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Where is Columbia Mall?

REVIEWS OF Columbia Mall IN Missouri

George Newman

This place has been allowed to die. They have only had two new tenants move in in three years with over two dozen storefronts still empty and only a dozen or so already occupied.

Helen Simpson

Great place, just wish more stores would come back!!!

Stev !

Despite the closed shops, this mall is pretty active and usually has quite a bit of foot traffic. Theres a play area for the kids, a good food court, and a surprisingly wide range of shops. It's a great place to hang out or get some shopping done!

Crystal Gibson

Nothing to talk about there's nothing there .

Loren Coyne

I love Columbia mall, don't get there as often as I'd like to but I absolutely love it.

Josh B

Columbia Mall is a great place to visit whether if you visit just before a sports event or just live in Columbia. There are many different stores here such as GameStop, JCPenney, Target, and Hot Topic. The only thing I don't like about this mall is that 80 percent of it is clothing stores which gives people not looking for clothes not as much stores to choose from. Overall this mall has many great stores to shop at and I would recommend this to anyone who lives in Columbia or visiting Columbia.

Mike Wyllys

Great story

Phyllis Moore

It's a haunted house. Nothing in the mall but a restaurant (very good Southern down home cooking) , JC Penney and Body and Bathworks

samantha pabst

It has several of my favorite stores in it so it gets an A+ from me.


Barnes & Noble has a Starbucks and I get discounts because of my membership. I also enjoy social encounters in the Barnes & Noble scene. I feel as though my creative juices set to purpose when I take time to browse at Barnes & Noble. The bathrooms there too if you need it and it's not gross like you might find elsewhere.

Dena Ray

So sad. Nothing there. And the Penney's doesn't have enough selection.

Roy Kline

It's quite dead. Most stores are shuttered.

Kasey Collins

Nice mall, can be a bit crowded but decent.

Dank Jalapeñobusiness

For the love of all things good, please don't go here. If the hospital would absorb it, and use it for meaningful space, that would be a very happy ending to the sad story of the mall. The mall is a ghost town where there once was a decent selection. I'm assuming the exorbitant price to rent combined with terrifying facilities drove all respectable businesses away. Avoid please.

Pxtrxck Cxxksxy

Nice clean mall..excellent food court

Christian McKale

Good size with lots of stores. Friendly staff and good atmosphere.

Amelia Taylor

Gimme 5 nice

lynn stevens

The only good store here is Bath and Body Works.

Gopal Krishna

Columbia Mall is a good family place for casual and formal shopping. Unfortunately, Sears have wrapped up and closed the store. They still have JC PENNY, DILLARDS, TARGET. Good eating places like Panera bread co. Also, a food court with reasonable variety.

deanna peach

Gimme 5 columbia is awesome

Carol Cunningham

Sorry mall is empty and needs refurbished. We go to the Bath and Body Works here. It is always great and has excellent helpers.

Hope Savell

Nice enjoy my vist

Lloyd Richards

We just stopped for lunch on our bus trip. So I don't know too much about the mall.

Jessica Newcomb

Needs a better Mish mash of stores and not just things geared to the suburban house wife or stick figure people. Bring in more diverse stores with a broader sizing ranges. Seriously when we go in to the mall any more we enter through target to get to the only 2 stores I really care about, Torrid and Hot Topic, although Hot Topic was better in 2005... That has nothing to do with the fact I wish they were a litte closer to Barnes and Noble... Although I do enjoy seeing all the different kinds of people walking the halls! A Ross Store would be amazing in the Columbia Mall!!

Bill Palmer

Like all malls, Columbia Mall has some great stores in one convenient location. Unfortunately, like most of the malls, there tends to be far too many people who are rude and only concerned about themselves, and nothing else! The worst part about that is that almost all of the employees in most of the stores are the Rudest of the RUDE, and in my opinion, are the very reason that Columbia Mall is following the same pattern of death and decay as a lot of the other great malls of the old days.

shelby kilburn

So sad that big building just sits empty, please open up more stores within it. It does need repairs! Needs some TLC...

Mike Henson

There just isn't be much to be said about a declining property, and this mall has certainly seen better retail times.

George Harris

The mall in COMO. Good enough¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dee-Anna Drake

Not much here sorta creepy in places because it's extremely dark

Alex Troge

I adore this mall for the oddity it currently is. At the time I am writing this review most of the mall's shops are vacant minus a couple stores which makes walking through this mall as spooky as you might think. I only wish they hadn't blocked parts of the mall off so the whole thing could be explored. Check it out if you're in town or passing through just for the experience - certainly not the shopping!

James Sargent

Centrally located, and hidden gems inside. Never tried the restaurant though. Ill have to give it a try.

Corey Hay

This mall needs to be torn down. Nothing worth going there for, especially farmers restaurant

Teresa Holt

Good place to find things.

Tracy Daugherty

Excellent selection. Prices were a little high. I waited at the member services desk for quite awhile before looking up the title online to find the category and the wandering the entire store before I found the section and eventually the book. I'm not from the area and was unfamiliar with the store. Saw a few associates that were presumably too busy to acknowledge me.

Roger Sears

Not much there anymore

Steve Ritter

It's a ghost town.very spooky haha

steven yankowski

Deserted since last there many years ago

ashley williams

Horrible. It use to be great back in the day but now it's awful. The restaurant Farmer in there is fantastic good, but that's really it for the mall. The owner has let it run down and everything is moving out.

Ben May

It is sad to see the mall half empty.

KMae Thornsberry

Nice environment. Clean facilities. Great people.

Jim Gauss

Went to Farmers Market excellent restaurant buffet style. Food was wonderful and so was the service. Sea food added Fridays and Saturdays, can also order crab legs alacart not found on buffet

Hannah Milster

I love this mall so far. It has all of its stores, so it doesn’t seem like it’s closing down like several malls in STL. It’s clean and has a nice big food court. I also LOVE that it has a Barnes and noble and a TARGET attached. So I can do some fun mall shopping, then run over to target and get some grocery shopping done! I gave it 4/5 because I’m not gonna lie the mall doesn’t feel super safe. I’ve never seen any security people, and I wouldn’t go here at night.

Mrs. Davis

There is a farmers restaurant a bath and body works a hair cutting store and jc penny... What mall?? So sad

Megan Snow

Love to shop here great and convenient

anna fockler

Sad more retail not there anymore. A couple of big box have moved atv/cycles and there is a Gimme a 5 liquation store.

Chavonne Orr

We don't even have a Mall

Tonya Lawrence

Give me 5 was a fun experience

Larry Hamilton

Oh what can I say

Cherie Johnston

Nice having a mall in town

Josiah Killion

Nice mix of your typical mall stores and some unique ones, like Vintage Stock.

david kelly

Good need another floor to it.

Chuck Royse

This mall has only few stores left, once (for small town) was a Nice mall.

Mary Morris

First time visiting . We really enjoyed it

Smuggle Snuggle

This was once one of the best places to go there was BIG clothes shops and it was technically a mini version of the coolsprings galleria. Now it’s just a lonely, dark, place that will make a good scene for a movie involving a serial killer. There was a Goody’s here once that was a great go-to place but sadly closed in 2017. Now the only go-to places there is bath and body works and JCPenney. But hidden beneath the darkness of the mall is a barber shop so you can go there if you want a new hairstyle. However the mall is getting a slowly revival since a motor company moved in the mall. I give it a 2/5 rating. Cross your fingers for the revival of the Columbia Mall

David Adams

Wow! This place is worth a visit, not for shopping or grabbing a bite at the food court but to see the "retail apocalypse" first hand. I spent countless hours here as a teenager and now it's like something out of a horror movie. However it was worth the time and we had fun.

Sri Charan

The usual mall . Nothing much

Corey Johnston

It's a little empty, but all malls are. I'm just glad that Columbia has them all because it's very convenient the stores they do have are very clean and easy to shop.

Misty Hicks

We had a girls day recently and visited the mall! It was good to see more filled stores this time. It seemed fairly busy for a Tuesday afternoon. We had alot of fun and ended up finding all the things we came shopping for! Score!!

Katie Marme

Columbia Mall is in such a sad state. In years past, it was the shopping hub of Columbia and had many stores and lots to do. In my teen years I spent many weekends shopping and hanging out with my friends. It's sad to see the place falling apart with almost no stores left. The days of the mall are quickly moving past us as online shopping is the way people shop now.

Ruschel McKinzie Jenkins

One of the best malls in Missouri. Highly recommend

Jacquelyn Cranston

Bath and body and payless shoes are the only 2 stores in the mall :(

Pamela Graves

They dont have any thing other than one shoe store and the rest is hair salons

Lynda Hibner

Very nice place


I found everything I needed and got recommendations for new work shoes. However, the parking lot is so big I managed to get lost, I think the exit doors should have signs sayinf what rows are just ourside the door

kilo 04

Great place to lose everyone you came there with

Clint Girard

Wish malls weren't dying.

Vani Way

Nothing much to see and buy.

Laurie Decker

This is one of my all time favorite malls.

Dwayne Hickman

Was a wonderful place to visit when there were shops there

Noreen Ray

Wish they would open more stores there. People would go there if they had more stores like it was before

Mandy Wilkerson

I love the bath and body works store and the restaurant serves a good country cooking buffet

Steven Poynter

Thank God for JCPenney farmers not much left now

Tina Foster

There's nothing there anymore. Farmers family buffet is all there is in front and bath and body works in the main hall. Most stores are long gone and sit empty. Half of the mall was blocked off and turned into a medical facility.

Alana Jacobs

The place is vacant! Its like a ghost town! There are only 2 stores and 1 restarant in the entire mall!

Marie Lewis

Richard does a great job and has good Customer service, when somebody asked him where a place is he gives the people directions to the closes map of the mall.

Ethan Alexander

I've been coming here since I was little, a great mall with great variety!

Kevin Smoot

Had everything I could need or want for and then some

Bob Andy

Nice mall lots of regular stores and lots of specialty stores too

Fall Girl

I would of rated higher but there was a very rude worker.

Melissa Walton

It's good for Columbia need more stores though

Berry Canote

This was once a great mall, but went down hill during the 2000s. It has since made a comeback, and is a great place to spend an afternoon shopping.

Deb Canton

I am at a loss for words. Columbia Mall used to be a vibrant, fun, place to shop. However, there are now so many stores that have closed. I don't believe the managers or the company that owns the mall cares at all about the people who live in Grand Forks. At one time, there were many people who came to visit from Canada and shop here. However, that has deteriorated also as we have lost the department stores. Grand Forks is a wonderful place to live and I wish the owners/manager of the Mall would care about those of us who would still love to shop in GF rather than travel to Fargo or shop online. Sioux Falls (yes it is a larger city) has a wonderful mall and Dillards is now moving into that mall. I truly wish someone cared about those of us who would prefer to spend our money in GF, which also increases our commitment to let our tax dollars stay at home. However, I guess no one cares, except for those of us who are true to GF.

Vincent Gratton

A good place to shop for clothing, shoes and bikes

Neko Onna

This place could be great if they had more stuff in it. The food court is basically empty now and shops in there keeps closing down, makes me wonder if it will eventually close down. A few shops I like in the mall are hot topic, bath and body works and pets r inn. It's sad that there's so many lots in the mall but the shops aren't increasing but are seemingly decreasing. Hope they could do something about it.

Lynn Scarberry

This may not be the actual mall owners fault, but it is empty! You can barely call it a mall... there are a mere handful of stores open now. Sad to see our only "mall" failing.

Kali Kay

Unfortunately, its dying.

Curt Foerster

Other than Penny's not much else there anymore. Losing Sears and Macy's was a big blow to it. Sad !!


The place reminds me of a funeral home. Places are leaving there quicker than rats from a sinking ship.

Tom Krause

Spendy as all malls are

Joseph Biggane

I wish I could rate's always clean and the pet store is awesome. The corner stores are nice as well, but there are just so many storefronts not filled. The closing of Macy's definitely didn't do the mall any favors. Wish there were more food court options as well...malls seem to be struggling in general but the Columbia mall pales in comparison to the Fargo, Bismarck, and Minot malls; maybe it's a management issue...

Norm Boyle

Too many empty store fronts. We used to travel from Canada to shop here and get somethings that were not available in Winnipeg. Now there is a 32% increase in the exchange plus a cost for hotel and restaurants. This makes it very expensive to shop here. The Winnipeg retail market has expanded and there are many new stores to choose from. I was shocked to see the number of empty store fronts and happy to know that I am not invested in the mall or area. I'm not sure how you can entice a return of the Canadian shopper.


Sad that there's nothing left in there

Kenneth Kovalyak

Great selection, friendly service.

Joseph. D

Left Scheels when it closed at 9 and went to use the restroom. Was told by a rent a security guy that I was not allowed because it was 6 minutes past closing time. He was rude. No wonder Columbia Mall is dieing.

Markki LeBlanc

Great mall when you come from a town with little to no mall. Losing stores fast though. Usually have good deals going on.

Janet Anderson

Good place to visit lots to choose from good selection of stores

Jacob Brunelle

Basically empty. Should probably be redone and updated with better stores.


I don't really like going to this mall anymore. Scheel's is in the mall, but I bet they make more money than the mall owners themselves. I remember back when the mall used to have a bunch of restaurants in the food court and there was a Macy's and Sears and a bunch of other stores. But now the food court is totally empty and it is just quiet and no one is really there in the mall anymore. It's kinda sad going there.

Ahmed Saher

A nice place for shopping in the city

Chain Masters

Alot of empty spaces in here and no food court anymore. From my understanding the owners have the rent too high for most businesses to stay open. Hopefully they can pull their heads out of... well you know.

Corey Vokey

This mall is going downhill. I remember from when I was a kid it was the place to shop in grand forks but now it is not worth the time

Jim Klein

Went to Scheels bought some tennis shoes and they were very helpful on size and width and what went wrong with the tennis shoes I bought 2 months ago but not from Scheels. So Scheels is the place to go.

Kristi Knudson

Its turning out like the plaza mall. Most of the stores are gone because of the greediness of the Columbia and Plaza mall owners. Their rent being so high no business can afford the rent from the greedy owners.

John Hanson

If it wasn't for the two stores on opposite ends of the Mall there wouldn't be much left. But still there are some specialty shops...

Peter Cavey

Not a bad mall. I find it strange though that the stores can close randomly throughout the day whenever they want.

Donte Anderson

It is the best mall in Grand forks but not many stores left open

Nate Hoekstra

Best all sports store out there.

John Lacrosse

As a guy, I'm a get in, buy it, get out type of person. I was able to find what I needed, and was helped by the staff of one store in locating the store I needed to get to.

rebecca p

There's not a lot of shopping there anymore. There's no food court anymore, several stores have closed and 5 more are going out of business. If it wasn't for Sheels and JcPennys I wouldn't have any shopping that I would do there.

Daniel Concha

Some good deals, but you guys need to get some stores in there! Maybe revamp your food court as well.

KSP Games219

It's so fun to go and look at stuff

Olusola Bolaniran

One stop for all your shopping needs


Starting to look like a ghost mall. Still has the Boot Barn though. And I like that.

Joe Egan

Only has 2 anchor stores (Scheel's and JC Penny) left after Sears and Macy's closed, but service is still good. Food court has limited options.

Tannys Steele

It is nice. The stores are a good variety. Parking is great. I find it interesting that the whole mall is carpeted.

Bitty Solberg

Its really gone downhill these past 10 years unfortunately! There's no place for playing games except the random machines places throughout the mall(more for little ones than kids) thankfully scheels moved in awhile back and seems to be one of the few places maintaining and bringing in business/customers :( theres literally NO food court!? Nice spacious area with a fireplace and all! Very dissapointed to see the work they put into making the mall better just to fail miserably. Jcpenney and the pet store are still going strong! Journeys will most likely be next to go given their choice of crew and being located next to shoe carnival. Love Victoria's secret but wish it wasnt so crowded(knock down some walls from the vacant neighbors perhaps!?)

michelle tubbs

Love it just needs ti be alittle bigger

Wanessa Scribner

That's not a

Sharon Shoemaker

I love the Columbia Mall, and I go there anytime and I'm in Columbia Missouri. Prices are reasonable, I feel safe there, the cafe area is nice. They even have a carousel. One of my favorite places to go when I'm traveling through Columbia, MO is Columbia Mall I will continue to stop there during my travels.

Delia Radilla


Michael .

Nothing like it used to be. Most of the stores have closed down an moved out.

Donna Becker

Sad, empty place

Georgy Porgie

The only thing about Columbia Mall is good they have that Family Restaurant farmers market love it salad bar Seafood in Columbia so far that's the only buffet that we really really have that's on point

Olivia Grace

Such a disgrace. It was once a lively, thriving place.

Kat Friaser

I'm here with my family every time we go to Columbia and we love it! It gives the family something to do on Saturdays. They have lots of cool shops with great prices. I really like it and it's food court is amazing too. Very nice set up and arrangements. Very easy to navigate around the place. Not very busy so it's not crowded so yeah really good place!!!

Brittney Lawless

Not much of a "mall" it has maybe 3 or 4 stores.

sarah lane

Sign up here

Matthew Key

I like this mall more than most. They have many different shops, and helpful people. If you can notice, they are pet friendly as long as they are trained, and if you will go to Starbucks you can even get a free treat for the dog as well. They get a 9/10.

The Land

Theres nothing there , just a skeleton of a plaza

Ibrahim Ajiserere

Great Mall One stop for All

jennifer pugh

Only 2 stores or so left in the mall.

Dream 7601

The mall was so nice and clean and their staff is nice and really helpful.

Robert A. Bussey Jr.

Nice mall, they have more to offer than Jefferson City mall and surrounding businesses.

Ashley Akins

I always enjoy going here and seeing all my favorite stores

Robert Crowley

Basically everything you could need, lots of good food. A place definitely good for spend some time with the family.


This mall is dead. It's a JCPenney and a bath and body. The city should sue whoever runs it.

Joshua Parham88

I think its awesome!!I also think the owners are fabulous owners! And most all malls are going away in America!NOT JUST COLUMBIA!And the owners can keep The Columbia Mall open and not sell if they choose.Wanna know why?Because they own it.Not You or me.I know i know.They should put all kinds of stores back in there.

Shari Gaddy

I was able to walk right into Helzburg Jewelers and get waited on. The mall was very clean and well lit.

Albert Pryor

Went to Farmers restaurant. Excellent food at a bargain, all you can eat.

Tim Bogle

Not a mall. A 90% empty building with a handful of overpriced stores.

Adarian Johnson

Over rated. The mall has just amount of stores not to be considered empty.

Heather Goss

Typical mall, but seemed kin d of dead. The play area was small, but the food court and carousel were nice. This place even had a baby changing area near, but separate from, the bathrooms

sheila larson

If you enjoy having an entire mal to your self, this is the place to go. JC Penny is thriving and so is bath and body works. Now, there was a jacket at JCP that was 65$. But if I bought 2 items, I could get 50% of of the 2nd item. Instead I went to Amazon and bought the exact same jacket for 40$. Also, the had "sale signs" 40% off regular price, when you spend over 40$" for some reason, that just doesn't seem like a sale to me. Seems like they should just mark down the price to a reasonable one too begin with.

Boo Boo

Pitiful sad place..its dead. At one time it was a great place to shop now its just sad.

Holly Hylbert

Not much here!

Mitzie Tanner

Great selection of baby gifts.

Laura Burns

What mall!

Elizabeth Couch-Hamlett


Anna Bradshaw

Went to Bath and Body Works. Love that store and everything they carry. The mall has lots of good stores and places to eat.

Sherry Harvel


Eric Landeros

Ok shopping, good food. Place for kids to play and ride carousel.

Nicole Constable

It's not a HUGE Mall but definitely one of the better places in our area. I prefer it to anywhere in St.Louis & it's nice & much better than Jefferson City.. if they are still open? They have a Dillard's, Zales, Justice, VS, and a Target! I got the job done! There's a nice lil food court with a Carousel for the kids.. very pleased! ♡

John Prince

Place is dead and falling into disrepair.

Trisha Miller

Nice, clean Mall with lots of shops to shop in.

Donnie Triebsch

A lot of stores to choose from excellent have any coupons available for free clothes

Chuck Martin

No places to shop

Casey Thompson

Nice mall, had everything I could want!

Susan Larison

Did not have time to shop this mall - just stopped at KFC but it looked like they had a nice variety of stores ( larger than the one we have in our town in Kansas)

Mike The Mic Guy

Sadly this place has gone down hill so much in recent years. It’s trying to come back, but it’s gonna have to do a lot if it wants to come back. It’s so dilapidated that it looks completely abandoned in and out, not the greatest look if it wishes to attract customers. Only has like 2 stores. The only things keeping it up is JC Penny’s, Military Recruitment Centers, and Maury Regional offices.

Delaney Lange

So much better than the Jefferson City mall

Stephen McBee

The staff here are great!!! The mall helped us pack over 30,000 meals for the hungry and get it off to our local food bank. The management really cares for our community!!! They bent over backwards to help us out and make sure we had the space and time to make this happen.

Robert Wiborn

Everything you need all in one plaza

William Rundell

Took my granddaughters to Jump Zone!

Meagan Arroyo

This mall is failing miserably. There are only two main shops, one restaurant, and a rather unsuccessful salon (in my opinion) that are holding on for dear life. If you're seeking a typical "mall" experience, make the trek to Cool Springs.

Mz. Kendra

It's a shame how empty this mall is. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed.

Ken Turner

Looks deserted.

Wt Pence

Too bad it is so under used !

Jennifer Ward

Dim lighting in hallways.

unknown person

Shouldn't be called a mall anymore just empty space

rebecca wright

Too many fights with unsupervised kids I think they should be supervised to go

JoAnn Williams

Clean and different varieties of shops to check out. It has a food court, reasonably priced. Plenty of seating and also indoor carousel for your little ones to ride on. .

Frank Clark

Nice place.

Julie Gordon

Old and outdated. Would love to see more store reviralize.

William Thorpe

Outdated ... Scared to explored or to bring something original there. Only come for the sells and holidays other then that not worth my time

Sherry Brown

Chicken and dumplings and shopping. What more could a girl want. Except the store prices are getting a little high on some things. Other times you can find some awesome deals.

Rita King

Nice place to go. Not really kid friendly

Juanita Matthews

It is so DEAD, only has 2 stores in the Columbia mall. It would be nice if it was packed, what a shame!!

Tim West

Gots all the best stuff

Betty Tidwell

Went to farmers for breakfast didn't have the selection they normally have was very disappointed

Ashley Kendall

The farmers family restaurant was amazing!! And the sales at bath & body works are absolutely out of this world!! I would go as soon as you can!! Only bad thing I would say is the guy that works in there was very rude to my daughter's & me, he seen us looking for stuff and never spoke. Never greeted us when we walked in yet stared directly at us. Very unfortunate because the women there were very helpful, and great customer service from them!

GARY Busby

Farmers family restaurant great place to eat

B.C. Hill

Primary Mall in Columbia. Very good selection of stores. Easy access to I-70.

Silver Bull30

My go to mall much better than the mall in my town

Lawanda Galbreath

Waste of good space! Need business been told it's very expensive and the owners live outta town anyway?

ZPG bass

A great place a lot of stuff very satisfied

Kate Nowlin

Nice mall. Could have more selection of stores though.

Bevin Baty

Um is this a mall? I don't think a family restaurant, JC penny, army recruiting office, and gimme $5 should be considered a "mall" The cancer center in this "mall" is amazing though! 5 stars to them!

Vickie Traylor

I love and miss malls. They can be hard to find these days. Clean and comfortable, and lots of good stores.

Lisa McGrath

Scheel's has a bike repair shop in store. There is also a restaurant that serves fresh sandwiches and salads called Ginny's. There is also a fudge shop in the restaurant. You wouldn't expect to find such great place for lunch and a treat inside a sports store.

Koda Oficial

Great service

Pam Larsen

When the store chase u out because its 1 minute before they close....well u lost my business! And u wonder why there are hardly any customers or so many business closed...Ill go to Fargo next time

Alexander De Freitas

A little small for my taste but you can get all the necessities. Love the pet store here though!!!

LaRochel Steyn

The mall is a really good shopping place e but I wish some of the stores would not close

Pat Stewart

Getting old not many stores left

svhaze 56

Nice mall!

Waleed Al.badri

A wonderful place to buy stuffs. I visited it twice ☺☺☺

Jacklyn F

Was once a vibrant hopping place, to bad it has such an empty feel to it now. Still has some good stores and the place is always clean.

Nicole Bourman

Best time to go is during the week.

Papa Inn Bear

Great mall. Had some fun at the pet store and Scheels.

with the Stuarts

Wish this mall had more. The addition of Scheels is nice, but it still feels like a dying mall.

Jessey smith

First time here for nails at Nail Garden. I love this Mall.

Collin Stevenson

It's a mall with lots of stuff. Sporting goods, puppies, ball caps, JC Penny, Sears, lots of stuff. I especially like the carpet floor. Who wouldn't love miles of carpeted floor.

hannah Osborne

I love this mall but a bunch of stores are closed and closing

Bryce Bontrager

Cozy local mall with a variety of stores and kiosks.

Roberta Arndt

Very helpful, very pleasant.

Frances Johnson

It was okay. But I can see it slowly dying.


Very friendly team members, they will ask you if you need any help right when you walk in. It seems they appreciate our business. And It is executive but they do have high quality products

Wesley Smith

It's really starting to empty out...better find some new businesses

Travis Weesner

This mall is in a desparate state. Multiple closed stores and the food court is entirely closed down.

William Dittmer

I always love going to the mall. There are such beautiful people of all shapes and sizes. I like the free samples of lotion. I like the art, and the little kids with shoes that light up. I like being a human being again.

Theresa Weisert

Midwest vision is conveniently located near the mall entrance with a helpful and friendly staff. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

Carla Smith

Great place to walk!

Matt Burdick

This mall is now a ghost of what it used to be. No restaurants in the food court, half of the mall is vacant stores, the security guards are usually creepy/weird, and the parking lot in some areas is in terrible shape. Wont be long before this mall is taken over by churches like the Grand Cities Mall.

Nelson Garcia

Best stuffed pretzels in the area


I, usually, only visit one store in this mall - Scheels. This is the saddest mall I’ve ever visited.

Ron Capistran

Nice store with well staffed knowledgeable sales people. Great selection of sporting goods and clothing for everyone. Restaurant serves really good food at reasonable price.

Steven Demmerly

Great selection.

Lisa Jo Yeip

Great value for your dollar.

Corina Valdes

All around good for whatever your looking for.


A good but small mall. But so fun to just relax at. I love the animal store

David Zimmerman

The mall is great but it needs more stores!

Usha Rai

Everything is good there except scam mobile repair center which they sell fake iPhone parts


Needs more stores.


There are some great stores there and everyone is pretty friendly. It is also right near other popular stores, so you can just do one trip to all the stores.

Abby Handeland

Everything is closed now.

Nancy Lynn Haltli

Clean and a pleasant place to shop.

ashley rosa

I like going here to get my nails done at Nail Garden. The Mall offers great sales. more stores maybe?

Meredith M. Garza

Idk if I'm a shopaholic but this place relaxes me lol, my daughter loves it too.

Michael Graham

Dead mall! Very few stores are still open. The building is mostly used by walkers to escape the weather...

darren troy

Only shopped JCPenney for great savings and the service was great. Did not go into the Mall due to late hours, I am sure there were more stores added and sales that I missed which I will makeup for next weekend.

D Tucker

This place is on a come back

Gary Stohl

Need more stores and spruce it up alittle

Miranda Battles

Limited stores inside

David Scrivner

Clean and lots of good stores

Jason Premo

Nice stores

Christian Whitehead

Mall in the early days was an experience growing up and looking at it now, it's really sad to see what happened to the mall in its current state. Some areas I have seen are now blocked off and the interior looks like a ghost town and in need of repairs and the parking lot is in need of repaving due to multiple potholes outside the parking lot near the theatre. I will give the place 4 stars just because I enjoyed the mall during my childhood and is really sad to see the place rotting up except for the cancer center part (as it was built on later)

Joseph Lacey

Great place for you to get your vehicle washed and detail. Employees are great to

Gabriel Hall

Give me a 5 is redeeming Columbia mall

Emmilyn Barton

Nothing. There is literally nothing here anymore. It's sad.

Teresa Zenorini

Worst mall ever! Only a few places with JC Penneys. It is ashame. I remember when it was tons better. Need to redo and bring majors stores back. Columbia it needs help people!

Lee Millen

Need more good stores

Melissa Yarbro

Great place to go go shopping for anything you need and get a bite to eat!

Suzaku Ryan

The bathrooms were so dirty I almost threw up.

michael bloodsworth

Great place to walk. Gamestop there is very friendly and helpful. They forgot to give me power cord but it wasnt a problem. Very patient and honest.

Adam Runde

Good place for convenient shopping. Good deals all around (one of the perks of malls going out of fashion, I assume). The layout is a bit odd and some parts don't seem very well maintained.

LaMona Tye

Love looking at all the stores

Stephanie Bendermon

Use to love the mall. Footlocker fashion bug Payless cookie shop Goody's Hibbett all the good stores are gone there is only 2 left standing in the mall now. Just not what it use to be!

Charles Brantley

Very dead... The owners are charging way too much for their rent and everyone has moved out.. Bath and body works and farmers was literally the only thing open and half the mall has been blocked sad I remember that place being the hangout..

dale wilcox

Who doesn't like the mall? More unique shopping selections than anywhere else in Columbia

Travis Hanberry

There is only two stores. This place is depressing.

Gregory Hall

Don’t bother. This mall is dead.

Linda Davis

Went to the carnival at the mall with grandkids wonderful

Sarah Williams

Great food court, lots of stores. Love this mall! Carousel inside

Rollick The Novice

If someone holds a gun up to your head forcing you to go, see if you can talk your way into a less painful option.

Champagne Minx

It is not the fanciest mall. It is relatively small, but it is the only mall in the area. It is clean, safe, and offers the typical mall experience.

Donald Janes III

It was a very nice experience. The culture was diverse and all of the patrons seemed very pleased to be shopping during this incredible weather!

Cindy Akers

Wish they had more stores

Sheryl Blair

Such a sad and empty place!! When are they going to realize how much business they are losing by letting this mall turn into a ghost town? So many people in this area would love to shop at a nice updated mall right here in Columbia instead of having to drive to Cool Springs!! Please bring back the Columbia Mall!

Sophie Becker

when I went there it was all connected it was warm it was he did I liked it a lot through so many stories you could go to for all really nice and stuff I would love to go there I mean it's so nice

Krissy Hernandez

Nice mall

Mary C

Great place to go and lots to do for the kids!

Stacey Luckey

If I could give a negative star, I would. That place is just dead. Nothing like it used to be.

Troy Price

Dying quickly, Farmers restaurant is the only reason we go there.

Jadeania Orr

Am always in and out without waiting in line forever.

Ginny B

Sales Personnel are awesome

Vickie Davis

It is sad that most every thing is closed now!

Christopher Warfield

Our mall could be better than what it is, but the owners are more worried about the mall in Florence Alabama and Cool Springs Galleria...pathetic.

Chef Big Dog

If you love magic this is the place to go!! Every time you go one more store disappears!!!

Dorothy Parrish

Ate at Farmers Market. Mall itself is pitiful.

Scrimp Daddy

Pretty basic mall with everything you need.

Debra Pleasant

Passing through from out of town was delightfully surprised. Everything I needed was in close proximity to one another.

Edward Harrison

When you gotta purchase $50 of Mother's Day cards... The Columbia Mall is the place to do it... Particularly the Target!

Julie Perry

We always have fun stopping at the Columbia Mall to pick up last minute gifts and for a reasonably priced shopping experience. Also, a nice place to meet for lunch and enjoy "window shopping" or browse for good deals.

Sandy Frederick

I used the medical facility.

Sheila Thompson

Shopping for. J.c.pennys deals worth

Kathryn Blevins

Childrenpbed riding the carousel. Lots of shops to spend time there. Everyone in our group of 12 fpund something of intetest

Cody Garrett

Good place to go, stores come an go. But they been getting more stores and filling more space with better business

Tori Nichole

went to barnes and noble and target! great time!

Liam_supreme 1

Has a lot of good stores for all needs really


Visited JC Pennies on this visit! The Columbia Mall has become like a ghost town! Does not have many stores inside the mall anymore!

Angela Brossia

Needs more shopping

Jon Pinet

I have to say this mall does an amazing about of business. This is a place I come to get what I need, as I am a picky shopper. The mall in the city I live in is trying super hard to be like this mall, but just cant quite seem to get over being driven into the dirt by the previous owner. Awesome food court. Great venders. Busy mall. Stay thirsty my friends

Hannah Lilienkamp

Decent place to window shop and kill time. Plenty of options.

Rebecca Bilbrey

Killing time before going to viewing at funeral home. Found some nice thank yous for some friends.

Tim C

Might as well plow it and turn it into a parking area. Shouldn't even be called a mall tbh.

Liliya Vak

Nice fun place with lots of great products and sales!

Tracey Shields

I wish it had a bit more but it's not too bad for your basic mall store selection.

Johny Keller

Not a big fan of malls but it was nice

Betty Randolph

This mall as you call it is dead

Eliza Waters

Easy to get around, my kind of mall.

Comet The Legendary

A great place to get your fitness step in. Plenty of stores to window shop

Pedro Mashpotatoes

Lots of places to shop and eat. It's a mall.

Sheila DT

Good to visit. Very busy, lots of stores so much selection. Candy store is crazy expensive! Lots of food places.

Amanda Bobo

Unfortunately there are not enough stores here to call this a shopping mall. There's a decent restaurant and a JC Penney store that are about the only things left. This used to be a very good mall with a lot more to offer but everything has moved out as the area has gotten a little more unsavory. The Crossings in Spring Hill have more to offer than this mall amd i recommend it.

marcia hurlow

Good place to stop on the long trek between St. Louis and Kansas City. Lots of restaurants with a wide price points, as well as stores for various necessities that arise

Monika Lambert

The mall makes me sad because of lost potential. I really hope that they can rejuvenate the mall. It would be better than driving to Cool Springs.

Paul Catterton

Everything you need, all in one place. Food court is like most malls. This mall is still strong...worth your time, check it out!

Tonita Cowans

I loved just walking from one end to the other.

Marla Hoy

You may find what you need at the Columbia Mall, or you may not. It’s a hit or miss situation. There isn’t too much selection for clothing, and many of the more fashionable clothing stores have turned into outlet stores. Food court has dwindled into just a few options, just enough to keep you coming back. Target, Dillard’s, JC Penney’s are their major department stores that are the head of each wing of the mall.

Mark Stooksbury

There's just not much left in the Columbia Mall. A very few shops and a couple of Anchor stores that have managed to hang on.

Lilly Prince

When one walks through the doors and into this virtual wasteland, one feels isolated and depressed. There are but two or three stores that remain open. The common areas are picked apart and bare. Selection - there is none of which to speak. Do not waste your time here. Select absolutely any other option.

Karen Chamberlain

Ate at the he farmer's market food And service where amazing.


It was fine. Liked it.

Jennifer Morgan

Dying mall. Ownership company not good for the county.

Ramona M

Spent way too much money with my niece, but we had fun. We ate in the food court, went to the candy store. Fun day!

RPG Hero

They closed down the main mall and there is no side shops.

Walt Burkhart

Seems like a decent mall. Didnt walk around much.

Annie Smith

Very nice mall! Kept clean and great stores!

Monika Kellner

Very nice store. Wide variety of selection and curtious, helpful Staff! JCPENNY

Julie Childers

A mall with basically one store, one beauty shop, a retaraunt, and a military recruitment office.

veronique Brown

The incredible shrinking mall!! I hate it!! Stores disappearing every time I go.

Jon Morten

Good food court and lots of retail store options.

Yvonne Madole

I love JC Penney. Great sales and always friendly helpful staff. The clothing is nice and lasts a long time.

Dane Currier-Carlson

For a mall with minimal stores still great atmosphere

Travis Nelson

Half of the stores are empty, food court is like a ghost town with no food whatsoever.. very depressing place

emma megan

an oke place for shopping. small town but many shopping centers


What the heck happened to this mall?? So few stores still open. The place is like a ghost town. The food court consists of ONE restaurant.- you can't even get an ice-cream anymore. It's sad to see what this mall has become. Unfortunately - I foresee this entire mall shutting down in the near future. I think on-line shopping and the high US - CANADA exchange rate has definitely taken it's toll.

Ann Bennett

My son loves this store. They gave everything we needed for all his up coming sport season.

Preet Chawla

Good stores. Big Sheels store. Awesome prices. Ample parking.

Mitch stafford

No shop's anymore

Pete V

Other than Scheels this place feels empty.

kathie lukas

I was in the mall for my pedicure at Nail Garden. I love this mall.

amanda l

Very nice mall most places have been shut done

Juli Stephenson

I would give 1 star, but the mall itself never looks dirty so the cleaning crew is doing well. But the mall has gone downhill as far as store selection. Rent must be too high to offset sales or something, but it's terrible. I avoid going to the mall at all costs because it is a waste of walking. At least bath and body works is still there.

Steve Garrigan

Awesome better than Paul bunyan mall

Jennifer Short

I like the large size of the mall and the stores are good but so many empty ones.

Nate Nickell

Good mall for Grand Forks. Fun to go walk around and do some shopping. Kept clean as well. Very nice food court area too. Only downside is that it seems stores have a high turnover rate here.

Ebony Prejean

Very nice mall

Brenda Goulet Parrott

Visiting relatives and had a great time finding gifts to take back home.

marc Leslie

I felt like I was filming an urbex sadly this mall is dead dead dead

Rebecca Muhlenkort

Great place to hang with friend's

Dean Fricke

We "LOVE" our hometown Scheels... thanks

Austin Van De Hey

I wish I'd get here more often. Great place to shop for whatever you need.

Stadiume Hott

Not too bad.

Anita Helget

Love there for them

Derek Lion

A slow death. This is the wordage I would use for this mall. It's very sad to see restaurants and shops closing and leaving. We still enjoy going there for Victoria's Secret and Eddie Bauer.

Danica Wood

Nice store with lots to look at it. The ladies clothing is rather spendy, though. Saw a few cute sweaters but all were around $90.

Kerry Hamrick

Sad to see no one there

Nick St. Mary

Lots of empty stores, sad to see

Crystal Friend

Love the variety of stores got great deals

shawn dupree

Too many people and exspensive

Jessica Borgen

Great place to shop. Too bad they closed the food court.

Steve Bjerken

The only thing that seems to keep it floating in Scheels and they what they want for their products. The restaurant is a great place to eat, very good food.

A Harasym

It was such a great mall but it's sad that it's so dead. It's super clean on the inside but store spaces empty everywhere. The food court is such a beautiful area with lots of seats, a fireplace but no places to eat at or people to enjoy them. Hope they can turn it around and get some great stores back to draw people in. Give some great stores free space for a bit to get them in and traffic will come back.

Alex Dittrich

Needs more stores and the food court to come back. However its clean and staff at all stores are friendly and helpful.

Josh Heil

Good selection of stores for the size of the mall. Haven't had any issues here.

Amaresh Rajaratnam

A nice big mall but there is no much interesting shops or store available. Should add more stores in there.

Stephanie Chancellor

It's close to the house. It has many stores I frequent, Altered state, Target, Panera, etc. And free Wi-Fi!

michele malone

Only two stores, a salon, and a restaurant with buffets-three stars because bath and body work is there. Outs the only reason I go

ceanne gibbons

Favorite shopping place

Melissa Lyddon

Love that they are starting to keep more stores. But I feel it won't last too long after Christmas

Terry WC

Good variety.

Toni Smith

The mall is kind of sad these days most of good stores have gone out but it's a good place to walk

Heather Smithee

Who doesnt love a mall? Plus my daughter LOVES the carousel

Robin Crane

Good,until we got to the food court a d there were several black people being loud and obnoxious. Mall security should of asked them to leave

Lucid Ruin

Lots of different stores, great food. Love going there

Jon Matlock

Once upon a time, this mall was vibrant and lively. It was a joy to go and explore the stores which ranged from clothing and shoe stores to music shops and glow golf. It was a fun place to hang out and a great place to find some good deals. Now it is a hollow wasteland and a total waste of space. I'm told the current owners (who are out of state and not local) keep the property in deteriorated condition for a tax write-off. It's a shame and an eyesore for the city of Columbia. This property could be used to bring more business and to boost the economy for Columbia, but the out-of-state owners seem to care nothing about our city. Shame on you, Hull Property Group. Our city deserves better.

M. V.

Very good mall for a small city like Columbia! You can find anything you need there.

Gloria Williams

I was disappointed that Payless was closed temporarily. I heard they are going out of business. I hope to get some shoes before they are closed for good. I always shop there.

Tejas Peruri

Today My wife was here at California Nails and she was literally insulted. It was such a terrible experience for her as the ladies start to mock customer in their language and was left with nails half way. Terrible staff

Libby Lauderdale

I visited Farmers Family Restaurant. As always everything was wonderful.

Lori Sheppard

Theres nothing left!!

JT Pottery

Most of the stores were closed but it the ac works and there is good food at Farmers.


It was the best on the carousel and in dice the dino place with the ice cream rolls

John White

A nice mall. Anchor stores are Target, Sears,Dillards, and JC Penney. Has most of the mall shops like Gap and American Eagle, etc. Panera Bread is located near target and is a nice place to eat.

Linda Clayton

Bath and body Works love the place and the employees are very helpful

Mandy Taylor

This is the worst place to go. There are only 2 stores, JC Penney and BBW which they are good. The mall itself though is run down, creepy and dark. With no other stores and the emptiness of the place it makes you feel unsafe in there. It's not worthy of being called a mall.


i love to shop at the clombia mall in Missouri its the best

Alexandria Lane

Its kid friendly and it has kid friendly stores there


I always like to go to the mall. Its more interesting than boring Walmart.

Roger Button

What a joke give me a $5 is

Shelia Cupples

Love the stores

randall stonger

Very friendly and helpful.

Suburban Loveman

mall is fine. by the way every night at 8:30pm (on the dot almost) they sound the fire alarm, flicker the lights on and off to get everyone to leave. Lol. Employees play dumb but they know what’s up.

Deborah Tinsley

Does not have many stores open. Very dark place

John Cannon

The selection of stores this mall has to offer is minimal. There's a below-average food court in this mall featuring an old-style carousel and there's also an afxade, which is also below average.

Benji Sharp

Only a few stores here anymore but love Bath&Body works!

Cameron Dubbert

Has gone downhill slightly over the years, but there are still some good stores and outlets here that make it worth going to. Its a shame the food court can barely hang onto any businesses because they change every few months it seems.

Douglas Little

would have been nice to have a disability cart instead of a wheel chair thats had no maintenance done

David McCauslin

Disappointing. Only a couple stores. And the building is in need of some maintenance.

Chad LaFarge

Is good to see a mall that's not in decline. Safe family space with a lot of variety in shops to visit.

Aimee Ferguson

Not much here and very dirty. The TRUE gem is Farmer's. Great food and clean!

Steven Alvarez

Loved the mall, they had a nice food selection and pretty much every store you could think of. Very friendly staff also...

Alex Ljungren

Just stopped here to eat at the food court. While eating here we watched someone vomit on the ground. The mall employees took forever to clean up the mess. In the process of standing around it for 15 minutes before cleaning it up two people mistakenly walked through it. One resulted in a girl falling and they had to call an ambulance.

Alvin Reynolds Sr

It's one step from the grave.

Cheri Hooper

This place is the bomb! Deals everyday!

Becky Buchanan

Farmers is the place to eat. The Fish is always the catch of the day!!! Love this place!!! People are friendly there as well!!!

kimberly martinez

Continues to inhance experience by adding new stores. Great staff that works hard to keep Mall CLEAN and I DON'T THINK THEY GET ENOUGH CREDIT!!! But Taking Out Taco Bell Made NO Sense my kids are upset every time and not everyone can afford a lot on food....

Tina Boyd

Love Bath n Body Works ... Wish more stores would come

Alicia D Powers

I had fun.

Casey Salters

Pretty much empty

Jessica Brooke

There's absolutely nothing in it except JCPenney and Bath and Body Works in a hair salon I personally think that someone should open up some things by it out and make it back into a mall we have no malls around us that's horrible. But Bath & Body Works has a very good sale going on so I do recommend if you're in Columbia to hit up Bath & Body Works the candles are awesome they're making my entire house smell amazing

Hannah Morgan

This is a great mall! I'm glad to see Columbia Mall still exist when so many other shopping malls are failing. There's a great variety of stores for everyone. Dry Goods is probably my favorite!

Don Griffin


Kelley Slater

So many stores and so big!

Neal Crosson-Hill

Great selection of stores including Barnes and Noble and Target connected to the mall. We like the variety in the food court, especially the Mediterranean place. Good, fresh food for not much money. The seating in the food court doesn't get cleaned as often as it should. It's nice to sit and watch the carousel which has several surprising animals, not just the usual horses. They do charge to ride, but it's not much and it's understandable considering something like that requires regular care and maintenance. It seems like the mall shops are changing over as fast as most other malls but there's still plenty to shop.

Lady Killagrew

Great place to shop in CoMo!

Stephenno Barnes

Great mall for kids and adults. Everything you need is here.

Ruth Taylor

Columbia mall is a great place to shop. A good variety of excellent stores

janice troupe

Love shopping here. Easy access. Lots of stores


It was a really good place to hang out honestly, that is if you have friends to go with. We didn't actually buy anything, just wanted to walk through and see if there was anything fun to do. There definitely is, but we were looking to save our money. There are definitely things to do here and if I lived in the area I would definitely use these shops

Jon Gipson

All sorts of shops to choose from. Gaming clothes, shoes, food you name it the mall probably has it. Fun environment to be in. I sometimes go to the food court to play table top games. Would definitely recommend a visit

Lorretta Lynn Ries

Nothing there as far as a mall. But 5 stars to 5.00 store.

David Mott

It not a

Brandy Howard

It's got all the stores I need but is struggling as all brick and mortar stores are. Their food court is decent.

Matt Rodriguez

Food, fun, and fashion the mall has it all...well Panera, merry go round, and a target.

Roseanna Still

I love the mall, there is always something new. I found a store called. Vintage Stock. They had movies, cartoons, TV shows and old records. I recommend visiting this store next time you go to the mall.

Joel Rediker

This place went downhill a long time ago they need to end the suffering and shut this mall down its getting to be an eye sore

Lynda Salings

Nice facility, well-maintained, with lots of parking. Could use some extra stores!

Jim Pulliam

Mostly closed up now. Dark and musty.

miss liv

The only thing here is J.C. Penny, Bath and Body works and Farmers Family Restaurant. All are good places but the mall is very run down inside. It's almost creepy.

Ashley Foreman

This mall has gone down hill. It has nothing for me almost. I go to take my 5yo and to visit bath and body works.

Tiara Isom

It's not a mall.. Just a JC Penny visible from the outside , a hair salon and bath and body works on the inside.. Very disappointing..

Elaine Wilson

Bath and body works. Yes!

Emmett Talley

Nice shopping mall

Adam Hell

Bulldoz it and put a Dave&Busters here. Very depressing mall. But the bathrooms are the the best cause no people occupying them.

Jerry Weber


Barbara Hammon

Not much left in the Mall. But I do love the Gap!!

Linda Blaskowski

Love the store! Not cluttered, plenty of room to walk around. The upstairs is fantastic! Love the animal mounts

Richard Robinson

Good place to browse

Sandy Dodson

Fantastic. Will go back

Garnet Watkins

Really taken a turn for the worse. Its been years. Stores disappearing. Not great prices in ones to choose from. No food court. Time for new management. Very disappointing. Hope to see a positive change in the future

Myrna García

This places is soooooooooooo sad. Everything’s closing.

Vada Minot

A shame about malls these days

Tina Lea

Loved this place for yrs but nothing left there ok my fav stores are gone now and makes me sad

Sarmad Al-Marsoummi

Small most shops closed

manuel byrd

Scheel is the only store I go in great people and amazing atmosphere

John Wiebe

Great place to shop, very helpful staff

Byron Velander

Oh please, a mall? It's nice outside and I don't have to find a place to walk outdoors. Mall of America is a different breed of cat.

jason horton

Great people, but pricey.

Natalie Stewart

Stores closing all the time. Not a great place if you're looking for a great shopping experience. Limited variety of options.


Used to be a great mall and a lively place. Now it's completely dead and empty. Scheels is the inky place that was busy with people looking around.


Mall is very nice. Too bad some big name stores like Macy's are closing due to people running to Walmart and Target!

al mckay

The high light of the mall is Sheels Sporting goods hands down.

Kathy Durbin

Used to shop at Scheels in Minot ND a lot when we lived there. Stopped here because we so enjoyed the store in Minot.

Howard Brock

It's sad, this mall is failing all the restaurants have closed,businesses closing at a alarming rate

Adam McRunnel

Alot of the stores that I remember are gone. It's ok I guess not really into the stores that are still in the mall

Chaddy Mathson

Ready for the family and friends

Olivia L

It's the best mall I've been to in nd 2nd best in the world it's my opinion

Erwin Rankin

Good place for you and your family

Cole Dazell

Great mall with a decent amount of stores, though most of them are small and the food court isn't anything to brag about. I live on Thief River Falls and have to drive an hour to go to Columbia, the nearest mall, but if I lived in Grand Forks I might consider going to Fargo for a larger shopping selection. As far as cleanliness is concerned though, it's a wonderful, and the janitors are always extremely polite and friendly.

Lavonne Laughlin

Very few stores, nice and clean

Ron Binger

Shields was good it was really busy but we still got customer service and the bathrooms were clean

Richard Smart

Empty and sad food court, so many empty storefronts there’s almost no reason for visiting this mall. It’s unfortunate.

Suzann Holweger

Nice selection of stores

cara melly11

I didnt really find anything I wanted. Some nice stores. Not too much.

Navii Knight

It has the standard 5 stores that every mall has and mainly sporting goods. It's very small but for GF, it's alright.

Josi Johns

Not many stores left in the mall. On the plus side, there were lots of sales. Was very surprised to find out the whole food court was closed. Not a single place to eat. We had hoped to grab a bite to eat and then do some shopping before check in at our hotel, but ended up having to go somewhere else.


Always been a great mall, though more and more stores are leaving...fate of all malls it seems.

Brenda Borders

Saturday, early afternoon. ALL the food places were closed and there are VERY few non franchised stores in the mall.

Nicole S

I'm so sad that so many stores in this mall have shut their doors. This used to be such a nice place to visit but unfortunately looks like it's not going to be around much longer.

Mikai Jones

Hardly any stores open...but Ragstock was amazing!!!

Serge Michaud

Amazing selection of sporting goods.

Miranda Rodriguez

Beautiful. Wonderfully helpful staff. Great selection.

Kaiser Ahmed

A nice place for shopping

Mandii Sturlaugson

Nice mall but quiet. Carpeted floors makes it unique. Small food court but plenty of food options sound the parking lot shared with the mall.

Randall Smith

Mall is very empty.

Lauri Blackwell

Great place to get your nails done

Aaron Jones

Staff is crazy nice here.

Sara Colton

There has been a lot of store closures this year, which is sad. My favorite store closed their doors for good. That being said though the remaining stores have good selection and are usually very clean and the common areas if the mall are always very clean and bright. It's a good place to go to shop or to just walk around and window shop or browse.

Josh Morales

This was the food court that shut down. Its pretty empty inside. Multiple stores are closed. It's sad to see that this place is losing so many stores inside.

Scott Kuczkowski

Nowadays when you go in here, there are just as many closed/empty stores as there are stores open for business. Unless things change, I don't see this place lasting very long.

lavafluxx x

Pretty dead place. Not much going on here

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