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REVIEWS OF Montgomery Public Library IN Tennessee

Gaylene Etnier

I'm not crazy about the labeling system on the books. Lables are placed on the spine of the books & that makes it very difficult to read the titles. Also, it is a very noisy library. It is almost always noisy (people talking loudly - staff & patrons, clanging noises - not sure if this is when re-shelving of books or what, and there is no enforcement of noise control. I find this very distracting. The staff is always friendly & helpful. the facility is very pleasant.

Michelle Taylor

Natalie Baker

Everyone is friendly and the library is huge! If they don't have what you want you can request it and they will order it for you.

William Johnson

I enjoy this library. They have a wonderful selection of books, and are quick to get bestsellers in stock. The building has a nice, modern feel to it and is beautifully designed. Study rooms are plenty, there are many seats and couches to read on, and they always have something going on for you to get involved in. My one complaint is the volume level. Quiet isn't encouraged here like it was in libraries I grew up in. Not a big deal, but I attribute libraries to quiet atmospheres, and sometimes I find myself listening to conversations or hearing someone banging something against a desk. Sometimes it's enough to break my concentration.

William Silva

Great family library. Online support is very good. New building, updated decor, vast parking, secure location... The Dropbox is in the back, follow the parking signs for it. Great staff too.

Jacqueline Nielsen

Cheyenne Douthitt

I love it! they have so many books and in January they had a harry potter night! it was a blast!

Kelly Y

very nice and clean

Henry Eanes

They are petty when it comes to their fines. This is the first time I had a fine and they want to restrict access to what I can do as far as using a computer to print stuff off. I won't be going back to this library. I'll buy a printer and do things myself.

tim irby

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Tina V

Great place! I love the children’s area, the study rooms and the meeting rooms! Friendly staff, great location.

Miranda Jones

sharon hamrick

I just moved here from Nashville. Over the years I frequented many of the library branches and was extremely pleased with their facilities, staff, and opportunities. Montgomery County Library left me disappointed. There is one one site. I have to drive 30 minutes to get there. The online options are limited. The resources are limited. Yes, it is a clean facility. However, I did not find the staff welcoming. They seemed to engrossed in their computers and only looked up when you approached them. And then they seemed bothered by your questions. They didn't smile, not one of them. I'm A smile can go a long way.

Pamela J. Finkadoodle

My favorite librarian is so friendly and I love books & can check out 20. What more could you want?!

Christy S

Rob Stark

5/5 would visit again. One of the few remaining places you can spend all day just sitting and reading

lauryn cliff

Rebecca Peppler Dellavilla

Jariel Jimenez

They have all the facilities that a library should have, as well as a computer lab, public conference rooms, and even studying rooms.

Crystal Snyder

Just wish they had branches in neighboring areas so not so much of a drive

Sarah Prather

Daniel Hopkins

Ok great place to be but it’s winter time...Please turn on some heat

Jeremy Logue


Carla Nesseth

robert sikes

matt jackson

An excellent modern library, sample books, CDs, and DVDs on hand with even more available through their digital service called Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. Been checking out and reading books from here since I moved here. Never had a problem, staff are friendly and helpful. They also have many summer reading programs for children.

Erica Butler

Micheal Wasill

An awesome selection of books, media, puzzles and more... Adventure awaits in every page. A must visit!

Peggy Wilson


Very nice staff,really clean and helpful people my kids love it

J.J. Campbell

The library is the happiest place on earth.


Lynn Parker

Shawn Wood

Originally. I had a bad experience with riff-raff drunk or homeless or medically unstable people at the library. I filed a complaint. I thought nothing happened. I was disappointed. Two days later I called to find out they handled the issue. I want to say. I appreciate the staff. The directors. I totally would recommend this library to anyone looking for a great experience. 6 stars.

Madison Dority

Amazing staff. Service is amazing. They have Hardback covers, paperback covers, portable dvd's. They give you a receipt for your return date. Unlimited amount of check out of books. Hope this helps. Also has a kid section downstairs. Teen books up stairs to the right when going up the stairs.

Iris Lee


I'd spend my entire day, here, if I could. It's a nice, quiet environment.

Em S

Maria Martinez

David P

Clean and quiet like any library should be. But God forbid you don't carry your life records with you, no library card for you. Yes I have a drivers license on me all the time. Unfortunately, the address is wrong because I lived the American dream and bought a house. Who the heck wants to pay for another drivers license 6 months after getting it renewed? I don't carry bills with my address and name on them. Going to Ft Campbell library, thanks but no thanks.

Laurie Mitchell

C Man

Books Books and more Books. Staff is always available and courteous. Have many types of resources available for community. A lot of activities year round for kids.

Jennifer Seymour

Rachel P

Rude. Disrespectful. Will not going back. Which is saying something as it's one of the few places to find books.

Aaliyah Cannon

chisam kim

Guillermo Hernandez

Kristin Joy Blackburn

Chris tina

Samantha Hill

Gordon Kent

Jacoby Jackson

Amazing selection of everything


Michael Lovvo

Don't get me wrong it is a great place to go, and most the time it's great. But I came in today with my three year old and was playing at the art tables with playdough. I was approached by a staff member who said that this is a project area that is for staffed activities and playing with playdough isn't one of them. Outraged I calmly said "then why have playdough if the kids can't play with it." I so wanted to tell that old lady that we pay taxes to keep library open so I can play playdough with my child if I want to! But as always I would just end up getting kicked out so I bit my young and made my three year old cry when I said to put it away!

tam gre

I love it and all the programs it offers. The staff is wonderful.

demetrios bryant

Awesome peaceful place. always things for the community to experience with there families or as an individual.

Power Puff

Okay....had to pay a total of 20 dollars in late fees because the renewals department twice lied and said they renewed my books but didn't. They need to provide some type of confirmation number. And please don't tell me to use online ... service...entering each family members ridiculously long library card number is ridiculous. If you're paying people to do renewals...they should do them. I recommend phone monitoring and audits. This is theft of services!

Juan Salazar

The staff are amazing. Best library I’ve ever been to.

Liz Fallon

Its a nice library and the people are friendly

Crazy Del

It's nice some of the staff are very stuck up. Not to forget the fees are ridiculous! Book selection for adult and kids are great.

Scruff McGruff

Books returned. Late fees under $5. Creditors got involved. Never had a mess like this with any library. Cancelled account. I'll stick with Fort Campbell library.


Kendra O

The childrens' area is wonderful!

Jenn Smith

I can't say enough good things about our library. They are amazing and the children's area is great. My 3 yr old loves it. There is a long table with puzzles, a reading canopy, a play area, rockers and many places to sit and read, board games and other stuff to keep children engaged. Great place to visit when on a rainy day.

Tonya Nice

If you got kids, watch out for the employee wearing a shirt with the cat on it that has a dead bunny rabbit hanging from the cat's mouth with blood running down the shirt. Its a rather gruesome shirt to be wearing to a place of business that has a lot of kids visiting. The day I visited, there were several schools apparently visiting with a lot of little kids so really this was really inappropriate to be wearing at this location.

Tony Diaz

What a fantastic library! Clarksville certainly did the right thing but funding such a beautiful library that should meet and accommodate everyone's needs. Book, dvd, computer stations, study rooms, areas for you to work with your electronic devices and more. It my get crowded but is because so many use and enjoy this facility. They open early a real plus. Thanks Clarksville for providing this great facility

Katrina F.


Molly Bowler

I love the new renovations they are making and the people there are always willing to help!

Kara Wixtrom

The library itself is wonderful - there's a great selection of material and the location is clean and secure. My only problems have been that the library cards are difficult to obtain, and the staff is not as friendly and obliging as they should be, seeing as they are in positions of service to the public. I've never had an employee smile at me and they aren't polite or eager to help when I speak with them on the phone. It's surprising to me that most members of the staff come off as both stoic and harassed in their attitudes, as though they can't be bothered to help.

Mary Farley

Alexis Barajas

Lindsay O'Connor

This is a great library, don't get me wrong. They have excellent titles and a wonderful children's area. My problem isn't with the actual library, but with some of the ways they manage items. We just moved back to the area, and our last library would send you an automated email you 3 days before your items were due, as a reminder, this library doesn't. Of course, you should be on top of the items you have checked out, but it was a very nice reminder. Also, if you happen to turn in a book late and have ANY balance at all, every library service (book renewals or borrowing books via OverDrive) is suspended. So because of that $2 balance, I can no longer borrow OverDrive books, and I have to drive all of the way to the library to remedy this, because they can't do online payments of over the phone payments... very inconvenient.


Elizabeth May

Connor Standley

Much better since the renovations, but PLEASE do something about the people who come in here just to hang out and talk loudly upstairs. Libraries are not meant for loud conversations. Even the study rooms, which are clearly not soundproof, are super noisy because people sit around and basically yell at each other. There also seems to be a large number of homeless people who come in to nap. Every now and then it’s conducive to studying, but staff really need to stroll through and control the obnoxious noise. Very frustrating.

Kozie F.

The public library is open to serve all persons in our community. Whether you are a permanent resident or just visiting, there is something to enjoy for everyone in all age groups

Hailey Kelm-Jones

Brian Coardes

Toni Thomas

We love this library! The staff is ALWAYS friendly and ready to help, whether in person or over the phone. I have had to pay many late fees, but guess what? We were late returning the books or forgot to use the online option, so we have no one to blame but ourselves. Thank you for the online option as it is so helpful and very easy to use. I am disappointed to see the negative reviews. I can’t imagine what others say they have encountered.

Vivid, LLC Art Meditation

Love this library! Everything is always clean, up to date, and organized.

Louise Clayton

We are new to the clarksville area. I love it. My kids enjoy going there. On Sat. there have a great deal of things to do for all ages. Keep up the great work. And see you all on Sat.


I have been going to this library for years. However I do wish there was more of a selection. It would also be great if they replaced lost or damaged books and movies. There are times when I'm looking for books in a saga or collection and they have been long lost. Besides that though, the library is great and relaxing, and the staff are always helpful and kind.

Venet Logan

Kelsey Ulrich

This place is so great to have in clarksville, love the events

Brent Palmer

Vania Hite

I love this library so much, I work here!

john shilkitus

Soohee Yang

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