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REVIEWS OF Dakota Square Mall IN North Dakota

Matthew Etherington

Clean, alot of stores just wish it had a better selection in the food court.

J None of your business

open floor plan and stores be sure to CHECK Barn and Noble AWESOME STAFF and Store

Kevin Ayres

My wife and 3 children walk a lot, at a lot of different places, and to be honest this mall is like walking through an episode of walking dead. All the stores closing and then you can't get through the mall without being attacked by the nice little lady wanting to do my wife's hair.. Dam my wifes hair is great.. Leave her alone LOL.. But gitta check out LEEANN CHINS great chinese food.

Paul Herr

Decent little mall. Personally, I mainly go here for the movie theater. Besides that though, it has all the stores to suit your needs and even has a Target attached to it.

Unicorn Fluffiness

I love this mall, it's pretty big and there's a wide selection of clothes to candy.

Carol Boen

Seems to being closing more stores hope that get more exciting anchors!

Robert Peterson

Great mall for a small town

Regina Cantrell

Super clean restrooms and common areas, food court has options but I’d love to see a better variety of storefronts.

Michelle Barrett

Nothing special about this mall, but it has the basics. The Victoria Secret and Bath and Body Works have exceptional customer service representatives.

Jamie Harvill

Pleasant surprise in the prairies. Target, Barnes & Noble, and Herberger's seem to be the main anchors, and there's even an Eddie Bauer. Small cinema and decent food court inside, along with a water park - adjacent to a hotel if you're from out of town and staying overnight. If you forgot your swimsuit, pick one up at Target - they had them out on display when I visited January 6th. :^)

Tracy Goode

So much in 1 shopping center! Clean and a great atmosphere. Best in ND!

mali Ward

I love how they have a lot of stores.

Mic Rhoads

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of spending time in Minot - but this is probably my favorite mall in ND.

Sandy Scott

Clean and a great selection of stores

Oretha F. Williams

Nice mall with variety of shopping centers!

Dawn S.

Need fun things for kids and pretty bland and boring. Also need more benches for older people to rest while shopping.

Cme32 mah

Need more stores.

crystal smith

Great mall tons of stores and even water slides. Nice to spend a day here.

Zachary Grabowski

Nice small mall has everything you need in one cant complain

Viola Grant-Cole

Got the start of all the football gear. $$$$$

Renee Knibbs

Great mall with a good selection of stores, food court and of course the waterslides.

Doug Hall

Had everything I needed good people

Stephen White

Love s cheels, love gnc, love all the stores here and the food court. Great place to check out especially if visiting minot.

Frank Duchcherer

Lots to see and do. Good shopping experience

Kara Winters

Pretty good mall. Need a bigger play are though.

Talitha Carter

Mall At Rockingham Park purchasing thinks low cost price . .

Lisa Dunford

Cute little Mall

Martha Salamanca

Stores close tooo early onthe weekend

John McCollum

Decent mall with your usual shop standbys. Parking is always a breeze. Besides that, not different from any other large mall in the US

Madison Olson

Horrible experience. Rude staff when asking a quick questions about food allergies. We proceeded to ask the lady working what is gluten free. She made a face. As we were walking away saying “thank you” she giggled and laughed about our question. Food allergies are not a joke to some.

Liv Ashcraft

Really nice mall for the area. Good store selection, clean and easy to navigate. The water park looked amazing

Lawrence LaPenes

It's a pretty good mall for a small town

majid taherian

Not bad.....nothing special.

Zack Putney

Used to be good but new ownership of the mall has killed it. New look is nice but they took away one forbthe biggest landmarks in town and their overpriced rent has forced a lot of good businesses out of business and is killing the overall place with its over abundance of hallway sales cubes. Sad to say I don't go there anymore unless I absolutely have to Updated to 2019 and several businesses have left due to the high rent cost. Maybe they can turn it into apartments when they chase everyone out

Nancy Kent

Nice mall. Lots of variety in the types of stores, and it's not too busy. Large food court is nice also.

Jake Martin

The Dakota Square Mall is an amazing mall, the mall had kept us entertained for around 4 hours and we could of spent even more time there. We mainly went to Hot Topic and Spencer's but there are may other stores there that cover a wide selection of interests and items.

Shawn Reiser

Great place for movies and candy store and maybe a cpl other stores but other then that it’s gone down hill it’s not even kid friendly anymore all it’s become is sell clothes throughout 90% of the mall and from the word all the good stores left do to rental spaces are to high.

Tabytha Purcell

I used to work at the Payless and Bath and Body works a couple years ago. I miss it so very much. Dont live in Minot anymore but I wish i did. Everyone is so nice


Best part for me is Scheels and JcPenny. Small mall, but at least it is a mall. Updated within the last few years to include Ulta and Carter's/Okosh. Children's place closed more recently than Sears and Riddles Jewelry moved out to where Royal Fork used to be. Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works have recently remodelled.

Ryan McMicken

Mall is decent, had to walk all the way around the mall to get to my vehicle because they gated off the walkway next to the AMC before the movie was over. Would have been nice to just walk the center of the mall to the door on the other side

Zaida Braun

I'm from Illinois and this mall is big enough. Excellent shopping experience. The food court has excellent food. The people that run the shops are wonderful. I love going to this mall

Ely Holds

Mehh it's a mall.

Heidi Lancaster

Sc o expensive. Dentist in there. And north central ladies that check on .my friend who is a vulnerable adult like me. Tried to give him crack. God help us

Debora Greene

Shopping fun

Regis and Lynn St-Laurent

You can find all you need.

Bill Hewitt

The mall was very clean and well lit everyone we encounter were pleasant and friendly and wanted to be helpful

Kim Caldwell

Disappointed in the lack of stores. Use some of that store space to bring in young adults and some of us older adults. Ie. Arcade, roller rink etc. That is not revolving around liquor sales.

Cameron Aberle

Mall could be better if they would lower the rent prices so stores could actually survive.

Grace Yuan

A great mall in town from Target to Victoria Secret to JC Penny and Barnes and Noble... Can't ask for more!

Ruth S

Could use more variety of shops! But always clean.

Christopher Landry

Probably one of the smallest malls I've ever been to, but considering it's the only one in Minot, it's not a bad one. It's just weird that the mall starts closing around 7 p.m..

Shaun Flick

Smaller shopping mall than most but still has all of your main stores inside. There are only two anchor stores left to even really talk about and that is JC Penney and Target. The target is kind of small but the JCPenney is standard size. The food court has much to be desired seeing that they have two Chinese food restaurants in there that neither of which are very good. Also they close at 7 p.m. on Saturday nights not during the holiday season so they have a lot to makeup for. The people in the center islands that sell hand lotions and knives and remote control cars are all so pushy as usual. It's starting to have more and more empty shops as well.

jodi braut

Keeps all the shots filled with merchants. Good selection of stores and had a food court.

TC Clements

The massage chairs are amazing!!! That was the best 5.00 my guy ever spent on me...for real! I wanna get my own, wow!!!

Richard Martin

Love walking around watching people

Estefanía Magaña Dorantes

Closes too early on Sundays! :(

latasha knudtson

Store are constantly closing and changing... Prices thru out entirely mall except food court and Barnes and Noble are ridiculously high.... Other than that the place is clean and grizzlys may be expensive but the food is well worth it....

Ben Lingenfelter

I don't understand how anyone could rate this mall any higher then a 3 star maximum. Management is extremely poorly ran. The in house theater cut showtimes for movies. Including the food court the mall has 13 vacant locations including two of the three anchor stores. I don't see this mall surviving more than a few more years unless something changes.

Jeff Doerr

Other than Scheels All sports, which is a great store, there is not much else. Dakota Square Mall had lost or closed so many businesses recently. Sad actually.

Dana H

In comparison to Bismarck's mall this mall has more to offer. It has a mediocre food court and several anchor stores, including Target and Scheels. It's clean. Annoyingly pushy sales people in the center kiosks.

Patricia Simmons


Sam Busch

Nothing too fancy about this mall. Decent variety of shops.

Brady Schlak

I'd love to see more recreation and entertain ment. The shopping is fine but the potential for fun is far above current opportunities.

Joyce Gruschow

We stayed at the Sleep Inn andate at The Badlands Restaurant!!! Perfect ending to a perfect day...

Jason Wölfe

Nice mall, however some of the bigger stores are closed out.

Lowell Azure

Great place to shop

Jack Emjack

I like the mall but I didn't really do anything in the mall but I did go to hot topic and they have cool things there

Tina Marie

Kind of basic for a mall. Doesn't really offer anything in the way of top quality stores. If you are looking for basics, it'll suffice. If you want anything above basic, you'll need to drive 8+ hours in any direction (except north.)

Jody Heck

Great place to shop for just about anything...

Dan Bertsch

It's a mall. Modern, well kept, full of great stores. But it's still a mall. No man can rate a mall higher than three stars unless there's a Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop in it.

Jordon Lakoduk

Meh. Losing lots of stores. Prefer to go and downtown!!!

julz lasiloo

Awesome mall, great store and selections!

Meghan Martin

The play place could be cleaner (hence the 4 star) but this is our favorite place to take the kids when it is cold, which is a lot of the time in North Dakota!

Belinda Varnell

It's a nice place to shop.

Reshma Vora

Compared to most malls in the USA this is very small. You can get essentials, few branded stores, luckily I'm a fan of American Eagle and they had a small store but otherwise there are not many. The cinema is fairly small too but still shows movies so that a plus point

Emily Erin

Everything is closed I'd rather shop online


Some stores are great. Some dont stay. Lose alot of good stores. Events are overcrowded and i dont trust the company that hires the people for costume events like easter bunny etc.

Kimberly BZ

Cute little mall with a wide variety of stores. Great sports supply store inside with a lot of great products. JC Penny has a good selection of household and clothing items. Also contains a Target which is a good size and has good selection.

Dark Angel

Malls are great

Nicky Elsner

Great mall! Lots of stores to choose from. It's has a modern design. Decent food court!

Pauline Relkey

Economy must be down as it's empty in the mall. Love Chico's clothing store. Lots of choices for shopping. Do a twice yearly trip with my girlfriends for a weekend of fun

Barbara Stein

Everything you need in one place.

Nicholas Brown

Good stores but barely any people there.

Patrick McFarland

The hotel connected to mall , Fantastic and great water park!! The mall is alive. Nice vibe. Good food.

April Dexter

Good place to walk and shop. Lots of stores

Corey Heath

Has most of what you need, but a few of the stores inside have closed down, limiting options a bit

Wade Picard

I hate malls. It's not their fault.

Becky Tebby

Staff offer to help customers with store apps,. Things are easy to find,

Kevin Enos

Simple floor layout, plenty of shopping options. Play area for toddlers is a nice fit for parents who'd like to give the kiddos a break from shopping. Food court selection is not great but will suffice. Movie theater and indoor water center is nice especially on a cold day in Minot.

Tabatha Culler

Much better than Dickinson's mall. Lol

Christie Lynn Henderson

Parking is a little limited right now due to part of the parking lot being blocked off for construction. Main parts of mall have always been clean when I go. Individual stores I visit are clean and well stocked. Found some jeans I had been looking for online for 4 months and couldn't find until I went to the mall. Got them on sale too!

Natasha Medeiros

Sears, Herbergers, The Children's Place and Eddie Bauer all closed within a year so the place is looking pretty empty. Eddie Bauer was the best store there but the building owner sold the lease to Victoria Secret. Movie theater is always dirty and has terrible service, unfortunately its the only one in town. I've avoided going to this mall since they closed the Eddie Bauer. I'd rather just order stuff online then waste my time at this "mall".

Cynthia Burns

Nice place

James Miller

Atmosphere of the mall just isn't what it used to be. I miss the clock, and the diversity of stores feels weak at best. And rhe huge lack of people I see now. I feel like it's a giant womans clothing store because so many are just that. If you aren't a skateboarder going into zumies or a rich white kid buying buckle there really doesn't feel like much of a men's selection anymore. Mall needs a guess or a express or something more modern. Fargo has had them for years. This place and the surrounding towns are 15 years behind the time. The mall can't survive on buckles 300 dollar jeans alone. And even the sephora in j penny has very poor attempt at stocking current product. That used to be the go to store for cologne and aftershave and such. Just very minimal product lines. Sorry minot mall but get with it already.

Terrye T

It's the typical mall with all the usual stores and the big anchor stores like JC Penny and Target. It also has a Barnes and Noble. However, they are in the process of adding an Osh Kosh and a couple other stores outside of the entrance by Grizzlies. Besides Grizzlies and the bookstore, we love the attached hotel (Sleep Inn & Suites) with the waterpark. It's a great place to spend a weekend when the temps outside are mind numbing cold.

Miles Kinnamont

Cool mall, has a little bit of everything. Just a little small that's all.

Bobbie Nelson

Ultra Beauty, the Manager there is such a nice lady, she very knowledgeable and truly cares about her patrons!

Allen Essig

Went to Scheels, mall is well kept

Sarah Wentz

Variety of stores is nice

Tracey Parish

Great place to shop, good variety and convenient

Donna Olson

Just walked through to go watch a movie. Had I known it was such a nice mall I would have taken time to go shopping there first! I was very surprised! The movie theater however was a bit disappointing. They did have stadium seating but the screen was smaller then the ones I have been to previously

Timothy Geer

Awesome people in North Dakota! I deliver to Target and luv the atmosphere here! A beautiful place to call home!

Pam Eckel

Love shopping at Scheels and JCPenneysand Payless

Noel Dwarika

Good place to find some good deals! We'll be back!

Cory Lund

The mall is on life support...many stores have pulled out... now with sears gone and herbergers on the way out scheels and the movie theater are the 2 biggest draws...

Leilani MusicGeek

There's usually decent parking. Easy to navigate. Good shops

Anthony Carr

It is a nice smaller mall. It has lost two of its anchors with herperger and sears. There is of course still target. Connected to the sleep inn and water park which is great. still a great family weekend away to swim and shop

Ginneen McGahey

Quiet friendly mall easy to navigate something for everyone

ashley hoffman

I love that it was attached to my hotel and didn't have to go outside when I visited and plus there's a Target there so I could get food to snack on when I stayed at the hotel that was attached to it the hotel was also attached to the water park that I stayed at so it's great for the winter we stated during June

Janette Ellison

Nice place you can find almost everything there!

sherryg g

The Mall has been really going down hill theres like no stores in there. Like Victoria Secret redesigned which looks Great. However a lot of other stores are closing. So if you need a quick something from Old Navy, Target JCP, or even Scheels it's fine I guess.

Kelly Langan

Plenty of variety to shop and a good selection of food in the food court


Liked it in general. Diversity of storefronts is somewhat lacking. Plenty of clothing-oriented stores. Unusual that some stores attached to mall require you to exit the mall and walk around outside to access them. General construction does not block/deter shopping experience. Kiosks tend to be staffed by overly-assertive people, or ignore you, or no one at all.

nathan brooke

I like going there it’s a cool place

brody stevens

This place is a legit mess! The smell in this mall is so bad! I feel like I'm going to be sick every time I enter any store here. I don't know if they have had a flood inside or what but it smells like mold. The only stores worth being in is the ones that have been added on to the original mall. It is to bad that this place is the only mall we have without going to Bismark. You would think that the health department would be in there checking this out due to the fact they have food there. I really hope it get fixed at some point. I really don't want to live in Bismark.

Erica Marabella

It's the only mall in town so not much for options. It could definitely use some new stores to keep up with larger cities.

April Stevens

Loved this place since I was a kid.

Lauriannah Tisch-Watkins

I'm loving the makeup and skincare products in Ulta..Extremely attentive and professional staff..

joel pangalay

Very clean and safe environment. Good place for family.

B. J.

There are plenty of stores to choose from for style. Most stores stay stocked year round. The food court has a decent selection. The movie theater stays up to date with the most recent and relevant movies. For a smaller community, this mall is pretty solid.

Michelle Stefin

Nice Mall, my favorite stores have closed like Sears and the children’s place. The book store is awesome.

Bearggalo 0

Good selections, kinda pricey.

McLeod Rodda

Went here two years ago and remember it sooo much, would love to go there again.

Olivia Padilla

Didn't see the store I want to shop like Bealls

Wendi Baggaley

To celebrate my son's birthday, our whole family went to the AMC theaters to watch a superhero movie together. The things I appreciated included: Stadium seating, 3D glasses came in a sealed pouch, refillable drinks, custom drink flavors, plastic popcorn bucket that gets you a major discount on future trips, ability to order tickets in advance and literally skip the box office line (there's almost always a line at the box office here, at least during "prime" times), a good variety of both sweet & salty snacks at the concessions counter, several flavors of slurpees. Now, I wish that the cinema had a big poster or backdrop of our super hero movie so we could have commemorated the special occasion with a selfie. I also look forward to the time they choose to install the "luxury loungers" just like those at Cinemark. Overall, I'm glad to be living in a town big enough to have a movie theater!

Tierden May

Simple but good shops

Gary Everett

It's decent. LeAnn Chin's in the food court is pretty bomb. First time seeing non-Asians working at a Chinese food place so that's worth the sight. There's not a bunch of old folks power walking in your way like the Bismarck mall so that's even better. Like any North Dakota mall they have decent stores. Hopefully soon they'll start appealing to the younger generations and bring something new. Aside from that it's really the only place in Minot we shop.

Tammy G in ND

Great options but often drama.

Maekaye Fox

It's alright. It has Hot Topic, Spencer, and Journeys. They also have this irrelevant store by target

Stephen Bello

This is a very great good excellent superb mall that has everything that I need.

Wendy Tully

Nice place. Price for were it is. Is kinda high

Marci Larson

This is a nice small. I went to Scheels sporting goods store and am sad to say nothing has changed there. Rude people . I had to move into an isle or get run into by an employee. Remember a time when people were kind to their customers?? I would like to see that happen again

Danika Routhier

Lots of places to shop. And the food is amazing

Ambrose Leahy

It is THE mall for a good portion of the state, and parts of Canada, and the only way to “window” shop in the winter!

Peter Rithmiller

Good place has a lot of stores and shops with good selection of products.

Evan Ashdown

As a Canadian I must say, this is quite the meh mall. Water park is going to kill someone, stay away from there. Department stores are always a let down. By far the highlights are the theatre, the outdoors store, and target. Food court is alright too. Maybe try to visit some other attractions in town.

Alex Crazy Bull

Had a good selection of stores and lots of friendly people who also shop there. It is connected to a hotel, which has a water park/swimming pool. Very nice place to rent a room for a travel looking to find some rest and comfort.

Kale Hedberg

Love it! Great varriety. Always updated. Has great places to eat in the mall and immediate area. Also hotels.

Sue Licht

I get my hair done at Penny's and come out loving it. Andrea is my stylist and she always does a great job. Prices are very affordable. Shop at Penny's also and always find what I need

Dylan Ejem

Lots of shops with good prices. Wide parking space, not too busy and great ambiance. Awesome shops with great food inside the mall. I would come back here again in the future to do more shopping. I like the wide open parking space and the interior flooring. Great for window shopping too. Washrooms are clean and well-maintained.

Kristen Gunether

Small mall, few stores worth going in. Missing stores: apple store, sephora, H&M, Forever 21, Express. Please consider adding these stores.

Kathy Medina

I enjoyed the mall. Nice jcpenney

MR 300%

Everything you need, you will find it's a happy place

Deanna Swanson


Tyler Rowell

Good mall, clean. For the size of the city it's a good sized mall. Recommend stopping by if you are passing through.

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Casen Malo

Boring follow on Instagram @flatline_sk8

Jason Olson

Great little mall. Has a bit of everything. Place was clean.

Tina Falcon

Great place!

Barbara Coeterier

Nice mall

Alex Morehead

Not a very big mall and doesn't have any popular stores that I feel other bigger malls have besides the Francesca's and Victoria Secret and regular jewelry stores. The Target that is connected is awesome though with a pizza Hut instead of a Starbucks that you usually see associated. Also has a movie theater which is cozy and somewhat clean.

Mary Oshay

The mall is quite large considering the size of the town The stores I shopped at we're clean and the employees were friendly.It was a great experience

Dontworry Aboutit

Wish they had a better selection of stores. Seems like any attempt to bring some new blood into this mall always ends up with that store closing. Store selection in Minot is already so limited, would be nice to see the mall fill that gap a bit. I do love the addition of USB chargers in the food court. Speaking if the food court, I do enjoy their food there and they have a pretty nice verity for the size of this mall.

Joel Kent

Hope they replace the Sears and now Herberger's soon with something awesome:-)

M Gilmore

A lot of stores and quite a few things to do. The mall closes early.

Patrick Haye

Good Mall (only game for 100 miles) Clean, decent food court and plenty of parking

Amy Lansverk

Good shopping center if you don't mind doing a lot of walking.

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