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Where is The Kittery Outlets?

REVIEWS OF The Kittery Outlets IN Maine

Eileen Takacs

You name it they have it.

Michael LaPorta

My wife had a blast here, oh wait must have been because she was shopping.. All kidding aside we found great deals, great food and can't wait to go back

Chet Tocci

Need a week to see everything here

krystin antonious

Weathervane ..yummmmm ..service ok..but food outlet sales amazing .don't leave without going to Corning Ware..and Swarovski!

Cindy Robertson

I visit here often. You can find just about anything you might want.

Rebecka Bombard

Stores are really spread out and the driveways difficult to get in and out of.

Gary Usher

Fun place to bum around in,but not cheap.

Monica Wang

I'm biased because I dislike malls in general. Outlet malls are worse, because people typically have to go out of their way to purposefully shop at an outlet mall. I have heard that many good deals can be found at these outlets, but I did not stick around long enough to find out because it was so frustrating dealing with the impatient shoppers and crazy drivers trying to rush to their next sale destination.

Angel M Nieves

Had a great time.

Cheryl Bento

Plenty of Outlets Stores to shop. Rte 1 can be very busy on the weekends. Entering & exiting parking lots can be crazy. With all the stores you will find what your looking for. You can spend the entire day there. Variety of places to get a bite to eat along the strip.

Michael West

Good variety of venders, but WAY overpriced. Trading post is the center of attention and is outdated and overpriced as well.

Michael J.

Hit or miss but mostly hit. You are certain to find a bargain.



Black Rose

So much going on here! We had a great time shopping here. Looking forward to our next visit.

David Masse

These outlets are in a beautiful location surrounded by great scenery and wonderful restaurants. While here definitely visit the Kittery Trading Post and if you like craft beer visit Woodland Farms across the street from the Trading Post.

Will Bonilla

Tourist attraction,good if your from way outa town.....

Joanne Newell

Nice place

brian m

Not too much to due but shop. Shopping in chain stores doesn’t excite me much. We did go to a great pizza place and candy store not too far away. The Trading Post was ultra expensive for most things.

Ann Burkhardt

We come several times a year. Great values. Lots of fun. Great food and lodging nearby. Open all year.

Susan Atwater

Having a great time at the Kittery Outlets.

David Case

A good place for outdoor gear.

allyson Collins

High end department store outlets. Not for me

Just another person

They have a bunch of store and all are nice!!

Skip Moskey

Don't waste your time here. Shop online. Better prices, better selection, and no hassel. You might as well be at a mall in Cleveland, OH. Crowded, lots of traffic, lots of annoying tourists with children having meltdowns.

Andy Wong

Always have fun in good weather even you don't want shopping.

Bob Kusnetz

Got some great deals. Very easy to get to.

nIoakes Oakes

Food was great and real good service.

Frank Desjardins

Kittery Outpost ,,, trading Post love it

susanne cianfoni

Great outlets!

Alan Henderson

Haiku Review Oh my god, traffic Isn't New Hampshire tax free? KTP is great

Mauro Tilocca

Fairly big premium outlet with major brands for garments, shoes, accessories. Incredible bargains!!! I'd recommend shopping there.

Dale Hetrick

They were outlets

Tom McGuire

Love the outlets! Tons of stores spanning a wide variety! Something for everyone!

Kris Greene

Bad traffic Poor layout

Bruce Brown


Lynn Renard

Good selections but can be pricey

Luke Godin

Good place

Cory Edmonds

The deals were good. The layout of the outlet is not that favourable for families with small kids. The outlets are all separated by city blocks. We would drive to each outlet instead of walking. Luckily it wasn't busy and parking was available. Also WiFi is not available at each outlet location.

Chris Z

Nice selections. 1 hour drive from Boston. Not many discounts.

Matt Porter

Nice choices. Conveniently located off the highway.

Tim Glutek

This mall has always been a yearly visit for us. However, we have noticed a decline in more and more stores have been closing. Brookstone which has been a favourite closed this year. It is not as good as it used to be.

Michael Philbrook

Great place to visit and shop. Huge place. Lots of fun. Stunning variety of products including clothing, camping gear, fishing and hunting gear, gifts, foods, boats, bicycles, and more. Great way to spend a few hours. Easy to get to, plenty of parking.

Andrew Mei

Went to the adidas in this outlet center. Nearly stocked. Great prices and even better with their red/green tag sales

Sybil Conley

I enjoy the shops, but make sure you have done your homework and price check! Yes there are bargains, but some things are just as expensive as they are in the non-outlet shops

Randy Taylor

I cant wait to go again

Larry Nelson Sr

Sale items priced very good.

Angela Boncore

Sorry I cannot rate this as I had to briefly pull into the parking lot for personal reason. However in general the Kittery Outlets have some pretty amazing stores.

Adrienne Barbe

I always have a good time shopping here.

Michael Pithis

Kittery outlets were good, but too many shops, and some shops had double the stores which did not make sense.

Sonja Stefan

Wonderful place to shop for quality items, I was hoping the sales would be a bit better but they told me they do have events from time to time when you can get extra discounts!

Anne-Margaret McElroy

Whenever we head to Maine we stop here...they have a great range of products...prices are competitive, lots to see and some interesting, small attractions on site. Multi level store with cafe. From clothes, to guns, fishing to giftware, plan to stay for a while!

Timothy Landry

Good place to shop.

Robert Ekblom

Go there, spend some money, grab the deals, shop till you drop :)

Piyush Singh

Good ... I think Wrentham and Merrimack are better

Gary Warwick

Perhaps my rating isn't fair. We were there only an hour. The stores were good. The traffic was bad. Really difficult to turn left if you needed to. Perhaps if we had more time we would have been able to plan our movements better.

Kristina Allder

Take your time here, loved it lots to see on both sides of the road for a mile. Look for coupons. Getting in and out you have to be patient.

Heather Mcnaulty

Fun never crowded prices are great and good sales!

Cody Clark

Best place to come spend some money. Any store you can think of, and good prices. Make sure you stop at the Kittery Trading Post, the jewel of Kittery.

Lisa Carter

Shopping at Kittery Trading Post is great.

Sylvain Laliberté

Great Factory outlets, lot of stores and banners variety.

Cindy F

Very cool


Enough stores to shop for years. Not a fun place to respond to 911 calls during the summer months....traffic paradise.

Angelique Olmo

Great deals and u can find clearance most of the time

Patrick Murphy

It has a diversity of stores and the people that operate them are very friendly.

Chris Patey

If all brick and mortar shopping was this good , Amazon never would have gotten to where it is today. I Freaking love this place. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, but never overbearing. I've asked all manner of dumb questions especially when I'm trying something new and the staff just takes it in stride never making the what-an-idiot face. Today's visit was a prime example of great service. I wanted to try on a life jacket while sitting in my kayak seat. Well of course the model of kayak I had was on the floor below, but no hesitation and we all went down and pulled out the kayak and I proceeded to try on a few life jackets to test for range of motion. Then 20 minutes later I remembered I wanted scupper plugs and didn't know the size so back down we went to test between the pairs they had in stock. Point being the staff is top notch.

Lori Fetters

Good food, New Hampshire products, and nice place to set for a break off the road.

Ken TifTuftsts

Kittery Trading Post was good, revised inside of store, looks very good. Enjoyed my visit. Will go back again.

Christine Roca

Great selection of clothing etc. Good fudge and had a raptor show last weekend

George Duke


Dague Clark

Many great stores.

D. J. Blackwood

A long stretch of outlet strip malls. The usual assortment of stores you'd expect to find. But you do have to drive from one strip mall plaza to the next.

Anna Oberlin

Great kids things

Chuck Mason

I'm not impressed I think you can get the same at a lower price on the net with free shipping

chris wood

Great place for the sportsman and everyone in between!

Joe Durepos

Amazing selection of stores. Fun place to shop.

Ivan Pellecer

Love this place

linda l

Kittery Trading Post is a must see. Great selection.

Robert Corwin

Good buys

dar dar

Awesome!!! The best in the area.

Kevin Smith

Nice outlet of of 95

Charles MacIntyre

Lots of great stores to choose brand merchandise at good prices

Issam Gharios

Fun and good place to visif

Jason K

Bunch of great shopping

Scotty D

Cool place. Wife bought some stuff at Loft and I splurged on a le creuset pot.

Walter Santelli

Didn't find many bargains and the mall spreads out over a very large area. It gets very tiring to shop comfortably if you're not familiar with the layout. Close to some nice restaurants.

Michael Lakowicz

Typical of other outlet centers. Odd thing here is that there are numerous “pods” of shops scattered over about a 2 mile section of route 1 meaning you have to keep getting in your car and driving to the various other centers. I also believe there are like three different management companies owning different parts of the outlets.

Jonathan Lui

Very nice selection of stores. The stores are all laid out within a few blocks and it's sort of annoying that you have to drive from section to section.

steve servello

Its okay not like it used to be, tourists are impatient and rude sales are so so. As far as walking nothing wrong with that, Bob Clams are way over priced but still good. Beach is awesome, great places to eat, sometimes we forget the crowds but thats life.

David Eldredge

Kittery Trading Post - never disappoints. Got my laminated maps for fishing from the Piscataqua to the Merrimack including both rivers. That keep me busy.

Sunshine Raine

Awesome prices Amazing garmets of real warmth And function

Sunny B

A lot of selection for stores. Seems that pricing is not always outlet prices. Some quite good sales but some stores don't have the best sales. There is a distance between shops so you do have to travel by vehicle between sections.

Ann F

Really cool store. They have everything you would ever need for an active outdoor life

cindy campbell

Great place to grab some outdoor gear or something to pretty up the camp this summer

James Ruffin

This is a popular annual fundraising trip sponsored by my church. We love the Outlets at Kittery, ME and the close proximity to Boston.

Fred Williams

Usually fairly crowded, but if you go at the right time, you can catch some good deals.

Jason Glenn

There are some cool and unique items to be found here, the pricing on some of the clothing items cannot be justified.

Sarah Redcross

Great place to go shopping. Lots of selection. We will definitely be back.

Alan Randle

Great stores to look at. Smaller than I had expected but none-the-less still good for shopping.

Ken Doucette

Great place to shop

Diane Kyle

Too spread out. Not really an outlet like they used to be as very little savings.

Naomi Jomes

Big with lots of stuff some cute finds over all nice place things in all price ranges

Randy Gunther

Deals are abundant! Best time to go is the off season.

Cathy Ann Tanso

We went to trading post and candy shop and when pigs fly!! Awesomely Awesome!!

Bobbi Gagne

Very expensive outdoor gear

Erik Smith

Wonderful bunch of stores. Big discounts. Close to everything. Outlets and fancy stores. Great time!

Cindy Rollins

Lots of little stores. I find prices to be a tad too much for me. But i love to browse. Wish there was a bit few more little places to eat like a cafe, rather than full blown restaurants.

andry 3000

Good prices just got stop by the cops within minutes of being there. Happened twice in 1 year and he gave me no reasons why he stop me.

Austen X

Typical outlet shopping....very nice. But you have to drive mall to mall....not pedestrian friendly. Try Robert's Maine Grill on the main strip....excellent food and service

Sofia Briskin

Nice place to do shopping

Mattheo Sauli

Very big outlet. Many choices ; you probably not going back with empty hands! The prices are cool, some are cheap.

Anne Moran

Very nice stores


Good deal

Chasity Saloio

It's nice area to walk around and shop

Bryan Niedermayer

Unique experience. The fudge is pretty good, but the prices of everything seemed to have increased since last year...

Pawel Belzak

Great place for shoping i always go there every year

Amanda Shin

So much to see and do, need to organize where and what you want to do

jeffrey hastings

They have everything!

Anthony D

If you like to shop. Not sure how good the deals are but plenty of places to unload your

Stephen Hanaka

Basically one long outdoor shopping mall. Deals can be found here as well as quality. Finding your size is not always easy.

John Sayers

Awesome place to shop

Tammy Gehring

Great place to shop

J. Douglas Morrison

The place is awesome & they have everything there

Bob Nevins

I'm sorry but most Outlets just don't have any deals. Even at 20% off I couldn't find anything I would consider a bargain.

Mike DK

We went here because a reviewer said that the clamchowder was watery at Bob's Clam Hut across the street. However the chowder at Weathervane was nothing but potatoes.

Donna Egelston

Used to be awesome, but it has changed a lot.

Emma Guardado


Randal Hollenbach

Good place to shop.

Christopher Ball

Enjoy roaming but gets tricky in the summer with tourists

Rainbow The Macaw

Lots of great stories and shops. The best is the Kittery trading post. And Yummies candy store.with lots of stores in between.

Jeanne Brown


Patrick Bourbeau

Big premium outlet, lots of stores. Good luck finding a parking spot and since stores are on both sides of the US 1, it's not easy to move around.

Robert Siebert

Too spread out and they charge sales tax.

Elizabeth Benson

So much to see. So much to buy...

Aleta Akhtar

I am not interested in most of these shops, but my son and I enjoyed the Ecco store.

Fred Miller

Always new and cool stuff to buy.

Jim Bean

Stopped at Kittery Trading Post, really busy but friendly staff and an enormous selection. Clean and bright always a great place.

Tom Pringle

Visited the Adidas and Columbia outlets. Great mall with a variety of shopping options. I really enjoy visiting these stores as they offer spectacular deals. Keep your eyes open for sales. The only thing I wish was better would be communication of sales and deals.

Brian Dillard

Overall, the prices were okay, but I didn't find them much cheaper than what you would get if you go to a lot of these individuals stores, and simply looked through their sales rack. I would expect to pay much less for "Outlet" pricing.

Mercedes Blanco


Robert Purington

Always a pleasure. No where in the surrounding has a selection of outdoor gear like they do here

Joanne T

I used to love to shop here however there are now outlets near home which are so much better...

Farshad Pezeshki

Boring stores , no good deals . Everything has been bumped up like any other outlet to make you think you are getting a good deal .

Fornite pronoob

The best place ever

John Sullivan

Great selection, little bit of a drive, but worth it.

Daryl Radcliff

Must stop for every outdoors person

John Coder

Not bad, very friendly and helpful staff in DXL and Skechers. Good prices in some stores but others were a bit expensive for outlet stores.

Joie Bain

So many to choose from, great place to shop

Ryan Smith

Inventory is fantastic, prices not so much

Joanne Ghazil


Pierre Castel

5 stars. Always a blast.

Mark Lawrence

Lot of great stores and good prices

Roger Elfstrom

Best after 3:00 pm


Love love love

Gerald Beggs

We enjoyed our shopping !!!

Leslie Welch

The Kittery Outlets, I give 5 stars.

Thomas Lee Mullins

They have a nice variety of stores.

Matthew Rodriguez

A decent number of stores and a good place to find deals located in a close area. My only concern is that everything needs to be driven to instead of being centralized and walkable like most other outlets that we've been to. This wouldn't be a huge issue except that traffic can get pretty bad and make this outlet difficult to navigate.

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