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2020 Frederica St, Owensboro, KY 42301

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REVIEWS OF Daviess County Public Library IN Kentucky


larry gambill

Rebecca Thwaites

Friendly staff, fun events, clean, and well organized.

Jason Kirkman

Rude & Snotty

Alex FF12fanboy

This library has almost every book imaginable. They even have computers that you can rent. You can't go wrong with this's library!

gabriel grimes

Pretty terrific library. Lots of books, lots of activities for kids and adults, self-serve check out process.

Ryan Basham

Awesome library!! Not much of a reader, but they have an awesome selection of DVDs and Blu Ray Movies. As well as, video games!!

I've GoneAway

Let me tell you, oh noble review reader, of a once great pillar of society called a library, particularly the Davies County Library. That's L-I-B-R-A-R-Y not L-I-B-R-A-R-Y, just a little FYI before we start. The library is like Amazon, but for only books. Books are like these pretty wireless Kindles made of paper. The library is kind of like a Barnes & Noble, but without a Starbucks and the expensive educational toys you are expected to buy for your friends' kids birthday. Now all libraries are not the same, some are old and some are modern. Some are grand and full of Baroque architecture like the Klementinum library in Praque, others are filled with Ikea furniture and act as a giant echo chamber for the voices children and professional wrestling loving librarians like the Davies County Library. However dear reader, a library should really only be judged by it's books... I guess. Let's cut the bull shall we... For you literary people, you will hate it. I hate it, I go there OFTEN, and I hate it. Only about 20% of the library has any thing that resembles literature… resembles is key here. The ground floor is nonfiction and reference, nothing wrong with that. The top floor is 40% children; kids need books, I get it. Movies, yes DVDs, make up about 20% of the top floor. Yes apperently the library is like an old Movie rental place, all the super hero movies and blockbuster failures you want. Don't ask for art films, they don't have it or care to. Who even has a DVD player anymore??? Stream you barbarians, stream! Next is fiction, about 40% of the top floor. Fiction, that tool long used to express and explore humanity. So... Teen fiction... Ok fine, they can't appreciate Shakespeare yet, and they aren't up to Tolstoy either. Teen fiction takes up say 10 of the 40% that is fiction. Next you have a lot of mystery novel; ok, if that's your cup of tea fine. Next is, "ADULT FICTION"... Basically just regular old fiction for people who can remember the 1990s. That doesn't keep parents from grabbing their running enfants and shielding their eyes; "No!!! don't look 'ADULT' books baby!". That's not the library's fault, it's just... Society's I guess. Poor sick society.... Anyway adult fiction accounts for around 35% of the top floor, making that 17.5% of the entire library devoted to the literary art! I know what you are thinking now; "Hey! book snob! You are missing some numbers...". Correct you are, my number savy review reader. That last 5%, you sure you want it? You do then? It's gonna hurt, ready? I'm sorry but it is my duty to report monsieur or madame, that the last 5% is composed of those tacky little paperback romance novels you still single aunt would read when she would come to visit you when you were a kid. You know the ones, the ones with those long haired shirtless dudes riding horses or holding women as a rotary fan blows their clothing around. I don't get it myself; I tried the whole fan thing, did nothing to spark my love life... Except that one time in the shower... However, I digress, yes I'm afraid the local library is simply a WiFi connection and a indoor playground now. On a personal note; I'm trying the whole starving writer thing past few months, with some success in some respected literary reviews. I go there to write, I just end up tinkering at home on things if I write there. Anyway, the days of the quiet library are gone in Owensboro; kids screaming, old men chatting about nothing, librarians talking about professional wrestling or who is getting fired. I honestly have started going to write on my days off or mornings off in the local café because it's quiter... Yes, the café with all its music and mirth is quiter... Except now I have a have a $50 weekly café bill.... So... Well...


Great collection. Staffed with knowledgeable, professional people. The genealogy department is outstanding with more information on some counties in the area than the county itself.

Hunter henderson

Cassandra Grimes

John Smith

Snarky employees in an unfriendly environment, coupled with overzealous and ridiculous security measures. I can understand having guards there when OHS lets out for a few hours, but after that there's no reason why the Library should have them there. They're bored with nothing to do but nitpick at people for trivial things, in which I've witnessed first hand. The old Library was so much better than this newer facility. I've never talked to anyone who's lived in Owensboro for years that thought the new Library was an improvement over the old one. It lacks character, much like the employees who run it.

Arden Fincher

I love to sleep here very quiet and cozy!!!

Joseph Mattingly

Nice place for any age clean friendly service I would recommend to anyone

Tonya Painter

Kenneth Wallen

I have lived in more than 20 cites and towns in five different states and the Daviess County Public Library is, overall, the best of them all. The staff is friendly and helpful, there is something for anyone of any age, there are events held regularly, and it is a very clean establishment.

Hannah Swaim

noah clark

I can't check out a banjo.

Brandi McAtee

Noland Aull

An amazing modern library. Complete with a wide array of computers, a genealogical research wing, a solar panel that helps power the facility, and children's rooms. The entire building is incredibly clean and the selection of books is incredible. It's quite possibly the best library in western Kentucky.

zack merritt

Great place, extremely well kept with a modern architecture and design has a great book selection and a very helpful staff.

r h

One of my faves

Brook Dale

My son and I love it!! Very clean and well organized. Great children's area and lots of fun books for them to choose from.

JoJo Gesser

Jack Simpkins

Great facilities

Lola A

great place for so many options. Definitely worth the stop. Nice & quite, unless you're in the kids area, but that's expected.


Tons of books and other activities too.

Taxi Mom

Amanda Hust

Our library offers more than just books! Entertaining kids area with wide variety of books and movies to choose from. Monthly the library holds children's activities, holiday crafts for all age, scavenger hunts, reading programs and so much more! There are monthly drop in crafts for adults, musical instrument borrowing, movies, video games, onsite guest speakers and a historical room dedicated to our wonderful state.

Eric White

Excellent source for resources great staff child friendly

Jada Taylor

favorite place in owensboro

Mason C

Brooklyn Nugent - DCMS 2024

Andrea Carver

Erin Neal

Sichong Noh

굥공 도서관으로서 많은 서재가 준비되어 있네요 가족 동반해서 하루를 책에 파묻혀 좋은 자료와 지식을 숩득하는데 좋을 것 같네요 주차 시설 괴 장애인을 위한 주차장이 준비되어 있고요 장애인을 위한 출입구도 잘 준비 되어 있습니다 화장실도 님녀 구분 화장실이고요 장애인을 위한 시설도 준비 되어 있습니다 3층으로 되어 있고요 각종 서적들이 준비되어 있어 전문 지식 자료를 원하시는 분은 이곳에 오셔서 습득하시면 좋을 것입니다

Sandy Kinison

I took my grandson to have a little fun with him we went to the 2 floor children's library and you staff working today the lady that was working was very rude she fellowed us around like we were going to steal something all I wanted to do is spend some time with my grandson thanks to her we didn't stay long.dont let her do anyone else like this.

Loretta Jean

How come kids under the age 18 there card dont work on line i have a 3 year old and a 5 year old and there cards is not working online

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