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Here you have the opinions of real people like you who know the services of City Locksmith llc (Locksmith) in Michigan.

At this moment the firm has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and that rating has been based on 239 reviews.

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As you know, we do not usually bother to put reviews when they are good and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or issue...

This Locksmith is included in the category of Emergency locksmith service.

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REVIEWS OF City Locksmith llc IN Michigan

Gabriel Goodwin

Simon was my locksmith and he did a great job fixing what I couldn’t get right with installing a new lock and handle on my storm door. He was very professional and is highly recommended by me

Sarah Dano

Simon was great! Amazing customer service. Very friendly. Really fast service, was in and out in no time. Highly recommended! Best City Locksmith around. THANK YOU!!

Mia Bennet

Lock City is amazing!!!! He saved my wife and I we are from northern Michigan... Lost our keys... He came out worked with us and he was just all around a good guy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Faith Kelley

Scam. Called yesterday because I locked my keys in in my trunk and have no trunk button. Took over an hour to get to me. Was told over the phone the driving fee was $25 and that the cost would depend on how much work needed to be done. When he got there I had to pay up front $69 for the driving fee and $167 for him to open my trunk. First he tried picking the lock. Couldn’t get it. Went in the back seat of my car, and DRILLED A HOLE THROUGH MY BACK SEAT. Still couldn’t get it then so he just broke the lock off completely. $236 and 3 hours later, there’s a giant hole in my back seat, and there’s a giant hole where my trunk lock should be.

Thomas Adams

Anthony's an amazing guy give these guys a call if you're in a bind great customer service

Kasandra Warner

Guy was great, and he came out quick and price was very reasonible compared to other places I called!! If needed I would definitely call them again!

gjoni dushaj

thank you so much for coming out and making a RAM key right away when it was needed! speedy recovery. this guy is highly recommented!

Will R.

Called for a lock out on a deadbolt and doorknob lock on my garage door was told $29 service fee and $40-70 depending on the security. I get a call from Simon he says he can be there in 20 minutes, great. 30 minutes passes he calls and says 5 minutes, no big deal I know the roads aren't the best right now. 30 more minutes pass since he called and he's still not here, no call to tell me he's behind so I call and try to cancel he says he's turning on my street, fine. Comes and looks at it says it's going to be $90 I ask if that includes the fee he says no. I tell him forget it I'm not paying double what I was quoted plus the service fee and then he might have to drill the lock out. He tells me I owe him the $29 fee we argue back and forth I tell him to get off my property or I'm calling the police and he says he will if I don't pay him the service fee. Really buddy you can't call to update your customers, misquote me when YOU gave me the quote and then expect me to pay you for coming out 3x the length of time you quoted. I would avoid this business at all costs even if someone else is double. I paid him $30 to get off my property and he claims to me he's the owner when I ask. If Simon is he needs to learn better business practices if he wants to gain clientele.

Greg Gancos

I was in a pinch and needed a key ASAP with in 20 min Anthony showed up. I found my key and tried to cancel but sold me on making a spare key so his trip was not wasted. He was polite and quick and the whole process was complete with in 1 hour. Very pleased and will request Anthony next time

ryan andres

Anthony was there quickly and was extremely friendly and helpful..lost my key in the lake and he had me back on the road in no time.. Highly Recommended!!

Joe2 Lit

Anthony is the best man I have encountered in 2019

Celena Greenway

Anthony came out fixed a problem that another company messed up and he did a great job

Beaver Arens

These guys were great!! I had forgotten the combination to my fireproof safe, gave them a call and they told me that they were on a call but would meet me at their location in five minutes. They gave me several options and were awesome to talk to and deal with!!! I would recommend them to anyone!!

Aldo Adhami

Thank you so much! Grate job on time made a key for a 2006 Jetta that was impressive 100% I would call him back if I have a problem again

Benjamin Spencer

Highly recommended. I called with an emergency situation, the dispatcher gave me a timeline of about one hour for an ETA and the tech was there with in 30 minutes. He solved my problem and provided a cost effective solution to a second problem. Great price, quick response, friendly service. Thanks to Simon in particular. Nice job guys.

Clyde Bruner

He was very awesome and came very quickly. I recommend him to anyone

Addison Oros

Anthony came out and did a fast and great job on my Nissan... if I ever lose my keys again I’ll be calling them

Corinn Cramer

Horrible experience - the website says $45-65 for a typical lockout however (even though they knew the make/model/year of the car on the phone) were dishonest about the price...they charged me $163 even though all they did was pry the door open. When I called they were rude and dismissive and told me it was due to extra security on my car (which again, all they did was pry the door open with no additional steps needed).

Katie P

Called in the morning to get a quote for locks rekeyed. Was told $19 and up plus a $30 fee to come out. Sounded reasonable, so I made an appointment for later that day. They showed up an hour late and said the locks would be $19 to rekey. They added a $125 labor fee, which wasn't mentioned earlier and doubled the price of my bill. Then when I gave them my card, they didn't have a device to swipe it. Instead, they called a phone number and read my card to the person on the other end of the line. Would not use them again due to the poor handling of credit card and failure to mention labor fee.

Detroit Plugged

Anthony came out for me and helped fixed my key. He was very professional and extremely helpful. I definitely will be calling him to make the spare key. Thank you!

Jessica Toma

Anthony did a great job! Very grateful to him for his professionalism & timeliness in opening my locked door so late at night! Price was awesome, as well!

waseem kajy

Exellent service simon did my key in minutes

Lily Grasl

best locksmith came out at 3am n made key for my 2015 nissan anthony god bless you

Steph dogg Sanders

Anthony came out n made a key to my 2003 ford windstar he was polite fast n very knowledgeable he made my key in 15min i was impressed since the other company i called coulnt even help me because they said my car had no code but he found the code right away

Hussein Ezzat

Anthony is the man hands down best locksmith in town came out n made me 2 Keys on the spot within 5min

Abigail Bryant

I paid 135.00 for a Key fob to be programmed. After, I agreed to make a great review. Now, here I am not even 4 months later and the key fab doesnt work. Im told the warranty is only 72 hours after I called tonight to tell them that it doesnt work and it actually fall apart. And the guy tells me well sorry you would have paid more at the dealership. Correct I would have. But, guess what I would still have a working key fab with more than a 72 hour warranty. Dont do business with them. The good reviews are from that were told they could get a cheaper price. Scam of a company.

lacy landess

Simon was absolutely wonderful.... Amazes me how good ppl can still be in this world. Helped out with my saturn 2000 ls1 with helping me aquire a key to go to work .. Unexpected call. Came instantly... A great gentlemen and was extraordinary. Great work , if i could give u a 100 hin i would .. U should ask for a raise cause not only did u do ur job , i had great customer service interaction. Aweome man #needmorelikeyou

Cash Money

Simon came and did a great job and was very fast they get 2 thumbs up

Theresa Bolling

Anthony came out and made keys and started my sons car He was very helpful and nice Thank you

nirrad ztnil

These guys are the best. Changed out my ignition in my car in 20 minutes. You guys saved the day. I didnt even have enough cash on me. They still did the job for the cash I had!

Karen Adragna

These guys are AMAZING!!! I couldn't afford their rate, so I told them I'd call them back. I tried getting in my car myself. These guys showed up ANYWAY and told me they'd accept the cash that I did have, and got me in in seconds! What outstanding service! Talk about above and beyond!! Definitely a Christmas blessing!

Tiffanie Douglas

Anthony and Terrance came out and got my key for my 2019 Rouge I’m completely satisfied with their services I would definitely recommend them

Tracey Harris

Anthony was good help n very understanding off by situation n helped me out god bless him

Tearia Bailey

Great service. Fast and friendly. I recommend them!

tetethemusicqueen TeTe

Anthony came out took care of my car n got me 2gether even tho I didn't have the money right in hand he looked out in I appreciate it and got me on a payment plan they are really good ppl 2 call when u need them

Abe Hashim

Excellent customer service. Really good work. Fast service. Did a copy at Lowe’s and they didn’t do a good job, went back to them, still wasn’t good. Lastly, I decided to go to city locksmith and bingo! Deserves the 5 stars reviews...

Edward Markaj

Anthony came and delivered on his price, was very responsive to our questions regarding the service.

Dawn Skinner

Fast, friendly, and good price. Our ignition key did not work for opening the door in our new vehicle, and they were able to replace the cylinder and match it to the existing key. Highly recommend them.

Angela Johnson

Anthony was very good he was very helpful he made a key for my car.

Sean McCarthy

Simon came right away and got Got me in my car within minutes I will use again forsure

Will Porter

These guys are great! My co-worker and I were out on a job (Nolin Hardwood Floors) and got locked out of our work truck. This could have been a large and costly setback for our job. Simon showed up in what seemed like fewer than 10 minutes and had the truck opened in less time than that. A real lifesaver; thanks dude! You deserved the tip.

Adam Plaxco

Called City Locksmith on the Sunday of memorial weekend at 10:30pm 5/26/19 within 20 minutes Tony and Terrence were here to help we were done 10 minutes after that, they were awesome!!

heather mackarevitz

Very nice and helpful. Gave me great service

Mattie McCann

Simon was very understanding and helped me out tremendously. I was able to get to work and for that THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Erica Glenn

The exact type of service men you want to show up when you need your keys from being locked in your car or home. Personally, my memory/concentration are impacted by my health so I deal with lockouts just enough to be self conscious about it so to get in my home so quick for such an incredible price definitely made my whole day. Incredibly fast! So professional & more kind than the job even requires.. I value this company very much.

Mikasha Turner

City Locksmith is the BEST in the city. On time, prompt service. Customer care is at 100%. I'll recommend City Locksmith to all!!!!!

Dorald Lleshaj

Great Find! Opened my high security lock in my bedroom, when i honestly thought it couldnt be done! But they did it!

John Coats

I was in a crunch, Anthony came quickly and helped me get my 91 Nissan 240sx back on the road after I broke my key. Outstanding customer service!! Thank you so much!

John Schafer

Anthony came out super fast made me a key for my ford focus and threw in a free key fob

Perrea Johnson

Simon is very awesome he helped me out i highly recommend him

Michael Petros

Very professional, arrived on time and unlocked my door quickly. Would highly recommend.

Matt Rush

These ratings are a scam as so is this place. They tell you one price and then charge you a much higher price as reported by most actual reviews on here. They claim that they're recording your conversation at all times without your knowledge (illegal), but really have nothing to show. Go to a different locksmith. They're eventually going to scam the wrong person.

Mykell Jones

Anthony who works for city lock smith LLC came out when NO other Lock smith would he helped me with my car when I was stranded for hours He was so kind And caring he brought a peaceful and positive vibe to the situation...I was so down and depressed until he showed up ...he get 20 stars from me I appreciate his service...

Tye Royal


Sabrina Kouza

Anthony had the best price, they were super nice and patient. I give them a 4 only because the man I spoke to on the phone was rude to me. However, I would recommend Anthony to other people. He replaced my key in 20 minuets and helped restart my car.

Mike Lewis

Anthony was very helpful an efficient I'd recommend him Everytime

Cortez Redrick

Anthony and company did a professional job and i truly appreciate the professionalism they process. Great job and they deserve a promotion

Aldo Shuti

Hi just wanted to say he is the best

John Ewers

Anthony was a blessing!! Awesome job. If needed he is the man to call. Courteous and knowledgeable

BlackWater Market

Anthony. You saved my job. Seriously thanks. And In real time guys it took the man 5 seconds. Maybe 6

Jenna Platonas

I’ve used City Locksmith on several occasions and am always thankful for the fast, professional, reliable, and inexpensive service I receive. Locked out? Need a new lock installed? Stop your googling and give City Locksmith a call. You’ll be happy you did!

Alesa Leali

Great service. Very knowledgeable and helped me chose the best option for securing my building. Simon gets 5 stars.

Frank Dmuchowski

We were locked out and Anthony Shuti came to help us. The response was quick. He was outstanding, very professional and very pleasant. It was a real pleasure to have him solve our lock- out problem. Thank you very much Anthony!!

Nakiea Downey

They guys help me in my time of need . Please use them , nice friendly and quick

Larry Lyles

Tony was the best, great service! 10/10

Jadore Shantae

Initially said price would be $30-50 . Price tripled when he got there . Could’ve got someone else had we been told prior . Not recommended. Even your response was unprofessional of course no one expects free service . You’ll be out of business soon with that attitude!!

Summer Draggs

Anthony came to help me get a key fixed. We met at my location of choice. Took him 5 minutes to fix it. Works fine!

Peter Wojda

Excellent service....Anthony worked thru a small problem and had us on the road in no time... definitely would recommend! Thanks for helping on a holiday weekend!

Devin White

Simon was exceptional! Provided very courteous service and I’m grateful for his expediency. Keys and remote FOBs were programmed and have worked perfectly. Will definitely use him again and refer friends.

Sun love

Simon went above and beyond to help my daughter get her car started. A really great person he stayed until the job was completed l wish their more people like this guy thanks so much you are really appreciated

Dereon Moore

Anthony came out n did me a key on my 2012 Ford Taurus n I appreciate it quick quality service will recommend for my family and friends

King Waffi

Anthony came thru with the sauce. 5 stars willl recommend to my friends.

Nyra Olds

Great Customer Service & Fast Service .. Thanks A Lot !!!

Markisha Sundi

Anthony, the technician that works for city locksmith was a tremendous help with getting our car on the road. He was courteous and efficient in his work. I was very pleased with the amount of information he knew about the key and it’s inquiries. I would recommend this business to my family.

Jonathon Moriondo

Simon helped me get a new key after it not working for 3 hours while it was raining the whole time. These guys will go out of their way to make sure you get your key or keys made. Great service.

Cassandra Lane

I would have absolutely LOVED to have given this company a 5-Star review since I am very pleased with the work that was performed, the efficiency of the work, the reasonable prices, as well as the expeditiousness of the locksmith's arrival to my home. Due to the fact that two of my screwdrivers and another tool was stolen and not returned, I am unable to render a positive rating. It is only due to my extreme satisfaction with the actual work performed that I feel that a 2-Star review is more than fair. Because I try very hard to not automatically think the worst of people, I initially decided to give the benefit of the doubt as to whether or not the incident was deliberate by bringing it to the attention of the locksmith who performed the service. Upon bringing the incident to his attention, his response was "Well do you need them back tonight?", I stated to him that I would be totally fine with him returning the tools first thing the next morning, as he stated to me that he would be more than happy to do. Well, that was last Saturday and I haven't heard back or seen anyone since. With that said, I am not left with much of a choice other than to believe that the incident was deliberate. Because of the aforementioned belief, I will not recommend this company despite my extreme satisfaction with the quality of work performed.

Erika Freeman

I only had 80 dollars and Anthony came right out and did such an amazing job on my car recommend everyone to go to Anthony

Quillion Ford

Anthony came out and did me a new key and he was very helpful nice and quick thanks for all your help

travis carter

Guy came out and i didnt have enough to pay for the key remake. He was reasonable and worked with me with what i had. Highly recommend.....

Dream Doll

Great guys. Anthony is EXCELLENT ..very understanding helpful and reliable. I appreciate them and everything that they have done for me in my car situation.

Nora Zoma

Just want to say thank you to Simon who came out twice to help with our condo lock. We tried to DIY and it was a fail! Thankfully Simon came to the rescue and took care of the lock situation. It was a fair price, efficient, and within the hour of when I called. Great company!!

A Google User

City locksmith is amazing they came out quickly, gave us a good price, they were super friendly and the job was fast. They said it would take 30 minutes and it was less time than that

kailyn sanders

Excellent service we thought it was the key problem but all there we needed a jump of battery and Simon helped out Thank you city locksmith

Maria Fernandez

After a super long day at work , I came out, only to find out my car had locked . I called locksmith and he made it in less then 30 minutes to fix the problem, restarted my computer gave me a new key for a great price. Thankful and satisfied

Brooklynn Arnold

Anthony came out did 2 cars for me done in 30 minutes the company is great and it was no wait and they came within 30 minutes after calling!!!

Heather O'Brien

Came on time and finished in less than 10 minutes!

tamara robinson

Anthony and Simon were 2 of the nicest men iv met in a long time. They got my car back running in no time. They both were at my home in a timely manner and both worked as a team to get my car going. I would recommend them highly to get you back up on the road.

Louise Scott

Anthony came Out And Save My MF Life , I Love Them

shelby sisson

Charged $130 more than he said he'd charge and came 30 minutes late. Just dont do it, hes a crook..

kimberly osborne

Best lock smith ever they came in 5 mins and took 2 mins to get in the house!!! Love it!!!

M Lyon

Total rip off scam business. I would give zero stars if I could! If you ever get locked out, do yourself a favor and take a sledgehammer to the lock, it would be neater and you would save lots of money. $240 to unlock a gun safe plus 100 to replace the damaged to the guns that was done destroying getting the door open. Just figure out how to fix it yourself

CK Lenor

ASK THESE QUESTIONS FIRST: (3 stars for Responsiveness and unlocking the door.) 1) Ask if the price over the phone will be guaranteed. if not, ask why. 2) If it is a door that is needing to be unlocked. Ask if you can take a picture of the door to make sure there are no hidden cost. 3) Ask if there is an additional fee for the unlock because it is deemed an emergency. There should not be an emergency fee as a lock-out is an emergency. If all of the above is vague and the company needs to come out to look to give you the real cost. Call another company.

Angel S

Simon was great! He came to my house in less than an hour and extracted my house key from my car ignition in less than 5 my ignition still works and my house key. I also received a cheaper price than other locksmith in my area.

Emily Love

Got ripped off. $145 for a car lockout. The website says $45-$65 for a lockout. Dispatcher said it was $29 for them to come out and they would have to see what needed to be done to give me the final price. He gets there (I have a Dodge minivan and I'm in Shelby) and says it's $145 bc my van has a push start ignition. I tell him it doesn't, just a key fob, and that it sounded expensive (I don't know normal rates for this stuff). He says it's still $145 total, I really had no other option at 730 pm as it's cold and I have two kids with me. He got in with wedging an inflatable thing in the door and a long rod, in 30 seconds. He handed me a $20 bill after I paid, probably because he felt bad for charging so much, kept saying "sorry it's not my money". Every person I talked with since, said I got way overcharged. He got in the vehicle the same way you would do it 20 years ago. I was grateful for the $20 "discount" until i realized I was charged more than twice the normal for a car lockout

Mateka Mitchell

Anthony came out and did a great job.

Bianca Varner

Best locksmith period fast friendly even had to get dealer part to make my fob work n didnt charge me extra

Nicole Misuraca

best overall experience I have ever had with a locksmith he was so kind so understanding such a great overall experience I cannot explain to anyone enough to call these people they will be there they will fix your problem and they are out just as fast as they came I rate them a million out of a million! It was a complete pleasure

Melanie Rogers

Fast service got my dog out the car in 5seconds great prices will definitely recommend

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