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Where is Saint Louis Galleria?

REVIEWS OF Saint Louis Galleria IN Missouri

Melissa Buhrmester

Lots of fun and unique items.

Videll Philip

Went to Helium Comedy Club located in the Galleria and had a great time! Very nice set up.

coty kasinger

Wow this place has it all, nice and big. Very clean and great atmoshpere! 6pm seems a little early to close as far as hours go but otherwise a very nice place to visit.

Asia Elliot

The Galleria is a pretty nice oasis. It's got waterfalls plant arrangements and an abundance of stores. Each section has it's own design but opens up into the main food area. The food is pretty good. People seem cool.

MidwestCountry314 Stl

Use to work here 20 yrs ago & the whole city change after i left but still home

Aleya Taylor

Very nice mall, very busy, lots of stores to choose from!

Jesse Qualls

Awesomeness place for Jordan's Mary was very helpful

Alex Wks

Good food and shopping place to visit in st. Louis.

Lian Eleanor Lawton

I have lived in STL my whole life and I have seen the Saint Louis Galleria's highs and lows. I think the Galleria is doing great! It is working it's way back up to the top. It has brought in new stores and it is continuing to grow as mall. Keep it up!

Jossette Bennett

Not many shopping malls left, this one in St Louis had great stores, good prices and friendly customer service all around. Of course they had a food court with a wide variety of foods.

Grim Reverberate

I liked the setup and how there were small entertainment centers in between, with a large range of stores to shop from. The only reason it's a four star rating is because the mall isn't exactly my forte. I would not recommend if you get sick, tired, or worn out easy

James Brown

One of the few area malls left.

Jon Floyd

Great place. Love Apple store.

Hero World

It was cleaner than I've ever seen it when we went. It was great! Parking was good, food court was on the ball for how busy it was. I appreciated the fact that the vendors kept to themselves, or quietly advertised. I got tired of other mall vendors blocking your path trying to sell you stuff. It was an overall excellent experience.

Scar Razgriz

Plenty of stores, decent variety. The only issue is that the Food Court is lacking. Not many options, but they're all good regardless.

Jeffrey P

One of the best malls in the area next to West County Mall. The big plus with this one is the movie theater, which always has good shows and is outside of the mainstream, and the area is spectacular for its central location to many restaurants and bars. I think one common misconception is that it is an upscale place or an exclusive mall, but in reality there are a wide variety of shops and boutiques that have an offering for diverse audiences.

Lauren LuvLee

My girls love this place, the play area is nice and friendly. Nice food court and the shopping is fun here. And the cinema is awesome too.

ama keith

This is a really nice mall with a lot of good stores in it. It's also the closest to the city.

hod Rod's from the sikeston drag racing

I love this mall. My family and I actually travel 2 hours to visit this mall . Having 100's of stores The cheese cake factory and Micheal Korrs being my favorite there are amazing deals and helpful employees . I will continue to visit although still living hours away.

Nick and Sicily

Awesome selection of shopping places!

Super Girl

Love the amount of shops & security. Lots of restrooms as well. There are a coul couple of decent restaurants as well.

Christopher Emke

The mall isn't a place I enjoy at baseline. Generally, parking is crowded and the municipal sales tax rates are high. The galleria does have one of the better store selections in the city.

Adrienne Lane

Unsafe. Had a man who works at one of the kiosks follow me and my boyfriend after saying something disrespectful. He called it a “sales pitch” when I reported it to a security guard fearing he would follow us to our car she said “I doubt it” and she shrugged me off. We left after that and I live 45 minutes away in Alton. This place used to be safe but I won’t be coming back.

Jacklin Octave

Great environment to spend time with friends and family.

john smith

Great atmosphere! Numbers of shops and restaurants to keep you here for a while. The variety and choices is suitable for all people.

Tiffany Evola

The Galleria has a lot of great stores. You can find higher end stores here. Parking has never really been a hassle for me, you can park either in the outside parking lots or the parking garage. All the parking space really is a bonus around holiday season. It's a very nice mall, I'd have to say it's one of my favorite. The people working in the individual stores have always been very helpful and very nice. I've never had a bad experience here.

Unique Cute

Nice place to shop and this is one of the store I visit

Shae Greene

The stores were small in comparison to other places and there was a weird fountain thing on the bottom floor that looks like it was supposed to be a courtyard that's flooded? Idk it's kinda stupid. The boba tea place in the food court was the only thing that made the trip worth it. You'd be better off going to literally any other mall in the area.

Lynn Boyd

Nice shopping mall has hundreds and hundreds of stores

CJ Verde

It is like any other mall. Teens hanging out. It use to be an example of classy. Not now

John Nichols

Good, well maintained mall with a good mix of stores.


Not a mall that I'd go back to. Too big and lots of police activity there.

Luis Rodriguez

Very nice Mall with all the regular stores. Lots of parking spaces and easy to access.

Laura Knight

I was dissatisfied with this mall. Went to look for school shoes, they really only had two stores in that huge mall. They wanted 180 for a pair of shoes that I bought at the St Louis premium outlet for 130. Same shoe. Very over priced.

Tiffany Lonn

Really love the service here! I've been here 3 times and each time was great. I get my eyebrows threaded and tinted each time I come.

Roberta Moore

Great location, great stores and best eating choices over any other mall.The mall isn’t cramped and it’s easy to roam and enjoy without feeling like your shoulder to shoulder with people. It is also very pretty in presentation.

Melinda Burnett-Smith

I enjoyed my visit and I plan to return

Angelo Matteuzzi

Really enjoy it but when i go to store i notice mostly all belts are returning to the store i hard find a new belt that i was looking for

Carl Petee

Nice mall. Very clean. No empty stores. Lots of specialty stores.

George Williams

Great mall experience with lots of shopping options for customers of all Income levels.

Steven Brenner

Parking was easy and convenient for the shopping I needed to do. It's a nice, clean, comfortable mall. Would have liked more time there and get lunch.

Mike M

Great location, great stores and best eating choices over any other mall. But parking is no fun here(however mall is accessible via Metrolink which is .02 mile away), security is getting better but it still is not a safe place especially at night. They have early curfew hours for kids 16 and under that isn't with an adult but this is still a problem that the mall owner and/or manager needs to get control of no matter what as I know a lot of people that will not go there and haven't been there in many years because of the problematic young groups and criminal activity.

Raymond Petty

Cool they doing the curfew same again on the weekends

Angela Mahoney

Lots of places to shop... Loved it

Chasity Gwinn

I just love how spacious this mall is along with the variety of stores. The mall isn’t cramped and it’s easy to roam and enjoy without feeling like your shoulder to shoulder with people. It is also very pretty in presentation.


There was a very cute boy who worked at the shoe store down at the end of the hall near H&M. He had big curly hair and a tattoo on his left arm. I'm calling dibs. If you see him keep waking.

G Spann

I went there for new pants, I went to Ann Taylor and as I ways I got a great parking space. I was in and out. Galleria is great

Geoffrey couch

Good shopping decent restaurants in your typical mall setting

J fmdevil

Nice mall with a lot of shops that we don't have around where we are from, but could definitely use some stores that sell more kid toys than just the Disney store. We stop here every time we are in Saint Louis, and will probably continue to do so.

Carol Beal

I like shopping at the Galleria has a lot of shops to choose from and a lot of eateries it's always clean and no foul odor.


Still a mall for when I need one. Seems like they are all leaving us.

Regina McCoy

Really good experience at the Cheesecake Factory. Meal was great and dessert was better.

Colleen Heilman

I ate at the Weber grill, great food! If you like creme brulee, this is the place to get it! I would highly recommend it.

Antwan Coleman

D Duncan

The Galleria use too be the place to go however lately there are too many unsupervised children/teens there. I hope the don't run the Galleria down like they did Jamestown Mall, Northwest Plaza, and/or the Mills SMH

Tina Pratt

Beautiful mall. Had fun at Lush. Great customer service. Catered to my grand daughter like a princess.


This used to be a very nice upscale mall. Still decent but be careful because there have been shootings around the premises. I dont go to this mall unless I can quickly get in and out of it. But just to go there and have a pleasant peaceful shopping experience, I would not choose here.

Victor Harvey

a great place to hang out the food court is great all the shopping areas are great it's a nice place to hang out with your friends and y'all get tickets for the movie don't forget the Helium Comedy Club you can catch later there's a lot of shopping to do up in there that you wouldn't believe

charles walker

Not worth it considering the cost to get there, the ever-increasing crime, and so many other options in nicer locales


I usually enjoy myself here, a lot of stores to choose from, bery nice atmosphere.

MrsPaula Kelly

I enjoy the selections of business in the Galleria. From Shark Tank items like the Best Pocket Square Holder at the Best Wardrobe Solutions booth to Snowball's at Bahama Bucks. I love this place.

Erin Miller

It wasn't the best mall ever, but definitely big enough to have enough great stores! Not a very big food court.

SugarBaby's Savory Slaw

Took my sis for her birthday. It was our first time and we Absolutely loved it! The food was Amazing and the staff was very warm and friendly. The atmosphere was very inviting. Would definitely recommend

G Couch

Nice mall with nice price. Great selection of stores.

Diana Williams

Kyle the bartender is on coke and has a bad service. also the plus size woman manager says if you don’t like food and didn’t eat it you still pay for it! BS! i’ll be back once they’re no longer there because it’s new management and bartenders every other day. One of my favorite places is now the worst!

darrell gallagher

Beautiful mall inside and out. Good parking. Three floors of hard to find stores anywhere else. Food court was nice and a nice cinema.

Neva Taylor

Great place to shop and then put the bags in the car and just walk around the facility for exercise.

Lennon Bubb

Really amazing place. I was so excited to find a lush here. Really great service. Would definitely go back. Multiple levels

Angie Merckel

My boys love the play place there.

Teju Khot

Great shopping place if you want to spend 2-3 hrs to kill time

Jennifer Dalton

I love spending time at the Galleria. It's so nice and clean.

Rory Keylon

Nice place, plenty of options for shopping.

Travis Ramsey

Went shopping for a birthday present for my dad, and found out his birthday was LAST month.

Paul Oberle

If you need to go to a mall this is a good one

Kim Burton

I'm not really into the mall, but I like walking around in the Galleria and also if I want to stop and eat, I don't have to come out of there, I can just stop and pick somewhere in there to eat. It has a lot of different food choices. The last time I went it seemed kinda comfortable in a lot of the different sitting areas. There's many stores to choose to window or regular shopping. The atmosphere was relaxing, but that may have been because of the time of day it was.

Sharon Jones

Decent Mall & found deals on clearance

Aisha Turner

Beautiful mall and the Macy's staff in the perfume area are the best.


Great parking restaurants food court as well as variety of stores and great kiosks.

Steven Cobb

Nice selection. Small disney store.

Natalia Rasavong

Really nice mall. Enjoy all the stores and the food court. They offer a variety of foods and shopping.

Gitema Karori

Great place to shop in one go.

Christine Altepeter

This mall has some of the best stores

Tammy Anderson

Got To See Samuel j. Comroe , with my sister and her family, really love it. Want to go Back

Jimmie Kaye Britten

Beautiful atmosphere. Ate at the Weber Grill. Friends surprise birthday party. Gathered in a small banquet room; about 20 people tight but good friends and family time. The service was okay. One waiter. Food okay kinda dry. Salad was old looking avocado was brownish-black, greenbeans were good flavor but on the dehydrated side (it was a last minute exchange) meats were too yummy (smile) we had salmon, chicken and ribs. Plenty of rolls and butter. Delicious drinks. Raspberry tea. Very delightful waiter.

E.M. I.

Most Popular Mall in St Louis - Location Location Location Central Locations usually always win

L Lamb

Well appointed, comfy environment, not to mention good free WiFi.

Dennis Hood

Upscale mall that still has a high percentage of occupancy so you can still find retail in between the anchor stores. I still prefer to shop at Dillard's, but there are plenty of specific clothing and accessory stores to browse in as well. Plenty of walking space, not cramped or crowded, even on the weekend. Parking is a bit of a crapshoot during busy times, but can be found if you're patient and flexible.

Alea Belmas

Love this mall! My favorite store is Charming Charlies!

Calico Fox

Beautiful mall, plenty of stores to shop, overall a great stop to visit if on vacation.

Anant Bilolikar

Pretty neat mall. I will surely come again. J'Ron Lavell was good... Nice dresses for my wife, and not pricy. $40-80 range. As we all know happy wife means happy life.

Jo Br

I'm working checking surroundings

Lisa French

Great mall, lots of great stores, very clean, everyone was very nice and professional.

Josh Huitt

Very clean and nice mall with an array of stores to choose from.

Melissa Silvey

We usually have a good experience here. It's clean, has a ton of great stores (we usually come for the Disney store) and the layout makes sense.

Richard Pieter

Nice place to visit. You can find anything here. Had dinner at Chinese restaurant

Laneyshia Drew

Great hotel! Exactly as the pics detail.

Janie Johnson

Hey best time to shop is first time in the morning on a Monday sweeeet luv that you can take your time and enjoy your day

Andria VanBuskirk

I love this mall. It has a lot of great stores that you can't find anywhere else in St. Louis. It's located in an upscale neighborhood, and so it's pretty safe.

Darrius Lane

Good place to shop but I dont see nothing new

Big Ol' Nerd

I don't find the appeal in nothing but clothing stores, if that's your thing it's the place for you. But if you're looking for a verity of places to go and things to do then I don't recommend here

tina armstrong

Nice mall. Good deals. Friendly

Lynne Ram

Great place to shop and lot of unique stores. Atmosphere is clean and friendly, the food court has a wonderful selection of choices and cinema.

Mickey Pietrzak

One of the few malls in Saint Louis worth going to still. There always seems to be plenty of parking (don't forget the covered garage). Most of the anchor style stores are present along with a number of botique places. The movie theatre isn't anything special though.

Ilia Mici

Great Mall. Everything that you need to shop

Debby Leonard

Since the shooting yesterday, it was unusually quiet, overall it was nice and clean the employee at the jeweler's was so friendly

Oliver Prince

It's a mall. Nothing special. A variety of choices. A good place for window shopping. I like the tea and scented candles. If you are buying clothes decide what you want fit beforehand. There is a broad but shallow selection.


Didn’t get to go shopping here today, but this is such a large shopping mall! I was impressed by all the shops I saw and restaurants. Definitely want to come back and do some shopping and eating!!

Gary Crites

Beautiful mall with great stores. Parking garage is convenient. The choice of restaurants in the Food Court was OK but need more variety. But overall my family and I had a great day and great experience at the Galleria.

L'erin Vincent

Seems like a well kept place, we loved California pizza.

Megan Kirby

Lots of options for shopping but we experienced some pretty obnoxious behavior by some teens in the food court. Lots of yelling and bad words that I didn't necessarily want my little kids to hear.

Hearts Merodi

Well, the negatives first: my phone does not want to connect to the WiFi. There's no V-Stock here. And now, the positives: I was not feeling like I was in a old because the mall was well lit and maintained. They had working escalators and elevators. The theater is a nice one to go to. Everyone in the stores were nice.

Bonita Newby

Good place to socialize and eat or shop. Girls night out!

Yuval Alon

I’m visiting this mall from time to time for 15 years. There are plenty of stores and mall itself is well maintained. Free WiFi and nice food court on ground level.


Love this place. My wife love to shopping here

shayna veazie

Love this mall! Very clean, lots of great stores, safe. I always enjoy shopping here.


Has a weird layout. Some parts seem really dark and reminded me of a dying mall. Maybe it was because I was there on a weekday. There are some good stores

Sheila Christianson

Very few people in the mall. Many sales going on in stores. Easy parking.

Mindy Moser

1st Indian food... #Delicious

George Walton

It is nice I love it I enjoyed myself 5 stare rating

Melissa Lyddon

I love the selection & it was very clean. Parking was easy & free

Daughter Of the King of Kings

Went to Zagg.... great service

John Mbugua

Very nice place with variety to choose from.


Most of the workers in this mall are very friendly and are very helpful in what you need. Some of the store workers are VERY pushy and does not mind their own business. I would recommend this to anyone who does not want to buy clothes. The material the stores sells is very cheap but they charge high prices.

Stacey Warren

I love the renovation of the mall. And Weber Grlll restuarant was a nice addition

Andrea Lyn

Wonderful place to shop! Whatever your looking for, you can find! Great food court as well.

Jason Wever

As far as malls go, it's a pretty good one. Very well up-kept and not so big that it's a pain to get around. I am generally not a mall person and I avoid them at all cost, but if I HAVE to go to one, the Galleria isn't so bad

Chad Harsy

Love stopping by the Cheesecake Factory! Close parking is hard to come by so be patient!

Shannon Broadway

This is perhaps the best mall in the St Louis area.

Damini Jaiswal

Nice market for shopping+food.

JJ Weigal

Great collection of stores that always have good sales. Always clean.

April Almanza

Big mall. Lots of good stores and parking!

Ola-Victor M

Nice day of shopping, feast restaurant selections, settle down for a movie and a nice night of laughter at the helium comedy club - all in one mall!

Melvin Toure

I love this place so much

Diane Gruss

Great place to shop for various items

Jeremy Powell-Clark

One mall of many we could have went too but man was it s trip loved every moment of the three story mall !

Cynthia Davis

Gorgeous mall! Every nice store you'd ever want to shop at, but no Christian Store.

Sam White

Went in to get my Pro Max. I was in a bind after not finding it anywhere and dealing with underwhelming representatives, but this store was a breath of fresh air they actually worked with me and got my phone! So ecstatic i had to leave a good review for Montell and his staff. Appreciate you guys will be coming back to this location from now on.

Jake Law

Amazing place, lots of things you can buy.

Bob Brock

I got my car broken in here don’t go here very dangerous I would give it negative stars if I could. The metro stop right next to the the mall makes it an easy get away for criminals. The security is too understaffed and not roving the parking structure on foot like they should. I would avoided this mall at all costs.

Ken Thetford

Large modern mall in West St Louis. Pretty much the same as most malls, with department stores, clothing stores, and accessory shops.

Charla Schaubert-gerardi

Love stopping here when I'm in the area

carly atherton

Best mall in the area, kids play area is the best

Ada Ezenwa-Autrey

It is a nice mall. Mostly clean. So glad Free People is a part of the mall.

Brandy Rasheed

It's a mall. Wish they had a few more different stores to choose from. Odd layout. Some spots are dark and quiet while others are open.

Jackie Trotman

My youngest son took me to the Helium Comedy club at the Galleria for the firs time to see Gary Owen as a belated Mother's Day gift.

justin wallace

Great mall. It has every option you can think of and a few more. Get great local cuisine and check out the art galleries for a good time.


The mall overall is nice. We stopped by Macys around 2 pm and bought some shoes. The cashier was rude. I waited my turn, started saying "Hi", she spotted someones browsing behind me and cut me off with a finger in front of my face "Just a minute", she called and talked to them, went to the back brought out some box for them, then talked to them some more over my shoulder. She then proceeded with me without even a glance, a smile nor "sorry about that, etc." When she finished the transaction, she handed me the bag again without even a glance, a smile nor "thank you". Being in customer service myself, I know sometimes customers can wear you thin so I don't make a fuss as a customer but I expect courtesy in return. Will not go back to Macys here again.

Timothy Cheah

This mall houses hundreds of shops and restaurants to keep you here for a while. The variety and choices is suitable for all people. The mall is also well kept and clean. Highly recommend visiting the Saint Louis Galleria

miyah niyah

Fun but not very good shoes

Laquinta Douglas

Big but I seemed to have found a few good outfits.

Yorkie Lover

Great place. I just miss lots of the stores that were once there.

MJ Jones

Went to Texas De Brazil, awesome food! The different meats just kept coming to our table! I will say that I felt like I had to hurry up and eat because it was so cold in there, and I didn't want my food, (especially the lamb, because cold lamb is gross) to get cold. Management came to see if we were ok and I mentioned this to him, and he assured me they are working on it. I would definitely go back!

Sherry Bolden

Macy's and ALL my favorite stores. Grab a pretzel while your there

Jason Lange

Great mall with out of the norm shopping options

Ria Goncalves

Great selection of stores and easy to get around

Linda Ashford

Huge great shopping and top of the line stores

Alfa Ramirez

Great mall to visit, don't skip over the food section :D the food is great, the boba tea is greater! The whole mall is a great experience and there is a theater right behind the food section.

Edward B

All the major mall stores & a massive Dillards. Very good covered parking & many convenient entrances. I've been shopping here for over 30 years& it's changed into an even better mall.

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