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REVIEWS OF Aroostook Centre Mall IN Maine

J Kiandoli

This mall has declined over the years. The primary store (jcpenny) always looks like it is going out of business. We only visit for the holiday pictures.

Melody Sturgeon

Quite a place with many businesses there

rodney johndro

Not many stores left in the mall. Sad really.

Randy Fulton

Not much in there anymore

Erin Burby

This place has gone down hill fast not a lot of stores now. Hope to see it grow better soon.

Eric Brooker

The mall is a great place too bad it's falling apart not physically but just internally


There is nothing here anymore. Besides the 2 stores I shop at and chopsticks, it's a ghost town inside. I was there with my family on what normally was a busy day(the first) and not a soul there. We stayed for hours and no one came. One of the shoppers says it's like that when ever she's in there. It's sad.

Clyde Lynch

A very exciting Easter Egg Hunt going on today! Many happy faces!

Kim Cote

Not much left in there. It sad.

Danielle C

A lot of empty places.

Steven Dominique

Great place to shop but local shoppers are not supporting

Daniel Sinclair

This is not the same place it was when I was a kid, the only reason I come here now is to buy shoes/Chop sticks (Chinese food). On a side note today I want to upload pictures to google of what stores were open but a person I believe was a mall employee quickly reminded me that pictures of the mall is not allowed, (guess they are worried I would show how empty it is/dlapitated) but rules are rules even though I was just trying to help

Nicholas Culler

Not many stores not as many big name stores for sure I think I saw one restaurant overall not that impressed

wayne raymond

Need more stores

Darren Mills

Falling apart at the seams. No business can stay there due to rental fees. Ruby Tuesday's is the only thing keeping it going next to JC Penny's.

kelly raymond

Awesome place with a few stores that we like to shop at. Convenient and easy to see from the rd. Reasonable prices. Very well organised. Friendly staff.

Pamela Perkins

So many empty stores. Could use it for more community events.

presque isle

Other than rubies there's not much in the mall Chopsticks is good that's why I rated 3-star

Clinton Perry

Seems like the mall is going downhill. The inside has part of the inside area closed off. Some of the stores you can only enter from the outside. It used to be that you could enter all the stores from the inside.

Jason Vois

This place is going down it's too bad

Brandon Smith

Dead, no stores left. Hopefully they return in future. Until then it's just empty.

Devon Maynard

Kind of empty but nice still

Adam Dow

Nothing really in there. A waste of time really just going there.

Marc Michaud

Good place for your clothing needs

Cindy St. Peter

There's really not a whole lot here.

The Phantom 2018

It's a very depressing place to go. There's not much here anymore.

Pickle Hubert

Very lackluster "mall"

shaun plourde

Some good deals at times.

Kathrine Long

There is very few places left to shop in our mall.

Kathryn T.m.

If there was more variety...or at least more stores the rating would be higher. I will say the stores that we do have are all pretty good

Heather Bultez

Becuz theres hardly any stores need more good stores

Daniel Fife

Half Empty mall! Maybe the area couldnt support it.

Ej King

Needs more business

marc michaud

Great place to shop for your every needs.

Samuel Picard

Needs some serious renovating and the countless empty store fronts and feet off bare wall is just depressing. The only redeeming quality about the mall are the stores. The town needs them and its the only place around here that can compete with the internet.

Pam Phillips

Good place to shop

Lynne Michaud

Used too walk it when I first had surgery and was healing and would love too walk in all those stores and look around, now there hardly ain't nothing there

Brian Mullins

For those of us that remember what it was like 10+ years ago, it's sad to see what it's become/becoming. Some options but you're probably going to have shop down state, downtown, or online to get what you want.

matt howes

They used to be much better but all the stores keep moving out.

Benjamin Robbins

This place is a ghost town.

Jamie Leigh Robertson

It was so depressing. I have heard that people aren't allowed to walk in there for exercise. Maybe if that was allowed you would get more business!

Peggy S Brewer

Nice mall but so many stores closed! It is a shame.

Kevin Obar

Ruby Tuesdays restaurant, awesome

Tracy Hartley

Small mall

Melissa White

There's nothing there

Todd Forgrave

Sally a dieing mall. Large and spacious, well lit. Great selection of store. Could use more businesses.

Pam Churchill

My husband & I enjoy our meals at the Presque Isle Ruby Tuesday. My Hubby's favorite is usually the Bacon Burger meal & I love the large variety Salad Bar as a meal. The wait staff are pleasant and helpful. Mary is one of our favorites!

LeeAnn Michaud

Sad to see all the businesses that have left the mall over the past few years. Though the store's that remain are all great places to shop.

Mandi Craig

Hardly ever go to the mall anymore unless my kids need something for sports at Olympia Sports. JC Penney is the only place to buy clothing or shoes for my kids. Only place to eat is Chinese food or go to Ruby Tuesdays and that hasn't been great either.

Angela Bellamy

It's more like a plaza than a mall. There are not many businesses unfortunately.

Joey Mauro

Nothing left. I remember 20 years ago when this opened to great fanfare. But that was 20 years ago.


Only decent thing about this mall is the Chinese food restaurant. Their crab rangoons are on point.

Rocky Nichols

Empty mall what few stores are left are charging way too much

Tim Capehart

Wish they had more stores

Norman Sylvester

Poor business plan for whoever owns this. Let's force everyone out!!! Genius.... NOT

Bob Bickford

Many stores closed. Population not large enough to support small this size. What's there is good.

Cira Treichel

Mostly empty, but great location. Label Shopper is worth the trip.

Diane Fay Deabay

Just go to bath and body

Loki Wadlington

being ran into the ground

ken nelson

Love it

Hawco & Carnell Show

I'll always love this place and it's staff.

Sally Warren

Some nice shop's...super clean....great JC Penny's....great restaurant...wonderful place to court too...

Jeffrey Hafford

The Mall is looking empty.


I visited dollar tree. The mall is definitely on it's last legs and it's sad to see.

mary gallant

Not many stores


No stores

chris king

Needs more

Laura Lynn LooHoo King

This is a nice, little mall to do your shopping in. Not so crowded. And not as many stores in there, as there use to be. But all the same, it's a nice lovely place to shop. We love our little mall.

Robert Avery

They have a lot of nice stores

Chris Salger

A nice place to visit but unfortunately like most malls in America too many shops are closing.

Pedro A. Collazo Torres

It's a nice place to be in.

Kolby Singleton

There's more stores in the than I thought, but it's still a bit of a ghost town. I hope the mall can get more stores.

jason plant



Mall has some nonconnected stores and others that are. Vip, harbor freight tools, jc penny and more.

Susan Boyd

With a complete lack of choices are stores that are of any quality to shop at little reason to go there anymore. Kmart was wonderful and I miss it terribly spend a lot of money there now but them gone Dollar Tree is the only other choice. Love Dollar Tree but there needs to be more stores in that mall. Ownership might think of changing mesh management certainly couldn't hurt

Philip Long

Mostly closed stores (empty), but at least there was no line to wait in.

Joseph Davis

Small as hell

Harold MacDonald

No stores

Paul Bernard Jr.

When you walk your bicycle into the food court to have lunch; since there was no bicycle track outside (sorry, not leaving my $700 bike outside unlocked). Ask customer service if there's a bike rack, and was told no. Went to lock my bike to a table, out of the way, to be approached by mall employees and told the bike had to go. Then to have them go to the customer service and start trying to bring up things from my former employment? I see why the mall is so empty.

Laurie Hafford


Andrew Disney

Few places every day!

Larry ME

Not many stores left, ghost town. The mall was always poorly managed and never done much to attract young people. It always has more of a retirement home flare with old Country music playing. Although I'm of the older generation, it always had that old church feel. Teenagers felt uncomfortable going there to hang out. Store front leasing was too expensive for the area. Management should have greatly reduced lease rate and worked with the City to decrease it's tax burden. Only a few stores left with JC Penny being the last major anchor.


Giving 5 stars because I want a job

Tom Pond

The Aroostook Center Mall has got to be the most depressing mall I have ever been too. The facility itself is nice and clean and with the exception of Ruby Tuesday's and Harbor Freight the mall has absolutely nothing to really offer anyone. It must be the total lack of initiative with who ever is running the place. Stores are moving out and nothing is going in. The place is like a ghost town on the inside. If it were up to me I would definitely fire the person that's been in charge because no one wants to go there. This is all just my opinion and if you don't believe me just stop in I guarantee you won't stay long.

Jeremy laflamme

Nothing in the mall anymore

Mr. Steal Your Dad

Good place to just walk around. Not many stores left thought

Keegan Watt

Its going downhill... Not many stores worth going to.

Rona Hart

Mall is missing its pleasure. And fun

Autumn Hersey

Not as many stores as they used to have, however i believe this will be changing

Jetta J

If you want to know what post-Apocalypse means, take a walk through the mall during Christmas season.

Anna Gallagher

Good stores and enough room for walking

Jaden the gamer

Needs more stores

Ben Willey

Definitely not what it use to be. Also not there fault in this online world.

Deborah Nelson

It is a ghost town.

Rusty Johnston

Sadly its feeling online ordering.

Rashel Plant

There's nothing left in this mall. Its very sad snd disappointing

thugs in blue thebitch

Could have more stores but all in all not a bad polace to shop

John King

Only thing worth seing is harbor freight

billijo Wilcox

Its never busy many places to park very few stores to choose from ..

Dana Anderson

Did some shopping at the Harbor Freight store. Beautiful experience! Will definitely be back!

Larry Boulier

Mall is on life support. Lost 2 of 3 ANCHOR stores

Danny Thomas

Decent place but very empty.

Lisa Hewitt

Very sad establishment nothing to offer when there are so many opportunities

Katrina Ellis

Not many stores but it was okay

Steven Archer

This place is poorly managed, with no visible effort to make it better.

Donna Ridings

Chopsticks is a good place to eat

Aubrey Knorr

Very empty. It was sad to see a mall with very little in it and no people!

Pamela Page

Good place to go, Some real nice store's, nice place, more than enough parking spots

Mary Hill

Needs more stores. But a nice clean place to shop.

Suzanne Galligan

Small quiet clean and not many store

Leland Alger

ok place to visit wit spicifics in mind

Patricia Smith

Not much there anymore.

Brielle Tweed

I am a child and i love this place the laser tag, the food, Claires jewelry store and the house of bounce but the bare walls and empty stores are creepy and the echo from sound in the distant makes me jump.

Mark Fullen

No stores!


I got good quality sweat shirt for descent price:)

Macthew DeWitt

It's going under.

Chelsey Lister

No stores, don't go there

Sarah Luna

This mall and all things about it was disappointing

LaNiece Sirois

In one stop, I can have a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesday, buy an outfit at Maurice's, get jewelry at J.C. Penney,, buy matching shoes at the Shoe Department or at Payless and then swing in to Bath and Body works for something to make me smell heavenly, get my mani-pedi at Nail Citi and Kay's can polish my wedding set to an amazing shine. I stop by my office to send a few last minute emails and then I am ready for date night! It's all at the Aroostook Centre Mall.

Lon Cyr

Nice and clean. With there were more stores

Chris Saretto

There's nothing there. Most of the stores have gone.

Jayna Bosse

Harbor Freight staff are always pleasent and willing to help...

Joshua Ramos

Very small selection of stores. Depressing atmosphere

Haze Marilag

This mall is terrible there aren't too many stores left here. JCPenny is the only big store in this mall. Dissapointed there is nothing here

Tina Chasse

Needs more store bit love what's left

Wyatt Fulton

Good Chinese food

Julie St. Thomas

We went to Dollar Tree, and that's about all they have there that's worth shopping at. It's just a matter of time before it's closed for good.

Bernice Ouellette

Does not have a lot of stores.

Nada Forsman

Nothing here.

Seth Swa

The new harbor freight store is nice

Meg Marie

The Mall is dying. That much is true to any local. With fewer and fewer options to shop and eat you can't go to the mall just to hang out anymore as it's turned into an eerie half empty building. With only Ruby Tuesday's and chopsticks to eat don't come to the mall if you're looking to grab a quick bite.

Gregg Wilson

Some of the more popular stores have left. No more Kmart, food court only has one Chinese food stand. Disappointing. It used to be a great mall.

Ben Pinette

No stores, depressing atmosphere, senior citizen convention during weekday mornings. Thank god for internet shopping and Bangor.

Danny Pelletier


Michelle Shead

Wow!! They call this mall? JCPENNEY didn't have many clothes that did not look like an 80 year old would wear. SMH

Leigh Wales

It's like a morgue

april kellerhals

We love going here. One of the only malls that I don't have anxiety attacks in.

Devan Rockwood

Not exactly a mall...small shopping center with JC Penny's, and a Ruby Tuesday's.

Cherrie Carnaghi

The shopping mall unfortunately has been reduced to just a few retail stores. There is only Chopstix at the quick food service.

Aryana Casillas-Gonzalez

It's a nice place to go for walks, but not to shop. Most of the shops are closed.

Brandon O'Clair

Wish there were more stores in here. Lot of empty spaces but still a great place!

Tammy Barton

Went to ruby Tuesdays. Love the food the atmosphere and the service. Great salad bar. Didn't like how they charged extra for the 2 cups of coffee though

ruth jackson

Love you visit again

Tracy Flannigan

Hardly any stores

Shelley Ebbett

This mall has next to nothing in it now. Lower rent and increase traffic, hence get bigger companies if you can prove more traffic.

Christina F.

Use to be a great mall plenty of shops and places to get a fast meal. Now most stores are closed.

Justin Nichols

There is really nothing to do here anymore but still have a couple good stores left.

sharon sharp

Not a big mall anymore

Lindsay Dretchen

Love bath and body works! Very nice people working in several of the stores. Only con is that there isnt alot of stores anymore . Very limited options .

Biggie Nerdz

The Mall is dead. Nothing there.

avery k

I only go there for my gymnastics classes which are at the Mall. Claire's closed. Kmart is going to close. Now there are only bath and body works, Maurices, chopsticks, ruby Tuesday, and a few other stores including JcPenney and a medical supply store.

Paul Mc Donald

Really not much to see there.

Steven McQueen

Always broke when I leave here. If you can join insiders club, I saved my membership within my 1st purchase, and use it alot.

Noah Featherson

This mall has so much potential, it's in great shape and has a great layout. Then you look at the stores inside the mall and they're laser tag and a bounce house place, not stores. Needs more space rented out to needed stores and not ghetto places. Also all the Halloween decorations are all over the mall, taking up more space then the actual stores. Also the random pictures of children sitting on Santa's and the Easter bunny's lap are kinda creepy.

Timothy Dalbeck

It's a shell of a mall. Most of the businesses are shuttered, and all but one of the Satellite stores are closed. And don't ask about the food court.

Judy Wilbur

Wandered around while waiting for our aunt to do her physical therapy...nice atmosphere

Richard Emerson

Good deals on tires

Caiden Condon

There is not much stores anymore but the ones that are left are good stores.

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