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REVIEWS OF Kentucky Oaks Mall IN Kentucky

Lexie Hamilton-Stallman

I hadn't been to this mall in quite some time, but I noticed (to me, and we are talking 5 years here) that there were new shops, a great kid's area and decent food court. I could have shopped and looked around for a while, too bad I only had 40-45 minutes!

Lyn Naisby

I just love roaming around this mall! Eventhough there is construction on one side and at the entrances its still accessible from all directions!!! I grew up when EVERYONE hung out at the mall. Being here sometimes brings back memories of days gone by. Doesnt have to be the same mall from way back when.... any mall will do really... they are basically laid out the same way.! Anchor stores at each of three, to four corners with endless open walkways of stores lining to their paths. During your journey there are a plethora of brilliant colors draped across openings 3 stories high, not just mannequins store fronts. Mobiles and fabrics twist and turn from wites suspended from above... forests pop up here and there among benches areas. Occasionally there might be a couple sitting taking a break or a group of teens gossiping. The store fronts ate brothy light to draw the attention of passers by. The excitement!!! That's all folks! Time to earn back what I spent! Keep rollin' Keep smilin' Keep on bein' you!

Michelle Rainey

Love the mall. Plenty of stores to choose from

Sandra Mabry

I don't go in there

what's up Chuck

One of the few malls left that is still full of stores. Our son loved the little train that went through the whole mall

Chloe Jones

I really love rue 21 and Hollister. And the place center is a great place where my little brother can burn off some energy. And sometimes when it's not filled with little kids I like to play with him. But over all it's a great place.

Pat Ashley

Great mall, stores, parking. Lots of good stores.

Roberta Cissell

They have all kinds of different stores here the only thing missing that I think we should have is a target we have had a few stores close but there's still plenty there.

Monica Brown

Really needs more diverse stores. Needs more restaurants also. They are trying but stores have to leave because rent is too high. No stores for professional, modern women. Everything caters to upper middle class, southern, people who are not of color. Updates are helpful but they need to do more to cater to everyone.

Ashley Wright

Lots of stores, friendly environment, kid friendly.

Colson Annie

Turning in to an empty discount store.

Yuri Rentfro

Your usual, sad mall. All of the retailers are basically the same kind of store. Just a few exceptions.

Jene West

Stores are leaving but a nice place

Susie La Pradd

Love it super nice .. wish they would not have took New York... Store out i love that store

Stephon Hardison

great place to shop

Robin and David Carr

Lots of nice spaces to shop.

j crider

I felt uncomfortable at this mall. I was not treated well because of my skin color.

bob ham

It has a ok seletn

Kathy Simmons

The way they are redoing g the road is just awful....if want it to be like Marion Il..big mistake.... so cant really rate .

William Matthews

The optimal place to go to spend too much money on things you don't need.

Molly Carrel

Nice places to walk around they have a little play area with ride on machines my kids alway love and its a big selection of stores to go to they added a burlington store and are working on some other stores now i love the Burlington store

Shannon Parrish

Such a fun mall. It had everything I needed. People were so happy to help in point me in the right direction. The stores are so fun to go into. My fav was the UK store. Great prices great inventory I could stay in there for hours.

Karen Wilhelm

The majority of stores there have gone downhill in the last several years.

PewDiePie fan

You didn't buy anything and everything there and it's just fun

A.J. Diaz

Nice place for shopping

Rex Clayton

Good place to shop, give it a try they usually have everything that anybody needs.

Michelle Nichols

Very clean. Nice stores. Good location.

nikkie doodle

Chuckie cheese was fun

brittany Nims

Great selection for shopping and food. Entertainment for all ages- Dave and Buster's is highly recommended!

t gillespie

This mall is pretty nice as far as the relics from the 90s go indoor shopping Malls are soemthing that will eventually become historic sites.

Laura Steelman

Very nice ! Worth your time to visit

Kiko Estrada

Very nice people very understanding and patient very good customer service even the security was a very authentic nice guy good communication skills

Lori Hoban

Nice place to walk and get steps in.

David Anderson

This is a sorry excuse for a mall. About half the stores in this mall are out of business or closed. Only 1 rest room all the way at one end of the mall means you have to walk about a 1/4 mile to the rest room if you are not near the end where the rest room is located. Only a couple places to eat. Overall this mall is dingy and smelly. Definitely needs some work and stores. We won't waste our time coming back

Earnest Hamilton

Good place to go and shop but still under construction for new business.

Lisa Robertson

Good place just to go for a walk out of the rain

George Morton III

The mall has made a wonderful comeback. Nice clean place with plenty of shopping and food.

Mitch Lilly

Paducah's only Mall. It has everything any other Mall does. It's always clean and we'll lighted. A great place to go if you don't want to go to Nashville or Clarksville.

Maesha Brooks

We were passing through on our way to Myrtle Beach and we got Chinese food and it was good but this mall was empty. No one was there.

Kentucky Filmworks

Well, it's a pretty nice small lots of variety

Andrew Hughes

Amazing place to shop, always something going on there

Peter Pounders

I didn't get thrown off the 5th floor because there isnt one.

John Lappin

This was a nice mall we enjoyed visiting it


Derby's 3first is a joke 33rd and I was in the clan for a while ago and eryrssff

Pinky's Dream

Gotta show love for our little mall. It has came a long way and still growing! Can't wait to see who goes in next.

Shirley Poole

Great place to shop

Scott James

Been around since 80s. You may like it unless from a bigger city

Rebekah Hillerman

The mall has many operating stores. Ganders is closed permanently, which was a disappointment. But, Dicks was open so we were able to get folding rocking chairs for the Z20ACES game!

Danny Spisak

Alfule place no holiday spirit

Amanda James

A decent variety of stores, but lop-sided. Many of the store spaces have been long-empty, but it is able to house local businesses.

Bill Browning

I guess it really depends on when you go there how many stores are open. Things like that. But usually something for all ages to do

Vera Forrester

Most people don't go any more because a lot of the other stores has moved out.

Da Dillen

I didn't even know they had oak walls in Kentucky

Natalie Muoio

Every one was so sweet,very generous and extremely helpful and welcoming had the best time ever!

Crystal Adams

Its a great atmosphere first time visitor and the staff is so nice

Becky Carman

Love to go to the mall. Would like to see a Deb. Shop there. Do miss Elder Beermans store. Love the Bath and Body Works Store , Maurice , JCPENNEY's also. Love to look at all the stores. Good exercise instead of shopping online.

Bill Windsor

It's a Great Mall !! Really loke shopping there

Norok V.

Decent mall with a good selection of stores for most of your shopping needs. Berlington, Elderberman's, Game Stop, Yankee Candle, Chickfila, Master Cuts, Spencer's, Hot Topic, FYE just t name a few stores.

Rose Rudolph

Good place to take a walk n shop need more stores in there

Evlinda Jensen

Been lots of shops closed off and on and with that alot of rennovating and remodeling and down right construction work going on for while now. Just seems there always working on it somewhere.

Buster Mcdaniel

Made a stop at the Kentucky Oaks Mall to eat at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Plenty of parking as we were in an RV.

Aidan Maxwell

A shadow of what it used to be. The owner is obsessed with greed, and keeps space rent so high that about half of the stores in this mall went out of business. Nothing much stays for long either. I don't know what this idiot expects. If you keep losing don't make any money and then the whole mall fails. If you want to visit Hot Topic, Spencers, Hallmark, a few clothes stores that only cater to narrow demographics, or a quick mediocre bite to eat, then go for it. Otherwise....avoid. You'll just walk around and look at how empty and sad it is.

Jana Crider

LOVE the new addition... ROSS DRESS for LESS!!! It is now complete, in my eyes!

Billy Schmarje

Large selection and people are so nice here.

Scottie Walker

Kentucky go to mall has changed a lot from when I was a child and a teenager we used to hang out at gets a guilt small quite a bit some of the restaurants and stores have changed in the mall but they are go qualify you New stores Its side them all and outside of them all it would be will worth somebody's Tom to come to Paducah kintucky and shake it out to see what all it has to offer there are also a lot of restaurants out around a mall area that are new so it will with be well worth somebody's time they come and check it all out we also have then national quilt Saadi M museum in podauger and downtown put it the which would also be worth checking out the riverfront area a downtown to duca there is also a new hotel on the riverfront and downtown Paducah Kentucky there will be well worth somebody's time to come to Paducah Kentucky and check out we also have the Kentucky Lake regis then has hotels efficiency and lodging for husbands then halves wife who lights to come and shop there is also something for girls to do it will be well worth bringing a group of people to is area to check out all we have to offer

Crosno Charles

Good place to visit!


Busy, lots of stores. Great parking area. If you love a Mall experience, this ones for you.

Howard King

Went to Texas Roadhouse. Great Steaks at fair prices. My favorite Steak House!

T Betts

Needs a lot of cleaning up done up dates

Emily Roman

Getting rid of a lot of stores but they're also getting lots of new ones

Stephanie Smith

Like that they are getting new stores, and enjoy the new remodel on playground.

Toni Rice

Burlington is my fave store, well other than Bath and Body Works

Kevin Lohse

Great mall wish it had more stores

Velva Guthrie

Good place for the family to shop

shell j

Rarely has anything good. All the good stores that were once there are long gone. Burlington seems okay, I've been to better ones. If your looking for a certain items it's better to shop somewhere else or click & buy.

John Kincer

Nice mall. Big

Alley Kat

Great place I love got topic

Pamela Travis

Good deals I'm the mall

Debra S

Neat lots stores clean, play are for small children

Lucas French

The internet is trying to kill malls in America, but Ky Oaks keeps on keeping on. It has the essentials of most any mall. Always good for a suit/tie or tux rental. Or just buying a new outfit in general.

Tony Sandrell

Great food and great drinks

Rocio Garcia

The customer service was not good. I tried to be patient, since realizing that the store was short in shoes. I waited until an associate was free. She made a rude comment to her associate about me, stating I couldn't afford some shoes that I wanted. I will not shop at the store anymore. I did buy some similar shoes thought.

John Cooper

This place is going down hill. A lot of shops have closed up or been occupied by some place I've never heard of. If you don't like Chick fil a or Chinese you won't be eating in the mall either. That is unless you are interested in filling up on junk food.

Melody Siron

Love the kids play area and the train.

kyler Langley

Pretty good Mall, although I live in Southern Illinois with a dead mall

Andy Allen

My wife loves it.

William Burbine

Ok place for a walk. Some stores are closed. Not a very busy place.

DellTaco Freeshavakado

Amazing stores. A lot of restaurants. My favorite stores are Hot Topic, F.Y.E. , and Vertical Jump Park.

Bryan Earley

Just a good place to shop, and enjoy your day with family or friends.

dallas .

Clean and easily accessible. Trampoline jump employ is wonderful! Train employ too.

Jeff Brangers

Decent place to walk off dinner. There is a train to ride for the kids.

Valerie Kay Hunerkoch

A lot has changed and it is getting better there than before. I still miss the arcade for kids and they have a really huge lack of eating areas!

Cindy Allen

A very family friendly mall. Anchor stores are Best Buy, JC Penneys, Dillard's. Nice selection of retailers.their Christmas tree is beautiful.

Mary Jane Austin Sachs

Has some great new stores that won't empty your pocketbook! Plus if you're hungry, the food court has a variety of delicious treats!

tom ingle

Hot, crowded, smells weird. FYE is the BEST place to score RICK AND MORTY stuff. Got seasons 1-3 for under $15 each! $27 cheaper than the boxed set. All the other stores are overpriced, except for the new coat outlet where Sears was. Don't go unless you have no other options.

Jeff Gorham

Good place to shop, sorry that some stores have closed. Very clean and still good place to shop and grab a bite to eat.

Jane Taylor

I go because I have too, not because I like it.

Penny Lumbley

I mean it's a mall a small one but they are putting in a five and below I'm excited about thst

Monte Reed

I usually visit the anchor stores. The store where Elder Bereman or however you spell it, is gone! The whole store front is gone. But on a better note, the new ROSS store should be open soon! I reported earlier that it was open already but I was mistaken. I'm watching it closely because my wife is looking forward to it. This is as of May 13, 2019.

Matt Jones

Got all the big Department stores. You a little food court. A few home grown stores and that's it.

Beth Tatum

Excellent customer service

Teresa Rost

A great place to go shopping! It was well worth the drive. Will go back again

Sarah Jones

This mall is changing being developed for current day shopping glad to see new stores.

Claudette Hernandez

Great place to shop

George Bowers

Just a nice little mall

Arnold Puckett

Nice mall in Paducah with several fine restaurants around mall. Traffic is congested especially on weekends.

Dennis Locasto

A typical indoor mall all the same stores selling the same things. It's too bad that this type of shopping is growing out of favor because I personally enjoy the out of the weather experience but how may ragidy blue Jean stores do you need??????.

Darby Cannon

Great place to shop!

Charles Newell

This was one of the nicer malls I've been too

Itsa Me

Small mall but not bad

Jeannie Nance

Great place to find what you need.

Freida Johnston

You can get anything you want in there.

Edna McWilliams

Cane in from Chicago to visit friends and went there to eat. Good food at good prices

Chris Walker

I like fye and best buy and spencers.

Jerry Stephenson

A pretty good mall to be shopping at.

Priscilla Dick

Good stores..friendly staffers. Good food court. Clean..well kept.

Shirley Bragg

This is a nice place lots of shops restaurants. Good place to visit.

Good_game_man 1

People not know their stuff but I still got what I wanted

Troy Baker

Lots to do here!! I had a good time just seeing everything they had. Got some coats,boots and a lot of stuff... Cheap


I always have a good experience when I go to Kentucky Oaks Mall plenty of shopping, food, and it is well kept and clean.

Linda Doucet

Vert large mall. We travelled from Missouri to come here. Great selection of stores. Too bad two stores geared towards children's clothes were closing, but it was nice to get sale clothes.

dragon jack

Good place to shop at

Mary Townson

Place to be...nice

Michael Jones

This is a really nice mall,great sale that weekend.

Belinda Kuster

Always enjoy visiting the mall.

John Smith

Good place to walk just take it all in and find a few bargains

Debbie Little

Really interesting. I could walk around all day.

alyson clark

Great service tons of shops and food was great

William Akin

Great place to walk early in the morning and has a new shoe strore thats great

Rebecca Readenour

Love the train ride for the kids.

Tyrie Chris

Nice mall. About like every mall. It has all those stores in it that every mall across the nation has! If your looking for places like f.y.e or Spencer's or hot topic or AE or Hollister or journeys or Footlocker or a little food court with a Chic filet you will be absolutely impressed! I wish they had that cool store in it that Evansville mall has though. Can't remember the name but it's like a skateboard store with clothing and shoes ect.

Charla Schaubert-gerardi

Always love coming here.. We drive about 45 minute-ish very often just to go here

Staysh E

My grandsons loved riding the mall train and playing in the children play park. We were in the city for their father's job hiring process so we took in some sites. I'm glad we decided to check out the mall they had a ball and I stuffed them with cookies and junk food. Quiet trip back home to Mississippi they were knocked out

Cindy Graff

Great place for chik fillet

John Miller

Has a best buy

Kim Graff

Hadn't been here in awhile. The establishment was clean but noticed alot of empty shops.


The mall has a nice selection of new and incoming retailers. There could be some updates to the building and structure itself but overall it is very nice. The food court also has a nice selection and variety of food vendors. It seems like quite a few stores have relocated to stand alone stores but there is still a good variety located in the mall itself.

Becky Ray

Wish they had more stores...

Nathan Bailey

I used to work in this mall. I absolutely hated it. The customers were terribly rude, the security of the mall is one-sided, biased, and downright horrible. I had a hate crime happen to me where I got punched in the mall for holding hands with a boyfriend, and the mall security wouldn’t do anything about it. This mall has been home to traumatizing experiences for me. I will never come back here. Also clearly your security doesn’t do their job because there is a car that is parking illegally handicapped with a false handicapped sign everyday outside of the Dick’s Sporting Goods north entrance, plate number Q772149.

Tammy Barclay

I love Burlington! I love their hours and the outside access! Thanks so much for the great prices too!

Colton Sweeney

Has every thing u could possibly want. I go here for every thing u can't find anywhere else

Marlo Brown

Went to Dillards and they gave a wonderful luggage selection. Suitable for men and women. All price ranges available and representatives there will help you narrow the decision making.

Maurita Smith

Dillard's & massage, can't go wrong

Chester Molina

Western Kentucky is the worst. You have poor white trash Illinoisians, from across the river; and the folks from Paducah, who think they are better than everyone else, and have a staring problem. Can't wait to be done with this area.

Ellen Welsh

It was a nice, clean mall.

Billy Manning

Went to Kentucky while on vacation with some friends. This mall has Spirit of Halloween which is really fun to go in. The Best Buy had a large selection of electronics. Starbucks had great customer service and coffee to sip on. Gamestop had so many things you do not find at other ones. My personal favorite was FYE as these are not around where I live anymore. They have great deals on movies and have a large cd collection. Best mall I have ever been to.

Tim Fowler

Great place to shop

Zeth Montgomery

Pretty much everything you need

Matt Armstrong

Parking is a pain,but all malls are. I'm not a mall person and sadly this is the mall that made me this way. Not many places I care to visit here

Robert Flood

It was good no it was great

Jeffery Hess

better than anything in Illinois

Joanna Vaughn

This mall was so nice and appealing and has down home apeal. It was clean and welcoming. Lots of nice stores to choose from. The mall staff are always so friendly. We love to visit the China wok when we stop in for a visit.

Melissa Swingle

This mall is a little bit small, imo. However, it has enough of the basics to be an okay place to shop. If you're used to city malls it seems small, but if you live in one of the neighboring small towns I'm sure it will suit your needs just great. They also have an awesome kids play area which is now just outside of JCPenney inside the mall. My kids love playing there so we always spend some time in it at the end of our visit.

Joan Lacewell

Great prime rib at Logan's Roadhouse

Julie Brown

Small but surprisingly very nice w great stores!

Jessica Skeen

This is a very nice mall. We only visited a couole of the shops but it looked like there was a good variety and it was set up nicely.

Cory Shannon

My wife and I love shopping here. We have never had a bad experience while shopping here. They have popular name stores that are fun to shop at.

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