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7700 S Douglas Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, United States

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REVIEWS OF I-240 Laundry IN Oklahoma

LeAnn Skeen

Justbob C

Made worth going back

Ally King

Susan Curtis

Not too busy, high prices, but good service

kalamazoo tx

Very clean . Washers very small $3.75 load. Free dryers . Saves a little but using more washers offsets the "free" dryers . Vending machines and TV . Pretty good neighborhood.should've given an extra star for the mouse under the washer we saw. Attendant says they know about the mouse but owners aren't doing anything about it

Jonna Shaw

Horrible ownership and very unprofessional workers. Might be nice and clean laundry mat but it's not ran professionally. Wish I could post this without giving it 1 star cause thus place doesn't deserve 1 star

Tiffany Grizzard

The lady here was disrespectful to me and my cousins and just kept rooming her eyes at us

Katherine Ussery

Pay to wash but, Dry for free... I do my laundry here a lot

Synthia Garner

Only place i do laundry

Yvette Sipes

Manuela Molina

Debra Levine

Neat and clean. Lots of machines.

Dorsey Myers

At least they are open when they advertises they will be open. A little ittle more to wash but a lot less to dry. Clean, cool and right next to 7/11. Works for me. I have found a better place to do my laundry.

T Scott


Frederick W. Gunner


Katie Ann Mann

The attendants are helpful & friendly. And, they're always making certain to clean up any messes in there. The dryers are all free. And, they run for 30 minutes @ a time. I really like them.

James Stewart

Place is clean, but employees are lazy, rude and stand around talking on their phones the entire time instead of helping customers. When they finally DO put down their phones after you ask for assistance, they are hateful and discourteous for having been disturbed. Unbelievable that you hire people like this to represent your business. People giving it more than one star are either delusional or high on something.

Jason Ibendahl

Tonda Marshall

Clean. Open late. Free drying.

Ashly Wiedemann

Very clean, free dryers if you wash here. Usually quiet during the week.

thomas fielder

Free dry if you pay for wash

La Mulata De Oro Yosi


Job Gonzalez

Janeta Montalbo

r Guyton

This place is so clean !!!! And the crew is so nice... perfect

brandy holland

Diesel Dave

This establishment is close to where I reside so it's a matter of convenience for me. BUT, don't let the free dryers fool you. You pay for the use of the dryer when you wash your clothes. $3.75 to wash, that is high even if the dryer is "free" or included in the wash price. Usually they open when they say they are gonna be, but not today. So far they are 30 minutes late opening! The one good thing I can say is the place is they are clean and squared away. But that doesn't really matter to me if I can't get in there to wash my clothes. One last thing**no restroom** I guess they don't care enough about the people that provides an income for themselves to allow them a place to use the restroom. PON's

one of a kind thompson

Johanne Bean

Toni Hicks

Michael Ashley

Way to expensive. Even if dryers are free, it's a lot cheaper in Norman...

Robin Willis

Very clean and nice people. Wash there dry free it's nice

Damon Lee

Love I240 laundry mat

Jason Cook

Always been clean, pretty empty and can't beat free dryers!

Teresa Vaughan

Christie Matlock

PFG 777

Good place to go.

Nita James

I would like to know how to contact the owner or a manager because of washers not cleaning cloths and had to take the dirty cloths back home spent all my money washing and couldn't re-wash the stuff that was in a washer that should have been marked out of order but wasnt even told the person worker to mark it and showed him my babies cloths that were nasty and he did nothing at all. Also he had bathroom locked with out of order sign on door but he went in the bathroom to smoke and use the bathroom but customers could not use and the rest of the time he was asleep. I want a refund for the dirty cloths.

C Rubio

Cheap and awesome

Dan Jones

Free dryers if you wash here. Some video games and amusement games we're not working.

anthony villa

Lynn Compton

I come to this laundry all the time they got a new employee who shuts half of the laundromat down before 7:00pm when they take last load at 9:00 I have never seen this since I been coming here.. I don't like to be limited on where about in the laundry I can go wash..When I asked the employee why we could use those washers she said because she cleaning., I stated it isn't 7 yet.. I will be reporting this to the owner.. Not good business

Elaine Hencel

William Kozak

Samantha Miles

Very clean laundry mat.

Luis Leal

Tonya Gales

Machines do not use enough water to wash or rinse your clothes. Management is dismissive and rude. Do not waste your money.

Chad Woods

Very clean and everything works and the employees are really nice and helpful.

me r.

Very unprofessional. This is the 3rd time I've used this facility and the first time I've ever had hew an issue. The woman talked on her phone and cussed and complained almost the entire time. She either smoked in the building or just hung the cigarette out the door. Either way, my lil guys and I went home smellin like a tobacco factory, and I'm coughing and can't breathe as I'm allergic to cigarette smoke! There's no smoking signs don't let kids play tables signs posted, but this grown woman is laying on a table playing on her phone.

aliana and aracely & alex Pizza Squad

Anthony Taffie

Michael Evans

If I could give it less than one star I would. The reason it got one star, was so I could write this review. Even if just one person reads this review and heeds my warning, then I have done at least that one person a service. I work 2 jobs, and the time I have to do laundry is during the evenings, and ONLY on nights I get off early. Being the one laundromat in the neighborhood, it's the only one close to me, or I have to drive several miles out of my way to get to another. I've tried to use it on three separate occasions, all three times I have been denied access. 1st time was when I moved to the neighborhood, I didn't make it until 9:30, so they told me "last load at 9pm", OK fair enough, my fault. 2nd try couple weeks ago, I made it just before 9, and was told not to bother because they close at 10, and "we're locking the doors whether you are finished or not." The 3rd, and my last time trying and the reason for this review, was tonight. I showed up at the laundromat at 8:45, and a girl in a white car hopped out of the back seat and ran inside, followed by a young man from the same back seat, maybe mid 20's who started yelling to get my attention... This is where it gets fun... "hey homey, you just need to move on. They about to close, so you don't need to be here!". I'm sorry, what? "My mom runs this place, and they closing, you need to get outta here, now! " So, to finish my rant... Even though the sign says "last load at 9pm", don't bother, they will run you off with threatening gestures, and threats of violence.

Jeff Martin

Frée dryers. Needs a sink to remove soiled laundry before washing


Pretty chill place just go early

Donna Wyatt

Clean and good was here but there is always too many broken dryers

Conchita Brown

Nice staff helpful an don't meet strangers willingness n all

Teona Diale

JoseEduardo Delgado

Nice and clean, good customer service free dryers

Veronica Hernandez

The people that work at this laundromat are awesome I have three kids that I always have to take with me to the laundromat because my husband always at workand the guy that works there will come out and help me take all my laundry out of my car in my soul so all I have to worry is getting my kids out and putting them inside so they're safe and if one of my kid wanders out he does not hesitate to let me know that my kid lol and he keeps them entertained he gives them free quarters so they can play on the machines or games he is really good with kids...I do got to say his wife is awesome to she's there during the day and he's there in the afternoons there are some really nice people..

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