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REVIEWS OF West Acres Regional Shopping Center IN North Dakota

Katelyn Hogan

Great local mall! Not a whole lot of shopping these days but many local artists are featured and there is almost always activities for kids, and a nice indoor playground.

Matthew deshetler

I haven't seen a mall so active & vibrant in years! Every store was open, people were shopping, associates were friendly...great place! Scored myself an engagement ring from Macys, nice V Secret mdse & Forever 21 apparel! Nice food court!

eric bankey

Nicest Mall I've been to in several years After MOA, Ridgedale Maplewood n couple others vaguely remember being nice this 1 ranks 3

Mary Robertson

I love West acres and have had great experiences recently at the buckle, dry goods, and creative kitchens! What I was most impressed with on my last visit was the very quick and attentive security agents assistance to jump start my car— thank you!!! It was cold and I was done shopping and I just wanted to get home and they were fast, kind and right there when I needed them.

Carol Smith

The cleanest and most friendliest mall anywhere! Store after store helpful staff. Large selection of varieties for the whole family. Outstanding food court with good selection of different foods and samples. Great place to walk if you want to exercise inside. The mall opens early for mall walkers. The have strollers and wheel chairs available. Lot is clear from ice and snow.

Katie Nehls

So much going on loved the artistic sculptures all over the mall, had a good experience.

Kerry Baldwin

Lululemon is a wonderful store in the mall where I shop. The employees at Lululemon are very friendly and go out of their way to help you find what you need. They have a great selection of quality clothing. I will definitely go back and shop there.


Decent mall but small for the area, parking is hard to find on weekends.

Mark Robinson

Great place to come when you're in need of some items lots of parking and it was fairly clean. Definitely recommend checking it out when you're on your daily rounds. Lots to do and see

Bernie Lies

Shopped some @ JC Penney & EZ Alterations. Did a little window shopping while there @ Eddy Bauer & Christopher Banks, etc... West Acres has been open since the 70's, always updating, clean & several peeps walk there when winter comes. Lots of stores closing, not good for those that don't shop on line.

Don Bachmeier

A good deal of change happening at this time. A little patience for the next stage of development.

Michael Rinkenberger

My kids love the arcade and play place. Can always get a quick bite to eat too.

Jeffrey Gellner

Went to jewelry and watch repair...excellent service and fast repairs!!!!

Rick Nelson

Wide variety. A little spendy

Amber Patnaude

Best place to go out and about!❤

Hinan Ullah

Even though it is not a big mall, but some great deals for customers coming from North (Canada)..especially JC Penny and Macy's

Nicholas Guetter

Can't wait to see the expansion

Jorge Antunes

Great mall with a great selection of national chain stores and some locally owned ones too. The food court has many choices also. There is plenty of free to parking. They are also renovating to give the mall a fresh new look. There is even a Roger Maris museum in here.

Stephanie Kaiser

My favorite holiday shopping spot!

Scott Johnson

Really nice mall.

Tracy Bjerke

A lot of different stores for shopping. Almost always too many people in it. They have something for everyone. Play area for kiddos, food court, stores for the entire family, teens, adults. The mall is clean, never dirty or trash anywhere. The security outside has increased a lot! That's been great! We wouldn't go her after 4 pm in the past due to the lack of security.

Wanda F.Mercado

Good Awesome Place To Go Clothes

Doug MacArthur

There are a few really fun stores in the mall. Unfortunately, I won't shop at them since West Acres has an anti-second amendment policy. If you're ok without being able to protect yourself, I highly recommend the toy store, the pet store (for window shopping - there are more than enough rescue animals available to adopt in Fargo), and the West Acres Clinic (for all your walk-in healthcare needs).


Very nice mall. It's clean and nicely decorated. It's always a good time coming here to shop.

Heather Mcpherson

The mall is a great place to hang out with your friends and family there and so you can walk around and have a wonderful time and day at the mall


Loved it and great place to hang out with friends.

Richard Nichols

It's a good mall. Not too small. Not too big.

Remon Melada

Very nice small shopping center

Derek Whidden

Great shopping place!

Scott Wedel

This mall is still great even though others seem to be struggling


Great place to hangout if you're bored!

Jayme Hunt

Ugh. I wish they'd integrate better with Google Maps! I went in one location because Maps said the store I wanted was on that side. It wasn't. It was on the opposite side. I left without going there.

tami altrichter

Love this place. Nice food court. Very nice sitting area with Fireplace. Good shopping options.

Kate Rauser

The place is way too big and has way too many shopping places

Karen Pullar

I didn't go in, I'm not to crazy about big shopping malls, to many people.

Jody Gibson

I loved being to go into to the mall. I have access to many stores also being able to pay my cell phone bill.

Doug Skramstad

Definitely one of the nicest shopping centers in the region. Nice food court. Good variety of shopping.

epiph :D

The establishment is very clean and has many stores things are a but on the pricey side but they have nice clothes jewelry and money other things. They have a food court I personally think the food tastes good my favorite is Orange Julius you should defiantly check that place out if your going there.

Dina Flores

Good place to have fun, eat and go shopping.

Alexander C

Mall is generally well kept with a great selection of stores. Was quite busy when we went as it was memorial day. That being said, there were vacant chairs in the middle of the halls which was greatly appreciated! When we entered we were greeted with entertainment from a very talented person playing the piano.

Lori Kenney

Lots of updates in the mall. Cute sitting areas and new shops coming in.

Ladyhawkmb Heyer

Needed the air conditioning as it was very hot. Lots of different types of stores. Easy to navigate with a wheelchair.

Filing Done

LUXE nails. Appointment ended up late. 1 staff started us, and gave us the wrong treatment, 1 of which I was allergic to. The nail set lasted only 1 week despite being Acrylic Dip. Started off pretty though.

Wesley Roberts

Nice place to go to get what you bred from the mall. I enjoyed going to the baseball museum they had, enjoying the food court, and seeing the fountain

Amanda Hartmann

Decent place. Lots of store turnover recently but excited to see what's in store!

Bob Worcester

A pleasant mall. Great food court.


I went to A Wonderful Night, which was fun. So many bargains and beautiful entertainment. I go every year.

Rose Kramer

Was sitting with my daughter and deciding whether to order online or just take a different color of item, and was asked to do a news story for KVLY. Really cool!

Thomas Robert Kunze

Nice place lot of help old people there

Jamie Maatsch

We met an old friend at the food court so the only things I can say is that the bathrooms are nice and clean. It's a really nice food court good selection of different types of foods. Friendly helpful employees.

Bill Hewitt

We usually only visit a couple of stores in the mall the places we go to are always clean and well maintained

nathan crawford

great place to escape the cold and do shopping or get Chinese for lunch

michael lartey

One of the best place to shop and eat.

Eugene Buckley

Shoes ok bus stop NO

Kyle Olson

West acres is the regions best place to get out and meet people. I recommend all my relocation client to stop out and get a feeling for Minnesota Nice.

Randy Olson

West Acres Mall is a great place to go walking and enjoy looking at the different stores. The bathrooms are very clean and well-kept and very spacious. It has a very large food court with a wide range of options for anyone. The child play areas are a nice asset for families with young children.

Bradley Schoonover

It is a mall,nothing special a bout a mall. Forty years was pretty neat


Mall is starting to really go downhill.

Tara H

Date of Visit: 10/13/2019 - We visited this mall while in Fargo for a wedding. Unlike a lot of malls, this one didn't appear to be "dying" - there were plenty of stores, plenty of shoppers, and tons of restaurants.


First time in a mall in about 20 years, some good stores and not too busy.

Carolyn Perez

I go there to Regis hair Salon, and to Bath and Body Works. Love their lotion and shower gel. The winter scents are out!

Diana Eide

The mall has a nice selection of stores. Unfortunately Herberger’s is closed that that leaves a big hole. They do have a little something for everyone though. Clothing for young adults, but also options for older adults and plus sizes. Food court is large with a lot of food options. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

Julia L

It's deffo losing its luster, and charges sky rocket prices for rent which results in a lot of vacant store fronts. I usually avoid this place unless I have to go. But! If you're looking for a place to exercise, they are exceptionally catering to people who walk the place throughout the day. Wear your gym clothes and power walk your way around :) also, really nice family restrooms that even have little tiny toilets for the littles. And breastfeeding rooms which is nice. There's a wishing fountain too, by Jcpenney that's usually a tradition to stop at.

Katie Scarlett

Great mall.

Tim Olson

We could look and find items we need and find new items to buy and the food is outstanding there also I ready to go back again

Shannon Callahan

Nice mall. But was a little disappointed that some of the stores are no longer there! Very clean. Friendly Customer Service!

Thomas Walker

We enjoyed it very clean place to visit and the people where very helpful and Macy's was wonderful, nice people there. A hole lot better than souixfalls mall...we will come back to this one...

Misty Mitchell

It was our first visit. The play area was for smaller kids so we didn't get to do that. There is a fun candy store and toy store and an aquarium. Not a lot to do if you dont want to spend money and have bigger kids. But a very nice and clean mall with lots of seating and an arcade with fun games.

Shaina P

Came to get my nails done, ended up stopping in several stores and grabbing a bite to eat in the food court before leaving. Every store varies, but I usually find the actual mall employees very helpful and friendly. Well-lit, clean, handicap accessible. There is plenty of seating for when you need to rest your feet from spending too long shopping. I love the art displays, and how they host different events for the community to get involved.

William Dittmer

My experience at West Acres Mall was very powerful. An assault on my senses. Beauty everywhere. Listened to a young artist play piano. The piano was beautiful. The music tricked through my ears down into my chest. I think his name was trevor. He had cool hair and a sparkly watch. I love watching his hands and he had huge forearms yet played with grace. I began to cry. The chair was really comfortable. The people there made me feel welcome and safe. I met some beautiful twin girls. The artwork in that mall is seriously moving. The bison. I LOVE ALL OF THE BISON. Beautiful pottery and blown glass. The painted buffalo was so badass. The beadwork on the bison was beautiful. I noticed the painting that went up the tail and spine which stopped at the beadwork. I wonder why they chose that configuration. I count things and it helped me to follow the pattern. The display was awesome. I'm so glad to be clean and sober because I would never have known those details, or even cared for that matter. Thanks to all the people who created that experience. I saw a winter bison by Rose painting on my way out the door. I loved it. It's weird how as I see and experience this art that there is something deeper moving in me. Each person there was there at the exact right time. Ultimately, I didn't deserve any of this yet I will receive it with gratitude. I should be dead. I was lost but am found. The kaleidoscope was sweet. The paintings on the walls were really cool. There are some seriously beautiful people in that place. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU.


Macy's had some great sales

Patrick B

One of the few malls left in America that is actually busy and thriving, West Acres has dozens of stores, a great food court, a good-sized play area for kids and an active Pokemon Go scene. Check it out. It beats doing nothing.

Ron Capistran

Nice comfortable shopping mall with large food court. Large selection of fast food establishments and other restaurants watched to the mall with others in walking distance. Great shops to browse through no matter what you are shopping for.

James Barrow

Was a little disappointed that was no hot coffee,ready.

Matthew Carlson

West Acres kind of has monopoly on the mall scene in Fargo-Moorhead and for good reason. Unless you really want to go to "another great place to shop", this is your stop. The food court has many great choices (I prefer LeeAnn Chin). The halls are modern and clean and feature a fountain, sculptures, art, fishtank, and Roger Maris museum.

Kenny Melcombe

Roger Marais Museum was wonderful to share with his community.

Jeremy Andra

I actually was impressed with this small mall. Had some good stores, had a fair amount of local art and a small baseball musuem. Very clean facility. In a time that malls seem to be dieing, this one was hopping with crowds if people. Was refreshing to see. If you found this review helpful, please like it. Thanks

Toni Grabinger

Always a great experience when going to this mall. Lots of parking. Great stores.

Chris Ahl

So you wanna know about this mall??? Ok There's a lot of interestin people in any mall but this one in particular has the best selection for people watching... I recommend grabbing a cup of coffee at the lite House and sitting in one of the chairs in the middle of the mall. Great environment nice place to just get away. You can buy anything in this place. If you're a guy and you take a girl on a date here she'll want to go to Forever 21. But not before she looks at this big Buffalo and water fountain. O and the bathrooms aren't bad either.

Zach Tangen

Its usually clean, they have the food court, and they have a bunch of shops. It's usually full of teenagers and people that seem to want to just go to a specific store and leave. If you're a people watcher this is probably a good place to go.

Shaker 74

Awesome ! First time shopping there.


Great regional mall has pretty much everything one could shop for but needs a wider choice of restaurants


Great place to shop and EAT!

Lora Heyen

Shopping was excellent. Lots of people and much talking. Felt we were treated curiously and fairly fast. I believe we ordered coffees very good.

maria W

It is a good place for shopping.

Jane Warner

Besides the Mall of America, this is my favorite mall and when other malls are empty, this one stays busy! Must be doing something right!

Angela Spidahl

Always changing things up and working to get better

Julle Dalle

Food Court, great place to meet up, variety food options, child play room, bathrooms close by.

Nathan T. Orr

Lots and lots of great stores. Ample parking. Great food too.

Joshua Lunday

Overall it's a great one stop shop. Excited for the new additions to it. Pretty soon it will be a great food spot. I'm kinda goofy so that will get me there more often that's for sure.


Very nice mall with many different shops and places to eat.

Mildred Mitzel

Great place to window shop and have a great lunch.

Karly Perez

Great hang out spot good for walking around rly like all the food courts

S RVtravlR

Nice mall, Loved the Roger Maris Museum, small but very informative with excellent memorabilia and great documentary video in an alcove with vintage stadium seating. He was a excellent all-around player who was treated poorly by the Yankees management and deserved greater acclaim for his talents.

Marisa F. Mancia

Needs better food choices !!

Laura Bent

It a great place to shop!! A variety of stores!!


I don't go thru the mall often as it's mostly trips to Best Buy. Mostly.

Jeanie Watkins

Great food court and sports store this trip.

Casey Jensen

While West Acres has a great food court, and have been working hard to replace the closing stores with great replacements. The Roget Mairs museum is also in there for those who like baseball. Worth a stop of you need to do some shopping.

Dean Nelson

Nice place good food court

Positive Liberian-tech_guy

The biggest Shopping Center in Fargo, I love the food and prices. It's a great place to go shopping.

Kayvayyeah anderson

Easy to get to and lots of fun shops. It would be really cool if they could set up like and indoor farmers market maybe partnered with creative kitchen.

Tim Dullea

Had a great time with friends. It's great that they have displays of other stores in town sometimes. Food is pretty decent. Love the lounging chairs for taking a break.

Deborah Gill

We had dinner at the Granite City Restaurant and it was great. Our waitress Amy was wonderful taking care of a large crowd. She was delightful and had fun with my 12 year old Grandson as he ordered a large pretzel. The food was good and we had a good time. We had to get dessert to go as everyone had eaten so much there wasn't room for the chocolate cake. But we knew that after a couple of hours we would be sad that we hadn't gotten the cake. It made for a wonderful late night snack. I will definitely go back and take business associates there for a great meal.

Dean Fricke

This is a gr8 mall... I don't know what it all takes but this place has it... thanks and keep it up.

sandra blum

I went to the movie: blinded by the light, it was so great, everyone should see it!

Julie Maggard

Nice place but a bit pricey

John Forbes

dont go to expensive places as such

Tad Pary

Sad what the mall is now compared to 20 years ago

Schilea Cumber

We loved it here and so did our son great shops and restaurants my son realy loved your water fountain and fiah tank we'll be there to visit again!! ⛲

Tanya Watson

I love the mall itself, and am actually editing my review since I have the option to review just the play area. Legacy toys puts on great events for families, and there is a vast selection of trendy stores. We usually have fun taking our 4 and 9 year old, except for a situation we had recently, where Security will selectively enforce height restrictions in the play area.

Ivette Davila

It's a very nice place either for shopping, going to eat, or even for a daily walk inside and away from weather changes. Great group of stores for all preferences. You can choose from all the different kinds of fast foods or restaurants. Best mall in the neighborhood.

Dale Twedell

Dying out but still much better than Columbia mall in grand forks. Still good food p places to eat and interesting stores to shop in Lots of people and nice comfy seats and couches. Easy to fi and d and park

Dustin Keezer

Everything you need under one roof. Clothing, kitchen, games for kids, food court this ia a awesome place. It even has a special place for a woman who may be nursing. Totally worth the stop.... if not to buy something check it out you'll love it

Carrie Belgarde

Find everything I need here and I LOVE the cinnamon roll place lol

Gwen Ryder

Superior mall to a lot of other malls in the state. Clean, beautiful, and great stores.

Alex Olson

It's a good mall with lots of food and shopping options and even some historical tidbits.

Jade Nettum

I love getting my nails done at the mall. It's the perfect place to grab lunch, get your nails done and do all your shopping in one place!!

Keela *

Somehow we always stop here on travels to North Dakota. It's one of the best places to stop on those long car rides through the state, lots of places to shop and eat, with good ambiance.


Great variety of stores. The art installations and little attractions are a nice touch. Definitely check out the food court. All the recipes written on the wall. What a great idea!

Mary Mclaren

Everything and everyone there!!Great atmosphere!!

Sunny Elliott

Lots to choose from nice and clean.

Dustin Hamm

Went to the JCPenny and bought some shows, still the best prices on my Nike's and always have them in stock.

Ricky Oldroyd

Stopped in for quick lunch very little choice left in food court

Amee Wittbrodt

Who says shopping malls are on the way out? Not this one. Visited in September. Mall was so packed it felt like Black Friday. It's a great shopping experience. Hope they fill the Herbergers store with something great.

Sospeter Mola

Clothings, electronics, food and cricket mobile provider found here

Melanie Azure

I love walking around the mall and window shopping


Nice environment to walk and enjoy something to eat

Sylvanus Teboh

Worth the trip whether you have some money to spend or just interested in feeding your eyes.

Miranda Burfeind

Such a beautiful mall! Well kept and great atmosphere. Love taking my munchkin to the recess area in the food court (he loves it!) And it's a nice place to shop. Decent store selection. If you have the chance, swing by Rising Bread in the food court! Fantastic food!


Very clean and some great stores.

Tammy G in ND

Not a dead mall. Very full and worth going to.

Vickey Johnson

Great place to find unique gifts

Ryan Lee

Fun place to go shopping and for the younger crowd that's a great place to hang out with your friends.


So much fun here! In town for 2 days and we went here both days. Don't think we even made it all the way through the mall. It's HUGE!!! We loved the Toy Store. Also they have lots of photo booths around the mall. We got to take family pics and they came out great. Would for sure go here again and again!


The mall currently has some of the most diversity it has ever had while simultaneously just having more of the same. I couldn't care less about any "artist in residency" if they don't pick someone with a more interesting and/or traditional style. The toy store, arcade, and candy shop are AMAZING additions to the mall. Please do not fill another empty store with an artist. Continue with more original/entertaining ideas like these. PLEASE! I get that it fills it and looks better than an empty store, but maybe try filling out the food court rather than getting another "artist" to fill a closed store. Fill your stores with actual shops please.

Michelle Werner

Great mall. Lots of variety for shops and food.

Peter Buggert

The best mall you're going to find around here. It's claim and plenty of stores, mostly clothes, but plenty of other things as well. There's usually a musician or someone there playing at the pianos.

timothy gruba

Great movie theater

James Bergman

The other day it was raining and my daughter and I couldn't go to the park. Thankfully West acres has recess West, a little play area for kids. It's carpeted and soft. There are fun things to climb and play with and plenty of seating for parents. I'll definitely remember this place for the next rainy day.

Cassi Mark

I love coming here. The play area is so fun and nice. I wish the mall was more sensory friendly as the music is so loud. But it's clean. The bathrooms are always well kept. The sitting areas are very nice. And clean. I enjoy walking around and going the different stores. The food court is very nice. And the staff they have working it are very nice and helpful. I enjoy this mall. Only just wish it was a tad more sensory friendly.

Alex Ljungren

A super happening place with lots of stores and restaurants.

Brice Christians

I like the Mall has a little bit of everything. My only bad experience was when I met a good friend there who has a service dog, and we sat down to eat when two people from Mall security interrupted us with a bunch of questions about whether the dog was licensed or not. They were professional for the most part but I felt like she really had to defend herself. The dog had his tags and service badge so I hope they can figure out a better way for someone who has disabilities that are protected under the ADA.

Tammy Schroeder

Since Herberger's Department Store closed, the West Acres lost it luster.

Don Reay

Honestly I wish there was more. Consistently stop there when we visit Fargo and we are always let down. Not sure really why.

Albert Schultz

The mall is busy and the area is pretty well kept. There are much amenities inside the mall. I really enjoy the mall so far!

Nicole S

Such a nice and well kept mall. The interior design is very welcoming and feels very homey. The layout made it easy to get to where I needed to go, and I really enjoyed the small art exhibit that was put on as well. It's definitely the kind of mall you could spend an afternoon in. The food court was nice too, very good selection.

Dan Gendreau

It's a big center with all the amenities.


Unique mall, but the Roger Maris memorabilia was really cool

Martin Tinjum

The place is clean. The rest rooms are clean. Maps are plentiful and easy to understand. The general mall itself is very nice.

Chris Reid

The art within the mall makes it a more enjoyable mall than most. It has most of the stores you would expect in a mall.

Jerome Hasbargen

Great place to shop and eat.

wallie s

Love the food. Too busy, long wait.

Tom Steckler

Nice little mall. Good food court. Lots of eye candy walking around.

Tim keehn

I love this mall. Interesting people walk there so it makes it fun for a people watcher.


Nice mall, updated clean. Great food court and store selection. Great location.

M Gilmore

I like the store selection. Lots of plants and it’s always clean.

Christina K

Would have been even better if H&M would open there

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