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REVIEWS OF Kirkwood Mall IN North Dakota

Dominic Schaff

It's boring

Sarge Ant

I left a makeup bag on the bench at the kids area on our way through town (we arent from the area) and called the same day to see if they'd found it. I was supposed to receive a call back, never did. I called back and she say "oh, yea! No we never found it." No empathy or offers to help find a solution.. Not even a "We will keep an eye out and let you know." Nothing. Just no. Bad business. I know it was my own fault for leaving it. However, the way yall handled it was very unprofessional.

Daniel Rough

Pretty good place to shop. Some places more spendy then they need to be but the atmosphere is great. Could use a food court and a bigger arcade. I would love like an old school aladdin's castle to be done. I'm 33 but I will probably be a kid n drop a hundred on games lol. Dollar a play is too much for games by the way

Kaela Surface

It's okay. Not the worst mall. It really needs a food court and some better stores. I like that they've changed the look but there is a lot of empty space. A bookstore would be perfect. Really wish we would get a Macy's. The JC Penny's wing really needs something to liven it up.

Ruth Michelson

Kirkwood Mall is huge but no good stores in it.

Don Bachmeier

Slowly "re-gentrifying" solid anchors

Denna Lucas

Has everything you need.

KayKay L

They had a hot topic.

Jessica Euson

Great shopping atmosphere and good food choices.

Kayla Huntington

I love the improvements they are doing. I would love to see an actual food court with all the places that they have tucked away in the mall in one spot! That would be awesome, but I'm hoping big things come to this mall soon!

Mic Rhoads

For Bismarck, best mall in town. Held up against any other major city it’s pretty mediocre. Always clean though!

Kristi Lott

Was ok busy

Winters Knight

It has been a while but still enjoy all the different stores

E. Barrera

Been in Bismarck for 13 yrs not one thing changed in Kirkwood malll

Blaine Oyen

Nice place

Viola Grant-Cole

Got to get the Grandsons all their football gear. Thanks for having a lot of gear in stock!!!

Melissa Guthmiller

Spencer's is the best store/employees in the mall, a definite must shop stop!

Taylor Farrell94

Kinda small but it's a good place to shop

Draco Cellestan

They've updated the flooring and pillar facades in the last year and a half. Our favorite security guard, Tim, is still there, so shout out to him! If you go, be sure to check out Auntie Anne's pretzel kiosk. They make the best pretzels anywhere!

Luke Baker

Impressive mall. Reminds me of what a great mall looks like. Plenty of thriving stores.

Amanda Fetter

It's the mall. Need a bigger video arcade and a food court in one area

Dj Fenton

Very clean good amount of stores open People very family enjoyed being there and I'd recommend it to my friends

Sannie Hoslter

Great place to hang out with family and frirnds.

Shannon Kopp

Wish it had an actual food court. Nice mall

Spencer Seffinga

Haircut at MasterCuts and great holiday shopping.

NAtasha Lafrenz

Silo Salon has one of Bookmarks best cosmologists CIARA! THANKS FOR THE NEW LOOK!❤❤

Truman Madsen

Always great

Chris Hegel

Best shopping mall in Bismarck. It has a nice atmosphere on most days. The stores are pretty limited to clothes and trinkets but there are some other stores that sell things for everyday needs as well.

John Decoteau

Target is very nice

Ruby Commodore

It's more of a flea market than a mall. There is a Large cinema and if you like antiques and retro second hand things. It's a great place to visit.


Great place good and lots of stores

candace lance


Leo Nma

Not super big, but enough store variety to make it a good shopping stop. There's lots of staple mall stores and some small businesses that operate in there as well. Good place to check things off a list, especially for holiday shopping.

April Jacobson

It's okay. The toys really are all we go for, plus Carter's. Other than that it is just a typical mall. Lots of shoes and Victoria's secret lol.

Nik Barnick

It's the better mall of Bismarck

Oblivion Guard

Pretty good, always clean and has a decent selection of shops

Danny Boully

Mostly go here to visit the big Scheels. It is a decent size mall with pretty good parking and mostly good exits and entrances. I would advise on busy days to make sure the exit you choose has a stoplight if you have to turn left. Mall is easy to get to and find. If you don't want to eat in the food court there are a lot of places to go nearby.

Jonathon Moore

Lots of new stores in Kirkwood Mall nowadays everyone should go to the mall

Nirmal Sooknanan

Needs more variety

Allison B

Love going to the Kirkwood Mall. Wonderful place for all people. Stores are diverse and good food places.

damian roberts

Nice mall I liked it

Cory Phillips

Great place to shop and hang out

Debbie Bowen

I would like to see a food court in this mall. This is the only mall I know of that does not have a food court.

Stuart Moyer

I had a great time here, fantastic stories and a fine selection of food stops. I reccomend this place for many travelers!

Matthew Key

This is an ok mall. If you want to call it that, there is not alot of store choices here. Now there is several in the area. However, you do get the small town feel, which I think is great. I hate to see these dieing off.

pops1941 lucier

Good Place

Jessica Nowicki

Just an all around great an convenient place to shop

Richard Martin

Fun to walk they had a lot going on.

Raymond Martin

Kirkwood Mall wow I like that place you can find almost anything you're looking for numerous stores in the mall people are always polite courteous would I go there again yes I would I enjoyed my time on my visit

Shey Elk

Good place to find shoes

Walter B Coleman

Great food fast


Beautiful set up! Great stores! Lots of options and lots of fun, if you skate check out zoomies! Great deals!

Greg Goldsworthy

GUNS NOT ALLOWED ... constantly changing business, my policy is if i cant carry, armed security is a must since we dont hit those standards ... i see why most shops change out every few years ...

Bryan Ellison

Great variety of stores. Top and low end.

Kylee Hegel

I love it but the closing times are stupid, it should close at 9 on weekends and 7 on weekdays.

Michael Braun

Lots of stores, friendly people throughout the mall, it has clean restrooms well kept up. Various eating establishments. It also has a clinic fully staffed. A must visit.

Pita Broken Rope

Love the many store to select my many shopping needs

Cindy Schafer

Very nice, well kept mall with alot of great stores. I've been going to this mall since I was a young girl with my mom, I'm so glad it's still here and thriving!

Carmen Fanous

Lots of shopping and lots of parking

Jason Pilipanko

Walking, window shopping, a cup of coffee, job hunting, it was a excellent 2 miles of walking.

Liz Fick

Love the new floor. Makes it seem clean and more open

Michael McCully

Best little Mall in town friendly ladies good service.

Nick Olson

Seems like they are always growing with new stores

linda riedinger

The tile floor looks cool. Easier to clean than the carpet but a bit tiring to walk on after awhile

Stephanie Huft

Two stores accused the person I was with of stealing.... he proved his innocence but.... not impressed. A JOKE.

mr f

At Petco. Kids ran in for bird stuff.

Jeremy Valdez

Love this Mall. Has everything you need and much much more! Kids environment for sure

Laura Cookson

Good variety of stores to choose from. Could use an actual food court though.

Tierno Lopez

Is very good nice people

Kaylee Lindstrom

A lot of empty spaces. Hoping they put something good in the old herbergers.. like a Macys or something. Bring back vanity!

dare ricke

Great place for Bismarck/Mandan people to hang out and plenty of places for shopping

Cody Willard

Wish they had a better variety of stores.

Fortnite Dxddy Player

It was good they have great pretzels

Nathan T. Orr

Lots of great stuff. Friendly people.

Susan White

Love going to this mall. It's a couple hours away but worth the drive.

Mirage Alaina

Enjoy walking the mall n looking at the new stores

Tiago Pacheco

Nice mall. Lots of options for shopping.

Bridget DeFord

So glad Bismarck has such a great mall. Good selection of shops & restaurants. Enjoy coming here.

Ann R

Whoever owns this mall certainly gave it some upgrades. New tile floor, brighter lighting/walls and some vending machines were put in the middle between stores when you're walking. Alot of seating & good stores!!! It's definitely cleaner and fancier than it used to be :)


Ok place. Lots of stuff I want haha

M. Winborn

Not many shopping options.

Matthew Levorson

Best mall Bismarck has ,lots of stores to choose from want to waste time go to the mall.

baker co.

A rather decent mall. Had a blast in the photo booth!

Kevin Schmitz

Great variety of shops in the area. Multiple hotels and dining nearby.

April Dexter

Lots of stores and a good place to go walk around

Geraldine Jackson

Needs more food options, other than that store variety is okay!

paige walters

Great mall with new renovations and awesome at keeping the public updated on new stores and other events!

Peter Rose

Great variety of shops. Much bigger than I expected!!

Sandra Clinger

Only went to cvs

Mike S

Still some good stores but going down hill from what it use to be. Has a decent play area for kids that are 5 or under.

Cassandra I

The mall playground is great, the mall in general is always very clean, and the restrooms are nice.

Adam Haggag

The remodel looks great, needs more verity of stores

Patrick Joos

Super depressing sad empty place.

Ponzer with a hard R

Everything is way overpriced and it's always crowded.

Kristina Kalenze

Love to go here when I'm bored. Enjoyable place to visit even if your broke.

Lucas Boustead

It's a mall. They are all fun

Wyman Gray

Just right for a small town. The only thing I see bad is the stores that have shut down are not filled yet. #ghostmall

Brandon Markwardt

Nice mall and I like the updates and improvements they are making.

Bruce Wayne

Shopping mall? Yeah right, this itty bitty hole in the ground.

Sara Stadick

Lots of variety.

Sandra Ereth

don't shop here as often as I used to. it is nice to have inside mall during our long winters. food available is adequate.

Jerry Campbell

It's okay at best

Lynn Quilan Beltran

Visited this mall twice while visiting and I loved it.

Jesse Orozco

Big city style mall in the capital city. Food court is a coffee lovers paradise.

Gabriel Hincks

It’s a nice mall and they have a good variety of stores but the bathrooms always smell bad

Andrew Pierce

It was really good and clean

Pam Adrian

Great mall...good variety of stores.

Pam Huff

Good place to get the hard to buy for people a gift! Everyone is so friendly

Karen Baptista

Had a great time with the event for kids

Alec Worrall

This whole town is named after biz markie

sam smalley

Best place in the area for clothes, games furniture and more. It's pretty much the place to go within a 100 mile radius if you want new trend, good quality items. Also, there is a hobby card shop down stairs for the sport card collectors.

Troy Mack

The management at this mall will give away (sell) your business that u established under their roof for ten years right out from under you for a one year lease agreement from someone else without having the common courtesy or business ethics to notify you of such. To top it off the leasing agent gives them an exclusive deal preventing me from selling any similar products period but yet allow others to sell similar products during vender shows but not me. Double standards seem to be the way these ladies do business at this mall. I wonder if corporate feels the same that this is the way long time renters should be disrespected and kicked to the curb to make a dollar or two as their leasing agent found convenient. Thank you for stealing my Christmas and business.

Grace Marie

Good places to shop n eat

Kevin Eilenberg

Best mall in town. Well there’s many things I wish this mall will have but it deserves five stars for its effort vs other malls.

Shana Nicole

Plenty of stores to choose from for me! I don't do much shopping personally but they have what I need !

Robert Akins

Coming from ca, it was affordable and fun to shop here.

Naomi Knight

I'm so glad there's no longer carpet in the mall! Much easier to roll on tile! The only issue I have is that the handicap stall in the mall bathrooms are too small to use with my wheelchair inside. I choose to use Target's bathroom instead since I don't like to leave my "legs" outside the door unsupervised.


Great selection.

Bearggalo 0

Big mall many stores, nice and clean. Get ready to walk.

Ithurtsmyface Gaming

personally im used to larger malls, but this one is quite nice

Byron Velander

Sort if sad as I grew up with it in the heyday of mall. Seems to scrape by. Goes to show nothing is forever other than change. Might be able to make a nice ice skating rink out of one of the old anchor store's space. Gives pause for thought.

The One

Small town mall, however it's the only place I've seen where an establishment sells beer inside.


Nice mall. Makes you forget about Walmart.

joni timmens

Delicious food!! Service was excelrnt so friendly and the cost was do affordable. Two meals and ice cream for me and my little man for $10 Awesome !!!! My New favorite place to eat !!!

Chase Austin

Good selection of clothes and video games.

Nick Day

Went there with a friend to get his phone fixed and the guy snatched the phone out of my friends hand and started going through his messages. Went to the mall manager and they said they’ll take care of it. Nothing happened. Don’t take your phone here to get a repair

alyssa kunkle

Alot of stores. There is an odd smell in the food court though

Jenn V

The kids play place is awesome for little ones to blow off steam, but if you're sitting down and have a small child they can escape in a moment's notice. It would be a little more effective if the play area was fully enclosed.

Tammy G in ND

So many great shops in one space.

Keith Ingram

Nice place

Eva Spallinger

If there were more stores. It would be better but otherwise it's great.

Mark Wanner

Great place to shop! If you're looking for a gift for someone or something for yourself. There's a very good chance it's there.

Frank Brendel

Mall security is too easy going will let random guys take videos of your kids playing

Jonathon Austin

It's a really nice mall for the size of it. Nice play area but could use a better food court.

AOK Cafe

Clean mall with enough stores to find everything you are looking for. Not typically crowded at all. Had a good experience shopping here.

Garth J Hansen

This place has a good veriaty of stores

Ramse Kruckenberg

Lots of great stores and it’s always clean!

Angie Simmonds

Nice mall. Lots of clothing stores.

David Kelley

A clean warm place to shop and recharge you're batteries and with a wide selection of stored there something for everyone

D Selby

Good selection of stores.

Cody Metzner

To mall eye

Kenneth Witt

Convenient for a family. There is a variety of places to eat and shop.

Whitney Ruscheinsky

Something for everyone. Very clean.


The carpet is amazing.

Jacob Thomsen

Busy place with a good shopping selection

Mandii Sturlaugson

Carpeted mall. Decent selection of stores. Limited food options. Easy access with parking and doors

Jill Stevens

Couldn't find shoes for prom #P.O.ed

Gary Steiger

Parking is nice although some people like to drive rather fast through it and will not yield right of way

Micayveun Campbell

It was nice to be there and see all the nice and awesome clothes.

Brett Whitney

Best mall in Bismarck.

Courtney Jackson

Clean and friendly environment. Nice variety of stores.


Overall ok. Could use an update - needs more food options.

Bill Pudwill

Nice place to shop way to many empty stores but a nice selection of stores to shop at

Hope Landsberger

Very clean and organized. There are alot if empty spaces and closed stores woukd be nice to see it full again and maybe an aracde and watery fir familes like back in the day along withba real.toy store

Eli Barnett

Nice clean place good to shop for christmas presents

Dallas Zastoupil

There is a wide variety of stores in this mall. Parking can be difficult to find on the busy days but other than that it's usually fairly easy to find good parking. It is a great place to start looking for apparel. There are also a few good places to eat or drink such as A & B Pizza and Orange Julius. If you have young kids and want something fun for them, they have an area for them to play around in.

Hattie GoodSoldier

Many shops - your average small town mall - not many restaurants inside the mall but if u can check out auntie Anne's inside sheels - great sandwich shop featuring fudge and gelato

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