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REVIEWS OF Greenwood Mall IN Kentucky

keith mckinzie

It's great. For young and old alike.

Linn Pierce

Best Santa EVER! We made a tradition of Santa, then the beautiful carousel.

Yvonne Price

Something for everyone at this mall. Very clean and well maintained with a diverse mix of stores. The prices were a little higher than a department store but to have so many options in one place is well worth it. I like that I could park close to a particular store if I didn't want to walk through the mall. Greenwood Mall isn't really busy or crowded so it makes parking and shopping easier. The food court has enough options for every pallet and there is a place for children to play also.

Dadmuthufuka Burden ii

Very nice place to pic up chicks

Chandra Shakhar

Nice place with a lot of a stores

Mike Parks

Got me some Uk stuff got some more Uk socks GO BBN

Bookie Brogan

Not to hate on this mall it use to be a nice mall but it seems that all the stores are leaving or being closed down, probably due to online shopping there is not much people In there though witch I guess as a shopper is a good thing but the employees aren't really that helpful, you ask them a question and they act like their world comes to a stop. It use to be different but times are changing.

Chuck Ramsey

Variety of stores including some larger retail stores.

Autumn Bridges


Jessie Allison

The only one who dislikes this place is my bank account.

Margaret Knowles

Nice mall. Well lit, great signs to help you find the store you want. Food court and a Carousel.

Shelly Noort

Too small, we walked the whole mall and shopped for shoes in 45 mins

Chris Dunnam

Great place for children and adults

K Ri

Variety of stores, the play place for kids is amazing and we always leave happy

Jacob Thomas

Always clean.

Carolyn Burton

Clean great stores to choose from. The ladies at Claire's did an amazing job piercing my kids ears.

Mark Harmer

The mall is always an upbeat place especially this time of year the Christmas decorations are fantastic and the people seem to be just all Jolly Jolly good atmosphere to be in this time of year


Good food good businesses

edward ertle

Boring scince they took out alot of store and game room

Forest Collins

Oh I love it it is a great mall I'd recommend all my friends go there

Carlita Heeman

Well...It was 3 years since I had been in this mall and can I say I am very proud to see that this mall has plenty to offer! The interior is very attractive and the shops are great! There is something for everyone!

Daniel Bailey

This place is a good place to go to with friends as a hangout spot they have good resturants inside and good stores

Carl Cole

Clean and easy to get around.

Danny Powers

Good food, good service, a little pricey.

Susan Miller

This is the right mall for this area. Dillard's is great.

Michael Moyher

Belk has a awesome new store there!

Melissa cole

Nice mall with plenty of selections of stores and good food court and children's play area

Stephanie Wilson

Losing good stores. Prices high

Billy Baldwin

Great place to shop and kill a few hours

Rebecca McClard

Nice mall with good selection of stores. It has been remodeled somewhat to make it modern looking.

Roger Smith

Love alumni in the mall great place to buy UK gear

Sheree McDaniel

They keep up with the times, always got something new going on

Justin Parrish

Ah, I'm in and out. Get what is needed then jet. Great place to walk.

James M

This place is always full of people. If you dont like crowds stay away. I only go when I must or when I'm pulled in against my will. Selection of stores is good. My favorite stores are the ones with exterior entrances so I don't have to travel the interior. I will say the oriental food places are good if I have to eat while I'm there.

Angela Watts

Great place to shop. Good choices of stores.

Mady Bynes

Very clean, well lit, they have a cinnabon now.

Alice Johnston

I hate seeing how all mall are losing store and that people don't good to them. I like being able to walk around to the store with out being in the weather. One problems with mall they need more store that have lower prices.

dustin hammons

Clean and well-lit

Austin Murphy

Big mall.. Nice selection of stores to choose from but the food court is my favorite!!

Logan Bolman

Great place to shop and get all your stuff done

S Crawford

Plenty options for stores to shop. Food court is great also. Kids had a blast on this

Appalachia Wholesale

Decent mall could use better restaurants and a few more higher end stores. Bowling green has the economy to support them.

Chris Smith

It's big, clean, bright, and safe. Lots of stores and restaurants, even some rides. Many adjacent stores and restaurants too. I love going here.

James Goodrum

Very meh mall anymore.

Conner Getchell

Falling apart. Malls are dying.

shannon webb

Absolutely love it love their food court too

Teresa White

This is my favorite mall. Nice people and great products. Traffic isnt bad either.

Alexandria Velasco

Has a carousel inside! And a Chuck e cheese!

Teneka Stafford

All of my favorite stores are closing. I'm not sure how long the mall will actually be open..

Darrel Campbell

Huge , remember where you came In LOL cause you will get lost

Hannah Miller

I love this place

Roy Lewis

It's a pretty good mall

cawilson30 .

Great place to shop!

Inna Bezhenar

It is a quaint mall with enough stores to keep one occupied and they often hold some excellent sales.

Jason Williams

I have been to this mall several times and I am always impressed by the options I have at the Greenwood Mall. There are quite a bit of stores and places to get food. This is a great place to go with a family, with groups, on a date, or by yourself. The mall is very clean as well. I can’t remember the name of the pizza shop, but the pizza there was really good! I would recommend shopping at the Greenwood Mall!

Joshua Heitz

It's a neat place, but I wish there was more of an attraction to it. The movie theater next door doesn't really help considering how high priced they are, but it's a fun experience.


Lots of stores. Easy access.

l mis

Never crowded. Great place for quick shopping. Not alot of newer stores, but what they have are nice. Food court...Great Indian rest and Greek place. Great place to walk also. Opens 630am for walkers. Safe. I would suggest they clean the outside parking lots / entrances with power washers. They are kinda gross in some spots. They do clean lots in am, but the walks need power washed.

George Graham

Nice, clean, safe. Very wide variety of stores .

Azel Beckner

Warm in Winter and air conditioned in summer comfortable to shop and rela x.

Sandy Frey

Longhorns ooo rib eye steak yum

D Brown

This mall was great I think the only downfall is when you're outside and you walk through a door that says Sears above it you expect to walk into a Sears but unfortunately it was just a wing of the mall there was actually no Sears anywhere near that entrance that had Sears written above it. The food court was great lots of selections a lot of really good stores lots of on hand security if you needed it the bathrooms were actually clean which is a surprise considering thousands of people probably enter the mall daily. I will definitely be going back it is worth the hour drive.

showdow 626

Some of the stores are going out of business.

Mike The Mic Guy

Came here while I was on a trip. Was a really nice mall. Well kept. Had a lot of stores to offer.

Brent Doese

Lots of good stores! Cute place area for children. Nice number of options at the food court.

Nathan Monroe

Love going into Spencer’s

James Cook

Great place to find whatever you want even food

Lisa Cook

Has everything. Loved it

Stephanie Stinnett

Lots of good stores and is always clean.. lots of choices at food court

Paul Parker

Always great Daughter loves it and the Gyro chicken is sooooo good

Michelle Steele

Cleanest public restroom I have ever seen in a mall! Good shopping choices!


The mall is well laid out, with a healthy variety of stores, and a good food court. Jewelry lovers have three sizeable stores to choose from, with varying prices.

Nelson Stephenson

Typical mall.....nothing special...relatively clean but, can see that it is a going downhill.

Terry Barber

Small but has a little bit of everything.


I am new to the area but I really like the selection of stores and condition of the mall.

Kibo Eternal

It's a mall. They have cinnabon

Danale Pape

Good service but didn't stand out

Michelle Haun

This is my favourite mall. Very clean. Lots of great stores. Earth Bound at the top of my list.

Wes Roberts

Had great time with the kids

Lacey Underwood

Always clean, not as busy and ghetto as rivergate. 4 days before Christmas and still had parking, nice stores. The mall is awesome! But Dillards...come on people clean up and get organized.

Tammy Fields

Lots of stores, restaurants, clean bathrooms, nursing room for mommy's-great mall.

John Stopka

Plenty of shopping to do here. Several food options

Lisa Kirkman

Has a nice selection of stores and a good layout.

Cathy Wilson

About anything you want to choose from but other then bath and body works it is to expensive for me to shop at .

Terry Runner

If you don't like Asian food you are not going to get much to eat. Someone had the dumb idea of putting an open play area for small children in the middle of the cafe court. We couldn't even have a conversation across the table. Shoes and clothes is about all they have at this huge mall.

April Reprogle

Always clean and pleasant. Each store I enter always has lovely staff. The patrons not so much.

Anthony Estelle

Went shopping with my family and open carried my sidearm. Went through Dunham's to enter the mall. While shopping was asked to leave as they have a no weapons policy. No signs on the doors in Dunhams or the mall entrance from that store. Dunham's sells firearms, which is contradictory to their policy. As soon as you purchase one, you are in violation of mall policy. If I can't carry my firearms in accordance with State and Federal constitutional rights, Dunham's shouldn't either. If you value your safety and freedoms, start shopping on Amazon.

Jayne Kerns

It"s okay there is a lot of specialty shops and, fine goods with even more finer prices.

AlAN Merlin

It’s an okay local mall. Though I’m not sure the future for this mall since there is a rise of stores closing but some are being replaced soon

Christina Ngoy

Like to just walk around

Travis Keith

A great mall

Hema Patel

Nice small mall

igor jotanovic

The mall security here sucks! I don't feel safe there. I was there the other day and a Couple got into fight. Security responded when everything was done. 20 min later. Poor girl at the candy stand was scared when the husband demanded her phone to call someone. When security arrived they didn't do anything. They were so clueless and scared them self. The looked unprofessional their shirt was out no hat and they were all over the place like chicken without head. I don't know if I want to go back here I didn't feel safe at all.


I absolutely love itj

Lisa Wagoner

Last minute wedding shopping long walks between the bigger stores

Jacob Ellis

Greenwood Mall is ok, there are plenty of shopping choices available given the area. I only rate as 3 stars because I cannot stand behind a business that doesn't allow 2A rights on the premises. Everything they have in the mall I can locate at another place that is 2A friendly, the only real perk is that many different stores are close together so it saves a little travel time.

David Ciochetty

Very clean and well-lit. Several national chain stores with a mix of indies. A consolidated food court. The chairs and benches in the center aisle have been replaced. Security is omnipresent, both inside and out.

John Beck

Great local mall. Bright, clean, no vacancy. Tons of families enjoying the fun and a decent food court.

Michael Brindley

Always a great place to go shop and enjoy family time.

Pamela Hubbard

Definitely need to do something drastic to enhance this mall. Small food court with limited food choices. No starbucks which is crazy. Very unfriendly associates working in most of the stores. Ulta sucks. Hateful employee's and the store is always a mess.

Kim Coleman

Good food and plenty of good ships. We like just walking around looking at all the fun stuff

john Drake

pretty good, but I don't go to the mall but bout every 5 years though, so... good parking, free, wheelchair accessable xx seem like decent prices

daniel creason

Great mall. Plenty of stores. Stop by the Custom t- shirt stand show him this review and he may just give u a discount. He can take any pic from your phone or Google and put it on a shirt. I highly suggest him.

Sergio Beltran

Stop by this mall in clarksville Ind. It is smaller then your typical mall but it does have a Dillards which is a good thing.

John Crash

Great place to do any kind of shopping you want. There's about everything here, candy, shoes, clothing, jewelry, toys, sporting, and the list goes on. Also great place to take the kidos, and have lunch.

bennie guzman

Good classic mall

Melissa Culbreth

Enjoyed the sales that the mall had.

Jacob Quiggins

Nothing particularly outstanding, but generally a very good mall, which has almost everything you could want. I'd double check if the stores you're looking for are there, because it isn't the biggest, but it's nice enough. Also surprisingly quiet compared to most other malls of a similar size.

Daniel Smith

Fun mall to shop, they have some good stores and their food court has a decent selection. Really wasn't crowded at all

riddicksraven .

Decent mall, but one of my favorite, FYE, closed up.

Noneofya Buisness

Tiny mall. Need 2 add so many more stores. For BG to be the 2nd biggest city in KY this a very very very small mall. It should be huge. Make it bigger.

Jerry Lyons

Ate at pizza hut it was delicious !

Susan Baran

This mall has some of my favorite stores (Victoria Secret, Ulta, Sephora in Jcpenney, and Yankee Candle to name a few), but there are so many stores that have closed or are in the process of closing now (Gap, Crazy 8, Gymboree, and the Children's Place to name a few). I hope that they find some new stores to keep the mall in business.

Connie Howe

Good for the toddlers. They love to ride the carousel,spider-jump,&buggy.

Donna Cowley

Real nice and clean place. Lots of stores to shop at.


Love this place. Its bright and clean and well laid out. Overall great mall.

Life of Oliver Vlogs

i love Bowling Green my hometown the place everyone goes to over there

Brooke Henson

Always a good place to walk and shop

Rutuja Chinchankar

Fun place to be. Must visit is neel threadz..

Allen Story

A rarity in that this mall is almost as popular and busy as it was in 1993. Check it out before it goes the way of most US shopping malls.

CNH 320

Nice mall with a good variety of stores. Well maintained place and bathrooms are always clean as well.

Marie Deel

Very crowded for holidays but was fun and everything you need is in this mall!! This mall is a favorite of mine, and restrooms are convenient for the kiddos!!

Ellen Micheletti

I remember when the mall opened and even worked there at Waldenbooks for several years before the chain closed. The mall has managed to keep itself in the game and I do enjoy going there to shop. It's pretty good and the only complaint I have is the traffic which can be terrible around the Christmas season.

Kyle Tuttle

Theres nothing left here

Repentance, Repurpose, Refurbish

This mall has ugly stuff compared to Nashville.

Frank Cotton


Lynn Boyd

Took my wife to Hollister! Her favorite clothing store. Nice ,clean mall. Good prices. The mall itself is very clean. Really great environment and this is where I go with my wife and we do our shopping. I have to spoil my wife!

Walter Lee II

Wide array of shopping stores, plenty of play area space for kids, decent amount of food options and even has a Cinnabon.

nevaeh skye

5 stars because staff is super nice,their food is really good,and the clothes shops are really nice and the shops have really cute clothing!

Michael Woodward

Great shops and restaurants. Love spending time with my wife here.

Amanda Hunter

Best mall around. Laid back. Favorite mall.

Desiree Hall

Love coming here to shop or just wander around. Great atmosphere!

Andrew Nasielski

Has sent good places at standard mall prices.

Nancy Alexander

needs more variety in fast food and a sit down restaurant.

Dawn Tooker

New to the area... we went in and went out. The place was dead with like no shoppers. We were looking for a food court. Went elsewhere.

Anthony Savala

My family and I go to this mall for most of our shopping outside of grocery shopping. I personally hit up the gamestop and hot topic stores every single time I am here while the wife and kids do their thing in their shops. I really like the food options and even some of the little activities set up around the mall. My little one loves to ride in one of the rental strollers either the race car or the fire truck. Makes shopping with a little one so much more fun and a lot easier in general.

Christy Lee Stewart

Love this place.

Linda Smith

Don't know because I didn't go to the mall. Don't know why I got this question

Jeff Slyn

Nice place to walk around and good variety of stores.

Zach Philpot

Nice mall with plenty variety. Pretty much anything you would need or want in a mall. Would highly recommend

Zella Monroe

It is terrible! All of the good stores are leaving and it is excepting stores with low end merchandise! Belk's really??

John McFarland

I absolutely loved this mall. It had plenty of stores to shop in if you get hungry they have 6, I think, places to eat. They had a few little rides for the kids a VR headset with the chairs, massage chairs and even a little play area for the little kids. We spent about 4 hours inside and still didn't make it to all the stores


The stores that are still open seem to be revamping and really trying. There's so many stores closing :(

mark Huffstetler

Lot of different stores to choose from

Rebecca Mesker

Place to go to Walk thru and got lots of good stuff to buy

Kristy Chapman

Great stores......wish they had more of a selection in the food court

Duane Gibson

I go to the food court to get pizza love this place has the best pizza in town

Byron Hunt

Nice relaxing walk around the mall. Spending day with my son and he's shopping at clothing and shoe stores. My fiance doing some browsing in Bath & Body Works. Current visit is Labor Day 2018. Nice relaxing after noon in a cool place on a hot day. Lots of other people have same idea!!

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