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7900 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40222, United States

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Where is Oxmoor Center?

REVIEWS OF Oxmoor Center IN Kentucky

Susan Marble

I love the huge Sephora store at the Oxmoor Mall. They also have many other great stores there.

Vicky R

Lots of great shopping. Do wish they had more food options but what they do have is top notch

Donna Glass

Haven't been there since the remodel. Its much better then before. Will go back

James Thompson

Absolutely a great mall love this Mall not a lot of Riff Raff people are more friendlier willing to help you and they have nice stores with nice clothes that you don't see in other parts of Louisville very good Mall it deserves 5 stars

Evan Curry

want the topgolf to be in there because i am a golfer

Vanessa Lockhart

I like going to that mall because it's very quiet

Philip Johnston

They have some good deals with coupons. And sells

jackie richard

nice clean not a lot of stores I was interested in

Betsy Rather

Always an excellent place to get any of the items you happen to need to enjoy your life more all the time !

Mark Sowell

They were really nice and helpful in the store and a lot of things to buy

Christine Jacobs

Many great retailers and dining options to choose from. Clean and well lit facilities with decent parking availability

Mike Dean

Well maintained center with lots of shopping experiences. My only complaint is people do not understand what “family” restrooms are and just keep coming in and messing around especially the teenagers that wanna screw off and then get mouthy when you ask them to leave while you’re trying to use the bathroom for it’s actual purpose. There needs to be locks on the family restroom doors. It should be one family at a time in there especially seems there is only one toilet, but there isn’t so there is no way to stop people from coming in.

Crystal Sanders

A very bright very big mall. I liked it.

Keith Washington

There are no shoe stores for men and no where to eat!

Taylor Morrison

Went there today since google said it was open. The website apparently said it wasn’t which was my fault for not checking. But my boyfriend and I were in there waiting for our friend (who had gone ahead without us) we asked mall security if they were open, (they said no) then we assured them we weren’t loitering, just waiting for our friend. Which they responded with “oh, that big black guy? Yeah we were watching him” Seriously? I expressed my distaste at the remark which they followed up with “oh, don’t be like that” Don’t call out blatant racism? Please train your mall security not to be so obvious when they’re clearly targeting black people. Thanks.

Dawn K

There's just really nothing there anymore. If I go it's strictly for one store,definitely not worth walking around

Paula M Hyland

I love the shops in this particular mall.

Jon Neace

The new Lego store is cool

Julie Jeanes

I was so disappointed with my last visit to California pizza kitchen. The food was incorrect bit took so long to arrive we ate it anyway and out of all the dishes only one was warm and tasted the least bit appealing. Typically when almost all the food is left on the plates that should be an indication something is wrong but our server was pretty much absent and no management was seen working the front house. We usually really enjoy CPK but it will be a long time before we are brave enough to try again.

Travis Horton

Largest mall in area. Typical experience.

Lisa Peters

I prefer this shopping center over any other. Love the parking area because its always easy to maneuver, even when super busy. Love the store selections. Disney, Breighton and Lush are my go to stores!

Bob Abondolo

I tell you, these places are going to be gone in the future.

Naveen srikakolanu

I bought Apple iPhone XS max, amazing place you can get any item from this Apple store in oxmoor center. There are other merchandise on this center. Nice place during winter shopping.

Duane Kline

Fun, upscale mall in Louisville. Not the broadest selection of shops, but nice niche shops throughout.

Dave Harhay

Nicest mall in the area. Many clothing stores

Melissa Jeremiah

The mall was okay it's just it didn't have a lot of variety to shop in. The restrooms were really nice and clean. The Starbucks was nice and it was giving away free water. The setting area was nice it's just there wasn't that much of variety to shop that's what we're sad about. The Apple store was also very nice. The Apple staff we're really nice and friendly they helped us with a lot.

Chris Clark

This is a great place to walk around and take the kids to run around. They have some good stores but it’s more of a time killer. It is a very clean mall and security is good. It also is in a great location for other stores.

Elizabeth Sawyer

I love to shop and eat here

Francesca Jensen

Only went to Macy's. .good as usual.

Chelsea Martin

We have only been to the Oxmoor Center once. We chose this plaza instead of Mall St. Mathews due to parking. While the store selection was nice it would have been nice to see some places like Justice or Children's Place. The center is geared for a different type of clientele I believe.

JimmyDLepping .

Just be careful.

Pixie Dust Louisville

Great mall! I love coming here any chance I get. Good selection of stores all around and Beautiful grounds around the mall! Super nice location right off Shelbyville Road.

Kimmie SagOnFireInKy Houston

My first time visiting and our focal point was Sephora. My daughters and I had a blast playing in makeup! The sales associates were very friendly and helpful.


Had to return something at Dicks that didn't fit during the holidays and it was absolutely crazy there. I don't know if it was just with the location of Dicks Sporting Goods right in the front of the mall, the holiday traffic, or the Mall it self but we had to park what felt like 5 miles away from Dicks. The Dicks Sporting Goods is very big with an outstanding selection

Scott Legler

Not much here really that your average customer is looking for. A few decent stores, but certainly not the choices that there used to be. Most of the Sears wing is completely closed off. I guess the age of the indoor mall is just about over. Sad, very sad.

Karyn Bentley

Great selection of stores and very clean compared to other Malls on the area.

Willena Hawkins

All Good!!! Especialy Macys. My fav.

jim davis

beautiful mall lots of parking easy to navigate

Cheryl Wegner

Wow! Great upscale stores including Anthropologie and Pottery Barn kids. Dart Rush game available for kids and grownups. Yay - there's a Starbucks and a Disney store, too!

Cary Matthews

Have to say I don't really "shop" at Oxmoor Mall. I go straight into Macy's. I think malls are kind of depressing anymore. Parking for the disabled is in short supply. I wish malls had little "rolling carts" like Macy's used to have. I might actually shop store to store if they did. Mall bathrooms are scary. You couldn't pay me to park in a mall parking lot at night. How times have changed.

Jody Hill

It's just a nice shopping center in the ritzy part of Louisville

Galen Lowrey

Decent shops, good place to walk around

Cari James

All of the extra security because of the holidays made my family feel safer but it was jam-packed and we were there to visit to stores which happened to be on opposite ends of the mall which required quite a bit of walking. And there's not enough bathrooms. Other than that pretty clean overall

midwest product reviews

Nice place to take the family to go shopping. Good selection of stores to shop in, and some nice restaurants to get a bite to eat.

Key PPGrillo

This mall is really nice because it is small enough that you can walk through it quickly if you are searching for something specific. A great experience! Btw you can find good promotions! Is safe and clean!

Aurora Quinzel

Brick and mortar is dying. I never go to St Matthews, it's a mess, Jtown is a first town, Oxmoor is having on though: Lush, Sephora, Teavana, Disney, H&M. It's clean, not busy, and they have charging stations

Taylor Cox

Smaller mall in st. Matthews area but carries a maternity store which is a nice plus! Usually less packed but has more of a refined shopper in mind.

Feeby Molina

Good stores. Great location.

Michael Brent

Great stores. We love Old Navy

Tony Adornato

Parking is good and the stores are better than in the other mall. Food selection leaves a little to be desired

Bettina Hardin

Love This Place

Arnita Booth

I go to the Macys there its a favorite of mines.

Jonathan Crum

What a great mall! I don't even have to buy anything (although I always do). Just fun to walk around and look in the windows.

Allison Jones

Great mall with lots of good stores.

Mark Girten

Love this mall. Wish we had one this nice closer to home

Mister R

Only good store is Macys

wpeyton fan

They have removed some eateries since last year when i was here, but its still a good place to visit

Tim Schroll

Changing and cant wait for too golf lego store and apple keeps me broke

Lori Kelly

It's a mall, like so many scattered across the suburbs of America, relics of the 80s and 90s . Poor Victor Gruen, his dream was destined for mediocrity. Oxmoor is cleaner than St. Matthews and it class-signals a little higher than the other …

Vivie Oktaviani

Nice mall Cons : not many selections of food vendors/restaurants

Brendan H

Great setup and not a lot of congestion. Could use more directional signs.

gogo anover

you can find some of what you like but not all.

Elizabeth Jones

Beautiful mall with many great stores. I'm always impressed with how clean this mall is.

Jaret Hill

The best mall for adults. There are higher end stores here like Boors Brothers, Macy's & Von Maur. It is less youth/teen oriented than other malls, so you will have a more peaceful shopping experience. There is no food court where rowdy …

Holly Justice

First time to the mall in 2 years. Everything has changed but it's a good change

Mary Irvin

Variety of shops,including Von Maur and Macys, beautiful ,comfortabl environment and wonderful BJ"S Restuarant and other eating places.

William Supe

The stores are made for rich yuppies ,no food court ,St.matthews mall and Jefferson mall are much better.

Ellen Sloan

A neighborhood mall. Nothing spectacular

Cleora Dehnhard

I always enjoy a trip to Oxmoor. This mall is huge and has a great variety of stores ranging from restaurants to coffee shops. One of my favorite stops is "The Disney Store"!

Christina Heeg

This mall is always clean, and easy to get in and out of even when it is busy.

David Heavey

This mall doesn’t offer much for shopping unless you are looking for specific stores. Very little to offer in the way of food options. Most of this is because the mall appears to be preparing to undergo major renovations but has yet to begin such things other than the new Apple store. Be sure to research what stores are still open at this mall so you don’t drive all the way into town and find a vacant spot where that store used to be.

Martin Freeman

Of all the malls in the Louisville area this might be my favorite. This is for no other reason than it has a ton of space to walk. The Starbucks in the middle of the mall also is helpful. It just seems cleaner and has a bunch of stores you can't find in other places.

Ron Garvin

This is one really nice Indoor Mall to shop at. The Company who owns it had just completed a full upgrade and full Restoration of the Mall. The Mall is always kept at a high state of cleanliness and all the employees who work at the different shops are nice and friendly. They will help you find something if you can’t find it and even tell you where to go inside the Mall yo get what you need. There is way more than adequate parking around this Mall also.

Garry Goodman

They have just about anything you want in there prices 2

Margaret S. Harris

Many new stores and I need to see them also.

Jordan Beard

Cool stores but why did they get rid of the tot lot?????? My son loved going there as did many other kids and families, especially when it was cold outside and we couldn't go to an outdoor park. Even over the summer when it was scorching hot outside and we couldn't go to an outdoor park. I'm a stay at home mom and need activities to do that don't cost money and the tot lot was one of the last things my son enjoyed doing for free. Really disappointing decision on their part that's made it hard on parents who can't afford to take their kids places every day.

George Smith

Nice place to shopped, except for the Holidays. The traffic gets terrible.

Lavonda Greene

It's been a long time, since I visited this mall. It was a wonderful experience today. Great stores, easy to shop.....I enjoyed myself!!

Perry Collins

This place will always suck, until TOP GOLF comes to save it! Top Golf is fun for people who suck at golf and don't mind paying twice as much as a round of golf costs for the privilege of being served food and drinks while swinging your lungs out at range balls.

Ozy Zoeller

Clean well laid out mall.

Peyton O'Neill

The Lego store is fantastic

Shannon G. Batts-Caffee

I went to tge apple store ..the The Heirs wasn't my favorite but I got an a senior care Apple advisor on the phone and she was amazing

Something Nice

This mall is so small and very boring! All of the stores are not that Interesting! Oxmoore mall staff is unfriendly to people! This mall is not even big enough to walk around in! They don't even have a second floor anymore!


Been several years since being in this mall. It has changed considerably. No more 2nd floor food court. Mall traffic was very slow. Very, very few people shopping at 4pm in afternoon. Not sure how they stay open if this is normal. Must be why they trying to get Top Golf in to save the place. It was clean and very open.

Courtland Hill

Definitely better than st matthews mall now since it isnt as packed and crowded.

Tiffany Alvey

Their stores are expenisve i more or less just walk around this mall

Kellen Williams

This was such a nice visit! There are a lot of stores here that are really unique to the area. It is always worth stopping by. This mall is really nice because it is small enough that you can walk through it quickly if you are searching for …

Pat Maggard

Oxmore was clean, friendly people work there. It was comfortable warm, music was pleasant, not too loud. We walked at an energetic pace pausing

Lisa Mills

Found some of my favorite stores

Matt Schutz

A few good restaurants closed, I'm guessing partly because of high rent. Good food draws shoppers!

Daniel Biddle

Very nice mall. Clean and organized. Went there to go to the Lego store, which is Awesome!

Sherry Hutchins

Always excellent service. I wouldn't take my Toyota anywhere else. They have Hybrid Mechanics which are vital for my Prius. I just dont trust anybody else with my hybrid.

Karen Cook

Very cool place

Trevor Calderon

Awesome place and nice luxurious store. I will totally come again.

Todd Shupe

its a mall, a little upscale but a mall

Larry Lewis

BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurant. All was very good.

Shawn Parker

Could definitely use more updated stores. Disney store is absolutely amazing though! Great mall overall.

Ryan G

The nicest mall I've been to in 3 years

gee robinson

Love this mall if you into high end stuff they have MAC makeup there you won’t save money but you will be Fly as ever and it’s surrounded by the best restaurants and ever though it’s a lot expensive you won’t be disappointed

Anthony Speller

Doing Poppa thangs.


Good place to do some shopping

Amy Wolford

Not impressed..used to be one of my favorite malls


This Mall is decent but doesn't have all the shops that I like. It's a nice place to spend time there, I wish they have more store in there.

Shana Montgomery

I'm generally an online shopper, but when I have to go into a mall, it's always Oxmoor Center. It is beautifully maintained, and has all of my favorite clothing stores.

Carrie Wright

Love to shop there

Diane Lippelt-Dunnings

Took my granddaughter trick or treating at Oxmoor Center. We're going to make it an annual thing. Better then going door to door. The food court is disappointing but other then that, it's a nice place.

Aimee Laurinda Trupp

Won't go to this mall ever again. Dirty, bad lighting, selection of stores are not appealing

Becky Priest

Very nice place to go. Haven't been in there for several years. Customer was great.

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