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905 N 12th St Suite 1, Middlesboro, KY 40965, United States

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REVIEWS OF Middlesboro Mall IN Kentucky

Weldon Bowman

Love here different things to do

Alex Rittenhouse

They had maybe 4 stores open and the rest were just a quick set up shop. i was pretty turned off with out dark and vacant it was. Made me not want to continue walking further into the mall.

Leslie Barker

A very nice clean place you can go for walks and watch a movie or grab a bite to eat and let your child play in the arcade and you can join them and play games for fun. They have JcPennys,Belks for more dressy clothes and then you have rule 21,new style of clothes and Bath and body. They even have a dollar tree to Sears and fancy jewelry at Kay's jewellery. All around it's a pretty nice place to shop,shop with friends and family and enjoy as much time you want to spend in the mall.

Cindy Lucas

I LOVE the new Dollar Tree, great new store, lots of selection

Patricia Collins-Taylor

Love this store.

David Osborne

A whole lot of stuff in a small package. Small but not too small. It's a nice place

Dianne Clark

Penney's has s bathroom right inside the side entrance gets my business. Browse sometimes at sales but seldom go there just to shop.

Chase Fett games

It has a great small town vibe. Its not to big or too small

David Smith

Fairly decent pricing for the area. Businesses opening and closing so often makes me not want to visit much though.

Austin Denson

Only good because it has a gym and a supplement store.

Thomas Caywood

I only go to shoe store and they were pleasant.

johncshockley .

This mall is one of the few in the area that is still hanging on to two “anchor” stores and a movie theater. There is also a Bath & Body Works, two jewelry stores, and very few empty spaces overall. The parking lot, entrances, and general interior were in fair to good shape as far as cleanliness goes.

Kacie Riggs

Generally a pleasant visit

Mary Bevins

Wish more people would give it a chance

Wynona Hatfield

Love to shop at this mall.

Veronica Mitchell

Amzing clothes/amzing fadrick

scott holt

Not much there really I am not being negative toward anyone there because seems like everyone seems to be friendly but I dont know how the mall and other places stay open because there is no real jobs there.

roy kyle

I like what few stores that are still there, but they are becoming less and less stores ,due to high price of rent, Had a close friend that opened a great taco shop, put taco bell to shame, as his business started growing so did the price of rent ,so he had to close up and get a store outside the mall, just seems like a good business practice to have lower rent and the mall full, than jack up the rates to where most stores can't profit due to such high rent, i say there is a 50/50 split on vacant stores to occupied ones,

Aj Finn

It took s long time to get are foo

D Wilson

Don't take a lot of $. You are unlikely to buy much because of too many unused places. But it is clean and bright and well.kept.

David Brubaker

Don't get out here real often. Usually when there is some kind of sale (as there was this time). Still, it's a good shopping adventure.

Patrick Bonneville

Neat place, very well laid out

Jacob Hampton

Surprisingly full mall. You don't see that much anymore.

Elizabeth Tillman

This place is cool and has a lot of cheap prices

Zacherly Sheets

Okay but slowly fading Mall like so many others. Nothing terrible nor great. Just ok.

Two weirdos in a truck

This is a nice mall. It's not over crowded like others. I especially like shopping at Roses department store and JCPENNEY. It's easy to get in and out. They mall has nice clean restrooms. I don't live here but will shop there again when I am in the area.

Kimberly Jackson

Great mall. A lot of new stores.

Becky Dainels

Good merchandise good sale prices

Lola Kay Knuckles

The mall gives you as little bit of stop and shop...except groceries. Love it...keep it just the way it it is.

Tammy Blevins

I absolutely love this mall . Everyone is so nice !

Joan Griggs

A great place to shop!

moorkowbell .

Mainly go to the mall to go to Flex Fittness, best gym in the area. Mall is clean and well maintained. Has a good variety of stores.

Gayle Lewis

Awesome variety and great place to walk..look.. and buy!

Nancy Robison

Sad that a lot of the stores have moved out

Will Curry

It need some more stores. Qlot of empty spaces but the stores that are there are well stocked and clean

Sam Farmer

Still some nice stores left. Just doesn't thrive like it used to

Robert Hubick

I go for JCPenney and Rue21. JCPenney for my Stafford White tees, which I can't live without; and Rue21 to occasionally buy pants.

Soma Pneuma Paideia

I just don't personally prefer the style, it's what all the elderly people at church wear.

Wanda Mcghee

My granddaughters like for me to take them to the Mall and I love it as well.

Candy Hillier

Love going to the mall they have a lot of different stores here

Shelia Howard

Just getting out for no a day. Enjoyed it

H Rutherford

Love that they have a Dollar Tree, Rue 21, Bath and Body Works, and Shoe Show all in one place. The only thing I wish is that they had more places to eat.

Shelia Tabor

Clothes amd sales are unbeatable.

Laura Lee Slusher

Love shopping there. Lots of good stores

Dave Diamond

While the Middlesboro Mall May lack the fullness that it had at one point I still believe this is an awesome place to shop and enjoy time with your family. This afternoon after we ate we took the grandson over and enjoy enjoyed the arcade as well as some fudge from the sweet shop and found some really good deals on things my wife and I enjoy. It is unfortunate that the online shopping experience has robbed the brick-and-mortar stores of the revenue they need to continue to flourish. There is no substitute for shopping experience that includes being able to put your hands on what you are considering purchasing. This mall has always been a great place to enjoy shopping. And that continues to be the case.

Regen Gamma

Very little stores that are worth going to. Needs some better stores.

Courtney Guy

My little boy loves going to this mall with me...

Greg Carmony

Up and coming place, several spots worth the trip

debbie murray

Love going to the mall to hang out nice and clean friendly people always willing to help

gabriel rathe

Great place to stop and stretch the legs. A lot of neat stores. Could used some TLC though.

Amber Roberts

The mall is good looking but very lacking in the store departments. DO NOT go to the theater though! VERY DISGUSTING.

Judy Grant

Great place a few good stores especially bath and body love this place!!

Irene Osborne

Great shopping place

Ronn Duff Jr

Still several shops here and seems like more popping up all time. Worth the stop.

Damon Philpot

Great variety of stores. Everyone was all smes and polite if I had a question they were quick to answer. Great structure everything handicap available. Interior design was uplifting when the smells were inviting.

Darryl Marlow

Love the car shows

Craig Gibbs

Great mall will hate to see all the malls go away! This one still has a Penneys

big bear3815

It's went down hill

Michael Foley

Nice place for a quick stop on highway 25e near the the long tunnel. Competitive gas prices also.

Sandra Sewell

Just great. I am in a wheelchair. Very assessable. Mall clean. Decorated great.

Sharon McDaniel

Best place to unwind and saveoney at the same time. Its small and always clean.

Karmia Garrison

Poor selection of stores, one's there have minimal selection. Prefer to go to Lexington or Knoxville.

Betty Lawson

needs good clothing stores, to keep most people that live here, from going to Tennessee to shop

Tracy Evans

Not a lot of shops but what they do have is good, especially Belk

Jaden Guy

Love the cookies small mall not much to choose from

Julia Kendrick

Love this mall. Older but still awesome.

Rachel Riddle

This mall is very disappointing. A lot of empty retailers. The outside of the mall is very unattractive , there is nothing there that even looks appealing to the eye. Sorry this is my opinion and this mall needs a lot of work.

Bill Tiemann

This is a small town mall right on Hwy 25 E. It's your typical small town mall with a few stores and restaraunts. Really about the best place to shop between Knoxville TN and London KY.

Sloane Williams

If you look at it from a native perspective it’s a pretty mediocre mall. There’s barely anything in it but the stores that are there are nice ones. The movie theater is pretty trash. If you don’t like around here you probably would consider this mall to be a disgrace to malls. There are like five stores and 20 empty rooms;however, it’s the best place to shop in the area.

Jamie Barnett

Cool calm inviornment

Leaf Fael

HELLO, Hello, hello. (echo)...I have never been in a mall with so few employees! JCPenny had 1 person that I could see. Shoe store 1 guy. Small mall. Nothing to celebrate.

Maryetta Dozier

My favorite place

joann osborne

Great shopping experience

Gary Lee Becker

Its good for a small town mall.

Amy Haynes

Small but nice

Lana Lamb

Love going through the sales racks!

Tracy Mize

Not a lot going on there. They need to do some kind of events to draw more people in. They have a movie theater and a few stores. The most exciting thing is probably laser tag.

Michael Taylor

Nice mall, but seems a little dead these days

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