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1401 12th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, United States

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Here we offer you the reviews of real people who are using the services of The Bubble Laundry Co. (Laundry) in North Dakota.

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REVIEWS OF The Bubble Laundry Co. IN North Dakota

Willie Tate

Sleepy Grant

Deric Davis

Pretty nice laundromat. The new machines are nice and the big tables are great

J ax

Mary Thorn

Good laundry mat

Ethan Hendricks

Awesome when it's not busy!

Lynn Scarberry

I have not been to this establishment in years! I was completely shocked and pleasantly surprised to walk in and see the amazing changes.

phillip smith

Jen Capes

Ty C

blanca alvarez

Free dryers after 10am and it's always clean and friendly place


Cool kid

Troy Pruett

Alissa Trego

marlin johnson


Sandi Larson

I went because my washer at home was waiting repair. Good place.

Ayan Mire

Very rude. I rather spend my money some where else. They have no sense of doing business.

Thomas Powell

Always hassle-free.

Cole Hjelmstad

Clean, friendly staff, drop off is fast

Amber Kutka

There drop off service is horrible. It took them 5 days to do my laundry and it still wasn't ready when I got there. They had a dog behind the counter with my clothes. They also lost my laundry hamper and refused to give it back even though i could physically see it. They're rude and ,unhelpful.

Kimberly Schiebe

Nice quiet place

victor garza marichalar

Benjamin Trepanier

Barb Jensen

Clean, staff is great, hours great

Tin Bui

Michael Terry

Preston & Lori

Helpful staff

Stanley Blanchard

Nice clean place to wash...

Mary Gonzales


Been going here for years! The machine improvements and overall appearance is outstanding since they changed to The Bubble Laundry Co. from Busy Bubbles. I usually go later so it’s not so busy personally, but the price is way better and faster process vs. apartment laundry rooms. I can usually only manage to get laundry done (extremely hectic work schedule) about once every two weeks and I am still in and out in about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. I use the big 5 load washers and usually a 75lb dryer and I get everything washed and dried for $10 (usually less) that way. Typical apartment laundry rooms always seem to have low heat on dryers so $10 would only get half of that amount of laundry done and take way longer. Free WiFi and TVs help pass the time while I’m there. Best laundromat around hands down!

LisaJo Green

D Reinhart

Free drying, save money.

Tony T

Love the weekly free drying.

Jeff Cariveau

Clean establishment and free drying on weekdays with your normal wash

Nikila McRitchie


Two washing machines ate several of my quarters, the arcade machine at my quarter, I'm surprised one of the homeless people didn't eat my quarter. The wifi doesn't work either.

Bertio Landon

Mike Sather

I used to do laundry at the place when it was Busy Bubbles. It was always an affordable place with decent machines. The Owner has really made some nice improvements as it has evolved to the Bubble Laundry Co. I have since ordered parts from this Owner and it was always exceptional service.

Timothy Marynik

Andres Murray

Jordan Rudnik

jerry schreiber

Zeke Acevedo

Free drying after ten am

Sara P

Nice clean place to go do laundry

Christian Mayo

Nicest laundromat ever seen by me. Calm and quiet setting, downside, it's a little spendy

Zach LaMarca

Ruth Gruber

nice update to back portion front portion needs updates bathroom is not very pleasant to use

Erica Alexander

Def has up graded on the outside compared to what it use to look like

Jason Anchondo


Skroller Psybreaks

I had no cash or quarters & no ATM onsite. Had no choice but to leave and go find somewhere else to spend my money. What a terribly outdated business model! You ONLY accept quarters??

Pat Pelka

Jesse Rich

The 5 star is ONLY for the "modern" side which opens at 8am most days and last wash is 7pm-ish, it is VERY nice. The older side is your typical laundromat, take that for what you will

Conner Tice

Great dropoff service, always clean, and very friendly workers.

Jesse Joiner

James DePriest

Machines always broke down and homeless people like to sleep there.

Krystal Sanders

Rosie senkai

I get to dry for free during the week days and staff clean after customers when they are done with laundry awesome.

Wade Goerndt

Karen Goulet

Susanna Ongstad

I give this place 5 stars because my husband uses the drop off laundry for his oil field clothing. If any of you know the smell of the oil fields you understand how wonderful it is to have a place that can deal with that! The smell of it will floor you and the damage to normal washer and dryers will financially cut you off at the knees. Kudos to a place that can handle that. For the Air Force people out there... I've not ever taken my Army BDUs there to be washed, starched, and ironed, but my husband is a Grand Forks native so this is probably a place to try.

Maksym Palamarchuk

Norm Jensen

Jesse Tinker

Can't recommend this place enough. With my job, I normally only get one day off a week, and the washers and dryers in my apartment building are junk, so doing laundry takes literally all day. Their dropoff service is a lifesaver, and very affordable. Everything's folded for you, and ready to unpack and put away when you get home. Excellent local business!

Melissa B

The Bubble is the only Laundromat my family will go to as the staff are amazing and easy to talk to. They are open 24 hours on one side as the other side has the dry cleaning and business office so that part closes but an awesome place nonetheless. Only downside is that it can get real busy on certain days of the week but other than that a great enivorment to and relax while doing your laundry.

James Bauer

Terry Gippert

sarah hazle

Outside was recently remodeled, inside floors and counters r usually dirty with over flowing garbage cans, half the dryers don't work properly

kevin bailly

When we needed to do it laundry this place was open, clean and the only drawback was it was not open all night like it use to be

Wade Nesland

jim mich

Great place

Monique Stahlman

Kennith Jackson

Nice, clean little laundry place! Workers where friendly and helpful!

James Cook

They have huge washers and dryers..roughly an hour after i start im done and on my way

Jerry Horner

Katie Aamold

Family and friends like to USE when needed!

Northlands Rescue Mission

The owners of Bubble agreed to wash 400+ coats for a community coat drive free of charge. That is true generosity!

Natisha Corum

While I without a dryer I did laundry here a few times. The machines worked well, the place was clean and bright and comfortable, change and vending machines were well stocked and worked perfectly also. The free drying during the weekdays is a great bonus too!

Katie Larson

marc Leslie

Pretty clean some new some old machines free drying before 7 on certain days

Bradley Strohl

Poorly maintained. Machines eat money.

Nick Kidwell

Thomas S.

Came here to do laundry but we ended up having to be around drunk homeless guys who kept asking people for money and cigarettes. Not a safe enviroment for kids or people. Please put up no soliciting signs or at least ask them to leave!

Juan Martinez

Ray Trepanier

Jeremy Alameda

I've been coming here since 2011. They earned my business as a loyal customer due to their prices and friendly staff. Laundry day has always sucked but I have always felt at home here. Their expansion and remodel now makes laundry day a fun, day or evening, out of the house!. Thanks!

Scott Beckstead

I like the large capacity washers and dryers. A wash is $6.50 and that's good for up to 75 pounds of laundry. A dry for a large load cost me about five dollars the nice thing is you can put in a quarter at a time if you need to extend drying time. That way you don't waste money. Usually dryers ask for a designated amount of money each time even if you only need a few more minutes. Bill changer on site to get change. Candy, soda, laundry supplies available from machines. They have laundry drop off service. They wash and dry and fold your laundry, I have not used this service so my knowledge on this is quite limited. Call ahead for information. Well that's it have a good day.

Doug Austreng

Nice clean ajd easy to get laundry done

Jessica Ripple

Machines dont work half the time. Everytime I go I have problems with the machines eating my quarters. The only plus side is when we get 20 minutes of free drying. That's if the people around dont take your laundry out as soon as that 20 minutes are up.

Geraldine Pelletier

My favorite laundromat

Shaun Cole

Susan Pfau

Do good job on drop off


First of all, way to expensive with that alone go somewhere else. Took us 30 something dollars to do 6 loads where as at the one on demers it took 15, next bathrooms are gross, and the "nice" section is closed at night. Wifi is good though, like very good so if that's your thing and you've only got maybe 1 or 2 loads its Probly fine. But please go anywhere but here.

sara lou

Allen Rolczynski

Norm B.

Pooe equipmnt maintenance

Angela Roemmich

Steph Stewart

Love the service and the machines work so good!

chris durant II

Dre Suggs

I was good

Christy Merkel

My washing machine died on me and a part waa ordered but the laundry didn't stop just because my washer was down. I packed up all our clothes and went to The Bubble Laundromat. It was VERY clean, a variety of different machines for both washing and drying and the cost was extremely reasonable. They even hace a spot where you can drop off your clothes if you'd like and they will wash them for you. For the 1st time having to go to a laundromat it was an awesome experience!

Sally Rugroden

Very courteous staff , nice Machines,clean, and free drying when wash there during hours in weekdays

Melissa Schneider

Loved this place to take huge laundry baskets to. Especially bedding that don't fit in normal sized washers and dryers. And sorta cheap.

Rob M

It's a nice laundry, many different sized machines. The dryers had labels about size, duration of the run & advice on how much to put in & the heat setting. Clean h in a good neighborhood too.

Jennifer Clark

Should have turned around and left soon as we walked in and saw two out of order signs. Trouble with the change machines, trouble getting one machine to accept quarters, picked hot water choice for two of my ice cold water instead. This place sucks. Never again. Ghetto a** $***!

Veronica Vivier

Nice and quiet, free drying weekdays. I can get my laundry all done at once and quickly for a great price

Navii Knight

Clean, great prices, quarter dispensers and dispensers for soaps, vending machines, rolling carts for your baskets, and an old school arcade table. Large machines that work WELL. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because of some minor issues with the building; there are a few tiles broken that are just loosely sitting in place. Overall I like it and I'll be returning here to do my laundry.

Michael Forrester

Open 24/7 some will always be not working, but they have all sizes available so you can go ham.


I love dropping my cloths off and having the washed ,dryed and folded for only a dollar a pound

Derek Sobolik

Recently remodeled turned out great the machines are fairly well kept up and the place all around is pretty good about as good as a public laundry gets

Joshua Parish

Machines are pretty decent. Self-service is about par in that regard. Poor counter service, though. Unfriendly (with exceptions, yes) staff who seem annoyed when asked any question or prompted with a request. More interested in whatever is on their laptop or phone. Moreover, the services provided are also less than spectacular. Dropped off a load of laundry for wash, dry and fold. Received in return soggy, wrinkled, asymmetrically folded clothes that I had to run through a dryer and refold after having already paid for the service. Attendant literally shrugged when I mention that the clothes weren't dry. tl;dr - Fine if you do it yourself; staff can't be trusted to do your laundry for you correctly.


Great laundry. The South south side has newer laundry machines with extra cleaning and rinsing bottoms of only .25c extra on each . The North side has some slow drying but free drivers.

Gary Holt

Big place, large washers and dryers, change machine, snack machine, drink machine, no complaints, a little pricey but I would go back again if needed.

Jill Swehla

Christian Jeschke

Very clean

Brandee Sherer

Nice relaxing environment. Love doing laundry here!

Beth tanner


Jacob Brumwel

Free drying Monday through Friday, 10-7. Grasses!

Tammy Abrams

Overpriced. Half the machines are out of order.

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