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REVIEWS OF Linebaugh Public Library IN Tennessee

Valerie Lorenz

Kamoshe Branch

Rachael Law

Kitty's Flipout

Beautiful historic library and interesting selection of books and research equipment. They have newly changed things around and It looks excellent. Only problem is the service. It’s hit or miss. Some people are helpful and friendly, others act like you’re a nuisance and if you don’t know certain things they’ll get smart with you. It’s irritating trying to find the nice people each time.

Jessica Jernigan

The staff is very friendly and very helpful!

Robert Jerome

WOW!!!! The library itself is small, but you can certainly find something to read. The real value of the library card is in the digital collection. In android, Kindle, and other tablets you can use your card to gain access to MUCH more. The audio book collection is particularly impressive.

Marki T.

This is one of the nicer libraries I have ever been to. The children's section has a huge selection and tons of things to keep little ones busy. The story time at this library is really great. There was recently a santa story time here and although it was packed you were able to get through everything quickly. It was so great to have Santa there to get a picture with. Will be back again!!

Chaz Chehowski

Sandy Reed


I can remember some of my fondest childhood memories here but with the people who are here now, I will NEVER take my children here again. Most of the staff (not all, there was a man up front who was very kind and helpful after seeing how the woman dismissed me and gave me misinformation) are just horrible. Even upstairs, there was one who cut me off while I was trying to explain to her what I was looking for and another who jumped in to tell me I was wrong in finding what I needed. Never did get what I came for because these people turned me off so quickly. If you don't like people or are selective of those you help (I think you know where I'm going with that) then you should probably work elsewhere. I'm sickened by this place. Sadly enough, there aren't that many places you can go.

Kelsey Finley

I just moved to the area and decided to try out the library since my two year old loves books. The books were ok...the DVD collection was pathetic, the staff didn't seem happy at all, and to top it off as I was checking out 3 people and (2 were staff members) were talking about me as I was standing right there. I have a one year old and two year old, my two year old wanted to play with the lego station and didn't want to leave so she was crying. They were literally talking about how I needed to spank my kid and how they can't believe she's crying. Seriously I've never felt so judged in my life. This library needs help with positive staff members and better options.

Drew Cronin

The best place for people of knowledge and book readers! See Ya There!

Woinshet Nega

they're the help full people and nice.

Cassandra Wall

It’s a very average library if that. There’s not many children’s programs or special events. Most of the kids books are overly worn and tattered. The computer program for the kids didn’t work properly and kept freezing. The puppets are disgusting and need to be trashed. Disappointed. They need to use that giant space better & get new books/supplies & make it inviting. Positives- they have a good selection of kid dvds & Duplo legos. The two kids morning programs they do are very well done. The Clarksville library was so much better: nicer books/supplies, more inviting. There isn’t even a cozy corner to read the books in the kids area. Just hard tables/chairs and a wooden bench :/

Loretta Gant

Avery Watkins

I mainly stick to audiobooks, adult fiction and children's...great selection! I read tons of audiobooks and their Tennessee R.E.A.D.S. overdrive system is wonderful!! Helpful staff.

Jen Sne

The staff at the Linebaugh library are usually so helpful and always remember my name. I visit their eagleville, Murfreesboro and Smyrna Locations. But BE Warned! Times Change and So does the library! The nice staff are gone by the wayside! For this to be a publicly funded agency - They will report your book fines to the credit reporting agencies... I just received notification that Linebaugh reported my fees to the credit bureau. Such a sad day when the funding they receive is spent on wages to pay their staff to report fees to the three reporting agencies, not to mention the man hours that are used to do so. Such a shame that they can report fees, but they can't maintain the building, elevator or order new books, but are quick to ask for a donation. I used these facilities since moving here, and I am simply appalled. Since they run "food for Fines" drives, I am sending them via Fed Ex, 10 Cans of corn in lieu of my ridiculously reported fines. I will make sure to track the canned vegetables so I can submit proof to Trans Union and Equifax that the fines were paid! Aside from their gross waste of money and manpower, the library is a decent place for the homeless to camp out and beg for your money and cigarettes. The parking garage is always filled with cars that are so dust covered that you know they haven't been moved in at least a decade. There are groups of people always hanging out in the garage so that anyone who arrives alone feels completely unsafe in the garage. The elevator is so terribly maintained that it always reminds you to pray you make it out alive. But It is close to the police and fire stations, so when the elevator falls or gets stuck Help will be a short distance away!

Jennifer Pike

Shannon Jacobs

Very outdated. Don't have many resources for educational resources. Not very people friendly. Lot of computers upstairs not working to look up library books. Parking not lit up or safe. Elevator broken. Homeless people hanging out in dark spots.

Candace Wilson

I think they are the most helpful librarians ever and always nice! Christine who works in the evening is nothing but helpful and also the 2 guys who work with her! I do want some more CDs on book to listen to, but I think we can request some and I haven't asked about how so I can't blame the library. SO whiners, stop complaining about the lack of things if you haven't tried to request something. Candace Wilson

Linda Gentry

Connor Haynes

Jason Tinker

Zac Bogen

Limbaugh does very well with the resources available to them. I especially enjoy the convenience of using them for the Tennessee Reads program. And frequent their nonfiction when researching subject of curiosity. The staff has always been informed and helpful.

Joe Preslar

All libraries get 5 stars, period.

Martin Tan

Oceana SisterMoon

I love linebaugh they offer a free storytime for kids that includes a puppet show and will stock most titles you ask them to if you fillout the form and request it.

Big Chungus

I love this place! I’ve been coming since I was a child, and the variety of their stock never ceases to amaze!

Penny Bevelacqua

They always have all the books of my favorite authors.

arun oza

I loved it!

David Shoemaker

Great Library. Well organized. Could use more locations. Website desperately needs to be updated.


Brittany Reeves

There is a decent selection of books to choose from, I cannot tell you how great the variety on children's books are, I never looked. In the adult and teen section there seems to be plenty of options. I mainly came here to study on my laptop, using the free wifi and charging stations next to the desks. My main complaint would be that I didn't feel safe here at all, there is a rough crowd that hangs around the library all day. They look like drug addicts and smell offensive, making crude remarks to me and others in the library. I was unable to study because of the noise that they make, they talk loudly on cell phones and fight. This wouldn't bother me as much as when I would use the stairs and it smells like urine and you sometimes can spot someone under the stairs doing drugs. Really is a dangerous garage, please don't stay here late or go alone. Anyway, I won't be coming back here

T Miller

I've been there to work and study. Very quiet environment upstairs and a variety of table options.

Chris Nichols

ebony bellamy

Sarah Nowlin

Jill Woodworth-Collier

This is one of the most wonderful places in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Eagleville, and at Patterson Park. Every location has competent, friendly and kind-hearted staff and volunteers to help one access the literary offerings. Best use of my tax dollars ever!

Dean Chauvin

My kids love coming to the library to play with the building blocks and checking out materials (books, movies, and CDs). There is always great parking in the garage below the library (beware of the occasional drunk passed out). The workers are very helpful.

Karen Williams

Best Library ever!!! Great service from workers, above and beyond in all areas. Always getting the newest releases. I'm at the Library twice a week every week. I love to read and they never disappoint in their selections.

Jeannie Frisch

Neico Anderson

Tldr; this library will tell you that you didn't return something you actually did just to be able to charge you late&replacement fees. Multiple times now I have checked books or movies back in only to be told I did not and they "cannot find them". If I go find it on the shelf and bring it to them, they accuse me of bringing it in or just say they don't care, there's nothing they can do. I even checked a movie out, returned it, checked it back out a week later for my hubby, and was told I never checked it back in or out. All of these late and replacement fees have totalled over $200 since I was about 17. $200 spent on things that I returned, only about $50 of actual late fees that I did owe for being late.

Melissa H

Your public library is what you make of it. Hey, how about you don't accrue fines, and if you do by accident, you pay them instead of having to be reported to a collections agency? Simply appalled that a person would include in a public review that they are disappointed in the library, but rack up fines and think it's ok to withhold money that the library obviously needs just to be a wiseguy? I swear, people just have no decency anymore. YOUR public library is what YOU make of it. The "public" part of the library is up to you. So what if a homeless guy gets a few hours of warmth from the library? What's it to you? I haven't been so perturbed when reading a review in a long time. Shame on you for writing this. Now to MY experience at this location. I was a Nashville transplant and yeah, I hated going to a much smaller library than the downtown location we were once 20 minutes from. Also, this location was undergoing some major renovations at the time and it was very messy. Aside from that, the librarians were very helpful in getting me signed up for a new card. I have two toddlers so I don't get to browse much at the library if they're with me. The children's section is ok. It has some nice chairs for sitting and some small activities. It's a small library so I didn't expect a circus. It's proportionate to the rest of the building. I've only spoken to an employee a couple of times - I prefer to just browse and see what strikes me - when I have had a question (particularly about the multimedia items in the children's section), someone has always answered my question courteously and in a timely fashion. I don't really need anything more than that. By the way, the parking lot for the library at this location is used for several businesses; the library doesn't control who is there. I have never - ever - not once - seen anyone who looked like he or she shouldn't be there; I've never felt unsafe; I've never held my can of mase in my grip when walking to the library. Please don't give people this ridiculous impression of Murfreesboro. It's Murfreesboro, for crying out loud. When was the last time someone was murdered in the library parking garage in downtown Murfreesboro? Geez. Yes, this location would be awwweeesome with a great renovation and additions. You know how you can help speed up that type of investment? PAY YOUR FINES.

Chris Olson

Great staff, always willing to help! Great place to get free Notary if you need it for documents! Thanks again.

A Sutton

kay satt

Milton Harrison

Bobby Hollis

Aaron Graves

Great library! Friendly and helpful staff! Fast Wi-Fi.

Sharon Marks

Give your volunteers some knowledge.. if they can not answer a simple question like.."can u use this computer to look up something" the response should be let me get my volunteer badge and walk off. that's rude and it make it seems noone would help anybody if they had a better.

Whitney S

Andrea Van Dyke

Murfreesboro is growing so fast. Linebaugh is doing the most with what they have!!! There is always something to learn here if we just take advantage of it! I have to remind myself that some mornings there are children entering and exiting the building in the parking area. I just can't remember WHICH mornings, so that would be nice to have a sign up at those times. It does not hurt to have the security guard inside, but that position has gotten to be less than a joke, and so has cost Linebaugh the fifth star!

Laura Sanderlin

Friendly and helpful staff. If you have younger kids, I would recommend going during the day. Nothing to do with the library, but at night it becomes a hang out for rough characters

Randy Holt

Really the library driver need to park another side they park block ppl car parking alot it no room and they need start learning to park another side where that ppl can get out it block it that disrespectful in the daycare area parking lot so please do it right for respect another ppl that need be but thanks you

Elizabeth Irwin

Coming from Nashville, this is definitely smaller than what I'm used to, but very good for a smaller city. I enjoy the nonfiction and adult fiction sections, I love that you can find everything in one place. There are lots of places to study if you need to, and plenty of parking. Also, the checkout is so cool. I like this library and I am very glad that it is so close to home!

As Told By Kia

Brian Nolet

Cassandra Burgeson

Love this place. Everyone is so helpful. My children and nieces/nephews always getting excited about going and getting a new book. We are there about once a week. They range from 14 to 1 years old.

Theresa Watson

Everything that I had need of they helped me attain it w/o drama

Lesa Cox

Love this library. Everyone I've asked for help has been very nice!

Tony Xu

I and my daughter very like here.

Jenna Johnson

Our library doesn't ask much of members, compared to others. Such small fees to get a card, replace a card, renew a card, and ask they ask is that you return their books in the same condition you check them out in, and on time. And you can check out as many as you want! Not enough people still use libraries, and I for one, am really happy that we have one that I can utilize and take my kids to. (:

CodeZeroKaleb Gaming

It's perfect

Cheryl Simmons

Unfortunately, I feel Linebaugh is far too small and inadequately stocked for a city the size of Murfreesboro, especially with a state university also located here. Would be nice to have a new building with much more space that also included private study areas. The children's department is especially disappointing. There are few books, and the shelves are always very messy. Another comment mentioned the unfriendliness of the staff. I thoroughly agree! We patrons seem to be a nuisance to them. Smiles from them are rare. Overall, I was very disappointed with Linebaugh having relocated here from another state.

Kristin Fincher

Storytime is wonderful..especially the puppet show! Everyone is always friendly and helpful when looking for books.

Cindy Landham

Porsha Mason

The staff is great. But I don't feel safe there after a guy accused my girlfriend and I for stealing his minute phone at the charging station up stairs. We were just sitting there reading our books, I saw the phone I didn't ever bothered plugging mine up, why wasn't he sitting with his phone? Did he not see the other guy in the corner, I couldn't even see his face. So we got up, I was the last one to leave the table and his phone was still there untouched by my girlfriend and I. I saw him sitting down in the chair so he can see his phone. Went downstairs to check out books, this guy comes down stairs automatically accusing us for stealing his minute phone.. why on earth would we want his phone? It's a little trac phone for God's sake. I didn't have pockets, I opened my back pack, my girlfriend even opened her purse, but he still accused us. It had to be the guy in the corner, but how could he have missed that when you were right there! He had to be sleep or something. We left because we weren't about to entertain this foolishness. We are never coming back to this library..ever. All we wanted was to check out out new books.

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