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REVIEWS OF Indiana Finance Company IN Indiana

Dakota Burton

The first time I went through Indiana Finance it was a pretty pleasant experience, i had a wonderful case manager and everything didnt have a single issue. BUT! Now my case manager is as rude as rude can be. They say they are going to leave notes on your account and stuff but i honestly don't think they do. I went from paying on Wednesdays to paying Fridays cause somethings have changed and i was told there was going to be a note put in my account and everyday past wednesday until friday i have been getting called and hassled about my payment. Keep in mind i have never even been late once. The real issue though is how the reps approach an issues, I have never felt so disrespected in my life and i have worked some bad customer service jobs and would rather be spit on by someone than talked to the way they talk to you.


If I could give negative five stars, I would. The person handling my account, Daenicesha, was rude and abrasive. They have no interest in working with you no matter how your record is. I hadn't missed a payment since I got the car ,and I just received a call stating that my bank returned a payment to them and I had to come up with almost $300 with no notice. Keep in mind they have been informed repeatedly in the last 30 days I was struggling after the delivery of my fourth child. Meaning I am on maternity leave and don't have extra funds laying around. The worst part of all this is this payment was from a period of time my car was in Oak Motors shop for the third or fourth time since I got it six months ago. I'm actually ecstatic they are repossessing my car. That's $500 more a month I can use for my kids.

Alex Thomason

Tiffany is the GREATEST representative we have ever worked with at your company. She is very professional and caring! Shes been a huge relief during our time of struggle and we are very pleased with her!

Morgan Hamilton

Okay so first off the only issue I even have with this place is the insane interest rates. I called and most places would only charge me $1000-$3000 on interest even though my credit is bad, because I really don't have any but, that being said I had a incident last month to where my bank messed up my paycheck and my quick thinking is to call them and let them know everything and they gave me 4 more days to pay it which I was thankful for some kind of reasoning with them. Another time was when I didn't get paid till later in the afternoon and they didn't automatically take out my car payment so of course again I made the call before late afternoon when I was aware that I had funds in my account and they took it out. My car has been an absolute blessing and I still love it and can't honestly wait to get another car from them once this one is paid off. Another good thing is my credit score since having this has bounced more than 40 points in the 8 months I have had my car!!! Without this company giving me a chance I wouldn't have my life to where it's at now. I am thankful. Just keep up with these people on your communications and they can be quiet understanding. Don't wait till the last minute and also do everything in person if all else fails. Thank you guys!

Joshua Lilly

I am not sure if I could get my property back but I fell 2 payments behind looking for another job Indiana finance sent me nasty yext message to me with threats I put $14,000 on the car without them even fixing the car 2 transmission in the years I had it. I just want my babies stuff out the car please

Gary Arnold

I have been a customer at Indiana Finance Company for 2 years now since December 2016. I am 56 now and have financed a number of vehicles over the years as my first was at age 16. As you can imagine I have worked with dozens of account managers. Life is full of surprises and you know who your real friends are when things get tough and everyone who was there during the good times are suddenly nowhere to be found. My account manager Angela xxxxxxx has always been there for me when unexpected events have turned my life upside down. Angela always does her very best to relieve the pain of life's unexpected and sometimes cruel sting. She is the friend that doesn't turn and run when the road gets rough or quote you lines from the loan agreement on reasons why she can't help you. When life hits you sideways, and it will, and your not quite prepared for it you want a company like Indiana Finance with Angela to be by your side to help ease the pain of that unexpected sting.

Martez McCord

Caytlyn Brooks had been an amazing account manager. Helpful and patient through the financial stuggles I have been faced with. She has gone the extra mile to keep me driving. I hope to continue working with Indiana Finance on the next purchase of a vehicle.

Tasha Pryor

Lauren Overmeyer has been a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to my changing circumstances...always professional. Thank you

mica renee

Teresa is a very rude person. She's the only one they would allow me to talk to and she degraded me the entire time. Would not give me information about my car, got my information wrong even after calling and correcting it. Did not tell me very important information regarding payments. When I switched jobs they canceled my contract and took my car without notice. She told me that she wasnt going to give me information about my car and what I could do to get it back. I have had nothing but horrible interactions with this place.

Kim Osborn

Indiana Finance is a fantastic company. They have helped me with all my needs. My Account Rep Shamika is outstanding and is ALWAYS there when I need her. She truly cares and does an outstanding job. Thank you Shamika for all you do. You are appreciated.

Kiera Adams

I’ve only been financing my car through Indiana finance since August but my account manager Angela has been a life saver. I had a situation happen where I wasn’t able to make a payment on time and due to my loan being so new no one else was willing to help me even her supervisor was extremely dismissive, nonchalant and had absolutely no empathy as you should in any customer service role. Angela was able to work it out for me to where I wasn’t behind and I am so grateful to her for her wonderful customer service, empathy and understanding!

Winlife Tv

My account manager was amazing!!!! But after losing my job I fell behind on payments and she worked with me ! One day I had just made a payment and it was all I had left. They informed me.that if I made that payment they would be able to continue working with me.That next morning I woke up and my car was gone. They repoed my car even after i made the payment and said I have to pay close to 300 more dollars to get it back. I called up to them only to find out they had put my car on the repo list even when I told them i had the money to pay.Some of the people in customer service were extremely rude and degrading. Maybe if they had better customer service this experience would have been a bit more pleasant!

Talks With Aaron

Lexi is my account manager, she has been with me through the toughest times in my life and worked with me and this company has blessed me in so many way, I feel special and appreciated!!! Please go through them if you need a loan! They’re the real deal and the best in the business!!!

Done4u Systems

Katelynn Matamoros

I was $10 dollars short the they called everyday demanding the 10 dollars I'd understand 100 or even 50 but 10 dollars really....smh plus they arent caring for people who have lost their job

kyle wineinger

The best finance company I have ever dealt with. If your having problems they will totally work with you to get you back in track.

Jamie Koenig

It takes so long for them to approve anything that involves your car needing fixed if they approve it. Im so sorry im getting my car through them.

Shayla Walker

Rudest people ever! I’m so glad I’m done with them. They have no heart or a professional bone in their body. I hope this place rots !!!

Carley Croy

Horrific company!!!! They had me hyperventilating I was so upset I couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t breath and this daneshia lady just got worse by the phone call! I’ve never been yelled at by a company until now... very rude and unprofessional!!!! I wish I would have known this before I got my vehicle that broke down two weeks after having it.

Shay Taylor

I had the car for not even 48 hours and i returned it and they put it on my credit as a repo! They over charge customers. They annoying! I wouldn’t recommend them to no one

Victoria Stout

today I received a call from Bret, Indiana finance and out of everyone I spoke with, he was the most pleasant and willing to help. Thanks Bret!! for making things work out for me.

Dequana Whitehead

Jim C

Thank you for your assistance...Melissa I had an excellent experience with YOU...Thanks for correcting the situation for me.

Lance Stjohn

I have been with indiana finance for some time now my acct manager is Lexi she is super sweet and awesome. My family has been through tough patches here and there and she’s always been there to help in the most greatest way possible I think she deserves a lot more in her job she does

Alicia We

This company is horrible the lady that calls me tells me that they will take my car for being 3 day late on 1 payment I've payed on time for a year every 2 weeks and I told them when I would have the money in 3 days they treated me like a child I'm still paying interest this everybody that I have talked to has Been disrespectful to me and even made me cry before

Nick Willoughby

I am very pleased with Indian Finance Company and their customer service representative Lexi and Angela! Both have done an exceptional job making sure to take care of my account from changing my information, Rearranging payments because of unforeseen financial burdens to helping get me back on the road when the county highway totaled my vehicle! I would recommend anyone who needs a fresh start at owning a vehicle to Indiana finance company! Thank you again to Lexi and Angela a job well done!!!

Anne Liguori

This is by far the worst company. On the planet. I wish I would have never ever. I would rather walk to work on broken glass with no shoes than do business with these vile individuals. I can't wait to be done this has been by far the biggest mistake of my life. I hope these predators go out of business.

Lena Stephenson

I have had hardly any issues with this finance company. Every time I have a issue I can call and make arrangements (and it helps if you pay a little extra each payment so you have some extra money already in your account with them). The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because we have been with IFC for over 5 years (3 different vehicles) and we still get treated like we are new customers. Still pay a very high interest rate (I get it it's a buy here pay here type thing but 5 years is a long time to have no incentive). They did however work with us when our second car was totaled in a accident.

susan casey

I wanted to write a review about the kindness and understanding of indiana financial especially Iman. We are going through very awful times and they are working with us. They are very understanding and dont belittle you because you are having trouble in your life. We spoke with Iman and she not only told us dont worry but spent hours on the phone telling us it was going to get better. She was like a therapist. I have had cars and dealt with ffinance companies all my life and have never felt like this. Thank you Indiana Financial and thank you Iman.


Don't kid yourself, this is the worst finance company around!

Angela Allen

This was our 2nd time financing a car with Oak Motors & Indiana Finance Company. We successfully paid off our 2 vehicles. Indiana Finance and our account manager Shamika Streeter were so helpful throughout this journey. If we needed a car repair they were right there to help us finance it. If we had a issue with paying our bill/late payment they were helpful and understanding. I would definately recommend IFC to anyone especially if you need a second chance. We look forward to working with them in the near future for car #3.

Richard Berry

I've have always had a great experience when I'm dealing with the people there

Exzneair Williams

I hv been with oak motors for years. I paid off one car and decided to get another one through oak motors. I hv nothing but a great experience. Now that I'm coming in at the end of my car payments life has begun to hit me in more ways than one financially. Oak motors has been nothing but helpful and honest. My account Representative Angela Goins is all that and a bag of chips. I fell behind in car payments and she did everything she could to keep me on track and in my car. The manager over the oak motors in the financial department was pretty helpful in allowing me to keep my account and give me the allotted time to get back up to date on my negative account. If it wasn't for Oak Motors I probably wouldn't hv my car. I'm truly grateful. To anyone out there who is in need of a car please head up to one of your local oak motors in Indianapolis and they will be kind enough to assist you in ur needs. Also as long as you are honest with them. They will most definitely be honest with you. Don't use excuses and think your going to get by because it will only set u back even further. I will b done paying my car off in a few months and I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to had done business with a great group of women and men.

Nicole Ray

My experience with this place is horrible and I would not recommend them. Recently, I lost my job and could not make my payments. I got behind but worked something out with them so I can keep the car. Made the payment and a week later my car is gone!!! I could have kept my money if the were going to just take it anyway!!! This is my last year of making payments on this car and now I have to deal with this and have my credit suffer .... They are rude, disrespectful, cold hearted, and money hungry. Plus, they'll even call you everyday about the same thing constantly. Even if you make your payments they'll still treat you as if your life amounts to nothing! The car is 12 years-old why are you acting as if its really worth a repossession? I just wanted to make it thru this last year of misery with this place ..

Charles Goodlow

Dezi McAnalley

They’re okay to get started in a car but I will be looking to refinance as soon as possible! They are actually insane. They don’t work with you at all no matter how much you’ve paid them or how many times you’ve been on time. They will call you EVERYDAY over $6 including your references. Customer service is awful.

Melanie Dampier

This is my 2nd vehicle with oak motors and they resolve my issues right away. My account manager on my 1st vehicle was great I have a new one Ashley for the 2nd vehicle and I needed help with a payment she was quick and friendly to help me. I am very pleased!

High Priestess Lilith Black

I have had nothing but a great experience with this company. Not sure who I spoke too, however not only was she helpful concerning my truck payment. She went above her job duties and gave me honest info concerning my rental payment being raised. This was only my second time contacting them. Both times I've spoke with someone they were more than helpful.

ladawnna dowdell

Love this company my acct manager is Melissa an she is great she takes time to listen and she does any an every thing to help I recommend this company to all my co workers

Chanel Payne

Worst finance company i ever seen they always threatened to take your car don't care what your situation is i have never ever messed with a finance company that wouldn't let you double up on payments

Jamie Bell

Alan King

Mark was exceptional to work with. He made the entire buying experience easy. They have me the car I dreamed of having. There are those who do and some that don't. Indy finance WILL DO! Thank you so much

Kevin Barringer

This is my (kevin barringer) review for ANGELA G....... 5 stars

Jessyca Shrack

My case manager is Angela, she is absolutely amazing. She takes care of business fast and easy. I have no complaints and would highly recommended.

Erin Davis

Completely rude. Even when your in the positive and just call to get information they are rude. I've never endured such horrible customer service and grown up bullying in my life. This company will not help you and they do not care if there is ever an issue. Get financed through someone else. Oak motors experience was fine. It's their finance company that will make you not go with them. They never explain anything with out degrading you. I need a whole new account manager and supervisor of the account manager. Absolutely pathetic. I had one good lady I spoke with Alicia and she was AMAZING, my "account manager and supervisor " will not let me speak with her now. I work in the customer service industry and word of mouth I will let every one know Indiana finance is not worth it. Go some where else .

Cedric Robinson

I've been a customer of Indiana Finance since 2014 and through changing jobs and to some times just not having the cash my account manager Felisha Doucette has always help me out going far beyond her job description to make i have my car two thumbs up to her and indiana finance.

Sxy redz

This company should be shut down. First and foremost Oak motors especially Larry the supervisor is awesome! As far as their financing company goes, their disgusting, rude and very unprofessional. I financed 2 cars in 4 months. Should’ve learned my lesson from my experience with car #1. Was sold a lemon. 11,000 car. After taxes total due 16000. 159,000 miles on a 2009 Nissan Altima. Apr 20%. Crashed on the interstate due to a bad tire rod. The car was totaled and written off. Great! Out of desperation because of needing to get to work I went ahead and financed car #2. 2010 Dodge Caliber. 12,000 and after taxes 17000. Apr 19% 106,000 miles. Only having the car for literally 3 weeks, it got repossessed because of a 3 day late payment on October 16th 2018. Called, spoke with an rep who was rude, wouldn’t let me respond and was told to pick up my property and that I would still have to make payments for a car that will not be in my possession. (Ridiculous) Went to oak motors and was unsuccessful. They transferred me to my account manager Teresa and she was just disgusting and unprofessional. Conversation got out of control. She went as far as telling me I don’t work and my car hasn’t been to the site. I was Livid, and quickly hung up. Larry the supervisor of oak motors tried to work something out and I was asked to present 4 recent pay stubs. I did without hesitation. The nerve of that woman named Teresa. Now I’m stuck with a bill and no car. They’re scammers and robbers. This place need to be shut down.

Scott Ray

This finance company is not worth your hard earned money. I only obtained a loan through oak motors finance simply because they had the car I wanted on their lot. I could have went almost anyplace to finance a car. I even asked to go through my bank for financing at the time of purchase and was told they only go through Indiana Finance. I have never been late on a payment. Every week it comes directly out of my account. They continue to harass me over my insurance. Every week or so I get a call advising me they are charging me an $80 fee for non coverage of insurance. I have sent these people proof of insurance 3 times. Once I even went to the original salesman and had him fax the paperwork and I got an all clear. Low and behold yesterday I get another call about insurance. They are money hungry. I am beyond fed up with the whole thing. Repo my car. I dare you...

King El

This was the worst customer service experience in my life. I believe Indiana Finance company uses predatoral lending practices. They talk to you, from greeting: very aggressively, disrespectfully, and degrading. Before knowing anything about you other than... you purchased a car from Oak motors. My second down payment was three days late and I had not notifed Indiana Finance, that was my fault and I accept responsibility. Elicia called me, and was extremely aggressive and rude. Accused me of being a liar and everything. I stopped the conversation and explained to her that we are in the information gathering phase of this conversation. I questioned her as to why she was being aggressive and disrespectful and told her I’m not calling to fight. She gathered herself, calmed down and we were able to have a conversation. I explained that there was an erroneous deduction from my paycheck and I asked if I could push my payment back four more days while the error is fixed. Elicia asked me to email her supporting documention, in which I did, and we could “go from there”. She confirmed receipt of documentation via email and stated she was printing off the documents to give to Karl, the Director. She stated Karl makes the final decision on these matters. Ok, I waited to her the response so I would know what actions were needed moving forward. I did not hear back from Indiana Finance that day despite me calling and emailing twice to check on the status. I go to bed and figured they would contact me when a decision was made. I wake up for work, walk out to my car to find that it had been repossessed. Apparently, Director Karl made a decision. Did not notify my account manager Elicia or myself. Repossessed the car. Charged my account tow fees and repo fees in which I had to pay. No one could explain to me why they went against the verbal and written email conversation/agreement and repo’d the car without informing me of the decision to not postpone the payment. Karl refused to speak with me or call me back. Who does this? It shows a lack of respect for your customers. It caused me additional financial stress due to extra fees and missed work time all because Karl refused to communicate. He never accepted any responsibility for his role in the situation and continued, through Elicia, to transfer all the blame to me despite me waiting on a response per there instructions. DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY. It reeks of fraud and predatoral practices.

Maureen Elliott

This is by far the WORST experience with leasing a car! I had a great experience with Oak motors but this Indiana finance and the account managers are rude, they will badger you and don’t provide any assistance as a creditor! I plan to write the attorney general and the BBB! I’ve had my car over a year and have paid on time every week since I got it! My car needed service and I had to go through hoops to get the Daenischa to give me an arrangement! Like who would expect people to have $600 in repairs and then still have money for weekly payments! I thought credit acceptance was bad with device that turns off your car but these people are disgustingly rude! The manner in which they handle business is like a loan shark! I am not comfortable continuing business with these people!

Blessed Gold

I am very disappointed in the service this company offers. I understand they have a job to do but the representative Danitra has a very unprofessional way of handling customers. I understand if you can’t make arrangements but the way you speak to a customer represents the company in a major way. I’ve had my car for almost 3 years and each time I run into a hardship there is always bad handling. I understand if an arrangement can’t be made but talking over me while I’m talking and hanging up on my without notice is totally inappropriate. I work in a call center myself and I have never handled my calls the way I’ve been handled and I’m not even a rude customer. They say all calls are being recorded I want all the calls pulled and reviewed and proper customer service training done for these reps . Regardless of what the representative point is you should never over talk and be disrespectful to a customer. I honestly hate the fact that I even got my loan through this company. Worse decision ever, and again it’s not even the company it’s the customer service. I’ve never in my life will recommend the company because of the customer service. I know so many other that have the same complaint. I asked to speak with the supervisor of the representative and I was transferred right back to her ! I am so upset because I feel like I don’t have a voice as a customer yet I’ve spent already almost 10,000 and still have $6500 left to be paid off. I hope no one else has to experience this and I also advise if you don’t have to finance with a better company PLEASE !! Do your own research read the reviews because most the time people leave a review because nothing else can be done about their complaint.

brian weifenbach

I wan't to personally thank you at Indiana Finance because you have always been there for me !! Thanks

tim finlinson

I have had a vehicle financed Through Indiana Finance since August 2015. Melissa is my account manager. I have always felt comfortable talking to Melissa even though I’ve had my share of struggles. Melissa is a total professional and I will gladly purchase another vehicle soon ONLY if Melissa would be my account rep! Indiana Finance is a great company to work with. People need to be honest and up front! Indiana Finance is decent company! I for one am 100% satisfied with Indiana Finance and especially happy to have Melissa M as my account rep!

Rebekah Hill

I will never buy a car that finances through this company. I called two weeks ago and tried to work out a payment situation. The payment was not late I explained to her that I was on medical leave and asked if I could make the payment a week late. The answer was no we can't due that this is a new loan. Now mind you they want you to pay a deposit for 2 payments more than what the initial down payment was. Then today she calls me even though I have a payment scheduled to come out saturday. She today me that I better figure it out the payment had to be made by 3:00 or else. I said I will do my best she said that I better and it was in my best interest and that I needed to get my life together. Medical leave is not something you plan.


Brandon Eaton

I've dealt with this company for going on 3 years now! Also helpful and my adviser Lexi is very understanding and caring!

Gregory Jeffries

Thank you so much Tiffany and Caitlyn you girls went above and beyond for me making a bad situation a lot better made my week

Rallo Williams

This company doesn't try tp help you at all. If you have the money to pay for after losing your job and they get the vehicle theyvare not willing to help. All I got was "this is a business" chatter without trying to understand the situation. The supervisor that I talked to was very unprofessional and talked down to me like I was less of her. Even after explaining what was going on.

Amanda Hight

I always make my payments if I know I am going to be short I wait until the next week but they always get paid. I got a very rude phone call last night regarding my payment. I have asked to switch my payments to bi weekly or monthly and have gotten a very negative response in the rudest manor possible. I’m looking for corporate number so I can address the issue with a supervisor.

Renee Brattain

I just have to say that I have had my vehicle for a year and I have had nothing but great experiences with this company! I was able to get 2 friends referrals and they too are very happy with their vehicles but more importantly my mothers health took a turn for the worse and I have had to be there with her and missed over a week of work and Linda who is not my account manager was very very empathetic and understanding of my situation. I just have to say how very pleased I am with them, their company and most of all Linda for being there for me through this very very hard time. Natalie who is my Account manager has also been very helpful and has always been there when asking any questions or concerns I did have. Thank you Indiana Finance for being a great company and most of all thank you for being there for me and my family as we go through this rough road. You guys are amazing and again THANK YOU!! -Renee Givens

Tyler Bristow

Angela is my acct manager she always works with me and let's me know what's going on. And always makes me feel like her number one priority.

Saundra Washington

WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! Do Not get a car financed thru them. I got my car in December 2016 & everything was fine up until May 2017. I've been harassed on a whole other level. The account manager Hilary one time called my phone from the company & the texted me from her personal phone. Smh they don't care if you fall short. I'm gonna have to work 2 jobs just so I can have this 4 yr contract paid off before tax time of 2018. The management & rules have changed. They no longer let you SET UP ARRANGEMENTS TO KEEP YOUR CAR. Another time Hilary BALD HEAD ASS had the nerve to ask me can I borrow from someone when I told her I couldn't. Then had the audacity to think it was professional to put someone on the phone while I was talking & was rudely interrupted. They are scum suckers & will NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!! Wish I can give them a -5 ... I will be looking into how to file a consumer report. This is disgraceful.

Sharvella Hill

john Williams

Alexis was awesome! Great customer service, efficiency, and exceeded our expectations on the length of process by weeks!!! Thank you so much! !

Jack Taylor

Rudest people ever will not be doing business with them ever again really don’t even deserve one star!!

max burkhart

If i could give 0 Stars I would in a heart beat. This company and OAK motors are AWFUL to work with. OAK motors will sell you an extended warranty that they tell you covers everything. It does not, it covers NOTHING. Now on to the VERY rude people at Indiana Finance Company. I had nothing but problems with these people. They will not work with you what so ever. It does not matter if you are paid up or not, expect them to call and harass on a daily basis. I will never do business with them or anyone affiliated with them ever again.

Matt Woolard

We had some financial issues and our family was in fear of completely losing our car but instead our account manager Lexie, worked with us and placed trust in us to get back right so we wouldn't lose our car. We are truly blessed with a cosmetically and mechanically flawless vehicle and wee are even more blessed to have great an very understanding people to work with! From all of us "Matt Jazmyn and our two girls Miya and Lena" we thank you Indiana finance!!!

Blake Sanchez

Posted on a separate review so management will see it.

Andrea shmandrea

My account manager Alicia was extremely helpful in getting my monthly payments adjusted to better accommodate my increase in rent. She was very empathetic and kind when answering my questions. After reading all these comments, I was very nervous about calling to inquire about lowering my monthly car payments. My experience was nothing but positive. I expressed my concerns and she told me she would do what she could to make the proper adjustments and that she would call me back with a couple estimates. I figured I would be waiting a few days to hear back from her. About an HOUR later, Alicia calls back with a number I can definitely live with. I can't thank her enough for acting so fast and reaching out even faster with a resolution. I've had my car for 2 years now, and my experience with Oak Motors and Indiana Finance has been seamless.

Angie Wycoff

They are horrible they should face legal charges for harrasment they goggle your name and harrass your neibors when they can't get ahold of you!!! Business practices are awful!! Not to mention they are down right stupid if you try to change Anything they screw it up and don't understand what they are doing absolutely stay away from Indiana finance company¡!! You've been warned!

Patterson Day

Poop Dinkleberg

These are the rudest people I have ever experienced! I tried to set up a plan to pay late and they said they wouldn't, not couldn't, but WOULDN'T help me! They flat out refused! The customer service agent was extremely rude as was her supervisor! I was so angry at the way I was treated! I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy!

Diana Graham

I hava had my car loan since 2014. When I first got a car from them it was a horrible experience. I had 2 cars within 6 months. Spents hours in the service department literally. My account manager Alexis is cool she has helped out a few times. I appreciate her for that. I owe about 1368.00 roughly on my car. I went in to trade it because I need a more reliable car I have 2 children and winter is coming. My mom became sick a few months ago and I feel behind 1month after paying 48 payments on time they had the nerve to tell me make 2 payments on time the next few months and come back. I was so pissed because For 1 month I got behind you wont let me get another take a look at my payments history. They are terrible I even sent 3 ppl to buy cars from them. Never again terrible customer service I wish I could speak with someone that’s in charge this is crazy

L Silver

I see a lot of people complaining about things that are out of this company’s control. If you are more than 2 payments behind of course you will lose your car that’s just common sense. Life happens but bills do not stop as I am on unpaid maternity leave and have been struggling to make payments , I know if I fall behind my vehicle is gone and I can’t blame it on this company. Also the comments about Shameeka , I personally think she is really understanding and also human. She’s helped me a few times and I’m sure she’s helped others , I give 4/5 because it’s not perfect but the are extremely helpful. I recommend this company !

Mark Rees

I would give 10 stars if I could. My car is absolutely amazing!! The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Their program really works, I watch my credit score climb every week!! I'm so stoked!! Thanks so much!!

Tim Turner

I know in the past that when I came into some money hardship. When I leased a car the loan group let me skip a payment and put it on the end. I would advise if you are thinking about a car try not to go through Indiana finance. Because if you come into hardship they don't understand issue people go through. There are people in this world who live paycheck to paycheck so hardship happen. We all don't have extra money laying around. Good day

d Mcclinon

The supervisor Joe is very rude and unprofessional. I asked for the address Joe stated look the address up yourself. I asked for the corporate number or speak to someone above him. He yelled and stated this is corporate and I'm not transferring you to my boss. I have never encountered such Poor customer service skills. This person needs to be removed from his position. I will never recommend this company.


Stay away from this company”. This is predatory lending. High interest rates. Overly priced vehicles( paying double) with high mileage and they have slick talking Oak motors sales people that they work with Some of the account managers are hateful and very unprofessional . the vast majority of the clients are looking for second chance loans they are not looking to be ripped off . This is a company profiting off the backs of those that are already at a disadvantage with credit and money. Once an account or finance is established your thrown to the wolves @ account managers who treat you as if you are a piece of trash@ Shameeka .would Never recommend this company to anyone go to other company’s that have second chance financing or take the bus until you can do better. I would have given this a 0 Star if it was possible .

Jamila Chinue

I work with Angela on a weekly basis and she is very accommodating :)

Patrina Robinson

This finance company is horrible! They will completely speak to you like you are a little child!. I was a few dollars short on my payment, I went to my daughters school to pick her up with my 2 youngest children, they came and repossessed my car with all my possessions in it. My 2 baby Car seats was in the car! I had no way to get my children home! And my purse was in the car!! WORST WORST WORST!!! PEOPLE!!!!

Robert Connell

Rude will never use again and will not recomend to any one

brandi cornwell

momma K

When I first came to this company I was told this was a place for people who need help in a bad place financially My account was just handed over to some horrible lady and I want to thank her for not working with me taking my car 2 months before a graduate beauty school I had just got 2nd a job last week that pays weekly because my first job was mad just like the older black woman who has my account I started school and although i am behind I have been consistently paying which isnt good enough because ive been consistently late in her smart rebuttal and I letting the world know the car been consistently breaking down when i first got it and drove it off the lot the heat wasnt working and service gave me the run around and never fixed it at one point I was being made fun of because they said the car was a jinx and no one wanted to get in it because something is always happening to it which the car is from oak motors I have 2 children and this our first time living away from out of town own our own and I am trying my best single with two children and do not have family here and to let you know why i couldnt pay this week because i had to pay 255 dollars to get my lights cut on which i have proof if she could a just gave me time I have had the car a whole year already and was payn anything I had versus nothing and dodging them and I dont appreciate the way she talk to customers you either going to help or not but please stop talking to people like they are one of your little kids being chastised she is very rude and horrible .thanks Indiana finance

Angie Renee

Angela at Indiana Finance is super awesome!! I have had some personal issues that put me behind, she continues to go above and beyond to help me keep my much needed vehicle. Best customer service ever!! Thanks Angela!

Brandon Robinson

I am not very happy with Oak Motors (5075 W 38th St, Indianapolis). I got a car about 9 months ago. It had engine problems so I had the motor replaced. Well the motor they replaced it with is now having the same problems as the last one and I'm going to be screwed out of a car again. And no one at oak motors can help me because I don't have full coverage so I'm going to be out of a car as soon as this motor fully stops working. I am very disappointed on how this is turning out .

Dolly Rose

I will start by stating that Melissa has always been PHENOMENAL - shes always been understanding and works with me when life happens. If I could give star ratings based on each employee, she would get 5. Today I had the misfortune of getting Phillip Baker on the phone when I had to call to make a payment arrangement. I had a calm, happy vibe at the start of the call and as it progressed, between his condescending tone and general rudeness- I did dish it back. I work customer service. I would never imagine feeling my job was secure behaving the way he just did on the phone. Instead of having understanding at MY frustration for the fact that i've been sending my insurance documents multiple times this month and it causing ME a head ache every time I ask when it would be fixed on my account- HE blew up at ME- while haughtily scoffing that "he gets things done right around here"- way to empathize with your customer and take ownership for an error on YOUR COMPANY'S END. Just apologize and fix the problem- even if it was another employee that messed up, blame passing and tooting your own horn are unprofessional and a bad look. If this weren't a loan contract id take my business elsewhere so fast. I thought I might even buy my next car through oak because of how my experience with Melissa has been. But i'm thinking no at this point because shes a diamond amongst a field of turds.

anita thompson

We missed the $5 convince fee they waited a week to call us about it and make a huge deal about it. Not yhe first issue we have had. Our account manager is beyond rude. Don't ever get Felicia as an account manager. They spoke to us like we was Children. If they would have called us that Monday okay whatever but you want to wait a week to make a big deal about it. Our next car payment is due in 3 days. Is it really that big of an issue to wait the three days. I will never go with this company again. Not until they can learn how to treat people.

Summer Adimare

Been financed for 3 years. Never had a issue with this company. Always has answered any of my questions I might have.

tomikia babb

I have a wonderful account rep who has been there every step of the way During ruff times Indiana finance is wonderful with dependable transportation

Kenny Webb

I've been unable to make an online payment for a couple weeks now. They're web address comes up as an insecure and possibly fraudulent site on both my home pc browser and phone. And calling them i always feel like it's a hassle.

Natasha Adams

I have had great experiences with Indiana Finance! Ms.Linda S. in collections is the best! She has really helped me through a rough time and worked with me to ensure I kept my car! She genuinely cares and that's rare nowadays! I absolutely recommend them ☺.

Jojo Holifield

I’ve been with oak motors/Indiana finance company for about four years now and in the company itself have some good people in it but it’s like now they’re hiring people that can just talk to you any type of way the account managers anyway. I’ve had several account managers because most of them are very rude like it’s up to you any kind away and that’s not acceptable customer service in order to have good customer service you have to give it Felisha on the other hand is an amazing person her and Angela I do say very helpful And understanding and have helped me greatly and I’m very appreciate of that but I prefer to stick with those two now because everyone else is new and disrespectful like I said there are Good ones and the company itself is good it’s just a matter of whom they are hiring now makes me not want to recommend anyone

Carrie Clark

I cannot state enough how RUDE and uncaring Daenicesha with Indiana Finance is. WORST customer service ever. Ya know, life happens, and sometimes people may miss a payment. We have never missed making each payment however, and have had our vehicle for over a year. We have unfortunately been late a couple of times, and part of that is due to repeated attempts to get the company to fIx whatever they screwed up with our automatic payments. They'd say it was fixed, and it wasn't. We went back and forth, finally telling them to forget it and we just pay ourselves. Nobody could get their stories straight and blamed others. I work in customer service, and would NEVER consider responding to my customers in the manner that "lovely" rep did. Unacceptable. And please don't even be a day late with your payment, because they will immediately contact you, everyone you know, and God himself, acting like your vehicle is on the verge of catching on fire and exploding. Avoid this company at all costs. We were referred to them via Oak Motors, who were great. Because of them, I will not purchase from Oak Motors again if it means dealing with them.

Angela Bonds

If I could give a zero rating I would. The INDIANA FINANCE CO. has the most RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL people I have ever had to deal with in my life. Hands down! I cannot wait until this nightmare is over. They act as if one payment behind is 5 payments behind. Then act as if you have to give them a full detailed explanation, when your telling them your going paying on line within 2 days!! Also, to have their rep Shamika call me is a no no being shes rude as hell and hung up on me, she has zero customer service skills whatsoever. ***SHAMIKA IS NEVER TO CALL MY PHONE .**** I do feel it has to due with their perception of their customer base. Second chance people dont deserve respect and can be talked to as they see fit. I would never suggest anyone to do business with this place ever! The best thing to do is AVOID these type of places. Pay the extra or whatever OTHER ALTERNATIVE you may have to do. INDIANA FINANCE CO. Never do it!!

Latasha Malone


Mahogany Childs

Terrible customer service and very unprofessional! Got a new job and didn't get paid when the payment was due, so I got behind a little bit on the payments. I called tomlet them know when my next pay check was coming in and they were just rude flat out! Wasn't trying to help setup any arrangements, they basically told me they needed a payment right now and wasn't trying to hear anything I had to say! Worst company ever! I will never do business with this company and will NOT recommend to any friends or family! Your company sucks and so does the people working for them!

Erin Forte

This is the most horrible place to have a car financed through the account managers are beyond rude And they are completely money hungry. I can't wait till I pay my car off through them.

Mark Mathes

Alaina Goins

Caytlyn and Angela are amazing. They alway help me when I need it. Very happy with Indiana Finance.

michelle timmons

Wendy fox is the most helpful person I have met. Great service and great people. She have helped me get my car back and finances straight. Praise the lord for the great people and great service. I would definitely refer anybody to Oak Motors in Anderson. Thank you Wendy and thank you Oak Motors.

Kaylah LovesMakeup

My experience with oak motors was great. Their finance company needs to be thrown out with the bath water. The account manager that I had before the current one was a wonderful lady. Now I have some guy named Chad...Chris...whatever his name is. He is a horrible person. He calls me names, and assumes things about me that aren't true. He is a TERRIBLE account manager, and an even worse person. I will be contacting as many agencies as I possibly can. Consumer Report. Better Buisiness bureau....whoever I have to talk to that will help bring down this after birth of Satan of a company.

Marques Pervine

Omg I have been paying this car off for three years. I am currently 200 behind and everyday I am bombarded with threatening text messages, emails and phone calls. I have already talked to my rep. He is no help other than to harass me. I am almost always on time with my payments. But an unforeseen circumstance caused this. The stress my rep. is causing me is unbearable. Please go anywhere else with your business. When you first sign they are like yeah just let us know what's going on. We can work with you. They mean we can torment and harass you till you have a serious nervous break down. I have paid them almost $500 already this month. My car is with 3k maybe and I've already given them $18,000.

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