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REVIEWS OF Spin City Laundry IN Oklahoma

BG Devilledeaux

The attendant on site, Lionel, was awesome, he pointed me to the best equipment for my needs. This place is clean and there are vending machines. I'll come here every time I am in OKC.


I would have given it all 5 stars however the attendant that works there seems to be a nice lady however her continuously walking starring and looking at you load your clothes in the washer is creepy and annoying and telling someone how to wash is rude ive visted here a few times because its close and its clean but she kinda upsets you with the watching and looking at you from in corners to see how much soap you put in the washer is very annoying.

Tammi Resar

jessy e

Veronica Patchet

Good location, but the black man, is so DAM NOSEY AND WANTING TO GET INTO YOUR BUSINESS AND STUFF. .. I WALKED OUT! !!

Sierra Chrisco

A great place, very clean with plenty of things to do while waiting for clothes to wash.

Fabolous Smith

Ashley Allen

Did laundry get clean sure. But the washes are more expensive than other places. It would also be nice if they had a sign on the bathroom door that says you need a key to get in. And the employees could say hi or greet you when you walk in or at the very least wear a shirt and a name tag so you know they arent just another person there doing the laundry. They also dont appear to be kid friendly. Dont think ill be back.

mary forester

Adithya B

Raine Black

I've been here several times and each time I'm there, this one paticular man watches me like a creepy hawk (the ENTIRE TIME I'm there) and then tells me I'm not allowed to put more than 1 scoop of soap in my washers (mind you, I am using triple and quadruple washers). But each time I'll watch other patrons and have literally watched them pour in tons of soap and not a word nor wisper to them. Feel like I get singled out everytime I go there. Will not go back. Its very unsettling.

Senita Parker

Jean Dixon

Friendly atmosphere.

Sydney Taylor

I’ve been here a few times now and like it for the most part. The area it’s in isn’t good but It’s clean, and I like the bigger washers that are $3.50. It would be nice if the employees had a name tag or shirt so customers know who to talk to. The only reason I knew this woman worked there was because she was mopping. Maybe say hi when customers come in? Take the headphones out for a second and have a conversation with your customers. I plan on trying a few others that aren’t as expensive and the dryers dry the clothes ALL throughout. Nothing necessarily wrong with it, the prices are just a little high even if it is super clean. Just a few recommendations... After 8:30ish hit more people came in and I didn’t feel as safe in the dark in that neighborhood so I left as soon as my things washed and I didn’t even dry them.

Jimmy Bell

Clean establishment friendly staff. Most of the machines worked and dryer accomplished the task in one cycle.

Lauren Greene

Joshua Easter

Worst laundry environment around. Travelling through in an rv and stopped to wash clothes with my mother, 13 year old twin sons and my two year old daughter. As soon as we walked in we got bad looks and should have left. While loading clothes I had my two year old sitting on the washer I was loading. Her brother had his arm around her. The manager (older asian lady I believe) told me very rudely tjat babies can't be on the washers. I said ok and removed her and finished loading. The manager walked next doir and got the owner. He came up to me and asked what my problem was. I said I didn't have one that I did what I was told. He said no more having problems following the rules or we would have to leave. Then told my son to remove his clothes from the washer and put it in a larger washer because there was too much and too dirty. Extremely rude and unprofessional. We are leaving with wet clothes to go dry else where and will never be back here.

City Bred

Y Ramirez

Worst owner ever

Sheila D Williams Ford

Nice, clean place; affordable laundry.

Sheila Brown

Sheree Ashley

ok, could be better

Beatrice Atoyebi

T. S.

The owner is nothing but a bully!!! * I recommend you don't give him your business because he lost mine.


Amazing facility, very clean, and very attentive personnel.

Doris Holliday

This is the cleanest laundry facility around. Great staff and machines are well taken care of.

kristina Tipton

Crystal Stetler

It was clean and there is massage chairs while you wait.

Christopher Ramsey

Isreal Davis

Is a real good place to do your laundry everything's there and they have a guy there and it's the tendon and everything's just real nice

Steve Shell

Clean new equipment with helpful employees. Best place by far.

Kimberly Hafford

Diva Suchadiva

chris blackman

The owner is a ass hole.

Jesus G

Brittany Blackburn

I liked this place until i was 5 minutes late for last load and she wouldn't let me wash. Claiming it was 950 and the clock clearly says 935pm.

Maurice Johnson

Good machines. Seems like all of them worked.

Jesus Loera

Very good

Shaeree Roland

E. Tuck

I was very surprised with the customer services I experienced on today. I wasn't at the door yet, but the young lady held it open for me until I got to the door. She helped me with my clothes in the washer and dryer. If I had cash on me I would have tipped her, because she didn’t have to help me at all.

Ronda Smith

Nice and clean friendly people

Maya Franks

I typically like this laundromat, as our complex is renovating their laundry units. A blonde woman that works here approximately 2 days ago felt the need to touch and move my laundry when I started both machines at the same time and they have one minute left. Her reasoning was that someone else needed the very machine I was using at that very moment, when there multiple (as in more than 6) free machines at 8pm that night. Now we are missing items. I will not be back here.

Bryanne James

Great place to wash laundry

deundra kennedy

Good clean place to wash your clothes plenty of washer and dryer

Chris Mitch

prizepossession 2am

That black guy is always hovering over me when I wash.. found a new spot same price to wash and free dryers..

Roberto Cuervo

Very clean, nice place. Highly recommended.

Katherynn Glover

melissa brown

Person on duty extremely helpful and allowed me to start laundry after last load.

Margerita Kunnah

Staff are friendly. They always cleaning out spills. My kid loves when we go there. They have fun games. It has big machines for one time wash

Ricki Skikus

Love how it's always clean. Also love the digital machines of course!!

Joshua Wood

Matthew Helm

Mary Kizzie

Best place wonderful atmosphere! The best customer service! And cheap! Only takes a dollar to dry your clothes! Very clean and all appliances are up to date!!! Love, Love, Love this place!!!

Ima Lush

There are enough washers and dryers for alot of people .. I've never had to wait for a machine . And they are open late which is awesome

donna fennell

Nice establishment. Attendant very helpful. Holds door at entrance keeps eyes on all patrons and loads. Helped me understand the large commercial washers clean well run place. Went Sunday at noon and felt safe

Used P

paula thayer

I have kids and everytime i have gone someone has opened the door for me! Super nice staff and its only $1 to dry a huge load of laundry!

Ms. B

This place is impeccably cleaned. I thought $2 a load in the regular size washer was a bit much and then the other washers were $3.50 and $7.50. The dryers were a dollar per load which held quite a bit of laundry so that it's worth it. Another great thing is that they're open to 11 p.m. which really came in handy because I was working and needed to get laundry done and my regular laundromat requires clothes going into the dryer by 8:30p.m. In an emergency I would go back but I would not make this my regular place to wash clothes because it's just so expensive in my taste.

Brutus Blutowski

Helpful worker there , they don't put up with bs.....

Kerry Breeze

Clean place. Alot of newer machines.

benjamin sitton

Great service

steven Madison

Nice guy running the place. Came in after 10 one night and the guy was happy to see me.

Christina Easton

Its always clean you never have to worry about your clothes and the attendant is always nice and helpful

Milo Johnson

Little overpriced. Nice massage chairs. But dryer burned my blankets

isabel Amaya

They don't lake's kids

Sam Islam

Miss moody Maxwell

They are very clean, their upkeep is awesome, friendly staff, and you never have to wait for a washer or dryer. It's in a Safe neighborhood as well.

C Franklin

Great over sized washers and dryers. Very clean and very nice guy who works there

Kim Willcox

Most of my experience was great. The employee was kind and helpful and the higher price for a wash was balanced by a cheaper dry. Then the owner just showed up and taking money out of all the machines and then tried to rearrange my clothing in my dryer telling me how to do my laundry. Like he opened my dryer and was touching my laundry. He also said that I didnt know how to wash and my blankets in the dryer are still dirty and that I need to start over... The employee was apologetic but I'm not going back.

Ivory Parker

Joe Safarik

Awesome service to me.

Jena Hamilton

Absolutely sucks, we loaded laundry ( we were told we did it wrong) grandson had his arms around my granddaughter 1 yr old sitting on the machine where we were loading it and we got chewed out for that, told to remover her, which we did....we were told we couldn't sit in some massage chairs unless we we're going to use them....then the lady goes and gets owner, told him we couldn't follow the rules....we did everything she who comes over and wants to know if we have a problem!!!!?'s a laundry mat with toys and games for kids!!!!???? 3 people in here and everything we do is wrong!!!!! Take a chill pill people....we will NEVER be back !!!!! And I will post this everywhere possible!!!! We ended up taking the grandbaby back out to the vehicle because of dirty mad looks from the manager .... ( She is 1, get over it!!? You should not have all the kids stuff in there if a kid can't play).!!!! Worse people skills I've ever seen and I'm 62 years old!!!! My grandson was also told he had to much stuff in the machine and to take it out...ha!! My daughter and I were both standing there, and he has been doing his own laundry for years..... Talk about a power personality!!!! We decided to take our wet clothes and leave!!!!!

Vernita Cross

Very clean, every washer and dryer working. Will definitely use this facility again.

Li Co

Sweet Smith

Staff seems to be close by to open the door when I'm dragging my clothes that

William Arnett

Mark Colby

Clean and cheap

Daniel Bradshaw

New machine always an attendee. And i know the owner

Roxanne Hill

MoyaGai Oui

It's alright

Catie Madrid

Low price and clean

Jessika Beery

Stephanie Garcia

Better service when the owner IS NOT AROUND!!! I ASKED FOR HELP FOR CHANGE SINCE IT WASNT COMING OUT AND I GET THE COMMENT WELL ITS PROBABLY COUNTERFEIT....accusing me of using a fake $5 bill. Yet after trying 5 more times the machine gives me change.


Clean washer and dryer, staff is friendly and they take good care of the place.

Quincy Johnson

Doesn't like black people

Kiyoshi Mizu


Good clean laundry

Martha Smith

It is clean and well kept.

Roshawnda Lewis

Kaash Money

The owner is very disrespectful and rude! He dislikes people of color. My clothes didn't wash as well so the attendant said she would rewash for me I said thanks. THREE mins later he popped up saying you the one having problem get your clothes and go. I said no you must have the wrong person. I said ask her the attendant she then says yeah remember you said you wanted your clothes rewashed. At this point I was confused trying to get a understanding.He then said you causing problems I am calling the police mind you when they got there the police said mam he does this all the time we get a call once a week. Beware!!! Also make sure your clothes are clean it will spell clean but very little water is coming out of those machines.

Janet Dale

Very clean and hot dryers

Rebecca Blevin Garner


Looks nice but the hours weren't posted, apparently last load must be in at 9:30 with final closing hours being 11 pm

Ashlee Hedges

Jay Murphy

James my guy

Summer Sokol

Having to use laundromats are recently a new thing for me. I've been to a couple around this area and they are seedy, expensive and unkempt. This is a well maintained, lit, air conditioned, very clean, quiet, newer model machines, and very reasonable in cost facility. The plus side is they have a "no annoying kids" sign up and their machines do not leave fuzz balls on my clothing. This is the only place I will go!

Leigha Lockwood

Very clean, well maintained. Friendly staff.

Kera Lynn

We have been coming here since 2017. Switched from a Moore laundry mat to this one. The difference is phenomenal. Clean place and courteous workers. Owner actually came up to our vehicle and was super nice to us and talked to our daughter at that time and was just overall awesome! The employees always open the doors for you as you come in, completely awesome place to wash clothes. We go here once a week, from SW okc by I 240. It’s worth it!!! Best laundromat around here! Clean! Friendly! Dryers dry, washers wash! Neighborhood is calm! **ATM and change machine available.

Joshua White

Very clean facilities

Yoon Joon So

They have machines and prices are fair. On busy days it might be full and you might have to wait.

FRED Harbison

Nice and clean

Black Mamba

Love the place great great great....

Blazed Arc

Gregory Tyrey

Clean, well maintained, staffed and safe. Excellent huge capacity Maytag washers and dryers.

Steve Mcveigh

Prince Mckinney

natalie lundholm

They are always clean and never had a problem with having my two yr old with me they like for your kid to be with u and keep a eye on them but that's any were u go so don't know why someone said they do not like kids

Amazing Me

No hot water. Been that way for years

Kanishka Faiz

The way the computerized the Big machine is ridiculous. Less time and water for paying way too much. Just a big scam..

Jessica Denton

Mary Holmes

Melissa Martin

Took laundry in for bundle service, and it was ready in a few hours, clean and folded. HOWEVER, not a single pair of the underwear I had sent were returned to me. When I called to ask about this, I was told that it was never separated, and I should check at home, I probably misplaced them when I put the laundry away. THEY WERE NOT in the bag, but the gentleman I spoke to wouldn't hear a word of it. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Nicole Poindexter

Very clean and spacious. They have huge capacity machines. The best part is they have two massage chairs, it's a few extra bucks but totally worth it. The staff has always been helpful and friendly.

Denisha Wilson

Nubby's Channel

Teresa Karnes

Asia Hernandez

Very clean. Will continue to come here.

Kelly C.

Worst owner ever

Kiana Traylor

Very Clean and staff super nice! Dryers great!

Jacob Belford

Clean place. Staff helped explain how to use the washers and dryers.

Claudia Euell

Marilyn Rosenbaum

I was banned from the property by the owner when i tried to tell him that my clothes were abnormally wet when i took them out of the washer. I was just trying to be a good customer and let them know, so the machine wouldnt get broken, i was cussed at very bad and belittled and told i should know how to use a washer by my age in front of all the customers, then he was screaming at his worker. This is a very bad man that owns the property and the store next door, i dont recommend anyone to give someone that treats people this way to give him business.

Tanecia Davis

Bliss Ful

Best laundry place ever. Sooooo nice and clean

Nicole James

Always clean

Kwaku Barnie

Chase Lyles

The lady and gentleman are the most rude people I personally believe on Earth. They like to tell you every single little thing you can or cannot do. Also they try to say how to do people's OWN laundry as if we haven't been doing it for years and don't know exactly what we're doing. They will stare at you like the whole time uncomfortably and creepy till the point you just want to leave your stuff and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Unless you want a horrible experience with the worst customer service ever DO NOT go here whatsoever. I'm so serious I will tell you again DON'T EVER go here.

Lisa Martinez

Very clean and worker is super nice

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