

Nice outlet love the stores...

Megan Barnhart

Lacks stores. But the area is always clean

Em Greenwald

In a sports season time of need, the outlet came through with 2 high quality sports bras for my daughter. They are high compression and will allow her to play her style of game without worry. Both girls have benefited from the great products here.

Loulinda House

The outlet was clean, be the staff was good, prices were good also.

Craig Headley

Quality merchandise. You have to SHOP for bargains and good deals. Stores are clean and rarely crowded. Employees are kind and genuinely interested in selling you what you are looking for. Decent parking also.

Chad the goat maxwell

Lots of stores didn't have enough time to visit more stores but it was fun

Daniele De Angelis

Nice selection of stores and brands.

Fred Locke

Great selection of stores, but most are not outlets as advertised. Same pricing as regular store.

Bhadresh Patel

They good stores.


Great shopping outlet, I have been coming here since we’ve moved to Pennsylvania in 2014. Although the Lancaster location is closer I prefer this location because of the setup. They also are walking distance to restaurants and Hershey Park if you don’t mind a little walk. The only reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I don’t care for the unisex bathrooms. Other than that I absolutely love this outlet!! Recommend this for the shopaholic.

Jon C

Yeah it's a strip mall what more can I say

Kimberly Killeri

This was pretty neat BUT I expected to get deals on items and the stores seemed more expensive to us. We did buy a couple things. My granddaughter loves the kids playground. The Carters Store was good and we liked the As Seen On TV StoRe too.

Russell Griffin

I felt like I was being followed around the store Banana Republic and the cashier seemed so nervous that I gave her a$50 bill for a $13 purchase she gave me back the wrong change. I hope it wasn't because I'm a black man.

Nicole DeRico

Not the Tanger Outlets shopping I remember. It seemed to be more "Boutique" than "Outlet" stores. Big Names, Big Prices.

Kat S

We love the Disney store and always check out Old Navy, the Kitchen Store, and As Seen on TV. We also check out shoe stores, Claire's, and there are a wide variety of other stores to browse when we are looking for something. They recently put in an American Girl Doll store which was fun to browse. We enjoy shopping the deals and looking at all the merchandise. The stores always look so clean ans organized when I'm there.

Renee Blihar

I liked where it was and easy to get to.

Talal Alsulaiman

Nice and not crowded

Tom Senkus

Relatively small parking spots. My Ford van had to make a 3-point turn to park straight

Chelsea Davis

Good variety of stores. Good amount of parking. Usually pretty crowded but not bad.

Candice Branson

Had just what we needed.

Robert S

Very nice outlets not the newest and a little spread out but all the bug name stores!

Julie Roberts

Great range of outlet shops. Some big bargains to be had.

Nate Ward

Great stores. Just avoid during black friday!

Steph Loomis

Awesome place. So. Many stones to choose from

Gary Verna

I really like the options at this place. It's clean

Robert Kopp

A good outlet spot not alot of store I would like to go in, but my wife likes it

Alexandra Merli

They have all of my favorite stores.

Scott Pinette

Was on vacation, great stores to go shopping

Patty Klaes

Nice variety of stores

madpoppa .

Great place to go for all your shopping needs.


Love love love it! They have the BEST stores here, parking was conveniently located to store entrance.


Satisfied and happy with most of the stores. Very disappointed with American eagle outlet when I am able to get a better cheaper deal at my local store, I wouldn’t consider it an outlet. They didn’t follow their advertised signs and want 93$ for 3 items that were to be buy one get one half off. Other than that store very happy with the other outlets that are available that I shop in in that area.

Kathryn Gaither

Variety of primarily clothing stores, to include athletic apparel, with a smattering of household goods and beauty supplies. Wishing there were more places to eat! Can’t imagine traveling from out of the area and needing lunch... you’d have to want Red Robin, DD, Wendy’s or Starbucks. And the parking lot is challenging to maneuver on weekends.

mike carroll

Wife loves Coach outlet

Kenneth Goodwin

Nice, quiet place to shop. Love the outdoor mall feel. Saved a lot of money at Skechers.

Laura Tindall

A decent selection of your typical shopping outlet stores in an outdoor mall setting. The prices are comparable to other outlets, and it's easy to spend an entire day shopping there.

Mary Anne HobbsFernie

American Girl outlet, Claire's and Justice all in the same area? Nice planning.

Lynn Bailey

Plenty if stores. Needs more food places tho or a good court

Patti Smith

There are some Outlet priced stores here but many of the stores didn't really seem to offer any great deals. There is a little bit of everything here, it always seems easy to park, and it is a great location right next to Hershey Park. If you're in the area you might as well stop by but it doesn't seem like a place to make a special trip to.

Carrie Pequignot

Good variety of stores.

Julie Heagy

Great place to shop

Christopher Massie

Good variety of stores. Easy access from Hershey

Samantha May

Amazing prices! Vera Bradley is by far the best store for sales! I bought a big purse, wallet, and lunchbox for only $40!

Cesar Hernandez

Good place, a lot stores. Good prices

Robert Taylor

Nice place. Good stores.

Aaron Fisher

Great selection of stores, and always very competitive pricing. Central parking g with the stores all around make it easy to get in multiple stores and back out even with depositing purchases to vehicle between every store.

Kevin Kirby

Nice mall some good stores and deals but its a pick and choose. Few stores have really great deals.

Kseighb Izluvley

I never hesitate to contribute a percentage of every paycheck to Tanger's becoming my new vacation spot.

Cassy Banks

Lots of a variety to choose from. Busy place benches along store front if you need a seat. Snacks and drinks in vending machines by bathroom. Coupons in vending machines too. Use app for discounts. Close to 2 restaurants if you want to eat then continued shopping.

Ian Brown

Didnt go in many stores but great deals and nice walk:)

Michele Allen

Good selection of stores

Andrew Leck

Well kept strip mall, very clean and many stores to visit. Good selections

Brian Wegener

prices arent outlet prices in most cases

Joe T

Hit or miss on deals. Nice to visit and walk around . Good variety

Pramod Kumar Badatiya

So many options and so many brands to choose. A place of shopping all your needs.

Karl Zeigler

Many nice stores

Teresa Hogan

Gotta love the hershey outlets! It smells like chocolate and I love it. Lots of places to eat nearby. Keep an eye out for coupons and sales.

Meghan Laverty

The Aerie and Old Navy are both very nice here.

Apryl Loughlin

Great stores and friendly sales associates!

Alec Gonzalez

The whole place feels plastic, like there is something missing out of every store and person there. Did not feel comfortable the whole time I was there and with any store I went into. With that being said there are alotnof nice options for clothing, if you can afford anything. Not impressed.

Alexander Zapatka

A competant outlet. I really hate the layout tho. It's big, yes, but often you have to cross dangerous roads and intersection. There is also no way to Park one place and walk everywhere. It's way too big of a campus.

Deb Weidler

Nice place to shop off you want clothing it's almost all clothing storees

Craig Eroh

Would recommend this outlet to anyone looking to save money at their favorite stores!

Jeff Davis

Love how u can pull up to each store n park.

Wasim zaki

If you looking for some good clothes ,you have to go to Hershey Outlet

Keefe Walker

I'm making weekend trips every weekend now love all the store


Has a few different outlets there. Also like to hit the under armour store.

Roland Newmark

I know this is subjective but not a great selection of stores.

Darren Modricker

This outlet center has a wide selection of top brand name stores with a good balance between women and men shops. I’ve been going there for several years and always find more than I was looking for :)

Michael Sweger

Nice to have outlets close to home.

Leticia Torres

Great place a lot's sales good deals

David Fox

One of nicest outlets I've ever been to.

Judith Bretz

I was shopping for my granddaughters 6th birthday and Claire's and Justice had just what I needed. Selection at Justice is limited, but what they did have in her size was stunning. Claire's for tiara, nice selection of everything and it's all buy 3 get 3 free. Cute hanging earring holders.

Frank Ackley

Watched the fire works, plus a awesome place to shop.

Kimberly Dizon

Good stores, great prices.

Linda Bodero

Great stores, lots of parking, public restrooms....a very pleasant shopping experience. Will be back!!

Kellie Valenti

We visit here every time we are in the area. Thanks for the memories

Jennifer Fox

There are so many fun stores to shop in. We always stop in Shopper Services office to see what is going on. Today was a scavenger hunt! My boyfriend and I both earned a $10 gift card just for walking around and answering 8 questions. Sweet deal! He ended up getting a pair of jeans at Gap for $6.99, after using his free $10 gift card.


Really like the selection of stores, and the specials made it worth the trip!

Michael McCordy

Nice place if you like clothes shopping. The wife loved it.

Jen Guerro

First time at this outlet. They have a lot of different stores. Like that they had affordable stores like old navy and gap. The bath and body works store was very nice with alot of merchandise. We were greeted by a very nice associate. I really liked this outlet.

Hassan Abdulhaqq

alot of great bargains Today

Bruce McCollum

Lots of stores conveniently laid out.

Jordan Fischer

Got a nike drawstring bag for Hershey Park! Nice quality and seemed popular at Hershey Park as we saw a few people with similar bags in different styles

*Jesse* D

Great stores. Great place to exercise

annah plays

It is beautiful and clean. I love the Christmas shop and also the ice cream parlors.

Javier Garcia

Shopped at coach, friendly staff....nice prices

John Smith

I went to coach and found a really really nice pair of sunglasses. They were women's but apparently men come in the store all the time and buy the women's because they are so unisex for the aviator style. I got them for 1/4 of the full price and they are amazing. I love them.

Mike Feeney

Nice and clean place

Olivia Crawley

One of my favorite places on earth.

Mary Rasa

Good selection of stores.

Jorge Flores

Great stores and nice place to spend time and money lol

Shelby Lenker

Usually find what I'm looking for and more. We picked up items from Health & Beauty and the grocery department. Walmart is the only place we have found Sour Tart Cherry Jelly.

David Engers

The selections are great. I love coming here.

Lindsay Kisla

Usually find what I'm looking for. Love the Disney store

Deb Morgan

We go here to Reebok for our shoes...great deals and AAA discount

Kim Miller

Great place. Fair amount of shops. Easy/convenient to shop them all in 1 trip

Gregory Miller

I was in sketchers store very helpful the employees

Laura Spahn

I was only able to go to one store, there were many more stores

Amara Gemberling

OMG. This has to be the most cleanest and well-kept place I have ever been in. The stores and the staff that were in the stores were extremely friendly and amazing. And to set the tone the best on our way through my six-year-old had to visit the restrooms and they were impeccably clean and had state-of-the-art Hardware. I will always make a point to come back to this Outlet in the future. A true diamond in the rough

Joshua Mitchell

This is really for Kay Jewelers, Lisa was great in finding a Valentine's Day gift.

Kyle Webb

Enjoyed myself, very nice... fair prices!!

Anne L

Shop until you drop! OR run out of money! Great stores! Great selection!

R. L. Fry

Good deals on clothing! Crowded

Alex Muddiman

The stores usually have great sales and deep discounts on designer bags, clothes, shoes, etc. The selection is getting a lot better and the recent remodeling has made an already nice strip outlet even nicer.

Boyd Wine

Great outlets. Lots of good prices from lots of great stores

Feng Gao

Like this little Outlet, shopping experience always very satisfying!

Kevin E

They need a more variety of stores

Louis Greer

Good selection. Decent prices. Easy in and out.

Siroliver Siroliver

The outlet is clean. Plenty of stores. Always ask about additional discounts.

Timmy Robinson

Definitely a nice place to visit

Pablo Santiago

I just love this place !

Caren Willis

A large variety of shops with good selections & great prices.

Larry lahr

Great place to get deals on on clothing.

Sarah Sheffy

Decent amount of stores and food

C.T. Black

Only a few good stores. Not a lot to choose from and small layout.

Greg Peck

We go here for Under Armor. They have good deals pretty often.

Amy Smith

Need to go school shopping? This is the place. Couldn't beat the deals we got here.

Rebecca Rubendall

Everything you could need in a pleasant environment with plenty of parking.

Chris Glass

I love going to the outlet malls but some of the stores prices are just too high for an outlet store

Tina Adams

It was set up different than the ones close to me and much easier to navigate.

omar martinez

Beautiful place a lot of shops

Jamie Muller

Wife liked it I like the brewery next to it

Tim O'Sullivan

Your typical Tanger Outlet Mall. Lots of pop-ular brands are respected here. If you come here for value, much of the items are not discounted and can be purchased online for cheaper.

Аня Марченко

So dirty. We asked 2 times to clean our table and nobody reacted to our request

Rasheda Pettus

The location was convenient to the other attractions. Very clean with personal staff.

Karen Matalavage

Atmosphere is great as always

cristin espenshade

Always a great time shopping at the Tanger Outlets Hershey. Great choice of stores to shop at. Can always find something for every member of the family.

Brian Lowhim

Good place to shop.

Debbie Lyons

A very nice outlet mall. I just wish they would get the sinkhole fixed in the parking lot.

marmalaid cherry

Good place to shop all day. There are many stores you can go to for very different varieties. I personally like justice for the children of mine because they have very different preferences. I also suggest the new American girl outlet because personally the American Girl stores are very expensive and now they have created an outlet for it which is very good and beneficial to the people that dont have much money to spend.

George Garman

Good to visit during nice weather only so to is layout.

Linda Archer

Good deals when they have sales.

Steven Ruckle

A lot of good stores

Darnell Walker

Nice selection and variety.

Kimberly Beichner

Love this place, sometimes parking space is hard to get, great place for the 4th of July fireworks too!

Jennifer Frye

Yesterday I stopped to purchase one item (button down shirt) for my son and the item was supposed to be on sale but I had the store 25% off coupon and asked if I could use it. I purchased a few other items and when the clerk scanned the coupon, he said i was able to use it. I didn’t realize until I got home that the “sale” item was charged at regular price so I saved the 25% when without the coupon I would’ve save 60%!!! So disappointed that I paid a membership to get coupons and end up paying more for the item WITH the coupon! I feel the clerk should’ve have said it will be charged regular price if you use the coupon. Definitely going to rethink Shopping Tanger Outlets in the future- shoppers beware if you use coupons!

mitch gross

My son needed a new pair of slides.It was right by Hershey Park and got a great deal on a pair of Nike slides at the Famous Footwear there.Was kinda small compared to other Tanger Outlets(no Nike store etc.).

Changxun Li

decent selection of stores and food

Keith Baumgaertel

My peeve is the outlet BOGO pricing model. I might want a pair of shoes. I may be prepared to spend say $75. But the pricing will be buy one pair at $150 and get another pair ( of equal or lesser value) free. But I don't want to ( or can't ) spend $150. And I don't want two pairs of shoes. So I leave with none. Oh yes and I hate the 60% off the lowest price plus take another 10% off today only on any item in the store except summer clearance items where otherwise marked see store associate for details system.

Donna Lighty

They have great shops here!

richard neumann

Mostly apparel, but enough selection to keep you going for a couple of hours.

Nicoli Clark

I'm typically able to find what we need here.

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