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REVIEWS OF Athens-Clarke County Library IN Georgia

Dale Larmon

rose fivefold

the bathrooms are filthy and people do drug deals and smoke crack at the circle/bus stop in front of it...also the selection of books is antiquated and it takes forever for holds to show up...the website is hard to use and there are too many homeless people sleeping in the chairs meant for patrons. don't the homeless have a daytime shelter to go to in athens? last time i was in the ladies restroom downstairs, a homeless woman was vomiting in the stall next to me...the time before that, a homeless woman had her pants off and was washing her panties in the sink. i just think there need to be more services for the homeless, so that they don't have to use the library to bathe, be sick, or do their laundry...

Mary Criswell

The library in Athens is great as long as you come before the middle school kids come if you are here when the kids are there they are loud disrespectful and the library cares more about the kids coming then the other people in Athens

Cristol Rodriguez

My son goes to this same livrary everyday, and it is too noisey in the to do anything, the bathroom are lime a gas station bathroom of not worse, there are homeless people that are in from of the lobrary selling and doing drugs. Do not go.

Donna Roberts

I enjoy visiting the library when in Athens. Reps are Very helpful and knowledgeable...

Christy Galdamez

The staff is great and the library itself is absolutely gorgeous and feels homey! However, it's unfortunate that I have to give two stars because of the kind of "customers" you run into! The library is just in a bad location of mischevious and VERY creepy people! EVERY SINGLE TIME I have gone there, something has happened that has made me feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or resulted in calling the police. The first incident, I was 36 weeks pregnant when I went to the library to vote and someone one stole my phone. The staff was very nice and called the police for me to make a report (Three weeks later, I luckily got my phone back just two days before going into labor). The second incident, I went back to the library with my laptop and sat alone minding my own business (still pregnant), when a couple close to their 30's sitting at the table next to me decided to come over and tell me their lives story. The woman looked me dead in the eyes and said, "My fiance is trying to get me pregnant. Can I touch your belly so I know what it feels like?" I of course said, "No," and asked them to please give me some privacy. They then proceeded to walk behind me and read the words on my shirt OUT LOUD, started drawing pictures, and then asked me what I thought about them! These same people sadly recognized me with my husband again at Wal-Mart, and asked to hold my baby just a few short months later..... (HELL NO!) On the third incident, I hadn't return since what had happened last time. And by then, I had my baby. I needed to use the computer to print one piece of paper out for my taxes. So I just asked my husband to stay in the car with our daughter and I gave him my phone so I wouldn't lose it or have it stolen again.... As I was walking in, this black guy with an accent and a camping backpack in his 20's approached me, asking if he could talk to me in a corner outside. I couldn't quite understand everything he was saying, but I told him I was in a hurry. I was in the library for ten minutes. I had an eerie feeling, but I walked out thinking there was no way he would still be out there waiting for me. And sure enough, he was. I tried to run, but a car almost ran over me. So he caught up to me, asking me questions about my life like, "How long have you lived in Athens? Are you a student at UGA?" I proceeded to tell him I'm married and I'm just trying to get to my daughter. He would then ask, "Let me help you to your car and open the door for you! How long have you been married? How old is your daughter?" I was so terrified... By that time I was two feet from my car, so I ran, opened the driver side door and locked it. He still proceeded to my window to try to talk to me until he noticed my husband was in the back seat with our daughter. My husband and I waited for the guy to leave the premises, so we could report him to management. At the front desk, I was directed to the security guard who then called management and took my report. They said they knew who I was talking about and that they would handle it. I was stupid for not calling the police because I assumed they would automatically do that. Instead, I went home and the directer of the library personally called me to apologize, and told me that they banned the guy from the library permanently. I told her I appreciate it, and told her about all the other incidents that had happened; and how I was upset about it all because as I said before, the library itself is awesome! She said she was stunned and asked me to please not be afraid to come back; and that they appreciate my business and want all their guest to feel safe and comfortable. I suggested that they hire more security or have the police come more often; but, she said they had just recently hired more security there. I, respectfully, told her that it's obviously not enough. So all that being said, I am never going back unless my husband is directly by my side to protect me. Which is just really and utterly sad. Maybe if the Athens community supports their library more, we can make it a safer place for everyone!

Bill Dull

Nice selection of books on tape.

Junsoo Lee

Katherine Russell

austin debalski

PkmnVeteran Bob WantsToBattle

Joey Parker Jr

Jonathan Muller

I just love the library! I have since I was a wee lad. All that history and mystery at your fingertips! Love it !!!

Shanda Sewell

Tee Hartley

Bria Sativa Aguayo

Gotta love a well lit, clean, stocked library. Education is power.

Angel Georges

Omg... I had such a pleasant experience with Susan processing my passport today. I live in Lawrenceville and just wanted to get the process done today as a walk in. I went to Walgreens and got my photo which took 5 min and headed to Athens library.... I had no wait time and was in and out within 20 min... Susan was very knowledgeable about the whole process. I will definitely recommend everyone I know to the Athens Library. Thanks again Susan for all you help!

Dulce Gerber

This is a great library. They are always improving and seeking ways to engage young readers and their teen area is amazing. The employees are super helpful and there’s fun activities for all learners.

Carlos Romero

Archit Dave

D Teagan

Athens Clarke is a big friend of EBSCO - took 100,000 in dirty money. Parents need to understand how dangerous libraries have become - peddling for companies like EBSCO which have been caught with their pants down streaming sex ads and porn into school and public library "digital homework" databases. Much like the Big Tobacco scandals of years past, the 100 billion dollar, "Big Porn" industry has usurped K-12 digital portals to advertise for the sex industry, full color ads for sex products and services. Parents wake up - just google "EBSCO Porn" to read growing scandal, news stories from all around the country... then take a good look at the "special" relationship that Athens Clarke has with the community it is supposed to serve.

Terrence Hill

Rebecca O.

Great library! It has loads of books, plenty of places to read or study, lots and lots of computers, a snack area, and lots of community events. Books can be sent from anywhere in the Georgia library system within a few days, so they can have pretty much any book you would want to read.

Thicc Boi Club

For 5 stars give my aunt a raise

Max Jeffries

Great clean library. Lots of books and movies to choose from.

Peter Williams

My first time here and was surprised how nicely laid out it was. Had my kids with me and they had a great time. I did notice a few folks that looked homeless, with all their bags and belongings. With that said it's a public library (everyone allowed). At least they were minding their own business and not bothering anyone. Great WIFI speeds as well, the best I've ever experienced at a library.

K Hannum

Patrina Huff

A good all around place with a great book, video, etc. selection. There's a lobby where you can meet with friends or have a snack before going into the quiet/no food area. There are a good number of available computers on the upper level and additional seating areas all around--upstairs and down.

Hailey TenHarmsel

The library is a nice environment, but you cannot even drink water unless in the small designated area at the very front of the library, which makes it a terrible place to get work done or study if you plan on staying all day.

Richard Stephens

The best in this area

David Robertson

Wow steep fines - 20 cents a day. My fault but I travel so if I miss a return the days accumulate and I’m better off buying the books used. I will no longer use this library. Annoying for me but could be a real hardship for people without $

Jalisa Griggs

When I was going through the stuggle I guess. I would go to the library for ac and wifi. I charged my phone there when my electricity got cut off. The library was always there for when I needed anything. Great system great people. Towards the end though upstairs started to smell horrible and most of the computers were dirty and sticky. I know there is homeless people and its a public library. But there should be some air freshener plug ins or something because the smell was not pleasant at all.

Brian Smith

allie powell

This is a great library but staff is atrociously rude. One lady upstairs with a foreign accent came up to me and started scalding me like I was a 5 year old because I had a thing of apple slices out. I am 22 years old and do not come to the library to be chastised like a child, especially by a librarian for that matter. She also claimed she had yelled at me before which is absolutely not true and she used that as an excuse for her tone. I understand the poor thing has nothing else to do but the library doesn't need to make visitors victim to that.

Cindy Nixon

Wanda Woodyard

Truly a community center!

Jordan Brooker


this library is amazing, especially the 2nd floor soccer field view is breathtaking. very quite clean and well managed. thanks for providing a such a great environment for Clarke county residents. just the bathrooms need a little bit frequent cleaning thats all.

Killia Yeetus

Mostly quiet. A great place to study, especially upstairs. They have a large selection of books, DVDs, and audio books.

Tony Krstic

Best library.. in Ga

Nilesh Savant

Gary Zilavy

I’ve used the study rooms and the tables & chairs. Both have been quiet and clean enough for my use. This is a nice place to study or work on tasks that require focus.

Jim Malanowski

Natalie Wright in the Digital Media Center is the best! She helped me, a self-avowed 'technodolt', to accomplish some things I never thought I could do!

Yuvraj Singh

Very nice library, lots of great books

Robin Webb

Hongwei Xie

Joe Smith

Trudy is very nice and professional

Libby McKenna Boosalis

I love this library. The kid's section is massive and has a lot of educational items. The computer area has several sections with built in games and several with internet access, so you can have your children on educational games without worry. I attended a puppet show with my children ages 6 and 8 and it was very entertaining. In the children's area, there is a family restroom and a room for nursing. The staff I've interacted with has been very helpful.

Tito David Peña Montenegro

It's funny. You are not allowed to have any beverage, but stinky homeless people can stay and sleep in the chairs. I understand food can damage the books, but what if there is no books in the table? Update: People are constantly watching videos in the public computers. Often laughing and making loud noises. A library is supposed to be a place to be quiet, focused and working!

Ruthanna Reardon

Great customer service. Easy to request items, even some from other locations, via the hold system. I just wish the Digital Media Center schedule was up to date. Whenever I check the website, it's not consistently updated. I call or go in, only to discover that it's not staffed when I would like 1on1 assistance.

Supah Dude

Loudest and most disgusting library I have ever been too. I can't concentrate when kids are screaming and adults are coughing like they have the flu. BRING HEADPHONES AND SANITIZER!!!

Gloria Perkins


Nikki Menjivar


william armstrong

Ruthanna Vandegriff Reardon

Joshua De Laet

Homeless shelter. Lock your cars. Get what you need and leave. They should have a full time police officer here.

That High Philo Guy

Fantastic public place for learning. Although I’ve had a dispute with the staff before, they ended up being right. It’s hard working as a staff member at a public place, and they make sure to enforce the rules uniformly. There is also a great discussion group here: The Philo for Philosophy. Marti is a tremendous group leader. ❤️

Sam Johnson

Great library and great kids section

Elliott George

I just had to write a review in response to reviews that complain about homeless people in the library in chairs “meant for patrons.” Homeless people are patrons of libraries, as well. The library does a good job balancing all the needs of different patrons and has nice children’s programming. It is a good public library system.

Heather GoldenStrickland

I love to bring my kids here. The events are awesome and my children can spend hours in the children's area while I read. It's so peaceful.


I love my Athens Library! Been going here since I was a small child and it's only gotten better over time.

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