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1028 E Tabernacle St #2, St. George, UT 84770, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dixie Spin Laundromat IN Utah

Brian Koehler

Very, very, very clean, neat, and tidy. Everything possible needed to get your laundry done right and clean. Hands down the best laundromat I've been to. Very hip and the employees are spectacular. Extremely nice and they help superbly. Love it.!!

Scott Wells

The best in town

Madison Jenson

This laundromat is new and clean. I love that I can wash and dry my laundry in 40 minutes! They have washers and dryers that can fit up to 9 loads of laundry, perfect for big families or for large blankets.

Summer Eagar

We have a family of 4 and came with 4 jam packed baskets of laundry and a fussy toddler. Service was amazing the woman working was so attentive to everyone and so friendly. The machines and atmosphere were so clean and well kept. We were in and out in record time and spent less than if we would have used our complexes dirty broken machines. We are so satisfied and thankful they've opened this here! We will be coming back



Unfortunately I'm not sold on the modern updates this place has to offer. First and foremost the establishment is very nice with modern and newer machines. It was kept up and clean inside. I thought the price I paid was higher than most. There are a few ways you can pay for wash and dry. You do not actually pay at the machine like you would in other places. You can either use their app to pay or you can use one of the kiosk to pay. It's pretty simple. Just select the number on the screen that corresponds to the one your using and pay. The app works the same way. However, if you use cash and depending on how many machines you are using, you will be given quarters in return. It's better to go to the attendant, which I was happy they had one, and ask for quarters, or just use the app. Not a big app fan. Although they had an attendant on duty I felt they were more into their phone rather than their job. On both occasions the young ladies were propped up on the counter looking down at their phones. I had to interrupt their phone time in order to get noticed.

roy n

This was an extraordinary expiriance for a laundry place. This Justin guy at the cashier was incredable! He did it with love and it was great smell and clean! The prices are really cheap refering to what you get!

Taylour Unzicker

Best laundromat experience ever. Super clean. Machines were very efficient. We were out in less than an hour. The gentleman running it was super helpful and friendly. Also cool that you don't have to deal with change, just reload and get machines started with the app. Seriously wish more businesses would take pride in their work like this place.

Marijn de Jong

Fully automated laundromat. Nice and cool with the AC on, also very clean and modern looking. Restrooms are tidy and plenty of seating available.

Ron Trone

Um, yeah. This laundromat is pretty awesome. Very fast washers and dryers at a fine price. I washed and dried 2 good sized loads for $6 in 45 minutes. The only thing I didn’t like was the very dim lighting but I think that may be their vibe and I wouldn’t dock a star for it.

Shawn Barlow

Do they have wifi?


What an amazing place! By far the most wonderful laundromat I have ever been to. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff, that ho above and beyond for their customers. Brand-new amenities, plenty of bathrooms, comfortable space to wait and chill and plenty of plugs to charge your things - even some chargers provided. Such a great place! I'd come here all the time if I lived close by.

Sum Drummer

This is now my laundromat. When I went there, Holly was so helpful and kind to me. I love the futuristic setup of this. It is so clean and it is cheaper than the laundromat that I was currently using. I call it the Jetsons laundromat... LOL

Thelma Dutton

I love this place

Rachel Marie

Nice. Clean. Fast. Big machines and big dryers. Employee there to assist. Loved the long folding tables. Clean bathrooms. They do have some fancy app and kiosk pay system... personally its a little confusing at first but not to bad once you figure it out.

Taryn Barnes

I have to preface this review by saying that I am not a fan of laundromats, but this experience made me eat my words. First off, I want to give a shout out to Justin, the attendant on duty, for A+ customer service. To put it in context, he's the guy companies should model their customer service staff after. Justin was friendly, professional, and helpful. Since this was my first time there, he walked me through the app and the process quickly and efficiently. I think it took under 2 minutes. The location is clean, well-stocked with amazing appliances (I was pleasantly surprised with how great my clothes came out), and plenty of seating and tables to wait or fold your laundry. True to their motto, I was in and out under 60 minutes. You get a sense that Dixie Spin takes great care and pride in what they do. Thank you for the awesome experience, you left a fantastic impression on me.

Ashley N

We travel for my husband's job quite a bit so visiting laundromats is nothing new to me. This was the best one I have ever been to. Once the attentent, walked me through the process, which was in no time, it was easy to use. The place has a lot of machines to offer. Everything was clean and there was plenty of room for people to relax and wait for their laundry. The machines were fast, I was in and out in a hour, probably less. The people on site were friendly and helpful. Great place to do laundry

Orlando S

Good Staff and service

Nir Cohen

I have traveled many states in the last two months, and that's DEFINITELY the best laundromat I've been in! Great machines, clean and neat place, fair prices (1$ per pound if you drop the laundry off), but the most impressive thing was the service - Justin was kind, professional and helpful. Reccomend you all to try this place.

William Daniels

Nice new machines and you don't have to have cash or change, the system will take cards.

Samuel Johnson

Facility and machines all very clean. The manager is also very kind and understanding. If your going to go to a laundromat come here

Kathy Anglesey

Very clean


I love this place that’s all I’m going to say. Have had some minor issues but they addressed quickly. they really listen and does not make me feel stupid like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Cody Wheelwright

Misty Blais

Let me begin by letting you know we are traveling the US by travel trailer and this place is THE BEST. We had to come back to St. George because of an injury and I wanted to try this place ( I tried another laundromat in town on our first stop) and this is so much better. They have different size machines, people on staff to assist from 9:00 am - 8:00 pm. The staff has been so nice and helpful. They have a drop off service, but I didn’t use this. Their machines are all new and very fast. They have a charging station along the wall. They have quick WiFi, which is essential when living on the road. Great place and if we return, I will be back.

Rosemarie Alvera

Andy Jordan

The best laundromat on planet earth.

Owen Shotts

The nicest looking laundromat I have ever seen!

Grant Cooper

Clean and new. Quality equipment throughout. Excellent choice for doing laundry. WIFI, restrooms, device hookups, snacks, laundry needs, TV and radio. I recommend going here before you go anywhere else.

Sven Bendorf

(Translated by Google) Super Laden..schnell (after 1er Std ... wash, dry, put together..we were ready) and the staff is very friendly and helpful

Kathryn Larrabee

Incredible modern-style laundromat! Great atmosphere, awesome and very attentive service attendant, very clean, clothes came out beautifully and the QR system was so easy to use! Still can use cash or coin but I loved using the app, which for regular users who live here they have the opportunity to earn rewards - which is cool and uncommon with most laundromats. Absolutely if you need a laundromat, go here.

Amanda Earles

This laundromat is Heaven on Earth. My husband and I travel full time in an RV and have been to MANY laundromats. Dixie Spin blows them all away. The place was clean, the machines were clean, the wash and dry were incredibly affordable, and you can pay using your iPhone! This was our first time here. We signed up with the mobile app and were given a $5 credit! We used one of their high capacity washers (4 loads) and only ended up paying $1.50 for it. We will definitely be back.

Tim Brett

I moved to a new house & didn't have a dryer yet so i came here. It got great review after a minute search. Wow, super clean, brand new washer dryers, high tech, free Wi-Fi & the person was very helpful!!! Hate laundromats but this one changed that view!!!

Drad TheRad

The best laundromat in St George area!!

Cassidy Mclean

Best laundrymat in America.

Stacy Clark


Very clean facilities, open late

Sharon Huskey

Nice modern and clean laundromat


Best service I have ever experienced in a laundry. Justin was kind and patient, and the clothes smells awesome

Brittany Quick

Amazing place!! Clean and inviting atmosphere.

Bella Shire

Jeremy Stratman

Great place , Great price , always friendly.

Quana Ala

Super friendly guy helped me out here for my first visit. Really appreciated the service. Clean facility, speedy washers and dryers.

Roxy Firrincili

Brand spankin new! Great efficient machines you can pay at a kiosk with cash or credit or use an app on your phone. You can fit a whole family in the giant 9 load washers!

Robert Hines

Jenna Howard

Cleanest and best laundromat in town.

Keri Gillespie

So happy. The wash and fold service is worth every penny. I’m picky about my folding technique, and everything was perfect without me having to make any special requests. The employee was so nice and helpful. So convenient and it made my life so much easier!

Casey Brown

Super clean. Staff is very attentive and good atmosphere.

Richard Lambert

Almost two weeks on the road and we needed to do some laundry BAD. After 'googling' a few sites, we dropped by Dixie Spin Laundromat because of the reviews and those great reviews were absolutely justified. First - this place is state-of-the-art. You can control machine cycles via smart app on your phone (one caveat on this later), or via the convenient kiosk. If this seems a little complicated for you, don't worry - the folks (Justin, in our case) are super patient and very helpful. The range of machine sizes is great - We piled two weeks of jeans, towels, and shirts into one machine with room to spare. I personally don't like the smell of detergent - so we chose a 'double-rinse' cycle which worked very nicely. Some additional notes: 1) This place was super clean and tidy. 2) The WiFi was fast and free 3) There are great wooden work spaces, lined with USB charging stations so you can charge your phone and surf instead of watching your delicates spin. 4) The caveat: The app will not work for some reason if your phone is on a Canadian provider (at least not with ours) Last but not least. 5) Justin is a superstar. My wife had left some articles of clothing in a dryer when we left. When we called the next day, Justin had not only put them aside for us, but had taken the time to walk over to the pub/restaurant he had recommended in order to let us know. (Unfortunately, we had a pizza craving that took us elsewhere). This was WAAAY beyond the call of duty in our book. Thanks Justin! I hope these folks do well. The service was 5 stars all the way.

Felicia Morris

This laundry mat is very clean the bathrooms are clean the machines are efficient. The attendant who works there is very helpful and nice.

Marianne Butak

Clean, good machines, friendly- all 'round YES!

Oriol Moré Roca

Team Tank

Madison Anderton

It was very clean and the man who was working was very helpful and polite. I decided to download the app, which gave me a $5.00 credit, so that was nice. I will definitely come back.

Clark Lewis

Awesome first experience here at Dixie Spin! The machines and app were all straight forward, the staff was helpful and it is much shorter drive from home. We will be coming back

Kris Mannino

Best laundromat ever! Great service from attendants, clean, and all machines are state of art and working! We have been traveling the country for the past couple of years and this is the best laundromat by far that we have come across! Thank you!


I was lured in by reviews claiming you get a $5 credit if you download the app-- NOT TRUE. Those reviews are probably faked by the owner. Otherwise a great laundromat. Clean, tons of machines, the employees seem to be very helpful. Good spot to wash clothes. Would have been 5 stars if not for the stupid trickery to get you in the door.

Elli Hill

Clean, free wifi and you don't need a mess of quarters what more could I ask for? The staff is super friendly and was very kind while we stumbled our way through using the app for the first time to pay. They also have chargers for phones available while you wait. Great experience all around. I'm very impressed especially how they compare with the competition.

Fran G

Amazing reaction from the automatic doors, we are fast walkers and didn't even crash once. Yes, we find this issue in other laundromats. Great cleaning power and happy clothes and no bruises. Can recomend this place.

Tina Hodges

Precise Moving Services

Best laundry mat in St. George, hands down! Clean, new equipment, and take credit cards for payment. It’s refreshing to have a new and nice laundry mat in town.

Karen B.

This is my 4th visit here. If there were 10 stars they would get 10. Amazing customer Service. I have been helped by both owners and they go completely out of their way to help you. Thank you for this new Laundry facility. And thank you for your high level of customer service. love this place! its brand new with the latest technology and very, very clean.

Angie Sherratt

Andy N

High tech machines, clean and onsite friendly help.

Jordan Garcia

עמית אהרון

We arrived at the laundry which looked very clean ... the best service we received in the US and the cheapest price there is

J.S. Watters

I hated laundry, hate laundromats (in general), and loathe the time it takes to finish a few loads of wash/dry for my family. However, this laundromat has taken my laundry nightmare and turned it into a wonderful, time efficient, and affordable event. We had about 3 weeks of laundry to do (equivilent to 6 reg. laundry baskets). We had all of the laundry washed & fully dried in about 1 hour start to finish. I love the app they offer to manage payment methods. We used the on site kiosk to load cash into our digital wallet plus the $5.00 in loyalty credit helped us complete our task. The facility is nicely organized and even when busy it just doesn't feel crowded. I had barely settled down to read when my first 2 washers were finished. The dryers were champs at completely drying large loads of heavy items like towels/jeans/sweatshirts in 30 minutes. The few extra miles from my house to where our laundry became Zen, calming, and rather enjoyable are well worth it. Thank you for this fantastic setup here in St George

Janet Chatfield

It was a wonderful experience with a lot of help from a very friendly attendant. It was also very clean and modern.

V Barlow

Very clean facility. Not your old coin operated machines. Free WiFi! Vending machine and tv on-site.

Marie Cutler

Very clean

Starr Anger

Just went in today and the facility is so nice and clean! Our wash and dry time has been cut by almost half from the other laundromat. The only thing was that we didn't know that the machines dont take quarters but the free laundry promotion solved that issue lol loved it and will be back next week

E McClellan

This place is just wonderful! Lots of machines, very easy to use and tailor to your washing needs, super clean, and very attentive and helpful staff! I came in to wash a large comforter, while being very pregnant, and a staff member helped me set everything up and went above and beyond to help me! I can’t recommend this place enough.

Zak Shepherd

I travel in a "skoolie"full time and have to stop every so often to do laundry and this is by far the cleanest, nicest and most easy to use laundromat i've come across.

James Nielsen

Clean, safe, and comfortable to wait in. Washers and dryers were clean. The attendant was kind and very helpful to an old man who didn't know how to use the system. Definitely recommend!

Hannah Frehner

Quick, convenient, friendly staff

Aleksandar Zivkovic

Clean. Friendly and helpful staff. Modern, fast and efficient machines.

Stetson Denning

Love it

Kathryn Andrus

I was very nervous to go to a laundromat... My last experience was not a great one! Dixie spin far exceeded my expectations! It was clean, the attendant was incredibly helpful, and I felt safe there with my 3 kids! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Mako Nakajima

Mārtiņš Belte

For a European travelling through who don't have laundromat in our country - great experience, friendly staff willing to help out.. Didn't get to use the app but by the looks of it, people are actively using it and it works great.

Walt Miner

Traveling by motorcycle from Chicago to San Diego. A week of smelly biker clothes cleaned in 2 hours. Great price too. Highly recommended!

Cristian Lee

Newest and best in the SouthWest


This is the nicest laundromat I’ve ever seen! We had a bunch of laundry and got it done really fast. The lady who was working there was so nice and helpful. Definitely recommend.

Jacob Marvin


Aaron Earles

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