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M Wiggs

I can't properly express my shock, wonder and extreme pleasure when I saw what they had done to my 1869 Hitchcock's new and complete analysis of the Holy Bible. It was a mess. The cover was not attached. The first few pages were seriously torn and the whole book was worn. They were able to save all the original pages, the front and back and binding and it looks beautifully brand new now. It was well worth the expense involved and the waiting time. It took almost 6 months but the task at hand involved extremely delicate and detailed work and it was meticulously done. They treated my book as though it was their own and you can see the respect and care they give to their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has an antique book that needs to be salvaged. This is the place to go to get that done...…...and done RIGHT. Thank you so much. Your work is greatly appreciated and the book will hold a place in the family for generations to come, because of your work.

Susan Dunn

We had an awesome experience getting my Amplified Bible rebound and"brought up to speed" so to speak from Ace Bookbinding. They take jobs in the order they receive them. They did a great job - there were water damaged Bibles in front of mine and I know they brought much comfort to the owners of those formerly water damaged Bibles by returning them to their original shape or better! There is absolutely nothing like getting your precious old worn out Bible back up to "better than before" shape and condition! If you are thinking about refurbishing yours please strongly consider Ace. You will be glad you did! Thank you for your ministry guys! You are a blessing to the Body of Christ!! Amen

Colmon Burrell

These guys are incredible. They rebound my bible approx 7 years ago, and it remains in pristine condition to this day. The rebind, has been infinitely more durable than the original. During the process, they were very attentive and contacted me several times to ask questions ensuring they had everything to my preferred specifications. Ringing endorsement! They took my favorite bible that had degraded to a terrible condition and revived it so that it's as good as new!

RS Bryan

Our family Bible was falling apart after twenty-five years of constant use. They recovered it and made it look even nicer than the original! Very well done! Plan on giving them plenty of time to do the work.

Randy King

Just received my mother's 61 year old study Bible that only had half a cover. I'm totally satisfied with the rebinding. It was well worth the time it took . Thank You Al!

Sherry Shearer-Ayres

Several months ago, I took my precious and well-used Bible to Ace Bookbinding Company to see if they could save and repair all the frayed pages, etc. The Bible was one that my late husband gave me as a gift years ago. Ace did an absolute marvelous restoration; it looks like a beautiful, new Bible with real leather, my name engraved, etc. I am thrilled to have my Bible back in mint condition, saved with all my color-coding Bible passages, notes, etc. Ace Bookbinding Company is the place to go; and they are wonderful, kind and courteous people.

Richard Turner

I sent Ace my mother's bible to Ace for rebinding in 2016. The work is superb and the bible looks great. I called every so often to check on the progress. Nathan was always very professional in his communications. I am just grateful to find a business that takes the time and care to restore an actual printed book in an increasingly digital world. Our local bindery that I had used previously closed several years ago.

Diane Hendo

I wish that there were more stars available!! The service and the work done by this company is amazing! I had a copy of a thesis my husband wrote in 1967. We lost the original in Hurricane Katrine. I sent it to Ace and just received it back. It is beautiful and will be treasured by our family forever. I worked with Nathan on the job and he was wonderful and able to translate what I wanted into a real work of art. Do not hesitate using this company, they do the job...and do it perfectly!!!

Nancy Hamilton

About ten years ago, I had my Bible rebound at Ace Bookbindery. It was in pieces and the cover had fallen off. When I received my Bible, I could not have been more pleased. The cover and binding were far nicer than the original. It still looks as beautiful today as it did ten years ago. Recently I noticed that my pastor/husband's Bible was in terrible shape and I decided to have it rebound for his birthday. I gave it to him this week. The following was his response: I am a pastor and my wife had my leather study Bible rebound for my birthday. The leather was tattered and the spine was breaking from constant use. When she gave me my newly rebound Bible, I was overwhelmed at its beauty and craftsmanship. We had chosen a natural leather from the samples Ace had sent us. The rest was up to them. Because of the deterioration of the spine the process took longer than we had anticipated, but it was well worth the wait. The end product is far more beautiful than when my Bible was new. All the lettering on the cover and spine was dark brown which made it look like it had been branded into the leather with a hot branding iron. The font used on the spine gave it an old world look which went beautifully with the natural multi-toned grain of the leather. The spine is rounded so it feels wonderful in my hands. The leather is supple, but thick. When I open my Bible, no matter where I open it, it lays evenly. I know this sounds humorous, but the day my wife gave me the rebound Bible, I went to the office and found it difficult to focus on my study because I kept admiring how gorgeous the Bible looked. Its like a custom made Bible just for me. My wife had her Bible rebound by the same company probably 10 years ago and it shows very little wear, even though she uses it every day. I would not hesitate to send my most valuable book to Nathan to be rebound. He will do whatever necessary to restore the book to its original condition or even better--like mine. Terry, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Justin Williams

I've had two projects completed with Ace Bookbindery and in both instances I have been very pleased. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship truly standout.

D Mott

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nathan at Ace Book Bindery. He was very professional and attentive to the needs of the customer. Mr. Nathan understands and holds dear that customer service is not a commodity. He holds the customer's concerns and suggestions dear and believes in 100% satisfaction. I worked with Mr. Nathan and his Team to rebind bibles for my Pastor and his wife. Ace Book Bindery did not just a good job but an excellent job. I truly do believe if you give Ace Book Bindery a try, you will be well pleased. I highly recommend them. Superb Job, Mr. Nathan and Team and look forward to working with you again in the future!!!

Elliott McKenzie

I could not be happier with my experience with Ace. I imagined it would be an experience where I would ship the Bible and have limited involvement afterwards but Nathan called me following receipt and discussed options in clarity and went over and beyond! This was the Bible my wife received when she became a believer and Ace exceeded our expectations in restoring it. Thank you Ace!

Josh H

Amazing !!!! They would not only take there time to do the LORD'S work. They where so humble as well just great work! God is good, and I would diffidently recommend Ace, for there Christian hospitality as well.

Lisa Longmire

I had Ace to rebind a cherished study bible for me and it turned out beautiful. I wanted a unique color and asked them what they could do. They provided a chartreuse leather that was buttery soft with a nice glossy texture. They finished it off with silver stamping and silver inside pages. Now I have the unique bible that I wanted. Job well done.

Valerie Cearley

Just today, I received my beautifully restored, 27-year-old study Bible in the mail from Ace Bookbinding. I had asked an acquaintance for recommendations about who might re-cover my frayed, tattered, heavily used Ryrie Study Bible. I'm so glad she recommended Ace, whose craft- and workmanship are amazing! They did so much more than simply rebind my Bible. They restored all smudged, wrinkled pages, repaired the spine, re-bound the Bible with premium calf skin--and more! The artisans at Ace are true craftsmen who value customers and the Bibles entrusted into their care. Every interaction with them was a joy. My Bible looks brand new, yet retains my notes written in it over nearly three decades!

Emily Gladden

They did an awesome job in rebinding my precious Bible!!! Looks better then when was new.

Tyler Hajewski

Amazing family, amazing business. They were able to turn a Sherlock Holmes book into something that could be passed down for generations. If you have anything you want repaired or done up, don't hesitate to give them a call!

Ghost Dog

I called to ask if they could cover some books in Mylar and was told yes and to bring them in. When I arrived, the owner told me about a bunch of other things they could do to protect my books. I replied that all I wanted was Mylar coating, nothing else. He wouldn't do it for some reason. I sure wish he would have told me that over the phone so I could have saved a trip downtown.

Devon Prescott

Update to the update: Owner contacted me and I have my book now. It looks fantastic. There was a delay in delivery and I did have to remind them. I will be bringing other work in. Update: the owner has contacted me and we are working on getting my volume bound next week. I will keep this review updated.

Jerry Ellis

I was amazed when I saw the result of my book. They are true 'artists' at Ace and I highly recommend them to anyone. While I selected the leather to use, they pretty much designed the rest. As you can see, it is beautiful. Could not be more pleased. Plus, very nice to work with.

Vince Maltempi

Outstanding experience!! They made my precious and beloved Bible better than brand new! Great to work with too, and very reasonably priced for the quality. Highly recommend!! Nathan and the crew are awesome!

Donna Grant

Nathan at Ace did an amazing job. My cherished bible was literally falling apart when I sent it in. Their restoration totally surpassed my expectations. Nathan was great to work with and patiently communicated the work that was involved. I am so grateful to have my bible back in such beautiful condition.

l garri

They rebound my mother's WW2 wartime cookbook (a family heirloom that was practically falling apart) expertly, and they even preserved the original binding! It's beautiful and will remain a family heirloom for many more years. Well worth the money!

Bob Price

Wow , Wow, Wow, I just received my Bible back from you and Wow was I amazed at how nice it turned out. You are truly Craftsmen at your trade. I am excited beyond belief!!!!!!! What a Blessing. This Bible was given to me 15 years ago by my wife and I thought I wore it out and would have to retire it. I purchased a different Bible in the interim and was disappointed as I wasn’t able to just turn to places in my new Bible like I can with this one. I am happy beyond words!!! This Bible was the first real Bible that my wife had given me and means a lot to me. Thank you!!

Mike Barnett

I am beyond satisfied with the work of Ace Book Bindery Co. Nathan and his team do an excellent job as unto the Lord. The Bible I have used for years will now stay together for years to come. Thank you Ace. Without hesitation I give you my highest recommendation!

Tamara McMillan

Very easy to work with. Contacted me to see that I was getting everything done that I had requested. Will use them again.

Tyler Heidebrecht

Ace's Book Bindery rebound my Grandfather's Bible and it looks perfect, I am very happy with the service. Also, Ace's staff is very friendly and I felt very welcome when I was there. Thank you!

Laura Harris

I had been in search of a place to print a one copy leather bound, unpublished book, just sort of a memoirs type thing for a friend. I checked around and no one would only do one copy of a book until I found this place. Nathan and his associate were very happy to do it for me. They added some special touches to the book to make it perfect! It was a very customized piece but they were able to accommodate just fine! I was so happy with the turn out! I’ll definitely be back for my next project! The whole experience was exceptional. Their customer service is top notch and personal. I’m so glad I went with them instead of some random company online. I would have never got what I wanted going that route.

Susan Ketch

Just returned from picking up my newly bound study Bible which has been with me for years and is very precious to me because of notes and prayers listed through many years. I have been grinning from ear to ear and just cannot thank Nathan and Ace for the incredible care taken and for the quality of work performed! HIGHLY recommend them!

anissa mundy

This company is an awesome company to do business with. The quality of work done on my Bible was GREAT, as it was "well used". I would highly recommend them and would use them again if needed. Great customer service as well.

Megan Gregg

Once again, Nathan and the rest of the team at Ace Bookbinding have done a wonder with my bible. I sent my NIV Study bible to them a few years ago to be rebound with the wear and tear of 10+ years of use. They impressed me then, and continue to amaze me with their talent, care and diligence to deliver a pristine product. I only had to send it back so soon after my first experience because I am recently married and wanted my new name imprinted on the front cover. You would think my bible was their own with the care and thought they put into their work. When they sent it back the first time, Nathan commented that my "sword had been sharpened for the next few decades", and that has stuck with me ever since. They truly understand the weight of what they're doing, and they work at it with all their hearts. Plus the customer service is impeccable. Well done, good and faithful servants.

Kristen Bell

I couldnt possibly express the gratitude i have for Nathan. He done the impossible for me and it turned out even better than i imagined. The customer service was amazing. I will most definitely bring my service here again. Thank you again Nathan. You made my whole year!! ❤

Dr. Lourrinda Renee

He has bound my two thesis and dissertations. Amazing binding in leather.

George Weiss

Beautiful workmanship! My bible from 1975 looks better than new. I have new note pages by request and the quality is beyond new!! What a kind soul the owner is. I tell folks about this all the time.

Lynne Ledanois

Ace Bookbindery has done an incredible work of restoration on my bible. It was in a such state that I really thought it would be impossible to do anything about it but they did.They are God's gifted workers,Nothing they cannot accomplish. Patrick,California

anti spam

We can't say enough good things about our experience with Ace Bookbinding. Working with Al and Nathan was a pleasure. Great care was taken in sending and receiving our irreplacable family Bible to and from Ace. Nathan is a true artisan (no doubt - Al is also!), and the work Nathan did on this OLD Bible is really amazing (see "before and after" picture)! If you're thinking of using their services and are not sure if you can trust them with your heirloom, then please contact Nathan or Al, and ask them to put you in contact with the Watson family so we can give you our recommendation or answer any questions you may have about our experience with Ace. My only regret is that I can only give them 5 stars. They certainly deserve more than that. The investment we made, and the decision to hire Ace Bookbinding for this thorough craftsmanship job was absolutely the right decision. Thank you again, Al and Nathan!!

Larry Walsh

They are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Love the fellowship we had when we entered their business. They are very kind and understanding on the details you want done to the precious books you want done. They did an outstanding job on my old Bible. It was done in great fashion and would encourage anyone wanting a bookbindery business to choose this one. YOU WILL BE BLESSED

Jeff DeSpain

Simply amazing! Ace took a 130 year old book that was in absolutely horrible condition and brought it back to life. The care and artistry Nathan and the rest of the staff at Ace put into the book will make it a family treasure for generations. I can’t give a higher recommendation.

Micah McMinn

Nathan and the team over at Ace are AWESOME! I sent my ESV to them and they've been super cool the whole way. They're truly a team/company that value's the customer's desire in the product. My Father-in-Law has a completed bible that was done with true cowhide. It's super nice. I can't wait till mine comes in the main in just a few days! Basically, what i'm getting at is.... give these guys your business. You won't regret it.

Gwen Martinez

Very pleased with the actual work on my study Bible. The quality is fantastic. While my conversations with the company were always very pleasant, they always necessitated me reaching out to them. The work was not done in the time frame quoted and multiple calls were required by me to actually get the Bible shipped after being told the work was complete. It took a full year to get it back.

Steve Anderson

The best book binding and repair company in the United States. Nathan is exceptional. It takes a bit more time but well worth the wait. The nest quality work anywhere. Thanks. I'll be back.

Margie Gossmeyer

this place is absolutely amazing! they did everything exactly as i wanted and did it even better than i imagined! they took a Bible that my father has had for over 20 years and remade it like new! they are a small family owned business that truly takes pride in the beautiful work they do. you can’t find that kind of care from big businesses. if you have any type of refinishing that needs done for books that mean the world to you, go here! they won’t let you down!

Grace Brown

I have looked for words to describe the experience that I have had with Ace Bookbinding, since they rebound my first Bible around 2005 and the only one that comes to mind is EXCEPTIONAL. The time and care that is taken to get to know you and what your Bible means personally, and then the application of that knowledge coupled with their craft, has been a beautiful experience every time. And I say every time, because I have trusted Nathan and Ace Bookbinding with three Bibles between 2005 and this year. This last being the most special one, my son’s Bible, given to him at age 6, was rebound to preserve it for his use as an adult. To see him receive it with joy at 18 like he did when he was a little boy meant the world to me! Thank you Nathan, for so many great years of ‘understanding’ what it was I was looking for. May God continue to bless you, and the work of your hands.

Alex Sherman

The end result was beyond my expectations! Nathan handled my business from beginning to end and he made some excellent suggestions on how to best rebind my father's old copy of the Adventures of Sherlock Homes. After I had decided on color and material I turned the book in an paid it all upfront (Nathan offered the option to pay half then, the rest when the work is done) and then waited. If you've never had a book re-bound like this you're in for a long wait but the end result is worth every minute. The book I gave him had a plain, cheap cover. What I got back is now something that will be proudly passed down to the next reader. I can tell Nathan takes pride in his work, during the re-binding he elected to add the raised edges on the spine and inlay a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes to the front cover to capture "that 19th century feeling." These touches were included at no additional cost to me and earned Nathan/Ace Bookbinding my business for life.

Ted Buckley

The Bible you recently did for me was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by how well you were able to maintain the integrity of my old Bible. It was the first Bible I received when I became a Christian and I wanted to pass it on to my daughter when out step out of this earth to my new home in Heaven. You did a masterful job in giving me the peace of mind that i will have something to give her that was a very important part of my life. That was the third Bible your company has done for me and I would recommend it to any and all those who would have need of your service. Thanks for taking such great care of my life changing book of instruction. A JOB WELL DONE! Grace & Peace, Ted Wellsville Baptist Church Homebound Pastor {So naturally we proclaim Him} Col. 1:27-29


Nathan and Company were a joy to deal with. If you're a reader of Gods word please be sure to get your Bible restored here. It's imperative that you cover your descendants with Gods word and working with someone who pays attention to this detail is nothing but awesome . Do you realize what they do?_They restored Gods word? They take the BIBLE apart and reconstruct it to its like new condition and a lifetime guarantee... God is good! Nathan Blessings to you and everyone there. Jerome... Chicago area.

Gerrie Mims

I just received by KJV Life Application Bible rebounded by Ace Bookbinding and I could not be more delighted with the results. I sent them a well read, extremely marked, falling apart Bible and if it were not for my personal notations and markings I wouldn't believe it was the same one. Not only did they restore it to its original binding state but the care they took to maintain my markings (including Avery Tabs with notations) was extraordinary. I accidentally left petals from a precious pressed rose in the Bible and they wrapped them in cellophane and returned them to me with the Bible. And last but by no means least the Spirit of Christ felt when speaking with Nathan assured me that my Bible was in the right hands. God bless you for the work you do and you have my highest recommendation.

Robert O'Briant

It's no surprise that all reviews on these dear people have recieved five stars. My wide margin KJV Scofield was falling apart, and I panicked because it was out of print! I found Ace Bookbinding online, and spoke with Nathan. The damage was so extensive on my Bible that it took six months to repair. Nathan called me and gave complete details of the work that needed to be done. I was almost in tears when I opened the box and saw the magnificent craftsmanship! I've had this Bible as my study companion for more than fifteen years. Coffee stains and torn pages were completely restored without a trace of damage. The leather binding has no equal. Extra blank pages were added to the front and back. I was worried, at first, about my study notes being somewhat faded by the repair process, but it is as though I've recieved a new study Bible with notes already written in the margin. Nathan, I cannot thank or praise you, and your team enough. Just know that I have a stack of worn out Bibles that will be coming to you one by one over the next few years. You have earned my trust, and my business for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Becky Robbins

Dan Wells

Stephanie Culbertson

I’m studying for the CPA exam and one of my paperback books is almost 2” thick. It was really difficult to carry it back and forth. Nathan was able to take 1/16” off the spine and hole punch the pages so I could turn my book into a loose leaf book! He did a wonderful job I am so incredibly thankful!

Alisha Juarez

Absolutely stunning work. The pressed and straightened each page. They were able to save all of my marginal notes due to their careful precision and attention to detail. My new calf hide cover is beautiful quality. They add two ribbon markers (which I was so excited about!!), and blank pages in the front and back of my Bible for notes and things. I felt completely safe leaving my Bible full of years and years of college notes in it. Don’t think twice about sending these men your Bible, it will come back pristine. Thank you so much guys!

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