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REVIEWS OF Liberty Laundry - Delaware Store IN Oklahoma

A. Bevenue

The place is clean, friendly attendants, and the appliance's work properly. I really like this place...

Jared Nelson

Nice, clean, safe laundromat with helpful staff. This is as good as laundromats get.

pablo Barrios

Todo está limpio

Justin Shelton

This store is always neat and clean. My family drives across town because of this and the friendly staff!


Very good washer and dryers, friendly staff, ATM access, credit card activate washers and dryers. i get the best experience here then any other laundry place

Harun dinli

Great place friendly staff very clean free coffee free Wi-Fi

DM Leviathan

Great experience

andrea eller

Efficient, clean and high quality, with helpful staff. What else can you need?

George Ferguson

Very clean store. Attendants are courteous. I will be coming back.

Taylor Hayden

I haven't been on the inside yet.

Evonna R.

I Absolutely Love This Laundromat! It's Super Clean,Great Customer Service,Great A.C. (So You Can Enjoy Washing Your Clothes In An Air Conditioned Facility)Super Clean,The Washers & Dryers Work Great,They Have Their Loyalty Reward Club Which I Love & Appreciate! Definitely Recommend This Laundromat!!

Jason Owen

great place! the washers and dryers hold 3-5 loads of wash at a time!! plus it's clean well kept. and there's Wi-fi

Elias Gonzalez

Awesome staff! Very clean and spacious. Will be doing more laundry here.

Hollie James

Clean, very very clean facilities and the attendant is very nice.

Anna Helgadottir

Excellent facility. Very clean, nice and comfortable. Great service from staff. Highly recommend Liberty Laundry.

Rachael Stagner

This is the only laundry mat I will ever use. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful when and if there is a problem. The space is always clean and well kept. Would recommend to everyone!

Kelly Scheile

Takes less time than using single machines and cost less than you would think. Very clean and friendly staff.

Brea Chang

Nice laundry

Ric Hampton

Liberty Laundry is one of the cleanest, friendliest, affordable laundrys around. Have know the family that owns it for years. The reason I said one of the places is because they have other locations. Washer went out and have visited the Delaware location twice now. Great place! The attendant on duty, Brant was very pleasant, great to talk to and helpful. If your need a place to do laundry, give them a try. They will even do your laundry for you. Be sure to ask about their laundry service too.

sheila hudson

Friendly service clean and convenient

Robin Royes

Clean & the machines are great. Free WiFi, plenty of seating & tables. Also the machines take debit /credit cards if you don't have cash.

Adedoyin Ladoja

Incredibly clean and affordable establishment with wonderfully nice people. Bill and Stephen were so funny and helpful. They have free coffee and wifi and an ATM for your convenience!

Mz Lezlie

Very clean, large capacity washers and free coffee. I drive from across town just to do laundry here.

Jerry Sword

Staff is awesome and helpful

Cody Decker

This is the best laundromat in town!!! Actually gets your clothes clean (:

Steve Melton

Very nice, very clean. Very nice laundromat the cleanest laundromat that I have ever been in and I have been in several across the u.s. and other countries.

Joe Barr

This location is clean and well kept. The attendants were very helpful. There are more than enough machines, with plenty of options for size and price. We will definently be repeat customers.

Tasha Blaylock

Absolutely love this laundromat. They take debit cards so you don't have to have change! It's very clean and quiet. The prices are right and my kids don't mind coming with us (3yr and 1yr) They have a tv, arcade games, wifi, and candy.

Shanna Sue Brown

Very clean, nice air conditioning, courteous staff, and all amenities including atm. Machines accept cc.


Washers and dryers work great. Love their 8 load washers and dryers. They need more rolling carts... there’s like 8 and people will “reserve” them by putting their baskets in them and sitting next to them. Even though there are people that need one to switch their clothes. The staff is nice. Customers are rude and inconsiderate.

kenny lawless

Very clean facilities and extremely helpful and friendly staff. I absolutely recommend coming here!

Jerry Keeling

Awesome place! The staff is courteous, its clean and a wonderful place to do laundry.

Benjamin Kracht

Nice facility, but way too expensive. Two loads of laundry cost almost $18.00.

Monte Lalli

It's a laundromat. It has all you need to do your laundry. I'd give it 5 stars if it had more useful seating with more available outlets for laptops, etc.

Cindi Givens

This is a very nice and clean laundry mat. Yes! It takes debit cards! Best in Tulsa!

Evan Collins

Excellent staff, excellent location, excellent atmosphere.... Makes laundry not a pain at all!

Jamee Whitworth

Very clean place to do laundry! The credit card option makes laundry more convenient.

Furious Sutton

Great wifi and my mom gets my clothes clean

Chester Taylor

Clean place with good equipment. Credit card readers available on all machines.

Rex Bennett

Nice setup!

Mercedes Marshall

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The place is very clean. The machines that they have are fast and get your clothes dry the first. My family and I come here quite often and we love this place.

Bonita Clark

The staff is rude , I washed clothes and checked on time , staff member standing at my machine with dirty clothes as rude as could be. Are these your clothes. I said yes and my clothes were in machine next to it not done still had a couple minutes.and rudely stuck her clothes in front of my washer. I will never use them again

Saw Eh

Clean and very good

Amelia Roberson

Great customer service and it very clean

Bethany Stubblefield

This establishment is nice and clean, staff are friendly and helpful. ***However, on more than one occasion when you arrive merely 5 minutes after their doors have opened, it’s already packed so tight you have to wait 30 min or more until a washer is available to you. Because business owners show up before they open and they sit and wait and then they take up all of the bigger washers, only leaving the smallest available. Businesses or those with a lot of laundry should have a limit on how many washers they can use. It’s hard to know when they won’t be busy like that, I’ve come at different hours and each time it’s packed! The only reason I come back is because they have card readers.

M. G.

Super clean, great employees, huge washer and dryers that are always available.

Goddess Ascending

If you're a PCA Liberty Laundry is a great place to sit and do laundry.Its very clean and quite.

Stephanie Baker

Safe location. Friendly workers. Clean laundry mat. They helped me figure out which machines would wash my comforters the best, & let me know which dryer settings would be best for them.

Alex Linthicum

Beware. Every single person feels like they are entitled to harbor a rolling cart for their entire stay even though they currently waiting 40 mins for their clothes to wash. So the second you see an empty cart, GRAB IT before someonr else does and puts their empty basket in there and sets in next to them. RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE. smh

Alex Harjo

I LOVE doing my laundry here! There is never a wait, the place is CLEAN, and I can use my Credit Card at every machine!

Yolanda Ruth

Nice, Clean,fantastic service

Dawn Rimpley

My favorite person who works there is Diego. He is very kind and respectful. He makes me laugh and helps me and my mommy with the laundry. From Nikkia 5 years old.

Chad willingham

I have been to the others and love this one ...more spacious and we choose this company because they are the cleanest in town!

Xavier Barrios

I love this laundry is clean good serves and free wifi 10/10 I love this laundry

Adepejub Ladoja

Clean establishment, welcoming - you won't be disappointed. Friendly people with great attitudes! Also a great place to complete assignments while you do laundry.

Aquanetta W.

The price of their service is fair. More importantly, the quality of the result is really good. I am definitely recommending them to many.

Sharlene Kanold

I really enjoyed the service at Liberty Laundry this morning. I called and asked questions prior to coming and Bill answered my inquiries. While there, Bill remembered me from the phone call and was very helpful and kind in teaching me how to use the machines. I have a clean comforter and it smells beautiful! They have free coffee available too. The place was very clean. Highly recommend this laundry mat for any washing needs you may have! Thanks Bill for a great start to my morning!

Marcie Ashley

Great place to get your clothes clean. Great facility with fabulous service!

Tab Birt

Really clean facility, it has WiFi, fast machines. Here's the best part, machines start with your credit/debit card. No preloaded BS, no chasing around quarters, just swipe and go. All my laundry done in less than an hour and a half.

Brandi Simpson

Very nice clean and clean place to wash your clothes.

Philip G

Great Employees and Very Clean. Nice, Safe Environment. Darrel the store manager is always very kind and helpful.

Charlie Peoples

Very clean, reasonably priced.

Janna Sisak

Have been using Liberty Laundry for several years now- facilities are always clean and well-maintained. Machines work perfectly, good price for quality.


Always clean. Friendly staff. Best laundry in town.

nancy richardson

This is a wonderful clean & light airy facility with open glass to feel comfortable with benches to sit & wait. Every size washer & dryer, baskets with wheels with hanging rack attached for hanging delicates right out of washing machine & directly from dryer also for transporting heavy towels from washer to dryer. A definite plus!! Also very helpful attendant who had to vacuum out the big washer and sweep up my king size mattress pad comforter that exploded in the wash!! Amazing laundry mat!!

David Sullivan

The best of laundering your essentials. Plenty of machines, clean room environment, and a friendly staff makes this our favorite laundry mat in Tulsa.

Alex Young

Great facilities with outstanding and efficient machines. The help on hand is very useful here. Don't wait another minute to bring that mountain of clothes on down to Liberty Laundry!!

Leland Tiger

It's a very nice clean place, and always friendly staff. They look out for customers

savena Courtney


Shehan Preena

Everything you need to get you're laundry done in the shortest possible time...

Kiyara and Jasiah

Nice clean place, the staff are friendly and very helpful☺

Jennifer Trussell

I love doing my laundry here! Brian, Daryl, Jana, Diego, and Bill are very nice! They are always very helpful and the environment is friendly! They watch out for you and I feel safe when I'm there!

barbara diggs

Definitely recommend the are very polite and helpful and very clean

Lilli Miller

Clean, functional. Definitely a positive atmosphere

Ezekiel Moreno

Great place to do laundry. Always an open washer or dryer no matter how busy. Good machines, good staff, good service.

Veronica Barajas

Very friendly and professional staff, clean facility,! Love it!!! Specially this facility on Delaware!!

Kreeshaun Compton

Mrkus Powell

I love this place because it's convenient easy to get to never too busy and the people that work there are always so nice.


Great place to do laundry

Brandon Call

clean, friendly, worth the 5 mile drive.

charles hott

Clean friendly service go here even though its a lot further and lil pricer because of the friendly atmosphere. One suggestion can you come up with some kind of prepaid laundry card i dont like having a lot of change will be five stars fer sure

Megan Proctor

Very clean. Efficient machines. Excellent service.

Bryan Mangold

Friendly attendants, clean facility, card swipe activation on machines.

Tina Farley

We have been coming to liberty for about four months. And we love it. The staff is friendly and the place is very clean. Need more laundry mats like this one.

Parapp Ston

Great place, great service! Darol S. and Stephen are the man.

Wolfie Howler

Its always so clean. There are always plenty of washers and dryers. The prices are reasonable too!

Joy Schanke

Loved how.clean CLEAN CLEAN the machines were I've not had such.a.good experience at a laundry Mat until I found this place :)

Danielle Canaday

The Wi-Fi, the staff, the facility in general is always amazing. Also it's nice that I don't feel uncomfortable coming here where as I have in the past at other laundromats.


Very clean.

Ginel Bartleson

Friendly and pro active staff! Very clean and good quality machines! Definitely great experience!

C.C. Springraven

Clean and convenient! Great place to wash clothes. I will definitely be coming back.

Paul Brownlee

Joann Nagle

Very clean and safe place

justin Baden

The place is always extremely clean and have all new equipment that works very well!

Tim Allen

Liberty Laundry is a shining example of how a business can be excellent regardless of size or sector. Their excellence is reflected in the attitude, competence, and obvious work ethic of their employees. It's obvious that they take great pride in the cleanliness of their stores. I, for one, really appreciate that. Having used Liberty Laundry for more than 2 years for drop off and DIY services, I can heartily recommend this superb FIVE STAR Tulsa business.

Jonathan Sapien

Great service very clean and friendly

De Victor Muse

Deigo best thanks for your warm spirit... always a great helper..

Paul Mungai

This place always have clean well functioning machines of all grades available. They have all the supplies you may need, multiple modes of payments on each machine and friendly staff.

Shawn Aemisegger

Good to go place clean and up to o date

Myanmar Computer Tutorials

Great place to wash the clothes. Actually, I like the place cuz clean, neat, and efficency

Jacqueline Freitas

Always good service, excellent equipment and competitive prices.

William Ragsdale

This was the best experience I have had at a laundromat! Diego the attendant was very helpful and courteous and I will definitely come back thank you liberty laundry!

Tg. zero

good price , great qualities

Cierra Cummings

Absolutely love this laundry mat! Always have been against them & used the one in my apartments until I stumbled upon this one! Never have I had to wait to use a washer or dryer, it's always EXTREMELY CLEAN. The staff is always so friendly & will keep a conversation while waiting for ur clothes. They play Christian music & have FREE WIFI for us! I seriously couldn't say enough good things about this place. I really think you have to try it out for yourself. Not to mention I can get all 5-8 washed, dried, & folded in an hour! Love you guys! Love this location. Will never be going anywhere else!

Andrea Buntin

Very clean. Great machines that work fast to get you on your way. Free coffee and friendly full time attendant.

Country Gurl

Five star laundromat complete with free coffee with popular condiments such as styrofoam cups, cream, sugar packets, and coffee stirers. Luxurious conviences complete with free WiFi, drop off Laundry service, change machines providing change for one through twenty dollar bills, ATM, well stocked vending machine for all your garment needs complete with detergent, fabric softener, and plastic laundry bags. Machines can be started with quarters, dollar coins, and/or credit or debit card. Clothes are washed thoroughly in multi loading washers and dried to luxurious warmth in honest timing within mutli load dryers. Inside this establishment you will find helpful friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere, always pleasant background music, and stirdy quality seating and a corner for children to be entertained while you await for you and/or your families freash clothing. Automatic sliding entrance doors on both sides of parking areas make for an easy journey task of transporting heavy baskets of all things laundromat washable. Handicap parking and accessibility is also present.

Suzette Urbano

Good place for small loads, but if you have a bunch of laundry it might cost you. There are only speed queens and the cheapest washer is $4 a load. The environment was clean and well lit. They are also open until 9pm apposed to many laundromats in the area that close at 8pm. The staff is courteous and answered any questions I had. The dryers are pretty fast drying as well. They have an ATM , change machine, and washing/drying/folding services available. Additionally, on all the machines there is an option to pay with your credit card as well as coins. The folding tables are a little small but sufficient enough for small amounts of clothing. Anything bigger you may need to take up 2 spaces. Overall its a good place that seems clean, safe, convenient, and maintained. Though it is certainly not the cheapest, it suited my needs of a small load. I will most likely go back for my next load.


Good place to wash laundry

Alisha Harper

Very clean very helpful like this place

Kayla Fletcher

I haven’t been in a laundromat in a long time. I came today, and I LOVED it! They play inspiring music, the whole place is clean, and the staff is so kind. There are lots of laundry options available, and I got everything done way faster than I thought I would! I actually enjoyed sitting there and waiting for my laundry to be done. Great facility, great prices (nothing more than $3.75), and lots of places to sit!

aditya narayan

Clean environment and friendly staff.

Yazid Yusuf

Has to be the best laundromat in the US. Friendly staff, clean facility, and free coffee!

Joseph King

Less crowded laundry station, n variety of washers n driers

Hikari Zutto

The BEST place on earth to do your laundry is right here at Liberty Laundry! The attendants are very nice and courteous! The store is very clean and all the machines are new! Some come check them out and do your laundry!!! :-)

Charlotte Stukenborg

Amazing! Credit card. Helpful staff! So clean. Machines are nice and powerful! Cool inside!

Kimbra Scallorn

Very nice and clean. Wifi, air conditioned, family bathroom to change children, vending machines and nice staff

Tim Pipkins

Love this place, its clean and the washer and dryers really work perfectly. The staff stephen and bill are awesome and friendly plus very professional. This is the only place I will use to wash my clothes.

joyce Stevens

the agent Adam that work for you is very polite, courtesy and hard working . He give excellent customer service.

Julie Jennings

Clean and helpful. A huge variety of machines and relatively inexpensive

grimz ware

Always clean and nice and cool Inside! I love it here!

Ian Gollahon

They simply don't make better laundromats than this one. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by a staff that was eager to help. This place is spacious, always fully stocked on TIDE, and even had a little old-school arcade table to pass the time. I'm a big fan of their other locations too, but this one is actually my favorite.

Ashley Louk

Very clean facility. Friendly and helpful staff. With the great variety of washer and dryer sizes, you can wash anything here. And the card readers for each machine make it so easy to do your laundry without keeping up with scads of coins. I will definitely be back with my bulky bedding the next time it needs washed.

Dawn Boyer

Very clean facility! It's hard to find a good laundry mat.

Am. Blades

Everything works, lots of big washers and huge dryers, attended so you can use a credit card. They will do your wash for you, for a price ? how much. Lot of room to get around with carts with hanging bar. Washed today still the best.

Debra VerBooks

Location was very clean. Left laundry to be done. Staff was friendly both at drop off an pick up. I'll be back!

The Meta47

First time here and I can see the good work they do here. Clean facility and all round good service.

Mahmud Isiaka

I like this place because they are helpful for starters on using the machines and while waiting i have WIFE and a coffee, it feels like am at home. Hey guys you the best in tulsa.

Elenore Montoya

It a really clean wash house I love it

Nikki Whiteley

Wonderful experience at the Delaware location. Greeted by Anna who was friendly, helpful and professional. I dropped off laundry, ran some more errands and got a text that my items were ready to pick up! Fast and my clothes were perfectly folded and clean. Thank you!!! I will be back.

Alisha McIntire

Heavy duty machines great prices and staff also free coffee yum

Shannon Tittle

It's a very nice looking place. When I visit Tulsa with family I have dropped off my laundry twice and notice the price is absolutely ridiculous at least compared to Springfield Missouri which has a facility that's just as nice. Also the three times that I have been there when I get back I'm always receiving a nice gift from somebody else with their things in my clothing such as kids clothes or some ladies top. This is happened every time. Looks to me that they're not very careful with keeping track of laundry.

Vicki Hall

I have been using laundrymats since my husband and I retired and downsized. I have had the most UNFORTUNATE experiences right down to having someone lift my change off the washer as I was LOADING. I have had my laundry lifted out of the dryer as I was folding another load. I thought I would outsmart thieves and put my money on the laundry mats card only to find you have a limited amount of time to use it and if you don't well too bad for you. They did however give me a five page claim form of which I filled out right there turned it in and got the employees name. Well six weeks later and many calls I went in to find out about the twenty dollar refund from the card and wait for it. ........... Well. ........... You got it no one was employed by the name I was given and after much paper wrestling in"the office" my claim was not located and the cherry on top? Too much time had passed to file a new claim #^^/##$// After informing my husband that if he didn't locate a laundry that was clean, safe and the machines didn't have that wonderful aroma of goodness knows what had been in there already I was planning to have a washer and dryer put right smack in the middle of our living room! Well I'm happy to report that for two years I have been doing our laundry at Liberty with NOT ONE INCIDENT! One more thing. .. my hubby had a massive heart attack and two weeks later grace here broke my leg want a shock? The laundry staff did my laundry and dropped it off! The charge was minimal the clothes were perfect and I will never go to another laundry again. This place is comfortable clean and friendly as though you were in your laundry room. Vicki Hall

Marissa Hall

Nice prices, clean facility, very brightly lit.

Lizzy Gonzalez

This place has awesome machines and the staff is so incredibly nice! Very clean facility as well.

Damita Moss

Very friendly and remembered our names after only 1 visit. Machines are always in great condition and working order. The facility is always clean and the employees are always checking on you and cleaning. Overall a great atmosphere!

janet short

Clean and nice washers and dryers but you pay more to wash and dry here than other places about 3 bucks more per load.

Collin Hamlett

Excellent service. For $15 you can get your laundry washed and folded with a nice thank you note. Why did my parents never teach me this?

William Palmer

Super clean, good machines. Will go here for any laundry items too large to do at home.

William Guy

Clean good machines. WiFi hot coffee.

Gretchen Lee

You guys are the BEST in Tulsa!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else and you shouldn't either!!

Alicia Albert

Friendly staff, very clean, safe, and worth the trip! We're switching to this one.

Marshall Henshaw

Very nice and clean environment. Staff is polite and courteous. Good amount of washers and dryers. Nice place to do laundry and homework if you are in college.

Sunnye Hayden

Friendliest staff anywhere! Always clean and comfortable!

A. D. Baker

First time going to a laundromat (not counting at my apartment) and have to say it was a good experience. Open, airy, pleanty of working machines. The price hurts but was used to apartment prices.

Sarah Edens

This was my first time to ever use a laundromat. Thank you Stephen for your help in explaining how it all works! The staff was very helpful and the establishment was very clean. It was also very easy to get my school work done too. They offer very convenient payment options for using their machines: quarters, turn dollars into quarters, ATM, or my personal favorite, just swiping my debit/credit card at the machine to pay for it that way. I am very pleased with Liberty Laundry.

Elicia Lopez

Very Nice & Clean Place and I think it's really cool you can use your debit cards on the machines

Amon Mutoro

Clean, fast machines and the friendly staff always willing to give a hand. Clothes came out really clean. Magazines and some nice music to keep you entertained. Ample parking and in a safe area. I will definitely make this my go to laundry stop.


Excellent facility! Liberty laundry is very clean, Not too busy , and had a friendly staff.

Laura Lane

Great place to do laundry. Clean and safe. Always easy to get change. Several other options to pay as well. Attendants always helpful and polite. They open early on Saturdays so it nice to get laundry done early and have the rest of the weekend free.

melissa melissa

I love it here ... I come here every Sunday and its always clean and the guys are very friendly.. best place in Tulsa.

elenore Montoya

Very clean

Faith Dreher

I love liberty laundry, the attendants keep the place clean, and the late hours really help working people.

Christopher Ferguson

Nice place, nicer people. Good clean clothes

Daniel Smith

Always clean. Helpful & courteous staff. Although a bit pricey. $10 got me 2 "double load" machines & one "triple load." However the machines are All new & high efficiency. Even the bathrooms were spotless.

Carl Moss

The attendants were courtesious and the washers and dryers work great.

chana white

Clean and efficient. lots of washers and dryers. Machines can wash or dry more than one load at a time.

Sharnita Lewis

liberty laundry is so clean and we'll kept, the debit card option to start the machines is really awesome too

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