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REVIEWS OF Nashville Public Library IN Tennessee

Stacy Robertson

Awesome library with a great staff. Great children’s section. Ebook selection wonderful as well.

Jameka Echols

Beautiful. Spacious. Grand. It's extremely nice and has a civil rights room dedicated to the desegregation of Nashville. I like to go there to study or just work on other stuff. It's peaceful.

shraddha patinge

Huge collection of books! Courtyard is the best part!

Rocky Cano

Friendly staff, very well organized library.

Z or M. L or R.

Second Floor has the outside seating. Lounge area has neat arrangement. MUST BRING EARPLUGS /OR HEADPHONES! Note: read below. May 30th opened an account here. They had me switch cards with only small card. Instead of both necklace card with big card. I guess they are going digital. But good luck opening an account? Should be open later on Weekends. But is not.] Once you are already in should be easy. ANd should be able to apply online. But they insist going on to desk where the woman after a third time of seeing (usually they change workers at desk every day at the lobby) still 'don't know' and didn't ask anyone Managerial. My card was lost so switched to orange instead of NPL blue. I think it was stolen, though. Because whoever took know exactly which pocket it was . . Even the neck strap was took. Session is separate from others as computer close everything. It's wiped from system so do not keep documents on desktop if you do want to keep them. Once logged in as a patron, After this you still have to type in again card for online website log in. So my card > new card > and trying to get digital card. The number for the Patron usage on computers is also a obnoxiously 14 digits long number. Lost my yoga mat. Note: Lost sunglass. Returns if on third floor where computers is. Might be at that or the teen desk if lost there. Otherwise Lost And found go to first floor. The closet is right in the lobby Nice place other than being old... And lots of computers. Dirty you can bet. But need to be washed with wipees. There is no cafe. Just seating. Bathrooms are on every floor. Went to 2ND which locked today. Cuts their hour off even earlier. This is a Main Branch. Tree has many locations even in single Davidson which is a big county. Very useful and likeable. 1 Star rating is not for employees. I met nice ppl here but the hours are silly. And the customers are obnoxious. It's loud and supposedly customers that are loud are addressed. They are not and go crazy. Is Talking library but computer sound is disabled. Note: Did you know a cop real Metropolitan one came in when I followed Metro or Davidson Cops on FaceBook or Instagram? That's never happened. Before but it has happened since: Thank you for using a library rather than just googling.

Kathleen Weiss

The makerspace area and technology programming for teens is phenomenal. I loved the collection of puppets including all the art installations you can play with in the children's area. There a beautiful courtyard where you can work outside.

Meaghan Bishoff

A beautiful building. We only used the children's area. It was amazing especially on a very hot day it was a great break. There was quite a bit of homeless population outside the building but they didn't seem threatening.

Claire Bone

Such a great gem in the heart of Nashville! The children’s library floor is amazing and so much fun for kids of all ages.

Mohamed Rafi

Great Library!!! So many things to do and so many books, activities.... middle of downtown... So many homeless people are inside (Shelter to get cold air during summer and heat during winter)

Jess McKelley

Excellent staff! I love this branch.

Miriam Leibowitz

The Nashville Public Library is a beloved institution. Check out the Civil Rights Room upstairs.

Ginny Lynn

Great staff very helpful and great resources on travel amenities. Historic Landmarks all around.

Toni Fisher

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The bathrooms are clean and well maintained.

Linda Polk

Staff is AMAZINGLY helpful and cencerned about all its patrons. They just opened their beautiful courtyard for weddings.

Neil Clarke

About to watch a country band play in the courtyard. A lovely setting for a sunny tuesday September morning. The library is a nice piece of architecture well worth a visit.

Savannah S

Amazing place and great speaker, so much to learn about here. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because I had a bad experience which was due to another individual who was on the tour and because of his bad behavior, our speaker was interrupted and security took him away. Other than that,walking in I was blown away with how beautiful it is. My favorite part was the civil rights movement movie they show.

Maxwell Coomer

The Nashville Public Library, a recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, is a jewel, especially compared to the old main library that was in the Ben West building. The current building, opened in 2001, is beautiful with a very friendly staff that is more than happy to help.

Chance Eblen

Ideal place for resources.

Vincent Miles

Nice library.

Misha Sparkel

One of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen.

Tim Gray

sweet/professional staff!! I go here quite frequently with my children and then LOVE the friendly environment!!

David Maxwell

Lots of books, comfortable chairs, and great staff. Can't beat it.

Muro Luvmi

"Nashville Public Library" is an odd name for a daytime homeless shelter. I've never been in a homeless shelter but if they are all like this one I may be selling my home soon. Gorgeous architecture, quiet areas, and veiws. It's so nice of them to allow people with homes to use this building and witness men shaving in restrooms, sleeping in chairs, ogling women, stinking to high heaven, and surfing porn on the computers. If they decide to have "hobo free" time I will be visiting much more often.

Vatsal Ojha

Gaseous. Much better than Rosebury Home Offices. That was only solid.

Ammi Embry

Nashville libraries are award winning (2017 Gale/LJ Library of the Year) and this is my favorite branch. It's a beautiful large branch with lots of great services offered.

karem irizarry

Awesome place to read and relax

Kurt W. Bartlett

Beautiful building and library downtown Nashville!

Christina Blust

Besides being beautiful and huge, this library makes a point to have lots of varied, usable spaces. There are totally quiet spots as well as spots in more trafficked areas, and everywhere you go there are easily accessible outlets for your laptop and chargers. I also appreciate the rotating art exhibits on the second floor. A nice place to spend ten minutes or four hours. Also note that if you take your parking ticket in and stamp it, the first 1.5 hours in the attached library parking garage are free.

Gary Chen

Beautiful library with interesting exhibits. It also boasts a wonderful children's section.

Marcia Almeida

Great space for studying and research despite the amount of homeless people. However, It would be great if they had extended hours of operation.

Our Pov

This is by far the best library I have ever went to...the girls loved the upstairs plus we went back for the Great eclipse

Jerwaine Fleming

Complete relaxation!!!

julia baldridge

It's laughable how folks use ratings to complain about things not directly related to topic. Yes the main branch is downtown and there are homeless people around but that's what happens in larger towns. NPL facilities, programs, apps, technology, employees are top notch. Our ever growing city has an outstanding library. Take advantage of it and you won't be disappointed!

Page Graham

Great, affordable parking! $8 for all day. :)

Adam Richards

My wife and I work downtown so we decided to get library cards today. We were treated more like criminals than guests the entire visit, from getting the cards to using a computer. We plan to find another branch with a more hospitable environment.

Tony Brown

Library is a Homeless Homecoming!! Kkk are the managers in all departments!! Janitors are sorry they dont clean nothing!! Talking to homeless people and giving them high 5!! Lot of germs in this building!! I thought this place was Mc Donalds homeless jerks eat every where in the building!! Library have Rats and big Bugs!!!!!!!

Og YezzY

U can get on xbox and eat and they have naruto ultimate storm 4 on xbox

Brian Smith

The Nashville Public Library offers digital services as well as books. There are 21 branches as well as the main building downtown.

Nathan Fields

Incredible children’s programs, the puppet shows daily are top notch quality. I love the community that this place fosters. Also, the genealogists in residence on the third floor are so great!

Alex M

Great place to study the staff here is very helpful.

Cathy McCurdy

This is an outstanding public library that beautifully reflects the city of Nashville, TN.

Mighty Rasing

Great place for kids and book-loving adults! By borrowing books from the library, I've probably saved hundreds of dollars for books I would have bought otherwise.

Jennifer Sanchez

Really like the look of this library and their collection is stellar. The staff is very friendly and make getting a library card quick and easy. The only disappointing factor of this location is that there is that parking is only free for 1.5 hours to patrons so I always feel pressed for time so that I do not pay for parking.

Anuj tripathi

Nice place....Free system to get a lots of knowledge and entertainment.

Robert Crane

The most beautiful homeless hang out in Nashville!! Far superior to the one under the pedestrian bridge off first ave. Seriously, this place is disgusting! It smells like rotten garbage. It is a shame what is happening in this city...


Whenever I go to a new state or city I try to visit a library which I enjoy by far this is the white house of all the libraries I have been, a 30 minutes guest pass for the computer lab, there's a floor for everything almost anything you're there for just magnificent from the architectural design Down to the marble tiles if you're ever in Nashville check it out.

Gerri Baker

My son is 5 years old and loves the library. The childrens area is great at the downtown location.

Jeannie Blackwell

It's one of the greatest library's! You need to check it out.

micah mcdonald

I wish more people frequented this library. They have great rooms for reading and studying, a FANTASTIC children's area, a beautiful courtyard, and a Provence right next door. I love that they have readings, but the one I attended was poorly read by the actress.

Emily Isabelle

One of the most beautiful and welcoming libraries I have ever laid my eyes on! Would’ve stayed here all day as a lover of books if there weren’t a hundred other things to see and do in Nashville. I wish all libraries could be this nice!

Zarasar Tv

Cool city

Andy Runyan

Recently recognized as the best library in the country, which is well deserved. I mostly come for the children's programming, which blows away any other library I've been to...the puppet shows and story times are terrific. The library also validates parking for 1.5 hours free in their garage. They also have a great civil rights section and a special exhibit that changes regularly and is worth checking out.

Riley Barnes

The architecture is amazing on it's own, but it's also filled with helpful people and TONS of books for everyone

Ric Rini

This is a fantastic building to enjoy the architecture and stroll the grand reading room. It's very picturesque and could easily be a scene out from a movie. The views of the capital from the second story are very nice and makes for a great camera shot. The courtyard is also a nice place to sit, relax and read one of the many offerings the library has.

Willie LumpLump

Way too much homeless drama... they stink, disrespect the silence with crazy talk to themselves and on the phone which makes it hard for me to study, they argue and fight, always beggin or asking you something off the wall or crazy.... laughing to themselves because half of them have mental problems, and they stink...did I mention that?

Marissa Johnson

I am totally ashamed that after four years this is my first time at the main Nashville library. The whole place is great but the children's branch is particularly amazing!! It's essentially an indoor playground with a climbing wall. They have plenty of events for kids of all ages. We will definitely be back!

Rob Allgood

Best library system of 2017! The downtown branch is beautiful and has lots of great reading nooks. The kids section is also a big hit with puppet shows, story times, crafts, etc.


Outstanding place!

Joshua Lewis

Awesome public library with a lot to offer for kids. My kids had a blast and we got to watch an old school puppet show which was cool. Will go again when visiting.

Jimmy Chattin

It's my first time in downtown Nashville on a bright Saturday afternoon. Happened to be a convention happening in the galleries all about writing and fiction and fans of fiction. Plenty of parking for the day and helpful staff getting my way around. Had a lot of fun! The library is a swell welcome and first stop to those coming into Nashville!

Tanaya Larsen

Great story/puppet time and children's area.

Candice Morris-Crump


Eshutsak Vincent

The trash that hangs out on the 3rd floor makes it unbearable to sit and concentrate on a magazine that I wanted to read. Other than that, it is a beautifully maintained library.

Anita Gillette

Relaxing atmosphere.It was clean,the atmosphere was exciting, friendly staff.

Lauren Stephens Brown

thank you , I'm not saying for my kids I'm talking about every child that has.Your great god bless you

Brigitte Laskowski

Free Wifi on 3rd floor. Nice place to go when downtown and need to look something online up on your mobile device.

Brett Penix

It is advised to be cautious and courteous to the homeless that frequent the library as a Haven. But it is well worth it to enjoy the architecture, views, cozy study areas, massive book and media selection, art and cultural collections on display, and many other programs that this library branch provides to the public. It is one of my favorite spots in all Nashville to go to for many reasons, and I encourage anyone to visit.

John Nelson

Best Public Library in the country!!

Kimberley Schumacher

Beautiful space, great atmosphere for writing, and friendly people. I really enjoyed Nashville.

Casey Hyatt

Amazing building. Ease of access. Art exhibit. Huge Collection. Validated parking.

Andrew L

Awesome library in a great location. Lots of events and things to check out. It's all free. Kind of. You pay for it with property and sales taxes. So use it.

Beena Vora

This is a huge library. We loved the courtyard area. Our visit was short but we enjoyed it!

John Smith

Homeless vacation everyday in this place!! People work there mad because they won't to get transfer to another library!! I don't like how they got everybody who on a computer in that circle!! Move the computers off 1st floor and put the computers on 3rd floor!! Janitor Ricky and Mike be getting homeless girls number!! That,s dum!!! Security watch people on computer like they are slaves!!!

S Norman

The downtown Nashville public library is gorgeous. It is a wonderful example of what a good library should be.

Sam Kubica

Such an amazing library! I was visiting family in Nashville and I'm a library nerd, so of course I had to go to see this beautiful one. The library was architecturally gorgeous with indoor and outdoor reading spaces, plus teen and child areas. The children's section has a playset, theater, and a climbing wall! There's a section for those who are visually impaired or fully blind and computers for kids and adults. There are what seemed like really great study spaces, as well as a small museum and a small cafe, although that was closed when I visited. All in all, this was one of the coolest libraries I've visited.

Michaela Bixenman

the workers here are friendly and it’s a great place to go for the students downtown. i went to hume fogg and after school a lot of us went here to just hang out or to study and it was always nice and clean

Nancy Puetz

On behalf of Tennessee Women in Film I highly recommend the Nashville Public LIbrary.....the most amazing space to dive into literature, Search non fiction and congregate in the sanctuary that is the Nashvile Public Library> Easy to find, two hours of Free parking with validation. This is the best city library I have every had the. pleasure to be welcomed. There are always programs goiing on #nashville creative's day and side events in which to partake. THIS. IS A COMMUNITY SPACE..... All are welcome here. Go get lost in a book today. Thank you leaders and staff of the library. You are outstanding.

Wayne Wilson Claire McEntyre

Was promised a refund of "Handicap ParkingFees" a month ago by manager! Received absolutely nothing as of today! Sounded like a truthful person!?!?!?

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