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1525 U.S. 41, Schererville, IN 46375

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Where is Crossroads Shopping Center?

REVIEWS OF Crossroads Shopping Center IN Illinois

Sandy Guetzloff

Dirty van tills is way to high didn't have everything got rung up wrong

Miguel Hardrict

Fast services

Paula Saweikis

Very clean

April Lopez

I live at Walmart lol

M Sealey

Its Walmart what do you expect? Crowded but cheap prices. Always can find things that Target is too stuck up to sell.

Debra Detrick

There should be a four way stop entering off of Indiapolis Blvd. It is very hard to get in and out of the shopping center. The parking lot access roads are also riddled with pot holes.

Barbara Oparah

Love stop shop

Rick Ziadat

This is a very professional and clean plaza . It has been here for a while . There are a good variety of stores and you can literally sle d hours here and shop . Also most the stores are open in Sunday's which is a great advantage.

george Whiting

Nice store

David Lessentine

Well, it's Walmart.

Inez Garcia

Good shopping

Brian S. Van Duyn

Absolutely fantastic shopping experience in every way possible!!!!!! Love going to crossroads!!!!!!!

Brenda Wheeler

It's nice

Amber Anneliese

I did fully enjoy shopping here and seeing the extra large section they had for the alternative meat eaters out there and highly recommend shopping here for the alternative foods we choose now days such as organic and vegan. I did however run across one very unpleasant employee which was an older woman, Jennifer, from the meat department. I simply couldn't find a specific type of refrigerated type of pickle and as it turned out someone put another item in the wrong spot blocking me from seeing it. So I asked Jennifer and she snapped at me and pointed where I was needing to look at. I was doing instacart and was on a time limit and had already been looking for 10mins. I was so hesitant to ask for help from anyone else but nonetheless every single employee that I passed was so friendly and had a great smile and asked if I needed help. I give Jennifer benefit of the doubt and hope she was simply having a rough day. I did enjoy shopping here overall

Odessa Garcia

Love shopping here except for the lack of handicapped carts for folks!! They sit around waiting.

Latoya Diamond

Great plaza with everything in it.. Great place to take the family and just walk around...

Neil Schroers

Ok store,feel safe

charles dixon

Pretty easy to access every place in the shopping center

Mike Stegenga

Dirty and rude employees who refuse to give the customer any service.

Jason Hayden

We were there three days in a row, shopping in Walmart and eating at Strack and Van Tils

Angela Peardon

A lot cleaner than the one in Hammond. The one person I asked where something was told me to just go down this aisle and keep looking to the left it's down there somewhere (I was in a main aisle). Pretty good selection of things.

David Sullivan

Items are easy to find

Haidy Genus

Online pickup. Fast service!

Larry ONeal

Very nice place to shop

Ed Knoll

Great service Good items and prices

Dr Corpusl

Great place to pick up whatever is needed!

Sha baller

Great priced items everywhere!!!

Nicolle Petit-Winn

Maybe I'm just spoiled with the Portage Walmart but this place was just weird. It seems small and poorly organized. I was pretty disappointed with their selection of merchandise as well. I was redoing my son's bathroom and had a hard time finding a good selection for him.

lorelei 330

Another lovely shopping center with many stores to choose from. If you can't find what you are looking for at one store, just walk on over to the next and you will surely find something. Looking forward to the opening of more and more fun and exciting stores.

Kathleen Resendiz

I love shopping at my local Walmart. This visit I was looking for some plants but once inside purchased several other items.

Thomas Davis

It's a nice place to shop good stores

Red Death

It is walmart you get what you pay for.

Myssir Isa

It has changed but still great to go

robert swortz

Always seem to have what I need sometimes cheap sometimes not got to pay attention

mellow yellow

Walmart is the worst store

The lastking497 house

I like it but I dont love it

Martha Colon

Excellent for food and service. Clean and affordable.

Jerri Spear

This is a smaller walmart so the wait was not bad. I even had to return things that didn't take all day either. The customer service was very good!

Donald Kong

Great selection of stores and friendly staff

Mary Stone

They Have every thing you need from food for animals to nails.Great staff. Liv this place

derbyline Stewart

This Walmart is always organized quiet helpful employees & great taxes compared to Chicago

Alice Schane

This is a small Walmart and does not carry a wide selection of groceries

Tina Rice

Nice place to Shop.

Michael Martinez

A truly glorious event. Patricia at the Wal Mart vision center is amazing

Amanda Gamino

Went here for sweet frog

LaAndre Fentress

There are a collection of stores and restaurants including Walmart in this area and across the street there is a dollar store. Within this shopping center you should be able to get everything for your household as well as ordering food that you can pick for the family if you live in the area you should visit here.

Skip Solarczyk

Service was rude

ROBIN O'Donnell

Only visited the area, unsure of what is available.

John Garcia

Good shopping place

Ken Matusiak

Adequate shopping center

Kelie Sturgis

Very clean and friendly!!!

Jamie Wood

Always good value

Mary Soto

Friendly & professional staff, always have what I need, lots of product & readonable prices & I do appreciate the late hours--they dont close @ 10p

Ruby Strong

Kind and helpful at the customer service department

Apolonio Vargas

Walmart, Payless, BP gas station, 5 guys burger, Dunkin donuts, Papa John's, Fannie Mae stores and free parking

Cole Biltgen

It's Walmart. You're going here because it's your only option when you need cheerios and flex seal at 3:00am

jesse sanchez

Great location just not a whole lot of variety and some of the stores are dirty and under stocked

Juanita Moss (Greenwell)

Wal-Mart quality has drastically dropped. The employees are not always helpful. I called and asked about a specific product that I had located on line and asked to confirm that the product was still available. I was told yes the items were on the shelf. Instead they were in a center isle on a palate. So I had to find it in a different location.

Baxter Kildare

Started the online grocery pickup and the service crew is amazing

Cameron Terry

I enjoy many of the stores here.

Samuel Rivera

Nicely kept store.

Pablo Padilla

Kool place to go

James Brown

It's a small place with a few stores , nothing spectacular here , you can run in and out for a few quick items.

Tonya Pitts

Always happy with the service!

Mike Jones

Not a bad place. But the morale seems low

Amanda Bianconi

I enjoy walmarts low prices. The employees and fellow customers not so much! Everyone seems to be very short andbrude.

Amanda Rose

It’s off the highway so it’s kind of in a sketchy area but it’s a huge Walmart nonetheless

Sharon White

OK place to pickup a few needed items but they don't carry a variety and stock can be out dated and sparse.

Ed G

Walmart is Walmart.

Sarwiz Thewize

Went to 5 Guys, best burgers around

Geoff Grant

Plenty of parking close to a very busy Wal-Mart south on Indianapolis Boulevard from 80-94. People actually service your questions and a quick register line for small purchases.

Paxton williams


Michael Zvyak

Its Walmart


Decent place. Easy to find with plenty of parking

Richard Wallace

Great place for a quick shopping trip if that's what you're looking for. Staff wasn't very helpful but if you know what you're looking for it's not too hard to find

Marsha Fraziet

Nail salon excellent servkce

Shana Conforti

It's nice and clean. Good friendly customer service. They are very helpful.

Megan Tracy

This plaza is one stop shopping! WalMart, Sally's Beauty Supply, Payless, Strack and Van Till grocery store and MORE! Come on by and check them out!

Kim Logan

Very nice location with plenty of stores.

Suzee Q.

What wrong can I say about Walmart?

Narci Guajardo

Wal-Mart's is a great place to shop don't let other people tell you anything different been shopping here since Wal-Mart opened up in Indiana and chicago

Roger Bunch

Easy and convenient just like my ex lmao

Aleta Clardy

Long lines. Not enough cashier's in customer service.

c macinga

Large shopping intersection. Went to Walmart for a deep fryer. Safe area to shop.

Mehmet Kavcar

Very very nice

Dauntless Rebe

Dread the intersection required to get here. Not a park the car and shop type center. Moreso go to a specific store in...and out.

Robert Williams

I come to Walmart for the convenience and the pricing. For a 24 hour grocery and other things really needs to have cashier's at night instead of self-checkouts

Susan Knorr

Luv that it's next door to Sam's club

Kesha M

It's a cute little Walmart with slightly better prices than the Walmart closer to my home.

Monica Bly

Walmart has great prices, but is never stocked with items Im looking for ,always out, and store not too clean ,has had too many incidents with guns, no security ,every time I go there my car gets dents from carts,will be going to Valparaiso Walmart!!

Bonnie Bruce

Trashed aisles in pet area and very very long check out lines

Lauretta Cook

Nice people at register

Kyle Govert

The parking lot and the people hanging around this Walmart seem to get more shady every year. Not to mention that this is not a Super Walmart, and every time I go there looking for one specific item they tend to not have it.

Elvin Perez

Not 24 hour no more

Nic M


Nicholas Ferris

I love going here!

Janay Dowd

I went and my nails done and went to Walmart

repeter 1977

Stracks there is great.

Robert Level

I like shopping at this wal Mart.its just always something in the aisles seems like they process a truck every day. Wish they had a bakery too,but lines are never long in this place and self check is always a breeze.

Amar Shinde

Ample parking space and good outlets make this place worth visiting

erin hilton

Its walmart

j corse

Everything was fine besides having to wait 20 mins for the manager to get me something from a locked cabinet.

Mildred Thrower

Good price and good food and people help you save money

Jim Nickerson

They don't support the second amendment

Freddy Taylor

Lots of stores one stop shopping

Lola Azcona

Second grocery store

Samuel Jones Jr

Like I said I hate shopping malls you better get a chance going downtown Chicago you'll save a lot of more money and paying for all those stupid tax they got state tax City pack mile tax parking tax

Thomas Barrett

It was hard to find help.

Dr. Georgene Collins

We frequent Van Tils in the Crossroads Shopping Center. The southbound exit is always congested but it's been like that for years. The shopping is convenient with Walmart and Van Tils in the same area.

Mary Gibson

Great visit eating at the Chinese buffet good friendly service

jeremy hanna

This walmart is the worst walmart to go to they necer have anything you need stocked there is trash laying around and there is always a mess trying to find anything very unorganized and people here are miserable

Robert Farrell

Seriously? It's 'Wal-Mart'. Unless screaming kids are your thing, I wouldn't want to go there, unless I absolutely have to.

Andrea berd

Dressbarn has an amazing variety of dresses, career, and casual clothing. Great customer service and great prices. Many deep discounts. Style and fashion I can afford.

Heidi Watson

Very clean, and organized.

Tersea Garica

Nice and clean everything was stacked nicely there didn't have to dig through nothing to find something everything was displayed accordingly

Neil Boot

Great products are right price. Staff always willing to help.

Joshua Pace

Nice shopping plaza..

Ramona Joyner-Horton

Just went to Walmart will in the area

Kia W

They need to update. Small compared to other walmarts i shop at .

Shayda Slayz

It's a good outlet. Getting through the herd of traffic along that street is the problem. Indiana driving conditions are not the best. Especially that main road. If you don't mind fighting traffic it's a great little spot with what seems like a lot to do. A couple of great restruants, a grocery store, a Walmart, Forever 21, a Payless(or Shoe Carnival), and a few other nice things all in walking proximity to one another.

Jeannine Sorensen

Has a little bit of everything not as expensive as other places!!!!

William Privara

Do not believe I should have to check out myself. But find it amusing that some self checkers are steeling Walmart blind.

Michael Zimmer

Jewel, Gamestop, Jimmy John's, Thrift Store, Orange Theory, Tanning, Hair Cuttery, and much more.

Karol Avez

Very good!

Phyllis J

Two thumbs up!

Dan Broertjes

Great prices. Good selection.

Jeff Sivak

Try to avoid this shopping center. The Wal*Mart is the wost I've ever been to. This includes narrow aisles and grungy floors. The out lot stores are ok, like Veryzon, Five Guys, Fannie Mae, Papa John's, Arby's, Popeyes. There's a ton of traffic.

Cecilia Cervantes

One shop stop.

abdulnaser alazzah

Nice shopping

D 17

Good place to shop and eat. great eating options without leaving the block

Jeff Cummings

All those stores easy in and out of the lots

Jeffrey Callahan

There is a Walmart (not SuperCenter) a Stracks Food (Grocery) Apple Bees, Dunkin, a India food restaurant ,

Diana Reynolds

I visited Tandoor Indian Cuisine for a take out dinner. I was able to order online and pick up my order shortly after they reopened for the dinner hour. The service was welcoming and the food was very good!

Mark Thompson

It's WalMart. Full of "Walmartians". Poorly made items at good prices. Store usually in total disarray.

Laketa Mccoy

Found everything that I needed

Krystin Cimaroli

So this shopping center has Wal Mart Stracks for grocery Saleys for hair payless shoes and I think a dress barn that I've never been in. Parking lot is a good size. I love the way Stracks looks after remodel. The Wal Mart is not a super Wal Mart unfortunately. There is a sitting area I've never used.

Greg Zellers

Many stores in a very good location

Francis B.

This Strack & VanTil is first rate.

lovely lipsticklady

In this shopping center you will find Great Clips, Big n Little Shoes, Dairy Queen, and Delock's among some of the shops. If you have children; this center is the perfect place to pick up some cute girl clothes at " Girls' Apparel" , get a haircut, buy some quality kids' shoes, and finish with a delightful treat all in one stop.

Dan Swetland

Lots of good stores.

Safa Khaleel

nice place

john pearson

Walmart was crazy crouded as always

Sheila Perry

Like shopping there

Green Mass

I was actually over at the grimers getting a Pennzoil oil change

cheri taylor

They dont have enough handicap shopping carts my mother in law couldn't walk at all and I had to push her while she pushed the cart and i have seen many times people running to their car while they were parked in handicap while i was having to park in the back lot and pushing my mother in law in the store. I know people have more then physical handicaps but I was with someone who had a stroke and couldn't walk at all. I have no issues with the store personally though

Mary Stringer

Nice shopping center that has a nice variety of stores and restaurants!

Troy Buono

The Schererville Walmart is way better than the Hammond/ghetto Walmart. At least stuff is stocked up better.

John Houlihan

Got the stuff I need Ed and not to much truble

Betty Causey

Walmart [ good reasonable deals].

Big G

Chinese Buffett has great food, at great prices. Everything has always been good there, and I take the family all the time.

denise johnson

Great deals would go back but they're closing.

Maria Bunger

Selection is poor.

Fouad Liddawi

Great store. Good employees

Michael Thomas

Good selection of good. Friendly staff and affortable prices.

TyAnna Holmes

This is my favorite Walmart

makethebestofit 1111

I would have gave them five stars if they also sold food

Debbie Phillips

Small store but convenient location. Parking lot is smaller too.

JudiAnn DeVona

Needs cleaned, bathrooms are always disgusting, most staff are rude, Always hot in this store..

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