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REVIEWS OF BCI Financial Corporation IN Connecticut

Kait Marcil

Professional and competent. Quick turn around on loan and good interest rate. Customer service is excellent.

hardhag garage

The personnel is extremely rude and unprofessional. They don’t even know how to leave a formal message. Will never use again.

Philip Nardone

Fee's gaylor. Every time you try to do something they bag you with a fee. I tried to refinance just to get away from them and my local bank i do all my business with told me they're a nightmare to deal with and are very rude to them while trying to request the information. So they chose to walk away from the situation. If i could give them negative stars i would.

Andrew m

Dave is a good guy, always good to talk to on the phone and helps u take care of whatever you need, the other guys... absolute clowns

Christine Berry

Experience was fine when getting the loan and while paying it off, but then really went downhill once I chose to refinance. I refinanced through Wells Fargo who paid off my loan with BCI at the end of December 2017. Yet BCI still auto-charged my bank account on January 2nd, 2018. I contacted them that day about it and they said the money would be refunded since my balance was $0 with them. I have called them 3 more times since then (it has been 15 days) and I STILL have not received my money back. They claimed during the last call that I would definitely receive the money on January 12. Alas, that has not happened. It would be great to have my money back.

Stephanie Siegel

No issues, have a car loan through them. Low rates, easy monthly automatic payment set up. Haven't had an issue with any attitudes yet.

Rebecca Dodd

I have zero complaints with this business. The ladies in the office were all very sweet and even over the phone I never had a problem. We would happily use them again for future loans.

Björn Craig-Müller

Avoid this place if you can. There are fees for EVERYTHING, pay by check? Fee. Pay by electronic check? Fee. Pay by CC? Fee.

robert thiffeault

Fees fees fees. All this place is nothing but FEES. Your better off going through some shady guy on the corner than this bulls*t company.

Chad Lapointe

Helped me out with an auto loan when I needed it. Always very professional and understanding over the phone.

Dave Morin

I recently purchased a car and the dealership hooked me up with this company to finance it. I haven't even made my first payment yet, this website looks like something out of 1995, there are fees for everything, the sign up process is TERRIBLE. You sign up on the site, then they email you back when your account is setup. It took 2 days for me to get a response email. I think i'm just going to borrow the money from a family member and pay them back. They did have the best rate compared to other companies...I guess you get what you pay for!

Amadeus Durchanek

Way too many fees. I have never had a company like this. And you casnt set up auto pay online without fees every month. Customer service has been ok so far, that's why im giving 2 stars. The rate is low too. But DAM for me to give 2 stars a company it has to have bad policies... I almost always give high ratings unless low ratings are truly warranted.

Tiara Jeter

I have a auto loan through this company its been 4years.All payments on time. SO yesterday i tryed to trade in my car and was denied!!!! I was so shocked!!!( BECAUSE IVE BEEN PAYING ON TIME!!!) The car dealership told me they said they didnt wanna deal with me anymore because my credit dropped! I felt that was so unfair my credit dropped due to me Having Emergency Heart surgery after having my second kid! I was very sick after so some bills got behind. Hey if im sick what can i do!!! After paying my car off i will never use BCI AGAIN! & will not recommend them to anyone!

Jim Waterbury

No issues. Good financing, good service decent rate. I'm almost finished paying off my car and I'd definitely consider using BCI again.

Dj Benaez

Awful company website, it is antiquated couldn’t check my balance on my loan online, quick to take money and They are quick to change terms by sending extra fees by mails even after a contract had to pay extra money because they added a extra 50 dollars on a 55 dollar balance, I never went over 30 days on loan and they reported me numerous times to credit bureaus glad I’m done with them they are a joke.

Carter Jennings

Lies about dates payments will process, gives information that is verifiably untrue, then blames your bank and essentially insults you for their own missteps. Awful service all-around, can't imagine being desperate enough to use them again.

David Kennedy

Just paid off my loan with BCI, horrible experience, they really do need to update their system. I guess the only advice that I can offer is that you borrow from another company. I made additional payments in the past with this company and I was charged for every one of them!! They even tried to offer me other services, it's a waste of time and money using BCI.


christopher verissimo

Don’t pay 16000 for a 9000 dollar car especially from this place.

Katia Salokas

Donald Cottrell

Better off finding someone else if you can. Terrible online banking. Poor customer service setup and less than stellar rates.

Gaming And Whatnot

Horrible online payment system. Requires a fee and can't even make payments on weekends.

Daniel Marcil

Great rates and service.

William Kopcha

Their website is a confusing, poorly-working disaster. They screwed up processing my payments twice. They wanted me to send my bank information via email rather than enter it into a secure website, which is a terrible idea (I've gotten credit card information stolen this way). The customer service reps that I spoke to were very nice, but sometimes incorrect (i.e., one gave me instructions that didn't work, and a second one told me the first one gave me incorrect information). The collections guy is unhelpful and rude. I wish I had gone with a different lender for my auto loan.

Jason Z

Had a auto loan from BCI bank and I used their direct withdrawal process to remove money from my bank account for 3+ years. Recently I traded in that car and the auto dealer paid off the remainder of the loan. About A week later I was checking my bank account and found that the bank was still taking the funds for the past car my new auto dealer paid them for in next day mail. They told me I have to go on the website and cancel the payments. I was like "why don't you stop taking payments after you reached the full loan amount?" They said "the borrower must cancel the payments."

Munal America

they don't care about customers service especially black people am done paying off my loan... horrible experience ..never again will get or recommend anyone.

Patrick Dunn

Unhelpful, terrible communication, unprofessional, rotten, inconsiderate, rude, despicable service, closes without warning, doesn’t return emails, and wastes your time. Avoid them at all cost.

Marvin J

Website to view your account is very outdated and full of errors. Very rude and unprofessional customer service. Would not recommend.

Denae Abate

This is my second loan with BCI. After my first loan, I requested that the dealership get my second loan through this company. I pay early every month by check, I've never had any issues, they're pleasant every time I call. I enjoy doing business with them. They're a small loan company, so that's probably why they would hound you if you don't pay on time. Just pay on time and you'll never have an issue. I haven't in the five years I've been with them.

Dustin Yager

Fees. Nothing but Fees.

Betty Irizarry

TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. Very rude and unprofessional. If you’re behind a month, they email you and call every single day and threaten to take your vehicle away. Robert has a terrible attitude even through email. They treat you like garbage. Please avoid them! I cannot wait to finish paying my car so I won’t have to deal with them anymore. Worst auto loan company ever.

Patryk Glosowitz

I've had 2 loans with BCI in the past 5 years and both times have been excellent. The customer support in house is great, every question I ever asked was answered within the same phone call, and I was able to get titles and documentation without a problem. They've recently updated their website to make it easier to navigate and much more user-friendly.

kevin albert

John Mulrooney

This company sends ZERO documentation to customers. Then when there is an issue, takes ZERO accountability. Then when you have inquiries, they have no idea who you are... and take WEEKS to return calls. But they have no trouble taking your money every month... NEVER again.


in this day and age ANYONE should be able to click and make a payment WITHOUT all the EXTRA FEES ,, WTH and how come it doesnt post same day if its done in the AM,,,??? we will be NOT be using this business again

Sher Sparkman

Archaic Billing System. Will avoid this institution for future car purchases. I suggest you do the same.

Dila Tenan

Bob is very rude and unprofessional. David seems nice.

scotty boombati

Terrible online access

Valon Gjonbalaj

J Dong

Joke of a company, stay away, everyone there is horrid at their jobs and they think they're the greatest thing in the world. Low rate company, low rate employees with little to know training, education or intelligence. Avoid dealing with them, as it's highly likely they'll be out of business soon.

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