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2400 8th Ave SW, Jamestown, ND 58401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Buffalo Mall IN North Dakota

Carol Schnabel

Small mall with several screen movies, hair salon closed. TJ Max is small, Home Economy and sporting goods, GNC and jewelry shop are little high price. 24 hour fitness is well organized, bathrooms usually clean. The size of Jamestown it's nice location not far from Applebees, burger Burger King and Koren Buffett or Walmart. But watch out for pot holes in lot this year.

Tase Tee

Vary clean and cut

Douglas Fisher

Stop ✋..

Chris Mitchell

The grocery store was fsntastic

Sister Pamela Pranke OPA

There most certainly is a mall present with a bistro for food. This is a small town, not Bloomington MN or even Fargo ND. There are often special activities and vendors on weekends. It would be nice to have a greater variety but it's good for a small town.

Dennis Smith

Nice place

Derald Horkel

I am a man of 50 and I find it very disappointing to be in this establishment. Home of economy has a weird crust on everything. Some of the other empty stores look like something out of a goddam horror movie. I’ve seen several drug deals take place in the parking lot. I do not recommend unless you like creepy fluorescent lighting and 4 subpar stores.Not to mention THE SEAGULLS RUN RAMPANT AND I FEEL ENDANGERED AS I AM MIDDLE AGED I CANNOT RUN FAST.

Dean Nelson

This place has nothing good for stores

Leah Watson

Needs more foot traffic.


Wasnt much of a mall, most places have closed down and moved out of the mall.

Ben Buchmiller

Mall reminds me of Gateway Mall in Bismarck. On the smaller and not a lot of stores. But the storefronts in this mall are really good. We were there for the theater which is managed very well and priced right.

Robert Bucklin

No much of left it Kmart and JC Penney are no more

Bob Schluftman

The Buffalo Mall is fine. The only store in the mall I visit is Home of Economy.

Troy Elhard

Not many stores. Very disappointing.

Jeanne Hansen

It was empty

Jennifer Fischer

Needs more stores!

smalles 169

This place you could find every thing like pencils to punch bag or gun or furniture.

Tim Combs

Nice and clean friendly

Danielle Ray

Oh My GOD why is this place even open? It like the only mall there and there are like two freaking stores open! It was an epic fail. Move some stores in there get a little paint and lighting and step into the NOW... not a money maker...sorry but don't go!

Dameon Bridges

Buffalo Mall is a great place. Has a lot of different stores and shops not crowded but a great atmosphere.

Donna Teske

Good place to shop

Melissa Guthmiller

Need to fix the horrible pot holes in the parking lot ALL OVER

caine wallace

not much of a mall is right, not even one food place inside the movies don't count. let's see hair cutting, cloths store and the economy place is about it

Alberta Bratland


Jerry Dornback

Not much going on

Scott Schwind

Many new changes. Look forward to seeing What Becomes of it

Gail Schrooten

This mall seems to be struggling to stay in business... most of the store fronts are empty.

Buildin'_ Six

This is almost as big as Walmart, which isn't a mall. Not a lot of stores, aspecially with Kmart being gone

goodlookin koenig

Nice mall clean restroom

Deann Fealy

I am sorry but this mall is dying and kind of stuck in the late 1980's.

Loyd Martin

Don't remember visiting this place so I must assume it was an underwhelming experience.

Calvin Ringer

For just a random mall Jamestown it keeps me same while I live here.

Kaylip Corbell

Not very many stores, the ones they do have do not have good selections.

Chris Vorachek

Good place to shop

Marcus Guscette

Not much there. Stopped in to dunhams

Bill Hewitt

Nice stores and the mall was kept up all the people we met were friendly

Tom Simpson

Can it really be called a "mall", anymore? Most of the stores from the past are gone. 25% of the mall is occupied by a movie theater. Another 25% might soon be taken over by a sporting goods store?

Daphne Schlepp

We didnt do much in the mall, but it's nice to see the new store fronts

Todd Barkus

had what I needed. not crowded.

Jenn Malan

Malls are rapidly becoming obsolete but this small I hope stands the test of time Great Mall great people great stores

Matthew Key

Simple place to shop


Has gone way downhill. When I was younger loved going there. Now nothing there to see.

Travis Smith

Not so clean

Cindy Quinn

Only has there stores left . The sporting goods store was great had great prices

Michelle Carrier

Lots of selectins

Tom Hannig

Its ok.

Shain Mcdonald

Need. More. Place to. See

Thomas Christensen

Not much of a mall. Few stores worth visiting. Thank goodness the theater is there.

Delores Rath

Love. Christopher Bank and tradehome they are very helpful with shoe selection

Abdirahman Mohamed

We went new store just open i really liked it

Ellie Akola

It's a very small mall.

Nick Tavernier

Allot of options

Raymond Austin

Nice quaint basic mall... Few big shops.

Chad Bakken

Good stores.

Dave Harden

The only "mall" for 100+ miles, businesses go in there to die.

Linda Sjokvist

There are not alot of businesses their anymore.

Matthew Pepple

Riddles jewelry and Shirley are amazing!

Ruth Kremer


Daryl Sommerdorf

Always been there.

Liz Fick

Great movie theatre

Ian O'Brien

Not the best mall

am i okay. I'm losing my mind.

They questioned my age. I am 50 but they asked if I was over 13. Honestly how rude.

Sarena E

Kind of sad for a mall. Theatre is nice and clean

Chris Ahl

Buffalo mall? More Lake amazing unicorn mall. It's a great mall for the area. Give it a shot you won't regret it.

Greeff Barnardt

Not bad. Just a bit small to be called a mall.

Michael Walsh

Tear it down

Tom Hetletvedt

Not a lot of stores to shop.

jayjcool 1342

Nothing here

gerald miller

Doing their best in Jamestown

James Ziegler

It's not what it used to be, but this is still a nice little mall. The theater is great.

bob owens

They were just opening and service was dismal could not find anyone to wait on me. Finally gave up and bought elsewhere.

Scott Cebula

Haircut at Top Designers. Very friendly staff and a great haircut by Brittany.

Kimberly Clements

Not enough store or food places to hold interested


not much there many empty store fronts

Mark Goeser

Good place to shop.

Jason Wescott

To small. Needs more stores

Marlene T

Small shopping center

Charlie Andrys

There's nothing to do except Dunham's

Nathan T. Orr

Promise.... Lots of promise... That's all I got. Oh yeah, Home of Economy is pretty sweet. Supposedly getting a sports store. Dunham's I think. Jamestown needs it.

Chantel Arnold

Needs more varieties. No food court.

Chad Maxa

Not really much of a mall. Very few stores, and many have closed. Slim pickings. The movie theater is okay.

Fayette Rink

Great place to walk, great place to catch a movie and hair cut .

Michelle Bowman

It's empty and nothing worth going for except the theater which has an awkward entrance

Sheldon Johnson

Good mall for a smaller town.

Steve nygaard

The movie theater is great! Home of economy and Dunham sports too!

boima james metzger

Great place

Deborah Hanson

Would be great to have more variety for shopping

Wilma Nahinurk

Don't know

Rylee Ringdahl

Nice and quiet

carol falk

Stopped in for a girls nite out to a girls flick in the movie theater, was great!

Kris Sherman

It's a nice mall clean

Scott Kleven


Danny Aubol

Doubles as an indoor walking Track incredible TJ Maxx

Zuleika Arce

That should be close for ever!


Great Movie Theater and London Nails shop. Not many stores. Dunhams, Home of Economy, Jewelers, GNC, a gym, arcade, radio station headquarters, Christopher Banks and Glicks.

Matthew W

This mall has seen better days. TJMaxx has definitely brought some life into it.

Jimmy Goodroad

A swell place to watch a great movie

Mitzi Hager

Very little retail shopping

svensuper cats 12

Not enough stores

Pamela Adams

I've been here alot, mostly to the movies but the mall closes way to early

Brianna Wolff

They need more stores.

Sam Johnson

Its a nice place to do business

Anjel Kuhn

Riddles is great!!!

Naomi Walz-Folmer

They barely have any stores and they keep letting our good stores go

LaRae Sifuentes

There is nothing there anymore. Only gpod thing is Riddles Jewelry and the movie theater.

Carey Scherer

Other than the movie theater I'd never go there

Drusilla Nicholson

Not enough to do there

Alissa Marie redmer Redmer

Good place

Rick Morel

Needs update

Sharon Grgich

Very Nice and Clean

Desirae Nelson

Not a whole lot of stores.

Mark Palmer

Nice theater

Janalle Keown

Good place to stretch your legs on a road trip. Not much there for shopping.

Susan Merkle

I go here for the movie theatre. This mall has. Some stores but none that I shop. No food (except at theatre)

Nick Plummer

Nice stores

Amaresh Rajaratnam

One of my favourite malls. Nice place to hangout and chill with friends. Not so crowded and has many interesting stores to visit.

Debra Clark

Not many stores, No food and no place for kids to play ....

Brandon Clouse

Not much too it. Glad to have a theatre thats about it. Missing JC Pennies.

Diana Irrgang

Unfortunately for me this mall has only 3 stores and none of them was what I needed

Nancy Arstein

Movies, Darrel's sporting goods, cj banks and home of economy all great stores, not much else.

Julie Haakenson

Can purchase most of your needed products here, in stores with fast, friendly service from knowledgeable staff. Good quality items. Updated, roomy fitness center.

Brady Nevels

That is very clean more. Not many stores to choose from but the ones they do have our excellent. We were in town visiting from Oklahoma. We love home of economy. It is an awesome place to find high-quality winter clothing. You just cannot fine quality winter clothes in Oklahoma. The stuff there was professional and friendly. They let you browse the store on your own but was also willing to take you somewhere if you did not know where a particular item was located. Like I said, all of the stores in the small I have great selections and good stores. I hope they get a few more stores in that small. It is a great location.

Christopher Peacock

Buffalo Mall is hardly a mall these days, as most of the shops have closed up and only a few Large Dept stores remain with access doors at the ends of the Mall. It was way more Mall-ish in 2012 when I moved to Jamestown

Nicole Van Enk

Need some more shops to draw in traffic!

Justin Heubrock

A dying mall. It's getting a Dunham sports, but until then, it's not worth the stop.

Cameron Battagler

It is your standard small town mall, good for Jamestown overall though!

Krysta Summers

Not much of a mall when it only contains 4 stores, a gym and a 6 screen theater, but I may be Big City-biased about such things.

Angie Maldonado

Amazing place

David Bruce

Love the movie theater

La Rae Frieze

No clothing stores, no dept. stores, they have all moved out. Still have Bison 6 Cinema....

Preston Schmidt

Basically nothing there so not really your normal mall where you go to hang out.

P Varanai

It's clean and safe. I enjoyed the Theater there.

carol porch

I miss Penny's store!

Angie Miller

Not much in the mall but I stop for popcorn on my way through

David Didier

Has everything. Very nice and clean. Friendly.

Jerry Bodine

needs to have more variety of stores

Curtis Watkins

Perkins. Dont know if they were having growing pains with staff or what was going on.

William Mickelson

The Arcade rocks at this place!

Cassi Mark

The mall is always so busy. The selection of shops is amazing. The bathrooms are always so clean that it is very nice. However the food court tables always seem to be dirty even with plenty of staff walking around. The mall staff are always friendly though which makes up for the 10 seconds of waiting for a table to be cleaned.

Jay Patterson

loss of another anchor, JC Penny

Mr. Isla Vista

This mall is probably one of the most dead malls I have seen. There have been times where I swear I was the only person in here. I would say the only reason this mall is somewhat populated is the theater and the anchor store, Home of Economy, and even then, Walmart is right next to it and has cheaper prices. Don't go here unless you want a 90's to mid 2000's aesthetic.

Val Tso

Very decent and nice place.

Sean Ryan

Love the movie theatre here

Albert Schultz

The mall was pretty nice it's not too busy at the same time it's pretty quiet I like the movie theater though. I'm glad that they have created a new sports shopping center a while back, which is pretty nice so I can find whatever I need there. There aren't that many options of stores though. Overall, it's really small and not too many people.


Has a few good places to visit

Dustin Berglund

Nothing really here needs more stores

Beverly Aguilar

Has clothes we can find for our bigger

Rae M.

Fun road trip stop if you are in the area

Mrs Nenow

Very few stores for shopping and no where to get coffee or a snack. The few stores that are there, however, are good

Taylor Borseth

Need more clothing stores!!

Shannon Henderson-Kesler

I wouldn't consider this a mall. There aren't options here since everything was removed. There's fitness, top designers, sugar rush, movies, home of economy, GNC, riddles, theatre, dunham sports, and London nails. So, unless you specifically need something from these specialty stores don't bother with this place.

Liz Balchunas

Hardly a mall, most of the stores closed down or bought out. Only go there to go to the movie theater. Maurices and Regis salon were my main reason for visiting and they have since moved elsewhere.

Braydin Rath

Pretty empty

Barbara Coeterier

The movies are great at the Buffalo's Mall

Jen Graham

Great shopping but seems as though over half of it closed

LuckyD9 W

A nice little mall, it's now had most of its stores closed down and exchanged for a large outdoorsman store. Riddles Jewlery is still here, along with the radio station Mix.93.3 & AM 600 KSJB where you can look in and see the host talking.

dustin Sinclair

Needs more stores but not bad

Diamond A. Washington

Small mall. Need more stores. Need activities for kids under 21 to do at the mall other than play video games. But its a small town. When more ppl move here they will open up more stores.

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