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121 S Broadway Ave, Moore, OK 73160, United States

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REVIEWS OF Moore Laundry IN Oklahoma

Charles Kingsley


Angel Hudson

Natasha Davis

It's okay... Never anyone there so when a washer or dryer doesn't work (it will happen) can't get your money back on the spot. They will mail it to you. Im still waiting on that. It's clean well as clean as a laundry mat can be.

Saø Chąn

Always very clean, never hot inside, great Wifi, and very good price

Richard Haws

Good machines reasonable prices

Corey Johnson

I've just recently started having to use a laundromat to wash my clothes. I chose this place, not sure of what I would find inside, I was very relieved once I seen the many wash/dry options they have. I love the multi load washing machine they have for $2. It holds all my clothes in 1cload and the machine cleans them well for a cheap price. The dryer I use is a very large multi load dryer, it is 25 cents for 8 minutes. They work very well also. They have other washing machines and dryers also. They do have an a lot school ..single load washer and a 5cload washer too. They have a 5cload dryer also. I highly recommend and will go back.

Krystle Thedford

Tammy Keeler


Jack Hanes

ffej Yrreb

I only wish the dryers worked properly

Samantha D

I like that it's low 24 hours and the machines are good... I don't always feel the safest there at night

Mallory Edwards

Clean and nearly everything is in working order every week. I really like the big washers but sometimes I have to wait. Wish they had more 6 load washers

Janie Alford

It was clean and all most all dryers worked people were nice too

Baxter bassman

always maintained well.

Anthony Pena

Clean and smells good

Sonia Loftis

Excellent prices, clean, quick and convenient!!!!!!

Kimberly Hill

Bart Guy

Nice . Clean . Cheap

Lisa Grace

Very clean and mice

Amanda Sappington

Heather Fry

Matt T

Keagan Emerson

Emilio Meraz

This laundry is very clean and quiet. The best part is that I can come anytime. I like it.

Lesley Hill

Great prices for doing laundry! Only place I go in town!

Connie Brown

Joe Daskalakis

Clean, well lit, safe neighborhood. Change machine on-site with vending for detergent, fabric softener and bleach. Free WiFi!

Lull Armstrong

Dale Jackson

Washers worked well but the overall cleanliness needed some improvement.

Precious Lambert

Nice place and not pricey to do laundry. Open 24/7 as well

Robyn Affentranger

Clean and comfortable with good prices.

Daniel Underwood

Good price and take care of their equipment

Mark berry

Go every week

Buddy The Beagle Puppy


Nicole Sinks

Thanks for keeping a clean, cool facility

Amanda Schrader

Mr Hugh


David Pope

The interior is clean. Most of the machines were in working order. Prices were very reasonable especially compared with others around Moore and Norman. The bathroom was very clean. We thought the dryer price was expensive at first but they dry the laundry very quickly. Came from Norman to use this placeand would happily come again.

Lisa Grace-Brooks

Jenny Corbin

I was so excited to find out this place was still open. My mom brought me here years ago when we didn't have washing at home (about 9 years). I'm not sure if ownership has changed in that time. Tuesdays it takes me an hour to wash, dry and fold my laundry (4 regular loads). I feel safe here and my clothes are nicely cleaned. I haven't had a machine break yet. Feels like I'm doing laundry back at college, and that was always a good time.

Andrea Christine

Clean facility

spring gamez

Best laundry in town and good equipment.

David deLambert

Jeremy Wood

Lots of machines and prices are good

Matthew Mcbroom

Clean, good A.C., FREE WiFi, dryers work great

Poor Family

Love to get all of our laundry done here


Brian Long

Usually cleaned and maintained. Being open 24 hours really helps for those who aren't on a 9-5 schedule. The large machines work great (haven't used the small ones).

Enrique Me

Daniel Dolan

Shawndra Stoetzel

Allen O'Kelly

Free Wi-Fi

Anitra Haag

Cleanest laundry mat I've been to. I very rarely have to wait for the larger washers.

Haskell Wright

Missy D'Onofrio

Heather Upton

Like the free WiFi, altho the machines are a little expensive....

Brittany Miranda

I personally thought it was way too expensive and lower quality then most. You pay for the wash and the dry and the parking is horrible right there. Will not return sorry.

Cayla Wilkens

Employees are very nice and ive never had a problem at all

Crystal Elizabeth

Olivia Griffin

Allen Ferguson


Jessica Ames

Clean, cheap, and free WiFi. What more can you ask for? Will definitely going back.

Leoma Walker

Don't think I been there

Barbara Whiteman

Clean efficient

Stewart Beggs

24 hour laundromat

Meghan Schroeder

Love thia place its clean free wifi

Odalis Guerra

Clean and working machines. Carla stayed cleaning the place the whole time. Hard working woman. Deserves a raise.

Allison Vaughn

I came from Oklahoma City. After reading such good reviews I was pretty hopeful. Turns out it was $1.75 to use the washers and every .25 cents got you 8 minutes on the dryer. I moved up here from Texas and the laundromats down there weren't this expensive. Maybe if I wasn't a poor college student this would have worked out better.

Enjoli Clofer

Washing machine broke down in the middle of the night. This place was perfect, since they're opened 24 hours.

Lace King

Great laundromat and one of the few open 24 hrs in this area. Decent prices, too. My only complaint, oddly enough, is the soap in the bathroom. I have no idea what the deal is.....but it smells like gas/paint thinner when you first squirt it, and after you wash your hands they'll smell like rotten meat mixed with male bodily fluids. It's really, really weird, to the point that I've looked to see if the dispenser has been tampered with (it hasnt; its locked). Anyway, aside from that this place is great! Laundromats in OKC are strangely expensive (I've lived all over the country) and this is one of the only ones I've found with prices I'm used to. Moore Laundry is a 15 minute drive from my house, and it's absolutely worth it.

Lori Fraga

The first time i went to this laundryi was loving it i eas literally the only customer. Good washing until one washer kept my clothes hostage fortunely the owner lived close by came and opened. My washe

Cheryl Buffalo

Harley Quinn

Kathrine DeWitt

Clean well maintained. Washers and dryers worked well. Only cost me $15 to do 5 loads of clothes and 6 blankets.

evan elliott

allyson farmer

Clean and well maintained

David Thomas

(Translated by Google) Shots (Original) Skood

Brett Yankey

taylor fife

24 hour and clean

Crystal Sanchez

Great laundry mat. Never really to busy. I've been to a few and this is the second best one I've been too. Washers work well. I haven't had to use the dryers. Prices are fair.

Echo Mackey

Clean, good working machines, not overpriced.

Hayden No

Machines are in good shape, the building is decently clean every time I use it.

Joanna Laferry

Very clean

Debbie Chesser

This is a very clean laundromat. It has been many years since I have been to one and this was not a bad experience at all.

Imac Hable

Christine Loudermilk

Sonja Compher

Best and cleanest laundramat ever

Brandon Le

Staff and other patrons are chill

Cat Ockenfels

1st rule of coin laundry, don't leave your clothes unattended. It's common sense.

Family Account

It was a laundry mat. Fairly clean & in good location. Not much to do while you wait though.

Stephen Falconer

Dirty and a little scary

Vanessa Monzingo

I liked this place, it was clean and the washers and dryers were good. I'm originally from Texas and used to places with free dryers and thought I would pay a lot of money to wash/ dry my clothes, but the prices are very reasonable and I spent about the same I would've spent at a free dryer place. I read other reviews that the dryers weren't good but I didn't have that experience. There were a few dryers that were older and a little more noisy than others but still functional. Another patron had an issue with a washer while I was there and even though there was no attendant on site, there was a number she called for help. He tried to troubleshoot the problem with her over the phone and it couldn't be resolved so he came up and fixed it for her. He then stayed a little while cleaning up and checking other machines. There were many cameras on site and knowing I was down the street from the Moore police department was also a plus. I came because I just had a baby and was very behind on laundry and needed to catch up, but if I ever need a laundromat again this is where I'll be going.

Percy Day

Clean, reasonably priced and equipment is kept in great working order

Matthew Inman

Ashley Dorsett

Open 24hrs

Kenneth Holland

Matthew Quillman

the amazon prime

Nice little place, not usually busy, nice washers and coin machines of course if you need it. Nice area to take walks in despite the look.

Patrick Clemons

Very clean dry cleaners

Mela Guzman

Mary Brazil

Descent washers and dryers. They work much better than other places. They charge less than other places. Good location.


Clean and fair prices

Andrew Brennan

Tammy Hannan

Nice and clean and cheap

Lynn Hill

Clean WiFi Love it

David Brantner

Very clean, not to expensive

mary alliene and alexander niikoi antonio


Reasonable prices and clean

Ted Krauel


joani berry

SAFE! even in the middle of the night

Kimmy Burns

Open 24hrs, very safe location!! 4 washers that hold 5loads ea, awesome for blankets, comforters, towels & jeans!! Dryers work well & are reasonable!! Usually very clean!!!

Michelle Richey

It was ok but very stinky ☹️

Lindsey Morris

I only give this place a star because it will not let me give a -0 .This place is nasty trash was all over the floor the machines had a bad mildew smell I wouldn't spend a penny on this place the man there was a horrible human . They have broken machine's that just take your money and They will not return your quarter's. I guess they need it more than I do from The look of this place. I will not return nor will I encourage others to come here !!!!!!!! Please just drive to the next laundrymat there service was much much better . Beating my clothes on a rock in a river would be better than this place !!!!

Sandy Gamt

Love this laundry mat. Open 24 hours. Which love . I can do it whenever I feel like

TK Mosely

Place is dirty and smells bad. The first row of washers are out-of-order

Pamela VanMeter

Patrick McClure

Jennifer Mauldin

The dryers could be hotter but otherwise a great laundromat.

Joshua Yoder

S. Wilkerson

Clean, new machines, and affordable. WIFI available and Galaga Arcade while you wait!

Melissa Stroud

Favorite place to do laundry outside if my house

William Shenold

I do all of my laundry here. Clean, fast, and cheaper than most. Depending on the times you go it can be rather crowded. Two smoking areas, located outside, a TV, usually playing the local news station, and free public WiFi, with the password posted by the change machine. I highly recommend this laundromat.

Amanda Rabon

Clean facility! Open 24 hours!

Mark Rogers

Usually very clean.

John Shoun

Great place to go do that awful chore

tim ray

Great washers and dryers cheaper than any other laundry around

Shaun Ferguson

Pick a time of day based off what Google says is typically a low traffic time of day/week and you can get in and out relatively quick. Not a huge place so they don't have the most machines in town but normally all the machines are operational so that's a bonus.

Mary Underwood

Donna Gonzalez

Neil Ayton

They could use more of the large washing machines

Asia Thompson

debbie nicholson

Clean, washed and dried perfectly

Melanie Neil

Marie Foote

Rocky Sajqui

Kacey Blundell

They keep it clean and plenty of machines!

Red six

Goodness me! Another establishment that has been in business for 2 decades that I know of. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Low prices, always clean and most importantly, in a safe part of town.

Jason Gillispie

Harry’s Gaming

Just a typical laundry mat. Pretty cheap. Nothing dirty.

ceasear dominguez

Bobbie Cashion

I like how clean and cool the place is and the convenience of different sized washers available

Kimberly Creekmore

No rust in tubs

Alexander Law

Latoya Doddles

As stated in a post the cost is low...but it is only because you get what you pay for. The washers do not have hot water at all none of them.The dryers heat is so low that you spend $2.00 to dry one load if not more...This is the worst Laundry Mat I have ever been to..Just to let who ever own this place it may be more cost effective for you to close earlier so you can give your customers better service.You may be able to turn the hot water on and turn the heat up on the dryer.


The washers are small but the dryers are huge. Never had any issues other than parking

Michael Smith

Kathern Piz

Sean Shenold

Old fashioned laundromat in the "old" part of Moore. Gets kinda crowded at times, but a good value and reasonably well maintained. Truly open 24 hrs, 7days a week, with free WiFi too.

Bei Fiori

Best laundry in town. Wasn't going to post a review until I read the negative reviews and have to correct some things. First, this is hands down the best laundromat in town. Period. Second, never had issues with the hot water and the washers but I use the big ones - they're huge and fast. Third, the dryers are fast - and I bring it, let me tell you. I really enjoy this place. Fourth, free wi-fi and I work from home, which means I can go there, work, and do my laundry. Bonus material: I always meet someone interesting to talk to there as well, so it's an enjoyable experience.

Sandra Hudson

Just wanted quarters.

Donna Wyatt

Love this place they have Hugh washers like 5 and 6 load washers and dryers makes laundry day fast and easy very clean and help is very fruendly

Jonny Elifritz

Very clean. Machines are all updated and functional. Prices are very reasonable. Open 24 hours. Easy access from I-35.

antonio thompson

Very good prices and clean

travette lewis


It could use a good cleaning. But all the washers and dryers work and for decent prices. There's a game cabinet as well fearing pacman/galaga and other games to entertain you while you wait.

Kellie Rhodes

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