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REVIEWS OF Louisville Free Public Library IN Kentucky

Lexi Deshields

Have bad wifi for phones and no signal but wifi is great on their computers

Stephen Geiman

I have had no issues with this library but they need to get rid of the dope pushers and pay more attention to what's going on in their establishment SECURITY! NEEDS TO DO THEIR JOB!!!

Don Starling


David M Overstreet

Mckenna Middleton

Have had mixed bag of experiences here ,some pleasant, & others, well ;-not so much.... Overall ,I loveee❤the library- ,to read


Of all the libraries in Louisville, this is the one which has the most likelihood to have whatever it is I'm currently looking for. They've got extensive collections of CDs as well as books and records. Whenever I used to have to order a book at my old library's location, they'd order it from this one; the main one. The building is so vast that it echoes, and made of ancient, gorgeous stone. It's in an area that is a little dangerous and desperate, so I always watch everyone carefully. But other reviewers mentioned prostitutes and I have been there dozens of times and never met even one? I am appalled by the lack of humanity from other reviewers on here; homeless people are not somehow inanimate, distasteful lawn fixtures to be complained about, worthy of down-rating the place they've chosen to try to survive near. None of them have ever even approached me, much less been trouble; the library is a temperature-controlled, public place. As to the people working there, they've always been very cordial. They don't make exceptions, if you don't receive their emails and thus return your items late; I ended up paying quite a lot in the discovery that I shouldn't rely upon their emails. But the library staff have always been quite helpful. Apparently the library also has a 3D printer, although I'm unsure if it works.

Robin Moore

What a beautiful library. An amazing structure filled with wonderful books and services.

Naveen Kumar

Great people here. Book selection is good.

ashleigh staten

Great staff and children's programs

Vinay Kumar Chandrasekaran

Amazing government initiative. Hats off

Liz Morrow

Very friendly

Austin Marvin

There are occasional fights at this location and the security are overworked. The workers are never at the desk when they should be to help people and get caught in personal conversations instead of working to help the computer users.

Lauren Morrison

So much fun

Mary Wright

Very nice people

Cheryl Vanlier

No computers adults can use while the kids are using them in the kids section

Chris Satterly

Its a great library. Its expansive square footage is packed with everything you could ever want to read. Helpful staff will guide you to the book you are after.

Abby Wild

best place in the city

Joel Winhoven

Best library in Louisville!!

Autumn Robinson

I wanted to love this place because I love libraries and reading books. I will definitely try coming back again but there was human feces outside, lots of urine smells and disturbing images around the building. I know we can’t do much about the downtown homelessness surrounding the library but it’s off putting. I did really enjoy going through the KY archives upstairs. Like I said, I am willing to give the LFPL another try.

Derek Moore

A perfect place to get away and lose yourself in a good book. .

Evan Darrah

The old part of the Library is Beautiful! The space is open and welcoming. If you cant make it down there I recommend checking out their website which has free online books for patrons. Libraries are important to our future and our communities.

Bethany Gumm

The library was beautiful, well taken care of and offers a large variety of books and ebooks. They offer a lot if activities for families and kids.

Jason Anthony Witt

Rayna Lewis

Nkem Agwuocha

Some of their patrons are very loud and noisy

Karen Renata

Well used by the city residents!

Eric Dean

I have been to the library many times . I HAVE BEEN READING THE BOOK ( THE DARK POND ) I QUIT smoking marijuana and it has been 25 month's so far. i'm 34 ... I have not accomplished sh' in my life ... I am now starting to do something with my life ... I am going to become a cartoonist . There will only be one cartoon . There have been people coming over and they will not know that my family is acting stupid on purpose to make fun of what i could be doing if i just knew what was going on . My situation is fast. For some reason the people in it seem to be slow . I am becoming something sexual for now on out . I will be doing something . I am already aware of this . If someone is to ignorant; that has to be analyzed for Southern Playeristic. Please be calm. She will be coming soon. it will be beautiful. Will thing's go the way you planned ? Tip ... ( do not plan anything ) ... ( you do ... ) ! History of the JINGA ! ~ ~ Some people are ignorant ..... ! Qq ~

Barry Eddy Sr


Michele Jones

I always am welcomed there by the staff and the security team is awesome there.

Abdirahman A

Seth Mccraney

Like to read

Greg Davis

Beautiful building with a lot happening inside

Crazyjoker Games

Santana Bingham

midwest product reviews

Great staff. Free WiFi. You can bring your own laptop or phone for the WiFi, or use one of theirs. You will need a library card to use one of their laptop or computer. They have a children's room if you have little ones.

Jessica Milburn

Marlene Marlene

Its the library. What's not to love?!?!?!?


Starvin Artist

Stacey Johnson

June Dempsey

Best library around town. Have cool events. Great Liberians that greet you at the door. Cool teen section in the basement. Often have little displays in the hallway. Photos from local music night in January 2017

Emery Grace

Went here for the first time today. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and the library there was like a cardboard box compared to this place. It is MASSIVE. I was extremely overwhelmed. They have a section for everything you could think of. Any book you could possibly want, they have it. Sucks that there isnt free parking, but I know that wouldnt work in the heart of the city. This library is incredible and I will be spending many hours in here.

Eric Kellogg

Great place to study

Rachel Baldes

This location has the largest amount of the types of books I enjoy most (literary fiction).

The Key Mom

The main library is so amazing. It smells of stories and adventure.

Mary Lynn Hurst Riley

Friendly service. Family friendly.


The worst people working there with the ugliest faces and girth that you wouldn't believe. Library always stinking. And the worst service ever! Rude and no hospitality at all!

Jin Huang

The computers are fully occupied and need to expand to allow more users. I asked the clerks why "free" in the name of the library. Nobody can give an answer.

Ralph Jones

Guy tried to come in to my woman in a rude manner.

Anthony Rodgers

The Louisville public library is a great place

Juanelle Thomas

Great location and helpful staff. Has a wonderful childrens library and fun activities. I enjoy bringing my grandchildren here.

Resli Costabell

An emphasis on reading and education (not on media other than the written word), helpful and friendly staff, displays that look like a bookstore, buckets of useful and enjoyable free services. This library is the sign of a civilised society. As for Jeremy's comments about homeless people: yes, there are a number of people in the library who appear to be homeless. Most of them are reading quietly. I have zero problem with this. The only thing I have a problem with is Jeremy contrasting "homeless" with "normal". Libraries are for all of us, not just for those of us with homes.

Many Help

Nice Uninformative

Damien Lucifer

Great service to the community. They offer free wifi, laptops, computer use, art exhibits, children's area, meeting area, educational meetings, and much more. Security can be a tad bit "overbearing" due to interactions with a large amount of homeless who converge there to use restrooms. However, there is no substitute for professionalism and a well placed "ma'am" or "sir".

christopher skye

it's the Free Public Library

Megan Flaherty

Helena Gore

Great library !!

John Hislop II

Historic building, free WiFi, helpful staff, thousands of books.

Jason Gillette

Great Library for a somewhat large city and the homeless aren't as bad as say .. Austin TX

Robert Weaver

The library offers many programs in the world of books and outside books.

Jessica Craney

Great place

Kristen Hughes

Mom Ellen

Three cheers for the Drag Queen storytellers! Can't wait till the next one!

Herbert James

Beautiful lobby, excellent place to study. Friendly staff and lots of space.

Cynthia Ritter

Always a peace full environment with more polite people

Elizabeth McElroy

It's pretty sad when you can't even get help from librarians. I asked for help finding a book and was told well if you can't find it there then I don't know what to tell you and walking off. Too busy talking and playing games to help

Graeme Smith

Misty Brown

It's nice that AARP comes and does the taxes for free. Very convenient. Great to have a library close by.

Suzanne Nichols

Beautiful old part to the building and every free book you could want!

pappys princess

Kirstin Plunkett

I love the LFPL, I have been coming here since I was a kid! I am always able to use the computers, resources and receive assistance when needed and they are very hospitable to the less fortunate and homeless-I have always loved this location!

Benjamin Ariori

Misty Glin

The library staff was very unhelpful and on the verge of being rude. Took 35 students to the library to get a library card and was told since we were from Louisville yet we weren’t from Jefferson County then we would have to pay $25 for each of the students to get a FREE library card, so why not just change the name to Jefferson County Free Public Library. The fact of the matter was she didn’t want our students there and made it impossible for them to do what they needed to do so we wasted a day, gas and a bunch of time. The ladies name is Tracy and she like I said was unhelpful and rude. But the rest of the staff seemed willing to help but she would not allow them. Was it because we had a group of minority students??!

Nivea Almond


Allison Mayer

WiFi worked great, but outlets were in short supply.

Ben Hibben

Huge selection of books, as you might expect at a library, with great staff who offer many learning opportunities.

Robert Stearman

Support libraries! This is a beautiful location and is worth checking out, historic!

James Newson

Great library great books

Kim B

This location isn't as updated as some other locations, but that does give it some charm that feels like a more traditional library. It has a good selection and lots of programs. I love that the children's area is a separate room. It can be hard for my son to keep his library voice!

jhon wall

Kevin Milan

I work there!

Allen King

Free WiFi and ample computers for guests as well as members. Helpful librarians and staff.

Jayla Holder

This is such a huge library. I never have to wait in line for a computer or to check out books. They have mega staff on hand. I love the safty with the security officers, cameras and thick doors. I've had my purse stolen at the Hillview library however I'm certain that, won't happen here. Plus, it's always clean.

Charles Ramsey

The library takes up half a block which is what you would expect from a big city library. However the address is listed as York which is not a conttinous street and changes names several times. Why not use 750 south 3rd which would allow any one to find the library without a detailed map. Louisville is jammed with traffic I outraced an ambulance for 3 miles on my bicycle. Does the city really need people driving around looking for things?

Frank Castle

Not the best library, but only because of the homeless that use it as a hangout

Anita VIPKID Class

An emphasis on reading and education (not on media other than the written word), helpful and friendly staff, displays that look like a bookstore, buckets of useful and enjoyable free services. This library is the sign of a civilised society. As for Jeremy's comments about homeless people: yes, there are a number of people in the library who appear to be homeless. Most of them are reading quietly. I have zero problem with this. The only thing I have a problem with is Jeremy contrasting "homeless" with "normal". Libraries are for all of us, not just for those of us with homes.

Samantha Newson

Guillermo Dawkins

Great environment mostly but be ware of homeless

Kim Laun

Such a cool place!

Gerri Willis

Check out the stained glass dome in the original part of the library, facing York.

Erica Perry

My kids love to go to the library.

Jayden Miller

Debbie Stout

Muan Pi

Exhibit of paintings from my country. The architecture is something to be marveled. They might want to keep up with their maintenance for some parts of the library.

Jeremy Hines

good selection of books and other media but way too many homeless people hang out there and security guards like to harass normal patrons as well...I only go there when absolutely necessary

william glenn

Holli Ross

Great Library. Free Fax Services. Great Customer Service, Very helpful in computer lab. Need to update hours. Shows open today, however today is New Years Day and they are closed.

Que Price

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