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REVIEWS OF Battlefield Mall IN Missouri

Luke Christian

I will say this if you want it they probably will have it here you just have to put in the time to find it.

Leonard Murray

Lots of good stores to shop at.

Piper Lindhe

Loved the nursing mothers area!! Very clean with a plug in for a pump as well.

Larry Schrecengost

Mall was clean and so called security was very visable a present on their segways rolling around. The common areas are clean and attractive with plenty of areas to ait and take aa break. I'm not much of a mall person but it was a pleasant visit.

Nicholas Rodenberg

Holding up very well compared to many malls across the United States. This part of Springfield is a regional retail hub for a HUGE land area in southern Missouri. I've read that more MO sales tax is received in the 65804 area code than anywhere else in Missouri.

Matthew Conner

Battlefield Mall isn’t the biggest mall, but it’s just the right size for Springfield. It’s large enough to walk around and enjoy shopping, but small enough so you’ll never get lost. They have almost anything you maybe looking for.


I loved this mall and it is a good size. They had stores I have never heared of and there is a lot of variety of clothing and shoe stores for anyones lifestyle needs.

Laine Rednour

Experienced the Paranormal Circus in the parking lot of Macy's. Best circus ever! Here till June 22nd..GO SEE IT!! #AdultsOnly

Rodney Overbey

Pretty common as far as malls go but they have a great food court. That I eat at often!

Bob Ross

Clean. Easy parking. Plenty of sales.

Chris barnes

Has everything that you need. If you like going to the mall it's a pretty nice one. Seems to be clean and that's important to me. I have never felt unsafe.

Shannon Smith

I always love coming here! The food court has a good variety, there's tons of different shops to visit. The employees are always friendly and helpful, and the few times I've had an issue security has been fast, friendly, and helpful!

Brian Pendergrass

There are a few specialty stores (Hot Topic, Spencers, etc.) still shop at from time to time for gifts, I find mostly overpriced merchandise at most of the big brand stores. I prefer to buy brand name clothes at discount places like Marshall's and Ross. Same quality clothing at literally q fraction of the price.

Jessica Maktom

It's a great place to shop and has had many good restaurants but i have to unfortunately make a review about a Mexican restaurant where a Taco Bell used to be I just ate there yesterday and I am now sick from the tacos that I had eaten there that was Inedible they were the most disgusting tacos I've ever had and that's not exaggerating. I don't remember the name of the restaurant was but I will be forming a Complaint about the restaurant because I have gotten sick from the food.

Chris Phillips

Good selection of stores and great walking space. Parking is usually a hassle. Food court had decent selection. The property's employees do a good job keeping it pretty clean.

J.D. Lee

Nice mall. If you like malls. I don't.


Large selection of stores. Has a Starbucks which I greatly appreciate.

Derrick Dickey

Sometimes you can find stuff here to buy but 9 times in a 10 you're just there to be entertained by other people who look like they're on drugs.

Suliman Alshahrani

It was a pretty mall that is give some good offers specially for clothes.

Daniel Blue 2019

Battlefield Mall is great there's something for everyone. Also they have free WiFi. Your gonna love this place.

Carole Schreiber

Can't go for just one thing. Great shopping.

Jennifer Nicholson

Its a mall like every other mall in the world. We go for a few select stores and get out. I don't enjoy the mall atmosphere but sometimes you have to go just for your favorite stores.

eric risica

It's a mall just wish they had a better arcade and maybe a movie theater

Michael Lumby

Despite the growing trend to shop exclusively online, the retail shopping at Battlefield Mall is still doing fine! Most of the retail shops are doing a good business and the Food Court is full of hungry shoppers. To compete with online prices, the anchor stores offer deep discounts, constantly run sales and offer clearance/last chance, give it away prices. I find great bargains every time we come shopping here. Long live the Battlefield Mall. I hope it's still going strong one hundred years from now !-!

Linda Burton

Went with my granddaughter to pick out her homecoming dress. They had a large selection & she found her perfect dress.

Justin Stacy

Good spot to hang out with friends and do some shopping

Phillip Nelson

We truly enjoyed the experience at the entire Mall Plaza.

B Peterson

Loved Battlefield! Great stores, great service, I had a great time!

April Gordon

Not a bad mall. Not a great mall. Compared to others it has more stores in it overall. Fairly large, so be prepared to walk.

Adam Texeira

It's the only mall in town! Gotta love it, but I wish there were more pokestops lol

Anastasia Kohl

Lots of options. Surprisingly has the full mall experience considering the trend of malls dying. Was nice to see this one seemingly thriving

Jim Wardlow

Good old fashioned barber shop. Hot shave cream around the ears and neck line. Straight razor cut. Stopped in for a haircut while on my way to Little Rock. Glad I did! If I'm ever back there I'll make sure I need a haircut.

Tamra Armstrong

There are alot of different stores for everyone. You'll always find something you like. I love the mall.

Junior Rivers

I called up to get a quote on patching a tire. They wanted to know the make and model of my vehicle. I explained that the tire was already off. The guy told me that don’t matter and quoted me 30 because he has to take the censor off the tire. I can get it done for 12. Firestone is a rip off. I won’t ever be buying tires at firestone. I have a complete set now but next time I’ll buy tires somewhere else.

Mary Cook

This is a decent mall for a city this size. I like wandering around here even if I really don't need anything. It's a good place to kill time while you wait.

Ashley Campbell

I love this mall

Jose Thankamani

Great upgrade to the food court! New, stylish seating!

Johnny Farley

Zales was great . Awesome Product and Service.

Big Papa

it's a pretty good mall. I kind of like it I'm not much of a mall guy. But they got some cool stores in there. I think my favorite would probably be be the popcorn store LOL

Rod Solina

Lots and lots of stores with a great food court! Can't miss finding some high end clothing and shoes. Conveniently located. Well lit. It has good security and ample parking.

Debra Depew

I am giving this store a lot more than five stars and it's also now one of my favorite stores of all time in this world .

Kennedy Haldiman

Tons of wonderful places in here, whatever you need is somewhere in this Mall!!

Robert Allen

I'm here pretty much every other day. I bring my service pit Moe Moe here where we are both welcomed! The place is clean. Their are several stores to choose from. All most affordable.

Crystal Ferguson

They keep updating this mall! It's clean, well-organized, and has a great selection of retailers, kiosks, and food. Free WiFi, helpful security, a new dining pavilion is coming soon, and convenient bathrooms, too.

Kyle Bradley

Food court is great. I like to eat some fresh pretzels while watching security rollin’ around on those Segways. I need to get one of those. The mall has great clothing selection: where do you think I get all this swag? And the ambiance is great. One time they played John Mayer in the food court. Tears came to my eyes.

Moriah Skinner

Great food and amazing stores, everything is quality!

Cameron Moore

I'll never go back to the mall cuz there's nothing in there for me anymore

Ava Schmidt

i got my yellow crocs at journeys they are the best!!

Jody Langstraat

I like them all. Lots of shops to choose from. Lots of food to choose from. and lots of activities coming soon for the middle-aged children. They have a great little kid area. And they have an arcade. I wish they had a movie theater that would even make up more awesome.

Stacy Sheppard

The mall has a great atmosphere

Faith Young

I'm reviewing here because I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a review for the place this is about. In the food court, Don Tono, which is the taco place that took over the area Taco Bell was at, is a waste of money. There was no way of knowing how spicy something is and how much of something will be put into the food. My mom, sister-in-law and I got food from there, the salsa was way too hot to the point of second degree burn on lips and inside mouth, I became light headed, and violently threw up in the bathroom. Even my sister-in-law who loves spicy food felt sick afterwards. So unless you love throwing up and not having taste, i wouldn't eat at Don Tono.


The kiosks selling cell phone cases were out of cases for my A50....I passed some teenagers who solicited me for a new pair of jordans....I'll stick with my Cole Hans if you know what I mean. Too much traffic. Too many careless people showing disrespect.

Judy Umfleet

Went to food court for Chinese...excellent bourbon chicken and fried rice. Court could use some better table cleaners.


Great mall, until they removed GameStop

Deborah Lee

Charlie's has Good sandwiches and great fries

Jimmy Duncan

Nice medium size mall. Pleasant and clean.

Tbird 3

I only go to the mall because I work there so I'm not familiar with all the stores. But I am however familiar with Torrid, you really need to check that place out if you are looking for sizes between 10 and 30. It really it, dates to the plus-size and the girls that work there are wonderful. Those women are hired because they love what they do and love helping people. also is a popcorn at the mall smells delicious and it's so tempting. Lolli and pops is also a great place to check out it has the most adorable candy and you can buy tins that you can refill for a set price depending on the size. The parking isn't too bad at the mall, just a tip toe please avoid parking in the white spaces if you can that's for the employees and if they have to park somewhere else they get tickets.

Brandy Evans

It's not very cool in the main part of the mall. Could use some more AC

Carl Johnson

Nice place to shop I love it

John Nicholson

Great place to find something without driving all over town

Trisha Miller

Nice mall. Love the security who seem to be very observant which makes any mall experience nicer in this day and age.

Lisa Martin

The mall is well designed and flows well as you walk through. Good selection of stores but some empty storefronts

crawl2stuff .

Good shops, but they all seem very crowded, either lessen the stuff or have more room for each store.

Patricia Martin

Found some great back-to-school deals at American Eagle. Had a delicious lunch at the Asian restaurant there. The orange chicken is scrumptious!

Artsy Silver

I love this place.. It has so many good stores. The food court is good too.

Mark Riley

Clean and active unlike most of the dead malls these days.

Joshua Ledgerwood

Best mall I’ve been too

Herbert Vanderford

Great place to window


Needs a lot of updating. There are some good shops, but I think that this mall would get more business if it was renovated.

Kim Robertson

This is a decent mall with various stores and restaurants. The location is fairly convenient with plenty of parking for each store. The women's restroom is always overcrowded, so plan to wait in line or go to a restroom at one of the retailers.

Dylan Kelly

It's really big plan for alot of walking and has great store selections

John Marks

Went to the Saturday am edition of the farmer's market. Great fresh food and ok prices.

James Scrivner

If a person is to shop this the place to buy what you are looking for

Jamie Schroeder

Went into Earthbound and bought a cool suade purse

erin mccracken

Always a good olace to go with family and friends and window shop if you have too.

David Bryan

So empty! I guess the new generation rather sit at home and shop.

Jimmy McEntire

Mainly went to hit Macy's and Penney's. Couldn't believe all the empty stores in the mall. Can still remember the glory days with the theatre and everyone hanging out.

Johnathon Tune


Garrett Kindred

Pretty good place really enjoy it with my wife and kids! Always clean and has a play are for kids when you need a break!

Teresa Matthews

Been going to this mall since it first opened around 1970-'71. Old favorites abound, but they keep up with market changes without letting the place go to seed. Do miss the old central fountain, though, because that was the meeting place during family shopping adventures!

Estella Smith

Mall is more congested than most. Need more stores. Always clean. Great kid area

Logan Cole

It's alright, the food court has plenty of options and it has some fine shops inside.

Irene Cayocca

Its a good place to shop, though most of the stores are rather expensive, and not enough options as far as variety of stores. The workers at many of the stores are over bearing and over your shoulder all the time, and the workers in kiosks in the center always trying to scam you into spending way too much money! Wish Springfield had better options for sure.

Lisa Adkins

It's great when u can find a sale, otherwise too pricey

Jack Honsinger

Every 80s kid knows a mall and a chain of strip malls. This is a definitive 80s strip mall

Sandra Reames

Battlefield Mall is one of the better malls in southern Missouri. There is also discount malls in Branson Missouri which are good. JCPenney's Billiards have been at this bowl for a long time. You can enjoy your day and air conditioning

Denise Kershner

I truly luv going to the mall ,i just miss Taco Bell & The Disney Store ( & the toy store )

Charles Forrester

Lots of fun, great stores like Journeys love it!

Mitzi McCowan-Ungren

Just stopped by Sears for a quick look around.

Chris Danna

Love all the different stores inside

Mae Amos

I love this mall! They have an amazing food court, and not only do they have all the normal store but they have a couple unique ones as well. I absolutely love the store Box Lunch, it's probably my favorite store in the mall next to Hot Topic.

Bonnie Wallace

Great food court. I've always enjoyed this mall. A lot of great department stores.

Brandi Norton

Love this place, come here all the time for myself and both kids

Chloe Schulte

Awesome mall! They have a lot of stores that I love like Journeys and Zumies! If you haven't been I would highly recommend going.

Kristen Farr

Great place to do your shopping for everyone in the family, and have a bite to eat while your at it. The mall offers a variety of ever changing stores to adapt to today's society. They also have several upscale restaurants to sit down for a nice dinner and drink, or head over to the food court for a quick bite. Either way the Battlefield mall is a go to for everyone.


I’m not a big mall shopper, but this one isn’t too bad. It’s clean, well-maintained, ample parking. The mall has several anchors: Two Dillard’s, a Macy’s and Sears. They have a typical food court, which they are expanding currently. Many of the standard mall stores can be found here. The next closest mall is Branson Landing, or Joplin’s mall. I enjoy the sales at after Christmas most stores have.

Mike Schleich

This is a nice small town mall but I expected a little larger for the 3rd biggest town in state.

Michael Collier

Awesome spot to check out and shop

Rachael Magnan

The outer portions of the mall is wonderful, a great variety in stores and attractions, however the bathrooms are poorly maintained.

Barbi DeWitt

Love shopping. Great stores. Pink is my favorite!!

Alisha Yates

A good variety of stores, and food chains. Need more stroller rental areas

Ricky Echols

Always go there to find something that my Wife has to have, great place to Shop.

Laura Norvell

Love this mall! Good selection of stores, variety of places to eat, pretty clean.

charlie wilson

Awesome place to shop ...nice and relaxing too

George Griffin

I love the jewelry departments and the different smells of each vendor.

Jim Merseal

Only went to Macy's. The store was nice. Did not get a chance to check out the mall.

Cis Wineinger

Had lunch with my children and their significant others. Shopped after. Great experience although arcade was disappointing. It was hot and alot of games out of order but weren't posted . Great day all in all.

Kate Balzer

I had a wonderful shopping experience, everybody there was nice and, it was not too crowded. I especially loved having a Subway sandwich!! Fresh, great prices and wonderful employees!!!!!!

Laura Borchert

It was good, crowded, and not the cleanest but had a lot to offer.

Copernicus Czyzniejewski

Great place for clothes and food! I like to wander around here sometimes, and maybe sometimes buy something.

Amber Luisa Quinata

Good mall w/ a decent amount of stores to check out.

Devin Kalert

Worth the drive if u live in a few hours of it.

Richard Harley

My wife and daughter love this place! So many different places to go and different places to eat. The mall is always clean and never a bad place to go to relax with family.

Michelle's & Williams Tribble

Had a great day with my shopping

Wade Romesburg

Excruciatingly overpriced goods, painfully exorbitant stores. Very clean building otherwise, good bathrooms and parking. Can be very crowded at peak times, sometimes shoulder to shoulder in certain small stores.

G. S. White

The mall is ok but the food court has some great food.

Val Holek

This is a really nice mall. They are doing a lot of work and improvements on it and it's really pretty, I think!!

holly haussener

Good to go shopping and u can have fun I been there at the mall and I love it good food and shops

Matt Jacks

I'm not a big mall person, but this is the only one we have in Springfield. The food court is pretty good. Stores seem to change fairly often (or I go here so little that it seems like it). But it can be fun to wander around here especially if it's super cold or hot outside.

Karl Kilgore

I'm 32 and I have been going here since I was a baby. This mall is amazing. It's always stayed super current and for a mall it still gives the southwest Missouri hospitality that we are known for.

Mike Miller

It is always overpriced and insanely crowded I always hate going there but had to get a few things. I just wish it was a little more reasonably priced if I could I would stay far away from any and all mall's


Well played. Good food

Liz Way

The mall is gigantic. I didn't get to see everything it was so big I'll have to come back a couple of times to go in all the stores.

Ronald Webster

Needs theater and fine dining something local something domestic something new

Melville Peterson

I enjoy the mall when it's not crowded. Last time I went here however it was definitely overcrowded. Overcrowding is a problem. We need a new plague. Or a larger mall. Or maybe two malls. Or two plagues.

Molly Wilson

It's been awhile since I've been in this mall. But it is so big with so many stores! I wish I had more time to check it all out!

Michael Herrman

This is a fairly good sized mall. Has all the expected stores. The layout is a little weird. When u think you are at the end, it takes a 90degree turn and continues

Judy Santiago-Jeffries

Awesome mall. Awesome stores.

Jazzy Williams

Absolutely love going to the mall for my favorite places to just go walk around

Gabriela Quiroga

I like people there! they are so friendly

Melanie Carden-Jessen

Lots of choices. Good parking. My last choice for shopping just because soany people and can be pricey. Clean and we'll kept though!

Ashlee Comer

Since I was a kid I've loved the mall. I can get lost there so easy

bobby bobby

Battlefield Mall is a great place to go when you're looking for clothes and shoes. The atmosphere is relaxing and a great place to go just to walk around. There are multiple vendors that sell quality products! The food court here has also been recently updated and has tasty food!

TandS Richards

So many opinions clean, and the sales people aren't too pushy

Christy Self

I absolutely love the stores, and the fact that the mall is full of businesses. I love the food court options, but every single time I have gone to shop, I hate having to use the restrooms. No matter which ones I go to, they are dirty, and never seem clean. I have been here a year and a half, and try my best to be positive, but it’s such a turn off to have to use smelly, dirty restrooms, especially with children.

Stacy Mckenzie

Love shopping here. Great variety

Timothy Petruncio

Good variety of stores. The food court renovation is nice. Sears needs to close and make space for places people actually want to shop though. Sears is wasting a ton of valuable real estate there.

Glenn Lawrence

Good variety of stores, clean & bright, good food court selection

John Kerstetter

Good place to go to meet friends and hang out for a bit.

Chad Morgan

Clean and comfortable environment. Good food at food court. Typical mall.

Michael Andre Smith

Many cities are losing their mall, so I’m glad we still have ours. The food court has recently undergone a much-needed renovation, and it is a great place for the kids to hang out.

Jared Beall

Good place to go shopping and eat food

A Cam

This mall has a decent amount of items to offer and has good sales when you stop by at the right time. It can get busy and you have to be careful driving in the parking lot, but it's not a bad location to stop by for some quick shopping.

Crazy creations & come on, Loca Crystal

The mall is putting in a new dining area to replace food court atmosphere. They're not done yet but it's already looking really nice. And who doesn't like shopping at the mall

Julia D

I've been to much better malls. Not enough store selections. Some stores were pretty good though. The department stores weren't great and had very small selections and not good ones. People were nice however at the stores. If that's all you have then what can you do? Other places I've lived had much better malls. The Macy's and JC Penny are the worst I've ever been at.

Cooper Horn

Wow this place had so much to shop for and you could have endless fun with friends or family

Brad Walters

Tons of stores and a nice food court.

Shelly Hinton

You can always find something to do at the Battlefield Mall. We actually attended an event outside that took place. It was big rig night and wow were there some big rigs there. A well planned event. We enjoyed it

Cindy Schuder

To stay competitive we need more discount stores in our mall.

Deonna Lynn Koop

I love the small and all that it has to offer!

Matthew Hoelker

Best mall in a 200 mile radius of Springfield. It's also the only mall. The food court was nice. The biggest problem I saw was a lack of shops. There are ton of open spaces in the mall. It's starting to feel deserted.

Edward Ambrose

It's a good family place to go shopping

Annie M

I've been going to Battlefield since I was little. I'm overall satisfied with my experience throughout the years, although I do have a couple of things to mention. The food court is fine quality wise, but this is the second time the pizza restaurant has been removed, and the variety of options feels lacking because of it. Some spaces in the mall seem to have a poor turnover rate, but the shops have been relatively consistent over the years. Secondly, I don't think there are enough restrooms out in the mall area itself. There is one in the food court and another near Express/Auntie Anne's. You'll have to go to Dillard's, JCP, Macy's, or Sears to use a restroom otherwise, but those (especially the Sears one) are almost repulsively dirty at times. I wouldn't have a problem with restroom access if they were cleaned more frequently. Some my favorite tenants are Starbucks, a big Forever 21, Box Lunch, Hot Topic and Lolli & Pops. The mall is kept pretty well overall too. I'd still recommend the mall despite my qualms.

Adrian Michael Baldwin

Probably one of the most diverse malls in the Midwest. Great stores from banana Republic to Earth bound, Dillard's Aeropostale Buckle etc. Every fast food and Chinese food in the food court.

Aaron Peterson

To be honest I loathe going to shopping malls so I am a bit biased. That said, you can normally always find something you are looking for in one of the stores here. It’s usually very clean and maintained. The crowd can be really sketchy at times.

Ruth Brubacker

There is a winter market in the north enterce there is some greens and crafts. Good place to get local produce

Roger 1

Fairly clean and some nice stores.

Britt Pitts

The food court was clean, there were 3 people there that I seen to keep it that way. I stopped at China in and got thr bourbon chicken and steamed rice. The food was hot, and tasted awesome. The serving area was neat and clean. The employees were friendly and helpful. They even had someone out giving samples. Great dining experience.

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