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Here you have the reviews of real people who bought the services and products of American Equity Mortgage (Loan Agency) in the state of Missouri.

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REVIEWS OF American Equity Mortgage IN Missouri

Brett Harper

If you need done right and done right now, David Fuller is your man! He is honest and upfront, you will never wonder where you are in the process. I will definitely go to Dave for my future mortgage needs.

Chris Chapman

American Equity Mortgage is general seems to be a pretty decent company. However, they have a loan office Denny Maher Jr. who is a lifetime car salesman who might be the most corrupt individual I have ever been associated with in my career. I rushed out to complete an Inspection so a closing could go thru only to have Denny not bring my Invoice to the closing. From there he told the person who was re financing that they didn't have to pay me because he had forgotten to bring the Invoice to the closing. I then contacted Denny only to be cussed out and listen to him be little his client by saying she will never pay me and that her credit score was awful. Thankfully the lady paid me. However in all my years owning my own business and growing up in a family owned business I have never met a more awful corrupt individual.

Thorsten Koester

Ari and his team are the pinnacle of professionalism. Incredibly knowledgeable, they make the process smooth and painless. Great communication and a joy to work with. Highly recommended!

Michael Hiscsh

Never called back after I got declined then would release FHA case number assignment which held up my loan.

verna britain

I got a refinance on My home from Evan Zlotogura He was a great help & kept Me well informed on the progress of the loan. I would advice any one to contract Evan & let Evan help you out He's great to do business with

Lori Day

I can't say enough good things about Jana Powers with American Equity Mortgage. When we refinance my house with her she worked with me longs hours and did what it took for us to be able to get the refinance completed. At times I wasn't sure we were going to get this accomplished but one thing Jana always told me is good things happen to those who wait, and she was right. This was the best thing for us when we refinance our mortgage with American Equity, Jana took a lot of her time with us to make sure we got the best option and trust me this is one of the best mortgages I can really say I have had. Now that the refinance has been completed for over seven months we are truly happy with the Mortgage more than any we have had, but Jana was so much help we could haven't done it without her. So if anyone is needing a Mortgage please call American Equity and ask for Jana Powers she will do her very best to make it happen.

Laura Roberts

Joe Schonlau always seems to call at just the right time to find the best deals for us. My husband is a veteran and Joe worked with us to best utilize our VA loan. Thanks Joe!

Mike Platt

Karen Madison

This mortgage company is the worst for getting your mortgage refinanced. I am African-American. When I inquired about a refinance they put me with their token loan consultant Don Mitchell. He is just the worst. The process started in August, 2012. First we were closing in October, then November then December. Well, we never closed. The loan payoff was only $43,000. This is a very small refinance. The company would not make a lot of money. So, the fee to refinance this loan was $7,000.00. Then, Don Mitchell got the idea I had a lot of money because I am a teacher. I went out of town with friends during Christmas. Don Mitchell told me he could not close the loan unless I paid $1,700.00 on top of the $7,000.00 fees that included the closing cost. This place is a rip-off. I went to a different mortgage company got the same refinance with a lower interest rate less closing cost fees. I would never, never, never recommend this mortgage company to anyone at any time looking for a refinance.

colleen peters

American Equity Mortgage is great to work with. I worked with Daniel Shaffer on my refinance and he kept me up to date with every step. American equity does everything in house so things go much faster. If something is needed they are able to let you know right then. They don't need to wait on someone else to let them know first. If you want a quick and easy company work with on your refinance then I believe American Equity Mortgage and Daniel Shaffer will do a very nice job for you. Colleen Peters Oregon City, Or.

Lynn Norvell

Beginning in 2002 , I started purchasing and refinancing homes through American Equity. I have purchased three different homes in two states and refinanced twice, each time with 5 star service from Brent Kiffer and the entire team. The most recent loan was processed while on vacation out of the country. The process, communication and the rates and costs have always exceeded my expectations. Every time I think of needing a mortgage for any reason at all I think of American Equity and specifically Brent Kiffer.

Alex Smith

My wife and I worked with Mike Lewis out of your Overland Park office. What a professional crew!! They went above and beyond to make sure that the loan we received was just what he disclosed to us in the beginning. And get this...the manager even to took the time to call BOTH OF US to welcome us and THANK US for our business. That's unheard of in this industry. TOP NOTCH GROUP, you'll always have our business

Dana Mesle

To those of you out there looking to get a home loan, I would highly recommend the services of Lance Tulacro. His skills of executing and finalizing the loan application was remarkable. I was extremely impressed in the time frame that it was completed. If my memory serves me correct I believe it was all completed in 23 days! Impressive work! Great job by Lance Tulacro with American Equity Mortgage!

Courtney Turner

I wish I could rate American Equity Mortgage, but after I never recieved a call back from Joe, I got the impression they don't want my business. I explained my budget, down payment and credit scores and suddenly he had another call to make. He said he would call me back, but he never did. :(

Reatha Aggrey

American Equity is the greatest. Shontay Hawthorne was the person that worked with me. She kept me informed on everything that was happening. I have purchase two homes but this was smooth and easy. I just want to give her a big Shout out to say Thank you.

Cherish Parker

Dustin Fryer was great! Twice now he has been a Godsend for me. Everything is always explained, every date he has given has always been followed through on as stated. If I ever need to do this again Dustin will be the man I call. I've given his name and number to anyone who has mentioned looking into as I know he is the perfect person to be able to help. Thank you Dustin and thank you American Equity for having such a Great Employee!

Brian Gould

Company looses HUGE shares of the Marketplace. Executives do not have classically educated officers only Blue Collar cronies that contribute & pollute emotion into business transactions. Company could easily make an additional 6 Million in Profit weekly but the owner has been deluded by loyalty. Transactions are padded to maintain a business model that only floats the organization to the next quarter but never penetrates the market adequately. Firm will not be on Par with competitive lenders. Unfortunately this company will perpetually target their share and quarry among uneducated borrowers. If your only option is this firm then you are probably the aforementioned borrower & will benefit from them. Talented originators can make select deals fair but management is less than inclined to assist "Good Guy" originators. Be aware of who you are doing business with & realize you are spending often times Six Figures & deserve to be charmed not dictated to by some sales Hog. Buyer beware.

Josh Jerome

Tyler Shafer went above and beyond for our refinance. His professionalism was studious and his proficiency was nothing short of flawless. Tyler was also able to deliver as promised results, before the timeline he gave us. A truly remarkable experience.

Christa Ballauer

Aristides Priakos-Your service is unlike any other in the industry. Ari's professionalism has exceeded all expectations and communication was top notch.

Tyler Seals

michael hanks

I have had nothing but a fantastic experience with Ryan Molstad of AEM. We have been working on my loan for quite some time (due to my past credit) and we were finally able to get the deal done. Ryan was always there when I called and made a request and told me the truth on whether I could or could not obtain the loan. Once we got the loan Ryan made sure that I got the best loan available for me with the best interest rates. Made sure I was aware of everything I had to do during the process, and followed up on any and all of my questions no matter how small or odd they were. Everything Ryan had done was in my best interest. He made sure that from beginning to close was a great experience for his client, me. Even after everything was closed he has been there for me to answer any questions I have. No nonsense way of doing business has made my trust in Ryan and his staff top notch. Thank you Ryan for everything you have done for me and my family to make sure we have a better future.

luke lasater

Richard Shepard

Sam Stevens with AEM did a great job for us. I was hesitant to refinance our mortgage-I hate change. We were at a high interest rate, credit card debt piling up. With Sam's help we were able to refinance and use some of our equity to get out of our CC debt And lower our interest rate and. It have to use a 30 yr term. Great job and thanks again Sam.

Janette Nichols

I was just beginning to weigh my options with American Equity Mortgage. I was told that I would have a very high closing rate through FHA so I asked what the specific amount was. I was told it was 1.75% so when I told them no thank you as I am not paying that for closing costs, I was told good luck on finding that elsewhere. They had already ran my credit so I took a negative hit there. She told me I was wrong with the closing costs I had at my current bank and was told that I could just enjoy my current interest and goodbye. She was the rudest person I ever spoke with in my life and now I get a negative hit from having to talk to such a rude person. I would not take the time to do anything with them if I was anyone else. HORRIBLE! I wouldn't pay $4,000 in closing costs either. Other banks are cheaper. Looking at the ratings, there is a reason this company is horrible. I can guarantee it is their staff. I will stick with my local bank and not try to weigh my options again.

Nelson R. Saucedo

I'm not usually walking away from a service oriented experience impressed or benefited, but after walking away from the meeting we had with a member of American Equity Mortgage. I am so grateful for someone to take the time to truly sit down with us and get a hold of our finances so that we can be ready to find a house within our means. Knowing that we are not buying until sometime in mid 2017, he still showed a caring interest in helping us and talking to us in a language we could connect with and understand. Thank you so much and we cannot wait to do business with American Equity Mortgage.

Sherry Pitcock

Dustin Fryer helped me get my home refinanced. The costs were fair and in line with what I saw elsewhere. But what made the deal remarkable was how he would not give up. My income is not standard W2 and caused issues. Dustin was like a bulldog, kept pushing and finally got it done. And quickly as well. they are a great group of real pros, knowledgeable and nice to work with as well. Thanks a million

Josh Lane

My wife and I just purchased our first home with the help from Aaron Dickson with American equity mortgage. Dealing with him throughout the process was fantastic, he was there for us to ask questions and he gets back to you asap with the answers you need and anything else he can help you with. Really pleased with his work ethic and ability to get the deal done quick and as painless as possible. Truly a pleasure to work with.

Christene Saucedo

Unfortunately, consumers tend to complain on reviews rather than provide positive feedback. We will be buying a home within the next year and spoke with an employee there who broke down our finances to a degree beyond our imagination. We became very aware of our financial situation after Brent Kiffer, an employee of American Equity Mortgage sat with us. He patiently explained the terminology that has confused and overwhelmed me when talking about buying a home. He took my husband and I through each step of the process of being a home for the first time. I do not feel as overwhelmed and have a better understanding of where we stand when we are ready to buy. I would recommend this mortgage company because too many people get foreclosed on homes in today's society and this company will NOT set you up for failure in my opinion. When we are ready to buy, we will be using this company, thanks to Brent Kiffer's help.

LaVincent Hooker

Absolute rip off... Fee are outrageous. Stay away

Borislav Ivanov

After having two months to close on a regular transaction they suddenly, without an explanation (most likely due to somebody unexperienced there) had to reprocess the loan application and delayed the closing with three days. Needless to say everybody, Seller, Buyer, title companies, real estate agents were on their toes not knowing if things will go through. They were also hard to be reached and had trouble keeping everybody in the loop about what was going on. A small local Lender would never have dropped the ball like that.

Sarah Knudson Strobel

INCREDIABLE! You will not regret working with this company. Aristides and his team made the loan process easy and painless. The communication was superb and we settled on time with no glitches. Thank you to the whole American Equity Mortgage team. I look forward to doing more business with you!

Tia Black

We refinanced our mortgage with American Equity Mortgage in Bloomington, MN and Jon Hill was our mortgage consultant. Jon and the rest of the team went out of their way with a last minute problem that arose (our fault completely) to make sure that we were still able to close on the same day and keep our mortgage payments as low as possible. Jon always returned phone calls promptly, as did the other team members such as Amie Webb, mortgage processer in St. Louis, MO. Jon listened to our objectives carefully, presented us with several options and each of their positive and negative points. He was extremely attentive to our loan, making sure we had all our documentation ready, he kept us up to date on the progress of the loan and we were able to close within one month of starting the process. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jon and trusted his knowledge regarding mortgages. He was very professional, very respectful, and extremely easy to contact even away from the office. We will definitely work with Jon Hill and recommend him to anyone who is considering refinancing.

Alan Deal

Dave was very attentive to our particular needs when refinancing our home. He was able to show options that could save us money that we were not aware of existed. He was able to explain all of the information to us so we understood where we had questions.

Lindsey Landis

Alex Glover was GREAT!!!!! As a first time homebuyer I was extremely nervous about the process. He made me feel very comfortable and guided me through everything I needed to know. I would highly recommend him to anybody that is trying to buy a home. Thank you Alex for everything you did for me and my family.

Andrew Pommer

Dustin Fryer really goes above and beyond when it comes to the mortgage business. He was extremely helpful and I encourage anyone who needs to refinance to go the American Equity Mortgage and ask for Dustin. He and his team of mortgage professionals are top notch and they won't quit until the customer is satisfied! Thanks you guys!

Tammy Beckedorf

Wonderful experience working with David. He is responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant.

Terry Scantlen

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank both American Equity Mortgage out of Oklahoma City, but truly more so, Stacie Spence. She is the first and only mortgage consultant that I have ever dealt with that actually made both of my refinances to be as painless as possible on me the customer. Going through a mortgage process can be one of the most intimidating times of a persons life, and personally having dealt with numerous agents in the past, it was always more of a rush to get it done. Then all of a sudden I was sitting there signing my life away with a 30 year note. Not with Stacie though. Each step was carefully explained very thoroughly. Always being able to reach out to her, and her always contacting me about the steps and or process's has ensured that all of my future endeavors when it comes to real estate will be through her. I recommend that any Veteran that wants to start the process to become a homeowner, or to refinance call her. As a matter of a fact, I personally give them her number, with one warning. She is a huge college football fan, but unfortunately, for the wrong team. Sincerely EOCS(SCW/EXW/SAR) (Ret) Terry R. Scantlen Go Pokes!!

Beth Tingle

I have bought and sold a handful of homes over the last twenty years and on my most recent purchase, I worked with Brent Kiffer at American Equity. My career is in the healthcare industry so I understand taking care of others and without a doubt, this company and its employees do too. I was extremely impressed with every aspect from application to closing and the consistency in how each step was delivered as Brent described in the very beginning. Incredible job!

David Jones

process was made easy by the help of the wonderful staff at AEM consultant Micah Eugenio is a life saver. if you need help with your mortgage you can't do better then him. kept our family up to date daily and worked far beyond what was expected. great customer service.

Billy Carter

These people are crooks. They give higher rates than are legal and are super annoying and deceitful in general. I had a worker there lie to my face and when I confronted the manager Chris Barrientes about it he merely said sorry and didn't even offer to correct it. I would never do business with them. In a horrible industry they are the worst.

David Cordoba

Darryl Lee is an excellent loan officer and will give you the best customer service and a great experience doing your loan with him!

Gerald Peoples Jr

I had an outstanding experience with the team at American Equity Mortgage! Initially, I was doubtful about my ability to get refinanced because Bank of America didn't even look into my situation before they had turned me away. At American Equity Mortgage, however, my loan officer, Ms Desere Terry, was compassionate and practical from the onset. She took the time to explore and understand my situation. She was up front telling me potential road blocks, but encouraged me to work through them as we moved forward through the loan process. All members of the team answered my questions and concerns and made my experience painless. I am so grateful to Desere and her team at American Equity Mortgage for helping me get to my better place!

Hondo Davids

Great to work with. Zach and Owen kept me up to date throughout the entire process of my refinance. OUTSTANDING! Highly recommended.

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