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REVIEWS OF Atlanta History Center IN Georgia

William Ashley

Enjoyed both the indoor and outdoor exhibits. Be sure to go to the basement of swan house. Expect to spend 3-4 hours.

Zed Star

My wife and I did the museum tour while on a short visit to Atlanta recently. Everything we saw was very interesting. The Swan House and Smith Family Farm were amazing. Just 12 bucks a head and worth every cent !

David Greczylo

The admission fee is well worth it. If you are with someone else, do consider the membership option which makes sense. Schedule a time for the Cyclorama session. This massive painting was moved from Grant Park not too long ago. (Someone needs to inform Georgia DOT since the large sign on interstate 20 still says it’s in Grant Park!) It’s a sight to see and comes with a staff presentation. Including an explanation of how the hell Ret Butler wiggled his way into it. Leave time to walk the grounds if it’s not too hot. The exhibits are on point, but you may find yourself enchanted by the book store. There is a Souper Jenny Cafe which serves awesome soup. Brash coffee is also on there to give you a second wind.

Phillip Cooley

Nice place with a variety of exhibits. I enjoyed the Civil war section.

Gary Standke

The museum itself is fine, but nothing special. The room on the Native Peoples was quite sparse with only about a dozen artifacts. The fantastic part of this place is the buildings in the back. The Smith Family Farm and Gardens has the farmhouse, live animals, kitchen building, wood shop, blacksmith shop, slave quarters. The Swan House is massive and fun to tour. There is suppose to be a Wood Family Cabin, but we have never found it and there are no signs telling you how to get there.

William Green

Atlanta History Center is a must see. The exhibits are outstanding and present a wonderful history of Georgia and Atlanta. Well designed and laid out. The Cyclorama is a must see. The gardens and grounds are well maintained beautifully laid out. Expect 3-4 hours in order to get a full experience.

Krishna Reddy

Great place for the family. The place is huge with lots to see. Highly recommended.

Rebekah Burgess

If you love the Hunger Games and historical houses, this place is for you! I was in awe! Love the Rolls Royce in front of the mansion! When I went, I got a private tour which blew my mind!

Zaiah Calvin

My family and I really enjoyed the Atlanta History Museum. There were some really neat exhibits and some really amazing stories and artifacts! I loved the fact that they have the Swan House and Smith Family Farm as a part of the museum. I did feel like there could have been more in certain areas and that they could have delved deeper into much of the history of Atlanta. I wasn’t able to see the 360*? Part of the museum but will definitely go back to experience that! If you love Museum or don’t have a lot of experience with them this is a really good place to start!

Marty Danceva

Atlanta History Center is your go-to place if you want to know a lot about history of Atlanta. There are lots of cafeteria and food stalls around the area. I will visit this again.

Jess Kim

This place is the bee's knees! My first visits were for free lectures (with food!), which were informative, relaxed, and diverse. Next, I went for public gardens day, and the grounds are ahhh-mazing! They are well-kept, and the staff was very fun and shared fun facts. There are a variety of buildings and gardens from a reconstructed slave cabin to a barn where the goats do tricks to the gorgeous Swan House. The exhibits indoors were fun and interactive, while the food is well-sourced and very yummy. I take most of my out-of-town guests there if they're into history!

Tom LaPorte

Greetings! Shaping Traditions is one of the many excellent exhibitions currently on display at the Atlanta History Center. The Center always takes care to provide in-depth information and artifacts with exhibitions. There’s a coffee shop and a fantastic restaurant on site. The staff is courteous and extraordinarily helpful. The History Center also provides a number of great lectures and book talks throughout the year.

Benito Duke

We've visited this fantastic museum of Atlanta, Georgia, and Southern history many times over the decades and were even members when we last lived in the area over a decade ago. When we heard that the cyclorama was being moved here from its previous home in Grant Park, we looked forward to seeing it in its new home. It actually took several years for this move to be realized as the painting was in serious need of restoration and to display it properly an entire new wing had to be added to the museum. It finally opened earlier this year and as we were already planning to come to Atlanta for a visit this spring, decided now would be a great time to check it out.

Alena Golopuz

Great place!! We enjoyed our walk a lot. The place is quite spacious, plan at least 2 hours for your visit. Parking is provided for free

Scott Godwin

The history center has been “converged” like the Episcopal church, the Boy Scouts, and many other organizations. In other words it has been taken over by “progressive” activists with an agenda. Sad to see such a promising organization turn into a sad display of radical left- wing propaganda. Orwellian and embarrassing.

Sherry Shuter

We got here late and only paid half price since the homes were closed. But we had access to the main museum and it was nice. The gift shop has a lot of books. And we did not eat at the cafe but walked through it was a nice home setting.

Rajeev Saxena

The restored cyclorama diorama is a must see for history buffs.

Jonathan Whichard

Went there for third day of opening of Fully restored cyclorama. That was amazing in itself. However the History museum is a learning experience and is well worth the time. The restaurant/ soup etc is very good. Staff well informed and helpful. Explore every part. You'll need a good two-three hours to really experience it. Note Be sure to watch the brief film just outside the cyclorama exhibit that shows how they reinstalled and moved the giant painting and other pieces of the cyclorama to the new location.

Simon Robson

Well worth the drive from anywhere!!! Cyclorama is absolutely stunning along with the history of the battle. History center has many galleries including folk art and bar-b-que as will as a steam engine. Be sure to go to the quarry gardens, historic farm and especially the swan house. You can spend 4-6 hours here easily. Have some of there famous soup and sandwiches. Good parking.

Susan Choquette

The museum itself was nice and the Cyclorama is an amazing piece of art. I saw it 54 years ago at Grant's Park I liked that presentation more than the new way. There was a snippy young man at the information booth who informed us dogs are not allowed but I had called ahead and cleared it, service dogs are ok. This young man continued to glare at us, it was unnerving. When we got upstairs security came over and said David had to remove his MAGA hat or leave! He did neither but the incident spoiled the experience. A museum about a war fought for freedom yet they wanted to dictate over a hat. Disgusting, we won't be going back.

Anne Woodworth

The new cyclorama display was great!

Samantha Hunt

Had a good time with a great person.

Susan Bachman

Had a great time with my family here! My husband especially loved it, but it's not for everyone.

Jason Peter

Nice place . Wedding reception of my Nephews wedding was held here. It was grand

Eb Daniels

I've been visiting the Atlanta History Center since I was a child and have reviewed it positively before, but its steady decline over the past decade has necessitated a revision of that review (and my decision to not renew my membership for a 10th year). While the Atlanta History Center remains a premier repository for Atlanta history, that history is no longer presented in a way which I feel is helpful or educational for visitors. Most of the exhibits are presented inconclusively and without substance; a smattering of random items with terse identifying placards. Where fuller contextualization is given, it is usually hopelessly pedantic and reductive. Interpreters and docents know bland, memorized scripts, but little else, unless one is lucky and able to find some of the few employees who seem to have a genuine love of history. One the whole, one feels as though the History Center has embraced a new business model centered around convenience and flash - a few objects artfully arranged with some moralizing sermons for effect. The Center now seems only concerned with two things: providing a venue for weddings and being able to sell itself as a "public good" where school children can be presented with a superficial introduction to history. A few of the permanent exhibits are an exception to this rule, and there is some value in being able to tour the impressive historic buildings on the campus, but they do not outweigh the cost of admission. Instead of visiting the Atlanta History Center, I would encourage history-oriented tourists to instead tour the local county history centers, the statuary, portraits, and museum at the Georgia State Capitol, and Historic Oakland Cemetery. They have just as much history, and in far more pleasant settings.

Doug Piette

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the exhibits we went to. The Texas locomotive was restored perfectly and the information about it and "The Great Chase" was great. They even had a "engineer" in the cab telling about it and answering questions. The cyclorama depicting the Battle of Atlanta was restored wonderfully. My only complaint is that the presentation was almost totally about the history of the painting. It was good, but I miss the history lesson of the Battle of Atlanta that I heard as a boy when it was at Grant Park. I wish they had options for two different presentations; history of the painting, and history of the Battle. The Civil Was exhibit was the best I've seen. There was so much information. Be sure to get the free headsets so you can listen to extra information. The Swan House is so interesting to go through. Be sure to find a docent and ask questions; you will learn so much more. The Tully Smith House and other buildings were also well done. Note also that all of the items in this house are "touch friendly". We didn't have time to see the other exhibits, so we need to go back. The Margaret Mitchell House is also included in the price of admission and you have 9 days to go see it. Again, everything in this museum is so well done, interesting, and educational.

Denny Lee

Great place for the family. The place is huge with lots to see. Highly recommended.

Sara Li-Young

What a great education about Atlanta visitors gain here. So well done, they don't sugarcoat things. I really enjoyed the way this museum was put together. So thoughtful. Wonderful experience.

Victor Anaya

The way the facility is set up with the collectables and interactive stations was great. The chairs on the 4D film were really rough and you get tossed around a lot. Walked out with a back ache so do be aware of that as they have non moving chairs.

B Lane

I went with my daughter on her school field trip. The tour guides were great and kept the kids entertained. Wish we could have saw more.

Blanche Henderson

The Cyclorama was the highlight of our visit. It is beautifully restores and has quite a history of its own. There are many exhibits that have nothing to do with the Civil War, and because of the broad range, there is something for everyone. We also toured the Swan House, which was an unescorted walk-through. They have a small brochure, but it would have been helpful if they had information in each room. Without an escort, it is just an old beautiful house, a tour guide would be able to bring the house and the people who lived there to life. Be sure to make time for lunch at the Swan House Restaurant. It was very good food in a traditional southern tearoom style. We continued on the Margaret Mitchell house, which we enjoyed, and our tour guide Jonathan was very enthusiastic about Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind. He did bring the Mitchell house to life. We would recommend visiting all places while in Atlanta.

John Keller

Nice place to learn about Atlanta and it's history. Many parts of the Atlanta story are covered, though none really in depth. The Smith Farm and the Swan House are probably the best parts of the museum.

Andrew Landis

Really enjoyed the chance to learn more about Atlanta and how it has been shaped over time (positively and negatively). There is quiet the wide array of exhibits to engage into. The cyclorama was a first. It was more interesting and impressive than I anticipated.

Thomas F

I never expected so much from the Atlanta History Center. The grounds are beautiful, and the staff is so helpful. Thanks Cody for all he did at the front desk to explain the Center.

Felicia Moore


Sierra Pritchard

There's seven exhibits in the main museum that focus primarily on different aspects of Georgia History. There's also three historic houses on the property as well: The Swan House, The Smith Family Farm and Wood Family Cabin. In addition there's also 22-acres of gardens outside as well. All of this is included in the general admission for $21.50 for adults and $18 for students/seniors, and $9 for kids 12-4. Tickets after 3:45 are half priced but you will not be able to see the historic houses as those close at 4 everyday.

Chalo'n Christi'anna

Nice plantation house and tour guides telling me the difference between a farm and plantation. It’s a farm cause the owner didn’t want additional taxes back then.... interesting.

Elisa Davidsen

My family and I really enjoyed the Atlanta History Museum. There were some really neat exhibits and some really amazing stories and artifacts! I loved the fact that they have the Swan House and Smith Family Farm as a part of the museum. I did feel like there could have been more in certain areas and that they could have delved deeper into much of the history of Atlanta. I wasn’t able to see the 360*? Part of the museum but will definitely go back to experience that! If you love Museum or don’t have a lot of experience with them this is a really good place to start!

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