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REVIEWS OF Denver Pavilions IN Colorado

Riya Gupta

Amazing mall located at 16th street of Denver downtown. I like Rocky mountain chocolate factory over there. They have so many choices for chocolates. Also the movie theatre is good there. I have seen so many movies there. Seats are so much comfortable there. Other outlets are also good.

Matthew Hofman

This is the most "city" feeling area in Denver! Great spot to walk around, but be careful at night...weirdos everywhere

Nyd S

First time visiting Denver from Florida. This is a great area with a variety of shops and restaurants. Seems accessible by train. It is paid street parking. There horse drawn carriages rides. I enjoyed the area and the holiday lights really put you in the Christmas spirit.

DaNika Love

Expensive parking, people walking around almost getting hit, and need to buy something to get a code for the restrooms. They do have all the shops you need my best experience was at the candy shop they saved this mall.

Joanna O

Nice shopping area off the 16th Street Mall. They've managed to make it pretty classy even if 16th Street itself doesn't have a reputation for being so clean. Lots of nice stores and the layout is pretty nice, too. It's easy to get to and the parking garage is convenient.

Aya Saad-Masri

I mean I met Josh dun and Debby Ryan here and have been coming here for over a decade and every time I come back here I just get more pleasant memories

Alan Russell

There was so much to do. I took an Uber from the truck stop with nothing in particular I wanted to do which is what I suggest if you have never been to down town Colorado. Tons of restaurants and activities.

Jason Broughton

Interesting mall venue. A mix of open air vibes and enclosed shops and restaurants. Went to Maggianos and had a full meal of Homemade Lasagna, potato and chicken soup, and seasonal sangria. A very nice experience walking around the different venues.

Evie Marshall

The place close at 8 pm on week nights. Public rest room was locked at 7 pm. We had to go to hard rock cafe to buy drink to be able to use their restroom.

Pamela Tomson

The parking lots there are a scam. They give tou know information on what times your purchases cover, they also use different names on the signs thannis in the computer. They are quick to charge you $65 if you are still there when the time on your parking ticket comes up. Do yourself a favor, park somewhere else.

Geri Stein

Nice place to shop right in the heart of Denver! Definitely for tourists, but I appreciate this location being close to everything


Very cool. Stumbled upon this place and now want to plan a day checking it out more!!!

Patrick Martinez

Mmmm good Ribs kool place

Lerick Johnson

Large selection of businesses in a nice area.

Lori Formanek

Very nice place early evening cozy mall.

Amanda S-B

I had loved my visit the open air and variety of restaurants and stores, store that aren't chain, kept you interested

Kendra Devine

Love they have $1 kids movies here... it's a bit inconvenient with parking and kids though, but its nice!

Jason Dunham

My wife and I went on a weekend get away to Colorado and Denver Pavilion was where we spent an entire day that ended with us going to a Denver Nuggets basketball game! Denver Pavilion area was so beautiful and clean. It snowed lightly all day and there were workers out all over clearing the paths and salting slick spots. We will definitely be coming back here in the near future. Highly recommend this area, as well as a NBA game is a must also.

A Cogan

why do the escalators never work? good shops, restaurants and entertainment. always clean for a outside downtown mall.

Valerie V

A specific comment about the Pavilions Parking Garage. A terrific place to park. Very convenient and affordable. When parking there on Saturday night, I mistakenly gave my credit card twice so I received 2 charges on my card. I called Monday morning, was quickly helped and the 2nd charge has been credited. Excellent customer service! I will always park at the Pavilions Parking Garage when I go downtown!!

Norma Lopez Ingle

Love walking around over here the big city feel with a walkable places to see. Love seeing the horse and buggy carriages I know a lot of people don't like that part because they say it's animal cruelty but I seem to see them treating them very nice. I heard before some of these horses would be sent to be put to sleep because they're older and can't do the work they used to do so this is a way that they save them I don't know how true that is but it makes me feel better.

John Joseph Niemann

I remember when this was first built. Still a great shopping experience and the entertainment spots are awesome.

Joe Valcik

Great location and great selection of shops and restaurants.

Miriam Hodges

Fun place to walk around. Lots of shops and fun people watching. Outdoor mall so it's better to go when the weather is permitting. Around the holidays there's a fun carousel that's free with vouchers from shopping. Good place for a casual outting.

Laura Ruiz

Amazing prices if you know where to look!

Jamie Kopplinger

Very nice and the salesperson in Rosey's was incredibly helpful.

Farzin Eshaghi

Neat place. Good cinema.

Kent Allen

Enjoy entertaining myself at this spot. "It's Sugar" is my favorite spot. It's Sugar says it all. It's colorful, retro, and sweet. .

Sherria Lovelace

Lots to do, eat, drink, and yes smoke. You could spend a day or two just roaming the strip. Follow @slplanning on Instagram for more pics, video, things to do, foodie finds, and freebies.

Jesse James

I see pavilions as the focal point of 16th st. mall, even though it’s near the end of it. It’s a great collection of popular chains, boutiques, a movie theater, bowling/arcade, and bars and restaurants. Places of mention are the Italian restaurant Maggiano’s, the large forever 21, FTW, and my favorite the papyrus store. On occasion pop ups will find there way in lending to fun shops such as Sock It To Me, a other boutique. Definitely worth the visit if you’re on the mall.

Michael Maxey

Great place for shopping and eating. Really nice spot in the middle of 16th St to stop and take a break. Restaurants, clubs, bars, movies, bowling, and arcade on level 3, shopping on level 2 and shopping and restaurants on level one. Parking garage is underneath and it's only $7 on nights and weekends. Great security team that really stays on top of things making it a safe place to hang out. Denver Pavilions is a must do and see if you are going to downtown Denver. Do not forget that the best view of Denver is on level 3.

Matt Battle

I knew there would be Too many temptations and then I found them. I realized at Hot Topic I needed to recover a SpongeBob memorabilia, but maybe not because of the things I already have. amazing fur item at hot Topic, a weightless fur hoodie that has lumps representing each species deadly.

Adam Duran

Centrally located, reasonable parking rates, great selection of stores. On 16th Street! Hard rock cafe was awesome also. Great burgers.


Great place to chill. Walked around smoking some good herb and was never bothered.

margarita oropeza

Nice place to shop...all kinds of places to eat too...

Michael Taylor

Great open air shopping area. Has a good number of shops for all price ranges and lots of places to eat. Free transport service available up and down the strip. Great place to go with the family. Has a movie theater as well.

Christian Salvador

Love 16th street mall. No place comes close. True urban Denver!

R halmsteiner

Really cool outdoor mall area with lots of food and your typical mall stores as well as some unique shops

Annetta Speaks

Had a great time there

Katalina Garcia

Jess D will take care of ya! Thanks babe! #otravez

Fumes the Threat

Nice mall setting but too many homeless people hanging out. came here with my kids and it was super uncomfortable

Drew Thomas

Clean shops, easily traversed, nice open areas, plenty of clothing options for a thinner guy like myself.

Sukhjit Singh

Mall is nice like any other in Denver, easily accessible by train whether you come in via Union or otherwise, plenty of buses as well. Everything from shopping to dining is wonderful, nice spot for solo shopping or bringing the kids. Be careful of the paid parking, if you go over the allotted time, they'll hit you with a $75 parking ticket (they make rounds often). Your better off dropping someone off and finding free parking

Kevin Lynch

Great parking rates on evenings and weekends - only $7.

Annette Palacios

Delicious entrees & drinks! Can't wait to return!

Vineeth Eranical

Have to agree with many reviewers regarding the high number of homeless people walking around, a lot who seem to be high. Otherwise a pleasant place to stroll around. The free shuttle is a convenient option to vet back to your starting place especially if your have kids who don't want to walk anymore.

Anil Maddimsetti

Was there just after the holidays last year and the place is really amazing. A very lively place with amazing local places to eat and great parking options. Seems to be pretty well connected with transit options

Andre Floyd

Bowling/game/bar place is great. Corner pub on street level nice, too


Still pretty cool after all these years but it's very lame that Coyote Ugly is here and then measure drinks. Jazz at Jack's is super fun. One time going down the stairwell there was a scary homeless man in the middle of the night that asked my group for change. You never heard ladies scream so loud. They could do a little better job with the ice overall easy parking another Staple in Denver

Dan Bennett

The spot to visit this summer or fall if youre into shopping and from out of town. Very popular beautiful outside mall along the gorgeously artistic and popular Sixteenth Street Mall extending all the way accross downtown Denver.

Sabrina Yang

Pretty at night and during the holidays

Ed Robinson

Love the theaters, but need to have dinnng options.

Tim VH

A great shopping, dinning, and fun experience! There is a great view of the city on the third floor of the Pavilions as well. A great movie theatre is on top, as well as some nice bars. This spot has entertainment for all in the heart of lodo

Timothy Bealer

Nice shop selection and variety. Awesome view from the top level.

Coco Huerta

Like coming here always good vibes and atmosphere.

Patrick Burkey

Lots of shops and some good bars. A bowling alley is on the top floor of the mall as well, pretty fun.

Tyler Rodriguez

It's cleaned up alot and finally enjoyable.

clark clark

Very different from even 5 years ago, but definitely from 10 years ago. A plethora of mediocre street vendors hocking mediocre merch up and down 16th, bombarded by vagrants at every corner, very little police presence, LOTS of performers strumming, singing, or otherwise. If that's what you're looking for, then you'll love it. If not, then avoid 16th street mall.

Joseph Brown

Nice concept but really would benefit from a deep cleaning with a pressure washer.

Cory Klein

Super fun area in Downtown. tons of shops and restaurants. Also, bars with great views and really good specials

Lanie Goodell

This is one of my favourite places in Denver. I really enjoy the shops within the Pavilions. Everyone is super cheerful and the 16th Street Mall is a favourite of mine anyway.

Phil K

Wide variety of different shops around. Very nice to walk or you can catch the bus that runs up and down the street.

Natalie Asher

Fun place for tourists but locals know better to go where there is free parking and more options. We only come for Jazz at Jax!

Audrey Dessauer

Regal Cinema Pavilions 15 Theater experience was TERRIBLE! I asked for Sony Access glasses so I could get the captions for the movie. I am deaf. The captions I saw were FOR THE WRONG MOVIE!!!!! Fix your equipment so this does not happen again!!!! Deaf and hearing impaired people have the right to enjoy a movie just like everyone else!!!! I was REALLY MAD that I could not watch a movie with my friends!!!! And I drove 30 minutes to get to the theater!!!! This is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! The movie theater needs to learn that people with disabilities are people too and have the right to enjoy a movie just like anyone else!!!! REGAL CINEMA PAVILIONS 15, FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT!!!! MY EXPERIENCE WAS UNACCEPTABLE!!!! If I could give a negative rating, I would give a negative 100,000 for this!!! FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT!!

Mario Robinson

My new favorite spot in Denver! I did all my souvenir shopping from this one area. Watched the premier of my new movie and had a glass of wine ans fantastic dinner without leaving the area!!

Emad Khatib

Live at Jack's makes for a great Saturday night

Danny Lee

This was a great collaboration between teams to get this off the ground and finalized. Just an amazing effort. Not too many places this nice.

Amy Perea

I probably should've given 5 stars to the Pavilions, I just couldn't see all of it in the time allowed. Also, I was there killing time while my daughter was at a concert nearby and since I was driving home, I'm told I missed some pretty fun bar scenes. I DID peek into Coyote ugly and couldn't even SEE the bar so I know THAT place was hopping! Lots of fun kitschy shops and your basic bath, chocolate, and stationary shops. Lots of bars and restaurants and frankly quite an enjoyable experience on my own, and tons to do in a group as well although I would suggest that you plan on using Uber or other driving service to be able to take advantage of all the Pavilions has to offer. If you're not into the bar scene, take in the INCREDIBLE view from the 2nd and 3rd level of the structure (signage everywhere). It's breathtaking. Take your out of town guests to impress them further regarding our beautiful city (but they can't stay!) or go look at it yourself if you haven't seen it before. Truly a Rocky mountain high! I recommend sundown into nighttime for the most picturesque views.

Nick Nixter

A nice downtown area with food shops, theater, and nice places to walk.

Josalyn Cantrell

This pic is just a picture of 16th St Mall in Denver. I enjoyed the shopping and restaurants all up and down. Loved the free train up and down the mall. Nice!


I dig the Pavilions but their bathroom policy concerning the stores on 16th is rather lame.

Tyler Collins

Beautiful area! Went to the theater there, had a fantastic experience. Paying for parking is always a drag, but you can't really help but expect that when you go downtown. We also went to the FTW Arcade there and had a fun time, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Peter Prince

A great place to "thot out"

Erik Gavilanes

Great little shopping, entertainment and food area. Lots of fun stores and tasty restaurants. Bowling and movies available here as well. Definitely a nice way to spend an afternoon and/or evening.

Nasser Khazem

They charge for parking. Wanted to buy some clothes for my family our bags were lost in transit . 4 Dollars per hour it is a rip-off. You come to spend your money and they don’t provide you with free parking . I passed on this one

Chip Harris

Loved the outdoor mall.

Irene Carle

I love shopping at Uniqlo and Victoria's Secret!

Cynthia Cook

Fun place to take a stroll through. Love the little candy shop and the variety of stores.

Patrick Yee

I was surprised to see an old friend at the It's Sugar, I sometimes go there for there selection of gummies. During the holidays, my family go to the movie theater.

Paula Jean Noble

Great shops for all your needs.

Robert Hatfield

Always like coming to this theater, not usually very crowded, clean and nice seats.

Jeffrey Greaser

One of the easier places to get to in downtown


16th St. Mall is a good-weather shopping/ entertaining/ party hosting powerhouse. Excellent choice of street vendors and a visually simulating face. Street performers and various other events. Be warned: there's virtually no bathroom available on the mall. Shoppers expect if they buy something that a seller should offer access to facilities. Good luck. The city has placed a mobile restroom option (a blue trailer at Tremont and 16th as of 10-30-19) because of this problem. Heated/cooled with running water and monitored and serviced by an ever present attendant.

Ronnette Davis

Music was good. I prefer live accoutic music at Jazz at Jack's.

Kimmy E

This is a cute little spot to check out in Downtown Denver! There are retail shops, restaurants, a movie theater and an arcade/ bowling alley! All located conveniently in downtown!

Edward Smith

A convenient development of a variety of businesses that you use often and daily. From grocery to banking and restaurants, This is where you go to find the best value for your money. You can find almost anything here and there are always new things coming in: so every visit is unique. There is so much to see that you find yourself wanting to look at everything and want to have everything. It is a fun place to spend your day. The landscaping is very beautiful and there is always a space for parking! Perfect for walking and enjoying the outdoors while exploring the shops and restaurants. This was my first time in Denver and I was very impressed with the activities that are available, the amazing experience of culture and hospitality and history. I enjoyed my stay and I will be bringing my family for the next visit!

David Huff

Great place to catch a movie and do a little shopping or grab a bite to eat in the heart of downtown


Easy parking and a nice walk along the Pavilion shops.

Edith Kelley

One of the biggest shopping centers I've ever been in, I got lost inside haha, they also have good parking space and a great variety of stores, if you want to do good shopping this is the mall you have to go to!

James Harris

I have had awesome memories here. I watched Thunder with Some at the Movie Theatre. But, I wish "The Oddysey Cafe" was still there. Went there with some friends once or twice, and took a date or two there once or twice. They also have a bowling alley amoung other things.

amori belleza

nice shops and restaurants. vibe is funny

VadaMae Franks

Went to The Rock Cafe and waited 2hrs for our food so we just got it Togo and it took forever for the server to greet us and bring out drinks

Gable Jackson Jr

Gor a nice gift for myself. ;-)

Jessie Hall

It's a wonderful glob of great shopping, restaurants, and recreational places. 10 out of 10 from me

Kyle Lundequam

Decent mix of restaurants and stores off 16th.

Cindy Mason

This place is a perfect one stop for all your shopping needs! You can see a wide variety of establishments ranging from restaurants, school supplies to coffee shops. Downside is I had difficulty finding a parking spot.

Mario Escalante

A good Street mall if all you want to do is dine. Aside from that just a couple of stores for real shopping. Kids love the carrousel during Christmas Season. You may walk from there to the shops nearby. While shopping is not awesome it still is a nice area to walk with the family.

Eric Castro

PLEASE! stop by 5280 Ice Cream. This is where I take my friends. I wish I had some now.

Bambi Opoliner

Could have stayed another week! Just beautiful and great place.

Aaron Short

cool place to shop, walk around or eat. The security guards were really nice too.


Celebrated a birthday at the Hard Rock. Service and food where excellent.

Edward Brown

Really nice mall, full of great stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Wish I had more time to explore.

Janely Noriega

Good variety of stores, restaurants & nail spas. Available fee parking right next to it. Located in a beautiful place inside the city.

Rachel Toupin

Great shops, fun atmosphere and the homeless are friendly enough.

211 MOB

This place has alot of nice stores and restaurants.

Leng Lim

Was great! They just cleaned the bathrooms and closed them often lol

Andrew Carroll

Love the Denver Pavilions. A great place to have a great time

Wayne Wilson

Great place it has places to eat and shops and a theatre

Erika Duke

Lots of different stores to look through. There are clothing stores like Forever 21, H&M, Uniqulo and Victoria's Secret to name a few. There's also a store that has items made in Colorado, if you are looking for a gift. There are public restrooms, but you will need to get a code from one of the stores. They have been clean when I have used them. There are plenty of parking options around downtown.

Thomas Selgrade

Had a great time. Plenty to keep you occupied. Going back soon!

Alexa Griffins Special FX and ect

Nice mall. Good food court.

Monica Burridge

Always a nice window shopping experience

Renee Mangum

Good vibes! Had a great time

Serenity Haney

Great fun and tons of shopping! Love the beautiful horses hoofs on the cobble stone, the street performers, & the hustle & bustle of everyday life, definitely the heart of downtown Denver baby!

clari cazes

Loved it! I wish there were more shops/restaurants

Dee Carter

Service was excellent, tacos were awesome ($1 Taco Tuesday) & the margarita?

Karina Macias

If you're trying to get your steps down but want to go and explore new clothes, this is your place. You get to see and experience new restaurants, clothes and the best part is that you're getting your steps down. Downtown Denver it's amazing. From a St. GEORGE UTAH perspective. Clean. Nice. Beautiful.


Aside from the urine smell at almost every corner the shops and restaurants are awesome with stellar food and service

Mary Ann Brewster

Had the best lunch at Maggianos! Great food and service!

Shawn P

Great shopping, but the plethora of people and the sidewalk characters can make it an interesting trip.

Sherry Wiggins

Wow, all the new stores to go in to. I plan to enjoy myself!

Carl Williams

Always a fun night ...good concession stand...lines move choices are delicious...seating is so relaxing...until “they shot his dog”...

Soumak Basumallik

Good Place to grab a bite or watch a movie or even shop!!

alex matthews

There was a mix of common mall shops and unique gift shops, as well as a bowling alley with separate arcade, movie theater, restaurants and bars. Very entertaining.

Sarah Stickline

I remember when this place was an enormous hole in the ground. Always enjoy shopping here. Restrooms are clean, and the place in general is well maintained. Some more shops would be cool, but Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s are a very welcome addition. The carousel during the holidays is nice, even if the led lights burn my eyes and are untraditional af.

Elena Colesnicova

Love this place!Very nice atmosphere

Mona Davidson

Had so much fun there.

Malkia Knauls

Nice staff; the remodel makes the place feel more modern & spacious

Charmaine Kerschion

It was very nice. Easy to get around, nice temperature outside, wonderful restaurants and shops, lots to see and great music too. Not much traffic either. It was very pleasant.

Richard Clymo

Went to the 4d experience- Spiderman- Far From Home. It was fun! Unique experience. They had a promo this weekend.

Terri Rattler

Great food and customer service.

Matt Constant

Neat mall and concept for a downtown metro area. Decent free public transportation.

Shelby Best

Very nice and active location. A lot of great restaurants and stores. Parking is difficult

David Pollack

Went here to see a movie with my daughter. Beautiful location in downtown denver

Zack Hegarty

Visiting and touring Denver when I see signs for best view of Denver. Being the tourist I am I follow the breadcrumb trail of signs, weaving through the walkways until reaching the top and it leads me to a bar and a space to take a picture in front of a billboard. Major disappointment but looked to have nice shops

Rommel Beckford

This is almost like the Mecca of shopping in the city. There are several chain clothing stores such as H&M, Express, Victoria secret, Forever 21 among many others. It's also along the 16th Street Mall which is a pedestrian mostly area with plenty of shopping and food options. if you need a wardrobe upgrade then the pavilions have all the stores you need for that plus a place to pick up a few souvenirs of the mile high city.

daniel hunt

It's actually improved over the years I don't mind hanging out here

Alyssa Gilger

Love to shop and eat in this area.

Mike Lindquist

Nice place. Plenty of restaurant choices, 5280 is always good. Sit outside for best views.

Monica Thompson

Love the energy at the Pavilions. Easy parking, nice dinner with friends at Maggiano's, no traffic drive home.

John Romero

Had a blast! Me and my daughter played some video games and watched The Lion King. An awesome 6 hour experience!

Sharon Mills

Fun Fun Fun place..some places are a little pricey..also don't don't be mislead..Serveal signs and advertising signal to go to the top floor. Excepted to get a great view of the town are the mountains in back ground..but it turned out to be a nice view of the sign Denver Pavilions..I took the picture it was nice .

Allison Bovee

16th street is always funn

Norma Goto

Nice variety of stores plus movie complex but it has gone downhill.

Morgan Hemingway

Ok good, lousy extremely loud music. Made it very uncomfortable to enjoy...

George Bush

It a cool atmosphere. Popping on the weekends. Coyote Ugly is here.

Randy Ritthaler

Pavilions is a decent date night area. Plenty to do with bowling, restaurants, bars and a movie theater.

Tophito TheGreat

Great local walking people watching scene, lots of shopping and a movie theater with a 4D theatre, yup that's right 4D. I worked at the Floyd's at Champa and 16th, a must see place, and if you need a cut- these guys are great.

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