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1802 Texas Ave S, College Station, TX 77840, United States

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REVIEWS OF Harvey Washbangers IN Texas

John S.

We found this place by accident when our washing machine was not working. Decided to have a burger while waiting for our laundry. The service, food and beer selection far exceeded our expectations. We have continued to enjoy burgers and beer here even after our washer was fixed. Great desserts as well!

Bea Ephron

Neat restaurant concept. Quick and friendly service. Very average buffalo wings and awesome fries. If you need to o laundry and catch a bite while you wait it's a great place to do so.

Nick Ramirez

Wow how weird was it that you can wash your laundry and have a good meal at the same time burgers are awesome here !!!

Alan Woods

Good burgers service a little slow.

sara woods

This is a quirky place to go for a great meal and do your laundry at the same time! The staff is attentive and pleasant. The food is always amazing!! Definitely a must try. They actually have numbered washers and dryers that light up on the display in the restaurant so you don't have to get up to check on your clothes. Fantastic?


wings are very delicious. Beer is always good

Rabbit Armada

Great place food is awesome and the laundry machines are clean and good.

Barbara Ward

Attendent was helpful n friendly. .. Place clean, machines all working n easy to use..Best wash place we have found here.....

Garrett Barker

In a town with a lot of great burger options, Harvey Washbangers is THE BEST ONE. This is one of two places I always have to go to when I'm in the area, and I make sure to take all of my friends here as well. The big standout for these burgers is the buns. I don't know what they do to these buns but they are soft and delicious and amazing. They sell packs of them to take home as well. My go to burger is the jalapeno cream cheese burger. They also have a great selection of local beers, and you can even do your laundry if so inclined! Don't let the weird name scare you off, give them a visit and you won't regret it.

Adam Green

Me and the wife have been coming here once a week for more than 6 years. We love the burgers which are some of the best in town, and the salads are better than most, they have a huge assortment of beers to choose from and they have always had friendly bar and waitstaff. I can say that the only downside is the dark haired woman that works the laundry part at night. My wife has had issues with her making inappropriate comments multiple times. We do not recommend the laundry half at all.

Cason Lohman

Rotating craft beers on draft and great food! Great place to study, do laundry, or just eat!

Chase Beck

I have both eaten food and done laundry here. The food is of a higher quality than you'd expect. But, the two products don't really mesh well.

Tiffani Burnett

Employees were super friendly people.

Brandy Boyce

A little pricey but good burgers

Kecia Anderson

Good food and a relaxed atmosphere but plan on a longer wait if you bring a large party (more than 8).

Mark naranjo

This place is great wash your clothes while you wait you can eat and drink. They have a board that when lit your washer or dryer is in use and when the light goes off your washer or dryer has turned off. Also this is a good place if you have teams competing in tournaments around college station. The wait staff at the restaurant and the laundromat were awesome and nice. You can even have your laundry dropped off and the will wash it and dry it for you.

Wilhelmina Barrentine

Best place for a craft beer and good conversation! Kim, Abby, Gab, Josh, Leah, and Mickey are honestly the most fantastic servers in town. Make you feel welcome and always have great suggestions if you don't know what you want! Best atmosphere in town!

Tim Barrette

Great concept. I take my king size comforter here and have a couple beers from their nice selection of TX brews while I wait. Food is decent, but it's the concept that really does it for me.

Randall Pitcock

Always great food. Maybe the best Burger in town!

john dismukes

Really damn good burgers. AND you can do your laundry. Unique burger joint. Nice bar too.

Mario Garcia

Good service good beer and good food.

Charles Kieth

Every once in a while we'll stop in and grab a bite for the past few years and we always love the fried green tomatoes. They're perfectly done and always delicious. Another favorite of mine is the jalapeño cream cheese burger. They use fresh jalapeños and a thick layer of cream cheese that make it one of my favorite versions of that burger. As far as laundry goes we actually used Harvey's just the other day. Their prices are fair and their equipment is well maintained. I especially like the high volume machines which make it faster to do laundry.

Darrin Jones

Love to wash my clothes and eat a delicious burger!

Granny Hebert

My husband and I just finished our burgers. My jalapeno cream cheese burger was okay, my husband's cajun burger was a joke. $12.49 for 3 tiny, overcooked crawfish tails added to a plain burger. I also had to put our fries in the oven because they were half raw. Very dissatisfied.

stainless steel rose

Too salty! Almost inedible

Jim Lewis

Delicious burgers, fries, and wings. Try the crawfish burger!

Jaime Cavazos

Best burger in town!! The banger and pattymelt are delicious, and the great selection of craft beer makes this place a must-go-to in town.

C Petty

Really great place to get some laundry done. Numerous machine sizes to choose from. A huge plus is that the food is fantastic. All-around great experience.

rahul sharma

Best place to sit and relax with friends in the town and perhaps the best quesadilla I have ever had in Texas. Nice food, young to middle aged crowd and awesome environment.

Clint Compton

If you want a truly unique place to experience, then bring your laundry (no REALLY, bring your laundry) and get it done while you enjoy great craft beers, the best burgers & comfort food, wonderful desserts, and hometown atmosphere. The Lair family owns and runs this local favorite and it is one of my favorite places to go! Love for our community and university students is abundant! You will have a great experience! :-D

dana salch

The porkaholic cheese fries were amazingly good. Good burgers too.

Andrew Schmid

One of the best burgers in town (if not the best). And if your washer/dryer's out, they got you covered. There's a light board inside the restaurant section that keeps you informed on your laundry status


Harvey Washbangers serves great food. I have tried most of the menu and my go to orders are a Banger Burger, the Buffalo Wings and the Chorizo Burger (all great choices). The only meal I was disappointed by was the Pulled Pork Sandwich, it wasn't bad, but it was dry and not of typical quality. This restaurant would get 5 stars, but the service is not great.

Billie Richardson

Awesome place for laundry and food

Daniel Ramos

We stopped by on our way back to DFW from Houston on a whim and MAN. The food is good! I stopped mainly because it said it was a restaurant and laundry mat and I mean, who can pass that combo up? And it was dog friendly!

Jayson Stibbe

This is probably the best place in town to get a burger and definitely the best place in town to eat while you wait for your clothes to dry. Really cool atmosphere and great food. They also keep an updated list of local drafts.

Joel Cook

Great tasting burgers!

Stevie Williams

Great place for food, drinks and laundry!

Mighty Joe The Jaugernaute

Great food and drinks. And you can get your clothes washed at the same time! Cool.

Renee Bork

Great burgers! The glass Heinz Ketchup bottles look retro, but are highly dysfunctional. It’s difficult to get the ketchup started and when the bottle is low, like mine was, it’s difficult to pour. Also, the retro napkin holders look nice, but again, are difficult to get the napkins out. Mine was in pieces. I had to take the contraption in two hands and gingerly take out several napkins for my meal. Whereas when you had the rolls of paper towels on the tables, that was efficient and easier to use. Lots less waste and the customer had a napkin that really worked instead of a thin piece of paper that barely worked at all. If at all. And I imagine the ketchup bottles are much more work for the staff.


Cheap washing. Clean machines. Good food. And a very friendly staff.

Michelle Bullock

Had a great lunch! Food is great... Atmosphere is awesome... and our waiter was pretty clever... We will definitely be back!

Leanne Huq

Well to start off I have to admit I've never actually used the laundry here. About a year ago my friend brought me to Harvey's for lunch and I thought she was crazy. Well cut to now and I absolutely love this place. Their 'merica dog is to die for and we've had so many great times with friends at the Tuesday night trivia

robyn phillips

I loved it! Chorizo queso was on point!

Keith Rogers

Great place. Excellent staff. Affordable.

Lucas Lott

The only place left in town to get a decent Philly. God bless Harvey washbangers

James R.

Great place for food, fun, and even doing laundry. Trivia nights on Tuesday and start at 6 end at 9 and dont forget about the choices in drinks on tap and the food is very delicious. Very friendly staff and are always happy to help you. Come by this family friendly place I highly recommend it.

Bubba Younse

Nice people good food

Percy Katrak

Yummy sandwiches

Matthew B

I only began coming here fairly recently, despite being born and raised in this town. A Mazzio's used to be at this location when I was young. Thanks to Untapped, this location popped up as a verified location that had a pretty good beer selection, and so I decided to give it a try. The bar manager and every bartender has been amazing (I have been coming 1-2 times per week now for a couple of months). The owner has never said a word to me, despite being there numerous times when I'm there and conversing with others around me. Maybe he's just a shy guy. Or maybe I slept with his wife in a past life. I usually just drink here but what food I have ordered has been good. The atmosphere is a bit bland on the restaurant side despite the whole clothes washing appeal. It is a small place, so it is intimate, which I like. That said, it does fill up quickly on busy days, but there is extra patio seating for nicer days. I really like this place and plan on continuing to give them my business.

Katharine P

Staff is very friendly..and very helpful...but the washing and drying is kind of expensive

Aaron Dilday

Great place! The burgers are amazing and they have a rotating selection of beers. Great place to go for food and drink even if you're not doing any laundry!

That Guy

Good service. Great chicken tenders, very good portions

Christine Howell

I ordered the pozole...I liked it. The lemon pie was tasty too.

melissa lyons

Great service, staff is awesome, competitive pricing. We have an Airbnb house and needed linens and duvets laundered, dried and folded asap. It was ALL done within several hours!

Jeannette Bayer

Great food and reasonably priced laundromat. The beer selection isn't huge but it's different (craft beers). Burgers are enormous. Trivia night happens here too on certain nights, which we also love!

Dawn Golden

Food is great. Open fun atmosphere! Washers and dryers are clean and well maintained. The lady at the service desk is very friendly and helpful.

Amy Pierce

Loved the burger and fries and the drink.....and got laundry done

Arthur Renee

This place has the Best burgers. It seems weird not to bring my laundry here and just order off the menu, but the food is great! Update: 14 Aug 19 Every single time I have come here, the food and friendliness of the staff has been consistently stellar. Adding pictures of the chicken fingers, which are 100% homebrew, no frozen Sysco-like chicken nugget, but real chicken fried and served with white stovetop-grease gravy. Makes all the difference y'all. Bring your parents here. They'll shed a tear, knowing you're well-cared for here.


Great place to do your wash. Wish they were nation wide.

Cassidy Acuff Williams

We had incredible burgers here. Really great beer selection too. My husband comes here every time he is in town. Uou wont be disappointed

Joseph Modarelli

Great food and great laundromat. The porch area is very nice and dog friendly. They will even bring out a water bowl for your dog.

Duane Marshall

Best Hamburger I have had in a while. Sour dough bun made it. Fries were an added pleasure.

Shannon Skaalure

I laughed when people told me that a laundromat had the best food in town, but they were not kidding. The food is casual yet flavorful, and I've never walked away unsatisfied. Don't skip the sweet potato fries. They also have an eclectic collection of brews on hand that are hard to find in most other College Station restaurants.

Tom Kaphingst

Took laundry in a seabag to be washed. When we picked up my son's laundry it was in bags and he was told the seabag maybe inside the plastic bag.... Well, of course, we dog through laundry in the parking lot and NO!! irit not there. So the lady behind counter tells me"it's all good". Really? Is it all ready good? Your wasting my time, you have misplaced my son's property, and instead of looking for it, you tell him too. Thats what I call bad customer service. If the laundry comes in Black seabag, it should come back in a black seabag . Don't miss place anything and tell your customers, it's all good. IT REALLY IS NOT ALL GOOD.

Arthur Murray

Excellent place for beer and burgers. The staff is friendly the manager is awesome! And, I had the most amazing bowl of Pozole. Pleasantly surprised. Take a friend and enjoy yourselves.

Greg Stadter

Great burgers and sweet potato fries! Enjoyed the Boots sodas! Service was fast and friendly. I will go back to try more.

Mighty Joe

Great food great service.

Melyssa Lee

Eat, drink, do laundry! Their service is outstanding as is the food!

Steff Stacy

Absolutely one of my favorite places to go wash clothes cuz I get the pork coholic sweet potato fries and they are the bomb

Eric Drummond

Great food & beer, oh! And easy washing

Cristian Podesta

Food is insanely delicious! Plus fast and friendly service everytime.

Alexander Abney

The food is good, and the queso is great.

Donna Rogers

Had the patty melt it was pretty good. Seems like a fun place to just hang out and have a beer and decent food.

Carol Plasencia

Burger was delicious, but fries were not.

Erick Braham

Great food while you wash

Zachary Wimer

So, I've started attending trivia nights here after recently moving to Bryan. The food is great and the location is convenient, but what really sells it is the staff. One of the servers remembered me after only two visits well enough to not only ask if I wanted the meal and drink I'd gotten the previous week, but also noted the absence of my wife, asked if she'd be coming, and remembered her order. Absolutely fantastic. If you like low-key trivia, good food, and good cider options (of course they have lots of good drinks, many local) come down on Tuesdays at 7. See you there!

Rebecca Gray

Excellent service and wonderful low and slow burger. Kids get an extra special treat of squiggly straws - which is so much cooler than crayons. Kept my son happy and off electronics all evening:) win!

Emilie Vawter

Good food with a fun environment!

AM Washington

Jordan is awesome!! He is the best bartender/waiter. He is not only friendly, he is knowledgeable and patient. Management does a great job with keeping tables, bathrooms and bar tops clean. The food is delish!! I recommend the chips and queso as a starter dish. The Black bean quesadilla with the habanero sauce is to die for. The fries are the yummiest in town.

Ryan Sorensen

Good service great food.

Deb Eberhardt

Nice people. Great food and drinks. Love the customer service. Awesome laundry self service!

April Ackerman

It's a good place to do laundry and eat at the same time!

Warren Lawhorne

Friendly staff, around when you need a refill. The buns on the burgers are very fresh, good tasty frys. TV's everywhere so you won't miss the game.

Toffee Wu

Delicious burger and great beer selection. Nice place to hang out with friends.

Nicole Dietzel

Love this place. Friendly staff, excellent food, amazing craft beer. Best place in town to catch a game.

abbie krolczyk

Cool concept. Best burger in town. Try the Banger Burger. Best buns!!! Plenty of craft beers on tap. Fast, friendly service


Great food, they had mead on tap, made it even better!

Shotika Cox

This is a neat little place. I thought it was literally listed wrong when I say laundromat lol but it’s definitely a laundromat, which I think makes total sense in a college town. The burgers were absolutely phenomenal, they have a sweetness to the bun and are nice and crisp. They are cooked well and seasoned even better. The fries are great too! I definitely recommend stopping here if you’re in the area, I was pleasantly surprised and I’m not a burger place. I will say the service was pretty sub-par. I was a party of one at the counter and didn’t really get checked on; I had to request my check and it was pretty empty (only 1 other table). Not sure if that’s unusual or not since I was in for a quick bite before I hit the road it wasn’t a big deal to me but If I came in with a party I would absolutely appreciated a bit more attention, just ask me how the food is and fill my water. The burger was so good I’m willing to keep it @ 5 stars though. I live in Houston but i’ll Be back with my hubby, I think it’s worth the drive!

Plear Littlefield

This place is the bomb. I'm actually not a huge burger person (weird I know) but I got their pozole. It wasn't the traditional pozole I'm used to, definitely heavy on the pork and light on the hominy, also could've used some radishes, but it was great nonetheless! They have a fabulous beer selection. Service was good, wait time for our food was reasonable. I appreciate that they aren't hovering over you every 2 seconds; they checked on us just as often as they needed to, nothing more nothing less. There was a mistake with one of our drinks but he comped us for it without being asked which was nice. I love this place!

ruvi Salazar

Love the food

Michael Crenshaw

Good food clean laundry area excellent service

Mlissa Cloud

Very Clean facility! All machines are functional which is Awesome

Cristina Brooks

My husband and I went in last week to and I have to say they have some of the best burgers near TAMU and they have an excellent selection of beers which both me and my husband loved. The only bad thing is the laundry staff. I found myself walking over to ask about what services were offered for my daughter and the laundry lady was to busy talking with friends to even see me. I'm not sure if this is a normal occurrence but it was very off putting for service personnel.

Hunter Parsons

Great place to grab a bite or brew while doing your laundry. How many places can you say that about? We have been here for both the food and the laundry, sometimes for both. Many great craft beers to choose from.

Ben Anderson

Great burgers, cool atmosphere, and you can do laundry.

Mary Ellen Myers

Fantastic / Clean / Professional / and Enjoyable + Positive Attention to `ALL´ Customers . . . . . I Travel an Hour One Way to Patronize - - Do Biz with Them - - (( "10+" Rating )) . . . . .

Mariah Gaston

I walked in feeling a bit uneasy (as I've never had to use a laundromat before), but the smiling people helped me relax. I also realized that I didn't have any dryer sheets and was given one. I am truly grateful. The only "bad" part of my experience is that I didn't realize there were different sized washers (because I didn't read the GIANT sign when you walk in), and ended up paying a bit more than necessary. I will definitely be back.

Chris Mercer

Great place to try new "Texas Only" Craft Brews and great food while doing a load of laundry. Not going to lie... I have a washer/dryer set but still use laundry as an excuse to grab a beer, eat a burger and chat with the awesome staff!

Ulises Jimenez

Great service, front desk lady always happy to address all concerns from customers, nice environment both in the washing area and also if n the restaurant!!

Job Dead

Great and helpful service for the laundromat portion of the establishment, and the dinner as well.

Tianyang Zhou

Love the setting where you can do laundry and eat! The washer and dryer looks great and I can fit a heavy comforter in it just fine. There are tables for folding too

Alyssa Novak

Great food and laundry machines. Food is pricy

Maria Gibbs

Friendly people at the washers and great food/beer

Jessica Sikes

Easy and the lady at the front even helped me fold my comforters since I was failing so hard at it. They seem quick to clean up any dirty machines. They have extra large machines. It cost me about $20 to wash and dry 2 comforters. Cheaper than drycleaning anyway and you could go have a meal while you wait or just play on your phone (what I do). You can typically trust this place, in that people aren't going to steal your stuff- you could run to HEB and back if you needed to. I sit and watch anyway because I'm paranoid but overall everyone is just doing their own laundry.

Grace S

Best burgers in town! Served on yummy buns. Great fries. Pleasantly surprised by their bright tasting cane sugar Dr Pepper, too. For dessert, highly recommend their "Chocolate Chip Wookies". Vanilla Icecream served with chocolate syrup and warm cookie dough...melt in your mouth and warms your soul!!!

Catherine Howell

Really nice, clean place. You can also order food there.

Tawayna Bell

Great burgers and hand cut fries.

June Walker

Workers are polite and ready to help

Lorraine Grossi

Just like it sounds - A good place for a burger and a nice cold can of beer. Their menu is limited but a nice variety of burgers from charizo burgers which consist of Mexican sausage and a fried egg ontop to a traditional cheeseburger. Fries were average but buns were fresh. A down to earth friendly place and you can do your laundry while you eat in the laundromat attached which is where the restaurant gets its name from...and I thought it was about the beer. Ha!

William Chapman

Food and laundry, pretty good prices too

Christian O

Best burger joint in BCS and the beer selection is great! I've been gone for over a year because of the military and this was the FIRST place my family and I wanted when we got back to BCS. If you haven't tried it before - you have to!

Minh Nguyet Tran

Great fiod with reasonable price. Love their burgers and chicken salad

Matthew Senn

The price per load of laundry is pretty steep, but the actual bar is excellent! Great beer selection. The staff is friendly and fun. The menu is limited, but what they offer is made fresh, signature fare. If you don't mind paying a little extra to wash your clothes, it's a great spot.

Christoph Ruepprich

Best laundromat ever

Crayton Reid

A classic! Burgers, great bar selection of beers and of course, you can do your laundry while you eat! A but pricey but worth the experience

Aline Jaimes

Went there once. Not sure about the washer/dinner combo. The food is decent

Daniel Hernandez

Delicious food and great washing machines, but I always found them expensive.

Tracey Patterson

Good burgers! Our first time there and we will definitely be back!

dan miller

I am occasionally in town for work and need to wash a load of clothes there. Clean place, friendly people, and up front is a bar and grill while you wait. Great selection of craft beers, and the food is excellent. Go there just to eat, even if you don't need to wash clothes.

Bill Hugghins

The food here is more than excellent. I've always been a burger guy, and Washbanger's has some off the hook burgers here. The burgers are on those sweet buns, for those of you who like (or don't like) those. The drinks are great, but be warned that they are an off-brand type (Dr. Pepper is called Doctored Up). The laundromat is kind of expensive ($3 for washing, and $0.75 for drying), but my clothes always feel great. All in all, I will be going here at least once a week for my washing/belly filling needs.

Robert McSorley Jr

Absolutely a fantastic place!

Christine Lawrence

Fun place to do your laundry and catch a bite to eat at the same time. Every time our washer or dryer is undergoing repair, we use this place. The staff is friendly and helpful. There isnt a lot of food variety and sometimes the food is just so-so.

Jason Buneo

I went to this place yesterday, and ordered the off menu item, "Low & Slow Burger". The description sounded good. It's a beef patty with pulled BBQ pork on top with onion rings, cheddar cheese, and chopped jalapenos on a bun. When it arrived and I took my first bite I knew that I was experiencing the Divine expression of the apex of human civilization.

Valerie T.

Not at all what you are expecting! Worst part - finding it and getting to it. Go during non peak time during week so you can save your sanity. Also so you will have eaaier time finding parking. We have used the laundry facility or even looked at it closely but seems clean and well maintained. This place wants to have fun, go try some basics with a twist and see which ones you like. Food portions are large. We have now visited 3 times in past 60 days. I've had the black bean quesedillas, Patty melt, and fried green tomato BLT. Place is using quality ingredients (bacon is ridiculous good). Breads/buns are really nice. Pay attention to the sauces served with and on food. Talk to wait staff, they know the menu. I have been able to get sauces on the side such has made things more to my liking. I will be honest & say that I have not loved everything I have tasted. However, mostly it has to do with prefrence issues & expectations of how particular items should taste. Not that the food here was bad. Oh n warm cookie with ice cream

Blair Murski

One of the absolute best burgers in town, with an added bonus that I can cleanse my delicates at the same time.

Devon Williams

I came in and there was trash all over the ground, I used the “state of the art” card reader on one of the washers and it charged my card three times. Had to dispute two of the charges. Don’t recommend using your card here. Only quarters. I also don’t think my clothes got washed very well. I did a load of towels and my towels came out stiff when I pulled them out of the dryer (yes I use appropriate amount of detergent and softener). Probably won’t return here to do my laundry. But I heard the food is good!

Parris Prentice

Great Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger!

Sagar Hajela

Laundromat:Wash cycles are a little expensive ($3-$7 per cycle depending on machine capacity and load of laundry) as compared to other places but dryers are same as elsewhere ($0.75 for small ones and $1.25 for bigger ones). Idea of enjoying food and drinks and not sitting idle while doing laundry is AMAZING!! You can swipe your card to pay for washer/dryer cycles without needing quarters! Restaurant: Their burger buns are special and that's mostly why the burgers are good!! Loved the smooth craft 'Kleines Bier Lager' which is as close to Wheat beer I could get. Totally a nice place to go and hangout with your friends!!


A little higher than the one down the street. At least their card reader works. Their chilli cheese fries were good and so was the raspberry tea.

Elizabeth Navarro

Always really good service

Evan Blevins

Probably my most favorite burger in town. Wait staff are always fantastic and the burger of the month is always delicious. The rotating taps are also super fun to try. Just overall and awesome place to grab a burger and a beer.

Mary Foreman

This was my first visit and it was an awesome experience. My meal was great. The burgers taste like my grandmother used to make. Very tasty. The hostess was courteous and very helpful.

Avery Hartnell

I’m been to thousands of places for burgers, including in all fifty states, most of Canada, and Europe. There are some very good places to get burgers. Harvey Washbangers in College Station remains the best burger I’ve ever had.

Joseph Guzman

Friendly service, but was returned my clothes without socks. Told I needed a written inventory of what was dropped off at the time of dropping off.

Chantel Turner

Cool I will be in a little bit

Howard Robinson

Not once asked me is everything alright or offered refill, even though other customers were asked.

Steve Duncan

The beer was overpriced but the service was nice the place was clean and a really neat unique idea parking lot with easy parking

Joel Perry

There is nothing bad here. If you get the chorizo burger add a fried egg, you won't regret it. Always a good selection of beers as well.

Dean Murray

Cool place. Lots of laundry machines of various sizes. Fairly priced and you can use your credit card. The girl at the counter was very polite and helpful. I will return.

M Cox

Great food and drink, washers and dryers are over priced

Lydia Lee

Really nice. To be able to eat, drink, watch TV while doing laundry is a plus.

Josh Ravichandran

Good staff, food was good but greasy

Henry Aguirre

Great food

P Ma

Wash your clothes while you eat!! Great food!

December White

It was really good. Got the Burger of the Month and the Jalapeño Creme Cheese Burger. The burgers were good and the fries were good, needed salt though. It was just a little too pricey for a full 5 stars. I’d recommend! But I’d probably only come back only for special occasions.

Stephanie Hall

Trivia night at Washbangers is a fun time. The moderator is funny without going overboard. Servers are cool about you being there for the trivia. Good atmosphere. And you can do laundry. Eat, drink get clean clothes. Life is good.

Obed Guevara

Best burger in town great local beer selection. Awesome service every time.


Did some laundry, knocked back a few beers, and had some awesome food. Love the little beer events where they hand out stuff. Service needs to improve a little. Waitress kept forgetting our drinks and had to wait so long to get our check. She barely came by. Aside from that service has been great on other occasions and the food cannot be missed.


First time in College Station and everyone reccomended this restaurant. I had the Chicken Finger and my wife had the burger. Loved it! Taste so much like homemade and the fries were great!!

Jean-Pierre Brault

Perfect place to do laundry

R Rs

So going here was an happy accident years ago. It’s odd being a laundromat and restaurant.. but this place is a staple of my College Station restaurants now... place is always clean and usually quiet enough.. full bar, great service, food is generally fresh and good, though can run a little greasy if you order a few things but in a good way... their menu is big and things for veggies. Drinks are huge and never empty! Patio, TVs, laundry service if you need it, big tables to spread out on if reading for class, and a Pokémon stop too!! The cost very affordable! Order their Wookiee (waffle cookie) or their hot pickles on your sandwich and you will be set!

Russell Goodrich

Good place for Burger and to do laundry. All at the same time

Lauren Lobo

Great service. Great burgers. The buns are my favorite party they're very soft, sweet, and unique. I wish they'd cook burgers medium rare but it was still pretty flavorful. Fries aren't very good but the burger makes up for it. Great place to do laundry if you need to

Jonathan Lane

Strange place where you can have a burger and wash your tighty whities. The chorizo burger and locally brewed coffee porter hit the spot. Good quality food and good service. What more can you ask for? Well I suppose you could ask them to fold your laundry.

James Colburn

A fantastic place to do you wash and get some great food. If you have a student take them here.

Justin Gonzalez

I came to do some laundry but I ended up eating one of their house burgers and I was not disappointed. The service was extremely quick and the food came out in less than 10 minutes. All of this while being able to watch the laundry status on their light board made my laundry easier and more convenient. I ended up also getting one of their shirts and loved my pick! I would definitely recommend this place!

Mastedo Fatalcaster

Been here twice and both times in the morning. Lady at the counter very nice and delightful. It's a drive for me but I can do my laundry in an hour for 5$ not a bad price to wash and dry. Will definitely be using until I get my own W/D

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