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REVIEWS OF Chesterfield Mall IN Missouri

white lantern

Great mall, has some of the funniest stuff in there. You won't believe how fast you could lose time.

Herb Mclain

Went to Stoney River restaurant up by the Drury the best service ever the food was fantastic had the ribeye very good no issues at all it was my birthday so I got the carrot cake which is a foot tall and about 8 inches wide so good

Ali Ismail

Pretty much empty. Nice looking mall worth no stores.

Douglas Harpole

It was pretty much a ghost town

Paulette Brandy


Mark Gittinger

This mall is all empty now. Sad to see it gone. Besides Macys, Movie theater or Cheesecake Factory there not much left.

Barbara Charlene Dickerson

Not a lot to offer anymore

Dan Cable

mall is failing. almost fully empty. moat of the stores left are art galleries or artist studios.


Its the mall...i loved it in the 80s when i was a teenager

Colin Shipley

We come for the kid play area. Our toddlers really enjoyed it and it isn't busy!

John Wells

I like taking walk here. There's not much going on here, so it's very relaxing.

Paranormal Society

This mall used to be a go to place for all kinds of people years ago. Now the mall is a shell of its former self and there is little to no reason to visit anymore. You have three malls down the interstate that are full and are doing great and will be better for your overall shopping needs. Sad but this place used to be a go to place.

Rob Hardcastle

Don't know why I've been asked to review a closed mall...

Shona Phillips

It's a great space, hopefully it will be revived. As it is, AMC Cinema, Cheesecake Factory, V-Stock, Macy's, a truly cool arcade called Neutral Zone and some galleries are all still there and worth visiting

Ryan Davis

Its seen it's better days

Kristen Kruger

Everything is pretty much gone. The movie theater and cheesecake factory are still there.

sarah baue

I love it. Hope more stores come back

Greg Sandifer

Sadly hardly anything left at this mall, charlys restaraunt, V stock, Macy's, Francescas, AMC theatre, cheesecake factory and that is all, the building is in good shape and large but a sign of the times, very empty.

Mike Gorrell

Very nice building, but very few stores open.

Emily S

It was like a ghost town in there. Reviews and photos are outdated. All the stores are shut down. Don't waste your time coming here.

Sarah Hernandez

Very eery feeling, I thought I was in a scene from the Walking Dead. I came in during a Wednesday afternoon to go to Lens Crafters and I only saw 2 other people in the mall besides employees. There are hardly any shops.

Randie Miller

Love Chesterfield Mall! Sad Not more there!

Jake M

I love this place now that it's dead! I love walking around seeing all the shuttered stores. It makes me feel all warm and cozy!

Rachel Steenberg

Theres basically nothing here except macys and the cheese cake factory. Plants are over grown. Its spooky. But if you're a Walker, I guess it's perfect for you.

Kyle Nowotny

Very poor security 2 years in a row 2018 and 2019. The first time I tried to video tape the inside of the mall to show people it was dead. And 2 security guards told me to stop filming. The second time I took a walk through the mall after 8 pm during the week and they block off the whole mall with yellow Gates up until the front of amc movie theater and a security guard lead me out of the the mall and said it closes at 8 well v-stock keeps their lower level gate wide open after 8 o’clock. I called and left a message on the malls answering machine and complained and never heard back.

anita rehm

Mall is almost totally closed! Just go for cheesecake factory. Such a shame. Used to be a great mall.

Johnny Mumma

Good place to walk that's about it

Jake Copeland

How in the world is this still open I have no idea. Almost no stores and no food court. It's got really depressing inside as well.

curlyyhairbeauty ___

Chesterfield mall is not the same as it use to be. I am not seeing as many big time department stores in there anymore.

William Henry

RIP this mall. Only V Stock and Cheesecake Factory left. Nothing else worth seeing.

Ben Allbee

Not quite sure what happend to this place as I do not live in the area but it would appear that about 90 percent of the stores are closed so unless you qre going here for a specific store you know is available not really a point to step foot in this building at all..

Angela Bliss

Retail Mall with extremely limited stores. Anchor Macy's still open. Interestingly, the vacant spaces are used by independents. Such as art galleries, a local museum and creative spaces.

roosevelt smith

Great food

John Nichols

This mall was a mall. But now it is a sign of the current retail climate. Even most of the anchor stores have pulled out of this mall. It’s actually sad. The fact that there is still music playing on the overhead sound system creates the sensation that one day everyone just disappeared and all of the automatic stuff just kept doing its routine. If you’re looking for the feel of a post apocalyptic, dystopian remnant of a formerly thriving civilization, the Chesterfield Mall is for you.

Tom Beckerle

It’s a great mall, and I wish stores would come back. I’m not a fan of the Premium Outlet in the Valley.

Shelley Mullins

I enjoy going to AMC theaters here. People are nice and it's not crowded weekend mornings. I attend here quite often!

Jacquelynn Adams

This mall is almost dead. Only major store left is Macy's. There is an AMC and Cheesecake Factory. Otherwise the few other stores aren't really worth the visit.

Connie Young


Dominick Zimmerman

All it needs is a lil love and it could be better

Jaden Hawley

This place is depressing:(

Aaron .

Used to go to this mall all the time back in the day, Sad to see it so empty now. V-Stock is still a great place to go to and Cheesecake factory is busy as ever, Theres still a couple of stores left for the time being. Otherwise nice place to go see a movie, walk around, Just not alot of stores to shop at

DS Ramsey

Crazy how empty this place is-it is a nice enclosed mall...but feels like a ghost town. Pinball arcade there was fun.

Allison Summers

Lots of stores leaving. Barely a food court. But great for Mall Walking!

Crystal Nelson

It's cool, wish it was more stores to shop in.

Justin Wooten

I enjoyed what I went there for which was Vintage Stock, St Louis Sports Cox and The Cheese Cake Factory. Mall is extremely empty other than some Art Galleries and Macy's. Foot Locker was closing yesterday which was 1/19/19.

Matt Martin

The Cheesecake Factory was great and I would definitely check out V-Stock for all your electronic/video game/movie needs. Other than that though, this mall has mostly closed up shops outside of the main big ones like Macy's and Sears.

Mark Reichert

A shell of its former self though what is there is good.

Chantal Williams

This mall is practically vacant only thing there is the Cheesecake Factory and the movie theater and a few stores scattered throughout I'm not even sure how they're keeping the lights on out here

Lawrence S.

A decent shopping center with a good amount of parking available.

J Alomari

This place is sooo dead. It's nothing but vacancies. I actually felt creeped out while walking the halls.

Geoffrey couch

I really don’t go here anymore I find it quite depressing when I was younger this place was so busy a bustling shopping venue to go there now is a little depressing

Guru Bazawada

It makes me sad to see this mall in such a condition. It used to be such a big part of my life in my teen years. I know my family went there almost every other weekend for one reason or another. When I was old enough to drive, I was up there as often as possible with my best friend. It’s sad, but time marches on. What I simply can’t understand is how the two outdoor malls in the Chesterfield Valley are able to flourish while this mall dies. How on earth are OUTDOOR malls a viable option in St. Louis? Each year, we have temps over 100 and below 0. That’s what an indoor mall was invented for!!! I just don’t get it. The success of the two outdoor malls just boggles my mind. I can’t believe how out of touch I’ve become.

Richard Werkmeister

Went to the movies and was fine but Mall is mostly empty. Kind of sad to remember when it was bustling. A couple of places to eat and small business store fronts are all that is left.

rejan bista

Great place for movie

Jonathon Raclaw

The AMC, Macy's, and other stores that remain were fun for perusing... The rest of the mall is sadly dead

Zdeněk Horčička

It is large and well equipped place. But currently it's like a house of ghosts. Half of stores closed or even not occupied. Otherwise, it would be a nice full range of services shopping mall. .... But pity, it's not currently

Damian Jaundoo

honestly I like this mall but every time if I there is less and less stores. not sure if it is staying open or closing anymore

Jennifer VanHook

Dead. The directory shows stores that are long closed. It's pretty much just V-stock, The Cheesecake Factory and the movie theater.

nicole curran

Most of the stores are unoccupied, some that were aren't open on Sundays I guess.

Bob Shallenberger

Half the place is vacant...half the rest is month-to-month. Aside from the Cheesecake Factory and the movie theatre they really should just demo the place and make it athbought park if they're going to leave it like this. It's depressing..

Barbara Grace

Chesterfield mall is mostly empty now but the movie theater is still there a very good restaurant near the theater is the Cheesecake Factory. It is still great

Todd C

Dead. Empty. Depressing. Small handful of businesses remain: V-Stock, Cheesecake Factory, Theater and very lityle more.

Ed mastere

Took a long time to get food. Service was slow. Food was not very good at all. The worse one I have ever been to.

Wayne Reynolds

It is a shambling hulk that is trying to keep moving to delay the inevitable death. The food court is almost completely empty. They do have a very good used book, game and music store though.

Dave Zucker

Kinda a ghost town inside, but malls are a dying breed. Absolutely love the cheesecake factory and amc in it tho

lisa smith

I went to the theater and it was great. So sad that the rest of the mall has been abandoned. It used to be a great place to shop.

Angie Gordey

Great Mall and place to watch the fireworks.

Sonna Egbers

Nice mall. Wish they still had the American girl store. Need mall scooters.

Gene Gibson

Stick a fork in it ... it's dead.

Patrice Harman

I think it's very sad that this mall was hit hard by the outlet mall in Chesterfield Valley. Who wants to shop walking in and out of the weather. I prefer the malls.

C Alex

There are almost no stores left, apart from Macy's and maybe a couple others. Very sad and very spooky. My kids grew up going to Chesterfield mall, it's very odd to see it like this. I hope something good is in the future for it.

Mason Hylla

Most of the stores that were once there have closed. Sad to say its a ghost town and the new owners are doing nothing about it.

Jeff Crane

Shopped at Mary's, the is all but deserted

meredith clancy

This place is like a ghost town! Very sad and creepy at the same time.

Dennis Hood

We went to the movies and picked up music and gaming gear at V-Stock. For our purposes its good that V-Stock has a separate outside entrance as we dont really need to go in to the rest of the mall ourselves. Going to a late movie is sort of cool as the rest of the mall is a ghost town at this time and getting up to the theater is part of the experience. With so many store fronts empty there is plenty of parking for what is left.

Dawn McNamee

This really isn't a mall anymore. It's an empty building attached to a Cheesecake Factory.

ronald johnson

It's sad to see that this mall like so many malls has diminished to the point where there's only a couple of stores open in the mall my wife and I used to go there the shop I understand that the mall is now on the market to be sold It's just sad

Ismael Moreno

The "cheese cake factory" is the main attraction at this mall. I could not believe how empty it is!! Go to this place of you are willing to indulge your taste buds, do not try go shopping here....

Greg Flick

For the love of God go to the mall people. Shops are closing and real estate will end up in blight

Kimberly Heislen

Everything is closed. We went for Cheesecake Factory and shopping. We enjoyed a great meal but found nothing else to do.

Jason Moss

Nothing is even open anymore. Place is going downhill fast. It’s like the St. Louis mills inside.

Xei Del

The Chesterfiled mall is a good mall. They have ton of stores for all different needs, from video games to clothes to make up to glasses, etc. I would recommend going if you live close to it, but it isn’t that special or different from other malls.

Bob Klein

Great place for mall walking. Only a handful of stores open. It is a testament to city mismanagement.

John Wilcox

Terrible mall, great place to have a surreal experience and/or play hide-and-seek.

neeraja nath

The mall is well maintained . The theaters are neat and clean. A good place to hangover!

Ron Burtle

It was a very nice Mall, but it is almost empty now - what a shame this is happening.

Reggie Richards

Good for walking on lunch break. Other than that there's nothing to do here. Stores are leaving every week. Hope the new owners can turn it around soon.

Heather Howard

Nothing there. Sad

Dylan Wind

The mall is dead, surprised the remaining stores have not left and that the building isn't closed

Connor B

I dont like malls and its also bad from othrr sources

Ashley Napier

Lots of stores. My kids favorite mall

Rajarajan Chellamuthu

Nice Mall and less options / shops

Matt Zaring

This place was practically empty when we visited. There were very few stores even open, not sure whats going on but its definitely gone downhill the last few years. Used to be where we got our girls their American girl dolls but that store isn't even in the mall anymore. Very few options in the food court, I would suggest going to another mall in the area.

Patsy Osborn

Sad place the Chesterfield Mall but the Cheesecake Factory (I give 5 stars) adjoins it is AWESOME! GO you will not be disappointed.

kryptonite166 .

It's a shame the mall is on a decline of stores. Its a modern sign of reteail. Merchants, please focus on customer care over prices. I will always pay more to feel appreciated as a customer.

abdul khader

No stores feel sorry

Ben Thornton

This mall is half empty now so I logically should rate it three stars, but I like the types of entertainment shops that have set up in the mall now. There is an old time arkade where you can pay $20 to play all day. They have some really cool vintage games. The mall has Vstock which I've actually bought a couple things at. If you like a Slackers type store then you'll like Vstock. Last but not least they have an indoor RC race track called Pro Level Rc. I really like this place. I am very tempted to buy an rc car there.

Benton Mac

The mall was ok. The caracell was the neatest thing about it! Not too many higher end stores or brand's and what stoke me as odd is tjat they jad some second hand type store's in the shopping center. All the toilets in every mens restroom were clogged and full! Talk about a stintch shoe we! The craziest part about it is Chesterfield is sort of a high middle class town. Id say similar to like Avon, Indiana. I know its no Carmel Indy! It was nice to see something different though but those restrooms werr ridiculously disgusting. There was one pretty cool tjong I wish the malls in Indiana had and that's personal launge cubbies where you can sit, relax and plug your devices in while having some privacy once you pull the curtain shut. They were equipted with a love seat, chair and also a picture hanging in each area. Gives a comfortable vibe and nice spot to just take a chill after youhave just ate and tried to find some place to relieve yourself!


Damn near gone or out of business! I dont know what's up, but it was a ghost town. Used to be amazing. Sad.

Hannah DuBois

There wasn't a whole lot to do here. I ended going in the gaming store and saw a movie at the AMC. The mall was nice and clean.

Christopher McGee

Not much left. The SPARK! center from the Parkway School District is amazing.

Steven Garrigus

Ever walk into a place & immediately feel unsafe? That's this mall now. About two thirds of the stores are closed, the food court has only a couple places left and I felt like I could get mugged at any minute. Two years ago, it was one of my favorite malls. Now, I won't set foot in there again. Truly sad.

Cheryl Campbell

Great walking mall not many stores left. Macys. Cheesecake Factory and AMC Movie house

Annesha Edwards

Went to cheesecake factory for lunch. I decided to go to the mall for Victoria secret. The mall is a ghost town. And of course I could find the store

Chris Gates

Short: this mall is effectively dead Long: unless you're here for the AMC theater, Macy's, maybe Dillard's, the Chesterfield Mall is basically abandoned. Of the hundreds of stores it once boasted, a mere handful are left. Several spots have opened small offerings like s couple arcades and an RC racing place. The food court is basically empty. No kiosks are open. I honestly can't figure out how this mall is actually still operating with no tennants. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up shutting down completely, closing off the interior, and letting Macy's and AMC function independently. Good for a walk tho if the weather's bad. Inside ac is still working fine.

Josh Smith

A mall! Hurry and see before these majestic creatures disappear forever.

Brandon Wenneborg

Fun place to visit and plenty to see and do.

Hearts Merodi

This mall, two years ago was still pretty alive. However, two years from that (today), it is a mixture of a old horror movie set in a mall and a building that will likely not be there in a year. When Spencer's doesn't even want anything to do with a mall, then it's time to find a new mall sadly. I love vstock and the neutral zone, but the res of it is a corpse town


Sadly, the mall is nearly empty. It's a great place just for walking around, and they have a movie theater, Macy's, Cheesecake Factory, and a really cool arcade place I've been to a couple times. If that storm didn't come through a couple years back this mall would still be lively, but when Dillard's and many others closed their doors because of the incident, the mall simply faded away. Now not many people go here, which is really sad, since it's an awesome mall.

Jp Smith

The last restaurant at the food court closed and the movie theater, the Cheesecake Factory and three other stores open its pretty sad.

Author101: Mcbob

The mall has two things that keeps it's business running steady. First, the AMC Theater. The Theater contains nice seating, and food. It also has Bollywodd movies for those who enjoy them. Second, the Cheesecake Factory. The employees are great, but the mall needs more shops. The place is abondoned besides those two places and the food court.

Brenda Payton

Went to cheesecake factory it was great

Becca McFly

I went in the mall after eating at Cheesecake Factory and wanted to take a picture with my phone inside the mall. A security guard (on a power trip) literally screamed from across the main area by the carousel that I am not allowed to take pictures inside the mall. It was embarrassing since I was with a few other people. Also the law states you can photograph in any public area. Just saying.


Great merchants, great location, Chesterfield Mall will be missed!

Sandworm 314

Ghost town. Just a few food stores open in the atrium. Most anchor stores are gone. Escalators were off. A dying whale on the beach of internet and strip mall shopping. Don't bother going

Pete Winters

Sad haven't been here for years. Building in great shape but 90-95 percent of business was gone. Hope it tires around

Big Al

Great place, almost completely empty

ceanne gibbons

Used to be the best st Louis mall

Sai Krishna J

The two stars is for amc. Negative three cause there's nothing else in this m mall. Everything's overpricey and the collection is pretty much outdated.

J Sam

The movie theater is great but the mall is dead.

Steven Edler

Went to the theater and saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Great movie!


Well this place is completed gutted and empty. There's absolutely no stores left in it. I expect it to be demolished sometime soon.

Sreekanth Boddireddy

most of the mall is empty.

Michael Dobelman

So sad this place is such a ghost town

Ms. R Provinse

Still love this place. Clean, bright, friendly. Various store types to suit needs.

Pascha Allen

Only went to the movie theater, not into the mall. This Marcus theater is clean and well kept but has uncomfortable seats. The movie and popcorn wete great but a little more expensive than other surrounding theaters with reclining seats.

Dan Cooper

It's air conditioned and not crowded. Was nice to relive some memories, here, even though everything was gone. I guess they will tear it down at some point, just like everything from my youth (sniff).

Mark Massey

Mall is almost dead. Sad really because it's in pretty good shape.

Laurie V

Sad. Used to be a nice place, but just about every store is closed. Several escalators are out of order. The movie theater only had 2 people working at 7pm, so it took a while to have our tix scanned and to get concessions. The parking lot is dark and the road signs back to the highway aren't very clear. Unless you're hitting up Cheesecake Factory, there's no reason to go here. It won't be long for this world.

Terri Kraham

Not much left other than a handful of stores, movie theater, and a restaurant. But the Cheese Cake Factory is worth it if you're in the area.

Antya Lentes

It is very deserted. There was the wind g where Sears used to be that had 1 store open. The theater is still doing well.

Amanda Hillock

Not a lot of stores, but the Cheesecake Factory was amazing food and service!

Anna Norton

Sad not many business what i think of many shopping and enjoy at movie to watch thank u

Lisa Green

Cheese cake Factory great cheese cake

Patrick Schlegel

Nearly no shops open. The only highlight is the Cheesecake Factory

Ethan Evans

Went to go for a walk and check out the shops realized that they have lost alot of shops and only one restaurant there Charlie's Cheesesteaks. The cheesecake factory is still there thou and I still enjoyed my time just sad to see it so run down.

Divine Ree

Kind of dead, but still stuff to do here, a few stores left and a great theatre.

Brad Heyen

Empty. Only worth going to for the theater (if you're close) or V-Stock

Dunk Master Dewey

This mall isn’t worth making a drive to. I’d give it 5 stars if this review were specifically for the V-Stock, which is the only good store left here. Aside from that, there’s a theatre and maybe two mediocre places in the food court. It’s really gone down hill in the past 10 years.

Martin Schnipper

If you go to one of the edge establishments (movie theater, Cheesecake Factory), it's pleasant. If you venture inside, though, it's a ghost town.

April Brown

We visited here because my daughter had my grandson's birthday party at the place called The Neutral Zone they have all kinds of arcade games in there we had fun she had about 2 hours of free play, that's a lot of free play..... Kids and adults all had fun....

Maria Kuhn

A virtual ghost town,best gig they ever had was autocross events in their lot

ryan gray

Feels like you're Urban exploring! places empty :(... Sad to see these places fail. Feel sorry for my kids. They will not know the fun of malls and food courts

Dilnesaw Kebede

July 4th Fireworks were very nice, will go every year. Thanks

Rita Holt

Mall is a ghost town. Should close and turn into Community for Seniors.

Yorkie Lover

Only thing really left is Macy's and the Food Court. It looks like a ghost town. Too bad. I really liked this place.

Paula Robinson

Great price...will frequent for the summer with the kids

Tom Sauder

This mail looks like it is dead. I did not go inside, but the were only a few cars in the parking lot.

Tricia Keeler

Feels like a ghost town. So many shops are closed. There was a only one restaurant still surviving in the food court. It's sad to walk through and see it dying. The AMC movie theater is great though.

Balakumar Krishnaswamy

Many shops are closing. Has decent food line up, has Macy's, a cinema theater

Hello Kitty

This is one of my favorite malls

Jason Robinett

Crossed this gem. You can bring your dog. Great place to shop

Jeff Sunderbruch

Love how empty it is

rad nun

Beautiful mall. Very different concept. Loved it.

mason anderson

Very good mall yes it might be going down it was the first mall I went to when I moved to saint louis since then the Dillard’s and other stores have shut down but still great memories and great place to go it’s clean and clear and staff is always friendly

Jane Suozzi

Sad to see this mall's deterioration. It was quite popular back in the 70's. I worked in a sporting goods store there and loved it. One of my first jobs. Current owner\landlord is not maintaining the property.

Joseph Wokurka

Besides the AMC theatre which is still very nice, V-Stock and Cheesecake Factory they is not much reason to come here anymore. Most of the stores are closed.

Ken Crowder

It is kind of empty for a mall.

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