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REVIEWS OF Liberty Laundry - Sheridan Store IN Oklahoma

Dianne D

Love this laundromat!! It's clean and the machines are efficient for a great wash. The staff is friendly and helpful and there's free coffee. : )

Camiron P

Best laundromat! Wonderful attendants, clean machines and clean facility. The machines accepts credit cards which is a plus! The machines are pricey but is worth it for the quality and service that is taken place there.

MuQi P

I have an acupuncture practice in south Tulsa and I use a lot of linens. I had been to three other places and had poor experiences with all of them. I lost money with each and they took up to a week to get my linens back to me. Then I found Liberty Laundry. I couldn't believe they would have my laundry done in a few hours! It was clean, folded and more than affordable. Everyone there is super nice. It's the perfect place. Thank you all.

James Wall

Amazing staff. Kathy and Leigh were very helpful. Facility was clean and equipment is very nice.

Jan Snyder

Clean with easy-to-use machines

Kaleigh Haber

Life.Savers. I'm so look excited about the machines taking cards!! I am so sick of scrounging for quarters. This place is always soooo clean and FREE wifi! (Both 71st & Sheridan and their location off of 81st) I will never go anywhere else from now on. Thanks for a safe, clean, card friendly laundry mat!


I am a long term customer. I have always enjoyed the friendly staff, e.g. Harrison, Jessica, and michelle. Always a fun experience.

claudia Vega

Excellent service, staff make you feel like being home.

Alexis Newton

Nice staff clean place with vending machines wifi and atm

james thomas

love that apple juice never empty quality vending

Thomas Greiner

A little higher priced than other laundry facilities but also nicer property and staff

Nonbusiness Account

Love the friendly staff like Susan. So outgoing and friendly and very helpful.

Brittney Lee

I absolutely love this laundromat!!! It is always so clean and the employees are always so nice and helpful! It's the only place in Tulsa I will go to do laundry.

Kyle Fisher

I've been using this laundry mat for three years and so far it's been great. Although today I had 4 loads in the driers, all started close to the same time. When I go back in from my car I see two of those loads in baskets by the door with no one at the counter, while the other two loads haven't even finished drying. Liberty laundry lost a loyal customer. But if you do check this place out, go doing the day because the evening crew is horrendous.

Nancy Downs

Very clean laundry mat. A little pricey but your clothes come clean and smell fresh. one time in the dryers and completely dries They're excellent

Chris A

Extremely clean, hospitable and helpful service, 3-load to 8-load capacity machines, takes debit and credit cards, atm inside, so good I called my mom to tell her about it.

Curtis Markham

Wash my clothes at this location every weekend. Alays clean and tidy. Great customer service. Really enjoy the people that work here.

Hollie James

Clean & quick. There with a friend.

Monica Pool

Clean orderly and attendants helpful

Kameron Luttrell

Absolutely loved my experience here. The place is very clean and the staff is most helpful. Great place and great people!!!

Mike Niceley

Great staff, always clean and large capacity washers and dryers.

Melinda McCullough

Very pricey! I usually go right around the corner where it is a lot cheaper but they were full so I seen this one as I was leaving and thought I would try it. There isn't much of a selection. I only seen two different load sizes. My load cost $8.25 to wash and 36mins dry time cost $2.25 or $2.50. The loyalty cards were $2 and non refundable... The girl behind the counter seemed rude when I asked about them & said there was no way to get the $ back off of the card if too much was added which is pretty inconvenient imo. The snack machines were pricey as well. This place literally charges almost double for everything I do at my usual place and allows me to sell my card and balance back to them. I give two stars only because it was pretty clean. I wont be going back... I threw the car away so I'm guessing they will end up with that $ as a tip.

Morgan Bice

Always a pleasant experience! Clean and friendly!

Victoria Parker

My new favorite place to do laundry. It's always clean and usually quiet. There's always an friendly attendant on duty. They offer free WiFi and also have change and vending machines.

Joe Ramirez

They are the best. Super fast friendly service

Laura Bauder

Helpful friendly staff, clean environment. No complaints so far!

Emmie McDonald

Overall a good place to get laundry done. Especially if you haven't done laundry in a while

Kala Aubrey

It's super clean and really nice and the staff us really friendly and helpful. I won't go to any other laundromat.

Cheri Stanfield

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The facility is very clean. A large variety of different size washers and dryers. Access to ATM machine. Great hours.

Tracy Helm

Always clean and has knowlegable staff always on hand to help with any questions

Teresa Willhite

Always clean and friendly, helpful attendants are always there. I love the different sized washers.

Shannon N

Good service, clean machines, friendly employees.

Aaron G

I absolutely love the drop off laundry service. Cheaper than getting the apartment with the laundry connection :-D

Bill Reed

I have been using Liberty Laundry for a while now. I am truly amazed by the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the business, and the quality of service. I highly recommend Liberty for anyone that has drop off laundry as well as those that wash their own. The staff at liberty go above and beyond to make the unpleasant but necessary task of laundry a positive experience.

Dallas Jones

The staff is and has always been so nice helpful and courteous. I'll never go anywhere else!!!

Sister C

Awesome place, clean, washers and dryers are always in order, staff friendly & helpful!! I've been coming here for six months and always a great experience!!!

holli driskell

Very clean and well maintained facility and machines. The staff is hardworking and friendly.

Shawndyah Roberson

The couple time I have been to Liberty Laundry - Sheridan store. Great friendly staff , free Wi-Fi & a clean maintained laundromat ! Hands down

Pamela Teehee

Gest laundry in Tulsa.

Joseph Staton

Best place to wash your clouthen! The environment is amazing the attendee is always helpful and keeping the place clean. Always a great experience! Everyone needs to do laundry here!

Nadine Merkel

Great place!! Friendly staff, place is always clean. Washers and dryers work fast and good.

Stacy Kirker

Safe location/environment, clean and wonderful, staff is very friendly and helpful!!!! Thank you ladies....this travel softball mom is so happy to have found this place :)

Hannah Gebauer

The entire place was very clean including the bathrooms and washer and driers! It was Spacious and the staff was very helpful and polite. I loved that the machines had a "quick wash" cycle that cut the time down to 20 minutes while still washing the clothes thoroughly. I'll definitely drive back across town to come back!!

Mel Pearman

Good service

Terrance & Whitney Mason

I love this facility( Clean).Day time crew kudos to you- excellent customer service! Came in this evening night time crew not so friendly, walked in and not one of the three employees uttered a word. Maybe it will be different another time.

Kim Mitchell

Nice clean laundromat

Jodie Burnett

Wonderful new machines. Takes cash or cards. Super nice staff and free wi-fi!! ❤️

FreeWay Feezy

This is by far the cleanest laundry mat I've EVER been to. Big washers & dryers and they take credit/debit cards too. The free WiFi's a plus too.

Christina Nasca

From the couple times I've been here it seems like a clean, well maintained place. Free WiFi, plenty of seating, well lit, with a working AC.

Lisa Cleveland

Clean store. All the machines work and the do a fantastic job. All front loader washers and the dyers dry quickly and don't require to be on hot. Aor conditioned. Tv and free WiFi.

Jason Cook

So much more than what I expected!!

Susan Melniszyn

My husband and I come here weekly and it is always clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you liberty laundry!

Chad willingham

We always go to Liberty Laundry. Always clean and modern machines.

Donavon Hewitt

It has everything you need and more it's my first time seen a laundry mat with credit card options to wash and dry amazing!!!

Michael Harnden

Really nice clean place with free wifi and able to use card on the machine. Also ATM inside as well.

Elijah Ciali

Smells great. Jordan is the best employee ever because he's cool, friendly, and funny.

Tonya Battle

It was just to hot for me

Natalia Garcia

Doing laundry in the morning it's quite and there nobody there.

Bryce Willits

Great!!!! Love the place!! People are friendly! Place is clean!

alexander zherdetsky

Best laundry place in-townships, love it.

Beverly Williams

my name is bev i work at trade winds hotel we had a fire in our facility laundry so the past 7 days i have been doing truckloads of laundry at the 71st and sheridan store the staff at liberty has went out of their way to make me feel welcome, carry bags of laundry with me they are very professional and helpful always with a smile and great attitude the laundry is always clean and has a pleasant atmosphere i cant imagine ever going anywhere else i would drive clear across town if i ever needed to use a laundry highly recommend this store to anyone in need thank you to all of you for everything you made hard work enjoyable bev

Zade Flores

Very nice Much cleaner then most of the laundry mats ive visited convient location

Joseph Mahmah

Well, first, it's too damn expensive. Second, it's very distracting when the staff blares the TV, when you're trying to get something done while you're spending too much money to wash your clothes. Beating your laundry against a rock in the river is advised before patronizing Liberty Laundry.

Jon Tumey

Great place to laundry in bulk. Smallest washer available is 3 load capacity. Very clean place with friendly service.

Corey Goset

It not bad. Clean and everything works.

David Blood

Wonderful equipment and a very helpful staff. Very clean.

Thomas Cooper

I come here every other week. The laundromat is always clean and the staff is friendly. The biggest perk for me that you can pay with a card or cash/coins!

Pam Sutton

Great place. Clean and dryers get hot. Great staff.

Chris Donovan

Very clean. Nice attendants. But expensive.

John Gibbs

Employees are friendly and very helpful had been clean every time I've ever been there.

Linga Eteaki

Clean facility, friendly staff, accepts debit/credit cards (no more searching for quarters!). Drop and go service available too. They've got 8-load machines too for large jobs i.e. fluffy blankets.

Devin McMillian

They have big washers and big dryers and they have great staff and drop off service!!! Price is a bit much but well worth it

Heber Hurd

Liberty Laundry is clean with friendly staff. Prices are just right and they take Apple Pay! That means we have one less card to keep track of.

Mitch Inman

This place is dope. I do my laundry here every week. Free wifi and good prices. They even have drop off service!

Jasmine McGuire

This place is clean and neat, has wifi, and even working A/C. The employees here are helpful and honest. Although a little pricey. I'd come back anytime!

peter csernak

Always fun doing laundry there ! Friendly staff makes the time fly !

W1ck3d Nymph

I read the reviews on this Laundry Mat, thought it would be a great experience. I walked in, the attendant did not greet me, only stated at me. I spoke to him and he rolled his eyes and walked away. I had never used the laundry mat before and attempted to ask the attendant if there was any special instructions on any machines. He rolled his eyes and said, "It's a washing machine". I thanked him, apologized for causing him any inconvenience and gathered up my clothes and left. It was a very clean facility, big washers and dryers. I wonder if they get clothes really clean.

David Bickford

Clean,great machines, low price, free WiFi, friendly helpful staff,automatic doors, carts with wheels.

Pak Man

Easy access. Very clean. Very peaceful.

jordon dunkley

I like the service here and the store is always clean which is a big A+

MandM Stansell

The attendants are friendly and helpful, but they don't hover. The machines are great and there are several different sizes for all my laundry needs. The building is always clean and comfortable. When I have to use a laundromat, I am grateful to have Liberty Laundry nearby!

Dana Rice

$11.00 for 1 load of laundry. Too much!


By far the cleanest laundry mat I have ever been to! And being a pilgrim I have been to laundry mats all over the country & have not seen any as dedicated to keeping their machines clean & in running order. They even air out the soap hatches at night so they don't get stinky and moldy as I have seen them get at other laundy mats. They diligently keep the dryer vents clean too. I feel very comfortable doing laundry there. The staff has also been friendly. One thing I really don't like is the music they play. If they feel a need to play music I'd suggest something without words; like instrumental. But most importantly they offer a clean & friendly environment and I am thankful for that.



Miranda Carey

Super clean and workers are so friendly!!!!

Brandon Hinthorn

I like how there are a lot of different size machines and I can use my card to pay instead of having to go get coins. I think the price is too much though. I sold my washer and dryer thinking it was going to save me money just to go the laundry mat. I think I was wrong. Also sometimes my clothes don't get dry in one cycle. The machines are very fast though.

Sidni Indis

Nice clean place, friendly staff, good coffee.

Mr C

Nice clean safe friendly place to get a bunch of washing done fast.

mssnowqueen1 1

Don't usually go to laundry facilities but this place was great exceptional quality and prices were great!

Hubert Moore

Awesome...courteous attendants...very clean with big washers. They take credit/debit cards too

Whitney Payne

Awesome ladies in there working that were extremely nice, exceptionally clean and just an overall good experience. Definitely recommend this over over any other!

Jana Horton



Excellent service! Very friendly staff. Convenience with card accepting machines. A+

Anthony Rokos

One of the nicer ones in the area.

Daniel Barber

This is the only place I go to do my laundry. Always clean, the kindest staff, and the best machines in town. I've never had a single issue here.

David Quinones

Not much to say, excellent in service and outstanding in quality and equipment.

Joseph Nelson

Susan is the best always the best service !!! Love the store always the best service!

Jaime Mccalla

Clean and safe. Love that you can use a card on the machines. But it's pretty pricey.

Joseph Nelson.

I love this place come here once a week Harrisen is the best!!! Always great customer service!!!

Jane Cailler

Lovely people who work here! Beautiful, immaculate, fully functioning, reasonably priced establishment. I have never had a more pleasant time doing this chore! Do not waste your time anywhere else!!! It is a breath of fresh air after my horrible experience at rub a dub in catoosa!

Peter Techdad

Cheap but great service. Free WiFi was great. Nice selection at vending machines.

M Moore

I needed some laundry done for me last Sunday, as I had an event to attend on Monday. I called and talked to Cassie and asked if it was possible to get my laundry done on Sunday and pickup Sunday evening, and she said of course. This was about 1pm on Sunday. So I went to the Sheridan Store and met Cassie and she was so pleasant and helpful. And as promised, she had it all done and folded for me when I went back to pick it up that evening. I highly recommend Liberty Laundry and the Sheridan Store to everyone. Great service and great attitude. Thank you Cassie. Michael Moore Tulsa, Ok

John Rush

Wonderful place to clean your clothes. Friendly staff, clean washers and dryers, good value. Definitely recommend.

Mark Fisher

New in Tulsa but I won't be coming back here. You can't just put cash in a change machine and get quarters to put in the machines. You have to buy "cash cards" good only for that laundromat. All the machines only operate off those cards. Paid the attendant $6.00 cash so she could walk over and put her card in the machine I needed to use. Convoluted! Keep it simple or lose my business!

Nicole Naely

Always clean. Staff is always friendly and nice. Love this place to do laundry. Will always come here.

Sarah L. Wade

Very clean, well-lit and pleasant place with nice new machines. Washers and dryers take debit cards or coins. ATM and bill changing machines on site. $2.25-3.75 a load, depending on the cycle you choose. The attendant is helpful and friendly. They also have drop off service. Highly recommend!

Helen Hayes

Pretty cheap and not usually busy!

Michael Chiu

Plus side: Well lit, clean, AC, free wifi. Negative: If you use credit card, it charges more (?). I get texts when charges happen and it somehow charges me $5 for a 36 minute dryer run despite the machine stating $2.25.


Fast and friendly! Love getting my laundry cleaned and folded!

Ashley Digby

I've been to quite a few different laundromats in Tulsa, and Liberty is by far my favorite! I have a laundry facility at my apartment complex, but I drive to Liberty because of the large, heavy-duty machines and the cleanliness. Every time I've been, there are two staff cleaning and available to answer any questions!

Jan clark

Excellent place! Very pleasant atmosphere.

Lucy Mains

The best place to get your laundry done in Tulsa!!!

Christine Dorle

This is my favorite laundromat in Tulsa. I come here when we need to wash our quilt or rugs, the washers and dryers are huge! Its very clean and everyone is very nice. I drive here from 15th and Yale!

Michelle McPhall

Had a great experience here. Will be using them again soon.

Heather Davis

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and looks great. And the machine prices are not that bad.

Ashley Boyd

I love coming here because the staff are committed to keeping the service area clean. The staff is also very friendly and is extremely helpful.

Dan Stearman Jr

Awesome place to have to do your laundry.

Sara Means

Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else!! Staff are extremely pleasant and helpful and the prices are great! I also love that it's so nice and clean! Thanks for making laundry somewhat enjoyable! :)

felicity147 _VSG

Friendly reps, and lots of space to wash, dry and fold! I love it here. I come EVERY weekend!

Jeremy Riley

Washers and dryers work well. Clean environment.


Out of the way and they take cash or card. Drop off also available. Clean and good equipment.

Maggie Hicks

VERY CLEAN. I Like that they take credit cards. I dont do wash at a laundry mat offen. But is I have to again. I will be coming back.

Bootjack Garage and Lecture Hall Camp Livingroom

I only had one disappointing experience there after I got home I was missing a sock.

T Johnson

Not to busy, I go there to dry my clothes 36 min and I'm out. Clean facility.

Robert Boyer

This place is very clean and the workers are very friendly. The machines are in excellent repair. Everything here looks new. I stumbled upon it while visiting from out of town while a family member was in the hospital and I needed a place to do some laundry. I’ve never seen a laundromat so nice and clean.

Andrés Jimenez

I come every week. Excelent service!

Sally Lee

The staffs are very friendly and nice when they showed it to me. Most I bring my clothes to this place on every bi weekly and this place is very nice and safely. NO DIRTY or messy! You can have to use your own debit/credit card for pay their machies for you! SIMPLY.

Scott Seufert

After years of trial and error, this is the only laundry I will ever use. You can use your debit/credit cards, large multi-load machines, atm/detergent/vending machines on site, free WiFi and coffee. Week days is less crowded than weekends. I wash a month's worth of clothes for less than $10 in about 1.5 hours! Why 4 stars then? The bench and tables are made of pic coated expanded steel so they are heavy and hard to move and are very uncomfortable for those that haven't a lot of padding on the back side. I usually end up sitting in my car in the parking lot. They also replaced one of the tables with a multi-game arcade table with 35-40 year old games so unless you are a retro gamer, you likely won't use it.

Janice Rigsbee

Very clean and safe

Pam Teehee

Clean and lots of washers and dryers of all sizes. Clean is the key. The employees are great. Kathy the manager is super nice.

Miss Crowder

This is the only laundromat I use. Its always clean and the machines are fast and efficient , even when I have a ton of clothes! The workers are always smiling and they work hard to keep the place looking emaculate! I love it!

Steve Ungeheier

Always clean. Machines are always in working order. Staff is always friendly and helpful when needed.

Teresa Henson

Super clean. All machines in working order!!! Drivers actually dry clothes. Friendly staff.

Riley Phillips

Great atmosphere and friendly staff

Tim Treat

Awesome laundry service. Clean and very nice employees would highly recommend

Rochelle Buzlea

Very clean facility, friendly staff and machines work great.

Jacquilynn Compton

Very large washers and dryers, I fit 2 king sized comforters!!! They have a ATM and the machines accept cards. Also a change machine. Only bad thing is when you walk in, the attendants didn't even say hi.

Melody Aiken

This is the place to go for laundry! I have already saved some money and I could use my debit card! Will definitely be coming back here! Thank you Liberty Laundry!

Don Boyle

Overpriced, but friendly and gets the job done fast when you need. Able to drop off clothes for a price, which is very VERY handy!

David Cassidy

Clean, uncrowded, and all the machines are in good working order. Credit and debit cards accepted. ATM and coin changer inside. Bit expensive however. No single loaders. Pay quite a bit extra if you want hot water.

Heather Johnson

Very friendly staff. So helpful! Only laundry place I'll go to. Love them!

Doreen Graham

Large machines. Can use debit card.

Teressa Sherrill

Very clean!!! The folks there are very nice and helpful!!!

Josiah Salas

Helpful staff and very good machines

Eddie Quezada

Clean place, nice staff, and free wifi! It's the BEST laundromat in town!

Michael Aldrich

Love to wash here

Bethanie C

GREAT place! Great staff. Super clean with lots of washers and dryers that WORK!!! ALSO...I can use my debit credit card on all machines and dryers. Super convenient! From now on this is my laundry place!!!

Gale Flora

Clean attended like new. Will be back.

Craig Corbin

Whistle while you work! Laundry day Monday at Liberty Laundry in Tulsa, OK is a great experience! Helpful and friendly employees, CLEAN facility, machines sanitized daily, cool air-conditioning, each machine takes coins or credit/debit cards, 8, 6,4,3, and 2 load washers, free coffee and free WIFI. Liberty gets my business every time. Also, their drop-off service is the best in town.

storm trooper

A good clean laundromat thay have free wifi and a drop off laundry service unfortunately no dry cleaning but the staff is terrific.

Al Jordan

Very pricey. Although the mat is clean. There are absolutely no free dryers. Nice atmosphere just way too much money.

Clayton Graham

The big machines are great.

Jacqueline Elkins

very clean and machines are clean and pretty fast.

Russ Custer

Cathy was a great help and friendly. The facilities are clean and well kept! Thanks for making this chore a little more bearable!

Marc Lane

Extremely clean and a super friendly staff!

Alicia W

Very clean, polite staff always there making sure it stays that way, takes debit\credit cards so no worries if you're not the type to carry cash

Heidi Farquharson

Awesome! Cleanest laundry center ive ever seen in my life. Cheap snacks and tables. Takes cards or coins. Friendly staff.

Lashan Y

I like doing my laundry there!!. You get a bargain deal if you use a card!!.

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