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REVIEWS OF Gateway Mall IN North Dakota

Regina Reidy

Excited to see the arcade and bowling alley! Great addition to a great mall!


Always clean but constantly changing and have too many empty stores. The man that works the kiosk is extremely rude and the next time he gets aggressive with my daughter for touching his JUNK there will be problems. Pretty disappointed you have that over priced arcade taking up such a huge portion of the mall. Please bring more stores in that are for middle aged people.

Marge Duncan

Love to shop at J.C. Penney and Dillard's!

Kitana Bachman

Got my nails done from the nail salon there and I was so pleased with how they turned out. Got my lunch (pizza) from the food court. All the l staff, from each place I went too, was so nice

Terry Otto

Always adding new things

Beth Wienck

Great mall! Very clean and a great selection of stores and eating places.

Jake Schutte

Decent selection of stores however options have decreased over the years.

Jade Une

ALot of good placez to eat

Shareef Haji

There are very good shops, but I think they can and should do better. Lincoln deserve better mall!

Roger Johnson

A good choice for an inclement day... Dropped off the Teen Grandchildren for some much needed freedom. I don't know who enjoyed it more? They were able to exercise their freedoms, and made some great purchases with their Christmas Dollars. We all returned home with feelings of accomplishment along with the time of relaxation enjoyed in the Spacious Food Court

Wareagle Martin


Austin Baim

They stores you'd go there for are gone besides Victoria secret rocket fizz, and the semi good movie theater.

Playstation Account

Hit up Round 1. Excellent arcade!!!

sherry spies

Great stores.

Shaunte Dean

Nice mall. I miss the the big carousel.

Bisman Resident

Very disappointed in the malls decision when it comes to not allowing the CAT bus use it as a stop. I frequent the bus often to go shopping at gateway mall, and to use its clinics which I use 2 times a year. I do not have a car, and use public transportation so that I can go shopping and use the clinics with gateway mall. I am not the only one who uses the bus to visit gateway mall, as there are others. It is sad how Gateway mall over the years has become, and a lot of it has to do with the Piss poor owner who got ownership of the property over the past 10-or12 years. You guys are gonna end up loosing visitors from folks who use the CAT to shop and use the clinics in your mall. I know seniors and elderly folks who use the cat in order to go to appointments with MidDakota clinic in the mall. The new little detour that the bus will have to make, will just end up paying more for a taxi or senior transit. This is a piss poor decision on the malls part, and probably a major piss poor plan from the malls out of state corrupt owner.

Amy Rezac

I can do without the overly aggressive sales people at the kiosks. Otherwise this is a nice mall with a good offering of stores.

Betty Boowap

If you had not been the Gateway Mall for a while and has been remodeled. I love going to shopping at all the different stores. Then grabbing a bite in the food court or at the new arcade.

Eric Sundar

Good selection of stores and food

Christopher Bollinger

Quiet never over crowded

Amber Adams

Needs more toddler/kid stores there like one store that's for older kids crazy 8 and nothing for 5 year olds and younger so alot of the times I travel to Gretna outlet mall.

Jason Dunham

Always a great mall to visit, and it keeps adding more things to do!

Alysen Mp

Go here all the time to walk and hang with friends. Cool place. Love it

Michael T. Lichtenfeld

A True Lincoln Gem with numerous Shopping and Dinning Opportunities.

Gabe Johnson

Overall quite nice there is some good food at the food court and the shops never disappoint.

Milan Fowler

A very nice mall, has a massage place and a brow threading place so makes it a +++

Tony g

It's a clean mall, well lite, food seemed good, the food service is slow

Greg Anderson

Nice food court.

Christie Freek

This mall is really an amazing mall big enough to get lost and have fun it has most of the stores a mall should. If I had to find my child it would look here first love this mall


I love kfc, but was sad at the deplorable cjeaniness. Very thing was coated with grease, trays were only cleaned, tables and chairs were slick. Buffet was replenished haphazardly.while gloves were use they were used for everything, food handling cleaning, adding new foods opening chains to get behind the buffet. I assume the new plastic plates were clean, but dust and dirt was persavie.

Nina Chase

Love going here and thier play area for kids . It's nice to be able to shop and walk around even when it's very cold outside. Good place to take your kid to burn off some energy too.

Ryan Rayda

A sad, dying place

Jim Laws

Nice stores. Good food court

Doug Shockley

We ate at the Mediterranean Grill. It was great food. I highly recommend it.

John Dorian

Gotta give it credit for the foodcort. For a mall these days its actually got a pretty good selection of restarants. the cleaning people also seem to be everywhere in the foodcort. but you probably wont see even one of them anywhere else in the mall. store selection is pretty standard for a mall, with nothing really standing out except that round1 place. if your going to go to this mall, go on a weekday. nights and weekends it gets completely overrun by unsupervised kids. Malls in other places ive lived had age limits so kids couldn't just run around on their own. itd be nice if they did that here

Taylor Bernt

You can't dislike a mall that has life sized chess!

Jason Davis

Something for everyone...

Travis Walterson

Pete Spotted Horse

Great service, great people and great prices, my kind of music store, I will do business there

Robert Mitzel

Helen Johnson

Employees at Game Stop were friendly and very helpful

Susie Brooks

Good deals at Kohls!

Blake Van Ert

Lots of different shops. Something for everyone


Good till you go in there and find out it's just wanna be gangster kids or just full of kids in general. It's not like it used. I only go there for 2 stores. Now and try and leave as soon as possible! Once I'm done with them 2 stores

Desiree Jacobson

Great place, enjoyable shops, and found what I was looking for

Linda Mulinix

Great variety of stores!

Lynn Hatwan

Great Mall for our medium sized town.

Jamie Maatsch

Nice place, just don't get caught taking pictures of the place they get mad and send their entire security force after you.

Cathy Boekstal

So i go out to my car and 2 people were standing by my car looking suspicious, and as i get in my car the guy is whistling to her to move away from my car, and then after i back up they walk into the gateway mall like a couple... be cautious they may be waiting to rob or attempt to steal cars... wish i took a photo. Girl has light brown long hair, wearing sweat outfit, guy stocky build short buzz cut blond, dont recall outfit, jeans.

Alberto Cruz

Great place really enjoyed it good food good shopping and a arcade gaming.

bhudda lee

This place has excellent shopping. It's always nice and clean and the bathrooms are outstanding. There's even a family waiting room for convenience. If I were you I would check out Round One while you are there video games pool and bowling ball oh, there's even a bar fun for the whole family!

Mona Whitlake

Too many stores that carry overpriced, cheaply made clothing. Found it to be almost impossible to find quality clothing. Disappointed in the stores that are still open in the mall. Too many good stores closed or moved

glenn saul

Very compact from the Inside

Paul J

Isaac Trottier

Poor store selection, interior is nice.

Barb Richardson

Really need more places to shop. Most stores over priced and staff rude

Nathan Smith

The manager lady is very rude, the store selections are horrible! Waste of time!!

K. Weber

Love that it's indoors. Clean. Lots of interesting places to shop with a good variety.

Jessica Oakes

They've added a bowling alley and arcade and it's open later than the mall, it's great!

Elena Degtyarev

We visited this place with family out of town. I gotta say, that we loved it. Food court has many options. The mall itself is so clean and its just a pleasant place to shop at and spend time w family. Loved the "dreams" wall.

Tim H

In general gateway is a great place with many good shops and experiences. Some shops specifically could do better but you can't win them all right? In a national atmosphere of dying malls, gateway stands proud as a thriving example of malls done right.

Larry Steel

Stpped in and checked out Round One. Will have to take my granddaughter here.

deborah fisher

Great stores

TineCrine C

Many great stores and usually not packed as hell like Kirkwood is. I would always prefer this mall over the south Kirkwood mall.

Addison Richardson

Sadly they have gotten rid of a lot of good stores. Overall clean, ok food court. Not a bad mall, just wouldn't be my first choice for shopping. I'd go to southpointe mall first.


Busy, lots to choose from and friendly service!

Ellie Swett

Very spacious and private. The movie theater is very nice n private best part of the mall.

Kevin Main

It looks like the complete opposite of what it was redesigned to be! Parts of the Mall is always closed. Security doesn't do their job good enough! Where did the concierge go?

Charels Larson

it's a good time waster

Walker Dick

Love visiting every time.Can spend a whole day and not get bored

James Gridley

Good variety of stores and good options, parking isn't bad either.

Tracy Starkey

Has alot of nice options.

Tim Luz

Good prices & friendly staff

Carleen Kinney-brown

So many new stores, remodels of areas throughout the Mall is amazing. Full of fun things to see. Entertainment for every age group. Basically, food and fun abound, lots of parking and surrounded by more eateries.

Cherry Ringo

I went here lots and lots of time it’s amazing when you have free time you can come here you can shopping or play at round one it’s so fun there’s food and lots of stores !!!!

Jeremy Talbot

Me and my family had a great time!! Went to round one and played some gamez then had a cookie break after the restrooms then to the food court and had an amazing calzone!!! A mall like most, nothing to special about it.

R Tyler McClymont

We go here for Dillard's. They may need to do some updating. Seems like we have a time parking at Gateway.

onigbinde Bukola

Oh my God, it's a beautiful place to get everything and fun place too.

Jaden Estes

There are some stores but a lot of the smaller ones don't stick around and the bigger department stores are gone. Good Chinese food though


This place is so expensive, only thing is really good for is exercise and window shopping. The occasional buy. It is clean and well kept staff seems to be friendly


Gateway is a cool mall that has served Lincoln well! Come check it out and spend some family time here!


It's a good mall as good as your gonna get in Lincoln at least but like I wish they stayed open a little longer.

eric tag

Only few stores are open. Mostly antique stores.

Dan McMinn

South point pavilion is better

Jim Goetz

A great place for a good Mexican meal. The decor creates a south of the boarder atmosphere. The service has always been great and the food is delicious. You get a lot of food for the money.

silver8o 07

Great selection of stores.

Payton Newcomb

Something for everyone

Larry Genthe

Clean, nice place to shop

Kevin Graeb

Loved it out of all the malls I've been to. I'm 37

Tom Jaros

A quickly decaying mall. It has lasted a long time, but its days are numbered.

Jesus Christmas

I love the gateway mall because they always have some food and they have some good stores

Zayla Mclellan

Love it,it has all my favorite stores

Kam Chiu

The only indoor mall in town with good stores.

Torger Soma

Make the whole thing a hospital, because the only thing going for it is the movie theater and the clinics. Store selection very poor.

Nael Suong

I don't do mall much. Things have certainly changed(for the better) over the years. It's gonna be a place that I will visit more regularly throughout the holidays.

Jay Khalaf

Nice place

James Hollenden

Great place to go and relax while shopping

Robby Heupel

Mike Mathies

Great place for the family. An arcade and place to play. Unfortunately it's a mall so nobody goes there to shop anymore.

Olga Valle

This place is to busy but is good place to hang out . the food court is not nice all. Way to many people trying to get food an not enough tables to sit.

Amanda Dale

I like the stores they have here. It's always clean and the food court has some good stuff.

Scott Bouc

Constantly changing stores and great selection keep this place a staple in Lincoln now has an arcade and bowling alley place called Round 1

Will Burke

Gateway Mall does offer a decent variety of stores to choose from. The food court has plenty of seating available and if you're not set on a particular restaurant you might not even have to wait in line. The security staff also did a great job when my daughter left her backpack behind one day. They were quick to answer their phone, gave me great directions to the security office and quickly gave us her backpack.

Michelle A. Gould

This place is a mall? All we saw was a craft and bake sale.

Aaron Yeackley

This mall has always been just ok but now with round1 it is way better

Billie Eylash

This is an amazing place! Every store will most likely to have something you like, if you go shopping there I doubt you will regret it

Nancy Miller

It has great stores and lots of food options in the food court!

Lacey Slocum

I went to many different stores. They were all clean and all the stafff was friendly!!

Susan Schneider

Nothing there anymore. No retailers. Sad.

Monica Hernandez

Good stores and prices .... but my amd my family went on weekend amd went ot go eat Panda Express. The service was not good...

Jeff Hollers

One of the best malls

Janet Joiner

Good place to get most snything needed when on a long road trip.

Jenny Policky

We just love this mall!! It has great stores and just fun place to walk around!

John White

Very friendly staff love going to this mall one of my favorite places to go

John Williams

Stevey Murry

Great place to shop. Need more female stores

Sean Schaefer

Margarita are OK i Sean best Bartender ever



Nice! Great stores!

Joyce B

Great mall. Food court, jcp etc.

Guadalupe Chavarria

It was very nice very friendly people here in the corn husker state

pigpentheoneandonly pigpentheoneandonly

i love it to death round 1 is the best place there

KC Lange

It's still worth going which is saying a lot going to other malls across the country. Love the Apothecary store!

Ethan Akerly

After 5pm there isn't much open and all the store anchors aside from Sears (its days are probably numbered) have no interior doors. Aside from the medical clinics and VA, this is a dead mall. There is a movie theater, but it never seems to be packed. Take pictures of the hallways because it's very aesthetic, if you're into vaporwave art.

Hazim Ezdeen

Go buy gold 21k... Amazing

Nate Peters

Ok, so Gateway has a calander store but not a single book store. They have a reading nook place with art as far as I could tell. But no book store. I did get this cool cat hoodie from Hot Topic. That was neat.

Kaity Marcotte

Jacob Alpaugh

Always liked the mall

Mark Mankey

Anthony Hale

Bisman guns is the place

Jacob Starkel

Car show was cheap fun for my kid and myself. Loved it.


I love it fun to walk around and to shop

Me Myself

Would have been better if the mall would do something about the ding bat who insists on bringing her yappy little pom pom dog to the food court. No, it's not a therapy dog.

Alissa Troidl

Visited here in between basketball games during a tournament. It was a nice atmosphere. Clean, very nice employees in the shops, love auntie Anne's pretzels! It was a nice break from basketball and to just be able to walk around and shop but not with a ton of people.

Lee Jantze

New stores that draw in crowds. Plenty of deals to be found

Anthony Richardson

Pretty bland mall, would give two stars, but is still best mall in town

hobo master

It's a decent mall and it's really clean

cindy olberding

Loving it there

Jacob Schott

Lots of stores and kiosks and Super clean very fun place to shop!

maureen fertig

Wonderful Mall with up to date stores. Most have entrances from outside. Wear walking shoes.

Sue Smith

Comfortable place to see a movie.. Easy parking...A variety of food. Great reclining seats. And a special discount Tuesday!

Roberto Torrrs

Was ok ! Need better stores. It's missing some thing..over all ok

Malcolm Pinto

It has a lot of different cultures of food The expenses is moderate

Rob Ross

It's easy to miss the fact that there is a mall here because the stores I visit are all accessible only from the lot, not from the mall itself. I can't remember the last time for sure I was inside Gateway, I think it was either around the holidays or to go to the movies but it was kind of a ho-hum mall. Word on the street is that it's starting to come around and they have a good food court and Antiques on Main moved up here so I'll have to make it a point to actually go inside one of these days.

CJ Wright

Smaller older mall with a lot of carts/stands local goods and a theater

Lane Schaad

Love the arcade

James McCarville

We love our Mall....alot of new things to see Fun new bowling alley and games

Brad Rickel

It's a Mall so pretty good selection

Dawn Moorehead

Great place to shop!

Justin Diaz

I never leave this place on bad terms.

Tarsha Harris-Lindsey

Need more stores to please all customers


Troy Mack

Most polite management I've ever done business with. Gateway is giving Bismarck back it's original Blade Outlet formerly Black Hills Gold & Blade Outlet (Kirkwood mall) which is how you can find on the web. Or Black Hills Gold & Gift Outlet (Medora) on facebook. After hearing countless complaints about Kirkwood not allowing me to sell knives or any self defense items as I did for many years I felt the need to give back. Thank you to Gateway mall and all my customers that keep coming back year after year. Blade Outlet is back. For kirkwood to give my business away and allow someone to steal the clientele a business has built up for the last ten plus yrs is piss poor business ethics to say the least. So be careful they will do it to you too if someone will sign a longer lease then you. Opening this week!!!!!!

Theresa Ackman

Fun little shop. Great place to tea, crystals and oils.

Oscar Galvez

You know you are in the Gateway Mall if: 1. you see your elders go around the mall like nascar 2. you can do your shopping, get a haircut, get a coffee, and see a doctor in the same place. 3. you can take your girl to watch a movie and eat at the same location.

Miranda Moe


I don't come here too often, but I usually have a good experience. Restrooms are always clean and a decent selection of stores to shop at.

Circle r Partners

jC Penny's thanks for the great by on my new Jean jacket

Rachel G

Sears, Joann Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics are good stores, otherwise there is not much to do.

Jose Rodriguez

Always great times...

Jeremy Fulton

Large mall, nice stores and has a huge arcade and some bowling lanes.

Amy Krogman

Have shopped here for 40 years! Hope to see more stores come back

Jill Wynn

Wish there were better stores and entrances. The little kids play area is nice, but could use an upgrade and a good clean..not to mention maybe a gate to keep kids from escaping.

Lynn Trimble

Had a very good experience. Had my hair done at the salon

Ishrat Kamal-Ahmed

Great mall to take the kids to, especially in the winter. The game area Round 1 is awesome!

Valerie Hawkins

Nice place to shop, has a food court!! Usually clean and well kept.

Mike Hughes

Prices are what should they should be from a mall! I think everyone knows your always going to spend more at the mall, versus a big box company! But if cost doesn’t matter, this mall is the nicest, cleanest mall I’ve ever been too!

Jenea Nguyen

Found the perfect gift for my husband and they had it in stock too! And plus.. girl scouts was wrapping present for free and they do it professional looking. Great day at the mall. Super fast service today.

Dorothy Deschane

So many awesome stores & spacious halls to walk & delucious food from the many places in the food court - after loseing my second loved pet last year i just was so lonely and sad ( retired except part time , single ) i went every morning to just escape my lonely apt. And i'd walk and sit at the many different sitting places throughout the mall & read or people watch & occassionally get something from "Scooters" was winter and they make the best hot cocoa - - the gateway mall helped me thru my sadness & i still go there often to look in stores & buy there - - just a wonderful mall that many at senior complex i live at shop at and just go there to get their walk in - is still my GO TO place when i need to get out as still petless and the mall comforts me - -

cesar torres

This mall is pretty busy, lots of options.

Mark Sulentic

Great to see it going after all these years

Cindy LeGrande

Always fun.

Cathy Ott

We ate at the new Granite City where the service was excellent and the food was delicious.

Don Agiro

Pretty convenient for finding clothes and shoes

Mike Taylor

Not a huge fan of malls in general, but this isn't bad. Round One is fun, and there's still a gamestop if you want to sell games for 2% of their value.

Barbie Gsrdner

Standard basic mall. Go bath n bodyworks for my cucumber good stuff. Ill be getting more. Its fav.

David Wayne

All the newest latest stuff. Hordes of city dwellers. Everyone talking over everyone. I absolutely hated it. I'm a small town guy & only go to the city to visit family. The only peace & quite I could find was at Dick's Sporting Goods. However everyone working was under 21 & had absolutely no clue about anything in their store. I was looking for some tackle & they said they'll have to ask, walked away and didn't come back. I found them back at the counter talking to their co-workers.

Shandell Shelton

Good mall, sad to see stores closing rapidly in any mall, but overall a good place to shop.

pom pom

American Eagle is incredible!

Tammy Schweer

Was at jc Penney for UNL dress for success sales for my 2 college students. Sales and service was great!

Sean Davis

Celeste Ellwood

The mall is very nice. Has something for everyone.

teri Baker

Love coming to this mall. the new arcade


I'm a truck driver passing through came here to workout shop and relax. And just cause I was there more then 24 hours they called a tow truck driver. This really sucks With Amazon taking over the whole retail business you think they like the fact that I at least spend 400 plus dollars in this mall. Instead they want to tow me away. Wow I hope Amazon does shut down these malls with managers on duty that see us as a threat. They sure as hell don't need our money. I will continue to shop Amazon and stop wasting my money across the United states malls that just keep kicking us out. Soon all these places will not exist and it will be all of the managers on duty that have shut down these malls. I gave it one star but I'll never come back here and will also warn other truckers.

Mikel Acosta

Great indoor mall with a variety of stores and shops. You can stop by for a bite to eat or stop by one of the many kiosk shops to explore trendy products. The mall is well kept and there are several parking options both covered and surface. The location is superb and easy to notice. For many this is a one stop holiday shopping experience as the mall includes three major department stores! There are several features that make this a kid friendly mall including pictures with Santa every year!

Hunter Varejcka

Love it alot of tempeting stores

Alice Jones

I do miss Sears.but I love Penneys

Justin Heckman

Been a while since I had been shopping here but liked the changes the mall has made and had a good time eating at Applebee's

Ashley Mcglothin

Jerrene W.

I like this mall they seem much more friendly it's easy to get around also some nice options, I think it's under rated. I'm looking forward to the new gym hopefully soon. New thing's popping up.

Darryl Lock

Spirit Halloween always has what I need no matter what I decide to be.


Melissa Sundling

U can eat there or just look around

Melissa O'Connor

Took my daughter and nephew just to stroll around because it was so cold outside. Would've given more stars, disappointed that the carousel is gone....

Michael Christopher

Food court is above average. Mall has some new stores, but is still falling behind. Sears needs to update or remodel. Dick's is a nice store, but prices are above average. Parking for the most part is fine. There is nothing at this mall that you can't find at a strip mall any where in town. Cookies are great on the lower level. Best part about the mall. Got Round 1 now. Great addition. Bowling, games, food, beer, and cheap ice cream.


This place needs to modernize. To dry people, especially the young crowd, you need good stores that appeal to their wants and needs. Todays youth are not like the youth of the 80's. You need more places with electrical outlets or charging stations for phones and tablets. You need stores that challenge the youth for outdoor supplies.

Janie Jorgensen

Not American Disability Act compliant.

Tillie Stanton

Good variety of stores and food options!

Vape N Hammer

Great stores, great food court, great atmosphere! Highly recommended!

Max Kuhr

When we were at Grey Whale Poke Bowl and Ramen we were served horrible ramen. Smelled rancid. Made everyone uncomfortable. They also messed up or meals and gave us two breaded chicken miso ramens when we asked for one pork and one chicken. The presentation was also NOT what it usually is when we come in. Left a bad taste in our mouths. Won’t be returning and won’t be recommending.

OrbitalEvil 666

Good mall with a good selection of stores, not many people shopping though.

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