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1250 Bardstown Rd #5, Louisville, KY 40204, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mid City Mall IN Kentucky

Bridget Fitzgerald

We lived around the corner from mid city mall and used to walk there everyday. I love the downstairs shop called Nearly New, still go there to this day, it's one of the better consignment shops I've been to. We just love Mid-City we also used to always go to the grocery store there which had super friendly employees.

Travis Hovious

I have good adventures when out and this is a good place with multiple things to choose from

Qua'Neaka Cummins

They didnt have fruity pebbles....

Adel Migirova

Very dirty inside. Very rubbed down. Seems like no has actually maintained the building in decades!

iam chris

Customer service was spotty the area in general was fine. I recommend Baxter theater only because of the cleanliness in the comfortableness of the theater.

Steven n Jen Goode

You can go to the library, family dollar and value market. There are also other convenient stores around it

matthew hellmich

Nice spot with ample parking and many retail and entertainment options

Ariel Sickles

Valumarket is great

James Hull

My opinions of Mid City Mall or rather neutral because Mid City Mall doesn't really have much in the way of things that are useful outside of value market which is an excellent grocery. The second hand store in the basement of the mall seems to have forgotten that it is a second hand store because they are trying to charge for a retail pricing for their merchandise.

Joshua Miller

I play in the pool league at the backdoor bar it is fun on mondays. The barber is the best pool player there.

Vernita Young

Awesome cozy part of town to catch a quick movie

Jimmy Blair

Nice place to shop . Movies grocery and consignment shop ...check it out !!

janice theriot

Key Lime Salon is the best in the city

drew austin

The theater is the best part

Morris Harris

This is a nice, eclectic place to shop.

Sharon Mellon

Quiet, a few stores still open. Clean

Amanda Redmon

Not exactly what I was looking for but nice little strip mall anyway

desean elliott

A nice environment

Stefanie Coomes

Run down building, very strange mix of mall tenants: comedy club, Back Door Lounge, movie theater (not run down), tax service, a branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, grocery store (Valu Market & Family Dollar), doctor & dentist offices, jewelry and a nail salon. Oh, and a P.I.


Saw two dudes shooting up on the lower that was cool.

Paul Beam

The price is reasonable

Derek Moore

No place to sit down after shopping. Can't use bathroom unless you eat there. What is the use of going there. ..

Leon Foree

I mainly come for the library and Movies! nice low key movie theater! Captain Marvel was pretty good. waiting on the 2nd ends scene now!

Colleen Zaimah

Movie night date. Nice Wasn't able to see John Wick 3 , tech issues. Saw another movie. Enjoyed time with a very special friend


Needs more parking and stop sign and speed bumps for pedestrians

loretta harris

Save a lot ,nice but over priced

Matt McMillen

Ambiance is the operative word. This is what Louisville is all about.

Jim Graham

At movie theatre with Gavin Graham and Mikayla Graham seeing Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark.

Jasmine Bischof

This place has had a nice upgrade over the years. It's a quirky one stop shop for a quick bite, groceries or entertainment. There's a library, ValuMarket, Family Dollar, a dance studio, a nail shop, a center for children with austim, Jazzercise, a thrift store downstairs, a jewelry repair store, a movie theatre and a comedy club and a couple of other places. Its great and has been a pillar of the community for many years.

Karl Borns

No idea why it constantly thinks I am there.

jay baker

Only in the islands would you find such a variety of businesses all Under One Roof. You got Value mart that has a few values but most of the steps a little bit pricey for a grocery store. You got the threat Nearly New thrift shop or you can buy you stuff at a really good Thrifty price. The Comedy Caravan have a few drinks get a few laughs. Baxter Avenue theaters are still probably the closest thing to an art movie house in Louisville though they they show the Blockbusters there too. And then there's the back door if you want a big old plate of nachos this is a place to go shoot some pool drink some booze eat some nachos or wings.

Angela Schnell

Safe and lovely area. They have a wonderful library, movie theater, gym, consignment shop, dentist, grocery and other convenient shops.

Rachel Ciarlante

Very quiet place. Not much foot traffic. But I love the theatres there and the dollar General store and the library.

Lisa Rhodes

Life the bank door

Daniel Peters

Mid City Mall is a major factor in the Highlands being such a desirable neighborhood. It's a janky old place, but it sits square in the middle of everything, and supplies just enough amenities to keep the neighborhood a local Mecca for pedestrian lifestyle. This single location supplies the neighborhood with a gym, grocery store, Dollar general, public library, and an eight room Cinema. That's quite an eclectic mix for any single structure. It's also worth mentioning that this is the home of Louisville Dance Alliance, a wonderful local dance company with talented instructors. Don't be surprised if while traversing mall's concourse, you hear '80s rock and new-wave music coming from the overhead speakers.

Tala SmithMosley

It sits right in the bustle of Bardstown road. Its perfect!

Mandy Cunningham

It's a little pricey, but it's only blocks away from the house.

Robert Savann

Mid City mall has been around since the 70s. It has a great theater the best library in town

Melissa Beahl

I like the resale shop! Great clothes at a decent price

Michael Willyard

Only seen a little bit of it but it looked okay

Les Sullivan

Movies were awesome

Cary Matthews

I don't really go into Mid City Mall, I go to the Value Market there. I love ValueMarket vegetables. Store personnel are usually helpful. Purchased a dozen organic eggs. Four of them had gone bad by the time I cooked them (within seven days.) How had would it be for you (ValuMarket) to keep your store clean? I personally am disturbed by the dirt. Good grief.


Back door lounge is great

Roberta Klein

I grew up around there and revisited and it was completely different...their are hardly any stores there..I won't go back again

mandy myers

I love the hidden gem in the basement. My all time go to for like new everything.. .

Sean Naamani

I've been going here for years. Not really big enough to be considered a mall, but it's a nice place to stop and take a breath. Has a grocery store, library, jewelry shop, thrift store, fitness/dance studio and a movie theater.

Shenita Gazaway

It's a neat little shopping center. It has almost everything you need to shop for in a convenient location. Plenty of parking.

D Dickerman

Alot more to offer than you think its a hidden gem great staff

Jonathon Myhre

I grew up down the street from this mall and I have enjoyed it over the years. They’ve changed some of the shops here and there but it’s always been well kept.

Tracy Blue

Very quiet and nice place all the time. Kind of like going back in time .

Arnita Booth

I go there to shop @ the value market they have great sales.

Stella Brown

Need upgrade to attract more people

Donna L. Williams

Love coming here

Fin Glimmorance

Good prices, good selection, close to me, nice people, beer cave.

Marshall Simmons

Nice place to walk around inside the hallway and the grocery has just about anything you want.

Sarah Michelle

Great stores, always clean. Great for a day trip of light shopping.


Wonderful place. Has movie theater, grocery store, family Dollar, jazz-a-size ( dance place), library, jewelry place, and more.

Heidi Catron

Just love this place and the people

Jamie Dailey

Al Hambra rules! Their food is delicious.

burn after reading

Great place to buy stuff. Always need more stuff

Antonio Nelson

When there for movie theater. Chairs are comfortable.

Kendra Colemandbxb

My family love the Library and Family Dollar store. I love that if I need a few groceries Value market is right there.

Cazella Watkins

Great stores in mall

larry king

Most places in the mall are/were closed at the time of visit. There is not much available or left in the mall that is of appeal and interest to many people.

Brian Massingale

Good place I like the gym and the movie theatre and the grocery store is nice too.

Shannon Schulz

Nice littke mall in the Highland s area

Matthew Cloutier

A very clean store value market to be precise as well as family Dollar

Lou Newnan-Chapman

Produce is good. Steam table food needs help! Very mediocre!

Traude Kerr

A good store, with lots of variety of groceries not seen in every store. Conveniently located for Highland residents, with easy parking. That is a big plus in the Highlands.

Ellen Sloan

Quick stop. Not a huge selection. Convenient

Damien Lucifer

All halal Middle Eastern cuisine buffet style. Find out what you like. Good variety.

Ginny Jolly

Mid - City Mall has several units that have been here forever like the Jewel Box, which has a variety of jewelry, including estate jewelry. They will fix your timepiece if it stops working, and they will put the proper movement in your watch. The Highlands-Shelby library serves patrons well, and it has a special small room dedicated to teen use. Teens can entertain with special screenings and just come and hang out. It's convenient tho the Bardstown road traffic. The Baxter Theater, related to the historic Village 8 theater, provides second run movies, but also Baxter shows artful limited run movies. Downstairs is the Nearly New Shop, a second - hand store of gently - used clothing and everyday items. Worth browsing for an opportune time. Valu Market provides your everyday groceries. This store you evaluate in terms of whether it is right to shop here or pay gas or bus fare to go to another store to pay the extra for the trip. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes not. In any case, it is available and convenient for Lower Highlands neighborhood and Deer Park neighborhood. The mall itself is a large concourse which can hold many peoplle. There are several other companies there, but what I've mentioned are those I've patronized before regularly.

Timothy Bruneau

I shop at Valu Market every day I work Postmates. Very nice store. Well kept and a more classic feel as far as size and layout.

BJ Smith

Awesome location...

Marc Board

Despite having a great location with a lot of parking the mall has a tough time retaining tenants either do the lack of business or high rent and really needs a good anchor store besides value market

Josh Irving

Probably the best place to park when your down on bardstown road. Some okay shops and a decent library ext ext... Major Target for pan handdlers though.

Charles Cecil

They have a lot to offer here. Over all great place.

Stanley Simpson

Love it, been going there for years

Monica R Sommersell

Best way to hang out

Furad Hasab

though it's not really a big enough to be considered as a mall, but it's a nice place to stop and take a breath

Jim Ligon

Modern theater with recliner seats and tickets can be purchased on line Specific seats can be reserved but only at the theater.


Crazy place crazy place . Dont go there as a single women men will acust you

Stephen Willhite

Decent options. Parking is a bit tight during the evening and on the weekend. That said, you can do some grocery shopping and catch a flick at the same place. There is a buffet that serves halal cuisine.

Casey Payne

Small but lots of great shops nearby

Shawna Barnes

You will almost always see that familiar face in a place that you will always go back to. From fresh vegetables and Value Market to having your nails done or even the dollar store you always know where you're at in Mid City Mall.

David King

Solid local grocery. A little small, but not bad

Will Chatham

I used to buy Star Wars figures at Zayre's back in the late 70's, and I was a huge fan of Erhman's Bakery and their cinnamon twist donuts. I still crave those. This mall was a major part of my upbringing, as I continued to visit while attending many nights at Champ's roller drome.

Judy fast

We shop at ValuMarket. We love the small store! They had a great meat sale and a cookout to boot! Brats were delicious and large enough to fill the bun! Only $3 too

Ben Wadler

Small mall but good stores including public library, Norton immediate Care, grocery store, nail salon

Vicki Green

Was under construction at the time haven't been there to see what it looks like now but most likely great

XeletroyX GD

Love the grocery store. More choices clean and good prices. Used to be dirty. Very friendly service now too...will be back

Theodore Scott

We ate at Subway. Food was good as always.

Ben Hibben

Good library, food, and the theater has been overhauled. Small but not a bad place to visit.

Jessica McDonough

This is a local staple in my area of town. There's a grocery a place you can go do your taxes a doctor's office. I love the grocery that's in there they always have very fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables. Their Bakery is also a great area to visit and they have a great beer cooler and very awesome options for beer or alcoholic beverages of that sort. There's a thrift store inside downstairs along with a gym. I love the thrift store it's very Thrifty. And Baxter Avenue Theatres is attached to this building and I love that movie theater as well as the back door bar. If you live in the highlands you've probably already been to Mid City mall but if you haven't check it out and do go downstairs. Oh and there's a little local library and the Librarians in they're always willing to help I'm blind and they help me every time and they're always friendly and super helpful.

Lisa Fortner

Love the thrift store there. Right near the cinemas.

Brian Perkins

This place lots of shops and places to eat.

Bill Lynch

Movie theater and library. That coaches fitness is some old school stuff.

Robbo Martin

It's a cool little mini mall

Derrick Schoenbachler

No benches to sit inside the mall so an old man can catch his breath.

Tora King

A pretty good mall with a few cool stores and a cinema. Not a lot of options. But good if you know what you're looking for.

BJ Hernandez

Good comedy club

Stevie Molter

#library#nearly new shop

Stephen Stricklin

A shopping mall of immense age and stature.

Mark Burkley

Chill neighborhood shopping center.

Kristal Summers

Nice mall

Vespi Fata

Almost empty, stores have weird hours. Would reco.mend a total renovation and renting more kiosk space maybe? Basically a ghost town in there. I wonder what keeps them open.

Diane Lippelt-Dunnings

I had the lunch buffet, it was delicious, some of the best Indian food I've eaten. I plan to return, often

wendy marie

Came here for comedy caravan. Always plenty of parking.

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