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REVIEWS OF TLC Cleaning IN North Dakota

Jana Battagler

Would recommend to anyone! Very professional in their approach, and it's so nice to walk in and not have to worry about cleaning. I get to spend the time with my family without having to take time away from them to clean. Our home always looks so nice and fresh after they leave.

Jacob Giebel

Couldn't be happier with my experience with TLC Cleaning of Fargo! I've been moving quite a bit lately and have used them several times. With all the stress of moving going on, it's so relieving knowing that I can call TLC cleaning and be confident knowing that they are going to do a phenomenal job! Staff is friendly, customer service was great and highly recommend to anyone in need of cleaning services

Ryan Carlson

Just started using them, but kids were amazed how clean it seemed around the house! :)

Shannon Miller

Rikki Y and Rachel B did a great job today for our first cleaning. Friendly & professional. Daisy & Kaitlyn were really top notch! Loved them! Highly recommend!

Abby McGannon

I love TLC! They're by far the best cleaning company in the area.

Angie Sewell

Sandra B. and Jessica L. did an amazing job cleaning our home. Both my husband and I commented on how nice it was to come home to a sparkling clean house. With full-time jobs, a baby, a toddler, and two dogs, our house is never as clean as we'd like to be. This was a bit of a splurge for us, but worth every penny.

Ginger Elless

The cleaners from TLC did an amazing job! Our house looked and smelled absolutely fantastic! Seriously could not find one area that wasn’t done perfectly!

Carolyn S

Fantastic company!! Both their cleaning and carpet cleaning are incredible! Money well spent all around! Highly recommended!

Erin Mayer

Had a white area rug cleaned- it now looks brand new! And their cleaning services are fantastic.

Scott Richardson

Our break-room needed a serious deep cleaning, Mariya showed up on time and did a great job, we will definitely be calling TLC in the lakes area again.

Jeff Brenamen

Great JOB! Holland took her time and did the job perfectly and detailed!!!

Pam Strait

Yay, TLC! I scheduled last minute and they worked me into their schedule and sent 3 great people: Jessa G, Sydney K and Laina C. They went above and beyond. Hire this great company!

Brody Plays

Tiffany H & Felishah recently cleaned our home. They did a great job and can't wait until they come back! It sure helps having help and coming home to a clean home.

Meredith Cameron

Love these guys! They always do a great job!

Patty Cheney

So great to work with. With my busy schedule they are willing to do seamless business by email. They always do an amazing job, and are great about requests. I have had several people/companies and finally found the right fit. Price is good too.

Sydney Heinert

TLC was amazing! So easy to work with and very thorough. Can't recommend them enough for a good deep clean!

Marlon Samuel

Todd Mickelson

5 Star Cleaning day yesterday by Veronica and Lauren!! Looked and smelled great - no small task with our 3 dogs!!

Mary Zimmerman

Very professional, friendly and thorough! Way to work Kendra!

Beth DuFault

We’ve been very happy with the cleaning from TLC. Ashlee has done a great job and is always very pleasant.

Ahmbre RunningwiththeSunrise

Very good team to work with, friendly and a great work environment.

Jeffrey Shannon

Great company to work with. Exceed expectations.

Iris Rodriguez

Geri Salmela

Mariya from TLC Cleaning just cleaned our kitchen, dining room, living room and bathrooms and did a fantastic job! Excellent service!

Rhonda Kitch

We love the TLC team! Veronica and Kaitlyn are wonderful! We love coming come to a clean home and knowing we can trust the team cleaning our home.

bailey whitehead

They were better than any place ive hired

julia muzzy

Brandilyn Did our cleaning today and did a beautiful job! TLC raises the bar for professional cleaners in the area and we are so thankful they find gems like Brandilyn! Great work today. Our home looks great!

Hailey Lake

Sarah Plitt

I love that the owner of this company gets it! She is busy mom of 3 like myself, and understands my needs for a clean home despite the chaos of toddlers. I've witnessed the positive reinforcement she uses with her staff, who are fantastic. Best cleaning service in the area!

Heather J Smith

Brandy is awesome! Always very detailed cleanings!

Currence Michelle

I had a 6 hour cleaning planned with TLC. I was originally told 2 cleaners for 3 hours and the afternoon before the cleaning, an email came saying a different time. It didn't make any difference to me. The cleaning tech actually stayed for 7 hours. I couldn't believe it. I left a list of cleaning priorities and it was long, but I didn't know how much to leave so figured too much was better than not enough. She got everything done on the list except 1 window. I'm impressed. Everything is thorough and detailed. My door was not locked when I got home and nothing came of it, but if you have worries about that, it might not be a bad idea to verify or request that they will look the door upon leaving. In addition to their great work, they are involved in the community and take great care of their employees. I would definitely recommend TLC. Update: found a scratched piece of shower glass after the cleaning. I wanted them to be aware in case it was a new product. I didn't ask for anything but they went above and beyond to take care of this. Amazing customer service!!

Ybcwhiteboi 223

Jessica Bivens

A+ customer service!

Lohng DukDohng

Casey Fevig

They do a great job with my commercial building!

Christina Meyer

Ashlee did a great job! Thank you!


My co-workers and myself purchased a $150.00 gift card for our co-worker and friend. She needed extra cleaning completed prior to her 90 year old mother moving in to receive hospice care. There was a small window of time where cleaning had to be completed. TLC Cleaning had scheduled to clean her house for 4 hours and use her priority list to guide the cleaners. There was supposedly 2 TLC cleaners at her house for 4 hours. All I can say is that I will not be recommending TLC Cleaning to any family or friends. The only room that was successfully cleaned was the bathroom. This little bathroom should take 1 person to clean for 1 hour. The other cleaning that was supposedly completed, was extremely sloppy. The dusting and the floors that were listed as completed, if only you could see the pictures. I am so embarrassed that we chose TLC Cleaning. We were trying to help a friend in need who had a small time frame to complete this cleaning, it didn't happen. TLC wanted to come and repeat the cleaning, but the opportunity had passed. What a waste of $180.00. We were shocked about the results because of all the great reviews that TLC on Google.

Jessa Gjerdahl

Christopher Willatt

Best cleaning company ever!!! I have been switching cleaning companies in my home every year or two for a while now, but TLC is the first company that I can see staying with long term. Their amazing cleanings and commitment to their customers is unchallenged!

Curt Trowbridge

My house is sparkling! Sandra B was just here and my house looks and smells amazing! Having TLC Cleaning help me with my house cleaning leaves me time to spend with my kids and grandchildren. Great company with a great staff!! Thank you so much TLC Cleaning, you are the best!!

Tammy Hernandez

Laina cleaned my home and she did awesome. I appreciate not having to clean my home today and can just relax. I would recommend TLC cleaning and will definitely have them back again.

Terri Spedding

We were extremely happy with the service provided by TLC's Technicians Sydney and Jessa. They were friendly, professional, efficient and considerate of us and what we wanted. They did such a good job and represented TLC Cleaning so well that we will never have any other cleaning company than TLC for any future cleaning needs.

Sarah Holo

My daughter spilled 2 cups of sticky pink slime on her bedroom carpet so the next morning I called TLC in a panic! He came right out and removed ALL of the stain!! I am beyond impressed and couldn’t be more ecstatic about the results!!

Janet Cleveland

Sandra B. continues to do an excellent job paying attention to small details and that delights me. This time she was joined by Jessica L. and my home looks great.

Beth Brasel

I received a gift card for TLC cleaning services. First, best gift, EVER!! Second, Wow! THe house was sparkling clean and I didn't have to do a thing!!! What a treat. I think I'm addicted.

ginae holland

Excellent service, professional staff and always a high standard job with this company and their staff! You cannot go wrong, give them a try!

Libby Schneider

Great, professional and thorough commercial cleaning!

Bryan Domholt

Angela K did a great job

Nate Callens

We love the work Mandie does at our house every 2 weeks! With 3 cats ruling our house it gets messy and we don't have to worry about dust, kitty litter, and everything else piling up!

gina west

Love that they understand the want to have the same person in our home every time. We were blessed with Angela and are super glad we have Kendra now. Great company....and best of all is our dog Buddy loves her too!

Chris Walker

Every month it's the same -- I could click all five stars before I even get home to see how nicely Amanda left everything for me!

Lindsey Ramberg

TLC Cleaning is a very profesional company who follows through with what they promise. Sandra does a very complete cleaning of our home and always makes sure to complete the items on our cleaning list!

Paul Fried

It doesn't get any better than TLC! Not sure if TLC stands for "Tender Loving Care" or "The Loveliest Cleaners" but either one is accurate. We are absentee landlords and rely on TLC to take care of our properties and we could be in better hands. In a recent visit to Fargo I was onsite when TLC was at one of our homes and I was amazed at the efficiency. The staff is comprised of properly trained professional cleaners. I can't speak highly enough about this company.

mistry bm

10/31/19. Veronica again did a great job. Thanks Veronica does an excellent job every visit she makes to our home. She is consistent and does a good job cleaning our home. She is tidy and punctual. Highly recommend her.

Cathy Lunde

This week Three words for Alisha and her cleaning partner this week: Superb, Superb, Superb!!! Once again, Alicia and Miranda did a wonderful job making my life a little easier. We keep recommending TLC to all our family and friends! TLC has come into our home and have done an amazing job! I have always been very particular about how my home is cleaned, but now being disabled can no longer do the cleaning. The ladies that clean for us clean the way I would clean my home myself. It is a great relief having our home clean once again!

Curtis Trowbridge

Signing on with TLC Cleaning was definitely one of our best decisions. It is a great company with wonderful employees. Sandra is so professional and so kind. Our house shines when she is done. We highly recommend TLC Cleaning!!

Morgan Rinke

I have had several cleaners including Sandra, Maria, Veronica, Brittany, Tiffany and Kendra and I have been very pleased with the cleanliness of my home on each occasion! I would highly recommend this company!!!

Lindsay Royer

Ashlee does an amazing job! She goes above and beyond to make sure my home looks beautiful. Would definitely recommend her.

James kenward

Excellent efficient and courteous staff

Lauren Lindhurst

Karla Kummer

Hailley and Vivian did an excellent job on March 25, 2019!

Michelle Jorgensen

Pernell Knutson

My family and I cannot thank Sandra enough! We refer to her as “The Best-of-the-Best” Cleaning Techs! Our house sparkles and shines...every time! We’re grateful!


Always enjoy getting my house done by TLC Cleaning.

Ryan Munson

TLC has been helping me with the task every man wants to avoid for several years now! I have had a great experience in all 3 places I've lived where they have cleaned. They are always professional and flexible to meet my needs. I recently moved from an apartment and the ease and peace of mind to have TLC take care of ensuring it met the renter's inspection was well worth the cost and then some. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their services and know they would have a first rate experience in their hands.

Britta Tollefson

I used to work for this company. The training they go through is intense and thorough. You will absolutely get your money's worth from skilled cleaners! The only company I recommend.

Shane Amundson

Michelle made my glass shower door look invisible...again!

Jordan Coauette

Highly recommend!

Flim Flam Man

Hailley does an awesome job each and every time she cleans. I highly recommend her.

Julie Helgaas

My favorite day is when TLC cleaning has been here.

Sandie Anders

TLC is the BEST cleaning coming in town - I love every little bit of extra things they do - I notice - and I appreciate coming home to my house after every cleaning!!

Jena Dye

I recently had some major family dynamic changes in my life and decided the best option was to sell my home and move into an apartment that better fit my needs. I hired TLC to clean my home that was listed to sell. They did such a wonderful job of cleaning that the first showing after the cleaning was the right buyers for my home! Thank you TLC!!!

Karen Day

Lived in the apartment for about 20 years. Hired TLC cleaning to do the move out cleaning! The 2 ladies did an amazing job! I was worried because my apartment manager told me in her experience, no cleaning company had ever done a good enough job! The cleaning company also gave a heads up, so the manager could check it out before they left! Would highly recommend them!

Becky & Rodger Pearson

Awesome job Jess and Madison. I have such a clean home to relax in for the weekend.

Kenzie Lindblad

Amazing company

Linda Briggs

Veronica M. did a wonderful job cleaning our home. Her hard work and attention to detail was appreciated. I hope we are able to count on her for future appointments.

Liz Oen

Awesome staff. Awesome management. Reasonably priced.

Deseree Krumm

I can’t tell you how nice it is, to have a clean house to come home to! Our recent cleaners Veronica M and Daisy O EXCEEDED our expectations and did an outstanding job! Thank you so much ladies!!

Katherine Fujii

I have had my house cleaned twice on a monthly rotation. Both times Mariya has done an amazing job. She is thorough and takes her time making sure not miss anything. I appreciate the schedule and reliability TLC provides.

Adam Goldwyn

Thanks Jessica!

Mike Dragosavich

TLC Cleaning cleans our office for Spotlight Media. We have about 6,000 square feet and her team does an amazing job. When I show up in the morning I get to see a personalized note each time and a thank you. They go beyond what they are supposed to do each time and it really makes me feel like they cherish our business.

Ondrea Routledge

I have used them for what seems like forever. The girls are great and the whole company has great values and really values their employees. I love supporting such a great company by making my life easier with a clean house. No brainer!

Rebecca Dahl

Brandilyn did a wonderful job on our house...looks beautiful!!!

Karissa Olson

I was not exactly satisfied with my experience with my cleaner from TLC. The leadership team made every effort to remedy the situation asap and Lexus came over and did an amazing job ~ I am very pleased. TLC went out of their way to improve my experience and I appreciate it!

Juliette F

We hired them during a training promotion & Cori B cleaned our home. It was

Alex Renner

Shaunna Mckena

Holly's The Best! I've never used a cleaning company because I use to clean for people (so you can imagine how picky I am), but I didn't have the energy to do a deep detailed clean of my apartment, so I hired TLC for the job and I'm so glad I did because Holly's amazing. She's super sweet and very thorough. She did everything I needed done within the exact time they quoted me. Now I can enjoy a super clean place over the weekend. If they offered a 2 hour basic clean, then I could have her come monthly, but they have a 4 hour minimum and my place is kinda on the small end, so I'll just have to do 4 hour deep cleans every 6 month or so.

E Kalmbach

Madi did great job cleaning our home!

Lisa Kraft

I cannot thank you enough for the services I received today. My home has never been this sparkly and every room feels so fresh. Lexus is kind, hardworking and diligent. She has a warm personality and makes having your home cleaned a great experience. I highly recommend!

Carolyn Shannon

TLC cleaning does an amazing job! With both cleaning and carpet cleaning! My entire home sparkles and shines every time they come. I love their all natural cleaning product line as well for the upkeep and in betweens. I find a great deal of comfort knowing they don't hire just anyone either. All of their employees are background checked & deliver a wonderful level of honesty & loyalty to not only their clients, but the company in general. They take great pride in actually making a difference in our everyday busy lives! I highly recommend TLC Cleaning for any and all of your cleaning needs!

Gail Agnes

A wonderful cleaning service. They go above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them!

Clint Howitz

Corey did a great job. Thank you!

Eloise Breikjern

TLC Cleaning is a great service and we are happy to have them clean our home.

Denise Rondeau

Dawn, Chase and Maddie did a great job of cleaning after I had my hardwood floors refinished. Lots of sanding=lots of dust! The place looks great! Spotless and dust free!


Awesome company that I admire for ingenious marketing, good old-fashioned values, and friendly staff. I wish I could give them 10 stars!

Virginia Johnson

We were excited to learn they were cleaning at the lake. The cleaning is great! We had some area rugs cleaned recently and they came back looking like new.

Cindy Larson-Casselton

THANK YOU Jessa and Sydney!

Ryan Knoll

Great service and awesome team. Love tlc cleaning :)

Abigail Burkett Vetter

Felishah and Nicole did a fantastic job on my home as always! I love coming home to a house that is sparkling clean, smells amazing, and is full of extra pampering touches. Thank you for making my life easier!


Vivian S. & Ashlee M. did an amazing job cleaning our house. We are very glad we chose TLC!

Lisa Thompson

First time using this service and would highly recommend it.

Mike DeVries

They are the best in the area. Our entire home looks and smells clean after they have been here! They do a great job! 5 stars for sure!

Sara DCamp

Alex Schmeling

I was skeptical if I wanted to hire a paid service for cleaning. I asked TLC cleaning to complete a one-time deep clean session at my house. The description of the package was 2 cleaners for a 7 hour session. The work they completed was great. They had a plan/checklist for each room, and so did. Ultimately, many of the things I wanted cleaned overlapped with their list as well. This made me happy. When the cleaners arrived in the morning, they asked which items I preferred they focused on and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. If you're looking for great service and great results, TLC can deliver.

Tasha Carvell

TLC came highly recommended to me and they have lived up to that reputation. Sandra B. is SUCH a star for them...we love coming home to our house after she's cleaned it so beautifully. She is consistent and the quality of her work is unsurpassed.

Brenda Young

Angela Reinke

Mandie R did a fabulous job! Loved my cleaning this month!

Belia Sanchez

Kathleen Cooper

Viviana did a beautiful job!

David Braaten

Very happy with their service. Had them do a one time clean to prepare for our Daughters BDay party, decided to sign up for regular service.

Meh H

friendly cleaners ( I have had a few of their staff for cleaning ) , they do a great job cleaning my place , always looks like a great after they are done .

Amanda Christianson

Very easy to schedule with and did a great job cleaning my carpets. I gave them the information to access my house and didn’t even have to worry about leaving work. Was super easy and my carpets smelled and looked great when I got home!

Nicole Duncomb

Great Job, they were there when they said their would be. Got my appointment set up fast also.. great company to do business with.

Angela Doll

I've had TLC Cleaning clean my townhouse for about 18 months and I couldn't be happier. I recommend them to everyone every time I can! Yes, I could clean my own house for free, but I use that time to spend with my loved ones. That's important to me. TLC is SUCH a stress reliever and I have appreciated their unique blend of professionalism and friendliness! I feel appreciated and taken care of!

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