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REVIEWS OF Jefferson Mall IN Kentucky

James Thompson

I still get his mom 5 stars because his came a long way and it's been in the game for long as I can know because this was the first mall I was really introduced to so I have a lot of history with his mom and it is came a long way still taking with the best some say dismal is a little rough what the type of crowd did it brings I called that stereotype because in this mall you will see all walks of life not Justa upper class in middle class like you will see out in the East End of Louisville but like I said this is my favorite mom I will say because of the history that it has with me and it's right down the street from my house so am I was in there

Devoz Knight

Good place to hang out for 16 - 28. One level shopping center. More of a social hub.

Dee Kelcy

Kay's great store

michelle schmitt

I went in as soon as they opened, very peaceful

Barb Propst

Good Mall!! Clean, plenty of room to walk and a lot of nice stores. We went here mostly for the Round 1 game area.

The Specialist

Nice place to shop, it's definitely worth the hour and a half bus ride to get there.

Jon Albert

Love coming here for my shopping always a good deal to snag.

GrindTime Nation

Go there about every week always a great time

Alisha Beatty

Always love the mall. So much to do. So much to see. O feel 15 again

Margie Jacobs

Haven't been there for a while, had a weird vibe

Steve Johnson

Much better now that kids arent allowed there without adults

Millie Coder

Not far from home and my eye Dr. Is here. Easy to get in and out.

Steven ray Driver

Its still a great place. Not like it use to be . When I was growing up. About 20- 25 yrs ago. It was a lot more tranquil back then . We didnt have wanna be wigs and wanna be gang people back then. They really ruin it for everyone else. Even people their age are put off about it. Its been a good run J-mall. Good luck. I hope you can stay open.

Isa Sumareh

I love the arcade thats there!

Amanda Wilkerson

I'm torn every time I walk into this place. I usually only go to shop for my daughter so of course that limit's the stores I enter. She's a teenager,

Mindy Martin

Good location, lots of stores and good prices.

Mark Swimm

I'm giving it 4 stars but I'm not big on malls. They are usually busy so something good there.

Andre Wiley

It. Was so quiet and clean. The gentlemen at Footlocker where helpful and polite.

Cary Welch

It was good come up from nashville to fye for cds

Phyllis Napper

Good place to shop. Also a good place to walk.

Brenda Love

Love going to Joanns here. Plus the walking path is great. Friendly folks along the walk.

Billy Bill

4 stars due to the addition of the Arcade/Billiards/Bowling they added where Macy's onfe was located at. Open M-F 10AM to 2AM


Reasonable prices for a mall.

Roger Smith

Good mall to go to and friendly worker's.

Lisa Reece

Good selection food court, quiet place to enjoy meal, clean


I haven't been up there since they began this teenager ban from 4 to close unless being accompanied by an adult is crazy talk. It's obviously being done for a reason and showing success at other malls is a proof to something. I'm not gonna speak on that rule change because I dont want to show my age lol. But the mall it self is pretty nice, great food court with good options to get a meal. Usually 1 of my go 2 places when buying shoes. Great selection of hats at Lids also

Maria Wieber

Getting better, good job and moving the kids out on the weekends.

Katt Daddy

Much more secure, much better buying experience. Less aggressive sales people.

Dawn H

Only went to O'Charley's for dinner (which was yummy)

DySharai Cunningham

Honestly, any mall in the city is better than this one but I was in the area.

Joseph Clain

Great place to hang with friends or family. With recent news of malls seeming to be in decline and being declared “dead”, the Jefferson Mall seem to dispute these claims in every way! It is a vibrant place FULL of shops and department stores. Also is spacious, clean and well lit with natural sunlight!

Tracie Yates

Clean. Atmosphere. Stores with great merchandise and prices

Theresa Kaelin

Love to go walking inside here & shop

Nancy Bland

I love this mall, but every time I go there are fewer stores there.Payless shoes and Charlotte Russe we're both leaving on this day. Sears is already gone. It's sad to see such a big part of our history disappearing.

Chris Rennirt

The Jefferson Mall has definitely gone downhill tremendously, since it originally opened decades ago. The interior is now more like a flea market than a truly upscale mall. It was once my first choice for mall shopping; now it's my last!

Jody Hill

This place has seriously gone so far down hill.

midwest product reviews

Great place to grab a bite to eat and shop. Nice clean mall with plenty of stores to shop in and restaurants to get a bite to eat from.

the jones cod pro

It's a good place to eat and purchase things

Cam2356 TM

They have allot of good places to go to and the arcade that they have is one of the biggest that I have ever seen.

Pat Leenerts

I love Max Orient aka "sample ,sample"!

Bessie Pfeifer

Great place to go shopping. Felt safe here, even with all the teenagers running around without parents. There are still quite a few name brand stores to shop, including American Eagle and Aeropostale. Sears is closing and not much left.

Kyle Anderson

Dillard's at Jefferson mall is a great place to shop. Great customer service and wonderful sales

Arnita Booth

I go here to shop@ the JCpenneys its very organized & to shop @ the Ross store those are my only stores I shop @ the Jefferson Mall


Expensive (especially for that end of town). People are rude. Kids running and screaming.

Donna L. Williams

Loved eating at the food court and walking around sightseeing the many shops.

Gabrielle Sommerville

It's a good mall. More stores are coming, not as big as Mall of St. Matthew's. Victoria secret, Zales, and Bath & Bodyworks are in Jefferson Mall as well to name a few stores.

Monica Jones

I LOVE THOSE MASSAGE CHAIRS!!!!!!!! ¡! OMG..... My daughter kidnaps me and this is ONE place she doesn't tell me we're going to til we get there, SO when I get there I wind up sitting/sleeping in the massage chairs while she and my grandbaby enjoy The New Arcade/Bowling/Food place they added in Jefferson Mall. *I do love the large women shoe sizes and specials at the Shoe dept also.

annie rhodes

It was a lot better 15 years ago.

burn after reading

Been coming here for years. Love to people watch here. You see all kind of people from all walks of life.

Sophie Klausman

I am glad to see that this place is horrible now. Maybe I should wait around for a gang fight.

Justin Rankin

Best thing about this mall is the chinnesse food is cheap and you can stuff your own box full or tell them what you want in your box.

William Guenthner

The Jefferson Mall is in serious decline. Just skip it and go to an open air shopping strip or shop online. They get an unsavory crowd at J-mall these days.

Christina Bussmann

Awesome place.. had to get purfume from Victoria secrets.

502 323

Too many of the same people go there to watch your pockets, not too many stores to select from. Its ran down. Ill go to St. Matthews mall or Oxmoore.

Karen Miller

Great store selection, but....Teenager hangout. Enough said.

Shannon Payne

Great place to spend afew hours

Sarah Katzman

All of my favorite clothing stores in one great location!

Martin Freeman

This mall is pretty nice. It gets a 4 because it has all of the stores I like to visit. It also has a game center that serves alcohol. Black Friday will be much easier this year.

Matthew Kotchian

I remember when this mall was a pretty hoppin' place... I don't think it was ever number one on Louisville's list of malls to go to.... But now with two of the major department stores are closed and the rest of mall having very basic and blah stores with nothing really unique to set it apart it's really depressing. I want to say this any shopping mall with a head shop in it is really not a place for kids.

Kyendra Howard

This place is so ghetto and barely clean but I love this mall so much. It has the best Chinese food and best prices and usually pop up entertainment from the people to stroll this place. And if you get there at 9am you can see old-people nascar!

Alexander Marson

Best mall in the south end!

Abbi Does Gacha

It's very clean. But if you don't like big crowds you are out of luck because it is usually busy. It has an amazing variety of food and amazing Chinese food. So maybe you want a pretzel when you friend wants Chinese it's good because you get more culture. There Chinese is priced really good and it's a fun place to go. If you and your spouse can't decided on lunch you guys have a variety of options in their food court!!

Brandon Happel

Went to Round 1. Food was great and there is something to do for everyone.

Tara Kastelhun

I had fun shopping and looking around! Lots of good deals and nice workers in the stores!

Kendra Zumhingst

Good store choices but some stores A/C was not working or could not keep up and they were 80' plus!

Matt Gahafer

Always a good shopping experience. Wish there was less vacant storefronts.

Randy Bruce

Nice restrooms. Lots of empty spaces. The stores that are there are nice. Decent food court

Lillian McCoy

Jefferson mall was great it was just a bummer to come out to a flat tire

Trace and Kirsten Stutzman

Tickle chicken and gyros is a good place to eat

Megan & Daniel Hauger

I didn't go ... wouldn't know


Malls seem to be dying all over, and this one is no different. But this one is well kept, cleaned and still has several anchor stores in it. There's plenty here for you to look for if you like still shopping and trying things out and looking at things before you buy it. There's also a food court here if you want to eat something while you're there that you can give a try.

Chris G

good mall. a lot better than the one in my area being that there is a lot more to choose from as far as store selection

Icy Coldtouch

The halo and tomb raider shooting games were my favorite. All of the Japanese memorabilia was a bonus. Tons of games to play at a good price

Tina Carpenter

Good location. Easy to get in and out of parking lots. Decent selection of stores, including the new bowling / game facility.

Juliana Yates

Love the stores! However, I wish the food court had better options.

Tiffany Alvey

Reasonable prices and grest to just walk around

Jessica McDonough

It's a very small mall that's not very busy which I like. Many of the stores have changed or are changing currently. But there are some rather unique stores inside the mall as well. Also has a great food court.

The Doctor

Malls aren't what they used to be. Still, this place has a huge food court, a gaming place that pretty popular, and plenty of shops. Also a nice place to walk around in and get exercise.

Veronica Clephas

Good place to walk around sometimes. Pleanty of pokestops for Pokemon go.

Alexis B

Well normally I go to the mall on the weekends and later in the afternoon. Today I went with my daughter before noon and it was so quiet. I got to say I may start shopping durning the morning when I can. It was a very nice experience that is for sure.

Rita Smith

I always find what I need at this mall and don't have the traffic from the bigger malls.

Sam Fraley

Found everything I was looking for good place great service and more

Carol Kotal

It was the most beautiful place to see decorated at Christmas.

Libby Berman

I am not so enamored of this place,now that Macy has closed. Jcpenney is still there,there we're several closings the last time I was there. Now,they have a bowling alley. The food court has shrunk considerably. As I am celiac, that can be difficult. The sales people know their stuff,as expected. It can take 45 minutes to an hour getting here,on the bus.

Derek Kesler

This mall will die off like all the rest. It's anchor stores just arent enough to keep it going, especially when the stores keep going bankrupt. Its a 5 minute walk from end to end of hustling salesmen and closed store fronts.

Dan Hurd

Round 1 arcade is a lot of fun you guys!

Tora King

I tried reaching out to mall management with a complaint about one of the kiosk vendors today but the form on their website isn't working and they don't have a contact email, so I'll put it here instead. Early today, while walking through this mall, I had an off-putting experience with one of the kiosk vendors that I felt I should make known to mall management. I was walking past the Deep Sea Cosmetic kiosk, when the vendor grabbed me by the hand, turned me around and placed a sample product into my hand. He did not ask me or even address me at any point before this. HE DIDN'T EVEN SPEAK TO ME BEFORE TOUCHING ME. He just grabbed me (while I was walking alone through the mall), put the loose product into my hand (despite my raising concerns about allergens because I have severe topical allergies to many products). He then steered me over to the kiosk. He offered to do a demonstration with the product and I declined. At this point, he directed me to put my hands over a bowl so he could remove the product he had put there. Once I was there, he proceeded with the demonstration anyway. He would not listen to my repeated refusal or my questions about allergies. After drying my hands off, he proceeded to ring me up for products that I had not asked for and had refused many times--MORE THAN $100 IN PRODUCT THAT I HAD OUTRIGHT REFUSES. I continued to refuse and--after attempting to persuade me by lowering the price--he then slammed the register closed and began to make rude comments about my clothes and appearance. The experience made me extremely uncomfortable, and I feel this goes beyond the line of just a pushy salesman. There is no reason that salesman should be grabbing women--by their hand or otherwise--as they are walking alone through the mall. I clearly refused the demonstration and the product MANY times (to the extent that a salesperson at another kiosk nearby ended up interceding and asking the man to leave me alone) but he persisted. My hands are now very irritated and sore. Fortunately, the reactions I have are normally only topical, but that may not have been the case for someone else.

Harry Moore

Went Pokemon hunting with my daughter. Had a blast

Amber Ellison

Love this place. Been shopping here since I was small. Good variety of stores and a great food court!

Sarah Bowling

Good place for the family. My toddler even enjoys the mall. You can find something for the whole family. And the food court has awesome Chinese food... Love

Cur Dee

I'm was pleasantly surprised on how nice this mall looked. Even more so on the variety of stores still available here. The local mall (In Elizabethtown) the mall is small, dingy and dark. A lot of stores have moved out of there like Aeropostle which was the main reason I had to make a trip to Louisville to this mall. The food court was vibrant, clean and spacious. I miss seeing a local mall of this caliber around town.

Terri Reynolds

Love this Mall. Close to home. Great Eat Spots. Just wish for the big chains to return, ie. MACY'S etc

wallstreet wolf

Good place, enough for a small town like Louisville

Elisabeth Hayes

This is my go-to mall. I love it. Its decently clean, and it's like any other mall. Definitely more crime happens at this mall, but I just go on about my day.

Manda Rae

Small but good mall. Has an Old Navy but you can only access it from outside entrance.

Kirsten Boehmer

Great mall! My young children, husband, and I always enjoy coming here. The food court has many yummy options to please everyone. The amount and variations in types of store are vast and plenty to keep us busy for the afternoon. Also just added is an arcade-type business that is quite fun for the entire family!

Betty Lingenfelter

Went Olive Garden and it was great

Kevin Hawley

Found some good deals on sports shoes and a sweater.

Vicki Allred

Always busy, clean and excellent array of stores. Food court is always very popular. Awesome mall!

Blaccguy Stephenson

Like any other Mall where you go in and walk around have some, they have this one place called round one, a nice place to play video games and relax.


Good quality clothes at reasonable rates, bit less variety compared to other outlets

Kevin Chinn

Still a great place to get things.

brittany stamm

Good place to shop around and have some food

Deb Orr

Very nice and clean mall. Only went to 2 stores and the employees were very friendly.

LeiaBoo .

I am 17 years old. How is it that I am able to drive a car, but not able to walk around the mall after 4pm without someone over 21? Teens are the ones who spend the most at the mall. They are cutting off a huge supply of income for the summer. Not gonna lie I’m heated. 1/10 would not recommend. This place is not hospitable to teenagers.

Ron Williams

Clean, security always present and nice environment

Maricely Vega

Nice selection on stores.

TheBigLong House

Quick and good prices

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