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7133 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081, United States

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REVIEWS OF 24 Hour Laundry IN Texas

Jermain Albert

Clean and very convenient.. Best of all the machines are well kept so they are also clean they ALL work....

Dustin Werner

This is by far one of my favorite businesses EVER. Super proud of the Military, and provide excellent service. Clean clean clean and cool too. Not hot, not sketchy. I love it here.

June M

I have wash my clothes in this place for a long time. Unfortunately last month I went and I notice a metal smell in my clothes. I didn't really know what it was. Then I went the following week to wash my clothes and the smell was there again. I even open one of the washers and I could smell the metal smell coming from that washer that I didn't even used. I had to go and wash all my clothes to a different place and most of it came off. Unfortunately in ALL of my cotton clothes the smell stay and I had to throw away my clothes. I believe that the problem is with the water coming out from the washers. However, I do not plan on going to this place again. I do not want to ruin my clothes, waste my money and do double work by washing here and then having to go somewhere else.

Stephen Henderson

The best washateria

Joe Adrain

Place is the worst. After hours definitely. They don't put up any signs of machines not working, so by the time you fill up your machine with soap and money from your card, the machine will tell you it's not available or allowed to run the machine. No staff on site so doesn't help, no refunds. Place sucks balls. Stay away, go to another normal washateria.


very clean and big laundry place , the prices are little high but all the machines are pretty new.


Great when you need to wash laundry late

Brian Roberts

Extreamly helpful staff, I am new in town, found a very efficient cost effective service. Drop cloths of in the morning, receive a call they are all done ready for pick up in afternoon. Always perfectly done. Really appreciate the service.

Cecilia Lopez-Solis

Very nice place to sit watch sports. Great atmosphere. Clean restrooms. Besides the construction, i recommend this place for your laundry care. It is small but i like it. Ita very home feeling.

Candace Krause

They were very professional and prompt.

Tiffany Luna

It's so GOOD to know there is a last resort if you need to wear a specific item of clothing the very next day.This place is so independent for the client with no need for employees, it's so clean, and they even have a MESSAGE machine that I love to relax in while my clothes dry. There's a corner store on the right if you want some of the condiments they don't already hold in their machines. It is a bit expensive but WORTH IT if you need immediate access to wash your clothes in YOUR OWN TIME. Some people are a bit sketchy there in not a very safe area so keep eyes open.

Patricia Lujan

Gopd service

Levi Calderon

My visit @ 2am Monday: No waiting for machines! Clean restrooms, new stainless steel machines, cheap extra large dryers, Free WiFi, accepts Credit cards. I was lucky to meet one of the owners as I was leaving. She is very friendly! During normal day and evening hours, they even have a lounge & arcade attached! I giglt recommend it!

Linda Bailey

Clean and well run, but the dryers alone will cost you a small fortune.

Tiffany Hansen

Love this place been going for years.

arash goudarzi

Good costumer service and nice people however, the place was not clean and also prices was a bit high for that machines.

Keith Hailey

Owner disrespectful he the man dark skin with the booty shorts on I guess that's apart of his uniform

PJ The Great

Very clean and neat. I work in Information technology so I liked the fact that I could pay for my wash with my android phone!! the place was neat and spacious. I saw different people from all walks of life, everyone was positive and nice! I do recommend this place! I had an issue with a wash and the manager was there and promptly assisted me. I will surely be back again to wash clothes here.

audrey rangel

Not the best of places!

Kayci Labinski

very clean and everything works lol

Shelbey Charles

The laundromat is VERY clean, I'm not just talking about the machines but the floor as well. I felt very safe here, like I could leave my clothes and they wouldn't be sniffed or anything like that. The only drawback, and the reason that I took away a star, was the fact that I had to dry my towels five different times at three different dryers because the dryers sensed that my towels were dry and only ran them for seven minutes at a time. I eventually had to pick through them to find what was dry and not to give it a fighting chance of actually ever drying. But it was only like .38 cents per cycle maybe that's why. Overall it is a great bang for your buck to wash and dry about a two load batch about six dollars and it would've been less if I hadn't had to run the dryers all those times.

Walter Jones

Best public laundry in West Maui

Linda Qualls

Nice laundromat

Tanner James

Nice, clean and convenient location with a friendly staff, a little pricey but there are super sized washers and you can use a wash card, so no need to carry all those quarters.

Netwrk Honey

I've come to this laundry mate 2 other times, years ago and it was fine. Today 1/3/17 I came and was taken back. The machines and floors are so dirty. The assistant is not helpful or cleaning. I see a lady who is washing multiple loads and two for her washers stop working mid wash. The machines are old, pipes are rusty and ceiling is molded. This will be my last time coming here.

Pauline Negrete

Its the best place to wash when u dont have no connection in your home.

Apprised Beauty

Clean, plenty of machines, quick washes... nothing to complain about exactly what you would expect from a proper laundry


Over priced. You have to put a min of $10 on a new card with credit. I washed ONE load of laundry and had to put more money on to dry!! They are thieves! It should not have been more than el5. Its also horrible hot in there. They rip you off enough to use air conditioning. Never again, its just miserable to stand in there with the heat in Houston. Cheap owners, cheap machines, over priced by 2 and 3 times everyone ese with better facilities. Seems they cant afford their rent to charge like that and have no ac in the building

Barbra Simmons

It was okay very difficult to put your card in and get the money didn't too much care for it

Maythe Delacruz

Always clean and who doesn’t love a 24 hr service

Luenetter Bobo

Love this joint. Being coming here about 6 months now. Last time I was here, old school music was on the box and I knew all the jams. This place makes doing laundry fun. I use to hate doing laundry, not anymore.

Andrea Soularie

Great place clean and affordable also has sitting and play area for children. Best part is the free WiFi this place is awesome .

Kimberly Nichols

Clean place. The washers and dryers are pretty clean too.

Epic Ma'at

Black owned 24 hrs clean updated equipment fully staffed safe and convenient


Great laundromat that’s open 24/7!!!

Roy Vera

Clean - they do wash and fold for 1.25 a pound! Always lots of staff around to help - if you need a really large washer / dryer or have issues with yours this is a great place.

Kimberly Smith

So convenient, clean and fast. Heads up though you will have to purchase a laundry card from their machine as machines aren't coin operated.

Nora Hartung

Clean, reasonably priced, friendly employees.

Cynthia Owens

Crazy busy on Sundays. Expanded so plenty of washers and dryers for small to extra large loads. Machines are fast and washes under 40 minutes. Sometimes TV is on overhead. A mixed group of all ages and ethnicity. I usually see 2 to 3 employees as they do a good business for washing & folding, dry cleaning business has been discontinued. When I go it is in daytime. I hung out for a while after Hurricane Harvey just somewhere to go, the doors where open, parking lot did not flood. They have their own cards for the machines which can be purchased with cash or credit cards, spanish & english. I will be going back.

Wilhelm Ohverkil

Friendly employees, nice machines, good service! I had so much laundry, but no time to do it. Dropped it off, payed and came back after errands to see the laundry finish right on time. Everything was folded and ready to go! I havent done the self service here, but it looks pretty easy. This place is also very large, so even though it seemed busy there were lots of available washers and dryers. It was also much cleaner than other laundromats. I will be stopping here again, and if you use laundromats, or are thinking avout trying one, this is the place!


Very clean. you can wash any time of the day safe no waiting.

Brennda Benitez

Little bit expensive more than others. Clean place and the people working are very friendly and helpful.

Andrea James

I just discovered this place about 2 weeks ago because I wanted to wash my clothes and it was very late at night. I went to this facility around 11:30 at night and I was very impressed to see that everything was neat and clean. I put my money into the machine and the card did not come out but they did have a number that you can call if you have any problems. At first I was kinda angry because I thought it would be just a recording and it was around 12 o'clock a.m. but to my surprise a gentleman picked up and he will help me go through the process of getting my card with the money on it and he wasn't even in the store. I would recommend this facility to anyone because it is a clean facility, bathrooms were clean and machines work super well. Plus it doesnt take too much money to wash or dry. Ps ALL MACHINES WORK

Neter Afro Jewelry

Read until bottom for full review: Have no idea why this place has 4 stars! Overpriced machines, machines don't work you have to pay to rewash/redry, they make you pay for a $1 card that is nonrefundable even if you plan to not come back, manager not helpful at all, & needs cleaning. Only positive thing is the memorial of veterans on the top wall inside, other than that it's trash! Update on review: Changed from 1 star to 4 stars because I reached out to the owner Mike and he gave me a $7 credit for the issues described above. He cared about the bad experience and did something to show he cares about his customers. Not something most companies do like the Wal-Mart's, Amazon's, Best Buy's of the world or even smaller businesses as well. The essence of the correct business model every business owner should follow.

chios house

Ive been going for years very clean store.the owner is awsome washers and dryers are good

Achyut Thapa

Good place with best customer service :) Thank you so much guys. Appreciate your work

Lillyanna marie velazquez

I love going here when its not packed but not to expensive

Oscar L. Ramirez

A great place to do laundry at 300 am.

Liz Biss

I'm very happy with this place. Nearly new machines, all the detergents, etc. that you forget to bring. You can even buy hangers. The staff is very pleasant. You use a card so you don't have to bring quarters. I suspect their price is a bit high, but the machines are large enough so I don't need as many as I have before. ~LB I will be back! If you use this place often enough you can win $$. I just got $3.00

Ashley Frost

The prices aren't too bad. You just load a card with money which makes it easy. The washing machine got my clothes clean. A few dryers weren't working. The laundromat was pretty dirty and could use some tlc. But for the purpose of washing and drying it will get the job done.

Bossie Mack

It's great I loved it. I went later and no one was there just how I like it.

April Rangel

I take my comforters to be laundered here and they have always done a great job. I did have one comforter come back with a different color but Mrs. Wanda went above and beyond to make it right. Great customer service from the owner and staff.

Melvin Aero

Clean place and all of the machines were working good. The staffs friendly. Speedy WiFi it was a great entertainment while waiting for my laundry to be done.

Marchell Mascheck

Clean. Everything runs on their own cash card--so put plenty of money on it!

Jessie Hernandez

Very clean, friendly staff, recently expanded because of high volume, as expected prices of smaller washers went up, which l might go elsewhere(tight budget). Big advantage open 24-7, have a playroom for small kids, cameras for safety n security. Disadvantage prices went up.

Deisy Zamarripa

Love this place

MJ Phelps

I really like it here. It's very clean and the operator is helpful and professional. It's great for the days you can't make it before the last wash call at other places. Only downside is that there is no delicates wash option.

jaleesia rosemond

I like that this place is clean and Staff are very friendly. The only down for ME is the owner/manager. (Older African American male). He is always rude to me. I don't know if he thinks I'm younger than what I am or what but he takes my basket like I'm not even a person and said he would bring it back and didn't and he moved my laundry basket for some reason. I know I sound petty but it's how I feel. And he never speaks. I've noticed him speaking to others though. Hit why I gave 3 stars, professionalism goes a long way. But I would recommend this place

faridy quiroz

Never had I loved a laundry place..or even going to one..first time coming here, and I just loveeeed this place!! Very updated, clean and great price! They even had wi-if! Can't beat that They also have motivational framed quotes which was unique and lovely

Yeshia Freeman

The place is clean and reasonably priced only needed three washers 2 double and 1 triple load, compared to 5 -6 double and triples at other places. Found it on Google; staff was very helpful and friendly. My only concern was no cash machines, everything is done on wash card, which ended up not being to so bad they do have bills and a machine to exchange money. SN:card cost $.99 additional. Overall it's clean, they have helpful staff and air condition and fans, stools to sit when you need to fold, which for me is a plus, and a designated area to fold. Snack are a dollar. Therebe aware parking looks like it can be right due to the other businesses. If I'm in the area I would definitely come back.

Laura Dobbs

Really good place to do laundry. Restrooms are clean. It cost more than the average laundromat but worth it. The machines are well maintained and updated. The dryers could be better. The heat isn't worth the money. Overall, this place is pretty damn good.

Ashley L

I really liked this place when I used to see the owner taking care of us (I never got the opportunity to ask for his name, I think it was Mike), he would always help patiently when we got trouble with the machines we were using, but lately I didn't saw him again, but in my last visit to the place, I had the worst experience, I tried to do my normal activities but I was threath by another customer with no apparent reason, I talked TWO times with the person in charge ( I dont know if she was the owner or another employee) and did nothing about it, instead, she decided to kick me out and let the other person to stay in there when she was causing the trouble and accused me of the opposite. I couldn't even dry my clothes! I got so offended as well for the fact of not been taking care of as the faithful customer I was since 2013, sorry, but Im not coming back to a place where my wellness is not important. I can't imagine how would be in another dangerous situation.

Kimberly Hodge

Nice, clean, facilities. No cash used. Carded machines. Open and available 24 hours. Washers and dryers upkeep well.

Virginia Rockwell

You must purchase a plastic card to use in the machines.

GoodGirl_ GoneGlam

Very clean and well kept! This is probably the nicest laundromat I've ever been to. I feel safe being here, and will be back again next time I need to wash/dry my clothes.

Kevin Newman

Very expensive. Prices go up after 11. Ramp are all blocked by cars so carts fall over and clean clothes end up in the pools of oil in the parking space. Find another place and save yourself the headache.

Kathryn Chancey

Self serve at night. Dryers go only 7 min. Though.


Today was my first time here. The young lady Ana was very helpful and professional every time I had a question. I noticed any time she wasn't assisting someone she spent cleaning, and preparing for the day. The restrooms were clean along with the rest of the laundry mat.

Michael Northcutt

Huge laundrymat! You have to put your money in a machine, then you get a laundry card to use on the machines. Takes a little time to get used to that. And they have a TV, but the workers kid was watching Spngebob. I dont like cartoons, I'm old...well 48. But it's like having no TV at all to me...frustrating.

Laurence Maxey

I okay, you need to go when it is not crowded. Sometimes the machines and couple of the dryers is not working.

Sandria Basile

Extremely convenient. Ask for a young lady named Jessica. She is wonderful and always helps you with a smile on her face no matter how many times you need her help. The place is really clean and the aisles are nice and wide. They also have washers for pretty much every sized load you might need. I like going in the evening time after 1900 or 2000 because it's not as crowded. Parking is pretty good. Not sure what the restrooms are like as I have never used them while I was there. I'm funny about strange bathrooms no matter whose they are so I try not to use public restrooms. Anyway, overall the people are very helpful, the place stays pretty clean, and it's very convenient because it's open 24/7 except maybe certain holidays. I'm not sure about the holiday thing, though, because I've never attempted such a feat nor driven past there on a holiday before. They also have vending drinks and snacks as well as a small children's area. You can also drop off your laundry to have it washed and cleaned and folded for you if you don't have time to do it yourself. I'm not sure of the cost for that particular service as I like doing my own laundry. Can't have strangers checking out my skimpies. LOL! Anyway, lovely people, have a wonderful 2018 and go here to do your laundry. It's near the corner of Chimney Rock and Beechnut.

K Smith

Lots of good equipment, clean and friendly environment. Everything is automated by use of cards. Also accepts credit and debit cards. Also has a dry cleaner on site.

Claudette Moore

Favorite laundromat bar none..clean,efficent, wi-fi,truly 24hrs..perfect

Iman Khayambashi

UPDATE: (DROPPED FROM 5 START TO 1) I was the customer here for around three years until tonight, and I am not going there anymore because of the only employee or owner. He didn't take responsibility for the problem that I had in my last visit and waste my time and money (7 washing machines had a problem with washing the clothes with hot water) I explained the problem to him, and he just denied and said all the washing machines are working correctly, I asked him to check and test, and he refused. I told him that even I called your phone number but nobody response when I needed help (nobody there to help me with the problem) I told him I am your customer for three years and asked you to refund my money and he said NO, THIS IS THEFT (almost $35 for washing with hot water and all the seven machines were cold except one of them.) He was super irresponsible and mean. People need to know most of the machines here have problem with hot washing. Be aware

Deidra Jolivette

Very nice staff working there. All working machines, very clean, lots of supplies if needed, coffee, tv's, child play room.....the best laundry room I have ever been to. And a convenient store right next door!!!

Carl Fraley

Clean place with plenty of nice machines and a great staff.

Lakechia Polk

Great family place and safe. All of the machines worked ok

J. M.

Good machines, well-lit, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Jay and Meli

This is the ONLY place I will go wash our clothes at. It's always clean! The machines work great, I've never had an issue with one not working. The dryers dry fast. The employees there take a lot of pride in maintaining it. It's a little pricier than some of the other laundry places but well worth a few extra cents on each maching. Always have plenty of machines that are ready for use

Lance Burns

It's really 24 hours and cool arcade games I like the establishment no complaints at all. Comfortable safe environment

Ms Dee

Nice people if you have a problem they take care of it immediately

Jia-Shiun Leu

Easy use & 24 hours service. So Great!!!

Lesly Gonzalez

I have been a customer for almost 4 years now and I love it! Great customer service, staff is always friendly and courteous. I love that it's open 24hrs so to avoid a crowd on the weekends it's my to go place. Hardly have any issues with machines not working. Always well kept and clean, great selection of machines. They are card operated and accept credit cards which is better than carrying coins in my opinion. A lot of folding tables and carts available and ample parking area, overall great place.

Christy Nguyen

I love how they have tables and chairs, a kids game room, and wifi. I was able to work on homework and knock out laundry at the same time. They have a card balance system. The washing machines are great, but the dryer machines you have to dry about 4 times before it’s decently dry. They have an awesome and helpful staff that exhibited excellent customer service. Be careful with kids and the floors. Some of the tile is taken out and anyone could easily trip and fall.

Michael Bright

Impressive - well lit, well equipped and clean. Bill changers & vending machines all working. After having a bad experience at a laundromat in/near the Heights, I drove to this location @ 5am, in conjunction with needing to be in the area at 7am. I was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of this facility. Glad I made the drive!

Alisson Rivas

Great service the only thing is that the people that go there sometimes wen i go and wash are terrible nasty people leave the mashines dirty they should keep the wadhers clean and they shouldent allow kida to be running around or by themselfs on the playroom

Lori Newport

The worse. No hot water have to spend a dollar for card. Won't EVER returned the water was hot wouldn't my clothes be warm to the touch. I'm not lying you just can't handle the truth.

Sensei Victor

This place is old, the machines hardly work, it's always busy, the vending machine for soaps is waayyyy over priced, there is always homeless people sleeping on the benches and staring you down. I even went at 2 am and it was still packed with people. It just didn't feel safe.

Ariana Perez

You should make one in Cypress, TX cause we could use a nice 24 hour Laundromat

Mary Seth Luoma

I hate laundromats, but we are 1100 miles from home, so no choice. BUT, this one is clean, machines are well maintained and staff is there around the clock. Seems safe.

Grant Gibson

This place is awesome. Cards not coins. You have to load a card. Card is $1 I think. Can get detergent on site. Arcade area. Bathroom is clean. Decent sized. Machines are semiexpensive. $2.75-3.50 for washers. Like 60 cents for dryers, can't remember how long you get for that. Takes at least 2 cycles with dryer though.

Sherwanda Foster

So. I visited this laundromat a few months ago. I looked it up after work as I needed uniforms for the next evening and the washer was fresh on the fritz. It was easy to find. Not far from work and ppl were still out at 1am. Household work is never done......woman or man. The customers present were pleasant. No loud music,trash about or otherwise. Everyone was helpful to the new comers. The wash card machine requires following directions and takes cash or card. They feature really large machines (still refrain from overloading). It has a cleaners inside not open except during regular business hours. There is a water machine that dispenses alkaline water but I didn’t try it. It’s spacious and has ample seating and folding space. If you’re ever in a pinch and can’t go during the day it’s a nice option. Oh. Forgot to mention the Local Hero Photos mounted around the top of the wall. Really nice touch. Thank you for your service Ladies and Gentlemen.

Amanda Adams

Clean but prices are high, a good option if you need to do laundry at an odd hour. They are 24 hours , you have to load money on one of their laundry cards. The one upside if you keep using the same card is after so many washes you get money loaded back in the card. I got $6 back after 3 visits which went toward drying my clothes but I still had to add extra money.

Auhsoj Nayr Oktrab

Can be a bit on the pricey side but they have some of the largest commercially available machines. So if you sort your loads right it can actually be beneficial to use a location like this. Also the dryers work incredibly well. All the machines are pretty new-ish. They also have TV's to watch and free WiFi at this location!

Alexa Vixen

This place is fully automated, everything uses a special laundry card, there is a children area, and even arcade games. Only down fall I see is that it us much more expensive then other places. Honestly, I would rather pay that price for a clean place.

Myrta Palencia

Love how it always clean

Sheldon Dedek

Great place for laundry. Was here late night / early morning. No waiting. Wash Cards cost 99cents, and are able to load with cash or credit card. Washer prices vary depending on temperature & cycle selected. Staff comes in about 6am or so.

Shelli Campbell

Despite the fact that they are over 30 minutes away....ugh. It was worth the drive, first of all because they're open 24 hrs. (this works perfectly with my schedule!) the machines were clean!!! YAY!!! Big plus in my books, they were all operational (imagine that?!?!) & there were enough machines for everyone!!! No waiting, no lines, not a lot of people, and those that were there were very helpful being that it was my first time and all. The only thing that bothered me was that they did not have an attendant on duty (it was after 12am), thank goodness the other patrons were helpful!! I'm not too keen on the whole card thing either oh and it was rather pricey to wash, one load was $3.69 odd price and way too high!!! Overall my first experience went pretty well and I would definitely return. Just wished we had one closer to Katy

Jim Bartko

Always keep very clean and the machines are ALWAYS kept in great working order. You can use quarters or paper currency to load the required laundry card. Buy the card once only and just load the amount of money into it that you thin you'll need to use to get your laundry done with whether you just need to load a single dollar to $50.00. it accepts credit and debit cards for your laundry card reloads. Bellaire police station is just a few short blocks away so you'll always feel safe doing business there.

irtaza sheikh

Great facilities and prices--but scary neighbourhood.

Allen Blob

I've used this laundromat for one year now and it is the best that I have found in Houston. I do think some things can be improved though. -The Men's bathroom is not well taken care of. Broken soap dispenser(which I told staff about 3 month ago), and no aerator on the faucet so the faucet sprays everywhere and gets me wet. -The AC is not sufficient to keep the place within a reasonable temperature. Other than that, I have been pleased with the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and well maintained machines.

Juan Beltran

An excellent location that has the regular and huge washing machines. And they always work. So that's a plus. This is a well lit place and they have security cameras inside & outside, so your always safe. They have a vending machine that has fabric softeners and detergents. But I will say this about this laundry place. They have a machine where you can & need to put value on it, which can be used in both washers and dryers. Note: the scan card is free. There's also a kids area with Televisions so there's the news to entertain yourself. Plus the bonus about this place, there's free Wifi. Now do I have your attention? Give them your business and take advantage of there Laundy service.

Yvonne Cervantes

If it was possible to give it less than 1 star then I would. The machines are confusing to begin with and the employees seemed more worried about doing their own laundry then trying to help us figure out how to do ours. It also seems like the cost per wash changes at a certain time since when we began it charged $2.50 but when we used the same machines 30 minutes later it was $2.69. Now it isn't a big change but we were unaware that it happened so we were upset by it. Overall the experience was bad and we can say today was the first and last day we used this establishment.

Mark D

My dryer broke in my apartment and I needed to dry my clothes.. Headed here, hadn't been to a laundromat in a long time.. I took quarters.. They don't take quarters.. You have to buy a card.. Now I know.. Machines could use an upgrade and I noticed quite a few dryers out of service.. Other than that it was ok


The young lady that works there was very helpful assisting me since it was my first time here and was familiar with the 'process'. The place is clean, plenty of good equipment and the prices are reasonable. I'd recommend this place to anyone needing to use a laundromat.

kayla owens

Always super clean here. Rather than coins, you use a laundry card that you load money on which is way more convenient in my opinion. They also have bathrooms and wifi. This is the nicest 24 hour washateria in the city.

Pamela Reese

Moce clean facility but some machines change price once you put the paycard in

Nemesis Rodriguez

Really nice place, free WiFi, lots of washers and dryers

Tori Howard

The staff is friendly and helpful, it is clean, they offer restrooms, tv, magazines and an arcade lounge with an aquarium! I often get money back just for going there


Really nice place and washes clothes good

NOTE Peelafonte

Black owned 24 hours clean well staffed good vibes

Sharon Jones

I love it they have free wifi nice and clean.

cj williams

Very convenient. The only down side are the laundry cards you have to purchase to use machines. They are $1 and re usable so keep up with them!!

Matthew Bird

It's clean, all the machines are in good order, plenty of carts. Not much more you could ask from a laundromat

Thad Fiebich

This is my first visit ever to a laundromat. I did quite a lot of research prior to my wife and I visiting this location. When we arrived, the place was very clean, and at the time we arrived (morning) there were plenty of machines. There was a slight learning curve to learning how to use the washers, but after asking, we got the hang of it. The dryers were a slight learning curve as well. A how-to sheet for first time users would be helpful. We asked two guys who provided different different instructions. My wife then said that we needed to ask a woman. That was how we got our answers! You don't pay with coins, rather a pre-paid card, similar to Dave and Busters. All in all we both really enjoyed our experience, felt very safe, and like that they have comfortable seating while you wait. They even have a place for the kids to play. I left one star off for the little bit of confusion with operating the machines, being newbies. We will definitely recommend this place!

Mercedes Daniels

Large. Clean enough. You have to put money on cards to use machines. They do have a kid room with a few games and TV which was a nice touch. I say at table at entrance of said room in order to watch my daughter... She had fun.

Geoff Mcfarlin

Not the cleanest fanciest or best place ever but it's a good laundromat okay machines open 24 hours if you've been putting off laundry like me and you have to do it here's the place to be

Thomas Dealy

Probably one of the best laundermats in Houston & the best 24 hour one I've encountered.

Angel Love

I love dis location really good price everything you need you can't buy there.. they have a great staff very friendly and helpful.. it's very clean The machines actually work.. I recommend!!!

Branda Diehn

Friendly & helpful patrons & staff. Clean environment. Very peaceful.

william riley

Some machines work but others out of order with no signs they don't like returning your money becareful.

Unlike No Other

You have to purchase a card to use the machines. They seem a lil overpriced to me. With odd amounts like .56 cent (for a 7 min dry cycle) or something crazy along those lines. It took over $2 to dry 1 small load...smh. At the end of it all, you end up with odd amounts of change on your card which will cause you to keep relaoding it. Btw, if you purchase your card with your credit card, theres a minimum $10 amount you have to put on there. & nowhere really to sit. They seem like a rip off to me.

Sharon Frank

Clean but a little pricey. Didn't know that you have to buy a card from a vending machine and put money on it to use in washers and dryers. The minimum amount to put on a card is $10. After the first $10 was used on laundry, I just needed a couple of dollars to finish but the minimum amount of $10 is what I had to spend. Ended up putting the $10 on the card and giving my card (with the extra money on it) to another customer.We were visiting Houston and would not have the use for their card again. Won't be returning there.


Very helpful staff. We'll lit and clean. Overpriced

Geralyn Mitchell

Clean. Helpful staff. Need to use their cash card to operate the machines.

Jason Brooks

So awesome best place you can go to wash clothes

Brandy S

I love this place. Cool and clean

Marybel Asumendi

It's convenient for people who work late it's just so hot in there. Wish there was someone there after hours to help with any questions but overall very nice

Susan Tye

It was our first visit there and we were very impressed they have lots of machines, washers as well as dryers. They are very well kept and the ladies working there are very helpful and hardworking. They keep cleaning the floors and machines non stop. Highly recommended !

Tamesha Shook

Superb service the offer is great, the staffs are pretty nice to their customers.

LeDarrin Johnson

This place is great! I dry cleaners inside does not do alterations but the couple that owns it are very nice. Dependable and reasonable prices.

Christian Mbaba

Extremely friendly staff and clean. The first thing you noticed is how clean it is. I would recommend to everyone.

Maribel Sanchez

Nice and clean no children running around

Uniquia Gipson

Great washing experience. Variety of machines. Wash Card is very convenient compared to carrying a coin purse. Love the dryers. A lot of seating. The massage chair is how I pass time. Love this place.

David W.

Pretty decent laundry mat. You buy a reloadable card for a dollar then you add what you need with cash or credit. Machines looked well maintained and had decent prices. Staff was friendly too.

Xavier Plasencia

For the most part the place is pretty clean for the area it is. Never had any issues with the machines. Pretty quick and easy.

Kystal Saldaña

Great place to wash,plenty of waching machines, very clean!

Leah McManis

This place looks nice. Their machines are extremely over priced for the quality. I used the front and middle row of washing machines and my clothes didn't come out clean and didn't even smell good, makes me think they do not service them often. I put a medium size load of shirts with two pairs of jeans in the back dryer and it took 5 times to get them acceptable to bring home. At 10pm they up the prices when there is not a sign that I saw saying that was going to happen. I have been going to a laundromat sense I was a child with my mother and have never experienced this poor of quality for this amount of money. You would think sense this place is located on west university they would have better equipment. I am just blown away with how everything came out. I will not be coming back to this place ever and I advise everyone else to stay away as well.

Tatyana Waterton

Ol’Reliable no matter when or how many loads BUT be wary of the corner store at the end the guy is rude and they had stale sour candy on more than one occasion

Harvey Cassidy

No problems. In town on business and was happy to to find a place open late which accepted credit cards. If you use a credit card, the minimum you can add to their internal payment system is $10 at a time (though a manager can override it if necessary). Additionally, a lot of the machine instructions are in Spanish though it's easy enough if you do not understand.

Tom Hartig

They use a “card” system to pay for each machine. You add money to a card and use this card in the machines. This is a very poor system, usually resulting in a credit card being charged with too much money. The machines cost odd amounts of money each: $2.79, $3.79 etc. I cannot recommend this business due to this payment system. Save yourself a lot of grief and choose a different laundromat.

Pamela Wogenstahl

Love this place! Pricing is great for wash and fold. Owned and operated by a husband and wife. Bith friendly and hard working!

Luke Stowell

Awesome place, the name speaks for itself. You can do laundry here 24/7.

Greyci Benitez

love this place when it comes to the laundry

Kaleb Williams

I lost money on this card system and Noone will return my call . There should be a number available to reach an employee or the owner in case of such malfunction and there isn't any workers on sight . The card system sucks . Please read the negative reviews I swear they are spot on !!!! .After making numerous attempts to get in touch with anyone for the money I lost I finally added more money only to get a dryer less than half full .With very wet clothes . The gimmick is there open 24 hours . But the equipment is robbery . There is a way better washateria on 5900 Chimney Rock called Sun Washateria by the jack in the box and there cheaper$$$$$$$$$$$ .If you need a 24 hour location go to Soapy Suds you will not have any regrets and they use a change machine not a card system and someone is always on the premises. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Garcia

I called in beforehand to see if I can only use the dryer since mine at home was broken (some laundromats require that customers wash+dry) and the lady on the phone answered yes! When I entered it was very clean and comfortable. They have laundry cards that you can use to activate the machines, which was easy for me to use so I didn't need assistance. They have free wifi, vending machines, and everything to make your wait as comfortable as possible. I will definitely be back again.

Brady Burnett

I've used this place multiple times. First time was when I was in a hurry to have my laundry finished, and my home machines didn't have enough capacity to do it quickly. I happened to also need a place that is open late. This place fits the bill. Came here and saw that they had lots of high-end, high capacity, clean machines with ample baskets for moving the clothes around and tables for folding. Later, I've used them a couple of times for their laundry service. Generally, as long as you drop it off by around noon, they will have it done same day. They wash them in the same machines that I used for my self service and fold everything, including socks if they see the matches. I've dealt with the same gentleman every time I've gone in and it has been probably 2 years now since I've been using their service. Good people, they take pride in their store, highly recommend.

Linetta Liberto

Always clean and fairly priced.

Celia Mendez

Love this place 24 hours always go at night and it's so calm enjoy coming here all the way from the northside

Sherry Sexton

The place wasnt clean,cost me 35.00 to wash and dry 5 med loads and still want dry when I lefted the place,ask for something to clean folding clothes table and got looked at like I was takin something.. I would start the dryers walk out the door put soap in my car at the door go back in and the dryers were stopped says .55 for 8min my phone clock must not know how to tell time...

Peaches Blount

Pretty cool place! Good to have! Very thankful for this place, because stuff got wet from the rain, an we were able to dry it late, late! AND there's somebody there!!!

Norma P Rodriguez

Clean but dont have hot water at the washers some dryers dont dry good but very neat and convenient 24 hrs


Getting clothes washed here is good. The machines are always available and clean. You can also drop off your clothes so they can wash and fold. Highly recommend.

Breanna Young

Fantastic superb service and they are so helpful when needing help.I love the how you don't have buy quarters; they use a card system which is easy to use once you get the hang of it. The place is spotless and not too crowded. They have lots of washer and dryer all sizes. I will highly recommend 24 hours laundry mat to anyone having to use them. I love it

Stephen Hagen

Clean and easy to use. Plenty of machines to get the job done efficiently. Also has house credit card for the machines to operate. Good for minimizing theft of cash.

Incredible Nana

Nice and clean, excellent workers, supervisors, staff 100%

Vanessa Hernandez

Great service

Anikka Williams

I wash here every 2 weeks and it's always pleasant, the facility and machines are always clean.

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