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8363 Franklin Rd, Boise, ID 83709

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REVIEWS OF Franklin Towne Plaza IN Idaho

Terry Gill

Really enjoyable food

Official Nazdda


John Smith

Has the only best buy and cabela's in boise. There's a Panera and McDonald's. Parking lot is always in need of maintenance and the traffic system is pretty stupid. Has a Starbucks and the new Longhorn steakhouse is there as well.

Lisa Delk

The food is ok. They never get the online orders right.

Rebecca Kane

Just great that's all I can say great

Johnny Skinner

I'm fan of Cabelas and my daughters are huge fans of the puppies for sale in the parking lot.

Doug Funk

It's a strip mall. There is Cabela's, Best buy and several others. Longhorn has good food.

Eddy Svidgal

Pretty good food and not really fast food

tox jimmylee

Great food and service

Krissy Kneeland

They catered my wedding here it was great.

Marc Brown

I'd give it five stars, but "worst buy" is in there too. Honestly it deserves one star just for that fact, but I can't do that to the other businesses. They ripped me off one too many times and the last time I was there, the store manager himself yelled in my face and poked his finger in my chest because I showed him the extended warranty contact that proved that my product was under warranty. I'd love to tell the whole story, but that would make an already long story much much longer.

orville hosford

Went to The Longhorn. Had a great. Shrimp salad that was off the wall. So much of it I had to get a go home box. Prices good, staff is great. Will be going there more often


Easy access

Luis Rogelio Marroquin

From LA, to AZ, to Idaho: Cafe Rio's quality is always apparent. We are lifetime fans! It's great to have one in Boise!

Bob C

Great food, nice environment, good location.

Ricardo Magallon

Not athentic but expensive

Taunra Petersen

Their salad!

Charles Fullmer

Good place to get some books.

Rita Delaney

I look forward to going to Franklin Towne Plaza because of the many choice stores in it. The location is near other shopping and I like the convenience of having office supplies, electronics, home interiors, clothing, and much more all in one handy mall. There's also a variety of great eateries in the mall.

Jerry D. Kee

Best Buy bought a photo scanner while on trip. Excellent scanner and they have way better stores than Omaha and all the accessories to go with them. Very clean store and super nice staff.

robert crist

DMV resides there and the wait is usually short.

Ian Gordon

Nice little mall located close to 84/184 interchange exit Franklin then left off the off ramp. Mall will be on the left. I visit Cabelas ,Idaho DMV, Shari's. Adequate parking is available, facilities are clean, seems safe but there are panhandlers usually at the entrance/ exit.

Tony Espinosa

Everything think is wonderful from the old country feel to awesome food

Jennifer Downey

Easy to find parking. Main roads are close by.

Barbara Cole

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The food was mediocre.

Ron Wilson

Easy in easy out

Michael Patience

It's a bit congested. Trying to get in was a trial of patience. Getting out was a breeze.

John Anderson

Awesome mall.... great selection!

Leisa Williams

Great stores

Karen Slowan

Never been there


Nice plaza with a great collection of stores.

Charles Rayhorn

I'm not a fan.

Crystal Robison

Always good and worth the wait.

Adam Ewart

Pretty good place to grab some lunch or dinner.

Bill Black

Love stores. Parking lot not so much

Brittany Aldrich - Kent

Can I just say cabella's! 10% off sale today!

Mike Kelly

Typical mall, prices from average to high. Hard to find parking around holidays and other times. Lots of and large variety of stores. Food available (for court, restaurants, take and carry) in mall and around outside (in same parking lot).

Gina Caldwell

Great food but the employees are not friendly at all. None of them. John

Nice place easy to get to!

Jonathan DEESE

Great little shopping center. Obviously Cabelas is there (probably MY most favorite store ever created!!), but Best Buy and many more great stores are there too.

Patrick D iTaranto

Nice place

Micheal Coski

Shari's is a Great Family Atmosphere, trusted by locals.

Tim Newman

Great food nice location near Boise town square mall

Hank Menigna

Mediocre at best. Food was cold.


Plenty of parking. Very busy area. Traffic lights can back up. Great selection of stores nearby. TJ Maxx and Michael's to name a few

Robert Hawkins

Beautiful place friendly staff absolutely delicious food highly recommended

Jon Prewett

I went to Cabela's I am a member of the club there. Picked up some new Tackle for fishing.

Don Korth

This is good shopping center. Has a variety of stores for your shopping needs. There was plenty of parking. It is easy to get to from main road. The sun was out and shining. I felt like a valued customer when shopping here. I would go back in the future. I would recommend this place for your shopping needs. I did see a bird in the parking lot as well. Thank for reading my review.

Robi Wynia

Came here to visit the newer location for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Plenty of space and there was NO waiting at all. In and out in no time. Service is still the same friendly smiling faces.

Katt Gonzales

It was a small shopping center that had Cabela's Michaels and a burger joint if I remember correctly I was visiting Michael's

Melanie Odette

We visited Franklin Towne Plaza to go to the Smashburger there. Great restaurant with excellent food and smiling faces. We also like to visit the Cabela's there this weekend. They often offer free demonstrations and samples, so we like to take advantage of those! Hopefully they'll help get us up and fishing soon...!

Sherry Hernandez

So many great stores!

Yves Pogue

Good shops, I love Panera the most.

Sharon Nagel

If you like to shop this is a good place. Quite a few places to eat, too.

Curtis O'Daniel

No parking clise to where you want to be

Lori Carson

Great little mall here. Lots of shopping and eateries, including a new Hawaiian style restaurant that I will go back to check out real soon. More on that later <3

Kyle C

Good food, but not always very clean.

Mitch Smith

Nice mall. Rarely crowded.

saides jade

This place was okay I would come again of it was an option in my area.

Bradley Stevenson

Great food the service at times is sub par

Matt Kelly

Fun Times

Joe Garza

Went to the egg factory

Shawn Slater

I ate a Porterhouse at the LongHorn Steakhouse. What's Not to Love?!?

Cecelia Blewett

Love the stores!

Rachel Velarde

Good food. Loved the decor and service

The Backyard Man

Good food

Steve Nickson

Some of my favorite businesses are located there!

Laura Lindsey

Love there food!!

Scott Ryan Miller

Boot Barn should keep their boots more organized and in boxes so they’re not trashed.

C Jensen


Jessica Guarente

Food was cold

Shellli C

A nice, clean indoor mall with a variety of specialty stores and some major anchor stores.

christian arias

Dont remember going

Kelley Blunda

We were shopping for a few shirts. Found them and much More. Picked up ammo, Yeti coolies and more. Found sharpeners and knives. Just what the doctor ordered! :)

Lisa Fernandez

Just nice place to w as ln around with my daughter20. My son 27 ,who's been in st.als since Feb. 8th he was just released

Aaron Miller

Parking is hell, but stores offer a variety of goods for every consumers needs

Chrisie Avelar

Amazing food, big portions, good prices.

Lindsey Allen

DSW is a gun store, even though there are very few size 5. 5 shoes available (not unlike most stores in this country) it's still fun to check out all the newest styles. Lots of clearance and great selection if kids shoes too


Most of this outlet mall is empty.

Rex Hoopes

Sunday is the best time to be there, early

Jessica Tamlyn

Nice shopping area. Has carters, TJ MAXX, Best Buy, smash burger. Able to park and walk in and out of stores.

Pete Ward

Cafe Rio need I say more.

Gary Roberts

I store had a nice selection of expanding files and checkout was quick.

Ken A

Nice shopping area. Convenient access to some of my favorite stores.

Mary Ann Hurt

One of my fav placed to eat Mexican food. Love the flavors and food available!

Julie Van Hee

Great shops, Never enough parking.

Erick Bostrom

It's a shopping mall plaza whatever nobody knows or gets directions to a plaza that go to the store.

Sheree Donlon

Ha e know idea

dbtheflash David Bratcher

This place needs more stores

Terry Van Pelt

Terrible service.

linda steele

This has got to be the best place to eat. The lighting is perfect. The food and beverages are delicious. The staff must live there jobs cuz they are always in an upbeat friendly mood. Food and drinks arrive quickly. Just super place to go and relax and enjoy. Very friendly. Even other diners are happy you came! I really look forward to going here Everytime I visit meridian.

danielle hale

Quick, fresh and tasty!

Mark Shaw

Good choices for shopping and free parking

Brandon Insco

It's a shopping mall. They have shops. It's not gross, it's nice

John Melland

Super tasty Mexican food.

Esther Pearce

Very clean, great places to eat. A big variety

Angela Cleverdon

A nice open air shopping center.

James Bradshaw

Nice variety of stores


Quite a few places to shop. Not really too eventful to me but there is a Best Buy.

RJ Beck

This strip mall has some great store and my favorite TJ Maxx.

Melinda Campbell

Stopped in Best buy to look around but they were kind of expensive. They said they will meet competitive prices tho

matthew gardner

Many places to shop from Cabela's to Best Buy plus options for fast food and gas. Also have a smog station at the gas station.

John Tampas

Great food

Mrs Nonie

Cold in here. Videos are hilarious, colorful and eye catching, but the farming parts are comical. Good food, where's my Tres Leche?!!

Kam R

Just came here for best buy. A bit difficult to navigate

Mary Lynn D'Aubin

Since moving here, I have found so much of what I need all in the same place, from home supplies, phone service and appliances to eyeglasses and driver's license! It is super convenient, too.

Chris Snell

Nice mall.

January Bea

Shredded pork salad. Nuff said

Katelyn Carter

My husband and I always come here when we go out to eat haha

Nunya Biz

Went to cabelas!! Love that store

heather M. Webster

Gorgeous places grounds well kempt

Abel Jaramillo

Overpriced and nothing special about the food.

Nathan Mc Daniel

Good Mexican food if you like spicy food

Erin Kelly

Tjmaxx and Homegoods always have great stuff.

Amanda Stolp

Quick check out. Friendly staff

Valerie Jenks

Clean, good shopping options, nice selection.

Jamie Chaffin

The food always seems cold and they rarely get my order right or not mixed in with someone else's.

Cooper Thomas

Easy access to and from the freeway and delicious food options. The parking lot can be congested during peak hours because of the several popular lunch spots, but there are plenty of stalls around if the storefront stalls are full.

George Scroggin

Pricey but good food and entertainment

David Nielson

Two words...pork barbacoa!!

Janeal Salas

I wish there were more stores here. They launched this outlet mall long before the customer base existed in Boise. Now that there's a customer base, there's only a few stores left. The prices are killer and the people that work at all the places are awesome though.

Mark Thornhill

Nice mix of shops.

Michael schooley

So many shops to go to there is plenty of things to see and plenty of places to eat. One of my favorite places there is Cabela's. And smash Burger for lunch

George Barnett

Cabelas in Boise idaho! Love that stuff.

Rob Heidemann

Some great stores here

Sherry Bell

You can find almost everything here

Matt Alexander

Staff seems to be j chillin a lot but I can't blame them seems like a chill staff


Love this place

jacqui schaning

Lots of things to explore

Bea Delepierre

It's is amazing place. Great service service.

syko_ stacey

Lolly Lovesuckle

Good margaritas. Good staff. Salsa so so.

Bill Brewer

Lot of different stores. Something for everyone. I frequently go to Best Buy and Cabela's. Biggest drawback is the traffic.


It was fun

Andrew Fuhriman

Great shopping center with a lot of parking and it's very accessible, even during high traffic times. There's a variety of restaurants to choose from in the area and some nice stores to visit. Cabela's is always great, and we found some great deals on appliances from Sears.

Kurtis Baxter

plenty of space, lots of sights and stores

Karissa Ziemann

Great food, service isnt the greatest. I always seem to leave feeling like I bothered the employees for coming in to eat

Ashley Stroud

The stores are okay but it's stupidly expensive and pretty much every mall in America. It's crowded and there's limited parking. A couple people at the kiosk got really intense and up in my face and insulted me. I went to mall security and did a formal complaint but it never went anywhere. Didn't see them last time I was there though.

Stefanie Overton

Love this place

Jacob Ansay

Ieobpvnal2u4 the computer b3sex

Riley Summers

Good food

Richard Buckham

This place is nice when the weather is good I have actually complained about them to coed enforcement several times. In the winter they do not shovel the sidewalk along Franklin only directly in front of the stores which Boise coed requires them to do. They do however plow their parking lot snow onto the sidewalk on Franklin making it impassable if you are disabled

Betsy Dunbar

So delicious

Melissa Kuc

Ok just meet up with some of my friends @ hung out

Tyson Griffeth

Family's favorite place to eat

Jack LaFountain

Only visited the Sears Outlet, but will be going back for Cabella's.

Darrin Woods

Slightly better than Qdoba. That is not a compliment.

Donald Peck

Clean mall with a wide range of stores. Good food court and clean restrooms. A great shopping experience.


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