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5817 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73122, United States

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REVIEWS OF Doug's Coin-Op Laundry IN Oklahoma

Ash Wood

The lady in charge is no longer Linda, the new manager is very helpful and friendly. I have not had problems with any of my things getting lost or damaged. I would recomend this to everyone. The former review is a bit harsh and outdated, I recomend their drop-off service because it is superb.

Linda Robinson

Long trips always find you looking for a place to do laundry. This was very clean and attendant wss extremely helpful. Was in and out in no time

Larry Kelley

Large machines to do bulk laundry

Chris Ridner

Nice and clean, top load washers are $2.25 - front loads are $3.50

Jaret Lewis

Kelly Taylor

Courteous, friendly, good service.

Debbie Moore

I usually go to a different laundry mat but my son talked me into going to Doug's. Not alot of washers or dryers, I was not happy when I put in .75 in the dryer, my load was very small with t-shirts, shorts and panties. Well my clothes were still damp so I hung them up and went home to let them finish drying. I will not go back!! I will continue to go to the one I have been using.

Hope Nugier

This facility was ok but I've been to much better laundry mats

Pat Johnson

Natasha Y

I was in town and needed to do our laundry so I stopped here. Since I am very well travelled I have seen many , many laundromats. Obviously since I am just in town for a limited time I was not doing a laundry drop off. This facility is okay, I would prefer to find another one. It was clean however which I appreciated but they have very few large washers. The 3 ones they have are 6.00 a piece and claim to do 5 loads. The smaller ones are 3.50 and claim to do 3 loads, I highly doubt that.the top leaders are 225 a load. The front loaders take 25 minutes which is great, the dryers are awful. Plan to be here a very long time. I had to get the attendant at one point because t th e dryer was eating quarters. She got it fixed which I appreciated. We seperated our clothing and used many dryers in hopes to cut down drying time but it seemed the opposite occured and I simply did not have 4 hours to sit and wait for the dryers. I would not return here simply because the dryer was so awful, the worstI have every used. Maybe they need lint cleaned out, who knows. The bathroom was clean and they have a few tables for folding laundry. They have two booths and a table as well if you choose to sit and have a meal.

Crystal Love

Clean place well maintained machines

K Bizzle

Don't go on Sunday afternoon unless you want to wait a while on doing laundry.

Thomas Couch

Nicole Sarabia

Joey Rose

Friendly staff, and decent prices. Free Wi-Fi and free dryers.

Stephanie Nacoste

Very clean good atmosphere

Jesus Valtierra Muñoz

Alejandro Marquez


Mark Skikus

Alexandro Castañon

Clean place, not overcrowded and decent prices

Jose Rodriguez

Marjorie Egert

Clean, cool and as relaxing as a laundromat can be.

Joshua Bader

Clean, well lit. A little pricey, but worth it compared to other lsundromats in the area.

Rich W.

A place to go when the washer is down

Keith Rodgers

its okay for emergency clothes wash! only thing is it's to small for the amount of people trying to get in there!!! need to expand or someone needs to open another laundry close by!!

Cliff Norwood

Fair prices and all the equipment works great

Robin Gregory

New machine, great dryers, clean laundry

Tiffanie Foster


The redhead girl that opens is never on time, thr time on thw door says 7:00 but they are never there to unlock the doors. The machines are always broken.

Monica Warren

Place is always clean and the staff are always helpful

Shelbii Good

Dry cleaning is awesome they could do a better job at calling customers whenever they're ready to be picked up. But other than that its an awesome place.

ganeva bruton

I usually use their drop off laundry service but not anymore. From the bad attitudes to not having my stuff ready it is getting ridiculous. I dropped off my laundry on Friday and was told it would be ready on Tuesday. Got there Tuesday before close and they hadn't even started. My kids had no clean uniforms for school the next day. The lady working that night was nice and empathetic and made sure it was ready the next night. But the "manager" that works during day? She has a whole attitude problem. Ive dropped off laundry with her before and she had an attitude because it was close to ten and I wanted same day pick up as advertised. She is obviously overwhelmed and has a severe lack of people skills. She was mad because right before 10 I brought a small basket and needed 2 blazers pressed for an out of state business meeting. She was mad and irate. I told her dont press them its fine. She angrily tells me its going to happen. I started to leave, called, asked to talk to a manager and she tells me shes the manager. Tells me someone will call and hangs up. I went and asked for my stuff back (by then I was over it) She had a whole melt down. LIKE A WHOLE MELT DOWN. She was yelling and everything by the time i left. I went in for a service that was offered by the cut off time for that service. I was met with an overwhelmed lady who cant manage her work load or talk to customers. I am a manager with a massive corporation that is all about customer service. I found the whole situation appalling and there various ways to approach situations like that as a "manager."

Tyler Marks

Excellent laundromat VERRY Clean. A little small but excellent staff as well


Christopher Adams

Marilyn Miller

Clean laundry people are nice

Tyler Wilson

Josephine Lee

Dante Fair

Rogelio Vega

Nice and clean place

James Howard

Overall It's a good place to do laundry. The place is very clean and machines are well-kept. Though it can get pretty busy depending on when you go. The prices are a bit high for my liking, however.

Samuel Evans

stewart bunny

Sanisi Talanoa

Shai M

The power went out, everyone had to carry their soaking wet clothes out, they gave us all refunds but the employ called the police on a costumer because she was upset. Nothing big happen the women was just expressing that she was upset, everyone else was mad and some were even slamming things around but the police were called on the lady because she was complaing loudly. There was even an old lady who kind of instigated things with the first lady causing a bigger scene and then told the worker to call the police. Very annoying situation I understand it’s not the workers fault the power went out but she definitely didn’t have to call the police on a woman for saying out loud that she was upset (honestly we all were). It felt like the old lady and the worker teamed up against us, the old lady said she wasn’t mad because her clothes were finished but the rest of us had just put our clothes in, of course we would be upset. They should’ve handled the situation better and maybe even should have closed when the power kept flickering instead of allowing more people to come in and start doing laundry. They should hire better employees or learn to deal with things better. Usually an okay place but I don’t know how soon i’ll be returning :/

Johnny ruiz

Nice places too chill while waiting for ur laundry.

Paul Clark

Tracey Thomas


Good machines always work perfect

Li Co

Amelia Gonzales

Dryers are Not Free as one reviewer suggested. They are 25 cents for each 8 minutes. The place does have free WiFi. Clean and all machines seem to be working well.

Erin Dawn

Joel Hacker

Not enough high capacity machines, the prices are a little high, and it's a very cramped space. but its clean and well monitored.

Patricia Jones

Kyra Crawford-Bonner

I filled all 4 of their $6 machines with about 10 loads of laundry. In addition to the $24 I put in their machines, I used a half a bottle of Gain soap. Started the washers & as soon as everything was good & soaked, the electricity went out. I was the only one who verbalized my complaint, while others simply showed signs of their aggrevation (ie slamming washer lids, making noises of disgust, muttering under their breath, etc). In response to me voicing my complaints (not yelling btw), an old lady customer, who was not angry because her laundry had just finished, decided it was her place to start berating me for daring to be irritated by the situation. I told her to mind her business, that I have a right to be angry & that she needed to stop involving herself. She then demanded that the employee call the police on me (something I was informed of by the person who was with me). After being harassed by Warr Acres police, my daughter & I then spent 20 mins removing our soaking wet laundry & drug it to our car. Now we get to find a laundry mat to start all over. The lady DID refund my money but really, a $24 refund is a lot cheaper than a civil lawsuit. I've been banned from Doug's now because they exaggerated their claims to the police & told them things like I was "out of control" (although I was standing outside speaking perfectly civil to the OG&E worker at the time the police arrived, showing zero signs of the false claims they made about me to the police). I'm not surprised by the way I was treated at Doug's today, however, considering about 15 yrs ago, I was told I needed to shut my crying baby up because she was bothering their other customers. I've spent no less than HUNDREDS (probably more) of dollars there over the years & for the past 6 months, have been spending $20-30 a week. Doug's will definitely be losing more than me by the loss of my business. Afterall, the disturbance they caused their approx. 10 customers this morning FAR exceeds any disturbance I could've caused by complaining. (I didn't even stay inside. I was outside at the time they called the police & told them I was "creating a disturbance" btw). Bad business. Their water/washers often have a putrid stinch anyway so I have no problem going elsewhere. I don't typically do business with folks who harass their paying customers with the local, small town, nothin-better-to-do police anyhow.

Jeff Roberts

Very clean laundromat and I like the fact that I was in and out in less 90 mins.

Bap Shae

Great! Clean and average price.

MoyaGai Oui

It's cool with Wi-Fi.. sometimes it's stinky

Roger Rader

This is s nice laundromat, however I discovered in my last stop there, they now charge you to use the coin changer. Not very practical in my view. Will just name sure I have enough quarters before I go in.

Elizabeth Atoyebi

Quincy Johnson

I didn't like the fact that I had to pay to dry...

Lupitha Flores

Brandy Crutcher

I always come here to wash comforters and sheets pillows etc.. Not to busy not to pricy always clean.

Kim Arinwine

Always clean. Huge washers for $6. I wear scrubs five days a week and my kids wear uniforms so I can take all that weeks laundry and towels and bedding for 3 beds and pay about $12-$17 to wash. I have my own dryer right now. Drying it would be about another $4-$6. They lock the doors at 8 since they close at 9. The big washers go for 25mins. Ive even left clothes unattended for those 25 mins and all was ok. If my washer breaks I'll be back but hopefully not.

Don Daniels II

Pam Collins

Sean Thurmond

Nakita Thompson

Jennifer Kirsch

Clean and very nice staff. I go in the morning and the lady ways puts cartoons on for my 3 year old!!!

Roy Williams

Clean place with great washers and dryers. I take my work clothes there because of the dirt and grime I work in and they get very clean each and every time. Their customer base is friendly as well. Never had a problem with trying to get a washer or dryer in a timely manner.

Bootjack Garage and Lecture Hall Camp Livingroom

I'm missing a sock

D & C Commercial Cleaning Service LLC

Allie Williams

Been there once or twice to wash my own clothes and never had any problems. Well lit and washing machines are quiet.

Loveda Ramirez

Good place to wash your clothes cheap only problem air conditioner does not work but I say worth washing my clothes there good service

Dixie Brown

Diante Dubstep Webb

Amy Lynn

Lots of units. Decent price to use. Clean place and lots of laundry carts, folding tables, and places to sit. They even have vending machines, sticker machines, and a couple games for the kids. This is the only laundromat we use.

Denisha Wilson

Love this place

ytonna draper

Uncorked Business

They got great people do like helping you with your service when you wash your clothes there

D K Perkins

Nice people and clean facilities.

regina bradford

Clean place


Dana Siefman

Very clean new machines good price to wash and dry. Staff very freindly and helpful

Jessica Lars

Went above and beyond stopping theft of my clothes. Nice to see there are still good people out there!

me me

This is the best place to drop off your clothes to get washed. The staff is super friendly they always remember me, and when I'm having a bad day they always make me smile! I appreciate the way they handle my clothes they're always so clean, and hung or folded. Great prices too!! Thank you!!!

Walaya Lupp

Wonderful drop-off and customer service. I won’t take my clothes anywhere else. I drive from Piedmont just for their drop-off service. It is that good! Prices are fair. I don’t have one complaint after using their drop-off services for almost four years.

greg mock

It seemed to me that the machine's were priced a little high but the place was keep clean and there was lots of room to move around

Cassandra Elder

This place was clean, smelled wonderful, & had a friendly laundry attendant who helped us any way she could....Thanks for friendly customer service & a clean location.....I will be back regularly....

Pam V

I won't return. The last few visits the free Wifi didn't work. It wasn't very clean. Yesterday the attendant was so rude that i left without doing my laundry.

Ryan Trimble

Elaine Money

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