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REVIEWS OF Parkway Central Library IN Pennsylvania

Thomas Hughes

It has a full refence of books and, the completed computer system with a worldwide asset. It's also free for members.

Charlotte Touey

Cannot recommend any higher as a fallout shelter. Vast neoclassical architecture illustrates the decadence of the last world, and the emptiness of the new.

scott ahlers

Beautiful and historic building with all the free information you could ever need. Amazing historical map collectuin. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful

Aandraye x

Quite, professional staff, plenty of computers

Thomas Piszczyk

The staff were very helpful and their computers are up to date and I was able to catch up on work. Overall, great first time experience and I will be going to this location many more times in the future.

Ritesh Shah

Cool experience! This library is nice and grand looking. It's in the Logan Circle area of the city. Parking is tough, but you can likely find a spot in the surrounding streets, just have to circle a bit. I like it's proximity to the more iconic Philly landmarks like the Art Museum. On my last visit, there was an exhibition going on rare books. It was pretty interesting! The exhibition was going on in an upper level, so we had a chance to look at a few different floors before getting to the exhibit - makes for good exploring! The employees are really nice and informative. They're great on giving different tidbits and answer any questions you may have. There's lots of room to sit and get work done. The hours of operation are a bit tight, I wish it was open longer but it does make a good area to hang around in to be productive. Enjoy the exploration!

Greg Bem

A great public library with fantastic architecture. Check out the Rare Books Department and visit Grip the Raven!

Negar Ghasemi

Staff are polite and their greeting is one of the reasons that attracts me to this library. Also, as a musician, when I need help for even the very specific resources, librarians are expert enough to help me. They have a good collection of resources (not complete however). A quick advice: reserve any public device you want to use, such as computers. Also, if you place hold for your book, you will have an easier experience. Also, if you are a researcher: Jstor is free and unlimited from Free Library of Philadelphia's wifi.

Bryce Caster

Beautiful public library building that is a great resource to the community. The occasionally have historic manuscripts on display.

Wayne Morra

Great public library. Has a superb author lecture series. And now has a test kitchen for teaching food literacy.

Yoshiyah Burrell

A nice quiet to place to get stuff done. Good WIFi service that requires you to have a library card to access. Does offer computers to use for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Beautifully architectured building. Bathrooms wonderfully placed. Would defintely recommend people go here

Tri Nguyen

Beautiful beautiful, any kind of books that you need.

Dennis McGuinn

A great asset. Never enough time to utilize all that is available.

Shareef Jackson

My favorite thing about this library is the impressive amount of authors and speakers. It really serves the community well.

Pat Perry

Libraries are frontline defenders of free education. This library is no exception. Not only is the building an architectural marvel, the devoted staff and volunteers are working with limited resources to ensure the programs, classes, and resources are also marvelous! Bravo!

William Graham

I personally like this place because of their positive environment. As i am a book lover so i visited here several time and each time i was happy with the experience. The thing i notice here was their book were well displayed, comfortable seats, and good staff.

Linda Odendaal

I often visits here for study and mind relaxation because it's perfect place where you can find positivity and quietness. The place was superb and the ambiance was calm enough. The book were well place and the seats were comfortable enough. So overall must recommended place for those who are looking was quite and Positive place.

Sahil Singh

Had gone there to see grip, Charles Dickens pet raven. Was quite exited to see the rare books section, and the library in general. They even have writings dating back to ancient civilizations. I found several stones with writings from sumerian civilization. It's a grand library, and I can imagine the goldmine of knowledge it must possess for anyone so interested in learning. A country which values libraries, values knowledge itself. I had come for tourism to USA, wish had such a library back in India. The public government libraries, even in the capital of Delhi, are in a dilapidated condition. The two good ones are in British and American embassies. I can already imagine living in Philadelphia for a while, spending my days in that library.

Kimberly Plassche

Visited today from out of town. My boyfriend and I are both librarians. We enjoyed visiting Grip (Charles Dickens taxidermied raven) and the exhibits in the rare book area. The hornbooks (textbooks) were in great condition and very interesting! The security guard and all staff were welcoming and friendly. As a librarian with several years experience in public libraries, my quick glance at the collection and programs offered seemed appropriate for residents. Also - there was a free book talk from an author I enjoy (Dennis Lehane) tonight, but unfortunately I couldn't stick around for it. Thanks all! Good job!

Fabio & Maria Castelblanco

Very Clean friendly

PeekaBoo Berry

Beautiful building, great location, really good hours, and friendly, helpful staff (including security). I also love their Author Events, many of which are free and educational. I plan to volunteer my time and services in 2014.

Matthew Reed

One of my favorite places in philly, everything about this place is amazing.

Aurora MacRae-Crerar

Pictures and print department is unparalleled.

Abigail Cember

This library, in almost all respects, is on-par with the main library of a major university. The architecture is fabulous, and the collections rich enough to support academic research and impress bystanders. I particularly love the "literature and criticism" room, which is the one you'll end up in if you walk through the main entrance and keep going straight. The only respect in which the Central library falls short, as a previous reviewer mentioned, is foreign language selection. For some reason, the Free Library system distributes books in other languages by where they think that population lives; Russian books, for example, are almost entirely located in libraries in the Northeast. This makes sense in a way, but it does seem that the grand Central Library should have the most of everything. If you are looking for foreign language, a somewhat arbitrary selection of books in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and a handful of other languages can be found on the second floor balcony of the "popular" reading room.

Kenneth J. Orlich

Poor. No one taking call. Ken


main branch

Kenneth Gibson

Great building lots to learn



Sassy VSE

The security has a power trip!

Bryan Berend

Great library! They have regularly scheduled tours of the entire building. Besides being beautiful, there are also facilities for teach new skills like cooking and I the basement there's a museum of sorts with some cool oddities (like Charles Dickens's taxidermied pet raven)

Kuan-Yew Clive

Horrible WiFi service, horribly placed bathrooms, beautiful building.

Natsu Dragneel

Its so nice and quiet to read the book. I read about Anime books

stanley cohen

As a frequent attendee to the author events, I was outraged and disappointed that Mr, Williams, who introduced Walter Isaacson used the proposed Tax Bill as a reason to contribute to the Free Library. His job was not to be political and especially using such a highly controversial Bill as a justification for wealthy people to use their potential tax savings to support the Library ( as if that were a reason to support the legislation). The Podium should not be used for a misguided political statement. I trust you will communicate my comments to Mr. Williams. Thank you.

Olga Sapunova

It was quite a big dissapointment to find out that they have such a small and poor choice of Russian literature, could not find anything good for my teenagers... Friends told me that library doesn't have good books anymore, and looks like it's true.

Bogna J

Love Sundays on Stage. Great events!

Kathryn Donahue

Sergio Kaercher

Amazing place

Gary Morrison

Beautiful building

Kort Walsh

This place is epic in many respects and shows the founders devotion to creating a Library for all of Philadelphia, even the World. Tons of collections and great places to sit and read. Everyone, most days, is helpful and the security guards are wonderfully snarky and hope you return. A must visit, read a book! Look up art, literature and any subject really!! Huge and endless hallways and cool sculptures and donated work. Like a historical display of devote educators.

Jaime Porta

Una buena parada si vas recorriendo la ciudad camino del museo de Arte. Impresionante la foto antigua que precede la entrada en el segundo piso para compara el espacio con algún siglo se diferencia.

Ashley Sanichar

Impressive and we'll resources free public library. An unbelievable service for the public. Professional staff and spotless interiors.

Krishnasamy srisubramanian

Magnificent place for any one to visit. The style and structure is very attractive .

Whitty Hutton

A nice quiet place to sit and get work done!

Stephen Weber

A massive, beautiful establishment that, as the name suggests, is absolutely free. It has an extensive collection both on-site and across its other branches. WiFi is free for library card holders (which is also free to apply for). If you get lost, and there's a good chance you will on a first visit, ask the staff. They're there to help and they are tremendously helpful.

Jackie S Yoon

Must go for all ages Librarians are very kind. Architecture itself is beautiful as well.

Stephen Arnold

last time i visited here with friends and we had great experience here because of the quality book and calm ambiance. The staff was was friendly and the management was superb. Recommended place

Straw Playz

This is the best library out of all of them and they have sooo many books my favorite area is the teen department because they got a section just for teens

Angel Sams


John Riopka

an excellent resource for the community. quiet, beautiful architecture, helpful services, and caring staff.

sameer spratley

It was nice people was friendly and helpful

Jody Lurie

Great for studying

Steven Sutherland

Nice library with wide variety of collection . The a,ambiance was relaxing and positive. I like to visit here because i love to to read and it's my hobby. So i would definitely refer this place to all the book readers.

Raymond Delacruz

I love this place. Beautiful building, always something going on, great collection

Riichi Ota

Great place, beautiful, plenty of books of every category, and FREE

Damon Daniels

Shut off a lot Barry indeed I do need some good changes on the Philadelphia library your catering to them on to the homeless that's why I don't come back there you need to do some new changes on the Philadelphia library because I see a lot of people own to New York City today library already been there this is king Daniels if you're always going to be my library I just gave you full for stars

Petre Ene

Impressive building and a great source of knowledge

jayce emmanuelle Donley Scorpio

Nice place staff helpful

A Wali

Friendly staff, and very helpful. Massive collection of books and videos. The WiFi works really well, I usually bring my own devices to use and sit in the cafe, because sharing those computers on the second floor with strangers just isn't very productive at all.

eugene gourley

Main philly library got all the resources

Peter Bachman

Saw David Lynch here talk about his art school history. The lecture series is very worthwhile.

Francine Donato

Never open.

Rachel Garber

I went to this library for the first time when I was 16 in 1960. This is an excellent example of Beaux Art architecture, and is a gem on Logan Square, with a magnificent collection of books, including a whole room devoted to their music department. Their rare books on the third floor includes Incunabula, cuneiform tablets, letters of Charles Dickens, letters of Presidents. European and Oriental manuscripts, autograph manuscripts and letters of Edgar Allan Poe, and numerous other first editions of Coleridge, Shaw. Kipling Swinburne Twain, and Oscar Wilde, among others. The rare books department was also gifted .

Andre Geffen

Great place all the info you would ever need I come here all the time

Yalsa Research

This is a beautiful library. The tour of the rare books section is amazing ( it includes cuneiform tablets, first edition classics, and even a private Victorian era library that was donated to the collection). Also be sure to explore the huge main rooms, including a map room, a music room, and a huge main reading room. For tourists and locals alike, this library is an underappreciated gem

Buffone Anneke

Such a fantastic library! They even carry children’s books in a variety of languages! Sometimes even multiple different books in a language.

Cfxlive One

Very nice formal ball

Josie Davis

Incredibly rude employees. I called ahead to clarify what I needed to get a library card and they were incredibly rude and unhelpful and refused to give me one despite bringing what I was told.

Adrive E

I love the kids section , they have toons of books in different language which is awesome because I'm teaching my girls Spanish .

Kyung Cho

Another beautiful architecture in downtown Philadelphia that's located in famous Logan Square with newly renovated Shakespeareparks just across Vine St. Must go inside the library to experience the grand lobby area and equally impressive twin stares to the second floor of the library. A great place for visitors and locals to cool off during hot summer months. TIP: Clean and safe restrooms without the pressure to buy anything.


Love this Library

Melvin Bush


Chris Fried

Flagship branch for the Philadelphia free library system.

Medicina Ying Xiong

Generally a great place in Philly, u could see all kinds of books and people in the city..... from some classy fashion people to some homeless in the street...... and they got lots of free resources for the citizens........ generally good...... also wonderful location

Mohammed Daulat

Good collection.

Evelyn Zhang

Beautiful exterior. However, the reading rooms are full of people talking and not respecting it being a library.

Nancy Pham

Amazing building with an incredible amount of books on multiple levels. You can also host wedding receptions there.

Maria Rodriguez

No Wi-Fi for out of town guest...To many male homekess men even though this a college city campus.The library's aesthetic are beautiful and classic.

Akanksha Sinha

The most beautiful library in Philadelphia in the heart of city. Staffs are friendly, helpful & cooperative. Very resourceful for all age groups. The new music instrument lending program is a plus. There are many things you can explore here to learn, grow and succeed.


Great architecture and collection.

Steve Petry

Excellent religious section, courteous staff

Patrick Betteley

Really nice library and they have a great selection of books great place to sit relax and enjoy a book

James Kalb

Best building in the Free Library system.

Veronica Werneck

(Translated by Google) Great! (Original) Excelente!

Zoe Springer

The place was quite decent and positive which i like the most. The Atmosphere was calm and the location was superb. here all the stuff was well displayed and also the book were very unique and interesting. The WiFi service was also a plus point. If i talk about the seats were also comfortable. Overall this place is perfect for the readers. Recommended place!!!

blackie3740 Sansone

What a great old building! You must look up! Lol! Every room is hand sculpted!


Books , computers, and study rooms. Awesome library.

Sewon Oh

(Translated by Google) Although bojineun look into is the flavor seems good. You can do this free library. (Original) 들어가 보지는 않았으나 외양은 운치가 좋아 보입니다.무료도서관이 이렇게 좋다니..

Violet Powers

Information is awsome.

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