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REVIEWS OF Metropolitan Library System - Northwest Library IN Oklahoma

Amanda Jordan African Cichlid Love

Libraries are a place to take your children and obtain resources, things like friendly faces and calm voices are to be expected. The staff and facility go above and beyond this expectation. Northwest library is a wonderful example of being both full of knowledge and hospitality. If you are looking for a comfortable place to learn or educate this library is at the top of the list.


Love so many things about this library: the architecture, space, clean bathrooms, most tables have a power outlet which is super great, and space! (Yes I know I said space’s really great to know that no matter how late you get here, you’ll find an empty sitting spot to read, and lots of space out in the open to quickly eat your meals) Now, I spend an average of 10hours here daily. I’m preparing for board exams and i bring all my materials with me, including my computer, so I’m clearly coming for the quiet a library should offer. However, I find myself having to read lines multiple times due to the distraction of children screaming or crying and that’s te only reason this isn’t a 5star review. I know its a family library/activity centre and as such people of all ages are welcome, but is there a way there could be rooms designated for complete silence? I’m staying on top of the situation by wearing earplugs/headphones but this can’t possibly be a lasting solution. Help, please.


Very good study environment

Carmen Walker

Tyler Mueggenborg

Heather Burke

Beautiful facility and knowledgeable staff. The building is lovely like a museum and well laid out. The books are vast and the computers are very nice. My only qualm is that there is a kid's toy in the toy area that squeaks loudly when the children are turning it's wheel. The problem with this is, even if the children are being quiet with the toy, the staff will come and tell them to be quieter. Which has happened to a friend and myself on occasion. Thus, I feel like they should remove the toy if it is that disruptive rather than let the children play with it. Over all, it's a pleasantly fun place. The patios are lovely and the sheer design of the tables and seating is modern comfort.


Beautiful building, taken care of, good neighborhood. Best library in Oklahoma!

Michele Alderson

Willecia Bowen

Friendly,closer to home.

Amber Bewley

This library is one of the nicest ones I've seen, but the constant dinging of cell phones, loud phone conversations and crying children make it useless to me when I'm looking for a quiet place to study. I won't be back.

Austin Riley

Aaron Heckendorn

Great place! Been asked to keep my drink with lid out of computer area, and as you can tell I'm white from the pic. :/ The services and everything in it is free,, but I noticed people still find ways to complain, love the staff and the environment.

Ulrich Prenzlow

Lacretia Grant

Best Library & Staff Ever. They go above and beyond to get what you request. Love the books on CD's. Only suggestion is to improve ALL the Playaways. Some old ones left.

Anand Jogalekar

Awesome library,Helpful staff,Spacious sitting area.


Edward Anderson

Always plenty of computers to use and very helpful staff.

Bri Buck

I went to a crochet/knit meeting today held by kassy and it was so fun! I suggest anyone going to this FREE class if you have a love for yarn and yarn things. Clean facility and friendly staff.

Deanna Skinner

Great selection of books, comfortable seating and enclosed glass rooms, friendly and helpful staff

Angel Hurley

I love this library! They have a fun little section for little kids to play at while i look for books for my son, which i really love! It has a huge selection and the staff is SO friendly and helpful, my family loves coming here. I love that you can check out your books with a new system that makes it so easy and fast. You just put your books on a counter and a chip reader checks them all out at once for you, and they have a neat return bin too. Love it

Nafeesa Louie

Morgan Wold

Lupin Tonks

Love it

colby maldives

Sushi Foerster

They are literally the only library I mostly get all my comics!


Great place clean quiet and very helpful and professional staff.

Mayte Saucedo

great clean and quiet library

Cindy Spaeth

Love the helpful staff. They are true professionals

Jordan Lowe

I love this library!!! Only library I will go too.

Shombrae Lawrence

The staff will take the time to help you with a positive attitude.

Wyjuana Montgomery

Beautifully laid out, spacious library. It is modern and has these wonderful glass, private workspaces you can reserve for up to 2 hours as well.

David Glover

Beautiful facility, tall ceilings, nice private rooms and public areas, very comfortable. Great place to read and get work done.

Mikel Ibarra

This is a great library with a wonderful staff. They have a great music and DVD selection too!

Lucretia McGary

This is one of the best libraries in the city! The staff is helpful, computers are always available, & there is always somewhere to sit & WiFi.

Mckenna Garrett-Hill

Vivek Nair

Tranisha Green

I had a gatorade in my had which had a lid on it. So, i approaches a employee white man sitting at the computers (his office/desk), he was very rude as if he bought and paid for the library himself. He explains "no drinks" i said has a lid and if i could sit the drink on his desk for 5 min. I really only needed 3 min to login to my account print some documents and leave. He said you can take it to your car "i would've cursed him out" if my day was already going as bad as it could get. The employees as i walked in said it was fine bc i had a lid then i walk over to this idiot. This is a place to relieve stress and calmly relax but it was soo tense. Although this women at a computer rght in front of him was loudly yelling at her children yet worried about my drink that had a secure lid. I am sure it's racial profile i am African American and ny husband Mexican, this white older looking man with glasses wasn't pleasant at all they should get rid of him and next time he will stop and think how can i make my customers happy or have a better day. I have a laptop, iPad 3, must invest in a copier, fax, printer home office all in one printer. It's sad enough i have to leave my home to print papers and use these public places when i can do it in my own home..i though tax dollars paid for these publi places well this day this guys sure actwd as if it's his money paid for it get rid of him..

Addie Rice

I love this library, it's amazing! However, every time I go to check out children's books they are 95% most likely not on the shelves even though the website says they are in. I literally looked for 8 books once and not one of them were to be found where they should be.

Kay Clare

I really enjoy this library. It has lots of natural light, open space, and private rooms if you need a quiet place to study. In addition, the staff is very helpful. I like the other library facilities throughout the metro area, but Northwest is the best.

Jeff Elcyzyn


YRC Nkum

Awesome!! Respectful people, organized facility

Samara Altaie

Susie Sun

One of my favorite libraries, staffs are very helpful and friendly. They have more study rooms than other libraries in the system.

Aysia Bruner

Comfortable place to work and amazing kids area to bring my niece's , and younger sisters while I study.

Rick Sacks

Great building that our kids love to visit. As others have noted it is less than a formal library environment which is I feel is important to attract kids and introduce them to joys of reading.

babychristiana 4ever

Ambiance is very nice

Jason Cox

Have books Reading the printed word increase your vocabulary and your too mind.

Rob Catlin

Bologna sandwiches

Rebecca Jacks

Beautiful library, great selections, and friendly staff

Snow Man

Patricia Uselton

Gregg Boonstra

Fantastic library with lots of study desks and reading space

Majestic Destiny

M R Noneya

Excellent staff, service, environment, and the dinosaur outside is pretty darn cool.

Bentley Beard

April Bell

I love going to the library

Steve Francis

Parsa Kazemi-Esfarjani

Excellent staff, service, and environment for acquiring knowledge via multimedia.

UzimaMeansLife K

Kaylah Chrystal

El Salvador Positivo

Fantastic library with some bad worker one guy the white skinny guy

Ashley Benson

I read a lot of books here! It's so peaceful and the design of the library is super cool! They have a wide variety of books and the staff just makes it better!

Melanie Corbett

Anita Baker

Most wonderful library I have ever visited, ever! Love the natural light and all the reading areas. Also love all the kind and helpful employees! So comfortable I could live here! A suggestion that I have: wish we had a computer catalogue for all the CDs, especially the books on tape. Usually when I use this area, it's a time consuming project to go from shelf to shelf (there are so many). I'm usually browsing for something to take on a quick trip and don't know the authors that well. Thank you for any helpful suggestions that you might have for me.

Alejandro Ojeda-Nonzioli

This is a good place, clean and organized. Staff is very friendly. However, I feel it should be called a community center rather than a library. There are no silence signs that I can see, and people talk at full voice unabated. It's so tremendously noisy that it is hard to concentrate for serious studying or peaceful reading. Two ladies babbled without end at full voice for over 45 minutes today and no one from staff said anything. They could be heard accross half the library, I think. Everyone picks up the cell phone to talk without leaving the area. You can constantly hear the pings of text messages. There was a meeting of older gentlemen in one of the crystal rooms today, with loud laughing and when they exited they left talking loudly and laughing all the way to the exit. It's a pity it has to be this way. :(

Cameo Hardwick

DESPICABLE! Our children were turned away at the door, when asked why given multiple excuses that were full of B.S. How do you turn away kids from a library! DESPICABLE just DESPICABLE!

Lennon Patton

This is my favorite branch in the Metropolitan Library system. Fantastic modern design, comfortable seating, and helpful staff. The best place in NW OKC for work, study, and relaxation.

Carl Hinote

All study tables have electrical outlets and the wifi is awesome. Little less screaming/crying children would be nice.

Jarod Peters

Amazing place. Beautifully designed and a relaxing place to study inside or on their amazing patio.

Kathryn Richter

Lawrence Ross

Architecturally an amazing and open space. Libraries are NOT a thing of the past. The Internet is full of information. A library is full of knowledge. At least with the right support staff. This facility certainly has that.

Kristine Franklin

I love my local library!


My favorite library in okc so far. Helpful and friendly staff always Beautiful inside and out Always clean Self check out kiosk DVD and CD selection Wonderful play area for the kids inside and outside.

Brenda Harris

It reminds me of Phoenix Arizona where I'm from. Staff is always ready to help anyone. They are nice and the architecture makes it a Beautiful place to visit.

Brian Mclanahan

awesome library. I really enjoy how new it is and how clean it is. also i like that they have many different areas to study. perfect for study sessions.

Theressa Hall

great place to study and do homework. very nice & quiet

Joy Dulaney

I love this library. It’s really pretty and it’s huge. Sometimes there are tons of cars in the parking lot and it seems like it will be crowded. I’ve never had to wait to check out. I do wish they had more than one place to turn in books. Sometimes there are people who have lots of books and they have to be put in one st a time. Kinda annoying when I only have one book. Other than that I have never had any issues. That are great.

Er Bu

Pros: very open, lots of natural light, all the tables have electrical outlets on them, the glass study rooms Cons: It is so very loud in the library it does not matter which day you come on, Some days there is no room to sit and study, do to it being so busy I wish there was a quite room/area of the library. The glass study rooms are great but they are limited to only two hours at a time. An idea is the room that is used for classes and meetings over by the restroom when not being used should maybe be used as a quite area.

Kendra Burton

something needs to be done about the screaming, crying children. It's been a few times I read a passage more than twice simply because of the crying and yelling. I expected the staff to kindly address the parents but nothing was done. What happened to teaching kids the rule of the library. Setting an age limit should definitely be considered. Really don't want to hear your toddler have a tantrum.

Stephen Bell

A quiet, well-lit, wonderful place to go to get some work done. The staff have been friendly and helpful. Incredibly fast wifi.

Kristen Rowan

Nicole N.

Van Dang

Lots of space to study, clean, outlets everywhere, natural light, comfortable room temperature. People and children can be loud especially due to the open layout of the library every noise seem to carry. But I just bring ear plugs, headphones and some instrumental music and find a table in the corner.

Brice Mbolong

This is the best library in Oklahoma Cit; may be it is the best library in the entire state. Staffs are nice; the place is always clean, beautiful and inspiring.

Suzanne Creegan


I absolutely love this library! It has an awesome staff as well as comfortable places to study or read. The only thing that keeps this review from have five stars is the amount of loud children I happen to come across. I understand that it isn't the staff's place to hush children that aren't there own, but maybe a new rule could be implemented that if a child is screaming for 5-10 minutes straight, staff could politely ask the guardian to quiet their kids out of respect for others in the library?

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